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    Achievement Guide by Blood_XIII

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                                     Br￾Eal Legend
    			    Achievement/Trophy Guide
                                      VERSION 1.60
                            By: Rebecca Clover (Blood_XIII)
    ============================== TABLE OF CONTENTS ==============================
    - 0. Version History......................[VER#]
    - 1. Disclaimer...........................[LEGAL]
    - 2. Introduction.........................[INTRO]
    - 3. Frequently Asked Questions...........[GFAQ]
    - 4. How To Use This Guide................[HTUTG]
    - 5. Achievements.........................[BLAT]
    -- 5.1. Campaign Missions.................[CAMM]
    --- 5.1.1. Got a Car and a Date
    --- 5.1.2. Start a Revolution
    --- 5.1.3. Thick as a Baby's Arm
    --- 5.1.4. Hair Remover
    --- 5.1.5. French Kiss Instructor
    --- 5.1.6. Chicks n' Booze n' Stuff
    --- 5.1.7. Ran to the Hills
    --- 5.1.8. Fistful of Fog
    --- 5.1.9. No More Tears
    -- 5.2. Campaign Completion...............[CAMC]
    --- 5.2.1. Groupie
    --- 5.2.2. Roadie
    --- 5.2.3. Legend
    --- 5.2.4. Metal God
    -- 5.3. Secondary Missions................[SECM]
    --- 5.3.1. Overkill
    --- 5.3.2. Squeal Like a Chicken
    --- 5.3.3. Protector
    -- 5.4. Collections.......................[CLCT]
    --- 5.4.1. Serpent Samaritan
    --- 5.4.2. Serpent Spanker
    --- 5.4.3. Serpent Savior
    --- 5.4.4. Virtoso
    --- 5.4.5. Tourist
    --- 5.4.6. Now You Must Tell the Tale
    --- 5.4.7. Voices From Beyond
    --- 5.4.8. Flowerslave
    -- 5.5. Multiplayer Mode..................[MULM]
    --- 5.5.1. Practice Bloody Practice
    --- 5.5.2. Iron Fist
    --- 5.5.3. Armchair General
    --- 5.5.4. Victör
    --- 5.5.5. Subj￾Eator
    --- 5.5.6. Cönquerer
    --- 5.5.7. Master of the Flame
    --- 5.5.8. Master of the Tear
    --- 5.5.9. Master of the Blood
    --- 5.5.10. Six Degrees of Schafer
    -- 5.6. Enemy Kill/Hit Counts.............[EKHC]
    --- 5.6.1. Some Demon Flesh on your Bumper
    --- 5.6.2. I've never touched an axe before
    --- 5.6.3. Ringleader
    --- 5.6.4. Painkiller
    --- 5.6.5. Dollpocalypse
    --- 5.6.6. Euthanasia
    --- 5.6.7. Death From Above
    -- 5.7. Miscellaneous.....................[MSCL]
    --- 5.7.1. One Hit Wonder
    --- 5.7.2. Loyal Customer
    --- 5.7.3. Favored
    --- 5.7.4. Sellout
    --- 5.7.5. Silence, ground walker!
    --- 5.7.6. Quill Tosser
    --- 5.7.7. Boar Bather
    --- 5.7.8. Coolest Thing Ever
    --- 5.7.9. Beast Master
    -- 5.8 Platinum Trophy....................[PLTT]
    --- 5.8.1. Rock God
    - 6. Credits..............................[CRDIT]
    - 7. Contact Me...........................[CNTCT]
    ============================= 0. VERSION HISTORY ============================== 
    Tuesday, ROCKTOBER 13, 2009, 12:01am  --- {} Br￾Eal Legend Released
    Tuesday, October 20, 2009, 01:20am    --- {} Guide Started (Version 0)
                                                [] Listed all
                                                [] Completed Disclaimer,
                                                   Introduction, and Contact Me
                                                [] Added Version History and
                                                   Credits sections.
    Thursday, October 22, 2009, 05:10pm   --- {} Ver. 1.00 (Finished Guide) Complete
                                                [] Refined and reformed all info
                                                   on and about
                                                [] Completed all remaining
                                                [] Double checked all lines for
                                                   79 character restriction.
    Friday, October 23, 2009, 10:21am    --- {} Ver. 1.10
                                                [] Guide submitted to GameFAQs.
    Wednesday, October 28, 2009, 1:14pm  --- {} Ver. 1.60
                                                [] Updated A TON of info and
                                                   tips for various things from
                                                   the many E-mails I've recived.
                                                [] Fixed a bunch of typos and
    ================================ 1. DISCLAIMER ================================ 
    This guide is mine and is copyright(c) 2009 Rebecca Clover
    This guide is not to be copied, reproduced, or edited under any circumstances
    except for personal and/or private use. This guide is not to be posted on any
    website except for those listed below: 
    - GameFAQs.com
    - Gamespot.com
    - Neoseeker.com
    This guide is not to be distributed in any other public manner UNLESS you have
    gotten permission from the author (Me). Any breach of aforementioned guidelines
    is strictly prohibited and a violation of copyright.
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this guide are owned by their 
    respective trademark and copyright holders.
    I still reserve all rights to discontinue any site's hosting of this guide.
    ============================== 2. INTRODUCTION ================================
    HI! I'm Blood_XIII, long time user of the GameFAQs site, third time guide 
    writer. I write FAQs because I HATE IT when I go looking for info on a game I'm
    currently playing and all I can find are the semi-conscious ramblings of a 12
    year old who has had his keyboard stuck on permanent Caps Lock his whole life
    and doesn't even know the difference between a period and a comma. Accepting I
    get past this hurdle, I am often frustrated by the overall lack of both detail
    and overall help that I come across. I seek to right these and help fellow
    gamers who feel the same way. (By the way, I mean no offense to the veteran
    Guide Writers here at GameFAQs, I am referring to the boards and other internet
    Check out my other guides as well!
    Mirror's Edge Runner Bag And Glyph Guide
    Halo 3: ODST Achievement Guide
    Br￾Eal Legend is the brain child of the awesome Tim Schafer, creator of great
    games such as the captivating Psychonauts. You play as Eddie Riggs (Voiced by
    the hysterical Jack Black), a Roadie, who is magically transported through time
    and space and into a land where Heavy Metal reigns supreme, and even the world
    around you appears as if it were taken straight from the cover of a Heavy Metal
    album (Probably because that IS what inspired the art of the game).
    To most people, Achievements/Trophies are either the bane of your existence, or
    an object of near worship. Seeing as you are now reading an this Guide, I
    suppose you are closer to the latter. This guide will, of course, tell you the
    finer points of obtaining all the Achievements/Trophies in Br￾Eal Legend.
    Though I am missing a few of them myself, I have researched thoroughly the ones
    I do not have.
    There are currently 50 Achievements/Trophies for Br￾Eal Legend.
    For Xbox 360 owners, the total Gamerscore for the Achievements comes out to
    1000, as usual.
    For PS3 owners, there is a total of 1 Platinum Trophy, 2 Gold Trophies,
    10 Silver Trophies, and 38 Bronze Trophies to obtain.
    I, being an Achievement Hunter/Farmer, ususally play my games on the 360
    until I have well over half the Gamerscore available for the game. Since
    the beginning of 2009 I have become a near zealot for Achievements. At
    the beginning of the year my Gamerscore was barely over 8000, and as of the
    writing of this guide I'm bordering on 25000.
    As for Trophies, well, my PS3 is feeling a little unloved right now, so let's
    just leave it at that.
    This is only my third guide (My second Achievement Guide), so don't go b*tching
    about how shoddy it probably is.
