1. I am half through this game and peolple keep saying it has a high replayability. Can someone explain why it is replayable. I know I can just replay the story on a harder difficulty or play contracts which i never tried but is there anything else. what is motivating factors to play over this. So far it seems to be going good.

    User Info: richard039

    richard039 - 4 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. There are lots of different ways to kill people in each level, so one playthrough cannot find or use them all. Often the challenges will make reference to some of the different ways to try and encourage you to find them and try them out.

    Each level has a score - again to try and encourage you to find a better way to play the level to improve your score. completing challenges will help, but playing silently is often the best strategy - try to avoid being spotted and completing the level with minimal unnecessary casualties.

    Contracts mode is great fun and I think this is where the longer term replayability will be. You get to create your own contracts - load up any level you have unlocked in Absolution, but this time you pick up to 3 targets, how you kill them, and then escape the level. The game turns this into a Contract based on how well you did and offers it to everyone else to try and complete it and then compete for the highest scores. You can also set your search filters to look for particular maps, playstyles, difficulty, etc. and review each contract before you try it out.

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    Avenger1324 - 4 years ago 0 0

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