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    FAQ/Walkthrough by 3DG3

    Version: 1.14 | Updated: 02/04/10 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Brutal Legend Guide/Walkthrough
    Version 1.0: Just the walkthrough
    Version 1.1: Added several sections, including shop list, combo list, 
    solo list, and sidequest information.  Also made minor edits to the 
    content of the guide and added a certain plot-based poem to the relevant 
    section of the guide.  You'll know what I'm referring to if you've gotten 
    that far.  Also added advice from readers.
    Version 1.11: Added Information about unlockable upgrades, revised some 
    solo info, added info to Bound Serpents section and Side Mission section.  
    Updated credits.  
    Version 1.12: Minor Edits to several sections of the guide
    Version 1.13: Added info from King Forsaker about DLC upgrades, the Bring 
    it on Home solo, and the Steel-Quilled Blade
    Version 1.14: Added reader strategies to one of the later stage battles, 
    and added my own tactics for the dreaded tree (you know what I'm 
    referring to if you've run into it; I didn't mention the tree because I 
    didn't have a problem with it, but multiple readers asked about it, so I 
    added the info).
    1.) Introduction
    2.) Basic Controls
    3.) Walkthrough
    4.) Exploring the World: Landmarks, Collectables, and Side Missions
    5.) Shop/Upgrades
    6.) Solo List
    7.) Combo List
    8.) Credits/Contacting the Author
    1.) Introduction
    Welcome to the world of Brutal Legend.  This guide will attempt to help 
    you out through the campaign mode of Brutal Legend.  While the guide is 
    written based off of Normal difficulty, my first playthrough of the game 
    was on Brutal difficulty, so most of the strategies should work with a 
    little bit of tinkering. This guide is very much a work in progress, so 
    if you feel like correcting mistakes or sending in additional 
    information, feel free to fire off an email (details at the bottom of 
    this guide).  So, without further ado, let's get to the guide.
    At the moment, this is just a walkthrough, although I will update soon 
    with more.
    Warning: I will try to avoid spoilers, but some are inevitable given the 
    nature of this guide.  If you want to avoid spoilers, I highly recommend 
    not using this guide.  At the very least, try to avoid going beyond the 
    section of the guide you are at in the game.
    Disclaimer: This guide is based off of the 360 version of the game.  If 
    you have the PS3 version, feel free to send me corrections of any kind, 
    and I'll put it in the guide and give due credit.
    2.) Basic Controls (Taken from instruction manual)
    Most of these controls are given during relevant tutorial sections of the 
    game, one notable exception being how to run.
    On Foot:
    Left Stick - Move (Click to Run)
    Right Stick - Camera/Cycle Lock-on Targets (Click to fly)
    Back button - Map
    Start button - Pause menu
    A button - Axe Attack
    B button - Block
    X buton - Guitar Attack
    Y button - Interact/Double Team/Individual Orders
    Right bumper - Recruit menu (Stage battle only)
    Left bumper - Place command beacon (Stage battle only)
    Right trigger - Solo menu
    Left trigger - Target enemy (lock-on)
    D pad - Squad Commands
        Up - Charge
        Down - Defend
        Left - Follow
        Right - Move to command beacon
    Left Stick - Steer (Click to boost/nitro)
    Right stick - Camera
    Back button - Map
    Start button - Pause menu
    A button - Fire primary weapon
    B button - Handbrake
    X button - Fire secondary weapon
    Y button - Enter/Exit vehicle
    Left bumper - Rearview mirror
    Right Trigger - Accelerate
    Left Trigger - Brake/Reverse
    D pad - radio controls
        Up - Customize
        Down - Mute
        Left - Previous Track
        Right - Next Track
    Flight (During stage battles only):
    Left Stick - Move
    Right Stick - Camera (Click to land/fly)
    Back button - Map
    Start button - Pause menu
    Y button - Individual Orders
    Right bumper - Recruit menu
    Left bumper - Place command beacon
    Right Trigger - Ascend
    Left Trigger - Descend
    D pad - Squad Commands
        Up - Charge
        Down - Defend
        Left - Follow
        Right - Move to command beacon
    3.) Walkthrough
    Chapter 1: Welcome to the Age of Metal
    Start a new game, pick your difficulty, and watch the opening cinematics. 
    You'll get to choose gore and profanity options at points during the 
    cutscene, and once it's done, you'll have control of Eddie.
    Once you have control, the Druids in the area will approach you and 
    attack.  You're defenseless for the moment, so run down one of the 
    staircases (the one away from the Druids might be good), and run to the 
    axe in the center of the room.  Hit the Y button, and Eddie will grab the 
    axe, giving you the means to fight back.  Use the A button to bring sharp 
    death to the Druids around you, then run back up the stairs and hit the Y 
    button to grab the guitar, Clementine.  You now have ranged abilities and 
    a few more combo possibilities, so try them out on the Druids.
    Once the game tells you how, add the Earthshaker attack to your arsenal.  
    You don't really need to use it on the enemies, but using it will bring 
    down the temple around you, which leads to the next section, so use it in 
    between attacks.  After fighting enough, the game will throw a new enemy 
    at you, the Battlenun.
    The Battlenun isn't too hard, just use your ranged lightning attacks to 
    attack from a distance, and when the guitar overheats, attack her with 
    your axe. After wailing on her for a bit, she'll go down, and more Druids 
    will come to attack you.  Ignore them, though, and just run over to the 
    monster/vehicle the nun arrived on.  Hit the Y button to use it, and 
    begin walking down the corpse pile.  Along the way, use the right stick 
    to move the camera around and get a good look at the world of metal you 
    now find yourself in.
    Once at the bottom of the corpse pile, you'll be trapped in a pillar of 
    energy produced by Druids.  To get out, simply use the Earthshaker to 
    knock all of the enemies down, save for one.  One Druid will stand and 
    watch you, although it won't really attack much.  Guitar attacks do 
    nothing, so just attack with your axe to trigger a cutscene.
    Following the cutscene, you'll now have a new ally, Ophelia.  Work your 
    way through the enemies, which is a mix of Druids and Battlenuns.  In 
    addition to your normal attacks, you can initiate a double team attack 
    with Ophelia, where she hops on your shoulders and you can throw her 
    towards enemies, where she will spin and cut them to pieces.  This is 
    effective on the Battlenuns, so by all means use it.  In addition, using 
    Earthshaker will drop giant motors from the ceiling, crushing the enemies 
    underneath.  Once you wipe out all of the enemies, Ophelia will stand 
    next to a giant set of doors.  Head over to where she is and hit the Y 
    button to see a quick cutscene.
    Well, this might be a problem.  Trapped with no way out, eh?  Turn around 
    and run up to the altar in the room.  The game will give you access to 
    the Relic Raiser solo, so hold the right trigger and select it from the 
    menu that pops up.  Press the indicated buttons at the right time to 
    successfully play the solo and create some beauty with your rock.  A 
    bunch of car parts will rise from the ground, so run to the center of the 
    parts and hit the Y button to trigger a cutscene.
    Following the cutscene, you will now have access to the Deuce, AKA the 
    Druid Plow.  Hit the accelerator and plow through the door, making your 
    way through the forces on the road.  You can simply blow through most of 
    the obstacles, so follow the path and avoid ramming walls.  Also, steer 
    clear of the Hate Cages, the giant pairs of legs with cages in the 
    middle.  Ramming the legs will stop you, which can cause problems if you 
    don't get moving again right away.  As long as you avoid those, the path 
    is simple enough, so just keep moving.
    At the end of the path, you'll get a cutscene and a group of Druids.  Hop 
    out of the car and take them out, then watch the cutscene and get ready 
    to face your first boss.
    ___Boss: Gatekeeper_____________________________________________________
    Your first boss is pretty easy.  Drive in one direction or another along 
    the edge of the arena until the boss raises his head.  When this happens, 
    you'll get an audio cue from Eddie.  After a moment, the boss will slam 
    into the ground, which can hurt quite a bit.  Simply hit the nitro when 
    he raises his head, and you can easily dodge it.  
    Once he slams into the ground, the boss will get his tongues stuck into 
    the ground.  As soon as you see him hit the ground, hit the B button to 
    activate the handbrake, and do a 180 to face back the way you came.  Run 
    over one of the boss's tongues, and it will rip in half.  Do this three 
    times and he's toast.
    Once the boss is down, watch the cutscene.  To proceed, simply run over 
    to the gate and use Earthshaker to activate another cutscene and be 
    brought to another race.
    Your goal here is to get the hell out of here before the bridge collapses 
    on you.  Luckily, as far as I can tell, there's no time limit, so you 
    don't have to panic.  Don't use nitro boost, since the Deuce handles 
    better without it, and you have more than enough speed without the boost.  
    Listen for Ophelia's audio cues to avoid falling into the collapsed parts 
    of the bridges, and you'll be out and safe in no time.
    Chapter 2: To Bladehenge!
    Once you're back in control, the game will prompt you to head to 
    Bladehenge.  You'll also get a map to see where your destination is.  
    There's no real danger on the field, so just take your time and head 
    toward the light in the sky to reach Bladehenge.  If you get lost, just 
    check the map and it will show where you are as well as a recommended 
    route to get there.
