""..The kind of game you might play in place of hitting a punching bag, or participating in a ringed fighting match...""

ThatGameCompany (which I believe to be about the greatest name for a game company ever) has developed a truly original Playstation 3 title, utilizing the Playstation controller's Sixaxis function in a way that doesn't make me want to break the controller in two. Flower sees you flying a single flower petal through the wind, picking up other flower petals as you pass over them, leading to a huge spiral of flower petals of all kinds of different colours, leading to a very visually pleasing game like none I've ever seen before.

As previously mentioned, Flower requires the use of the Sixaxis controller function. You tilt the controller in the direction you want your little petals to move in. To pass to the next area you need to collect a certain number of petals growing out of the ground, if you do, a certain part of the landscape is made more beautiful, or restored to its former glory. The whole game seems to carry a theme of the environment and urbanisation. You'll see certain parts of the world that are run down, and it's up to your little flower petal to return joy to the world, though perhaps I'm reading too deeply into it. From brightly coloured, luscious plains, to canyons and farmland, Flower offers enough variety in the levels to make each one a unique experience. There are even some nice trophies to collect.

The sound is nothing short of amazing. Listening to the soundtrack alone is a relaxing experience in itself, the sound effects are soothing, too... and that gentle blowing of the wind is exceptional. The graphics won't melt your eyes with sheer awesomeness, but they still look fantastic, and the variety of colours in the landscapes and flower petals sets Flower apart from most other titles of today's generation of gaming. Flower is the kind of game you might play in place of hitting a punching bag, or participating in a ringed fighting match, possibly overlooking jagged rocks of some kind.

Flower is super relaxing, and of course, fun. Flower is only available on the Playstation Store (price varies on where you are, obviously) and is worth the dollars and download time. It offers something that gamers haven't really seen before, and although it may not keep you coming back for more (unless you're a very stressed person) Flower is most certainly worth a try.

Wonderful visuals and soundtrack, relaxing, simplistic game play.

Has its limitations, being a game about flying a flower petal around.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 08/25/09

Game Release: flower (US, 02/12/09)

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