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""Catch the Wind""

It is not hyperbole when I say that I don't believe that I am an adequate enough writer to properly and fully describe how playing Flower made me feel. Without question this is one of the most fulfilling experiences I have ever had when playing a game.

I don't think that reviewing Flower like I would any other game would do it justice. Flower is a sensational masterwork of art in motion. But I must put it in context, even if doing so runs the risk of spoiling some of the experience. In the game you go into the dreams of a number of flowers and you become a part of their dream as you experience their living, breathing worlds while flying around the gorgeous environments collecting flowers. Control is mostly button-free since movement is done via the PS3's Sixaxis motion. Twist and turn the controller as you wish and the flowers that you collect will follow suit. If you want to move at a more brisk pace just hold down any button on the controller and your flower train will speed up. Gameplay wise that is really all there is to it. But Flower has so much more to offer and yes, say.

Flower is the most beautiful and moving gaming experience than I've ever played. I feel almost privileged to have been allowed to be in the spectacularly creative world that is Flower. Flower gave me the most pure emotions of wonder and awe as I explored the breathtakingly beautiful levels and the long collection of flowers looked equally stunning against the backdrop of the sky. Flying low just above the grass is also a marvelous sight to behold. Between this game and Okami, the case that video games can be art can be laid to rest. Like Clover's game, Flower is not about destruction or greed or murder. Flower is an inspirational celebration of creativity and of life. Flower is about the beauty of the world and the magnificence of an undebased natural earth.

Three short hours have given me plenty of special moments that I adore and will never forget. Not controlling the movement and just letting the game flow by itself is such a wonderful thing to watch. The chiming sound that flowers make when you touch them always brought a smile to my face, and the lovely, flowing, and rhythmic music is flawlessly implemented. A pause screen - a simple pause screen! - has never made me feel such a sudden and horrifying sense of sorrow and regret.

Flower is short but those few hours provide an abundance of the most pure of emotions. One moment I was awestruck by the beauty of it all, the next moment I found myself completely exhilarated and actually feeling a rush that's usually associated with an action game. Flower is at times, also frightening and heartbreaking, but to explain any further will forever spoil and ruin something that should be experienced first-hand.

The last couple of levels are massive spoilers in themselves so I won't go into them except to say that they must be played to be believed, and when juxtaposed with the levels that came before, they serve as the perfect climax to a steadily marching crescendo.

Flower is a unique and amazing game that stands defiantly against gaming norms. Flower is an experience that is impossible to get angry with. I've never described a video game as being Zen-like but that is precisely what Flower is. How can something so stunning make you feel otherwise? I am proud that video games can claim Flower as one of their own. Games like this will go a long way to help the video game industry grow and transform into what I know it can be capable of becoming.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 10/16/09

Game Release: flower (US, 02/12/09)

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