    Once you get close enough, a cutscene will trigger and you'll find out 
    about the situation.  Once that's done, you'll see a tab slab, and get a 
    quick explanation of what a tab slab is.  Run up to the slab and hit Y to 
    learn the Summon Deuce solo.  This is one of the most useful solos in the 
    game, so get ready to use it a lot.  Use it now to summon your car.
    Once your car has arrived, drive towards the new destination beacon.  If 
    you follow the path, you'll see some sort of building sticking out of the 
    ground, surrounded by red flowers.  Make a stop by it and play the relic 
    raiser solo to raise up your first Metal Forge.
    Hop back in the Deuce and drive into the door, which will only open while
    you're driving.  Drive through and watch a cutscene where you will meet 
    the Guardian of Metal, and get access to the store.  There are multiple 
    entrances spread out throughout the world map.  In order to purchase 
    items at the store, you will need Fire Tributes, which you get by 
    completing Story Missions and Side missions, jumping over large gaps and 
    running into lightning plug bugs, and finding various collectables on the 
    field.  Upon your first visit to the store, you will also get access to 
    the Mouth of Metal, AKA the radio, which will play music while you're 
    To start, you will have access to Deuce Upgrades, Mt. Rockmore Effigies, 
    New Special Attacks, Axe Treatments, and Guitar Strings.  The only 
    buyable items you can get are some special attacks, neither of which you 
    particularly need, so just save your Fire Tributes for the moment.
    Once you're finished shopping, head out and make your way to the mines to 
    meet up with Lars.
    Chapter 3: Exploited in the Bowels of Hell
    After the cutscene, you'll now have access to the Battle Cry Solo.  Play 
    it near some of the headbangers, and they'll join your side.  A bouncer 
    will attack, so just take him down with your new friends.  
    Follow the tutorial, then command your forces to take down the nearby
    barricade.  Move on, playing the Battle Cry solo and recruiting more
    headbangers as you go.  Make your way to the central area, recruit the 
    nearby headbangers, and fight your way through the hostile headbangers.  
    Once they're down, you'll have to protect the supports of the platform.  
    Have the headbangers follow you, making your way to each support as it 
    comes under attack.  If more than one support is being attacked, send the 
    headbangers to defend one while you run to defend the other.  Use a combo 
    of lightning, axe, and Earthshaker attacks to take them down, and avoid 
    getting surrounded.  If you need to link up with the headbangers again, 
    run a bit closer so your voice will reach, and issue the follow command 
    so that they head in your direction.
    Once the supports are safe, you'll find yourself against a new boss.
    ____Boss: Mittens________________________________________________________
    Pretty simple, lead the boss under the path of the moving cranes and zap 
    him with your guitar to stun him momentarily.  Once he's in position, use
    Earthshaker to cause the cranes to start dropping stuff.  If it falls on 
    the boss, he'll be wide open.  Give him a whack with your axe, and he'll 
    come back to his senses.  Rinse and repeat until he goes down.
    You'll now find yourself in someowhat of a nasty situation.  You have a 
    few headbangers up against armies of bouncers.  To even the odds, turn 
    around, run up to the rock with the headset on it, and play the Battle 
    Cry to broadcast over the speakers, getting a large army of headbangers 
    on your side.  Once this is done, work with your army and steamroll the 
    enemy forces.  The mission will end in Brutal Victory.  Once you're back 
    outside, summon the Deuce and return to the settlement.
    Chapter 4: Kill Master's Mercy
    Head back to town to find a slight problem.  You know have a new goal: 
    Find the Kill Master.
    Once you reach the Kill Master's lair, talk to Lars to start your next 
    mission.  Follow the path, using the headbanger's double team attack 
    (Mosh Pit) to take out enemies on the ground.  When you start seeing 
    enemies that you can't reach, use the range on your guitar to take them 
    out.  If the screen starts to shake and someone yells "Stampede," 
    immediately activate a mosh pit and use it to blow through the stampeding 
    Once you make your way to the top, you'll receive a victory message and 
    meet the Kill Master.  Following the cutscene, you'll get your next 
    objective: find the Metal Queen and get new bass strings.
    Chapter 5: Lair of the Metal Queen
    You'll also have access to new items in the Metal Forge.  There's one 
    along the way to the nest of the Metal Queen, so by all means stop by.  I 
    recommend the Grabber special attack and the Razor's Edge axe treatment.  
    You don't really need any of the other items.  The fire axe treatment, 
    especially, will be pretty much useless for the next mission, so there is 
    absolutely no reason to get it.
    Once you're finished shopping, continue on to the lair of the Metal 
    Queen. Keep an eye out along the way for a tab slab, which holds the 
    Facemelter solo, not much use right now, but incredibly useful for later.
    When you reach your destination, talk to the guy in front to start the 
    next mission.
    Your primary enemies in this section are the metal spiders, which like to
    attack in groups.  If you picked up the Grabber attack, use it to pull 
    one away from the group and take it out easily.  If not, just use 
    Earthshaker and your normal attacks to clear the enemies as they come.  
    In addition to the bigger spiders, there will be baby spiders.  Wait 
    until they get close and use the Earthshaker to take them out.  Follow 
    the path until you get to a cutscene, and a boss will appear.
    ____Boss: Metal Queen____________________________________________________
    Run away from the Metal Queen until it stops and its eyes turn red.  When 
    this happens, blast it with your guitar to stun it and knock it down.  
    Run up to its head and wail away.  Continue until the boss retreats and 
    summons smaller spiders to deal with you.  Fight these enemies until the 
    boss reappears.  Rinse and repeat until the boss is down.
    Following the cutscene, you'll be in control of a nice motorcycle, and 
    you'll have a time limit to get back to the Kill Master.  Use nitros on 
    long stretches, avoid getting stuck, and you'll have no trouble making it 
    back in time.  Watch the cutscenes and make your way back to the 
    Chapter 6: To the Slaughter
    Along the way, you now have access to side missions.  Complete them as 
    you like for more Fire Tributes.  It is highly recommended that you go 
    accept the Overslaughter missions from the hunter, which task you with 
    hunting various enemies on the field.  Once you complete the first level, 
    you'll get access to the Call of the Wild song, which is very handy 
    later.  To upgrade the song, simply complete more Overslaughter missions.
    There will also be some new merchandise in the Metal Forge, although none 
    of them are necessary.  If you like, grab yourself some new guitar 
    strings. Otherwise, just save your tributes for better upgrades later.
    Once back at the settlement, watch the cutscene and then make your way 
    over to Razor Fields to meet Opehlia.
    Your goal here is to work with the Kill Master and herd the boars to 
    Ophelia is standing.  Chase one until it runs in the direction of 
    Ophelia, and once its close enough, hit the A button to stun it, allowing 
    Ophelia to catch it.  Repeat until the mission is complete.
    Chapter 7: Battle for Bladehenge
    It is a very good idea to stop by the Metal Forge, as a host of new 
    upgrades are available, many of them very useful.  The machine guns are a 
    necessity for the Deuce, and all of the other upgrades for the Deuce will 
    come in handy, so buy what you like.
    Make your way back to the settlement, watch the cutscene, and head to the
    Northeast of the area to engage in your first stage battle.
    ___Stage Battle__________________________________________________________
    Go through the tutorials, and the battle will begin.  Once the initial
    cutscenes are done, you should have at least one Merch Booth, one squad 
    of headbangers, one squad of razor girls, and one thunderhog.  Summon 
    another squad of headbangers and another of razor girls, and get a second 
    merch booth set up on the other fan geyser near your stage.  This mission 
    is not terribly hard.  Order your forces towards the enemies as they 
    attack, and replenish your forces as needed.  Defend the Merch Booths, 
    and if one goes down, quickly clear the area around it and play the Fan 
    Tribute solo to bring it back.  If you don't need to do any upkeep, head 
    into battle with your forces, aiming for bouncers first, then the other 
    enemies afterward.  Enemy thunderhogs can't hurt you, although they can 
    heal enemies, so you should take them out when you get a chance.
    Also, don't worry about dying, as you'll be brought right back.  Do try 
    to avoid doing it, though, as dying will net your enemy more resources, 
    and your forces will be without direction for a few moments while you 
    revive.  Unfortunately, you can't kill the enemy general, just drive him 
    off, so don't worry too much about him unless he's directly attacking 
    Keep up your defense, and eventually the mission will end in your 
    Chapter 8: Tour of Destruction
    Now it's time to take this show on the road.  Before you go, though, go 
    to a Metal Forge and BUY MACHINE GUNS!!!!!  The next mission will be near 
    impossible without them, so go buy some.  If you don't have enough fire 
    tributes, go complete some side quests.  The machine guns are not very 
    expensive, so just get enough for the machine guns.
    Once you have machine guns, and you're ready to go, talk to Mangus to 
    start your next mission.
