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    Mainichi Issho (Everday Together)
    Free Items Guide
     - by Dwarriors3
    Written and compiled by Dwarriors3
    Contributions from:
    * Yama (Gamespot/GameFAQs)
    * allnippon (Gamespot/GameFAQs)
    * gand41f (Avsforum)
    * ppshooky (Avsforum)
    * Gren (Gameluv)
    * my fiance (who tries really hard to read the Japanese for me)
    + Version +
    1.01 - 10/23/07 - Updated free stuff items, updated menu translations and
    		- changed "food" to "item."
    		- updated description/instruction text in sections Game Info,
    		  Free Items Guide, and Credits.
    1.0  - 07/21/07 - Original version
    + Table of Contents +
    1) Game Info (gamei)
    2) Controls (conts)
    3) Menu Guide (menug)
    4) How to Get This Game (howto)
    5) Free Stuff Guide (frees)
    6) Copyright Info
    + Game Info + (gamei)
    Mainichi Issho, literally translated as Everday Together, is a free "game" for
    the Playstation 3 system that can be downloaded from the Playstation Network
    The main character, is a white cat named Toro (previously from the Doko Demo
    Issho PocketStation game).
    You can play some simple games against the computer or other players online,
    decorate Toro's room, buy stuff from the PSN store or Myali Store.
    The main feature of Mainichi Issho is the daily news updates that are updated
    to your system everytime you connect to the game.  These news updates can
    include upcoming game information, trivia, English lessons, or just random
    information for the player.  After the news, you can rate how good the news
    report was.  Originally, once a news broadcast was watched and rated, you were
    given a free spin on the wheel of fortune.  Prizes included different types of
    food, another spin, or nothing at all.  This has since changed to a new system,
    where you are given a minimum of 10 points (some give you bonus points) to
    spend at the Myali Store.  The Myali Store has an assortment of food, a few
    toys/decoration, or a ticket for the wheel of fortune.
    Sometimes, some news updates will give you an item that you can decorate your
    room with.  Some of the items you get are posters, pennants, and toys.  These
    items can still be retrieved by watching archived news.  This guide was
    written with this purpose in mind.
    + Menu Guide + (menug)
    Toro Station (News):
      - Current News
      - Yorinuki (Archive) News
      - Otoku ???
      - Highlighted Webpages
    Nyabataa (Avatar):
      - Kisekae (Dress-up your avatar)
      - Kihon (Change avatar physical appearance) 
    Mochimono (Things to Use):
      - Okurimono (Things I've Received)
      - Moyougae (Furnishings)
      - Cosplay (Costumes)
      - TV
        -- RSS
           --- RSS 1 ??? (RSS URLs)
           --- RSS ??? (Add RSS URL)(?)
           --- RSS ???
           --- RSS ???
        -- Ongaku Saisei (Music Playback)
           --- ??? (Select Files)
           --- Volume ??? (Volume Control)
           --- Ongaku Saisei OFF (Music Playback Off)
      - License
    Okaimono (Things to Buy):
      - Mainichi Issho Store
      - Myaile Shop
      - Mainichi ??? Ranking
      - Mainichi ??? Battle
      - ??? (receive message)
      - Send a Present (must have a single use item) 
      - Look at ???
      - Friend List
      - About Mainichi Issho
      - Fukidashi ??? Okuri (Auto-resume settings)
        -- ??? Okuri Nashi (does not resume)
        -- 5 sec
        -- 10 sec
        -- 20 sec
        -- 30 sec
        -- 40 sec
        -- 50 sec
        -- 1 min
      - Profile ??? (Change your profile for Mainichi Issho)
      - Version ???
      - Cache File ???
      - Screenshot
        -- Capture Size (Resolution)
        -- Capture ??? (Capture Compression)
           --- ??? (Best Quality)
           --- ??? (Medium Quality)
           --- ??? (Low Quality)
    + Controls + (conts)
    - X      = Menu/Confirm/Next
    - O      = Back
    - Select = Screenshot
    - L1/R1  = Rotate decoration (can only be used on certain items)
    + How to Get This Game + (howto)
    - Japan:  If you live in Japan, you can download the game from the Japanese PSN
    Store with your PS3.