    Due to varying circumstances and people giving me tips, I am now going to start
    accepting any and all donations that you readers are willing to give. I've
    never done this UP TO this point because I always thought it was pretentious
    and douche-ey, so I'm not EVER going to ASK you to donate, I'm only giving you
    the OPPORTUNITY to do so if you want. I don't care if you only wanna give me a
    penny or if you're loaded and wanna give me $100, it's entirely up to you.
    If you DO want to donate to me, please go to the link below:
    ======================== 3. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS ========================
    Okay, so I haven't gotten any questions yet, but I'm going to go ahead and post
    the questions that I think I'll hear alot and a few that my close friends have
    asked me when they were playing the game.
    Q: What the hell are Achievements/Trophies?
    A: ........ I REALLY hope you JUST NOW bought your Xbox 360 or PS3 if you have
       to ask. Achievements/Trophies are basically awards for completing tasks in
       the game, These tasks range from things you have to do anyways in order to
       complete the game, to the so far out of the way that you wouldn't have ever
       thought of doing them otherwise. They can also be so easy that a newborn can
       do them, or so hard that even the best gamers will have trouble with them.
    Q: Why should I care about collecting the Achievements/Trophies?
    A: Other than OCD and something to do in your freetime, they can always help
       raise your Gamerscore/Trophy Count, giving you immense bragging rights over
       your friends who will no doubt laugh at you for actually caring. But they're
       all stupid, what do they know? They don't appreciate just how much WORK it
       took to get them all.... We Achievement/Trophy Hunters/Farmers don't get any
       respect from Non-360 and Non-PS3 owners.
    Q: Can you tell me how to beat (Insert level here)?
    A: Um... Yeah. I CAN tell you how to beat it, but I'm not going to do so. This
       is a guide for the Achievements/Trophies of the game, and as such the only
       time I will bother explaining a level is if that level has a difficult
       Achievement attached to it. Just wait for a full walkthrough and until one
       is made, just stick to the boards.
    Q: This game sucks / You suck / Your guide sucks.
    A: That's not even a question, and I sincerely hope that you get hit by a bus.
    Q: This game rocks / You rock / Your guide rocks.
    A: Not a question, but thank you very much, kind individual. You get a cookie. 
    =========================== 4. HOW TO USE THIS GUIDE ==========================
    Just in case anyone finds my guide a bit confusing, here is a little tutorial
    of how to use this guide.
     /                                      \
    /     [CODE] Achievement/Trophy Type     \
    (This is to notify the reader of which level they are about to see. The "X.X"
    represents the Section. [CODE] is to help readers go to a certain section
    quickly by using the Find (CTRL+F) function and inserting the brackets and
    their enclosed code. I have sorted the Achievemnts/Trophies by type, hence the
    "Achievement/Trophy Type". This tells the reader that the following
    Achievements/Trophies are all of a similar type (For instance all the
    Achievements/Trophies one would get from beating certain missions would be
    "Campaign Missions" Achievements/Trophies.) Also, I will provide a brief
    description of the Achievement/Trophy type directly below the box (In other
    words, where all this text is now).
    X.X.X : _____________ (XXg/----) (The "X.X.X" is the Section Number. The blank
    represents the name of the Achievement/Trophy to be described below. The "XXg"
    represents the amount of Gamerscore the Achievement is worth to 360 owners and
    for PS3 owners the "----" will list the value of the Trophy.)
    Description: (The exact wording on the Achievement/Trophy BEFORE the player
    unlocks it)
    How To Get It: (This will describe, in the greatest detail possible, the
    easiest/best way to obtain the Achievement/Trophy in question)
    =============================== 5. ACHIEVEMENTS ===============================
     /                                      \
    /       [CAMM] Campaign Missions         \
    These Achievements/Trophies are simply obtained by completing the mission
    specified in the details. Each story mission has a unique title, which can be
    seen when viewing it via the map, and you will also see it when starting the
    mission. Regardless, if you plan to beat the game, these Achievements/Trophies
    are totally IMPOSSIBLE to miss.
    5.1.1: Got a Car and a Date (15g/Bronze)
    Description: Complete "Welcome to the Age of Metal"
    How To Get It: If you played the demo prior to the game's release, then this
    will be the easiest 10-15 minutes of your life. This Achievement/Trophy should
    register right after you masterfully drive your Deuce across the collapsing
    bridge near the beginning of the game.
    5.1.2: Start a Revolution (15g/Bronze)
    Description: Complete "Exploited in the Bowels of Hell"
    How To Get It: Shortly after meeting Lars at Bladehenge, he will rush off and
    you will have to head over to the spotlights in the sky. You will find him
    outside the mines. Talking to him will initiate a mission. Likewise, talking
    to the person beneath the spotlights is how you will start almost all future
    missions. You will be given the option to do the mission NOW or LATER. Choose
    NOW to start it.... well, NOW. In this mission you will recruit and rescue
    several Headbangers, and the Achievement/Trophy should register upon exiting
    the mines.
    5.1.3: Thick as a Baby's Arm (15g/Bronze)
    Description: Complete "Lair of the Metal Queen"
    How To Get It: LEMMY KILMEISTER! Anyways, to save Ophelia (Since Eddie is
    obviously the only one with a mind to do so), you will have to head over to
    the Spider Lair. Just follow your spotlight, and make sure to grab the
    Facemelter Solo outside the Lair. Talk to the Mute Biker Lookin' Guy, head
    inside, waste all arachnids in your path, defeat the Queen, and then rush back
    to the Kill Master's place. This Achievement/Trophy should pop up after the
    cutscene resurrection of Ophelia.
    5.1.4: Hair Remover (15g/Bronze)
    Description: Complete "Battle for Bladehenge"
    How To Get It: ROB HALFORD! Judas Priest and Glam Metal... Who knew it would
    work so well? Anyways, The Battle for Bladehenge will be your first Stage
    Battle. Get used to them! They will be your new method of ass-kicking starting
    now and continuing through most of the game. In this mission, you only have to
    defend your stage against Lionwhyte's attacking minions. Hold out until the
    walking (Read "flying") mass of hair more or less gives up. The Achievement
    should register after the usual post-mission cutscene.
    5.1.5: French Kiss Instructor (15g/Bronze)
    Description: Complete "Pilgrimage of Screams"
    How To Get It: Follow that spotlight! Talk to Ophelia to start the mission and
    then proceed down the large hill before you. Kill all the Glam Metal losers
    you see and get to that giant wall of speakers off in the distance. Your
    Roadie units should now be equipped with huge speaker stacks. Double Team with
    the Roadie of your choice, and head back up the hill, blasting all the
    "Seagulls" that come to close with your Feedback Attack. The title of the
    Achievement/Trophy will become apparent in the ensuing cutscene, and you should
    get it soon afterwards.
    5.1.6: Chicks n' Booze n' Stuff (15g/Bronze)
    Description: Complete "Sanctuary of Sin"
    How To Get It: Sounds like my kinda place! Simply complete the stage battle
    in Lionwhyte's palace and this one will register, as usual, after the cutscene.
    5.1.7: Ran to the Hills (15g/Bronze)
    Description: Complete "It's Raining Death"
    How To Get It: I personally think this is one of the most fun missions in the
    game. Just drive the Deuce around and through the collapsing enviornment, and
    once you get out of Lionwhyte's palace and view the cutscene, this one will be
    TRIVIA! The name of this Achievement/Trophy is actually based upon the Iron
    Maiden song "Run to the Hills".
    5.1.8: Fistful of Fog (15g/Bronze)
    Description: Complete "Dry Ice, Wet Graves"
    How To Get It: After a LOOOOONG break in missions that reward the player with
    an Achievement/Trophy, this one will be your first true Stage Battle. You will
    have to build up your fan reserve and your army, and then charge over to
    Ophelia's stage and lay waste to it and anything around it. View cutscene, get
    5.1.9: No More Tears (15g/Bronze)
    Description: Complete "Sea of Black Tears"
    How To Get It: The last mission to have an Achievement/Trophy all it's own.