    Your goal is to defend the tour bus until it reaches its destination.  It 
    will be attacked by tick choppers along the way, which will launch sticky 
    explosives onto the bus.  Stay a small distance behind the bus and blast 
    the tick choppers as they show up.  Do NOT shoot the sticky bombs on the 
    bus, as you might hit them and damage the bus.  If the tick choppers veer 
    off, follow them and take them out, as you'll have a minute before they 
    reach the bus again.  Don't worry about the tick choppers in front of the 
    bus, either, as there's a good chance Mangus will run them over.
    Chapter 9: Fists Shall Fall
    Now you're standing in front of your next mission.  There's a Metal Forge
    nearby, and it will have some new upgrades, although you don't really 
    need any of them.
    Talk to Mangus to start the next stage battle.
    ___Stage Battle__________________________________________________________
    Several new elements will be introduced to you, including Demon Eddie.  
    Follow the tutorial, and once it's done, run over to the newly opened fan 
    geyser and set up a Merch Booth.  To start, summon 2 headbanger squads, 2 
    razor girl squads, and a Thunderhog, and have them defend the area near 
    the stage and the first Merch Booth.  If you can, try and make your way 
    to the next Fan Geyser and free it from the giant leech.  Upon freeing 
    the second geyser, set up a Merch Booth and send your forces to the third 
    You, however, need to take flight and fly to the other side of the field,
    around the giant mortar.  Land, and take out the bouncer manning the 
    turret.  Once that's done, fly back and check your progress.  If your 
    forces are having trouble, regroup at the nearest Merch Booth, and defend 
    that spot until you can get them some reinforcements.  If it looks as if 
    your forces are fine, then push forward.  Make sure, as you're 
    recruiting, that you have a nice mix of the three unit types currently 
    accessible.  You don't have to, but it doesn't hurt to build up a good 
    amount of forces before pushing forward.  As long as you have at least 20 
    load full, you should be in decent shape.  Once again, bouncers are the 
    biggest threat, so take them out first.
    Once you've captured all four of the Fan Geysers on the field, amass a 
    decent sized force and send it to take out the gate and win the mission.
    After the battle, you'll get some new allies, including Bouncers and now, 
    Chapter 10: Pilgrimmage of Screams
    Before the roadies will fight with you, you'll need to get them some 
    firepower.  Check the map for your destination (the Screaming Wall), and 
    make your way there.
    Before going too far, though, check out the area around the tour bus for 
    stuff, including several tab slabs, a Metal Forge, and other goodies.
    Once you're ready, find Ophelia and talk with her to start the next 
    Make your way through this mission, fighting your way through enemies.  
    The enemies will occasionally walk into the lava, making your job easier.  
    Make sure you don't make the same mistake.  When there are lots of 
    enemies, use the Facemelter solo to take them out in one shot.  Make 
    sure the roadies don't get killed, or you'll fail the mission.
    Once you reach the end, you'll see a cutscene, and the roadies will be 
    armed with nice new amps.  Use the Y button to double team with one of 
    the roadies and make your way back to where you started.  Seagulls will 
    swarm you now, but just use the feedback attack to take them out.  When 
    normal enemies attack, just spam feedback to stun them and make them easy 
    pickings for your forces.  Make your way back to the start to complete 
    the mission.
    Chapter 11: March to Imapalement
    Once again, there's new stuff in the Metal Forge.  It might be good to 
    pick up the Shredder stings and maybe a performance boost for the Deuce, 
    but don't bother getting new weapons.  The missile launcher is not very 
    good, and you get something much better soon.
    Return to the tour bus, head into the gate, and talk to the roadie to 
    start the next mission.
    Set a command beacon on the turret tower to the left, and send your 
    roadies to destroy it.  Once that's done, double team with a roadie and 
    stealth your way past the wall turrets.  Make your way to the wall, stop 
    by the hole in the fence, hop off and walk through.  Use your guitar to 
    take out the controllers and take out the wall turrets.
    Throw a command beacon on the next tower, walk over to the roadies and 
    hold the Y button to give them an individual order.  Now send them to the 
    beacon to take out the tower.  With the tower down, take out the 
    approaching enemies, and walk ahead to complete the mission.
    Chapter 12: Sanctuary of Sin
    There are a few more upgrades in the Metal Forge, but they're merely 
    cosmetic, so don't bother checking them out.
    Talk to Mangus to begin the battle.
    ___Stage Battle__________________________________________________________
    Start out by spending your starting fans on a mix of headbangers, razor 
    girls, and thunderhogs.  Do NOT upgrade the stage yet. 
    Send your forces ahead and up the stairs, taking out the central fan 
    geyser.  Capture it before moving to one of the side geysers.
    In terms of what to get, now that your options are open, you want to 
    eventually have a level 3 stage, but don't buy that until you have 
    several Merch Booths to provide a steady income of fans.  You will also 
    need a squad of roadies, but you'll need the level 3 stage first.  For 
    the moment, just get the initial three units, as that's all you'll need 
    (and indeed, for the rest of the game, the starting three units will be 
    all you really need for stage battles, although throwing a small amount 
    of other units into the mix certainly helps).  If you have a level 3 
    stage and a full load, use the fans to upgrade headbangers, razor girls, 
    and thunderhogs, allowing you much more bang for your buck.
    Once you've captured all three geysers on the second level, move up to 
    the third, capping the central geyser.  Now, you'll want to keep sending 
    your units here, either by placing a command beacon, or using relevant 
    solos.  Defend this tower, and keep an eye out for units coming down the 
    stairs.  You will eventually want to destroy the gate up the stairs, but 
    it's defended by impaler towers, which will annihilate your forces.  What 
    you want to do is defend the foremost Merch Booth and work on getting 
    your stage up to level 3 and getting a squad or two of roadies.  Bring 
    them up, then double team with one and send the roadies to take out the 
    towers.  Once they're down, send all your forces to take out the gate, 
    replenishing as needed.
    Watch the cutscenes.
    Chapter 13: It's Raining Death
    Once you start the next mission, you won't be able to go back for awhile, 
    so make sure you've completed any side missions you want and found any
    collectables you need before continuing on.
    Talk to Mangus to continue further.
    After the cutscenes, your goal is to get the hell out of dodge.  The path 
    is reasonably simple, and the buildings collapse in the exact same way, 
    so if you have trouble, take a try or two to figure out the course.  Just 
    drive through the carnage and out to the other end to escape.
    Chapter 14: Doom's Dawn
    Follow the path, grabbing collectables as you like, and meet up with the 
    Cutscenes follow, and you'll find yourself in the middle of a stage 
    ___Stage Battle__________________________________________________________
    The goal for this mission says to meet Mangus at Death's Clutch, but 
    that's a mistake.  Your goal is to defend the stage.
    Start by clearing out the enemies, using the starting forces and the face
    melter solo.  The moment the two geysers near the stage are clear, set up 
    Merch Booths.  Enemies will start coming in, so you'll need to get your 
    forces set up as fast as possible.
    Once you have two Merch Booths, start building units and have them defend 
    the area.  As soon as you can, fly over to the geyser on the hill and cap 
    it.  You don't have to worry about the enemy capping it, and if they take 
    it out, just cap it again.  Keep the majority of your forces near the 
    stage to keep it safe.
    In terms of unit types, the strategy from previous stage battles still 
    works: focus on headbangers, razor girls, and thunderhogs, and when you 
    have a chance, go for a level 3 stage so you can upgrade those units.
    The enemies attacking you can have some nasty surprises.  You'll 
    primarily be dealing with grave diggers and brides.  Grave diggers can 
    take serious punishment, even surviving delimbing.  Use Facemelter to 
    take them out quickly.  As for the brides, they can debuff you and when 
    you attack them, you get hit with lightning, so take them out fast so 
    your forces don't get shocked to death.  There's also frightwigs and 
    ratguts, but they're not too bad to deal with.
    Keep defending until a cutscene triggers.  Things look grim, but some
    unexpected help shows up, and the odds are evened.  Move forward with 
    your new allies to take out the remaining enemies and win the battle.
    Chapter 15: The Unhealing Wound
    Following the end of the battle, more goodies will be available in the 
    Motor Forge.  I highly recommend getting Heat Seekers, as those will make 
    certain side missions easier, the protect bus story missions will be far 
    easier, and you'll even be able to use the Deuce as an effective weapon 
    in stage battles.
    Once the shopping's done, head to your destination, a bridge near where 
    the last battle against Lionwhyte was.  The bridge is out, but the 
    destination beacon is in the middle of a field of red flowers.  Hmmm.....
    Play the Relic Raiser solo and watch the cutscene.
    Chapter 16: Deliver the Metal
    Well...that didn't help much.  Make your way back through the area where
    Lionwhyte fell and return to Bladehenge.  Talk to Lita to start the next 
    Time to protect the bus again.  This time, however, you have shiny heat
    seekers, which wreck the tick choppers.  Strategy is pretty much the same 
    as the previous protect mission, and with heat seekers, this should be a 
    lot easier.  If you don't have heat seekers...then follow the same 
    strategy as before, and just keep on top of the choppers to make sure 
    they don't overwhelm the bus.
    Once the mission ends, you'll be standing next to the Baron.  Talk to him 
    to set up the next mission.  There is a few new things in the Metal 
    Forge, but you don't really need any of it.
