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    Database Transcript by TheDahn

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    . Dead Space                         .
    . "Database Transcript"              .
    .    Database Log Descriptions       .
    .    Version 1.00                    .
    .    Daniel Mohid                    .
    .    dmohid@alumni.iupui.edu         .
    .    Originally Submitted 11/22/2008 .
    The following is a copy of database "logs" in Dead Space. These have been
    reproduced verbatim to the best of my ability. All text included shall be
    considered under Copyright of Electronic Arts. This file may be published
    freely as long as it is unaltered. Any questions, concerns, or comments may be
    forwarded to dmohid@alumni.iupui.edu
    This document is not intended to assist player's in obtaining any logs;
    GameFAQs has published a multiple full FAQ/Walkthrough guides for that which
    explain how to get them. This document was written to allow players and Dead
    Space fanatics a consolidated means of reading the lore from Dead Space. For
    those player who are concerned about the game clock, the timer does continue to
    run while one views logs in the Database section of the game.
    Logs are given in order of the twelve chapters (Training is excluded) in the
    game, subdivided by the order the game presents them in the Database. Logs are
    formatted as they are given in the game. For voice and video logs, subtitles
    were used to obtain proper formatting and punctuation.
    In a future update, I am considering revising the organization into two
    sections, one which involves Isaac and his missions (organized in chronological
    order) and one which involves background story. This may make reviewing the
    lore and storyline easier for fanatics.
    Version History
    Version 1.00 - 11/22/2008
                   Complete Database Transcript submitted
    There are multiple typos in the logs. These are present in the game, and not an
    error on my part. However, it is likely that I incorrectly transcribed
    something contained within this document. If errors are found, I greatly
    appreciate all feedback to improve the quality of content.
    The voices and subtitles often do not match an occasional word; subtitles are
    given the preference in these cases. There is also an occasional misspelling in
    the subtitles. These are included in the transcript without note. One
    particularly annoying typo is the spelling of Dr. Terrence Kyne. The subtitles
    often spell it "Terrance".
    There are two logs named Corruption, one in Chapter 03, and the other in
    Chapter 06.
    Readers may search for titles using either the verbatim title or search aids
    listed in the table of contents. These search aids are listed in brackets.
    Table of Contents
    Chapter 01                                            [C01]
       Message from Nicole
       Repair the Tram System
       Place the Tram Car
       Found the Data Board
       Activated the Tram
       Go to Medical
       Vent Warning
       Stasis Door
       Tram Status
       Replacing the Tram
       Find the Data Board
       Maintenance Bay Unlocked
       Shoot the Limbs
       Locked Door
       Arrived on Bridge
       Repair Invoice
    Chapter 02                                            [C02]
       Destroy the Barricade
       Kyne and the Captain
       Nicole's Report
       Engine Problems
       Mercer's Journal
       Found the Thermite
       Mercer and Kyne
       Found the Shock Pad
       Barricade Destroyed
       We'll Find Her
       Colonist Problems
       Codes Received
       Ship Gravity
       Marker Overview
       Interesting Results
       More Time
       Autopsy Report
    Chapter 03                                            [C03]
       Repair the Ship's Orbit
       Kendra is Alive
       Engine Fired
       Temple Report 1
       Temple Report 2
       Engine Refueled
       Temple Report 3
       Temple Report 4
       Centrifuge Activated
       Temple Report 5
       Strange Transmission
    Chapter 04                                            [C04]
       The Marker
       Captain's Demise
       Atmosphere Contaminated
       Initial Attack
       Temple on the Bridge
       Astrogation Module Placed
       Control Module Placed
       Report from Kendra
       Systems Module Placed
       Hurry Up!
       Asteroid Impact
       Almost Fixed
       One More Minute
       Brute Combat
       Reversed Gravity
       Avoid the Asteroids
       Aim the ADS Cannon
       ADS Online
       Report of Infection
       List of Dead
    Chapter 05                                            [C05]
       Go to Chemistry
       Got the Poison
       Someone Else
       Door Opened
       Mercer's Experiment 1
       Creating the Poison
       Mercer's Experiment 2
       Hammond on Hydroponics
       Finish the Poison
       Poison Complete
       Secret Lab Revealed
       DNA Needed
       The Leviathan
    Chapter 06                                            [C06]
       Hammond's Alive
       Victory Against the Leviathan
       Cross Report 1
       Cross Report 2
       Cross Report 3
       Temple's Search
       Pods Destroyed
       A Message
       Cross Report 4
       Getting to the Leviathan
       Kill the Leviathan
    Chapter 07                                            [C07]
       Distress Call
       Asteroid Launched
       Elevator Problem
       Temple and Elizabeth
       Clear the Boulders
       Key Found
       Kyne's Hostage
       Beacon Recovered
       Elevator Fixed
       Supervisor's Choice
       Attach the Beacon
       Processing Room Problem
       Mining Timeline
    Chapter 08                                            [C08]
       Go to Communications
       First Contact
       Hammond Returns
       Illegal Mining
       Main Array Problem
       Array Fixed
       Big Problems
    Chapter 09                                            [C09]
       The Valor
       Dr. Kyne
       Singularity Core Found
       Radiation Hazard
       Find the Singularity Core
       Infected Soldiers
       Hammond's Assistance
       Hammond's Death
    Chapter 10                                            [C10]
       Find the Nav Cards
       Kyne's Gambit
       Hive Mind Glimpse
       Mercer's Last Sermon
       Locked Executive Door
       Life Support Down
       The Hunter Returns
       SOB Override
       Lock Bypassed
       Executive Area Unlocked
       Kendra's Warning
       Captain's Report
       On My Way
       Meet on the Flight Deck
       New Ally?
       Unitology Article
       Z-Ball Rules
       White's List
    Chapter 11                                            [C11]
       Find the Marker
       Come Onboard
       Nicole's Alive
       Marker Transferred
       Terrible Mistake
       Landing the Shuttle
       Load the Marker
       Restore Gravity
    Chapter 12                                            [C12]
       Nicole's Farewell
       Colony Chaos
       The Pedestal
       Restore Power
       Unitology Exposed
       The USG Ishimura
       Background Request
       Planetary Mining
       Recombination Study
       The Red Marker
    * Logs *
    *** Chapter 01 *** [C01]
    -Message from Nicole (Video)
       Nicole Brennan:
          Isaac, it's me. I wish I could talk to you. I'm sorry. I'm sorry
          about everything. I wish I could just talk to someone. It's all falling
          apart here. I can't believe what's happening... It's strange...such a
          little thing...
    -Repair the Tram System (Video)
       Kendra Daniels:
          Isaac? Isaac! God, I can't believe you made it.
       Zach Hammond:
          Isaac, we ran into more of them on the way over here. Are you
       Kendra Daniels:
          More what?! What the hell are those things? Is that the crew?!
       Zach Hammond:
          Keep your voice down! Whatever they are, they're not friendly! And
          half the doors on this ship are locked because of the quarantine.
          Now we have to get to the bridge, but first, we got to repair the
          tram system.
       Kendra Daniels:
          You're crazy Hammond. You're going to get us all killed.
       Zach Hammond:
          If you listen to me, I WILL get out of here alive. Now what's
          wrong with the tram?
       Kendra Daniels:
          The data board is fried but there should be a space in the
          maintenance bay. There's also a broken tram blocking the tunnel
          that needs to be repaired. Dammit, everything is on the other side
          of this quarantine. We can't reach it from here.
       Zach Hammond:
          No, we can't... but you can. Isaac, if I can get to the bridge, I
          should be able to access to personnel files. You fix the tram and
          I'll help you find Nicole.
    -Replaced the Tram Car (Video)
       Kendra Daniels:
          Isaac, you did it! That tram was blocking the whole system. When
          you get the computer online, you'll be able to call the tram from the
          control room. Faster the better...I can hear something crawling
          around out there...
    -Found the Data Board (Video)
       Kendra Daniels:
          That's it, Isaac! Take that board back to Tram Control and slot it
          into the computer array. That should get the tram
          system back online.
    -Activated the Tram (Video)
       Zach Hammond:
          Alright, we're on board and heading to the Bridge. Good work.
       Kendra Daniels:
          Strange...the quarantine just lifted...
       Zach Hammond:
          Whatever was in the flight lounge must have left. That's lucky for
          us. Isaac, get back to the Kellion and prep it for launch. We'll find
          out what we can from the bridge and meet you there.
       Kendra Daniels:
          If we live that long. You're out of your league, Hammond. This is
          suicide! We're going to die out here.
       Zach Hammond:
          Your lack of confidence in me is duly noted, Ms. Daniels, but I
          have a mission to complete and that's exactly what I am going to
          do. With of without you. Do we understand each other?
       Kendra Daniels:
          Just get us out of here alive.
    -Go to Medical (Video)
       Zach Hammond:
          What the hell is happening down there?! What happened to the
       Kendra Daniels:
          That was our ride home... it's the only way off the ship...
       Zach Hammond:
       Kendra Daniels:
          No Hammond! This changes everything!
       Zach Hammond:
          Just let me think! Can you access the Command computer?
       Kendra Daniels:
          It's no good. There's an executive lockdown of all primary
          systems. Without the Captain's authorization, I can't access them.
       Zach Hammond:
          Well? Where's the Captain?
       Kendra Daniels:
          Here he is. Captain Benjamin Mathius. Location... Medlab. Status...
       Zach Hammond:
          What? How?
       Kendra Daniels:
          I can't access that information. Find the Captain and you'll find his
          RIG. With his authorization codes, I can crack this
          computer wide open.
       Zach Hammond:
          Dammit! Isaac. I'm sending the tram back to your location. Get to
          the Medical Deck and find that RIG as fast as you can.
       Kendra Daniels:
          What was that?
       Zach Hammond:
          Holy shit! Come on, get out of here!
    -Run! (Audio)
       Kendra Daniels:
          Run, Isaac! Get the hell out of there!
    -Vent Warning (Audio)
          This is Benson. Everybody listen up! They're using then vents!
          That's how they're getting around the ship! Stay away
          from the vents...
          Look out!
          Get back! Get back!
    -Dismemberment (Audio)
       Zach Hammond:
          Isaac, be careful. Shooting them in the body didn't seem to work.
          Go for the limbs, dismember them. That should do the job.
    -Stasis Door (Audio)
       Kendra Daniels:
          Looks like that door is malfunctioning, Isaac. Try using the Stasis
          Module you just picked up.
    -Tram Status (Audio)
          Listen up, Car B is trashed. We managed to get it back to the
          repair depot, but now the auto-loader is fried. I need a Stasis
          module brought down here now! If we don't get this piece of shit
          off the tracks, it's going to jam up the whole system!
