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"What does Scorpion's girlfriend say?... "I'm coming!"."

How long has it been since the last gory game we had in this franchise? Been some time. Has it able to make a recovery? First off, a thing I'd like to say. This is rated TEEN. So things are a lot different. My first comment is that this is washed down, so don't expect you being able to use Sub-Zero and rip Raiden's head and spine off. The only thing that you'd see is blood and bones. It's said that Midway did this as "new direction" and see if there fans like it.

Now let's start off with the essentials. It starts off with a menu of Batman and Scorpion and if you keep pressing other options without going to another screen, will change views, whom are the default characters you see in the main menu, and are the biggest heads on the normal edition of Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe cover. Strangely, they aren't the so-main characters. There is the one player, and two player options which includes online play. Under one player mode, there is Arcade, Story, Combo Challenge, and Training. Which I'll get to later. Two player is just two players, since, you never heard of a four-player fighting game, have you?

How the fighting system works is simplistic but great. Every character holds sets of moves which are similar to others. But they also have a special move list which is completely different, but kinda -repetitive-... I mean this that some voices of the characters sound similar to others, such as Raiden having the same stock voice as Liu Kang. Nothing really much... but yeah. Moves are made with the use of the D-Pad and the plain old buttons. To perform a special move such as Spear of Scorpion, you perform B+B+1. The sets use are B, D, F, 1, 2, 3, 4. B means Back, D means Down, and F means Front. The default keys of 1, 2, 3, 4 are, in same order, are Square, Triangle, X, Circle. So B+B+1 is what ever you are facing, as if you are facing to the right, it is Left, Left, Square. Or as if facing left, it is Right, Right, Square. There's something that you learned.

As simple as the fighting seems, using Unreal Engine 3, there is other mechanisms behind other than performing these combos. There is the action of Close Combat, also known as Universe Close, in which you grab your opponent, default button R1 and which it automatically enables you to perform Close Combat. You press the either series 1, 2, 3, 4. Or what I said earlier. You use these buttons and makes your character hit the opposing one while he, is in defense using 1, 2, 3, or 4. If his matched buttons matches yours, he will successfully parry your attack and encounter with his own. Such example is if you press button 1 and he presses button 3. He is not able to defend himself and you damage his life bar, which is used in this game. You are able to hit your opponent of a total of four times while performing Close Combat. If you hesitate in performing it, you will hear a siren buzzing as in you have little time to perform it on him. If you procrastinate your hit, you can perform less than four during a Close Combat. Sounds technical huh? I'm pretty sure you're all smart here... hopefully. Why so detailed here? Cause this is practically all the game play other than modes such as Story.

There is another form similar to this in Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe, which is Free Fall. There are two forms of this, one when, you... free fall, by grabbing and throwing your opponent with default button L1 or hit him by an edge which is enabled for Free Fall. During Free Fall, as the op-poser, you do the same as Close Combat, but when you both hit the same button before the performance is over, he, your opponent will switch sides for where he can attack you. As the op-poser you are on the top hitting him before he strikes to the ground. At the right moment of hitting him enough, button R1 will be enabled to bring the damage down more quickly at the right moment. It will allow your character to perform their special free fall move and smash your opponent onto the ground.

Next is the kind where you throw your opponent to a wall that is enabled to do this move where it automatically enables your character to perform this. You press all buttons, 1, 2, 3, 4 repetitively until this action ends. Your goal is to have raise the damage of the bar higher for, higher damage. But your enemy can do this to by pressing the same buttons repetitively to lower the damage bar.

You're probably itching yourself right now. Yes, there is Fatalities here, but not what you think it is. It's washed down with the Teen violence in it. You have to perform these moves with a specific combination when you defeat your opponent for the last time at that battle. For Scorpion, one form of fatality is D, D, D, 4. Or D+D+D+Circle. Each character has two fatalities but, all DC characters, aside from the enemies have Hero Brutalities, which are practically the same but does not involve in killing your opponent.

Let's go back to the modes. There is Story Mode, Arcade Mode, Combo Challenge, VS, and Online. Story mode, consists of a, surprisingly developed story line among the two Universes colliding with one another. I'm not going to spoil it unless you PM me for it. You already know they collided some how. I'm pretty sure. You go through chapters of the two sides, DC Universe Story, and Mortal Kombat Story. Each chapter consists of the same person you fight as for about four to five people you fight, with increasing difficulty until the last guy, whom you can know if you PM me. That's all I can tell you about Story mode.

Arcade Mode is practically like story, including increasing difficulty. You choose your character from either side and the option of choosing which Universe to fight with, Mortal Kombat, DC Universe or both. You have completely different endings for every character but that's about it.

Combo Challenge is pretty much like training mode but it forces you to use each character to do these practically insane combination's. You get trophies with this by the way...

2-Player mode is fighting with you and a non-computer player. You can also go online with other guys if you are truly lonely. Most of them will more likely own you at your first try. There is a room with pubescent boys where you can chat with one another through voice or words. ...I know. You can enter rooms people made and you can meet others and press options to challenge them or accept or decline challenges people offer you.

Characters, I forgot to talk about them. It's brief unlike my other stuff. But let's go. The characters are meant are an equal amount against each other where you can unlock two secret characters. Yes, sadly, only two. They should have more unlocks other than this... Not all the characters are equal and some are unfair. Such are Lex Luthor. Using proper timing and proper boundaries will make you, the opponent have a tough time. Trust me on this.

This game is following the Unreal Engine. The character models are quite good and very detailed. All men are, as always, overly-steroidal with large crotches and very large... er.. everything's... While the three females have... very, uh-mm... yea..

Let your imaginations run free. But the models aren't so good compared to the background of the stages. First off, the loading stages are just pictures off the story with a loading bar. Seems kinda rushed to me. But graphic wise, the stages aren't really top notched. They are pretty low and simple compared to others, such as Soul Caliber IV.

Really, this game is pretty good. Since I'm always optimistic into gaming, I find this great. I like fighting but this can be hard. It depends in which you are good with. Learn your moves. This is kinda found rush but, I like it. If you are a Mortal Kombat fan, DC fan or simply a fighter fan. This is for you.

Overall 7 out of 10.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 07/26/10

Game Release: Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe (US, 11/16/08)

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