    Chapter 17: A Number of the Beasts
    You now have to ensnare several Metal Beasts and capture them.  This one 
    is pretty simple.  The first beast is near the spotlight.  Run into it to 
    wake it up, and it will chase you wherever you go.  Take it into the 
    spotlight, hold the A button and drive while holding either left or 
    right.  You'll set up a ring of fire, and Lita will capture the beast, 
    allowing you to go find the  next one.  The second and third beast are 
    farther in.  Once you have all three caught, the mission will end.
    After the cutscene, run around to the other side of the enclosure and 
    play the Relic Raiser near the red flowers to trigger a cutscene and get 
    some new friends.
    Chapter 18: Regret's Infinite Mire
    Once again, more upgrades are available in the Metal Forge.  The High 
    Voltage guitar strings are nice, but you don't desperately need anything 
    in the Forge.  Actually, at this point, you really have most of the 
    upgrades you need, so feel free to spend your tributes on what you want.
    Return to the bus and speak to Lita to activate the next mission.
    In this mission, you have to guide the tour bus through the swamp and 
    protect it from enemies.  Luckily, your new Metal Beast can do quite a 
    bit of damage to infantry, which is what you'll mainly be facing.  You'll 
    primarily be dealing with Grave Diggers and Panthers that shoot lasers 
    out of their eyes (Yes, you are reading that correctly: Laser Cat!  And 
    if you know the reference, you deserve a cookie).  There are also 
    broods, which your attacks are less effective against, but for the most 
    part, you can ignore, and if you need to kill them, just stand and blast 
    fire at them for a moment to take them out. 
    If you get hit, head behind the tour bus and get some help from the 
    Kill Master.  As for enemies, the Grave Diggers will attack you in 
    swarms, so hit and run with your fire breath to take them out.  Take out 
    the panthers when you can, and just stay out of the line of fire for the 
    ones that are elevated and out of your reach.
    Follow the path, taking out enemies, until you reach a dead end.  The bus 
    will stop here, and you'll have to go down the path to the left in order 
    to clear the way.  Clear the enemies, and if you get hit a lot, backtrack 
    to the Kill Master for some heals.  Make your way around until you find 
    yourself on the opposite side of the obstacle blocking the bus.  There 
    will be a rope to the side, so light that on fire to clear the way and 
    continue on.
    Once you reach the bridge, you'll hit a checkpoint and the bus will stop.  
    Take out the two panthers, cross the bridge, and take out the enemies on 
    the other side to allow the bus to continue.
    Continue until you are ambushed.  Clear the enemies, and hit the rope to 
    clear the path ahead.  There won't be any more enemies, so just enjoy the 
    rest of the trip.
    Chapter 19: Dry Ice, Wet Graves
    Once again, more upgrades available at Metal Forge.
    Now that you have access to a new area, you should probably explore it a 
    bit to see if there's anything nice. 
    When you're ready to move on, talk to Lita to start the next mission. 
    Following the cutscenes, you'll be in for another stage battle.
    ___Stage Battle__________________________________________________________
    There are two paths around the central rockface.  Ignore the left.  
    There's a Fan Geyser, but getting it is more trouble than it's worth.  
    Instead, use the usual composition of forces and head right, aiming for 
    the Fan Geyser in that direction.  Cap it, and build your army around it.  
    Once you've got enough forces, push forward, take out the two Merch 
    Booths near Ophelia's stage, and then send your forces to take out her 
    stage and end the battle.
    Try to keep a squad or two near the stage, because even though it's not 
    much of a threat, Ophelia will occasionally send a squad to attack your 
    stage.  If you manage to keep Lita near the stage, she can keep them busy 
    long enough for you to get back and take them down.
    Watch out about playing solos near Ophelia, she can silence you, making 
    it impossible to use your guitar for anything.  It's more of a nuisance 
    than a serious threat, but even so, be careful when she's nearby.
    In addition, now that you have Heat Seekers on the Deuce, use it to give 
    a much needed firepower boost to your forces.  Only get out if you need 
    to fly or play a solo, as you can do a lot more damage with the guns on 
    the car.
    Once Ophelia's stage is down, the battle is over.
    UPDATE: Apparently I got lucky with this tactic, so here's some alternate 
    strategies from a few readers.
    A reader by the name of Tor says, "On Brutal, the Dry Ice, Wet Graves 
    mission is very tough if you try to fight it outright.  She heals her 
    base if you try and attack her right away.
    So, here is the strategy that made it a piece of cake for me:
    You make a made grab for the right geyser with all the headbangers you 
    can create from the get-go.  Place a flag at this geyser.  You will move 
    the flag later.  While that attack starts, you go and drop your Call of 
    the Wild on the geyers on the left and order it to attack that worm.   
    Meanwhile you create more headbangers. As soon as you can and they will 
    go to your flag.
    Somewhere early on, when you can, summon the Rock Wall to block Ophelia 
    from creating minions.  You can do that from anywhere on the map. 
    After you have captured the first two geysers in a hurry, you need to 
    create merch booths immediately on them.  Timing is key.  The sooner you 
    get these two created the sooner you can max out your headbanger army.
    You keep creating headbangers because they are cheap and a bunch of them 
    come running.   You move your flag to right in front of Ophelias stage.
    Summon your blimp onto one of Ophelias merch booths right by her stage.  
    Stand next to it and summon that explosion from the sky.
    Order your troops and the Call of the Wild beast to destroy the other 
    merch booth.  The trick here is to get through taking the first two 
    geysers within a couple of minutes and move onto destroying Ophelias Fan 
    supply IMMEDIATELY.  Don’t let up.   Use the devastating attacks and by 
    the time you have taken the middle two geysers you should be getting fans 
    quickly enough to just keep making more headbangers for now.
    Use your car for ground fire support against weak troops in between.  
    Resummon the beast if you have to.  Resummon the blimp if you can.   Once 
    you own all the geysers you can have the headbanger army attack the 
    stage.  Get out of your car near them and give them the war cry for a 
    boost in attack power.  Once I started attacking the stage, it was over 
    in a minute or so.  It took me about 5 minutes to get there.
    So, on Brutal, I was able to sweep the entire map, own all the geysers, 
    and once she has no more fans, she can barely do anything to you."
    Also, Munkis advises the following: "You need to upgrade your stage until 
    you can get roadies.  Then bring up a squad or two, hop on one and head 
    for Ophelia’s stage, using the roadie’s feedback attack once you get 
    there.  I pulled this off with one squad on Normal."  One squad?  Yikes!  
    I need to use roadies more.
    Chapter 20: Racing the Reaper
    Talk to Mangus to trigger the next mission.
    This mission is another defend the bus, and like the previous, it's not
    terribly hard as long as you have heat seekers.  The enemies attacking 
    you, reapers, are a bit more nasty than Tick Choppers, but other than 
    that fact, the mission isn't much trouble.
    Once you've reached your destination, you'll find yourself at the 
    entrance to the Sea of Black Tears.  A battle will start, but as long as 
    you're careful, there are enough allied forces for this fight to be over 
    fairly quickly.
    Chapter 21: Sea of Black Tears
    Move through the tunnel, listen to Ophelia's rather creepy, but really 
    cool, poem, and talk to Lita to get this battle started.
    ___Stage Battle__________________________________________________________
    All right, this is it.  Ophelia will throw everything she has at you, but 
    this mission's not too bad.  You need to take out her base on the other 
    end of the bridge, but two towers kill any units you send over, and you 
    need to take them out before you can continue.  In the meantime, start by 
    building up a force, and slowly capturing all of the Fan Geysers on your 
    side of the bridge.  In total, including the one you start with, there 
    are five, so get working on it.  My usual advice for force makeup holds.
    Once you've captured all of the geysers on this side of the bridge, park 
    your forces on the edge of the bridge and work on building them up.  
    Upgrade your stage to level 4, upgrade all the units that can be 
    upgraded, and maintain your load at 34 or lower.  Why not 40?  Because 
    you need six load points for your new unit, the Rock Crusher, which 
    requires a level 4 stage.  Once you have a rock crusher, double team with 
    it, and make your way to the bridge.  Don't worry about normal enemies.  
    This monster's got enough pyro mortars to not make them much of a threat, 
    although you might want to test out the attack while you're double 
    teaming.  To use it, hit the A button, and a targeting circle will 
    appear.  Place the circle where you want the attack to land, and watch 
    the fireworks.  Keep moving closer until you're just barely close enough 
    to hit the towers, but not close enough to get hit yourself.  One 
    Bladehenge attack will take out one tower, so fire off two, clear the 
    towers, and order all of your units to advance. 
    At this point, a giant tree monster will attack you.  If you charge it 
    blindly, you'll probably lose a good amount of forces, especially on 
    Brutal.  If you need to, back off and replenish your forces.  If you have 
    enough, though, tell them all to focus on the tree.  In addition to 
    attacking the biggest threat, your forces will give you a distraction.  
    Stay on the rockcrusher and spam Bladehenge attacks as fast as you can.  
    Once the tree goes down, there isn't much left in your way to stop you, 
    so move forward and steamroll over Ophelia's base.
    Just for the hell of it, here's Ophelia's poem:
    Through the woods a girl came sadly,
    Something broken in her chest.