    Use the newly-added-to-your-army Rock Crusher (Which you have to do anyways)
    and getting this Achievement/Trophy will be cake.
    TRIVIA! The name of this Achievement/Trophy is based upon the song of the same
    name, made by Ozzy Osbourne.
     /                                      \
    /      [CAMC] Campaign Completion        \
    Three difficulties; Three Achievements/Trophies. Pretty much self explanitory.
    As for "Metal God," well, it just seemed like it belonged here.
    5.2.1: Groupie (25g/Silver)
    Description: Complete Campaign on Gentle
    How To Get It: Just beat the game on the easiest setting. Shouldn't be a
    problem. I don't even recommend starting on this difficulty, since Normal is
    easy enough. 
    5.2.2: Roadie (25g/Silver)
    Description: Complete Campaign on Normal
    How To Get It: I started on this difficulty and found that the only problems I
    encountered were getting myself surrounded while cruising around in Free Roam.
    As for the missions and such, I had virtually no problems whatsoever. Just so
    long as you don't charge the enemy with only one or two units, you should be
    able to pull this one off easy.
    5.2.3: Legend (25g/Silver)
    Description: Complete Campaign on Br￾Eal
    How To Get It: Br￾Eal mode is a bit harder than you might think. You really
    have to strategize to keep from losing Stage Battles, which means that if you
    haven't been using individual orders and careful placement of the Rally Flag,
    then you'd better learn how to do such, and do it well. Never leave your stage
    unattended unless you want to lose it. Just keep a cool head and stay a few
    steps ahead of your enemy and this one will be yours.
    5.2.4: Metal God (50g/Gold)
    Description: Achieve 100% completion on the stats screen
    this one, you have quite a bit of work ahead of you. You have to free all 120
    Bound Serpents, view all 32 vistas, raise all 24 Buried Metals, learn all 12
    solos, view all 13 Legends, take all 24 Lightning Plug Jumps, raise all 11
    Motor Forges and purchase all 47 upgrades in said Motor Forge, complete every
    secondary mission (Still looking for confirmation on this), and unlock almost
    every Concept Arts. Most of this is covered later in the guide, the main
    exception being concept art. Most of them will be unlocked through story
    progression, but some you will have to go out of your way to get.
    (I have recieved many E-mails and viewed a few YouTube videos for myself and
    as it turns out, you should only have to get all of Ironhead's Concept Art to
    get 100% Completion. HOWEVER, I was an exception to such, having to collect
    ALL concept Arts for all factions and Creatures before the 100% showed up on
    my Stats Screen. Be it a glitch or whatever, I have still provided how to get
    the Concept Art for the 3 Factions and the Creatures just in case anyone else
    has a similar problem)
    The Creature Concept Art can be unlocked by simply killing enough of the beast
    in question. The ones you need to look for are Razorfire Boars, Tollusks,
    Raptor Elks, Fan Leeches, Hextadons, Chrome Spiders, Sickle Wraiths,
    Guillotars, and Laser Panthers (You should get the Chrome Spider and Fan Leech
    Concept Arts during the Campaign, the others you will likely get during the
    Hunter's secondry missions). NOTE THAT YOU MUST KILL THE CREATURES ON FOOT FOR
    The next difficult ones are the Faction Concept Arts. To get these you will
    have to play multiplayer and continually make the same unit over and over
    again (Usually around 20-30 times) for the Concept Art of that unit to be
    unlocked (Ironheade's concept Art CAN BE UNLOCKED in Campaign Mode!). This can
    be done easily by starting a Custom Match with no AI on the Feeding Area map,
    claiming all the Fan Geysers, and placing your Rally Flag in the water. This
    will quickly kill your units and allow you to continually make more until you
    unlock their Concept Art. Each Faction's last Concept Art is obtained by Double
    Teaming with the stage for a total of five minutes.
    For the Achievement/Trophy to register, you have to manually open the Stats
    screen. If it reads "100%" next to "Completed" then, and only then, will you
    recieve the Achievement/Trophy.
     /                                      \
    /      [SECM] Secondary Missions         \
    Secondary missions are just that; Secondary. you don't have to complete them in
    order to finish the story, but they do keep you on your toes and provide a nice
    change of pace from the Stage Battles and such that the main missions require.
    The Achievements/Trophies for secondary missions are the smallest section,
    mostly because three types of secondary missions are roped into one
    5.3.1: Overkill (20g/Bronze)
    Description: Complete all hunting secondary missions
    How To Get It: After you complete a few Campaign missions, the Hunter will show
    up in a ruined house near Bladehenge. Set the "Overslaughter" secondary mission
    as your objective and follow the spotlights to him. The Hunter is just that, a
    hunter. He has a set personal record for the number of each beast he has
    killed in the land. Your mission is to go beat his record by one kill, meaning
    that if his record is 15, then you have to go kill 16 of that beast to beat his
    record. In order, the beasts and number of times you have to kill them are 21
    Ground Urchins, 16 Raptor Elks, 11 Razorfire boars, 6 Tollusks, 16 Reaper
    Steeds, 6 Laser Panthers, 11 Sickle Wraiths, 6 Guillotars, and 4 Hextadons.
    The main issue with the Hunter missions is the fact that as soon as you start
    one, the beast you are looking for becomes only half as likely to appear in
    the wild, but an upside is that these missions have no time limit, meaning
    you could take 10 minutes or 1000 days and still be able to go on to the next
    record. Upon completing all the hunts, return to the place you last spoke
    with the Hunter. He will give you a pretty awesome unique axe and the
    Achievement/Trophy will register.
    TRIVIA! The name of this Achievement/Trophy is based upon the song of the same
    name, made by Motörhead.
    5.3.2: Squeal Like a Chicken (20g/Bronze)
    Description: Complete all racing secondary missions
    How To Get It: Since you have a vehicle in the game, it would be ridiculous if
    you didn't get to race with it, right? Of course! Fortunately, Tim Schafer
    thought so as well. After completing a few Campaign missions, a demon named
    Cletus will show up in the land (The racing missions can easily be found on
    the map by looking for Cletus's name in the mission description). Head over to
    him and start the race. Follow the blue marker that stays just ahead of you and
    (DUH) stay in front of him. You will eventually see a light blue line across
    the ground. This is the finish line! So long as you are ahead of Cletus when
    you pass it, you will win. Upon winning the last race, Cletus will give you the
    Squealer Sauce upgrade, which increases the power and shortens the cooldown of
    your Nitro. This also gives you the otherwise impossible Triple Nitro! There
    are only 7 races total, so get to it!
    5.3.3: Protector (20g/Bronze)
    Description: Completed 20 ambush, outpost defense, or mortar secondary missions
    How To Get It: If you are doing every secondary mission as they become
    available, then you will unlock this one easily as there are, in total,  37 of
    these types of missions (16 Ambush missions, 5 Mortar missions, and 8 Outpost
    Defense). Ambush missions pit you and a group of Headbangers (Sometimes Razor
    Girls, Thunderhogs, and Bouncers as well) against a single wave of enemies. To
    beat these missions, just keep yourself and one member of your ambush alive and
    defeat the enemies. The outpost defense missions are actually the Death Rack
    missions, which only become available when you unlock weapons for the Deuce.
    You are basically turned into a stationary turret and made to fight off
    several waves of enemies with the aid of Headbangers, Razor Girls, and
    Bouncers. Mortar missions become available as soon as you first get Bouncers
    added to your army. Talk to Kage the Cannonier (Voiced by the other half of
    Tenacious D, Kyle Gass) to start a mortar mission. You will fight off several
    waves of enemies by ordering Kage to fire a mortar shot just ahead of the
    enemy's position, in the approximate area that they will soon run across.
