Review by barkie_gamer

Reviewed: 01/20/09

FATALITY: The Mortal Kombat Series.

It's not really fair that this game does not yet have a bad review, so unfortunately I'm going to have to be the one to deliver it. So here goes...

1- New features. Two new features were free falling kombat and close kombat. Close combat wasn't too bad....little awkward in the misddle of a fast fight to go punch for punch with someone, but not too bad. "A" for effort. Whatever. The real problem was the free falling kombat. THe way this works is you can throw someone off a balcony/rooftop/cliff and then jump off after them to hit them on the way down. You can keep hitting them to build up a damage guage on the side of the screen. Sounds cool so far BUT if your opponent does a reversal (pressed the same button at nearly the same time you do) YOU are the one to take ALL the damage that filled the guage from hitting him. Yep. Weak.

2- Questionable DIfficulty setting- So, I generaly suck at fighting games when I 1st play them, so as soon as the dic went in the drive I scanned the options for VERY EASY. The 1st fight is always a joke. Walk politely to your enemy. Keep pressing any attack button and they will die. Very easy (well, too easy but we all know it keeps getting harder). As the game progresses the VERY EASY becomes ridiculous. Enemys block everything, my throw attempts fail and whoever you're fighting is doing a very impressive throwing you around the stage like a ragdoll in a coma. So this isn't my complaint yet. It's fine for a fighting game to get harder. I beat street fighter alpha 2 with lots of practice and failure. Heres the problem...after you lose and press X to continue, one of two things happen. One is that it is just as crazy hard and you get mopped again, and the other is that it goes crazy easy and you win with no effort. I beat the second last level SEVERRAL times just standing there and pressing square repeatedly....enemies just give up blocking and passively go Gandhi. This really makes the game feel like a pretty big grind knowing "Ah, I'll just lose and kill him later".

3- Non skippable cutscenes in story mode- This one probably sounds picky, but think about it. Are you gonna run to the store now and get The flintstones Meet the jetsons? No. Why would I care about some story created to make a reason that scorpion is fighting Superman? It probably took hundreds of man hours to make that story mode, and I wish they used that time instead to make the game suck less.

Well thats enough complaining for now. I didn't bother to write any good things about the game as there really weren't any. If these problems were corrected. the game may have gotten a 5 or a 6 at best. It's still pretty lame and can't compete with a real fighting game. If you do decide to rent it, please rent from a location that lets you do an exchange if you don't enjoy it.

Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Product Release: Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe (US, 11/16/08)

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