    - Everywhere else:  You will need to create a new user on your PS3.  You will
    then need to create a new PSN network and be sure to set your location and
    address to someplace in Japan.  Once you've created the new Japanese PSN
    account, you can download the game.  You must start the game while in your
    Japanese account, so that it can connect to the Japanese RSS server.
    Once you've connected for the first time in your Japanese account, you can
    switch to your default account and start a new game.  You will still receive
    updates, however you will not be able to purchase any items from the Japanese
    store.  These items, to my knowledge, cannot be saved or copied to your
    different accounts.  I haven't tested this yet, but judging how some files
    cannot be copied to another profile, I'm just making an (un)educated guess.
    + Free Items Guide + (frees)
    The free items will be divided by the following types: item and decoration.
    Item are single use items (such as food or wheel of fortune ticket.
    Decorations can be used in Toro's room.  Toro will also interact with some of 
    the decoration items that you display in your room (such as a toy).
    Toro Station:
    - Current and Archive News (top and 2nd options, respectively, in the broadcast
      = 11/12/2006 - Ridge Racer 7 Game Poster (decoration)
        [3rd post] - Reiko Nagase Poster (decoration)
      = 02/15/2007 - Virtua Fighter 5 Poster Akira (decoration) *random draw, can
        [6th post]   only get one*
    	       - Virtua Fighter 5 Poster El Blaze (decoration) *random draw,
                     can only get one*
      = 03/08/2007 - Ridge Racer 7 RC410 Remote Control Car (decoration)
        [4th post]
      = 05/01/2007 - June Pennant (decoration)
        [1st post]
      = 05/02/2007 - R-Suzuki's Periodic Table Poster (decoration)
        [2nd post]
      = 05/03/2007 - Rikki Pennant (decoration)
        [3rd post]
      = 05/04/2007 - Pierre Pennant (decoration)
        [4th post]
      = 05/05/2007 - Kuro Pennant (decoration) *must get 30 color matches correct
        [5th post]   in 30 seconds to get Kuro's Pennant*
    	       - Food items through quest shops (item)
      = 05/06/2007 - Birthday Cake x2 (item)
        [6th post] 
      = 06/06/2007 - Ninja Gaiden Sigma Rachael Poster (decoration)
        [2nd post] - Ninja Gaiden Sigma Ryu Poster (decoration)
      = 06/27/2007 - Devil May Cry Dante figurine (decoration)
        [11th post]
      = 07/28/2007 - EMMA-U0A figurine (decoration)
      = 08/07/2007 - Pierre Tissues (decoration)
      = 08/08/2007 - Rikki Tissues (decoration)
      = 08/09/2007 - Suzuki Tissues (decoration)
      = 08/10/2007 - June Tissues (decoration)
      = 08/11/2007 - Kuro Tissues (decoration)
    	       - Special Prize 2007 (decoration)
      = 09/19/2007 - LocoRoco Cocoreccho Stickers x5 (decoration)
    - Otoku ??? (3rd option from the top, in the broadcast section. As of now, the
    month of July is now missing from this section.  It appears that these items
    cannot be gotten if missed. Will update if this changes):
      = 07/03/2007 - Original Toro Toaster (decoration)
      = 07/10/2007 - Melon Bread (item)
      = 07/17/2007 - Curry Bread (item)
      = 07/24/2007 - Marugoto Sausage (item)
    + Copyright Info + 
    Reproduction, in part or in full, and/or selling this guide is strickly
    prohibited without the author's permission.  Do not use any part of this guide
    as part of your own.  Do not directly link to this guide from your website.
    If you have any questions or suggestions regarding this guide, you can contact
    me at "invasion dot asian at mindless dot com" (replace "dot" and "at" with
    their respective symbol).

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