    -Replacing the Tram (Audio)
       Kendra Daniels:
          Your Stasis module should be able to help you with that arm
    -Find the Data Board (Audio)
       Kendra Daniels:
          Isaac, you still need to find the data board to the tram computer.
          It's in the Maintenance Bay.
    -Maintenance Bay Unlocked (Audio)
       Kendra Daniels:
          Isaac, I patched into the deck's security system. It took some
          work, but I've got the door to the Maintenance Bay unlocked. The
          data board should be somewhere inside.
    -Shoot the Limbs (Audio)
          This is Benson, tram engineering. We think we've figured it out.
          Smith killed one! Listen, forget about shooting them in the body,
          you gotta cut off limbs. Grab a cutter, anything like that. Cut
          them apart!
    -Locked Door (Audio)
       Kendra Daniels:
          Isaac, it's Kendra. It look like the door to the storage room is
          locked. There should be a key somewhere in the maintenance bay.
    -Arrived on Bridge (Audio)
       Zach Hammond:
          Isaac, we made it to the Bridge. It's a nightmare up here. No
          survivors. We're going to try to the Command computer.
          Wish us luck.
    -Repair Invoice (Text)
       - Faulty fore gyro, vessel USG-ISH-503
       Replaced, now functional.
       - Faulty 40 scope, vessel USG-ISH-501. Still
       in repair.
       - Damaged landing repulsors, vessel
       USG-ISH-505. Complete replacement, now
       - Damaged fore and left-fore viewports,
       vessel USG-ISH-504. Replaced, now
       - Damaged booster collar, vessel
       USG-ISH-505. Repaired, now functional.
       WRIGHT, J.F. (2nd ENGINEER,
    *** Chapter 02 *** [C02]
    -Destroy the Barricade (Video)
       Zach Hammond:
          Isaac? Are you there? We were attacked! Kendra's gone! One
          minute she was there, then... I can't believe I lost her. We can still
          do this. Get me the Captain's RIG codes and we'll find Nicole.
          Looks like the crew barricaded the door to the emergency wing.
          You'll have to blow through it to get to the morgue. Get some
          thermite from Medical Storage, and a shock pad from Zero-G
          Therapy. Should be down the corridor.
          God, communication is useless in all this static...
    -Kyne and the Captain (Video)
       Dr. Terrence Kyne:
          What is god's name is going on down there?
       Captain Benjamin Mathius
          I think that's precisely the point, doctor. God's work.
       Dr. Terrence Kyne:
          I'm not so sure of that... We have to assume the colony's
          problems are somehow connected to the Marker.
       Captain Benjamin Mathius
          You can assume all you want to. I do not. The Marker is glorious
          and divine, you - you know that.
       Dr. Terrence Kyne:
          God moves in mysterious ways...
       Captain Benjamin Mathius
          Anyway, we'll have it on board tomorrow. You can analyze it all
          you want to. What are you so worried about?
       Dr. Terrence Kyne:
          Worried? Captain, people are dying down there. Killing each other.
          Is this madness the "transformation" Unitology teaches us?
       Captain Benjamin Mathius
          Doctor... Terrence... there will always be risk when the stakes are
          high. And here, they're enormous. It could change everything.
       Dr. Terrence Kyne:
          That's what worries me.
    -Nicole's Report (Video)
       Nicole Brennan:
          This is Senior Medical Officer Nicole Brennan, transmitting ship
          wide. We need more help! We don't have the resources to deal
          with this many cases. Nobody will tell us what's happening. These
          wounds...we're not equipped to deal with this...
          God... Get him to the table! Hold him! Nurse, you hold him down!
          Christ! End recording!
    -Engine Problems (Video)
       Zach Hammond:
          Isaac! Somehow one of the found a way down to the Captain's
          Nest! I managed to contain it in a damaged escape pod.
          Lifting the executive lockdown... I found the deck logs...
          Whatever is happening around here, it came from the planet when
          they cracked it open. It spread to the colony, and reached the
          ship. Isaac, this isn't an infection. It's some form of alien life! Shit!
          We've got bigger problems. The ship's engines are offline and out
          orbit is decaying! Get over to the Engineering deck asap, while I
          stay here and figure out what the problem is.
    -Mercer's Journal (Audio)
       Dr. Challus Mercer:
          I finally convinced Jurgens to show me the video feed from the
          colony. And what I saw was glorious. Breathtaking. Miners
          undergoing a transformation into something extraordinary. I must
          know more. Even as the believe within me wants to become one
          of them, the scientist needs to uncover their secrets. I need to
          study one of these... necromorphs, as Kyne so clinically puts it. I
          need to witness this infection first hand. Perhaps that patient
          from the colony...
    -Found the Thermite (Audio)
       Zach Hammond:
          Alright, that thermite you picked up should be able to melt through
          the barricade. Use the shock pad to ignite it. Hope I can hold this
          position. I can hear something big moving out there.
    -Mercer and Kyne (Audio)
       Dr. Challus Mercer:
          You found something down there, didn't you?
       Dr. Terrence Kyne:
          Yes... we found something.
       Dr. Challus Mercer:
          So the texts were right! All this time...
       Dr. Terrence Kyne:
          I wouldn't be certain of that. There was nothing divine in what I
       Dr. Challus Mercer:
          We must embrace this! We are First Witnesses!
       Dr. Terrence Kyne:
          Mathius isn't letting anyone down on the colony. It's under
          quarantine until we learn more.
       Dr. Challus Mercer:
          To hell with Mathius! He, of all people, should know that this is
          greater than him, or the operation, or even the company.
          This is our deliverance!
       Dr. Terrence Kyne:
          Keep your damn voice down! People are dying down there.
       Dr. Challus Mercer:
          Only the worthless and the unbelievers. But I believe. Do you
          believe, Terrence? Do you?
    -Found the Shock Pad (Audio)
       Zach Hammond:
          Great, you got a shock pad. Combine that with the thermite at the
          barricade to destroy it. Shit, I can hear more coming. Moving
          through the vents. Stay safe, Isaac.
    -Barricade Destroyed (Audio)
       Zach Hammond:
          Okay, you're through. Should be clear from there to the morgue.
          Remember, the codes are on the captain's body.
    -We'll Find Her (Audio)
       Zach Hammond:
          That was Nicole, right? I can't tell from here when that log was
          made... I'm sure she's around here somewhere.
    -Eileen (Audio)
       Eileen Fisk:
          Hello? Can anybody hear me? My name is Eileen Fisk, I just work
          up in here and everybody was gone... I don't know what's
          happening... Why did they all leave? I'm going to try and find
          someone... If you can hear this, please come for me... I can hear
          scratching in the walls...
          H-Hello? Who's there? Are you a doctor? Why has everyone...
          Wait, I know you. You're Harris! The prisoner from the colony! You
          killed that nurse... Help! Somebody help me! Please!
    -Colonist Problems (Audio)
       Dr. Terrence Kyne:
          Science log, Chief Science Officer Dr. Kyne reporting. The colony's
          problems concern me greatly. I have no doubt they are somehow
          linked to discovery of the marker, but the exact nature of that
          connection is still unknown. Almost 40 percent of the colonists are
          experiencing a form of dementia. The obvious symptoms are acute
          depression, insomnia and hallucination. Incidence of violence and
          even murder also indicate extreme paranoia. Dr. Mercer has
          advised that I bring some of the affected on board for study. Dr.
          Welland, the planetside psychiatrist, has reported that his own
          analysis has been fruitless. I'm hesitant to rely on Dr. Mercer at
          this point, but I need his expertise. We need solutions and we
          need them quickly.
    -Codes Received (Audio)
       Zach Hammond:
          Codes received, and they look good. Thank god. I'll start
          accessing the Captain's records right now. Head to the tram
          station, and I'll contact you there. I'm going to find out what the
          hell happened to this ship...
    -Ship Gravity (Audio)
       Zach Hammond:
          As you know, the Ishimura is able to set its gravity locally. Your
          grav boots will kick in when you enter a zero-g area.
    -Marker Overview (Text)
       The vidlogs from the colony are poor quality,
       but the artifact does indeed appear to be a
       genuine Marker, the first to be found in
       Unitology's two hundred year history. I'm
       eager to get it on board the ship so I can
       study it properly.
       The potential here is enormous. Not just for
       me personally, though it's true I've dreamed
       of such a discovery for decades. But also to
       humanity, and the Church of Unitology in
       This Marker could herald the dawn of a new
       age for mankind, and I will do my part to
       ensure it comes to pass. I know the Church
       will be grateful, but the true recognition will
       come from all of humanity. On this day, we
       are blessed.
    -Interesting Results (Text)
       PATIENT: HARRIS, B. (Employee
       Harris is asleep, after another strong
       sedative. He seems literally unable to sleep
       without chemical aid. Most people succumb
       to exhaustion after 50+ hours of waking,
       regardless of any desire to stay awake. Not
       His explanation of events on the colony is
       also odd, and points to the same paranoia
       we've seen elsewhere planetside. His guilt
       is not in doubt--two planetside security
       officers were present when he took Dr.
       Sciarello hostage and murdered Nurse
       Evans--and he doesn't deny his actions. But
       he insists there was no crime, nor does he
       feel guilt.
       This is classic sociopathic behavior, but
       Harris exhibits no other symptoms. He is
       affable and friendly, able to empathize and
       offer original opinions. When questioned
       about the murder, however, he becomes
       withdrawn and intransigent, displaying
       schizophrenic behavior. He also undergoes
       intermittent hallucinatory periods, again
       similar to those experienced by other
       Harris claims he threatened the Doctor
       because he "had to stop the dreams and the
       faces", and that he'll kill again to "Make it
       whole again". What that means, I haven't
       determined yet. A most intriguing case.
    -Newborns (Text)
       Alyssa Rose
       Kai Jatin
       Ian Ansel
       Jackson Thomas
       Zara James
       Kai Joshua
       Jiannah Faith
       Jack William
       Agatha Marjorie
    -More Time (Text)
       Benjamin -
       Further to our previous conversation, I ask
       that you delay bringing the Marker up from
       the planet for a day or two.
       You know I'm as keen as anyone to study it
       in detail, and I understand your sense of
       urgency given the events on the colony, but
       that's why I ask--what's happening down
       there is just too unique, too unprecedented,
       to cut it short without proper time to study
       the causes and effects.
       In light of a discussion I had with Dr.
       Mercer, I'd like to meet with Drs. Sciarello
       and Welland planetside to get the observations.