    Complete 20 of any combination of these missions and this one will register.
    If you DO NOT DO ANY secondary missions prior to starting the Santuary of Sin
    mission, then most of the missions on the first part of the map become
    unavailable afterwards, due to the Tainted Coil taking over that area.
    HOWEVER! Once you beat the final mission, all the secondary missions you have
    not yet completed become available once again.
     /                                      \
    /          [CLCT] Collections            \
    What would a free roam enviornment be without a @$#%-ton of things to find? A
    pretty boring one, if you ask me. Fortunately, Br￾Eal Legend has just that, a
    @$#%-ton of things to find! Scattered all throughout the land are many hidden
    "Collectibles," if you could call them such. They may be just a side thing for
    some players, but if you want the "Metal God" Acievement/Trophy, then you HAVE
    to get all the collectibles and likewise, the Achievements/Trophies listed
    below. An unfortunate problem is that you have NO WAY TO CHECK which ones you
    have and which ones you do not have unless you go to that individual item's
    location and visually check it yourself.
    5.4.1: Serpent Samaritan (10g/Bronze)
    Description: Free 40 Bound Serpents
    How To Get It: Scatterered throughout the land are little statues, easily seen
    by the bright red ballgag crammed into their snouts. The Tainted Coil saw fit
    to bondage them up for some reason, so it's only natural that you would go and
    ruin that for them. Use your Pyro attack (Hold X on the 360, [] on the PS3),
    and you'll blow off their restraints and set them free. I'm not about to go
    into detail for every single location for these little dudes, however I do have
    a link to a collectibles map, made by the miracle workers over at
    AchievementHunter.com, that is more effective that what I could have done
    anyways. You simply choose an area of the map and find what you need. You can
    even click on the icon and get screenshots! Link is below.
    5.4.2: Serpent Spanker (15g/Bronze)
    Description: Free 80 Bound Serpents
    How To Get It: See "5.4.1: Serpent Samaritan".
    5.4.3: Serpent Savior (25g/Silver)
    Description: Free all 120 Bound Serpents
    How To Get It: Again, see "5.4.1: Serpent Samaritan"
    5.4.4: Virtoso (20g/Bronze)
    Description: learn all guitar solos
    How To Get It: there are 12 solos in total. You will get three solos just
    playing through the game. They are Relic Raiser, Battle Cry, and Fan Tribute.
    The other nine must be obtained either by finding their respective Tab Slabs
    throughout the world (They glow purple-blue and are easily visible from a
    distance.). The only tricky solo is Call Of The Wild, which CAN ONLY BE
    OBTAINED by completing at least ONE hunting secondary mission. As for the rest,
    just use the AchievementHunter.com map, linked below!
    5.4.5: Tourist (20g/Bronze)
    Description: View all vistas
    How To Get It: 32 in total, vistas can be hard to locate from a distance, but
    are easily recognizible when up close. A smart tip is to look for anything in
    the enviornment that really stands out, because odds are that it's a vista. To
    view a vista, look around and you should eventually see a "Periskull," as I
    call them, which is essentially like one of those binocular/periscope things
    (That tourists pump quarters into like there's no tomorrow) that reside near
    historic landmarks in our world. Once again, I'm not going to list them all,
    so use the AchievementHunter.com map, linked below and above.
    5.4.6: Now You Must Tell the Tale (20g/Bronze)
    Description: View all Legends
    How To Get It: A mere 13 of these reside in the land, but they are well hidden.
    Legends look almost like Bound Serpents, only bigger and not as well locked up.
    To free a Legend, use Earthshaker (X+A on the 360, []+X on the PS3) to break
    the chains holding it. Two of these are tricky to obtain however. There is
    one located near a vista featuring a giant statue holding a sword and what
    might be an eyeball with hair. This Legend can ONLY BE FREED AND VIEWED after
    Rima (The Zaulia leader) joins your army. The next tricky one is the final
    Legend, available only after you have beaten the game. As for the locations of
    the other 11, I once again direct you to the AchievementHunter.com map, which
    I have linked ALL OVER this section.
    5.4.7: Voices From Beyond (20g/Bronze)
    Description: Unlock all songs in the Mouth of Metal
    How To Get It: You will unlock most of these while playing the game, since
    each new mission has new songs that play in the background, and likewise go
    into the Mouth of Metal once you complete that mission. However, there are 24
    songs you will have to manually obtain. These 24 are called Buried Metal, and
    like everything else in this section, they are scattered all over. They are
    somewhat tricky to see, since they are very small before being unearthed, but
    if you keep on the lookout for the Devil Thorns, you should find many of them
    quite easily. Just stand near them, play the Relic Raiser solo, and you'll
    have a new song for your auditory pleasure. Buried Metal (Like all the other
    collectible shtuff) is on the AchievementHunter.com map, which if you can't
    by now, should be more worrysome than anything in the game.
    5.4.8: Flowerslave (20g/Bronze)
    Description: Summon all Motor Forges
    How To Get It: There are 11 Motor Forges in all. Chances are that if you have
    spent ANY time in the game, you have at least SEEN a Motor Forge or two. They
    are easily visible and recognizible from a distance, what with the giant MOTOR
    atop them. Just stand nearby, play the Relic Raiser solo, and drive the Deuce
    through the gate (Yes, you HAVE to drive into them). Motor Forges are the
    stores of Br￾Eal Legend, run by the Guardian of Metal (Voiced by the Prince of
    Darkness himself, OZZY OSBOURNE!). The location for each Motor Forge is (Of
    course) listed on the AchievementHunter.com map, and this will be the last time
    I reference it, I promise!
     /                                      \
    /       [MULM] Multiplayer Mode          \
    Ever wondered what it would be like to have a Stage Battle with another player?
    Well wonder on more, because that's exactly what Br￾Eal Legend's multiplayer
    is: Online Stage Battles! If you didn't ever wonder what it would be like to
    have a Stage Battle with another player, then you're in luck as well! from the
    multiplayer menu you also have the option to start a Stage Battle against the
    AI! What's more, multiplayer gives you the chance to play as the Drowned
    Ophelia and Emperor Doviculus!
    5.5.1: Practice Bloody Practice (10g/Bronze)
    Description: Win an AI stage battle - any difficulty
    How To Get It: From the Main Menu, hold the analog stick to the right until you
    get to the Multiplayer area. go into it and choose AI battle. Pick your Faction
    and map, then set your enemy's Faction and difficulty to whatever you choose,
    and then proceed to kick the ever-loving crap out of them. Simple as that.
    5.5.2: Iron Fist (20g/Bronze)
    Description: Win an AI stage battle - Br￾Eal difficulty
    How To Get It: Same thing as "5.5.1: Practice Bloody Practice," except this
    time, you have to set the AI to the "Br￾Eal" difficulty. THIS ONE IS NOT A WALK
    IN THE PARK. The multiplayer Br￾Eal AI is MUCH HARDER than playing the ENTIRE
    CAMPAIGN on Br￾Eal. My best strategy for this one is to quickly claim as many
    Fan Geysers as you can, upgrade your stage all the way, build up an army (Be
    sure to get your Faction's superunit), allow your enemy to get a few Geysers
    (But not too many, or they'll go after your stage) and distance themselves
    from their stage, and then sneak your units over to the enemy stage. If you
    manage to get there unscathed, order your troops to attack and then place your
    General next to the stage and use their Super Solo (Eddie's Bring It On Home,
    Ophelia's Weeping Heavens, or Doviculus's Launch Of Death). This will just
    about bring down the enemy stage in one attack, allowing your troops a better
    chance of finishing the job. It is reccomended that the Player use the Tainted
    Coil when following this strategy, since Doviculus can summon troops anywhere
    on the field, not to mention that the Bleeding Death is practically MADE for
    stage killing.