    She had dared to love another,
    Alas, no better than the rest.
    Up my path the girl came gladly.
    Something opened up my doors.
    I longed to stop her bleeding heart,
    And so I called her to my shores.
    Those you trust will hurt you badly,
    Something now I'm sure you see.
    So drown your tears in me, my dear,
    As you drown, my dear, in me.
    Chapter 22: Abomination Overdrive
    This is the end of the game.  If you have anything you want to do before
    completing the game, it is highly recommended that you do it now.
    When you're ready to finish the game, talk to Lita to begin the final 
    ___Stage Battle__________________________________________________________
    If you know what to expect, this one is tough, but certainly doable.  If 
    you come in unprepared, though, this mission will eat you alive and turn 
    your eyes into a necklace.
    First thing's first, amass a force and clear the other two Fan Geysers 
    and cap them.
    Now, you'll need to simply stay alive and build up fans before 
    continuing.  Amass your forces near one of the Fan Geysers and wait.  The 
    enemy will launch dark mortars, which are tricky to avoid, and spawn 
    spears.  These spears will spawn groups of enemies, so as soon as you see 
    one, have your forces head over so you can take down the enemies without 
    getting swarmed.  Whenever Doviculous comes down, focus on attacking him 
    until he flees.  He can do serious damage to your forces.  You do not 
    want to let him do anything.
    Here's the tricky bit: before going forward, you need to amass as 
    powerful a force as possible, while saving up spare fans to keep the army 
    running as it takes losses.  The force can contain whatever units you're 
    comfortable with.  You need to upgrade to a level 4 stage, and upgrade 
    all relevant units.  Once that's done, max out your load and get an 
    ADDITIONAL 1000 fans.  I know this seems like a lot, but once you 
    actually start attacking, you'll need the safety net to avoid getting 
    Once you're ready, set a command beacon on your own stage.  You'll see 
    why in a minute.
    If you haven't already, summon the Deuce, it's mandatory in order to pull 
    this off.
    Send your forces to attack one of the side structures.  I generally go 
    right, then left, but either works.
    The problem with focusing on attacking the buildings is that you'll no 
    longer be able to overwhelm the enemies as they spawn.  In addition, 
    Doviculous will start sending bigger enemies the further you get, so if 
    you lose momentum completely after you start attacking, you're screwed.
    The moment one of the side buildings goes down, it will show you the 
    relevant side tunnel, which is where you need to go.  Send your units in 
    the direction of the other side building, and then hightail it in the 
    Deuce and drive up the tunnel, jumping into the structure to take it out 
    for good.  If you're too slow, the building will recover, so move it.
    Once you've destroyed one of the buildings, you need to act fast.  Have 
    your forces bring down the other structure, and drive up its tunnel to 
    destroy it.  Immediately after landing, send your forces to the beacon 
    (the stage, in this case), while you head to the center bridge.  If you 
    have enough forces left, this should give you enough time to drive across 
    the bridge and into the central building, ending the battle.  If you're 
    not fast enough, the enemies will not have too much trouble steamrolling 
    your forces and taking out your stage, making you fail the battle.
    Alternatively, I MAKE PUNS recommends the following: upgrade your stage 
    until you get roadies, make two squads of roadies, and then use 
    individual commands (hold Y) to send each squad to a different side 
    tower.  They should take them out fairly quickly.  This is a much quicker 
    strategy to avoid having to save up the large amount of fans.
    Watch the cutscenes and get ready for an epic showdown.
    ___Final Boss: Emperor Doviculous________________________________________
    This is it, the final showdown.  Emperor Doviculous packs a punch, so be 
    ready.  Run him around in circles, using your guitar to shock him, and 
    Earthshaker to knock him away.  If you can, get a few axe strikes in, but 
    be careful not to give him an opening.
    Once you do enough damage, the Emperor will retreat, hovering over the 
    room, suspended by a set of chains.  He will summon waves of Druids and 
    Battlenuns to attack you.  Take them out and in between waves, use your 
    guitar to attack Doviculous from a distance, destroying the chains.  Once 
    all the chains are gone, he'll return to the battle.
    Attack him like you did before, and the process will repeat.  This time
    however, more chains will come from the sky, and when they land, energy 
    attacks will hit the end of the chains, doing a good deal of damage.  
    There's a bit of a delay, though, so just avoid the chains as you fight.  
    Aside from that, the round is the same.
    Once Doviculous is down again, attack him until he retreats.  This is the 
    home stretch of the fight.  In addition to the enemies and the chains, 
    large arms will come from outside the room, attacking the sides, so you 
    need to avoid the sides of the room while you fight.  Plus, the interval 
    between waves is shorter, so as soon as the last enemy goes down, start 
    attacking Doviculous before the next wave.  Once you knock the chains 
    down again, even if there are enemies, ignore them, run up to the 
    Emperor, and attack with your axe to finish the fight.
    Watch the epic battle cry and the ending cutscenes.  Congratulations, 
    you've beaten Brutal Legend!
    Once the credits are done, you are now free to roam the world, searching 
    for collectables and side missions, for achievements and bonus extras.
    4.) Exploring the World
    Well, so now you've beaten the game, or maybe just want to take a break 
    from the story.  Why not explore the world, see what it has to offer?  
    This section will explain all of the things you can find on the main 
    world, including collectables and side missions, and how to activate 
    Side Missions
    One of the best ways of getting Fire Tributes is to complete side 
    missions.  These show up as small markers on your world map, letting you 
    know which ones are available.  While there are a few one time missions, 
    most of them are part of a group.  Fortunately, the tactics for each 
    group are pretty much the same.  This section will explain some basic 
    advice you should follow if you're having trouble with any one mission 
    I.) Ambush
    Ambush missions are simple enough.  Your goal for these is to defeat a 
    group of enemies while protecting your own forces.  If at least one of 
    your units survives, you win.  Otherwise, you fail and have to try again.  
    Generally, you need to run ahead of your forces and use the lightning 
    attack to zap the enemy forces for some quick damage.  Next, run up and 
    use Earthshaker to scatter them.  If they get close to your forces, use 
    the Facemelter solo to take as many out in what shot as you can.  
    Generally, once the melee units are down, you'll have to deal with range 
    units.  Run up to them, as they usually group together, and use a 
    combination of Earthshaker to stun them, and lightning attacks to finish 
    them off.  Depending on the makeup of your allies, you can also use 
    doubleteams to make the mission easier.  Either way, once all the enemy 
    forces are down, you win.  If you happen to have the Bring it on Home 
    solo, then these missions are an absolute joke.
    II.) Race
    This is probably the most challenging of the mission types, depending on 
    how much you play racing games.  The basic goal is simple, beat Fletus, 
    the demon driver, to the goal, a giant pillar of green light.  Along the 
    way, you have to follow a path designated by small blue light pillars.  
    Fortunately, to hit a checkpoint, you only have to get within a small 
    distance of it, and not touch it directly, so you have a bit of freedom 
    in how you drive the course, provided you follow it.  The main difficulty 
    for these missions is Fletus himself.  His car, the Squealer, is very 
    fast, so you'll need to use the nitro boost in order to beat him.  My 
    main recommendation for these is to have all of the Deuce upgrades 
    possible, especially the performance and nitro boost upgrades.  Use your 
    boosts on straight stretches of road, and try your best to pass Fletus.  
    Unless you want to try beating Fletus at the last minute, I would 
    recommend just running through the course a few times to get a feel for 
    it, so you don't have to worry about him knowing the course better than 
    you.  In a few cases, you have to make rather nasty turns.  Do this by 
    either stopping and nitro boosting out of it to regain lost speed, or 
    using the handbrake.  Keep these tips in mind, and with a little 
    practice, you'll be able to beat these missions and leave Fletus in the 
    dust.  Once you've beaten every race with Fletus, he will give you 
    Squealer Sauce, a massive upgrade to your nitro.
    III.) Overslaughter
    These missions are a bit different.  You activate them by talking to the 
    hunter, who starts out in Bladehenge, and moves elsewhere as the game 
    progresses.  He challenges you to beat his record for hunting different 
    kinds of wildlife on the field.  You have no time limit, and can complete 
    each level at any time to get the Fire Tributes for it.  You only have to 
    return to the hunter for the next mission in the chain.  In addition, 
    upon completion of the first Overslaughter mission, you get the Call of 
    the Wild solo, which allows you to summon wildlife to aid you in battle.  
    This is especially useful if you need a quick boost of forces during 
    stage battles.  Everytime you complete an Overslaughter mission, the solo 
    will upgrade, summoning the most recent wildlife you've hunted.  As for 
    the missions themselves, they're generally pretty simple.  Just use your 
    car and weapons to take them down as you run into them.  Once they're 
    available in the Motor Forge, the Bolt Throwers can rip through pretty 
    much everything you have to hunt.  Once you've completed every mission, 
    talk to the hunter in his original position in Bladehenge, and he will 
    give you the Steel-Quilled Blade.