       - Terrence
    -Autopsy Report (Text)
       It is my sad duty to officially pronounce
       Captain Benjamin Mathius dead.
       Reports of the exact circumstances
       surrounding his death are conflicted, and
       beyond the scope of my role. I can only
       report on the body.
       The subject was in generally good health for
       his age, though a cursory blood test
       indicates his leukocyte count was very low,
       with eosinophils in particular almost
       non-existent. His preflight physical exam
       showed no such problems, indicating rapid
       onset; however, it is unlikely this had any
       effect on his death.
       Multiple contusions on the arms and hands,
       indicating a brief struggle pre-mortem. Slight
       contusion around the ribcage, suggesting
       his chest was restrained in some way.
       Cause of death was a single prolonged
       trauma to the ocular body which continued
       on through the cavity wall, and finally into
       the frontal lobe, causing rapid neurotrauma,
       seizure and death.
       The force required to puncture the ocular
       cavity in this manner is great, and the
       possibility of self-infliction correspondingly
       I therefore have no alternative but to record a
       preliminary verdict of UNLAWFUL DEATH.
       Whether deliberate of accidental is beyond
       my jurisdiction.
    *** Chapter 03 *** [C03]
    -Repair the Ship's Orbit (Video)
       Zach Hammond:
          Isaac, we've got two problems, and we're working on borrowed
          time here! First, there's no fuel in the engines. Second, the gravity
          centrifuge is offline... which means there's a couple of trillion tons
          of rock pulling us down. I need you to get that centrifuge
          operational, refuel the main engine and fire it up so I can stabilize
          the ship's orbit.
    -Kendra is Alive (Video)
       Kendra Daniels:
          Isaac? Can you hear me? It's Kendra... They attacked me...I ran for
          it...and Hammond just...he just disappeared.
       Zach Hammond:
          Kendra! Where are you?
       Kendra Daniels:
          Nice to see you're alive and well, Hammond.
          I've barricaded myself in the computer core. I can hear them
          moving outside. But I don't think they know I'm in here--
          I can log into everything from here. I hacked the root, and found
          some reports from the colony. Even before they cracked the planet,
          the colonists were experiencing widespread dementia. It seems
          to be related to some artifact they found on the planet. Something
          called "the Marker." I'll keep looking. I've got your location, and I'm
          going to unlock the door to Fuel Storage. You can get to the engine
          chamber from there.
    -Engine Fired (Video)
        Zach Hammond:
          It's working! We're online and functional! Finally some good news.
          Get a tram to the bridge, Isaac. I'm going to take us back into a
          geostationary orbit.
       Kendra Daniels:
          Wait, wait! We're not safe yet. The ship's asteroid defense system
          is offline. On the way up, the ship's going to pass through a debris
          field thrown up from the planetcrack...We'll be ripped to pieces
          unless you restart it.
       Zach Hammond:
          Goddammit, I'll start working on it from here. Isaac, meet me at
          the Bridge. You can do more good here than I can.
    -Temple Report 1 (Audio)
       Jacob Temple:
          Personal log, acting Chief Engineer Jacob Temple. It's been two
          days since they pulled that planed open... since the captain died.
          The panic, the riots... they were nothing compared with what came
          after. Our friends, our co-workers, started coming back...
          Changed... coming back to kill us, drag us away. Rucker
          disappeared this morning, and I have to assume he's dead. My
          crew... they're starting to crack. I'm trying to keep an eye on
          them, but right now I have bigger problems- we're hemorrhaging
          fuel and the primary engine is laboring. Danvers and I are going to
          try to reach the fuel depot to see if we can fix it. Temple out.
    -Temple Report 2 (Audio)
       Jacob Temple:
          What in hell is going on here? Danvers!
       C. Danvers:
          It's, it's Henderson... He's crazy! Pulling his own... teeth out!
       Jacob Temple:
          Henderson! For god's sake!
       C. Danvers:
          Oh, god. Is he dead?
       Jacob Temple:
          Relax, he's alive. But he hit that door pretty hard.
       C. Danvers:
          Man... Why would he do something like that? I don't get it.
    -Engine Refueled (Audio)
       Zach Hammond:
          Whatever you did, it's working Isaac! I have a fuel reading. It's only
          a quarter full, but that's enough to restore orbit once you bring the
          engines online... What the hell? False alarm. Though I saw
    -Temple Report 3 (Audio)
       C. Danvers:
          Never should have let him live. Never should have let him live.
       Jacob Temple:
          Shut it, Danvers! Shut... it! Engineering log. Temple reporting.
          Someone has shut off the fuel lines to the primary engine, and
          damaged the valves in the process. They need to be repaired
          before I can re-open them, but we're running out of time. With the
          engine offline, orbit decay will begin in less than ten hours. I just
          can't understand who would do this. If it's one of those crazy
          Unitologist bastards, I'll break their neck.
       C. Danvers:
          Henderson said they were coming. We never should have let him
       Jacob Temple:
          Shut up, Danvers and help me with the tools. Temple out.
    -Temple Report 4 (Audio)
       Jacob Temple:
          This is Temple. Now the centrifuge is offline! We've got four trillion
          tons of rock hanging off our ass, and without that centrifuge to
          balance the ship, the gravity tethers will pull us straight down to
          the colony! I'm heading in there now to see if I can fix it.
    -Centrifuge Activated (Audio)
       Zach Hammond:
          You're doing great, Isaac! Centrifuge and gyros are both a hundred
          percent and stabilized. Now get out of there and focus on the
          engine. I don't know how much time we have left.
    -Temple Report 5 (Audio)
       Jacob Temple:
          This is Temple. Screw the engine. I can't restart it by myself, and
          with all the other shit going on, it's obvious this is sabotage. I'm
          heading for the bridge, and then I need to find Elizabeth. I've got to
          get her off this ship, it's not safe.
    -Strange Transmission (Audio)
       Nicole Brennan:
          Isaac...Isaac...where are you...it's me...Nicole...
    -Chaos (Text)
       DECK LOG
       HALLOW. F. (AB)
       Don't know what's going on around here.
       Someone said the ship's been attacked.
       Who the hell would attack us out here? First
       the Captain dies, now we get attacked?
       Carmack says someone on Bridge staff
       killed him. Can't believe that.
       Goddamn chaos now. Can't get through to
       the bridge. Can't get through to anyone.
       Everyone's running. Getting the hell out of
       here. I should probably join them.
    -Corruption (Text)
       DANVERS, C. (QMED)
       Re: Organic growth in engineering (Update)
       The unidentified growth seen in other parts
       of the ship has now reached engineering. I
       don't know what the hell this stuff is--looks
       like someone threw up their guts all over the
       walls--but it's spreading faster than we can
       cut it up, which is pretty disgusting in itself.
       It's already in the engine spoke. and if we
       can't find a way to stop it soon, it'll hit the
       main chamber by the day after tomorrow.
       I hope the docs are looking into it, because
       it's way beyond me.
    *** Chapter 04 *** [C04]
    -The Marker (Video)
       Zach Hammond:
          Isaac, come in. Kendra's right, the ADS is completely shot. I'll
          need your help to fix this. Kendra, if you can hear me, see if you
          can get into the ship reports. It sounds like you have better access
          from there.
       Kendra Daniels:
          When were you going to tell us about the artifact, Hammond? This
       Zach Hammond:
          I don't know anything about that. It's referenced in the captain's
          records. They brought it up from the planet...
       Kendra Daniels:
          It's on the ship?!
       Zach Hammond:
          In cargo. They think it's of alien origin. But I don't know what the
          hell it is.
       Kendra Daniels:
          Really? CEC didn't know anything about it? You're lying.
       Zach Hammond:
          Back off. I am not the bad guy here. We're all shaky right now.
          You're going to have to trust that I don't know anything about it.
          We've entered the debris field! Get to the captain's nest. I'll explain
          everything later. Hammond out.
    -Captain's Demise (Video)
       Captain Benjamin Mathius:
          This is mutiny! You'll all be tried for mutiny! Kyne, make them
          listen to reason!
       Dr. Terrence Kyne:
          Settle down, Ben. Hold him! By maritime law article 5469 I hereby
          declare Captain Benjamin Mathius unfit for duty.
       Captain Benjamin Mathius:
          The Marker must be delivered to the church! Terrance, please...
       Dr. Terrence Kyne:
          I'm sorry Ben, but I can't let you do this.
       Captain Benjamin Mathius:
          Traitor! Heretic!
       Dr. Terrence Kyne:
          Hold his head!
       Captain Benjamin Mathius:
       Dr. Terrence Kyne:
          Hold him!
       Captain Benjamin Mathius:
       Unknown man #1:
          He's... he's dead...
       Dr. Terrence Kyne:
          No! It was an accident! I had to stop him...
       Unknown man #2:
          Arrest the Doctor!
    -Atmosphere Contaminated (Video)
       Kendra Daniels:
          Wait! Isaac, Hammond...you're not gonna believe this. Oxygen
          levels are falling. Something's poisoning Hydroponics air
          production, and whatever it is, it's filling the deck up with that
          organic stuff. We're not going to have any air to breathe soon. But
          if I understand these lab reports correctly, I think I can make a
          poison to destroy it. Head to Medical. It should have
          everything you need.
       Zach Hammond:
          Will this never end?! Isaac, get to Medical and mix together
          whatever Kendra's come up with. I'm heading to Hydroponics. If I
          can slow it down, that might keep us breathing long enough to
          fight it.
    -Initial Attack (Audio)
       Unknown man:
          Bridge, come in! We've been boarded! Repeat, the ship has been
          boarded! We are under attack! What the hell are they? They,
          they've already killed most of the Deck staff! We need security
          backup here immediately! Guns are useless, we can't hold them
          back for very long...
    -Temple on the Bridge (Audio)
       Jacob Temple:
          This is Temple. The bridge is fucked. I don't know what went on in
          there, but I'm not sticking around in case whatever did it comes
          back. I'm heading for Hydroponics, to find Elizabeth.
    -Astrogation Module Placed (Audio)
       Zach Hammond:
          Okay, primary astrogation power has been re-routed. Look, I don't
          know about you, but...I think I'm seeing things...my head's
          pounding still... I don't know. Just stay sharp, okay?
    -Control Module Placed (Audio)
       Zach Hammond:
          Control Systems junction box re-routed. I'm getting a reading!
          Almost there.
    -Report from Kendra (Audio)
       Kendra Daniels:
          Isaac, listen up. I've gone over the med-sci reports. These things
          are BIO-RECOMBINATORS. They take dead tissue, absorb it and
          molds it into new forms. One iteration seems to have the sole
          purpose of infecting corpses... The others, well, seem to be
          making corpses to infect. And that body tissue we keep seeing on
          the walls is part of it, too. I found a report that says it's
          a habitat changer.