    5.5.3: Armchair General (20g/Bronze)
    Description: Win a single-player Stage Battle against the AI using only orders
    How To Get It: Follow the instructions on "5.5.1: Practice Bloody Practice"
    up to the kick-the ever-loving-crap-out-of-them part. Getting this one means
    that you CANNOT DIRECTLY HARM AN ENEMY! No physical attacks (A on the 360, X
    on the PS3) OR guitar attacks (X on the 360, [] on the PS3). This also means
    that you CANNOT use your General's Radial Damage OR Super Solo (Eddie's
    Facemelter & Bring It On Home, Ophelia's Shadow Blast & Weeping Heavens, or
    Doviculus's Curse & Agony Boil Solos [Doviculus's Launch Of Death solo is okay
    though, since he himself is not doing the damage]). Finally, the Player also
    CANNOT use a Double Team attack or likewise harm an enemy with a Double Teamed
    vehicle OR their General's personal vehicle. So long as you follow these
    guidelines, you should get this Achievement/Trophy in one try.
    5.5.4: Victör (10g/Bronze)
    Description: Win a ranked multiplayer match
    How To Get It: From the Main Menu, hold the analog stick to the right until you
    get to the Multiplayer area. go into it and choose Matchmaking. Proceed to beat
    the ever-loving crap out of the poor sap you get paired with and this one will
    be less than a memory.
    5.5.5: Subj￾Eator (20g/Silver)
    Description: Win 10 match-made multiplayer battles.
    How To Get It: Repeat "5.5.4: Victör" 10 times. These 10 wins DO NOT need to
    be consecutive. You can probably get this one in less than a day.
    5.5.6: Cönquerer (50g/Gold)
    Description: Win 50 match-made multiplayer battles.
    How To Get It: Repeat "5.5.4: Victör" 50 times. These 50 wins DO NOT need to
    be consecutive. Good luck, you'll need plenty of it and tons of practice (Or
    just a large amount of one) to get this one. Just play online alot and you'll
    get this one eventually... Unless you really suck.
    5.5.7: Master of the Flame (20g/Bronze)
    Description: Double Team with every Ironheade unit
    How To Get It: You can actually get this one through the Campaign, but it fits
    here just as well. Just start a Custom Match, no AI, on the Feeding Area map,
    with your Faction set to Ironheade. When it starts up make a unit or two and
    claim a few Fan Geysers, upgrade your stage all the way and make one of every
    unit. go up to a unit and press Y on the 360 or /\ on the PS3. Do that for each
    unit and this one is done.
    5.5.8: Master of the Tear (20g/Bronze)
    Description: Double Team with every Drowning Doom unit
    How To Get It: Just start a Custom Match, no AI, on the Feeding Area map, with
    your Faction set to Drowning Doom. When it starts up make a unit or two and
    claim a few Fan Geysers, upgrade your stage all the way and make one of every
    unit. go up to a unit and press Y on the 360 or /\ on the PS3. Do that for each
    unit and this one is done.
    Special thanks go out to Mu695 for the following tidbit of info. Apparently,
    one can use ONLY the Drowing Doom to get all 3 "Master of the _____"
    Achievements/Trophies if they so wish. The reason is simple. By using the
    Drowning Doom's Organist, you can possess any enemy unit, which counts as
    Double Teaming with it even if you've never played as that Faction!
    5.5.9: Master of the Blood (20g/Bronze)
    Description: Double Team with every Tainted Coil unit
    How To Get It: Just start a Custom Match, no AI, on the Feeding Area map, with
    your Faction set to the Tainted Coil. When it starts up make a unit or two and
    claim a few Fan Geysers, upgrade your stage all the way and make one of every
    unit. go up to a unit and press Y on the 360 or /\ on the PS3. Do that for each
    unit and this one is done.
    5.5.10: Six Degrees of Schafer (15g/Bronze)
    Description: Play with or against another player who has this
    How To Get It: Ah, a Viral Achievement/Trophy! A popular rumor states that Tim
    Schafer himself was the ORIGINAL and FIRST holder of this Achievement/Trophy,
    which he bestowed upon himself via a special debug menu on a pre-production
    copy of the game. He then played against six of his close friends on both the
    360 and PS3, thus giving this Achievement/Trophy to them. They then played
    against their friends and random people online, and thus would have spread the
    Achievement/Trophy to the people they played, who would then spread it to their
    friends and other random people online who would then.... You get the idea.
    Personaly, while I do think the above rumor is pretty kickass, I would guess
    that the entire production team of the game were given this Achievement/Trophy
    through the programmers prior to release, allowing the Achievement/Trophy to
    be spread by all of them. 
    Either way, all that is neither here nor there.
    This one just comes down to either finding and adding to your friends a person
    who already has the Achievement/Trophy OR just randomly getting paired with
    someone who has it, for which you can only rely on pure luck.
    TRIVIA! The name of this Achievement/Trophy is derived from the "Six Degrees
    of Seperation" theory. This theory states that any one person on this planet
    is capable of personally knowing EVERYONE ON THE ENTIRE PLANET through 6 of
    their own friends. This is because those 6 friends have 6 friends of their own
    that you don't personally know, and those 6 have their own 6 friends you don't
    know, and if you continue this way, then you will eventually have linked
    everyone in the world!
     /                                      \
    /     [EKHC] Enemy Kill/Hit Counts       \
    Sometimes we all just wanna kill something... Or a hundred somethings.... Or
    a thousand on a really bad day. These Achievements/Trophies give you an
    opportunity to do just that. All the Achievements/Trophies listed below require
    you to hit or kill a certain number of enemies through a specific method. The
    unfortunate thing is that you have no way of knowing how close you are to any
    of the requsted numbers, so you'll just have to hope for the best.
    5.6.1: Some Demon Flesh on your Bumper (20g/Bronze)
    Description: Slay 150 enemies with the Deuce - any mode
    How To Get It: Unfortunately, there is NO WAY for you to track the number of
    enemies you have killed with a certan method, so you'll just have to guess.
    Basically though, all you have to do is jump in the Deuce and start running
    over anything and everything in your path. You can't kill your own guys, and
    any animals that stray into your path with be not-so-gently pushed aside
    (Sometimes above or below instead). If you just keep mowing down baddies while
    in free roam, this one will come eventually. Also, any kills made with the
    weapons you have equipped to your Deuce will count towards the required total.
    What's more is that any kills made in multiplayer count as well (I am not sure
    if killing an enemy using Ophelia's Hearse or Doviculus's Chariot count towards
    this Achievement/Trophy, so any info on such would be appreciated). I
    personally got this one while crusing around the world, sometime around The
    Battle For Bladehenge.
    5.6.2: I've never touched an axe before (30g/Silver)
    Description: Personally smote 300 enemies - any mode
    How To Get It: Similar to "5.6.1: Some Demon Flesh on your Bumper," there is
    NO WAY to check how many enemies you have killed personally (Consequently, I
    do not know if the 150 kills made with the Deuce count towards this one. Once
    again, any info is greatly appreciated.). Basically, just go around and hack,
    slash, zap, burn, and use damaging solos (Eddie's Facemelter and Bring it On
    Home, Ophelia's Shadow Blast and Weeping Heavens, and Doviculus's Curse and
    Agony Boil). Chances are that you will unlock this one while playing the
    Campaign, especially if you favor using Eddie's Facemelter when surrounded. I
    personally got this one while heading up The Cleave of the Impaler, but then
    again I had been doing all the secondary missions up to that point.