    IV.) Mount the Death Rack
    In this group of missions, the Deuce is turned into a stationary turret, 
    and you have to wipe out all attacking enemies with your weapons.  To 
    help you, the guy who built the jack will call out where the enemies are 
    coming from, and there are allied forces at the bottom, who will follow 
    your orders.  These missions aren't too hard, although you need the 
    machine gun to even do them.  Once you get heat seekers, though, these 
    missions just become incredibly easy, as anything you don't blow to 
    pieces will get taken out by your units.  If you like, hold off on these 
    until you get heat seekers, and then just rain some death from above.  By 
    V.) Cannoneer
    Available once you get bouncers in your army (around chapter 10 or so), 
    the goal of this is to help the mortar operator take out attacking 
    forces.  Essentially, as you drive, hit A, and a beacon will be placed 
    where you are.  The mortar will fire a shell at that spot, and whatever's 
    in the blast radius will get an unpleasant surprise.  Fortunately, this 
    doesn't hurt the allied forces defending the cannon, so all you have to 
    worry about is taking out the enemies.  The hard part is that once fired, 
    it takes a couple seconds for the shell to hit.  What you need to do is 
    set the beacon ahead of the incoming forces (or, if far enough away from 
    the cannon, in the middle of your troops).  As they run in, they'll get 
    hit by the shell, which has a fairly large area of effect.  Essentially, 
    the farther you are from the cannon, the longer each shot will take to 
    hit, so just practice a bit with leading the enemy, and you'll get the 
    hang of it quickly enough.  If the enemies get close enough to attack the 
    cannon, set a beacon as close as possible that the cannoneer can actually 
    fire.  Whatever isn't killed by the blast will be taken out by the allied 
    forces defending the cannon.
    VI.) Deliver the beer
    This is a one-shot side mission near Bladehenge.  The guardian of the 
    sacred beer tree has tasked you with delivering a few kegs of beer to the 
    beach before they get warm.  So in other words, drive as fast as you can 
    for the beach before time runs out.  The catch is that shocks will make 
    the beer explode (that's some volatile beer), so you need to avoid 
    running into things.  Drops aren't a problem unless they're really long 
    falls, so don't worry too much about those.  Just check your map for the 
    route and make your way there.  To avoid crashing, try and avoid using 
    nitro unless you really need it to make up for time.  Once you get down 
    to the beach, there are few obstacles, so as long as you're careful, you 
    can boost like hell to the finish.
    VII.) Defend the couple
    A headbanger wants to pick up a razor girl at a party.  There's just one 
    problem: some of the Kill Master's men want in on the action.  Your goal 
    is to keep them away from the couple until the headbanger can finish 
    talking to the girl.  Simple enough, you have a time limit, and you have 
    to keep approaching guys out of the circle long enough for the timer to 
    run out.  How do you do it?  Well, there are a lot of headbangers, so 
    just run into a group and hit Y to activate a mosh pit double team.  Use 
    this to knock away anyone who tries to get into the circle.  They'll go 
    the opposite direction for a few seconds once you hit them, so stay near 
    the circle and hit the biggest threats away, changing your targets as 
    needed.  Once the timer empties, you win.
    VIII.) Cull the tainted herd.
    A herd of wildlife has been corrupted by the Tainted Coil, and one of the 
    razor girls has asked you to cull the herd before it corrupts anything 
    else.  Use the Deuce to chase after the herd, taking them out with your 
    primary weapons.  If you have heat seekers, this mission is a joke.  You 
    have plenty of time to take them all out, so just follow behind and take 
    them down one by one.
    IX.) Save the bat family's Home
    Near the Dry Ice Mines, you've run into a family of bats, who are 
    threatening to bite your head off for even passing near them.  When you 
    ask about the fact that bats live in caves, the father confirms this, and 
    then explains that monsters have chased them out.  Your goal: go in and 
    take out the enemy monsters.  This mission is reasonably easy.  As you 
    head through the cave, you'll see flying monsters, who hang out by 
    themselves.  Approach one until it notices you and lead it away from the 
    others.  Once this is done, use your guitar to shock the monster, which 
    will fall to the ground for a second.  Now just run up to it and use your 
    axe to take it out.  If it gets back up, just repeat the process.  Do 
    this for all of the monsters until you get to the end of the cave, where 
    a giant beast on four legs and two of the flying monsters will attack 
    you.  Run away in circles, using the guitar to shock the enemies as you 
    run.  As long as you're fast enough, the enemies will go down once 
    they're hit enough, and the mission will be complete.
    Tab Slabs
    These are giant rock slabs that are found in various places across the 
    world map.  While you learn a few songs from the plot, and one from doing 
    side missions, most of these are learned from finding tab slabs.  To use 
    one, simply find it and hit the Y button to trigger a brief cutscene and 
    learn the solo.
    Motor Forges
    Motor Forges are large structures in the shape of a motor with a garage 
    door in the front.  They are pretty easy to spot on the field, especially 
    since they're surrounded by red flowers, the sign that it is a buried 
    relic.  To raise it, play the Relic Raiser solo while standing in the 
    middle of the flowers.  For the door to open, you must be driving the 
    Deuce for it to open.  Once raised, it will appear on your map.
    Buried Metal
    If you see the red flowers but no giant motor, that means that it's 
    probably Buried Metal.  These are found throughout the world map and once 
    raised with the Relic Raiser solo, grant you a new song to play with the 
    Mouth of Metal while driving in the Deuce.
    Landmark Viewers
    If you see a small square platform with one of those stationary 
    binoculars that you can find at the top of tall buildings, then it's a 
    Landmark Viewer.  If the lights on the platform are green, you haven not 
    used that particular viewer yet.  If they're red, you've already used it 
    and can ignore it if you want.  Simply walk up to one of these and hit Y 
    to get a nice view of nearby scenery.
    Lightning Plug Jumps
    If, while driving around, you notice a bunch of blue lights floating in 
    the air, those are Lightning Plug Bugs.  If you jump through them, they 
    will follow the Deuce for a brief period of time and you will receive 
    Fire Tributes for your trouble.  To actually pull off the jump, there is 
    usually a ramp nearby, although its location may not be readily apparent.  
    Once you find it, drive up it and hit the nitro at the last moment before 
    you take off to get a boost of speed and hit the bugs.  If you miss, just 
    try again.  The jumps are generally pretty simple.
    These aren't collectables so much as points of interest.  The various 
    wildlife throughout the world can be used to ride around.  To do this, 
    find an animal, use your guitar to shock and stun it, then run over and 
    hit the Y button to ride it.  Generally, there isn't much practical 
    benefit to doing this over the Deuce, but it can be fun, especially some 
    of the bigger wildlife.
    Bound Serpents
    If you see what looks like a dragon or serpent bound by S&M gear, then 
    you've found a Bound Serpent.  There are a total of 120 spread out 
    throughout the world, and in order to free one, walk up to it and hold 
    the X button to trigger your guitar's pyro attack, which will destroy the 
    restraints and free the serpent.  Alternatively, you can use the power 
    slide move to free them, but it is a bit tricky to aim the move right.  
    For every ten serpents freed, you get an upgrade as a gift from 
    Ormagoden.  For example, ten serpents nets you a piece of Ormagoden's 
    flesh, which grants you a small boost to your maximum health.  Every time 
    you free one, the game will tell you how many you need to get the next 
    upgrade.  In addition, you get a few Fire Tributes for each serpent for 
    free, so by all means, go ahead and free one if you see it.  They can 
    even be freed while you are in the middle of a mission, although if you 
    die, it will reset, so you'll have to do it again.
    Here is an incomplete list of the gifts you receive for freeing Bound 
    Serpents.  Currently, I have 80 of the serpents (yeah, yeah, I'm lazy 
    about collecting).  Considering the repetition in the list, the initial 
    four upgrades probably repeat again for the last four, but if someone 
    wants to confirm or refute this assumption, feel free.
    10 - Ormagoden's Flesh - +10% Max Health
    20 - Ormagoden's Blood - +10% Health Regen Rate 
    30 - Ormagoden's Scream - +5% Regen Bonus for Allied Troops 
    40 - Ormagoden's Fire - +10% Faster Flight Speed 
    50 - Ormagoden's Flesh - +10% Max Health (+20% Total) 
    60 - Ormagoden's Blood - +10% Health Regen Rate (+20% Total)
    70 - Ormagoden's Scream - +5% Regen Bonus for Allied Troops (+10% Total)
    80 - Ormagoden's Fire - +10% Faster Flight Speed (+20% Total)
    Artifacts of Legends
    These are large demonic statues that hold a blue orb at the bottom.  
    Bound by chains, they can be freed with the use of the Earthshaker attack 
    (X & A at the same time, if you forgot).  Once freed, you can run up and 
    hit the Y button to see a cinematic detailing some of the world's 
    backstory.  One warning, though.  The last few artifacts might give minor 
    spoilers, so you might want to pass on some of these until you complete 
    the game.
    5.) Shop/Upgrades
    This is a listing of the categories and upgrades available at the Motor 
    Forge.  Where appropriate, I'll add my comments on different upgrades or 
    categories.  I will only do this though if I've actually played around 
    with the upgrade in question enough to form an opinion.  Otherwise, I'll 
    just quote the ingame description.  For the purely cosmetic categories, 
    I'll just give a description of the category and won't even bother with 
    individual descriptions.  Within each category, the upgrades are listed 
    in the order they appear in the menu once they're all unlocked, NOT in 
    the order to get access to them.
