How to defeat Dark Kahn?

  1. How do you beat Dark Kahn?

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  1. As who?

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  2. Use super moves because Dark Khan is the real deal. He has moves that can kill you really fast so only use super moves. Trust me I have beaten the game twice already.

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  3. For Raiden, I did Superman attacks (R,R,4) and when he had a little bit of health I did insane combos (you also can do vicinity blasts or other super attacks if you want). For Superman, I used Shoulder Charges (R,R,4. It also changes depending what side of your opponent you're on) and gut kicks (4), and its up to you if you want to do combos.

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  4. Regardless of which character you are playing as, make sure that you are in the air when Dark Kahn does his ground stomp. Blocking will not prevent you from taking damage from that very annoying move. In fact, blocking is pretty much useless in this match no matter what Kahn does. You are much, much better off dodging/jumping/ducking/sidestepping Dark Kahn's moves than you are blocking. Another thing, if have Kahn had an insurmountable lead, but has yet to win a round, save your rage meter. There's no poin wasting a full rage meter if Kahn's got the round in the bag, unless losing the round means losing the match. Save your rage meter abd use it as soon as the next round starts instead. Alternatively, if yoy manage to get Kahn in a good pattern where you're smashing hin over and over, then you may instead wish to save your Rage to use defensively. Using it will get Kahn off you and let you turn defense into attack. One last thing, if you are next to Kahn and he raises his foot in the air, attack him with a combo immediately. You should be able to start your combo before his big slow foot hits the ground. But only if you're close enough to him of course. Now on to, character specifics...

    <b>As Raiden:</b> If you can get Dark Kahn near a breakable wall (like the one on the platform below your starting platform), then you can perform Raiden's Superman special move to knock Kahn straight through it. As soon as you see the animation start up of Raiden crashing Khan through the wall, sit the controller on your knee and hammer three of the face buttons as fast as you can. You should be able to get 10% damage on Dark Kahn as you smash him through the walls. Now wait for Kahn to pick himself up and as soon as Kahn goes to perform a move, teleport behind him. Do a small dash towards him if necessary and hit him with the roaring thunder combo (X,X,X on the Xbox360). Follow that up with a Superman to push Dark Kahn back through that same wall again. Keep teleporting behind Dark Kahn so that you can keep Superman-ing him through the wall over and over. You probably don't even need to throw in the roaring thunder combo if you don't want (but I do). I've beaten Kahn as Raiden without this method, but I got flawless against Dark Kahn when I did use this method.

    In addition to the wall-smash method described above, if you get full Rage meter you can keep forward dashing at Kahn and performing the roaring thunder combo (X,X,X) on him. Two of the three hits should keep getting through to him, so you can take a decent chunk of his life off this way. Just watch out when your Rage meter runs out, because Dark Kahn will punish you!

    All in all, the Superman move and the Roaring Thunder combos are your best friends in this match. Teleport is very useful as well, so long as you only do it on reaction. Only throw the teleport out there when Dark Kahn has committed to executing a move. Dash in after your teleport to combo Kahn in the back.

    Also note that a Superman move can be used in the air to fly over Kahn's head and give you some space. He may knock you out of the air, but it's still handy to remember if Dark Kahn goes into Rage Mode and traps you against a wall.

    <b>As Superman:</b> Your best special move in this fight is the Soaring Knockout. Use it to go on the offense and also as a punish if Kahn whiffs a move. As Kahn gets up after you've smacke him with this, you should be able to hit him with a single Heat Vision special move, after which Kahn will likely be fairly close to you again, ready to be hit with another Soaring Knockout. Shoulder Charge is also a good special move if Kahn is really up in your face, but I find that Soaring Knockout is your most effective weapon against Kahn. If you get full Rage meter, continually forward dashing and performing the Pulverizer combo (X,X,X on an Xbox 360) is a great way to take off a large chunk of Dark Kahn's life.

    Good luck!

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