    -Systems Module Placed (Audio)
       Zach Hammond:
          Ship Systems junction box re-routed. I'm making some progress
          with the tracking grid...one of the cannons is giving me a
          hard time...keep moving.
    -Hurry Up! (Audio)
       Zach Hammond:
          That's it, Isaac, you're in the pit. The cannon's a massdriver, so it
          should punch through anything flying at us. Keep an eye on the
          hull's integrity. Too many of those things get by and we're dead.  I
          think I've almost got the system repaired. Just buy me
          a little more time!
    -Asteroid Impact (Audio)
       Kendra Daniels:
          Isaac! Impact on the bridge, right at your feet! I'm reading heavy
          damage, but containment looks solid. Life support is stabilized.
          We've got to get the ADS working!
    -Almost Fixed (Audio)
       Zach Hammond:
          I've almost got this thing fixed! Just a little bit longer!
    -One More Minute (Audio)
       Zach Hammond:
          Just one more minute and it should be fully operational!
    -Brute Combat (Audio)
       Zach Hammond:
          Your weapons can't punch through that thing's armor! Shoot it in
          the back, Isaac!
    -Reversed Gravity (Audio)
       Kendra Daniels:
          It looks like some of the gravity plating is malfunctioning. Keep an
          eye out for any kind of distortion effect coming from the floor.
          It could be dangerous.
    -Avoid the Asteroids (Audio)
       Zach Hammond:
          Isaac, you're going to have to cross the ship exterior to reach the
          ADS cannon. Problem is, we're still getting bombarded by
          asteroids. Look for cover or you'll get torn to pieces.
    -Aim the ADS Cannon (Audio)
       Zach Hammond:
          All right, we've got enough power. But the ADS cannon's auto
          targeting is down. I think it's a faulty data cable. I need you to aim
          the cannon manually until I can replace it. Take the elevator to the
          top of the ship, and head for the cannon pit.
    -ADS Online (Audio)
       Zach Hammond:
          Nice shooting, Isaac! Auto targeting is now online and clearing a
          path to safe orbit! As soon as we're clear, I'll engage the autopilot
          again. Head to the tram station and I'll meet you there when I'm
    -Report of Infection (Text)
       It's been less than an hour, but they've
       spread fast. Flight deck was the first to go,
       after the shuttle crashed. Now almost
       entirely overrun. We've lost at least half the
       Medical deck, and about a quarter of
       Engineering. No information yet from Cargo
       or Planet Ops, which suggests bad news.
       This is not what I expected.
    -List of Dead (Text)
       The death toll is mounting. Known dead so
       Arnold-Fernandez, D
       Ashik, M
       Bagwell, W
       Bao, A
       Baristiran, O
       Briggs, R
       Carrillo, R
       Centkowski, K
       Chan, D
       Charlow, A
       Chikes, C
       Colomar, B
       Condrey, M
       Deguzman, J
       Ding, V
       Drinkward, C
       Eckert, J
       Espeleta, T
       Fattouh, S
       Feise, D
       Felker, T
       Fike, T
       Fong, C
       Fuentes, C
       Gamel, S
       Gaugy, M
       Geraci, J
       Gregory, L
       Guaman, E
       Hartness, E
       Hasan, J
       Holt, T
       Ignacio, D
       Jamerson, K
       Johnson, M
       Keum, J
       Kong, C
       Krakowski, M
       Kuo, D
       Lackey, A
       Leal, D
       Lee, L
       Leong, J
       Lingen, D
       Louie, C
       Louie, M
       McSweeney, B
       Meneses, F
       Merenda, R
       Molina, E
       Natividad, J
       Noonan, M
       Palrang, J
       Patel, J
       Patterson, I
       Pavey, E
       Peterson, M
       Pitts, R
       Piwenitzky, H
       Pugh, D
       Ruelas, A
       Sarossy, V
       Schlegel, P
       Schofield, G
       Scott, D
       Seo, A
       Shande, T
       Silver, S
       Swearlingen, S
       Swenson, D
       Talens, J
       Thibodeaux, N
       Thoeun, C
       Tuohy, J
       Valedez, G
       Vaught, C
       Vocal, C
       Voelker, S
       Wells, J
       Williams, N
       Wrede, R
       Zelaya, A
       Zittle, K
    *** Chapter 05 *** [C05]
    -Go to Chemistry (Video)
       Kendra Daniels:
          Shit, Isaac! I can smell the contaminated air from here. It's
          spreading faster than I expected! I'm trying to isolate it but it's not
          going to buy us much time! We have to get that thing off this ship!
          The chemicals you need are in the Chemistry Lab. I'll hack the door
          for you when you get there.
    -Interrupted (Video)
       Kendra Daniels:
          That's it, Isaac! Now you just need to finish mixing the poison.
       Dr. Challus Mercer:
          This has gone far enough! Accept your part in god's plan! Embrace
          your own extinction!
       Female Computer Voice:
          Warning. Life support system failure on Medical deck. Please
          evacuate immediately.
       Kendra Daniels:
          Who the hell was that?! Isaac, he's decompressed the entire deck
          and I'm being locked out of those systems! All the air has been
          vented into space! You should be able to bring it back online from
          the Security Station, but you don't have much time!
    -Got the Poison (Video)
       Kendra Daniels:
          Let's just hope that's the last we see of that...thing. I've managed
          to override Mercer's lockdown. There's a secondary tram station
          nearby and you can take to Hydroponics. Let's just hope there's
          enough time.
    -Someone Else (Audio)
       Kendra Daniels:
          Looks like someone has reprogrammed the door locks on this
          deck. And recently, too. I guess we're not alone here, after all.
          Someone doesn't want you in this part of the ship.
    -Door Opened (Audio)
       Kendra Daniels:
          Someone keeps shutting down the door protocol. I've bypassed the
          lock! Go!
    -Mercer's Experiment 1 (Audio)
       Dr. Challus Mercer:
          Personal log, Dr. Challus Mercer. I now have a live subject for my
          study. I'm eager to validate my tissue regeneration theory. Initial
          restraint was problematic, but now the patient is resting
          comfortably. HE trusts me, Doctor Kyne. He puts his life in MY
          hands! He knows his part in all of this, understands what I'm
          doing! The forehead has been swabbed clean and marked...
       Unknown man:
          What are you... what are you doing with that?
       Dr. Challus Mercer:
          ...and I am now attempting to create a passage to insert the
          sample tissue into...
       Unknown man:
          No! No! Nooaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!
    -Creating the Poison (Audio)
       Kendra Daniels:
          Now you need to find a DNA sample of the growth. According to
          lab records, there's an inert sample stored in the ICU. A Dr. Mercer
          was apparently doing intensive research on it. I've been trying to
          contact Hammond but all I'm getting is static! Isaac,
          you've got to hurry!
    -Mercer's Experiment 2 (Audio)
       Dr. Challus Mercer:
          Personal log, Doctor Challus Mercer. The specimen continues to
          respond well to my experiments. Its cellular fortitude, not to
          mention elasticity, is remarkable. Doctor Kyne, I am sure, would
          disapprove. But I do not anticipate that issue, as the good doctor
          is busying himself with the Marker... As if that matters now! He
          has also succumbed to the same dementia that afflicted the
          colony. Only yesterday, he told me he had spoken to his wife...
          but Amelia Kyne has been dead for some years.
          My subject grows restless. Patience. Your time is soon. Very soon.
    -Hammond on Hydroponics (Audio)
       Zach Hammond:
          Is anyone there? Repeat! Come in Isaac... Kendra, is anyone there?
       Kendra Daniels:
          Hammond! Where the hell have you been?
       Zach Hammond:
          I've reached Hydroponics. It's bad down here, really bad! ...can
          barely breathe! That organic matter is growing everywhere! My
          eyes are stinging... must be seeing things...
    -Finish the Poison (Audio)
       Kendra Daniels:
          You've got everything you need to make the poison. Now get back
          to the Chemistry Lab!
       Zach Hammond:
          Whatever you're going to do, do it fast... Can hardly breathe in
       Kendra Daniels:
          You're cutting out, Hammond! I'm going to try to switch over... Shit!
          I lost his signal! I'll continue scanning for his location! You have to
          get that compound mixed!
    -Poison Complete (Audio)
       Kendra Daniels:
          Let's hope that poison works! Head back to the tram station, and
          get up to Hydroponics as fast as you can. Still no response from
          Hammond so be careful! There's no telling how contaminated that
          deck is.
    -Indestructible (Audio)
       Kendra Daniels:
          You can't kill it, Isaac! It's just going to keep regenerating! Get out
          of there, run!
    -Secret Lab Revealed (Audio)
       Dr. Challus Mercer:
          I'm beginning to truly admire your spirit, misplaced as it may be! I
          think... I think you should see... The whole plan. You should not
          spurn the Hive Mind's offerings. You deserve to witness that, as
    -DNA Needed (Audio)
       Kendra Daniels:
          You're close to the chemistry station. Once you get the chemicals,
          you're also going to need a DNA sample of the alien tissue. I'll
          search the records for one.
    -The Leviathan (Audio)
       Kendra Daniels:
          I've got more intel on the atmosphere. A survivor's report says that
          a massive creature entered the Hydroponics deck from outside the
          ship. That's when the air quality began degrading. The survivor
          called it...the Leviathan
    *** Chapter 06 *** [C06]
    -Hammond's Alive (Video)
          Hammond! I though you were dead! You need to get to cleaner air!
          You're not going to be able to help Isaac in your condition. Isaac,
          I'm scanning the area now. He's right, there's something really big
          in Food Storage, but I can't get a good scan. Monitor readings are
          off the scale. Be careful!
    -Victory Against the Leviathan (Video)
       Kendra Daniels:
          Isaac, you did it! Hammond? Do you read? Oxygen levels are
          returning to normal.
          Dammit! He's gone again! No sign of his RIG anywhere! It's up to
          us now. I've got a plan to get off this! I've located an SOS
          beacon on the Mining Deck. If you can down there and activate
          it, we might be able to send a distress call.
          Oh god. I don't know how much longer that door will hold...
    -Cross Report 1 (Audio)
       Dr. Elizabeth Cross:
          Hydroponics log, Dr. Elizabeth Cross reporting. I'm pleased to say
          that we're working close to maximum capacity at the present time.
          All flora is healthy and thriving and food yield has created a
          surplus. I was going to pass the surplus on to the colony, but the
          Captain has given a no-fly order. I want to note my opposition to
          that order. Everyone knows they're in trouble down there, and I
          don't see what denying them our surplus will achieve.