    5.6.3: Ringleader (15g/Bronze)
    Description: Trap 15 enemies in one ring of fire with the Fire Baron's Double
    How To Get It: Fire Barons are a unit belonging to Ironheade. They become
    available upon a Level 1 Megastage Upgrade. When Double Teamed with a Fire
    Baron, you can lay down a trail of fire. Simply do this while driving in a
    circle around a large group of enemies (15 or more), and you should get this
    Achievement/Trophy. My sugestion is to start an AI Stage Battle and set
    Drowning Doom as your oponnent.The reasoning is that Ophelia's main infantry
    contains the most individual enemies, and she seems to love using them.
    Ironheade is another good coice, since most of it's units come in groups of 3
    or 4. It goes without saying that, for an easy time and best results, you
    should set the AI on Most Gentle.
    A supereasy way to get this one is to play the Doom's Dawn mission. There will
    be a cutscene near the end of the mission where the Fire Barons first join your
    army. Simply Double Team with one and head towards the large amount of Doomies
    and surround a good bunch of them with fire. If you don't get it, just start
    the mission again.
    Another smart idea is to set up a match with a friend or someone on the boards
    who would be willing to create a bunch of basic infantry units, stick them in
    the open, and then let you have your way with them. But be sure to return the
    favor if they need a similar Achievement/Trophy!
    5.6.4: Painkiller (15g/Bronze)
    Description: Kill 25 enemies with the grinder of one Rock Crusher
    How To Get It: The Rock Crusher is a unit belonging to Ironheade. It becomes
    available upon a Level 3 Megastage Upgrade. When Eddie Double Teams with a
    Rock Crusher, he is able to drop the sword of Bladehenge on his enemies, but
    that's not what you need to do. All you have to do is take that spiky death
    wheel on the front of the Rock Crusher, and introdce it to some baddies. While
    the Rock Crusher is awesome in terms of power, it is VEEEEEERY SLOOOOOOOOOW. As
    such, many enemies (Especially player controlled ones) can easily avoid you. I
    once again recommend starting an AI battle against either Drowning Doom or
    Ironheade. Just build up your fan reserve, order your troops to stand around
    near the stage, and then charge your Crusher through anything that isn't yours.
    If you happen to lose it, just make another and try again. Try to avoid going
    near the enemy stage though, since their new units can easily get the jump on
    you. Once again, this is easily done with the AI on Most Gentle.
    Another smart idea is to set up a match with a friend or someone on the boards
    who would be willing to create a bunch of basic infantry units, stick them in
    the open, and then let you have your way with them. But be sure to return the
    favor if they need a similar Achievement/Trophy!
    TRIVIA! The name of this Achievement/Trophy is based upon the song of the same
    name, made by Judas Priest.
    5.6.5: Dollpocalypse (15g/Bronze)
    Description: Hit 6 enemies with the explosion from a Brood's Double Team
    How To Get It: A Brood is a unit belonging to Drowning Doom. They become
    available upon a Level 2 Megastage Upgrade. When Ophelia Double Teams with a
    Brood, she is able to drive it around and initiate a suicide attack where the
    carriage heads in the direction you last aimed it and explodes on contact.
    Fortunately, this one only requires you to HIT 6 enemies, not kill them. Just
    send the creepy-doll carriage into a large group of baddies and you should get
    this one in a few tries, or even one if you're good/lucky enough. Again, an AI
    match against either Drowning Doom or Ironheade is your best bet, and be sure
    to set the AI on Most Gentle.
    Another smart idea is to set up a match with a friend or someone on the boards
    who would be willing to create a bunch of basic infantry units, stick them in
    the open, and then let you have your way with them. But be sure to return the
    favor if they need a similar Achievement/Trophy!
    5.6.6: Euthanasia (15g/Bronze)
    Description: Hit 15 enemies with one Agony Ball using the Pain Lifter's Double
    How To Get It: Pain Lifters are a unit belonging to the Tainted Coil. They
    become available upon a Level 1 Megastage Upgrade, and can only be summoned via
    Double Teaming with a Warfather. The Pain Lifter is a catapult from Hell, to
    put it frankly. Just double team with it and launch the Agony Ball into a group
    of bad dudes. You can then steer the ball around for a bit before it explodes.
    Similar to "5.6.5: Dollpocalypse," you only have to HIT the 15 enemies, not
    kill them. As soon as the ball inflicts damage to one guy, move on to the next.
    When the Agony Ball is about to explode, roll it to a group of untouched dudes
    and let the ensuing explosion hit them as well. It's possible to hit almost
    double what the Achievement/Trophy asks for if your good enough. I hate to
    sound like a broken record, but I once again suggest playing an AI battle
    against Drowning Doom or Ironheade, and setting the AI on Most Gentle.
    Another smart idea is to set up a match with a friend or someone on the boards
    who would be willing to create a bunch of basic infantry units, stick them in
    the open, and then let you have your way with them. But be sure to return the
    favor if they need a similar Achievement/Trophy!
    5.6.7: Death From Above (15g/Bronze)
    Description: Kill 20 enemies with one Bleeding Death
    How To Get It: A Bleeding Death is a unit belonging to the Tainted Coil. It
    becomes available upon a Level 3 Megastage Upgrade. The Bleeding Death is, by
    far, the most difficult unit in terms of... Well, everything. After fully
    upping your megastage you have to create the unit (Which takes a long tme),
    and then you have to play a solo just to drop it on the field. What's worse is
    that since the @!$#&$* thing won't obey ANY orders, you have to drop it either
    directly into or near a group of enemies. That means you have to place YOURSELF
    in the middle of or near a large group of enemies; And since the solo is pretty
    long, merely trying to summon the beast is a challenge in itself. Leaving
    yourself unguarded in a large group of enemies is practically begging for
    death, but have too big an escort and you'll run out of enemies for the
    Bleeding Death to kill when it does land. However, if all goes well and you
    manage to pull the solo off with a ton of enemies nearby, then you have this
    Achievement/Trophy in the bag. Even though the Bleeding Death has a limited
    lifespan, it's destructive capabilities are beyond measure, and it's nigh on
    impossible for your enemy to kill it. For the last time, I recommend an AI
    battle against Drowning Doom or Ironhead with the AI set on Most Gentle. Good
    Another smart idea is to set up a match with a friend or someone on the boards
    who would be willing to create a bunch of basic infantry units, stick them in
    the open, and then let you have your way with them. But be sure to return the
    favor if they need a similar Achievement/Trophy!
     /                                      \
    /        [MSCL] Miscellaneous            \
    These are the Achievements/Trophies that were either too few to have their own
    section, didn't fit in anywhere else, or just seemed kinda random and as such
    needed a special section to themselves. Fortunately, they don't mind sharing
    the space together.
    5.7.1: One Hit Wonder (5g/Bronze)
    Description: Purchase 1 upgrade in the Motor Forge
    How To Get It: Chances are that if you have spent ANY time in the game, you
    have at least SEEN a Motor Forge or two. They are easily visible and
    recognizible from a distance, what with the giant MOTOR atop them. Just stand
    nearby, play the Relic Raiser solo, and drive the Deuce through the gate (Yes,
    you HAVE to drive into them). Motor Forges are the stores of Br￾Eal Legend,
    run by the Guardian of Metal (Voiced by the Prince of Darkness himself, OZZY
    OSBOURNE!). Anyways, on your first (Or second or whatever) visit, just buy the
    first thing that tickles your fancy and doesn't break your Fire Tribute bank.
    5.7.2: Loyal Customer (25g/Silver)
    Description: Purchase all upgrades in the Motor Forge
    How To Get It: There are 47 things to purchase in the Motor Forge, and all of
    them combined come out to a whopping 3,485 Fire Tributes. If you have or are in
    the process of getting the "Favored" Achievement/Trophy (Directly below this
    one), then you will only need 485 more Fire Tributes, so if you are low on Fire
    Tributes, just follow the tips I give in "5.7.3: Favored."
