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"Flower, making gaming bloom"

Some people say that gaming can never be art, but now and then some game proves those people wrong. Flower is one of those games.

Flower's story is never told you directly. You play as a flower, growing on a windowsill in a big city. You play inside the flower's dream, telling us how mankind destroys nature's creations with their own, but how nature always survives and wins in the struggle. Story's main theme is nature's fight against cities and pollution by energy-production, and even though people forget it, they too are part of nature in their hearts.

The gameplay is stunning in it's simplicity. You control a single petal, blowing it forwards with wind by pressing any button and steering it with SIXAXIS' motion sensor. As you make other flowers bloom by passing near them, your cloud of flower petals is grown by those flowers' petals joining you. Even in it's simplicity, it's addicting and relaxing to just flow with the wind.

Music and sound is also big part of the game. Soundtrack for the game is just fantastic, fitting the atmosphere in each level. The sound of the wind in tall grass and sounds the blooming flowers make are just... Music to your ears.

Forget Killzone 2, Flower's graphics are pure euphoria for your eyes. The plains of grass waving in green, colourful flowers blooming around you and the oppressing malevolent presence of manmade constructions look all incredibly beautiful. The developers have done incredible job creating the contrast between natural and industrial landscape. All of it looks amazing even in standard definition.

It takes about couple of hours to go through the game the first time, more of course if you want to collect everything and not rush. For 7€, it's still worth it.
Although you can go back to bloom the flowers you missed on your first playthrough and to find the hidden green flowers, replayability is one of the Flower's very few cons. Although drifting through beautiful landscape is always relaxing, there isn't much reason to re-do the levels aside from trophies and few secrets.

Flower is definitely one of 2009's big games. It's not just a game, it's an unique experience. For just few euros, you get an emotion-filled piece of art in form of a game that everyone should experience.

-Sheer graphical beauty
-Simple but working gameplay
-Emotions it invokes are just amazing

-Lacking replayability
-Might not appeal to everyone


Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 02/17/09

Game Release: flower (EU, 02/12/09)

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