    -Cross Report 2 (Audio)
       Dr. Elizabeth Cross:
          Hello? Hello! Security! Thank god. This is Dr. Cross, in
          Hydroponics. I'm trying to locate Second Engineer Jacob Temple! I
          can't get through to Engineering! Of course I know there's a
          ship-wide medical alert! That's why I'm trying to locate him! No,
          we're safe for now. But the tram is down, and we can't reach the
          escape pods. Hello? Hello?!
    -Cross Report 3 (Audio)
       Dr. Elizabeth Cross:
          Hydroponics log, Dr. Cross reporting. Something huge just
          slammed into the hull, near Food Storage. It wasn't a rogue
          asteroid, I know what that sounds like. But it was big, and heavy.
          I'll report again when I know more.
    -Temple's Search (Audio)
       Jacob Temple:
          This is Temple, Acting Chief Engineer. I came down here to find Dr
          Elizabeth Cross, but she's not here. In fact, I can't find anyone.
          Just more of this organic shit everywhere. I'm going to check the
          Mining deck. It's about the only place I haven't looked yet.
    -Pods Destroyed (Audio)
       Kendra Daniels:
          That's the last one, Isaac. There's a switch in Atmosphere Control
          to restart the oxygen cycling. Once the air's clean, you can get
          into Food Storage. Isaac, I've been reading these reports...the crew
          all began having mass hallucinations. And...well, I just saw my
          brother on a security monitor. And that's just not possible...
    -A Message (Audio)
       Nicole Brennan:
          Isaac... Where are you? Help me...
    -Cross Report 4 (Audio)
       Dr. Elizabeth Cross:
          Hydroponics log. This is Dr. Cross. It... It's hard for me to believe
          what I'm seeing here. This is crazy, absolutely crazy. I'm going to
          the Mining deck. I hear that's where survivors are gathering.
          Jacob... I'll wait for you there.
    -Getting to the Leviathan (Audio)
       Kendra Daniels:
          That's the door to Food Storage. But I can't override the integrity
          lockdown. You have to destroy the pods to bring the air quality up.
          Then you can go through and use the poison on the Leviathan.
    -Kill the Leviathan (Audio)
       Kendra Daniels:
          Dammit, the poison wasn't strong enough. It's still alive! Get in
          there and kill it, before it contaminates the entire ship!
    -Trust (Audio)
       Kendra Daniels:
          I suppose I should be glad that Hammond's alive, but I still don't
          trust him. I think he's hiding something about the Marker.
    -Corruption (Text)
       ATTN: DR. CROSS, E.
       Elizabeth -
       No doubt you're aware of the organic growth
       found in some parts of the ship. I've been
       examining the substance and thought the
       results would interest you.
       The cells most closely resemble bacteria,
       with viral behavior. Like bacteria the
       organism infects other cells through
       osmosis, then mutates and reproduces
       What's amazing is the SPEED at which it
       grows. A single bacterium reproduces
       twenty-fold in just one minute. I've never
       seen anything like it. I won't stake my
       reputation on it, but I think this may be a
       genuine alien lifeform!
       Prof. Hawley theorizes that it's a habitat
       transformer--the levels of gaseous output are
       tremendous, which is why it smells so
       bad--but to what end we simply don't know.
       I'll keep you posted.
    *** Chapter 07 *** [C07]
    -Distress Call (Video)
       Kendra Daniels:
          This may be our last chance of getting out of here alive, Isaac.
          There's an asteroid loaded up in the mining bay, waiting to be
          smelted. If you attach the SOS beacon to it, you can launch it
          away from the ship to make a clean broadcast. The beacon's on
          the Maintenance sub deck. You can launch the asteroid from the
          control room. Damn, the control room is locked. It looks like they
          keep an emergency access key on the Processing sub deck.
          Couldn't be easy, could it? I don't know how much more
          of this I can take.
    -Asteroid Launched (Video)
       Kendra Daniels:
          Beacon's on it's way! All functions normal, and broadcasting wide
          band. Now we just have to hope somebody's listening. I'll position
          the array receiver. I thought I saw my brother again. He waved to
          me. Like nothing was wrong. Okay, I should be able to leave this
          channel open... What? The comms Array receiver isn't responding!
          Isaac, can you get back to the bridge? We need that array online
          or we can't receive signals from anyone responding to the beacon!
    -Elevator Problem (Audio)
       Kendra Daniels:
          The mining sub deck is offline for some reason, Isaac. I'll see if I
          can run a bypass.
    -Temple and Elizabeth (Audio)
       Jacob Temple:
          This is Temple. I found Elizabeth, but there isn't a single
          spaceworthy vessel in the whole goddamn bay!
       Dr. Elizabeth Cross:
          Jacob, hurry up! We need to find a beacon!
       Jacob Temple:
          There's got to be one around here somewhere.
    -Clear the Boulders (Audio)
       Kendra Daniels:
          There's a failsafe on the processing control door. It won't open
          until gravity is restored. But you can't turn on the gravity until
          those boulders are cleared from the room. Maybe you can dump
          them into that gravity beam with your Kinesis gun.
    -Key Found (Audio)
       Kendra Daniels:
          That's the key, Isaac. It'll get you into the Control Room so you can
          launch the asteroid. Don't forget to attach the beacon first! I read
          another report on the colonist's dementia. It seemed to start after
          they removed the Marker from the planet. God knows how long
          it was down there.
    -Kyne's Hostage (Audio)
       Unknown man:
          Dr. Kyne! What the hell are you... Aaah!
       Dr. Terrence Kyne:
          Get back! Come any closer and... and I'll shoot him! Give me the
          access codes to the cargo bay!
       Unknown man:
          You... idiot! This is... processing! Why the hell... would I have
          codes... to cargo?
       Dr. Terrence Kyne:
          Don't lie to me! I'm sick of everyone lying to me! It is imperative
          that I get the marker! Give me those codes!
       Unknown man:
          I don't... have them! Is this... what you did... to the captain? Go
          on... shoot me if you've got... the balls!
       Dr. Terrence Kyne:
          IDIOTS! It's the only way to stop it... The only way to end this!
       Unknown man:
          He's completely lost it... Somebody call security!
    -Beacon Recovered (Audio)
       Kendra Daniels:
          Isaac! Hey, I lost your signal for a while. You had me worried... I
          see you've got the beacon, so head for the mining bay and attach
          it to the asteroid. I've been running trajectory calculations and if
          we launch soon, there's a good chance the asteroid can reach a
          safe distance to begin transmitting! Still no sign of Hammond. In
          his state, I can't imagine he's still alive...
    -Elevator Fixed (Audio)
       Kendra Daniels:
          I've got elevator access to the mining sub deck. It was a security
          lockdown, although I don't think it helped them. Now that you've
          got the beacon and the key, head over there. It looks like the
          asteroid is held in place by some gravity tethers. You'll have to
          knock those out before you can launch it.
    -Supervisor's Choice (Audio)
       A. Dallas:
          Processing log. Supervisor 2nd Engineer Dallas reporting. This will
          be my last report. I've seen what they do...to the bodies. What
          they become. I can't let that happen to me. At least if I don't have
          any limbs...I won't be able to kill anyone when I'm infected...
          Please, tell Dawn... and the kids... that I love them.
          Oh God...
          One more...one more...
    -Attach the Beacon (Audio)
       Kendra Daniels:
          You still need to plant the beacon onto the shuttle, Isaac, before
          you launch the asteroid
    -Processing Room Problem (Text)
       KREUZ. G (QMED)
       The situation here just got a lot worse. The
       gravity failure came as we were collating
       asteroids, and one broke free of the grav
       beam. It collided with a wall, killing two
       crew, and split into chunks. They're free
       floating in the processing room, and we
       can't restore gravity to get the Master Key
       until they're cleared. We could really use
       some engineering help up here.
    -Mining Timeline (Text)
       Planetcrack went smoothly from this end,
       although there do seem to have been
       problems planetside, and we've temporarily
       lost contact with the colony.
       First rockball was extracted from the
       tectonic load approximately one hour after
       planetcrack, and has been process,
       refined and smelted.
       Results have exceeded even optimistic
       initial estimates. Normal recovery is around
       35% mineral, 5% fossil, 60% waste, but
       material from the first ball was 65% mineral
       (and 0% fossil, in line with expectations).
       That's 6.5 tons of ore from a 10-ton ball.
       Assuming it's not an anomaly, we've hit a
    *** Chapter 08 *** [C08]
    -Go to Communications (Video)
       Kendra Daniels:
          Things are looking up! A military ship just shock in! The USM
          Valor...I don't know what it was doing out there, but it must have
          gotten our distress signal. We can't talk to it until that Comms
          Array is fixed. I'm going to hack the door to Communications for
          you. Get in there and find the Comms Control Station.
    -First Contact (Video)
       Unknown USM Valor marine:
          This is USM Valor, widecasting on all frequencies to USG Ishimura
          in response to your SOS. We've pick up your escape pod
          number 47, and are en route to your position. This message will
          repeat every thirty seconds until you respond.
    -Impact (Video)
       Kendra Daniels:
          USM Valor, this is Kendra Daniels on the USG Ishimura, come in!
          Do not open the escape pod. USM Valor, this is Kendra Daniels on
          the USG Ishimura, come in! Do not open the escape pod. Dammit,
       Unknown USM Valor marine:
          Ka... What...
       Kendra Daniels:
          Why did they open the pod?! Dammit...
          Oh my god, it's heading right for us! Isaac! ISAAC! Get the fuck out
          of there! It's going to crash into the ship.
    -Hammond Returns (Video)
       Nicole Brennan
          I wish I could just talk to someone. It's all falling apart here.
       Zach Hammond:
          Isaac! Isaac are you there? Thank god you're all right! I've been
          trying to reach you! Someone's been blocking my RIG signal
          remotely! That crash must have interrupted the signal block.
       Kendra Daniels:
          Hammond? Where have you been?
       Zach Hammond:
          Surviving. Barely. I found some med supplies and patched myself
          up. Listen. I'm calling abort on the mission. Fuck the CEC and fuck
          the chain of command. We have to get the hell out of here! I think
          I've located a shuttle on the crew deck. The flight log says it needs
          a new singularity core, but we can probably salvage one from the
          Valor. I can see the tail-end of it sticking out from the side of the
          Ishimura. I'm headed down there now to find a way inside! I'll
          meet you there! Hammond out.