    Deuce Upgrades
    These are upgrades attached to your car, the Deuce.  Unlike a lot of 
    other categories, once you have this, it's permanently attached to the 
    car, so you don't have to come back to change something out.  Also 
    different, most of the upgrades in this category are in levels, so in 
    order to unlock Performance Overkill, for example, you need to purchase 
    the previous Performance Boosts, or it won't even show up as buyable.  
    For these upgrades, I'll just give a name for the chain as a whole and 
    make a note that it is a chain.
    I.) Nitro (Chain)
    This is a chain that grants you improvements to your nitro boosts, such 
    as lowering the delay between boosts.  Whether or not this is useful 
    depends entirely on how much you use nitro boosts in the first place.  If 
    you're just playing through the story, this is not terribly important, 
    but it is immensely useful for making Lightning Plug jumps or beating 
    Fletus in a race.  Up to you.
    II.) Mouth of Metal
    This is automatically awarded for finding the Metal Forge.  It is a radio  
    that lets you play songs from the soundtrack while you drive.  To get new 
    songs, play through the game or find Buried Metal spread throughout the 
    III.) Performance (Chain)
    This chain improves the car itself.  You can drive faster, accelerate 
    quicker, and even get better handling (not completely sure on this one, 
    seems to handle better after upgrading, though).  This is a must when 
    racing Fletus, and is definitely recommended throughout the game.
    IV.) Armor (Chain)
    This chain increases two things.  First, you get more defense, so the car 
    can take more damage before exploding.  Second, you improve the damage 
    done by ramming enemies with the Deuce.  Like the Nitro chain, this 
    depends on how you play.  If you have trouble with defense or like to ram 
    enemies, then get it, otherwise, it's not mandatory to beating the game.
    Mt. Rockmore Effigies
    These should be the last thing you buy.  Mt. Rockmore is a structure near 
    Bladehenge that has four faces on it.  Using these effigies, you can put 
    whoever you want up on Mt. Rockmore.  That being said, they serve no 
    practical benefit, and after a certain point, you rarely return to 
    Bladehenge, so you won't even see it that much.  The effigies are pretty 
    cheap, but even so, don't bother unless you've already bought everything 
    I.) Emperor Doviculous
    II.) Eddie Riggs
    III.) The Baron
    IV.) Guardian of Metal
    V.) General Lionwhyte
    VI.) Lita Halford
    VII.) Mangus
    VIII.) Kill Master
    IX.) Lars Halford
    X.) Ophelia
    XI.) Drowned Ophelia
    Special Attacks
    These add new combat options while you're on foot, but I found that I 
    didn't really use them that much.  Your mileage may vary, however.
    I.) Grabber
    "Pull back while targeting an enemy and press X to yank them towards 
    you."  Useful when fighting metal spiders.  Otherwise, I barely used it.
    II.) Rock Kick
    "Use A, A, A, X to Rock Kick enemies in the mouth."
    III.) Shock Bomb
    "Use X to charge an enemy in midair, causing them to explode when hitting 
    the ground."
    IV.) Fire Cord
    "Use A, A, X to light dudes on fire."
    V.) Power Slide
    "Use X while running to deliver a fiery guitar-shredding power slide."  
    In case you don't know, this has to be done while sprinting, which is 
    done by clicking the left stick.  It won't trigger if you're just 
    normally moving.
    VI.) Roman Candle
    "Use A, X, X to ignite a sparkling pyrotechnic display to hold enemies 
    Axe Treatments
    These are bonus effects add to your axe attacks.  You can only have one 
    on at a time.  To switch, return to the Metal Forge and select the effect 
    you want equipped.  If you've already bought a given upgrade, you don't 
    have to buy it again.
    I.) Eternal Fire
    Lights enemies on fire.  While this can be useful, not all enemies are 
    flammable, such as metal spiders.  As such, this is a situational 
    upgrade, and so I don't recommend it.
    II.) Razor's Edge
    Increases melee damage.  It doesn't boost your damage by a huge amount, 
    but every little bit counts, and this upgrade is useful in any 
    circumstance.  This is what I recommend.
    III.) Soul Sucking
    Grants some health-steal.  Haven't played much with this, but according 
    to reader emails, the amount of health you get is only slightly less 
    than, if not equal to, the amount of damage you do.  That being said, you 
    get this late in the game, so I'd stick with Razor's Edge.  Up to you, 
    IV.) Bloodlust
    Increases damage the longer you attack, decreases damage over time.  If 
    you wade into battle with your axe a lot, this is useful, otherwise, not 
    so much.  Depends on your play-style.
    V.) Black Tear
    Reduces the damage done by enemy attackers.  I prefer to kill an enemy 
    before they hit me, but this can come in handy in large groups and for 
    stage battles.
    VI.) No Treatment
    No bonuses.
    VII.) Chain Lightning
    Sends a bolt of electricity out when you hit, which jumps from enemy to 
    enemy.  Good for groups, and since one on ones don't happen much, 
    certainly not a bad weapon.  I still prefer Razor's Edge, though.
    Guitar Strings
    Like the Axe Treatments, these give bonus effects to your guitar attacks 
    or solos.  Can only equip one at a time.
    I.) High Voltage
    Major increase in damage to your basic ranged X attack.  Depending on how 
    much you use range, can be very handy.
    II.) Shredders
    Reduces heat generated by solos, may also reduce heat generated by normal 
    guitar attacks.  A very useful upgrade, especially during stage battles.  
    I recommend this one.
    III.) Brawlers
    Boosts damage when using guitar in melee combos.  I don't do it that 
    much, but if you vary your combos a lot, could come in handy.
    IV.) Destroyers
    Major damage increase to guitar attacks within melee combos.  Once again, 
    your mileage may vary.
    V.) Original Strings
    No bonus.
    VI.) Pyromaniacs
    Major boost to damage from Pyro.  I don't use Pyro much, but if you do, 
    this could be useful.
    VII.) Super Shakers
    Boosts knockback radius and damage of Earthshaker.  Once again, your 
    mileage may vary.  I find it very useful, though.
    Paint Jobs
    Each of these gives a new look to the Deuce.  While these are just as 
    useless as the Mt. Rockmore Effigies, you do see the Deuce a great deal 
    more, so getting a paint job or two couldn't hurt.
    I.) The Valkyrie
    II.) Chrome Vengeance
    III.) Stock
    IV.) Ace of Hades
    V.) Man Eater
    VI.) Wagon of Bones
    VII.) Laser Panther
    Secondary Weapons
    These are weapons attached to the side or back of the Deuce, which are 
    fired with the X button.  They are useful, but not necessary.  You can go 
    through the game without them and not have much trouble.
    I.) Mine Dropper
    Lays out mines behind you.  Haven't used it much, but it's not too bad.
    II.) Side Burners
    Jets of fire shoot out from the side of the Deuce, lighting enemies on 
    fire.  It's the first secondary you have access to, and it's decent, but 
    you have to be right next to the enemy for it to work, and it doesn't do 
    much damage.  So unless you have a bumper car habit, you don't really 
    need these.
    III.) Sub Woofer
    Side-mounted weapon that can knock back small infantry.  Haven't used 
    them enough to form an opinion.
    Primary Weapons
    These are weapons attached to the front of the Deuce, and fire in front.  
    These are extremely useful, and are a must for the protect the Tour Bus 
    I.) Heat Seeker
    Launches a single homing rocket with good damage and high splash.  
    Probably the slowest of the weapons, but it's damage, homing, and splash 
    all make it incredibly useful.  If a unit gets in really close, it might 
    be hard for the missiles to hit it, but there are ways around this.  The 
    Heat Seeker makes the protect missions a joke and allows you to use the 
    vehicle as a mobile command platform during stage battles that can 
    provide extra firepower for your troops.  Highly recommended.
    II.) Machine Gun
    Two front-mounted miniguns.  Low damage, good accuracy, high rate of 
    fire.  These are the first primary weapons you have access to, and they 
    are an absolute requirement for the protect missions.  Definitely pick 
    these up.
    III.) Missile Launcher
    Fast firing, low accuracy missile launchers.  The damage on these are 
    good, but the horrible accuracy is not worth it.  Stick with the Machine 
    Gun until you can get the Heat Seeker or the Bolt Thrower.
    IV.) Bolt Thrower
    Launches bolts of electricity.  Good damage, fast rate of fire, limited 
    homing capabilities.  A good weapon, but I prefer the Heat Seeker for the 
    splash characteristic.  If you don't care about splash, though, go with 
    these.  Also, these are rather handy for hunting missions.
    Unlockable Upgrades
    This is not a separate category within the Metal Forge; rather, these are 
    upgrades that you can get automatically for meeting certain conditions.  
    Once unlocked, they will appear in the Motor Forge under their respective 
    category.  This section will list the unlockable upgrades as I find them, 
    as well as their effects and the conditions needed to unlock them.  This 
    section also includes downloadable axes, although since I haven't gotten 
    any of those, I'm relying on reader info for them.
