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    Trophy Guide by ZealousWizard

    Version: 5 | Updated: 04/19/10 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Flower: Trophy Guide
    Created by: ZealousWizard
    	Version 5
    Table of Contents
    I. Introduction
    II. Hidden Trophies
    III. Bronze Trophies
    IV. Silver Trophies
    V. Gold Trophy
    VI. End
    Quick Updates
    4/19/2010 - Additional tips for the 'Urban' trophy. About coloring the
    grass, there are also weeds if you look a bit more closely. So getting
    rid of them should help. Also make sure all the buildings are lightened
    up. This can be done by coloring in all the grass around the building.
    9/22/2009 - Confirmation that you don't need to collect any flowers in 
    the third, and final, part of the 5th level to get the Pure trophy.
    	    Confirmation that once you enter the last big spire in the
    sixth and final level, you don't need to destroy all the spires inside
    to get the Urban trophy.
    12/26/2009 - Illumination trophy can be aquired during the credits
    level, after recieving the light there is an upper level with a pool
    there as well, same idea, just light it up. Credit to Commanda101st.
    2/11/2010 - Small tip for the 'Welcome Back' trophie is that after
    quitting the game, you can manually change your system's date in the
    settings menu. When you re-enter the game, you should have your trophy.
    Just don't forget to change the date back.
    I. Introduction
    This is my first game guide, so I though I'd start off easy since Flower
    doesn't have too many trophies and they aren't too hard to get. Even so,
    at first it might be kind of confusing when reading the descriptions to
    each of the trophies, so instead of looking around the Q&A or the
    Board, I thought I'd just make a quick guide here to all the trophies.
    Some of the trophies require finding the secret flowers, which are
    pretty easy to get, just consult coloureffect's Secrets Guide. As for
    crediting the information, I have pretty much just compiled the answers
    I found through searching the Boards.
    As for some sidenotes:
    Healthy Play, Pure, Stars, Urban, and Dream are all trophies you'll
    earn in the room after completely the level.
    Welcome Back you'll get when you start up after resting for a week.
    Memories you'll get after three minutes in the reminiscence scene, so
    don't cut early and return to the room.
    The rest you'll get upon fulfilling the requirements of the trophy right
    then and there, so don't wait until the end of the level.
    If you're ever unsure whether you got a trophy or not, you can always
    just bring up the XMB and check.
    II. Hidden Trophies
    These are all Bronze.
    Discovery -
    	Find and bloom a secret flower
    Beginning -
    	Find all three secret flowers (and bloom them) for any single level
    Welcome Back - 
    	Don't play for a week, then play.
    Healthy Play -
    	After playing any level, stay in the room for ten minutes.
    III. Bronze Trophies
    Memories -
    	After completing a level, don't go back to the room for 3 minutes.
    Palette -
    	On the second level, at the last part, after each of the three
    rock formations open up, going through them will "power up" to give you
    a color, going close to the grass will "paint" it that color. Do so with
    all three surrounding rock formations before completing the level.
    Wind - 
    	On the third level, after activating any windmill so that it is
    spinning, going close to the fans should cause a gust of wind to rush
    with or at you, do this seven times.
    flOw -
    	On the third level, in the second part with the canyons, go
    into the cave to the left and stick to the right, don't press anything,
    just ride the wind.
    Illumination -
    	On the fourth level, When getting to the part where you have to
    illuminate the spiral, after getting the glow, search a bit further up
    for a pool, illuminate it. There is also one in the credits level at
    the end of the game.
    Pure -
    	On the fifth level, the electric structures, especially watch
    out for the pipes, will electrocute you. This shouldn't be too much of
    a problem for the first two sections. In the first section, you don't
    have to collect any of the flowers, so if it seems too risky, you can
    skip past them. In the second section, you only need to bloom the
    flowers under the towers connected to pipes. For the last section, it
    is kinda hard unless you know how to get past it... specifically try
    to stay as high as possible without getting blown back down, which
    happens when you try to get too high. Here's a good guide for the last
    part. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wE5G2Y5m_zk
    Stars -
    	During the credits "level", find all the names/flowers. Again,
    don't rush, make sure to bloom them all, there's no secret or hidden
    name. Remember that there's always some special animation after each
    chain/section (except the very last one), so if you don't see one when
    you think you should, double-check. Also, the electric spires and stuff
    won't hurt you... so don't worry. Watch the credits to the very end
    with the remeniscence screen and you should have it.
    IV. Silver Trophies
    Urban -
    	On the sixth and final level, you need to destroy all the bad
    stuff and restore all the buildings, structures, everything. This can
    be very time consuming, so be very careful not to overlook anything. I
    don't think you have to bloom all flowers, but make sure all the
    buildings are colored in. The freeway isn't that bad, make sure to
    cover all routes. I'm not sure if you need to color in all the grass,
    but I tried doing that. Just take some time to explore around. Destroy
    all the spires, make the city look nice in general. In the final spire,
    don't worry about the spires there and just blast through however you
    Nature - 
    	Bloom 10,000 flowers.
    V. Gold Trophy
    Dream -
    	Find and bloom all secret flowers. This trophy might be a bit
    misleading since it doesn't really unlock much, at the least, there are
    no new levels unlocked by this.
    VI. End
    At the time I finished this, I have all but one trophy, just the
    "Welcome Back" one, which I'm sure the details to that are fine. I
    really liked this game and how each level progressed. The way each
    level differed made it truly an emotional experience. My favorite is
    the third level, which seems to be the most upbeat and fun level, not
    to mention is the first time you see the pre-level cutscene have a good
    positive atmosphere. But then it was also the introduction of something
    foreign to nature, the windmills, and I guess that kinda starts setting
    the mood of how things will start turning ugly. I always thought that
    from the trailers and screenshots that this game was going to be happy
    and bright from start to finish, I'm kinda glad it didn't turn out like
    that. Well, thank you for reading my guide, I hope it has been useful
    or helped to save you time. I enjoyed the game, trophies or not, and I
    hope you have to. An extra thank you for those who e-mailed me to clear
    up some ambiguous details I had.
    If anyone has any corrections, useful comments, or non-offensive things
    they'd like to say to me, my e-mail is:

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