       Kendra Daniels:
          Isaac, if what he says is true about the shuttle, we might have a
          chance of getting out of here. Head to the cargo bay and see if you
          can help Hammond...in his condition, he may not last long.
    -Eavesdropper (Audio)
       Kendra Daniels:
          Isaac, the door to Communications is open. But I've been getting
          some weird feedback spikes on the local comms. I think
          someone's listening in on us, so be careful.
    -Illegal Mining (Audio)
          Communications log, First Comms Operator Bailey reporting. The
          ship is under attack, but requests to issue a distress call have
          been repeatedly denied by Captain Mathius. He won't say it, but
          everyone on the bridge knows why--this is an illegal operation in a
          prohibited system. We've all known for months, and we kept out
          mouths shut. Not anymore.
          Mayday, mayday, mayday! This is USG Ishimura, this is---what the
          I don't believe this! The whole comms system is offline!
          Now he's gone too far... Bailey out.
    -Main Array Problem (Audio)
       Kendra Daniels:
          That Comms Array is in bad shape. We need at least six working
          dishes for a strong enough signal. Make sure they're aligned
          symmetrically so there are no power gaps.
    -Array Fixed (Audio)
       Kendra Daniels:
          That's it, it's working! Get back to Communications and use the
          control panel to send our coordinates to the Valor!
    -Big Problems (Audio)
       Kendra Daniels:
          What? Isn't that the escape pod Hammond jettisoned? One of those
          things was onboard! No! No, this isn't going to happen! USM Valor!
          Come in Valor! Our signal isn't strong enough. I'm going to open
          the blast doors to boost the signal.
       Female Computer Voice:
          Error: blast door blockage detected. Please contact a repair
       Kendra Daniels:
          Shit! Isaac, there's something big on the hull of the ship, directly
          above the Comms Array. Something organic. I don't know what it
          is, and I don't care. We have to get the doors open to transmit to
          the Valor. You should have a clear shot from ADS cannon 48. Get
          to the cannon and blow it out into space!
    *** Chapter 09 *** [C09]
    -The Valor (Video)
       Zach Hammond:
          Isaac? Good, you made it inside! Listen! I just found the munitions
          log for the Valor! I don't think their presence here is a coincidence!
          They're not on reconnaissance and they're not on patrol! This ship
          is prepped for war! They're on a seek and destroy mission!
          Do you hear me?!
       Kendra Daniels:
          Isaac, I've lost him again! No signal from Hammond's RIG... Find
          the singularity core and get the hell out of there!
    -Dr. Kyne (Video)
       Dr. Terrence Kyne:
          Mr. Clarke! I need to speak with you... My name is Terrance
          Kyne... Doctor Kyne. Listen to me, there isn't much time... If you
          really can repair the shuttle... there is a better use for it than just
          running away. You must understand, the forces at work here are...
          greater than you can imagine. If you leave now...you condemn all
          humanity! The planet will never stop, never rest, unless the Marker
          is returned. Don't you see? The Church is wrong! This is all a trap!
          I've seen it... Please, you must help me!
    -Singularity Core Found (Video)
       Kendra Daniels:
          Is that it? You got it? Oh my god, you got it! That's the piece we
          need. Get to the Crew deck!
    -Radiation Hazard (Audio)
       Kendra Daniels:
          Isaac, one of the Valor's weapons ripped open in the crash. Those
          green orbs you see are highly radioactive, and the Valor's airlock
          has sealed itself. You're going to have to throw those into space
          before you can get into the ship.
    -Find the Singularity Core (Audio)
       Kendra Daniels:
          The part you're looking for will be in the engine room at the back of
          the ship! I'm reading massive damage, so you may need to find an
          alternate route to get there!
    -Infected Soldiers (Audio)
       Zach Hammond:
          The infection process is doing something strange to these
          soldiers. They all had built-in Stasis units in their
          body armor. The infection is merging the Stasis unit into their
          flesh or something...making the move fast...real fast. Be careful.
    -Hammond's Assistance (Audio)
       Zach Hammond:
          Isaac, I'm tracking your position but it doesn't look like I can reach
          you. This damn ship was
          nearly sheared in half. I made it to the bridge...it's a mess here.
          These poor bastards didn't stand a chance. I'm going to override all
          door locks so you can get to the engine room. I'll try and catch up
          with you there.
    -Emergency (Audio)
       Commander F. Cadigan:
          This is Commander Cadigan! We have hostiles on board! This is
          NOT a drill! Hostiles are alien, repeat, ALIEN and extremely
          dangerous! All personnel have weapons ready and fire at will!
    -Hammond's Death (Audio)
       Kendra Daniels:
          I just lost all of Hammond's vitals! Is he dead? Oh god. It's just us
          now, Isaac...
    -Orders (Text)
       CEC vessel USG Ishimura in breach of
       government order. They are believed to have
       recovered Marker 3A. Special Ops has
       confirmed the system but has been unable
       to provide the planet location.
       Special Ops advises caution. If Marker 3A
       has been recovered, infection by a lethal
       organism is a credible threat.
       Shockpoint to Aegis system, move to
       position out of local scope range and await
       signal from Ishimura to confirm location.
    *** Chapter 10 *** [C10]
    -Find the Nav Cards (Video)
       Kendra Daniels:
          Isaac, I've located the shuttle Hammond found. Shit! No good. That
          shuttle's brain dead. Someone removed the navigation cards, God
          knows why. There's three of them scattered around the deck. I'm
          downloading their locations. I can't access the doors from here, so
          you'll need a Crew Key. If you can find those parts, I think we can
          get that shuttle operational again!
    -Kyne's Gambit (Video)
       Dr. Terrence Kyne:
          Mr. Clarke! I really... must speak with you! I'm very close to your
          position, and... and I know you'll want to hear what I have to say. I
          can explain all this! I know what happened!
          When you have the Nav cards, I'll let you into the Security Station.
          We must talk. Hurry!
    -Hive Mind Glimpse (Video)
       [No text]
    -Mercer's Last Sermon (Video)
       Dr. Challus Mercer:
          Your time has come. No need to be frightened! No reason to fight!
          Many have gone before us, and now it's time for us to take the
          voyage together, transcend death... and let the future take its
          course. Join me, as I gaze upon the face of God!
    -Locked Executive Door (Audio)
       Dr. Terrence Kyne:
          Amelia? No...No no NO NO! The shuttle is mine. I control access to
          the shuttle! If it could make the journey... I could fix everything...
          I'm sorry, Mr. Clarke. Unless you can prove to me you can get it
          space worthy again, I'm afraid I can't let you through. I need to
          know you're on my side!
    -Life Support Down (Audio)
       Kendra Daniels:
          The life support system in Sleep Block B has been shut down.
          You'll have to find an override nearby to get to the door.
    -The Hunter Returns (Audio)
       Dr. Challus Mercer:
          This time there will be no escape for you, my friend. You have
          been most resourceful up until now, but my creation is free, reborn
          in the fierce heat of life itself! Now it's time to play your part...
    -SOB Override (Audio)
       Kendra Daniels:
          Isaac, that son of a bitch just overrode the door lock! I'll try to run
          a bypass. Hold on!
    -Lock Bypassed (Audio)
       Kendra Daniels:
          Okay, I bypassed the lock! Get out of there!
    -Executive Area Unlocked (Audio)
       Dr. Terrence Kyne:
          Excellent work, Mr. Clarke! Excellent work. Now... come and meet
          me in the Executive area. The door is unlocked. Be quick.
    -Kendra's Warning (Audio)
       Kendra Daniels:
          Isaac, be careful with Dr. Kyne. A lot of what I've discovered so far
          has come from his records... the man has clearly gone insane. He
          might be unstable, maybe even violent.
    -Captain's Report (Audio)
       Captain Benjamin Mathius:
          Captain's log, personal. I want to set the record straight. By the
          time this log is heard, my actions will have been vindicated. I'm a
          Unitologist. By now, it's probably no secret that we shouldn't be in
          this star system. Just another illegal mining job for the company...
          That is until the colony found the Marker. That was when the
          Church took an interest, and chose me to lead this pilgrimage.
          They also ensured many of the mission crew were devout. My
          primary instruction was to get the Marker up from the colony and
          on board the ship. Dr. Kyne, the CSO, is an expert on the original
          Marker and was tasked with deciphering this new one. He says
          he's making good progress. My decision to quarantine the colony
          is sound. They've got some kind of epidemic down there, and I
          can't allow it to infect the ship. Now with such a precious cargo.
          Now when we are so close! Planetcrack takes place tomorrow.
          We'll continue to decipher the Marker, and when we return home,
          we'll pass all our findings, and the Marker, to the Church. The
          government isn't going to cover this one up. Altman be praised.
    -On My Way (Audio)
       Dr. Terrence Kyne:
    	Excellent! Excellent! Wait there for me, I'm on my way.
    -Meet on the Flight Deck (Audio)
       Dr. Terrence Kyne:
    	I'm en route to the Flight Deck. Meet me there, and we can load
    	the Marker on board. Yes, Amelia, Soon, we'll take it home...
    -New Ally? (Audio)
       Kendra Daniels:
    	I don't know if Kyne is crazy or not, but we need that shuttle. Let's
    	keep him on our side... for now.
    -Unitology Article (Text)
       Is Unitology a new hope, or just another
       By Carrie Van Ottken
       If you've been living on Mars for the past
       200 years, you might have missed the
       fastest-growing religious movement in
       Unitology boasts a following of millions,
       counts powerful CEOs and officials in its
       ranks, claims $78 billion of stock in
       multiglobal companies, and owns two of
       Earth's largest financial institutions (GPSG
       Financial and Unitas Energy Investments).
       From its beginnings as a cult of personality,
       Unitology has become a respected,
       established religion. Most people know the
       basics. Two hundred years ago Michael
       Altman, a professor of anthropology, blew
       the whistle on what he claimed was the
       biggest cover-up ever instituted by Earth
       Government--the discovery of an artifact, or
       "Marker", which proved beyond any doubt
       there is alien life in the Universe. The
       Government labelled Altman a kook, but his
       claims struck a chord with some, and his
       mysterious death soon afterwards fueled
       that interest.
       Unitologists believe the Marker contained a
       code, the key to eternal life, through rebirth
       and ascension to heaven (The kicker is you
       have to die first). They say the Government
       is hiding the Marker somewhere, keeping its
       secrets for themselves. Across all of human
       space, Unitologists praise Altman's
       martyrdom and await the day God comes to
       take them to their new life beyond death.
       It all sounds pretty harmless. But, like any
       cult, there's a dark side.
       Unitologists are "ranked" in the Church.
