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Let me start off by saying Flower isn't a normal game but you're probably aware of that if you've seen or heard anything about this game. Flower provides some stunning and colorful graphics a long with some great music that always fits in nicely with the atmosphere of the level. The relaxing music and colorful visual surroundings work together to create a very relaxing experience. The music and graphics are an essential part of Flower and it really helps make the game much more satisfying to play. Moving on to controls, Flower is almost completely controlled using Sixaxis motion controls…. The almost being that you have to press a button to move yourself. So basically you're the wind and you collect flower petals. You move around with the sixaxis controls and just press any button to go. I never found myself struggling to steer the flower petals and it all worked very smoothly. Flower makes great use of it's sixaxis controls by basing the whole game around this type of movement so it never becomes awkward or annoying, unlike KillZone 2 where using a valve can become an annoying task because sixaxis controls are abruptly thrown into the game.

At the start of every level you're given a view of a flower and with the push of a button a petal will be snatched off the flower and you'll be given control of the wind. Most of the levels contain a field of flowers that you'll fly through and collect petals. All of the flowers are closed up buds that give off a slight glow, after you collect a petal from the flower it will blossom and stop giving off a glow. As you cause flowers to blossom in specific sections it bring back life to the area such as bringing color back to dead grass. As simple as it may be it's very satisfying to see color flood into the fields because of how it's presented. The entire game is very relaxing and calming with the exception of a certain level, I won't give away any spoilers but it really helps to build up to the final level and make it more pleasing. Throughout the game there are a few environmentalist(ish) messages sprinkled into Flower which can be kind of…. awkward. It fits in well with the game and doesn't feel out of place but I'm kind of playing this game on a $400 gaming machine.

Flower never gets repetitive because honestly it's only a few hours long. There's a few changes half way through the game to help mix things up a little also. If you're worried about the price ($10) I highly recommend buying it because it's unlike any game out there and provides an amazing experience. There isn't much replay value unless you want to go for the trophies but it's still a very gratifying game even if it's only a few hours long. This type of game probably isn't going to appeal to everyone but if you're interested in it I suggest you go out and buy it. Now.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 04/06/09

Game Release: flower (US, 02/12/09)

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