Whats up with the gun shop level?

  1. sI beating the girl in the competition the only way to get the silver ballers??

    User Info: blueraider92

    blueraider92 - 5 years ago

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  1. Its not in his pocket go toward the back where the cop is practicing and go right. There's a fuse box sabotage it and the guy behind the counter will walk to it go behind the counter and swipe the keycard. Go into the back room and up the stairs. Outside drop off the ledge go to the right side by the cannon and drop down again. Keep walking and you'll find a secret bunker with the safe combination and an HX lmg. Go back out and toward the ledge where you dropped down. Don't go back up instead stay low and go past the front ledge of the range. Use the change cover tactic to roll past the guard by the owners office and climb through the window. Go to the safe open it and take the key. Directly across is a vent crawl through and you're back inside the main shop. Go to the counter unlock the case get the silverballers and walk out. Mission complete you're welcome.

    User Info: MacManM2

    MacManM2 - 5 years ago 2 0


  1. You can get the keys from the safe inside the old man's office.

    The old man is in Possession of the safe-combination.
    Good Luck.

    User Info: KouheiTetsuo

    KouheiTetsuo - 5 years ago 2 4
  2. I... have no idea why KouheiTetsuo's answer has 2 votes down. He's correct. As far as I know those are the only 2 ways in. Either win the competition, or take the safe combo from his pocket, take the silverballer keys from the safe in his office, and open the box. People never cease to amaze me with what and why they downvote.

    User Info: CaptainComedy

    CaptainComedy - 5 years ago 1 2
  3. Another way to get the safe combination is to get down into the shooting range. There's a room that can be accessed by a keycard, which you can get on the counter at the gun shop. This way you don't have to subdun anyone. You also get some cool guns in the room and evidence IIRC.

    User Info: woodstock827

    woodstock827 - 5 years ago 3 1

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