    I.) Squealer Sauce
    Category: Deuce Upgrades
    How to Get: Beat all of the race missions against Fletus
    This upgrade is achieved once you beat Fletus enough.  He gives you this 
    item, which appears in the shop as "Triple Nitro."  Considering that the 
    main use for nitro is in races, you really have no need for this upgrade 
    by the time you unlock it.  That being said, your nitro boosts last much 
    longer, and you can use them with very little cooldown (about 3 seconds 
    or so between boosts).  Even though you don't need it, you can move 
    around drastically faster with this upgrade.
    II.) Steel-Quilled Blade
    Category: Axe Treatments
    How to Get: Complete all hunting missions, then talk to the hunter again
    Multiple readers emailed me about this upgrade, which beforehand I didn't 
    even know about.  Your axe is surrounded by quills, which embed 
    themselves in infantry.  Upon death, the target explodes.  I haven't 
    noticed a huge splash radius or damage boost to nearby enemies, but like 
    I've said, every little bit helps.  In addition, judging by the Guardian 
    of Metal's comments, reader information, and my own testing, this does 
    around the same amount of damage as the Razor's Edge upgrade, making this 
    one of the best upgrades in the game.  Contrary to what I thought, this 
    is available during the campaign, albeit very late in the game.  Thanks 
    to King Forsaker for this info.  Also, since this is an 
    Axe Treatment, you can not have any other treatments equipped at the same 
    time as this.
    III.) Love Giver Guitar
    Category: Guitar Strings
    How to get: preorder bonus DLC
    This guitar was a gift for people who preordered the game at GameStop.  I 
    didn't have enough spare cash until after the game came out, so I never 
    got this.  According to King Forsaker, though, the only real difference 
    over Clementine is that adds new dialogue when used, the reasoning being 
    that since it's available in multiplayer, it would likely be unbalanced 
    to give it some new properties.  Certainly a reasonable stance to take.
    IV.) Blade of Ormagoden
    Category: Axe Treatments
    How to Get: Tears of Hextadon DLC
    This axe is received as part of the Tears of Hextadon DLC, in addition to 
    the multiplayer maps.  I haven't downloaded it, and since I'm not 
    interested in the multiplayer, I probably won't any time soon.  According 
    to reader King Forsaker, though, the damage on this is extremely high.  
    Apparently, it makes on foot sections of the campaign extremely easy, 
    even on Brutal.  He theorizes that it does as much damage as a fully 
    charged Bloodlust axe.  If that's true, then that is simply OBSCENE.  
    Honestly, unless you're going through the game a second time for the sake 
    of completion or just for the hell of it, I wouldn't recommend this axe, 
    to be honest.  Why?  I found the game was not that hard, even on brutal.  
    The main times I had trouble was when I wasn't sure what to do.  That 
    being said, if you've already beaten the game or you don't care about 
    challenge, by all means, go with this rediculously powerful weapon.  At 
    least it's not as bad as the Crissaegrim from Castlevania: Symphony of 
    the Night.
    6.) Solo List
    This is a list of the guitar solos available during the SINGLE-PLAYER 
    Campaign.  There are additional songs exclusive to the Tainted Coil and 
    Drowning Doom in multiplayer, but considering this guide is focused on 
    the campaign, I'll leave those out, especially as I haven't touched the 
    multiplayer much yet.  If I've used a solo on this list, I'll give some 
    comments.  Otherwise, I'll give a basic description from the manual.
    I.) Fan Tribute
    Playing this near a green Fan Geyser will capture it for your side, 
    setting up a Merch Booth on top of it and earning you a boost to your fan 
    income.  Only used in stage battles, and a necessity for them.  Other 
    than that, not much to say.
    II.) Relic Raiser
    Use this when standing amongst red flowers to raise a buried object, such 
    as a Metal Forge.  Only used a handful of times during the story, its 
    main purpose is unearthing collectables.
    III.) Summon Deuce
    Summons the Deuce to your current location.  Considering the size of the 
    world map, you'll be needing this song often.  You can also use the Deuce 
    as a mobile command base during stage battles, especially if it's armed 
    with good weapons.
    IV.) Rally Army
    Places a green beacon at your location, and summons all friendly units to 
    that beacon.  Useful if you need to regroup or quickly get all of your 
    units to one place.
    V.) Summon Flag.
    Places a flag on the field.  Any new units will automatically head to 
    this spot.  Useful so that you don't have to constantly go back to your 
    stage to give orders to your new units, and very useful in keeping 
    reinforcements heading to where you want them to go.
    VI.) Battle Cry
    "Inspire troops to ignore fatigue and unleash the hand of doom on your 
    foes."  Haven't used it enough to form an opinion.
    VII.) Facemelter
    Amazing solo, this instantly kills nearby infantry by melting their faces 
    off.  This is immensely useful against large groups of enemies, 
    especially certain units of the Drowning Doom like Grave Diggers.  
    Unfortunately, for best effect you need to be standing in the middle of 
    the enemy forces, which is a risky move.  The best use is during large 
    battles where you can use your allied troops as cover while you play the 
    VIII.) Anvil of Burden
    "Attach a mighty anvil of the Titans to a hostile Avatar's lef, slowing 
    them and removing their ability."  Sounds useful, but haven't really used 
    it enough to form an opinion.
    IX.) Rock Block
    Stops the enemy stage from producing new units for a brief period of 
    time.  Doesn't last very long, but in certain circumstances, can come in 
    very handy.
    X.) Call of the Wild
    Earned from completing the first Overslaughter mission, this solo summons 
    various wildlife to aid you in battle.  In the field, you summon 
    whatever's around, and in stage battles, you summon the most powerful 
    creature that you've completed the hunting mission for.  This is a method 
    of getting quick reinforcements, and thus is very useful for stage 
    XI.) Light of Dawn
    Prevents the enemy from debuffing you or buffing themselves.  Also looks 
    damn cool.  Doesn't last very long, but for certain generals who like 
    debuffs, this can save you a lot of trouble.
    XII.) Bring It On Home
    "Summon a burning zeppelin of lead and crash it on all who oppose you!  
    Always a crowd-pleaser."  Found late in the game, this solo rains 
    destruction on all enemies within a large radius of you.  It also does 
    significant damage to buildings.  This combined with efficient Facemelter 
    use makes the Ambush missions an absolute joke.  This is also a good solo 
    to use if you get into trouble during stage battles.  Highly recommended.
    7.) Combo List
    Shocker: X, X, X, X, X
    Pyro: Hold X
    Earthshaker: A + X
    Flash Pot: A, X
    Fire Chord: A, A, X
    Rock Kick: A, A, A, X
    Power Slide: X while sprinting (click left stick to sprint)
    Roman Candle: A, X, X
    Grabber: Pull back on left stick while targeting an enemy and press X
    Shock Bomb: X when the enemy is in midair
    8.) Credits/Contacting the Author
    If you wish to drop me a line, feel free.  Send me an email at
    lq3dg3@gmail.com.  That is not my primary email (I use my primary for 
    more  work related stuff), so I can't guarantee a prompt response, but I 
    will try to check my email at least once a day and respond as needed.  
    Some notes:
    -If you have any questions, feel free to ask, I'll try and send a 
    response with the answer, and if I get enough questions, I'll add a faq 
    to the end of the guide.
    -If there's something you think I should put in the guide, like another 
    section or something, feel free to suggest it.  I can't promise I'll 
    actually add it, but I'll certainly consider it.
    -If you feel a section is not detailed enough, let me know.  I'll go back
    through that section and try to add some more detail.  Do try and specify 
    what you mean, though.  Just saying that a section is not detailed enough 
    is absolutely no help.
    -If you wish to submit info for the purposes of this guide, feel free.  I 
    will most certainly credit anyone who sends me advice.  This can be 
    alternate strategies for a given section, second opinions on different 
    upgrades, or info about the locations of collectables.  That last one is 
    especially important, as while I will add a section on side stuff, I am 
    not really good at describing locations or making maps, so I do not have 
    much intention of creating a list of detailed locations.  If you wish to, 
    though, I will gladly add it to the guide and give due credit.  On that 
    same note, if I add something to the guide and it is not correctly 
    credited, let me know and I will fix it.
    -Similarly, info about unlockable upgrades that aren't in the guide yet 
    would be appreciated.
    -I do not have much intention of creating a very detailed multiplayer 
    section, as I am not terribly good at multiplayer rts games, which is 
    what the multiplayer for Brutal Legend is.
    -If you notice mistakes, let me know.  I will fix them and give you 
    -Also, if you wish to be credited, please include the name you would like 
    to be credited under in your email.
    Thanks to I MAKE PUNS for contributing an alternate strategy for the 
    final stage battle. 
    Thanks to Les for information regarding the Steel-Quilled Blade.
    Thanks to King Forsaker for further information about the Steel-Quilled 
    Blade, as well as some extra info on axe treatments.  And special thanks 
    for even more information about the Blade of Ormagoden, Love Giver 
    guitar, and Bring it on Home.
    Thanks to Tor and Munkis for alternate strategies for the Dry Ice, Wet 
    Graves stage battle.

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