       Nobody ever talks about it, but most of its
       critics believe there are at least three ranks
       above the average believer, or "initiate". With
       each new rank, more of the Church's inner
       workings and research is revealed to a
       follower. And these ranks are achieved by
       one simple criteria--giving money and power
       to the Church.
       Think taking all your money's bad? The
       Church also requires members to donate
       their bodies after death. Why? What do they
       do with them? Nobody will say, and
       attempts to infiltrate the inner circle have
       failed. With their emphasis on
       "transformation and rebirth", maybe we
       wouldn't like the answer even if they told
       One rumor that also refuses to die says the
       Church is funding a secret shipbuilding
       program. Some claim to have seen the fleet.
       No documentary evidence has ever been
       supplied, but the claimants all say these
       "mausoleum ships", despite their huge size
       (Cont'd on p94)
    -Z-Ball Rules (Text)
       Step on the lighted platform and activate it
       to start the game!
       Jump to as many scoring platforms as
       possible to increase your score multiplier.
       Then use your Kinesis Module to grab the
       ball and shoot it into the active basket
       before the shot timer runs out. Beating each
       level opens a locker with a reward inside.
    -White's List (Text)
       White, D. (FIRST OFFICER)
       Goddamn Unis are running the ship. Known
       so far:
       Captain Mathius
       CSO Kyne
       2SO Mercer
       LCDR Holt
       Lt Carrillo
       LTJG Pitts
       LTJG Wrede
       ENS Maynard
       ENS Shande
       ENS Espeleta
       ENS Natividad
    *** Chapter 11 *** [C11]
    -Find the Marker (Video)
       Dr. Terrence Kyne:
          Mr. Clarke, I'm approaching the shuttle hangar. You must... You
          must find your way to the Cargo Bay! The Marker... it's being
          stored in there. There's a cargo loading lift there you can use to
          deliver the Marker up to the hangar. Please... you must help me
          with this! It's the only way...
    -Come Onboard (Video)
       Dr. Terrence Kyne:
          It's on board! Please, come and join me. Together we can stop this
          Hive Mind! We can end this nightmare! At last!
    -Betrayal (Video)
       Kendra Daniels:
          Sorry, Isaac, I couldn't let him go though with it. I suppose I
          should thank him for finding the Marker. We even managed without
          help from the USM Valor... Thank you for helping me find it, by the
          way. My department's been looking for this place for a long time.
          See, what Kyne didn't know was, it was the government's mess to
          begin with. This whole planet is one big experiment.
          The Marker? This "divine relic"? Made by man. They
          reverse-engineered it a couple of hundred years ago from the REAL
          Marker, a true alien artifact recovered on Earth. They dug it up,
          studied it, and made it their own. Then they brought it to Aegis 7,
          and activated it. And you've seen the result. The stuff of
          nightmares. They sealed the system, and no one would
          have been the wiser.
          But then CEC blunders in and starts tearing the planet apart. The
          experiment was still alive. Kyne was right about the Hive Mind.
          The Marker would contain it...but that doesn't matter now, does it?
          I have the Marker, and this entire system can go to hell. For what
          it's worth, you did a great job, Isaac. See you around... Or maybe
    -Nicole's Alive (Video)
       Nicole Brennan:
          Isaac! It's Nicole! I need you to help me, help us! Now! I'm... I'm in
          the flight control room! Please, Isaac hurry! Please... I love you...
    -Marker Transferred (Audio)
       Dr. Terrence Kyne:
          The cargo lift has arrived! The Marker is in the hangar bay. Now
          you can load it into the shuttle. Hurry!
    -Terrible Mistake (Audio)
       Kendra Daniels:
          Isaac, what the hell are you doing?! You've making a big mistake.
          This is not over!
    -Rendezvous (Audio)
       Kendra Daniels:
          I restored power to the elevator. Take it up to the Hangar Bay and
          get that Marker on the shuttle. I'm heading up to the flight deck
          now. Oh god...I'm just going to run for it...wish me luck.
    -Landing the Shuttle (Audio)
       Dr. Terrence Kyne:
          Excellent! I'm going to dock the shuttle. Got to be careful
    -Load the Marker (Audio)
       Dr. Terrence Kyne:
          I'm bringing the shuttle down now. The automated loading controls
          aren't responding. You'll have to shut down gravity in the hangar
          bay and then manually bring the Marker directly beneath the
    -Restore Gravity (Audio)
       Dr. Terrence Kyne:
    	Okay, it's in position. Eh, still having trouble with these damn
    	loading controls. Isaac, restore gravity to the room. I should be
    	able to load the marker then.
    *** Chapter 12 *** [C12]
    -Nicole's Farewell (Video)
       Nicole Brennan:
          Isaac, it's me. I wish I could talk to you. I'm sorry. I'm sorry
          about everything. I wish I could just... talk to someone. It's all
          falling apart here. I can't believe what's happening... It's strange...
          such a little thing...
          In the end, it all comes down to this one little thing... I didn't want
          it to end like this. I really wanted to see you again, just once. I
          loved you. I always loved you.
    -Colony Chaos (Audio)
       Sergeant Neumann:
          This is Sergeant Neumann, P-Sec! We've lost all the shuttles! One
          of them just took off, then came straight back down and crashed
          into the bay! Took a couple hundred people and all the remaining
          shuttles with it! If anyone can hear this, do not land! Do not land!
    -The Pedestal (Audio)
       Nicole Brennan:
          Isaac, the Marker needs to be returned to the Pedestal Chamber.
          Use the loader to bring it there and place it on the pedestal.
          Replace what was taken, and make us whole again.
    -Restore Power (Audio)
       Nicole Brennan:
          Isaac, you're almost there. You'll have to restore power to the
          bridges to move the Marker through this area. Look for a control
          station at the end of the maintenance tube.
    -Unitology Exposed (Text)
       (Excerpts from THE FALSE MESSIAH, a book
       banned on Earth and most colonies)
       When Michael Altman went public with his
       research on the Black Marker, the world
       was teetering on the brink of
       self-destruction. Many people, myself
       included, felt civilization was at an end. We
       couldn't change the world by ourselves and
       most of us didn't want to. What Altman
       offered us, this chance at a rebirth for
       humanity, was exactly what our hungry,
       empty souls were looking for.
       Practically overnight, our hope for humanity
       was renewed. Millions flocked to his
       conferences to hear him profess to know the
       way to a new beginning. We stared in awe
       at the evidence of the alien artifact that
       would change everything. And we did
       whatever he told us to.
       We rallied against the government. We
       joined together in congregations to share his
       word. And we prepared ourselves for the
       future he said was coming.
       Where were you when Michael Altman was
       assassinated by our government? It's the
       question of our generation, I suppose. It's
       certainly the day when everything changed
       for me... and the world.
       The martyring of the scientist-turned-savior
       Michael Altman begat fanatical zealots and I
       was one of them. We birthed and
       maintained the tenements of a new religion,
       known now as the Church of Unitology. I
       was only a follower but I was suddenly part
       of the biggest social movement in history.
       The riots that followed and the crippling of
       our government made us realize we finally
       had the power to change things.
       No one knows what is contained in the
       Black Marker. Some claim it contains a
       genetic string that grants immortality
       through gene therapy. Others say it contains
       the DNA of an alien life form. Even Altman
       confessed to not knowing exactly what it is
       The Marker has been used to form the basic
       doctrines of the church. As claimed in the
       popular book, "Death is Only the Beginning,"
       humans will learn that by death of their
       worldly spirit, they will be reborn in unity as
       a stronger, unending community. "Unity is
       Death is an important event in the journey of
       a Unitologist and seen as a necessary step
       to being reborn. The body is considered holy
       and it may not be cremated or be allowed to
       decay in the ground. The bodies are given to
       the church for safekeeping. Where they are
       taken is unknown, but I have seen massive
       Unitology compounds on all of the major
       settlements I have visited. Curious, I asked
       around. No one would tell me what was
       housed inside, but I uncovered evidence of
       massive shipments of preservative
       chemicals being sent to the compounds on a
       regular basis.
       It was around this time that my superior
       Paragon Fontenay, brought me in for my first
       "soul cleansing".
       Despite the headaches and the nausea that
       continued to plague me, I managed to sneak
       into the shipyard. I had almost regained full
       function of my legs and was able to make it
       into what appeared to be the nerve center of
       the operation.
       What I discovered were ships, massive
       ships and lots of them. Stasis storage tubes
       lined each of the hundreds of exposed cargo
       bays. I couldn't see any of the bodies, but I
       knew what the tubes were for. What I
       couldn't figure out was why the church
       needed to transport so many suspended
       bodies in what looked like deep-space
       Before I could investigate further, I was
       recaptured and the real "soul cleansings"
    -The USG Ishimura (Text)
       (From a CEC-sponsored article in the
       publication, Amazing Universe)
       As many of our older readers may recall,
       resource management on Earth and on the
       colonies was not always as streamlined as
       it is today. There was a time when needs
       could barely be met by the now-extinct
       resources of Earth and the dwindling
       supplies of the colonies. Looking to the
       stars for additional resources is nothing
       new, but at the time only smaller ships were
       shockpoint-able and they were insufficient
       at keeping up with demand.
       Enter the Ishimura.
       The USG Ishimura, named after Astro
       Physicist Hideski Ishimura (inventor of the
       shockpoint drive), was the first of the
       massive Planet Cracker ships. Built 62
       years ago, she has a long and storied
       career. The Ishimura was the first vessel of
       her size to utilize the shockpoint drive for
       large-scale, commercial, deep space
       At the time of her inception, the Ishimura
       was hailed as the savior of the Earth
       colonies. She was created to mine and melt
       down entire small planets and moons. She
       was also the first ship capable of the "scan
       and catch" technique for harvesting
       mineral-rich asteroids. Using huge gravity
       tethers, the Ishimura can lock onto asteroids
       and pull them inside the ship's massive
       collection bays for smelting.
       At 62 years old, the Ishimura is still in
       remarkable shape. Much of the equipment
       has been upgraded over the years. Many
       spaces have been retrofitted to take
       advantage of modern advances in
       technology. Despite the long years of
       service, she is still the pride of the fleet and
       remains the largest Planet Cracker in the
       fleet. Whenever an important deep space
       mining project comes up and the Ishimura is
       available, she's the first ship to be called.
       It's ships like the Ishimura - and the
       dedication of the men and women who crew
       her - that have helped make Concordance
       Extraction Company the trusted, dependable
       workhorse that it is today.
    -Background Request (Text)
       To: Zach Hammond
       From: XXXXXXXXXXX
       Re: Background request
       Per your request, here's what we could find
       on your hastily- assembled crew.
