How do you pull of charge moves?

  1. How do you pull off ccharge moves without moving too far away from your opponent?

    User Info: subakunogaara

    subakunogaara - 8 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. There's three ways ways to do this.

    You can hold down and back so that you stay stationary on the ground. This is useful for charging back-forward and down-up attacks, but it's terribly obvious what your doing, and the opponent will surely counter it. You can also just wait for an opponent to attack you and simply charge as you block, but this is dangerous.

    Jump forward whilst holding back. It's a good way to gain ground and land a nice charge when you touch earth, but jumping is terribly dangerous if you're not ready with an attack or a mix-up.

    Charge whilst comboing. This is the best way to do it and not too terribly difficult either; it just requires that your timing is precise. It allows for you to do the most damage and can leave you totally stationary, or can advance you if you use a move that pulls you forward like Guile's Bazooka Knee. In this same vein, you can also just mash the jab to remain stationary while at a distance while charging and then release an attack to throw off your opponent, but this only works once or twice if you're lucky in a match.

    The best player utilizes all methods to keep his game fresh and unpredictable. You should almost always have a charge going, unless you intend to throw off your opponent to bait them into a jump grab or an anti-air of some sort.

    User Info: Goldanas

    Goldanas - 8 years ago 2 0

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