    5.7.3: Favored (30g/Silver)
    Description: Acquire 3,000 fire tributes
    How To Get It: Easier than it sounds. Doing every Campaign mission will net
    you 615 Fire Tributes. Doing EVERY SINGLE secondary mission adds an additional
    1,225 to that, for a total of 1,840 thus far. Each Bound Serpent gives you 5
    Fire Tributes, Legends give you 10 each, as do vistas and Lightning Plug Jumps,
    which will (If you get them all) bring in a total of 1,290 Fire Tributes,
    giving you a grand total of 3,130. If you don't have the patience to collect
    all that, then the best tip I can give is to assist your troops in free roam.
    If you come across them fighting ANYTHING, then help out. So long as you hit
    the enemy/enemies 2 or 3 times AND still have one remaining ally, you will get
    15 Fire Tributes. Whichever method you choose, I wish you good luck!
    5.7.4: Sellout (30g/Silver)
    Description: Spend 250,000 fans - any mode
    How To Get It: That is ALOT of fans. There is no real secret to this one, just
    play the Campaign or battle online as much as you can and you'll get it with
    the passage of time. I suppose you could be cheap and start a Custom Match
    with no AI on the Feeding Area map, claim all the Fan Geysers, and place your
    Rally Flag in the water. This will quickly kill your units and allow you to
    continually make more, but you wouldn't be that cheap, would you? Of course you
    wouldn't... IF you like to EARN your Achievements/Trophies. Personally, as of
    the writing of this guide, I have only spent 130,205 fans. Good luck!
    5.7.5: Silence, ground walker! (10g/Bronze)
    Description: Gain 5 or more seconds of hang time in a single jump - any mode
    How To Get It: It goes without saying that this has to be done in some sort of
    vehicle, preferably a fast one. There is one place that is SURE to net you
    this Achievement/Trophy. In the Campaign free roam, head over to the entrance
    of the Kill Master's place (The giant hill atop which rests a giant tree
    stump with a face). Go towards the path that leads up the mountain and do a
    180 degree turn before actually heading up the path. Take the path ON THE LEFT
    (The one with flags and skulls stuck onto sticks) and go past the rocks to the
    left. You should see a tall rock to the right, a small rock semi-hidden by a
    bush to the left, and raised area of the ground with two visible trees beyond
    said rocks. You will want to aim the Deuce towards the tip of the bit of ground
    to the right of the tall tree. (AKA to the far right of the tree to the right).
    Gun it and hit the boost!If all goes well, you'll get almost 8 seconds of
    hangtime! Even if you don't get it just right and manage to bump the cliff
    before heading down, you should still bounce far enough from the wall to get
    almost 6 seconds of airtime. Worst case scenario, you mess up the jump and
    ride down the hill to the beach, in which case you just head back up the hill
    and try again.
    Thanks to TheMissingCloud, Two.Legit and Blitzball2 for the following location.
    This one can also be gotten by driving off of the Titan Highway near the Sea of
    Black Tears area, falling down to the path that takes you up the tree roots
    that allow one to drive to the backend of the segment of highway. The edge of
    the Titan highway gives you just enough of a lift on your car to help stall in
    the air even more.
    Wolfinato and Drybones106 tell me that this Achievement/Trophy can be oddly
    obtained on the bridge between Lionwhyte's palace and the Jungle. Jump one of
    the elevated divider segments so that you will fall into a hole in the bridge
    on the way down and the Achievement/Trophy should register before you die!
    Finally, Cygnus_23 offers this method, in his own words.
    There is a long, broken up, elevated 'freeway' across the northwest (starting)
    area.  Hop on it and ride it all the way west until it ends (don't jump off
    the end).  As you're facing the abyss (west), turn right 90 degrees (face
    north), and you'll see that the retaining wall forms a very short ramp (may be
    hard to see as it blends in to the surrounding architecture pretty well). 
    Jump there.  Easy to find.  Easy to score.
    5.7.6: Quill Tosser (20g/Bronze)
    Description: Kill a Tollusk using only Ground Urchins
    How To Get It: This one is a bit tricky. A Ground Urchin is pretty much a Heavy
    Metal Porcupine, and to use a Ground Urchin as a weapon you first have to use
    your guitar and zap the little spiky vermin until it becomes momentarily
    paralyzed with voltage overdose. Run up to it and you will have the option to
    press Y on the 360, /\ on the PS3, to pick it up. You can then press A on the
    360, X on the PS3, to send the sucker flying with a strong kick. It takes 5 to
    six of them to kill a Tollusk on Normal difficulty, but it can be difficult to
    aim the Ground Urchin exactly where you need it to go. What's more is that
    even though they fly a good distance, they DO NOT fly FASTER than a running
    Tollusk. This is a problem because apparently the Tollusks are PROGRAMMED to
    run away from you when you pick up a Ground Urchin. The best strategy to follow
    is to get a Tollusk to follow you (Make sure you keep an eye on it or it may
    get bored and go somewhere else) over to a Ground Urchin or two. Zap the
    Urchin, get right next to it and wait for the Tollusk to ready it's claw. As
    soon as the Tollusk does so, grab the Urchin and kick it at the Tollusk at
    point-blank. Repeat a few times and you'll have this one easy.
    An easier way of getting this is to use the Call of the Wild solo to summon
    a Tollusk and some Ground Urchins to your location. Since they are on your
    side, the Tollusk will not run and the Ground Urchins need not be stunned.
    (In case you didn't already know, a Tollusk is the creature that is two or
    three times larger than Eddie and appears to have a metal face with horns and
    metal spikes on it's back)
    5.7.7: Boar Bather (50g/Silver)
    Description: Ride a Razorfire Boar into the Sea of Black Tears and live to tell
    the tale.
    How To Get It: Another tricky one, but this one is tricky in terms of it's
    BEATING THE GAME! Razorfire Boars can only be found in ONE AREA, and that is
    the place where you and the Kill Master had to herd them to Ophelia. Go there
    and zap the first piggy that gets too close until he becomes paralyzed (But
    don't stand in the middle of their field, Razorfire Boars can kill you in 4-5
    hits easily). Press Y on the 360, /\ on the PS3, and Eddie will jump on the
    Boar and ride it as if it were a pocketbike. Here's the problem; RAZORFIRE
    BOARS DO NOT STOP! You can hold B on the 360, [] on the PS3, to slow it down,
    but try turning with the button held down and you'll just do a 180 degree turn.
    You have to ride the Razorfire Boar into Battersmith, up the Cleave of the
    Impaler, through Lionwhyte's palace (Or over and down the snowy mountains, but
    the path through the palace is faster), across the bridge (Try not to fall, it
    really sucks having to do this multiple times), over the ramp to the right
    upon entering the Jungle (Again, not the only way, just the fastest), through
    the Swamp, and down the path leading to the Sea of Black Tears. Here is where
    Tim Schafer got crafty on us. The Achievement/Trohy's details make it seem like
    you have to somehow ride the Boar and yourself into the Black Tears and escape
    Death's icy clutches.... However, this is not the case. The bridge that once
    went OVER the Sea of Black Tears is now more of a ramp that leads INTO the Sea
    of Black Tears, and that's exactly what you're going to use it for. Point the
    poor Boar (Heh heh, it rhymes) towards the ramp and summon all the courage in
    your body! Charge that ramp like a man (Or woman, if you happen to be one) and
    fight the urge to scream in terror! When you hit the ramp, press in the right
    analog stick to boost up that sucker! AND JUST AS YOU HIT THE EDGE OF THE RAMP,
    LET OUT YOUR BEST BATTLECRY AND..... Bail. That's right; Bail. Get off and let
    the out-of-control Razorfire Boar fly alone into the abyss while you land safely
    on the tip of the ramp. Cheap huh? What's worse is that this one takes almost
    6-8 seconds to register (On the Xbox 360, anyways), which may not seem like a
    long time in text form, but feels like an eternity when wondering if you did
    the Achivement/Trophy correctly.