       Isaac was born to Poul and Octavia Clark on
       Earth in the eastern seaboard region of the
       American Republic. Poul Clarke was an
       award-winning ship architect employed by
       the Galactic Union Marine Corp. His record
       show extended time off-world away from
       his family.
       When Isaac was born, Poul was given a
       temporary reassignment to an Earth-based
       GUMMC ship production facility. During the
       four-year tour, Poul and Octavia raised Isaac
       together. When the tour was over, Poul
       shipped off for an extended off-world tour.
       Poul's influence on his son must have
       rubbed off. Records indicate Isaac pursued
       studies in mechanical and electrical
       engineering and achieved high honors.
       According to medical and psychiatric
       reports, Poul Clarke's absence had a
       profound effect on Octavia. She suffered
       from depression and personal anguish until
       doctors encouraged her to find fulfillment by
       working with charitable organizations. It is
       believed that this is how she ended up
       coming in contact with the Church of
       Her association with the Church appears to
       have alleviated her mental condition. The
       cancellation of her therapy sessions
       corresponds with the local parish
       announcements of her initiation ceremony.
       At this point, records on her become
       somewhat scarce. There are indications that
       she sold off much of the family estate to
       finance her full membership in the church.
       Isaac appears to have been selected to a
       prominent engineering school but we
       surmise that he was unable to afford the
       tuition, as records show that he instead
       attended a lesser-known school with the
       help of scholarships and financial
       After graduating with high honors, Isaac
       enlisted in the Merchant Marines. He quickly
       gained a reputation for his resourceful
       engineering solutions and after two years
       was promoted to a higher-profile position
       closer to the major shipping lanes.
       There are several inquiries about the
       location of his father that have been logged
       by his contacts at the GUMMC. Isaac
       appears to have been trying to re-unite with
       him unsuccessfully for years. It's doubtful
       he ever got far in his investigation as Poul
       Clarke's service record has been
       mysteriously classified by an executive
       Octavia continues to be a contributing
       member of her church and has managed to
       purchase a Vested-level title.
       Isaac's career stagnates at this point. There
       are records that he cohabited with a medical
       officer named Nicole Brennan for a couple of
       years. Records indicate she moved out after
       receiving a promotion and is currently
       serving on the USG Ishimura.
       I couldn't find anything on her in the time I
       had but Darlton swears by her. She is on the
       mission with his recommendation. If he
       thinks she has the necessary skills, who
       am I to argue?
    -Planetary Mining (Text)
       (Excerpt from the CEC shareholder
       information packet on planetary mining)
       Planet mining is, quite literally, the
       dismantling of planets and moons on a
       macro-scale. Entire worlds are fractured to
       reveal the rich seams of valuable minerals
       contained inside. Despite environmentalist
       concerns, the operation is perfectly safe and
       is the only way to extract the necessary
       resources on the large scale required to
       supply Earth and the colonies.
       You may have read reports that claim the
       destruction of a planet can destroy an entire
       solar system due to the disruption in the
       gravitation forces that hold each celestial
       object in orbit. Some of the wilder reports
       claim this causes the whole system to spin
       out of control or causes planets to smash
       into each other. Concerned investors are
       directed to read the article "The CEC Pledge
       to the Health of Our Universe" for a detailed
       breakdown of the truths about Planet
       Cracking. The short answer is: Planet
       Cracking is perfectly safe and provides an
       essential service to Earth and the colonies.
       With all Planet Cracks, the planets are
       carefully chosen for their mineral content,
       net worth, and the safety with which they
       can be dismantled.
       Planet Cracking is a lengthy process
       spanning from three to five years. Generally,
       the first year is spent prospecting and
       setting up the colony. The second year and
       a half involves tectonic excavation and
       related planet-side activities.
       The Planet Cracker class ship arrives
       between the 2.5 and 3 year mark,
       depending on the progress of the excavation.
       Once the ship is in orbit, preparation for
       tectonic chunk extraction begins. This takes
       approximately one week.
       The removal of an excavated chunk from the
       planet into a stabilized geosynchronous orbit
       usually takes about 1 day (24 standard
       hours). During this process, billions of tons
       of debris break off from the underside of the
       chunk, creating an instant asteroid ring
       around the planet. While the floating debris
       is extremely dangerous, the Planet Cracker
       ships have an excellent Asteroid Defense
       System (ADS) to keep the ship and crew
       safe from harm.
       Depending on the size of the planet, this
       process is repeated until the entire planet
       has been broken up and processed.
       ABOUT US
       The CEC is the largest solar mining and
       extraction company in the Earth colonies. It
       is also the fifth largest company in terms of
       market capital. It has become a powerhouse
       of industrial might and an influential political
       force. With a generous budget allocated to
       election spending, CEC has always been
       able to maintain and improve its market
       The CEC owns over 400 deep space
       vehicles including five Planet Crackers, with
       the famous USG Ishimura as its flagship.
       The CEC was the first to develop deep space
       mining, asteroid catchers and was the first
       to implement shockpoint drives for
       commercial use. We are the largest supplier
       of precious metals.
       Out of over three dozen Planet Cracks, only
       one operation has met with less than
       optimal results. Many may remember the
       Wanat Disaster 11 years ago wherein a
       Planet Cracker, three supply ships and a
       colony were lost due to a gravity tether
       failure. Since that time, CEC has worked
       closely with the manufacturers and held
       crew training lectures to ensure a disaster
       of this magnitude never happens again.
       We take your financial well-being and the
       well-being of our employees seriously.
       When you invest in CEC, you are investing in
       the future of mankind.
    -Recombination Study (Text)
       Personal Log: Dr. G. Abernathy, automated
       (Restricted access - Maximum encryption)
       Day three of quarantine for the former Drs.
       Clifton and Hogan. The infection is spreading
       quickly through Dr. Clifton. Dr. Hogan
       appears unaffected at this time.
       The chest of the corpse has started to
       expand, like it's taking a deep breath.
       Something appears to be happening under
       the surface of the skin. The body is
       convulsing - a yellowish briny liquid bursts
       from the mouth accompanied by choking
       noises. There's a crunching noise as the
       throat bulges and the jaw collapses. The
       head is splitting apart... reforming now into
       what appear to be a proboscis and feelers.
       The chest splits along the center now as the
       flesh stretches and expands outwards; the
       organs, bone and muscle bend inwards. The
       internal organs contort and reorganize
       themselves into an odd structure central to
       which is a massive bladder. The bladder is
       filling with a liquid, some of which can be
       seen spilling from the proboscis. I can only
       assume the two are connected.
       The legs are quivering as the flesh peels
       away and meshes with the flesh from the
       chest region. There is a sudden snap
       halfway through the process as one leg
       bends backwards. More quivering now and
       the other leg has snapped at the knee. The
       changes appear to be slowing now... it
       starts to sit up, the body is convulsing, the
       legs flopping. It is trying to take its first
       step, uneasy as first... but now it is adapting
       quickly. A half-dozen steps and it seems to
       be perfectly at home with the new,
       contorted form.
       The spattering on the glass is making
       observation difficult. It appears that Dr.
       Hogan's legs are elongating, somehow
       flaying themselves and now twisting with a
       mixture of his own internal organs into a
       single appendage, like some sort of tail. His
       face is contorted, his jaw clenching and
       unclenching... several jaw-like appendages
       are emerging from his every widening
       mouth. His mouth no longer appears able to
       accommodate the change... his head is
       splitting, seams bursting...
       And almost instantly, he is perched on his
       hands, shifting his weight from one palm to
       the other. He's pacing, circling the room
       and... he appears to be watching me! He
       sees me! No, he's fixated on the ceiling
       now... Oh god no, he's leaping at the vent!
       With his powerful tail-like appendage, he's
       striking at the reinforced covering, trying to
       get it open! I must warn the others!
       Recording end!
    -The Red Marker (Text)
       (Restricted access - Maximum encryption)
       Altman's hasty expulsion from the project is
       unfortunate. His notes on the Black Marker
       appear incomplete and our findings this far
       have been inconclusive. What notes we
       have recovered appear to be written in a
       code of his devising. It will be weeks before
       we can decipher them. In the meantime,
       someone has to shut him up. His public
       outcry about the Marker is more than a
       nuisance. This is a matter of security.
       The continued financial infusion over the
       years has been appreciated and I'm pleased
       to share the results with you today. While
       some of our material fabrications are
       approximations of substances foreign to us,
       we have completed the internal workings of
       the device. One obvious difference between
       our replica and the original is the reddish
       hue. I assure you this is purely a cosmetic
       difference not indicative of a flaw.
       The device, when activated, began to emit a
       highly complicated rhythmic pattern across
       a wide band of frequencies - from actual
       sound waves through the electromagnetic
       spectrum to alpha, delta, and theta brain
       waves. It seems mostly inert and harmless
       aside from some slight interference with
       communication equipment.
       We are proceeding with the final
       We've run into a disturbing but fascinating
       find. In re-creating the DNA instructions
       gleaned from the Black Marker, we've
       managed to create a recombinant microbial
       life form. It seemed dormant at first, even
       when placed in a bath of rich nutrients.
       Were it not for Dr. Clifton's poor hygiene, we
       might have deemed the attempt a failure.
       Fortunately for us, he had not fully
       decontaminated himself before working with
       the sample and managed to contaminate it
       with some dead skin cells. Suddenly, the
       microbes jumped into action! Recombination
       happened almost instantly and the sample
       began self-replicating and mutating before
       our eyes.
       More confounding results from our research:
       Today, as we moved what we're now calling
       the Red Marker, we had to pass by the
       cellular lab area. The scientists working at
       the time complained about interruptions in
       the necrotic flesh experiments. As is turns
       out, the field generated by the Marker
       creates a "dead space" around itself that
       forces the recombination effect into
       I apologize for the setback relayed in the
       last report. The macro-scale infection has
       been contained with a minimal loss of life.
       The newly recombinated doctors are now
       quarantined for further study.
       Many of the scientists have been
       complaining of headaches and we are all
       having difficulty sleeping for more than an
       hour at a time. We suspect a problem in the
       ventilation system. The maintenance team
       reported finding a build-up of some kind
       blocking the airways.
       The organic mass continues to expand and
       take over the complex. The recombinated
       nightmares now move freely through the
       corridors. My remaining crew is hastily
       constructing a transmitter for the Marker in
       an attempt to broaden the signal it is
       emanating. Dr. Foster said the idea came to
       him in a vision. Our hope is to use the signal
       to keep the unchecked infection from
       spreading to the landing area. There is little
       time remaining! You must send help as
       quickly as possible! Our lives are in your
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