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"Dead Space: The Final, Frightening Frontier"

You know, I thought horror as a genre had finally died. When I played Resident Evil 4, I never jumped. Even the upcoming Resident Evil 5 doesn't look frightening. This is, by far, the game guaranteed to keep you looking over your shoulder for a long, long time. So, let the review commence!


Beautiful. Wonderful. Pants-wetting. All these and more describe the wonderful, blood-splattered world that is the USG Ishimura. Whether you are walking down a dim, misty hallway and you can hear distant roars and screams, or the lights go out, leaving you in total darkness as the sound of metallic clanking and breathing approach, or you enter a room, only to find a corpse vomiting some unidentifiable yellow substance all over itself, you will constantly feel fear. Everything is beautifully rendered. I must confess, the ambiance frightened me more than the monsters.

Controls: 10/10

Excellent. Not much to say here, although the fact that you may be forced to scramble desperately for a health pack in the real time inventory as hideous shrieking monstrosities numbers 1, 2, and 3 gleefully remove chunks of your neck can be one of the most nerve-wracking experiences in existence.

Gameplay: 10/10

What an experience! Whether the massive "pregnant" necromorphs are bursting at the tiniest of shots to their massive stomachs, spilling a cargo of swarming spider-things, or the monster whose left leg was just messily severed at the knee is dragging itself toward you arduously with its extra arms, you will always be scrambling to carefully dismember an enemy who is fast, vicious, and powerful. The Stasis power lets you slow them down temporarily, but this adds to the horror, as it allows you to see every single little nuance of the bloody explosion as you remove their legs with a Plasma Cutter. In one of the most impressive and frightening experiences in the game, I was in a room with a large, active centrifuge and no atmosphere. I was surprised by a monster who dropped from the ceiling, and I attempted to fire on it with the Flamethrower. The Flamethrower, having no oxygen to fuel itself, simply beeped angrily. The creature roared soundlessly and stepped forward. Not yet realizing that the Flamethrower didn't work without air, I actually yelled at my screen as I squeezed the trigger again. "Fire?! Now!" The necromorph took great pleasure in relieving me of half my health. This is definitely the scariest game out this season.

Story: 8/10

Decent voice acting, although the "Thanks for solving that whole 'engines not working and the ship is starting to fall out of orbit thing.'........Oh, wait, crap, the atmosphere is turning to poison. Well, you're a mining engineer. You can definitely fix that. See ya!" attitude of your fellow crew members is more than a little obnoxious. Also, the twist at the end is more than a little......obvious. But, unlike most horror games, the story is actually quite decent. I'm sure that more than a few readers have had a fainting spell at that, but just now that I sympathize with you. I get dizzy thinking about it too.

Conclusion: This is the best horror game I have ever played, and is, in fact, one of the best games I have ever played. It is definitely worth the $60.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 10/24/08

Game Release: Dead Space (US, 10/13/08)

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