    This can be done in less than a quarter of the time with the following method.
    Simply stop doing the Hunting secondary missions after killing 11 Razorfire
    Boars and then playthrough until you first enter the Sea of Black Tears. Play
    the Call of the Wild solo and that should summon up some Boars. Grab one and
    ride it towards the ramps you would normally take the Deuce during the battle
    before Doviculus (For people who haven't beaten the game, they will be very
    obvious since they are the only places with direct access to the Black Tears.
    5.7.8: Coolest Thing Ever (15g/Bronze)
    Description: Jump over a Hextadon in the Deuce
    How To Get It: This one is pretty much down to luck. Hextadons are the HUGE
    Wooly Mammoth creatures with six legs and steel, lightning bolt-like tusks
    that reside up in the snowy mountain areas. There isn't alot of strategy to
    this one, you just have to jump over one while in the Deuce. You can try to
    ride the Hextadon into a position behind a hill, but it will usually walk away
    before you can make the jump. Your best bet is to just find a Hextadon and (If
    it's not already in front of one) follow it until it manages to place itself
    before the back end of a large hill or cliff. This Achievement/Trophy WILL give
    you benefit of the doubt, however, if you manage to bump, land on, or even
    drive across the back of the Hextadon you are trying to jump (The latter in my
    case, which looks more like the LAMEST Thing Ever). Also, if you use your boost
    in mid-air as opposed to firing it on the way to or over the jump, you can add
    a few extra feet of distance mid-jump to help clear the giant hairy beast.
    I have gotten mixed replies when it comes to using the Call of the Wild solo
    to summon a Hextadon (You have to have beaten the last Hunting secondary
    mission) to your location for jumping uses. Some readers have told me it works,
    others have said it does not. My best advice is too just try it out for
    yourself. If it doesn't work then you'll have to go find one and jump it the
    old fashioned way.
    5.7.9: Beast Master (15g/Bronze)
    Description: Ride one of every ridable animal.
    How To Get It: Feeling up for a rodeo? No? Well then this Achievement/Trophy
    ain't for you. To ride a beast you must first sock it into paralysis. Press Y
    on the 360, /\ on the PS3, while standing near your beast and you hop onto it's
    back and be able to control it! There are 8 animals in the game that you can 
    ride. They are Raptor Elks, Tollusks, Razorfire Boars, Laser Panthers, Reaper
    Steeds, Guillotars, Hextadons, and the Zaulia's Metal Beasts (NOTE THAT YOU
    ZAULIA RIDES ON WILL NOT COUNT!). From what info I have recieved, using Call
    of the Wild WILL NOT aid you in getting this Achievement/Trophy. You HAVE to
    stun and then mount the beast for it to count.
    I have recieved a few E-mails on this one. It turns out that there are 9
    ridables in the game, the 9th being Chrome Spiders. I got the Achievement
    without EVER having ridden one, but just in case you find yourself in need or
    want of riding one, just shock them once (Don't use the Shocker strings or
    you'll kill them with one hit) and hop on. If you've already played past the
    Lair of the Metal Queen mission, you can still find them outside the Spider's
    Lair, usually in groups of 3, sucking the life out of a poor Tollusk.
     /                                      \
    /        [PLTT] Platinum Trophy          \
    The Platinum Trophy is specific to the PLAYSTATION 3 OWNERS ONLY! IF YOU ARE
    5.8.1: Rock God (Platinum)
    Description: Got all PS3 trophies.
    How To Get It: Once you have earned ALL 50 Trophies for this game, you will
    recieve the Platinum Trophy as your final reward!
    ================================= 6. CREDITS ==================================
    Personal Thanks to:
    [] Tim Schafer - For bringing us games like Psychonauts and, of course,
       Br￾Eal Legend. Keep 'em coming! I hope to see Br￾Eal Legend 2 or DLC
       in the future!
    [] Anyone who actually likes this game and/or Heavy/Death/Thrash/Speed/ANY
       Metal - Just for not Trolling around the Boards like a bunch of 10-year-olds
       that still wet the bed.
    [] CJayC - For keeping GameFAQs alive for all these years.
    [] Myself - I wrote this damn thing, so I have the right to praise myself.
    [] Dragonball Z - For giving me an excuse to ignore the guide when I
       needed a break.
    [] My Halo 3 Edition Zune - I listened to it while I wrote the Guide, so it
       gets some credit.
    [] My Halo 3 Edition Xbox 360 - For enabling me to play Br￾Eal Legend in the
       first place. (I'm a Halo fan, can you tell?)
    Special Thanks to:
    [] Prospero - For notifying me of typos in the "Serpent Spanker" and
       "Serpent Savior" Achievement/Trophy details, and info on the "Some Demon
       Flesh on your Bumper" Achievement/Trophy.
    [] Mrthedude87 - For pointing out that I had stupidly misspelled Judas Priest
       a single time in the guide.
    [] Moutski - For a ton of info like the tip on getting Ringleader in
       Campaign play and using Call of the Wild for "Quill Tosser".
    [] Mu695 - For telling me that Possessing a unit with the Organist counts
       as Double Teaming with it.
    [] Femtorgon - For pointing out that killing Creatures in the Deuce DOES NOT
       count towards their Concept Art.
    [] Prospero, Guitarking10, TheMissingCloud, Bell1, ChaosControl325, and
       borninshadow - For giving me a MUCH simpler way of pulling off the Boar
       Bather Achievement/Trophy.
    [] Femtorgon, Confusion9999, Moutski, Veldy01, TheMissingCloud,
       Animefreak_84 - For pointing out that not all Concept Art is needed for
       the "Metal God" Achievement/Trophy.
    [] Wolfinato, TheMissingCloud, Two.Legit, Drybones106, Cygnus_23 - For tips
       on the "Silence, Groundwalker!" Achievement/Trophy.
    [] Devilnekura, Moutski, TheMissingCloud - For the still varying info on
       the "Coolest Thing Ever" Achievement/Trophy.
    [] Glitch, Kptrank, TheMissingCloud - For various bits of info for the "Beast
       Master" Achievement/Trophy, most importantly how Call of the Wild summoned
       animals DO NOT count towards the Achievement/Trophy.
    (Please note that I have only given credit to either the earliest senders of
    information AND/OR those who send exceptional amounts of info and/or info of
    higher-than-usual quality.)
    ================================ 7. CONTACT ME ================================
    My E-mail Address is Hellsharingan13@yahoo.com, this is also my YIM address.
    My Gamertags are xBloodXIII and xBlood13, I will accept all friend requests,
    but don't expect to see me on much, since I have no internet where I live.
    (In case you're wondering why I have two Gamertags, it's because Microsoft
    decided to lock my Gold privileges on my first account [xBloodXIII] because of
    an idiotic misunderstanding on their part related to my payment method. As such,
    I use xBloodXIII for communication and my ever growing Gamerscore, and xBlood13
    to play on LIVE.)
    If you send me an E-mail, be sure to put something like "Br￾Eal Legend
    Achievement Guide". I get nearly 100 E-mails in a week, and since I have
    no internet where I live, I can only get on when I go to a coffee shop about 10
    miles away (I live in the fricking middle of nowhere in Kentucky... Go figure),
    So I only get online about once, twice, maybe three times a month. So if you
    don't title it properly IT WILL NOT BE SEEN.

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