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    FAQ/Walkthrough by AdvsInfinity

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                   Walkthrough by Thomas A Halter Jr  (Taenju Junaut)
                                     Version  1.01
                                  Friday Jan 22, 2010
                            Last Updated Sunday, Feb 21 2010
                               Email: Taenju@hotmail.com
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                                  Table  Of Contents
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                            (FT=Find Tag,  for Ctrl-F use)
                    E: Example                           [ExampleFT]
                    1: Copywrite-----------------------[CopywriteFT]
                    2: Version History    -       [VersionHistoryFT]
                    3: Author's Note-----------------[AuthorsNoteFT]
                    3: Intro              -                [IntroFT]
                    4: Mechanics-----------------------[MechanicsFT]
                    5: Walkthrough        -          [WalkthroughFT]
                       -Episode 1-----------------------[Episode1FT]
                        -I: Prologue      -             [PrologueFT]
                        -II: Crash Site----------------[CrashSiteFT]
                        -III: The Village -           [TheVillageFT]
                        -IV: Spare Parts--------------[SparePartsFT]
                        -V: Village Attacks       [VillageAttacksFT]
                        -VI: Into the Void-----------[IntotheVoidFT]
                       -Episode 2         -             [Episode2FT]
                        -I: Prophesized Ones-----[ProphesizedOnesFT]
                        -II: The Survivors-         [TheSurvivorsFT]
                        -III: Prison Escape--------[Prison EscapeFT]
                        -IV: Breaking Camp-         [BreakingCampFT]
                       -Episode 3-----------------------[Episode3FT]
                        -I: Defending the Ark    [DefendingtheArkFT]
                        -II: The Collector----------[TheCollectorFT]
                        -III: The Revolt  -            [TheRevoltFT]
                        -IV: The Tower of Return[TheTowerofReturnFT]
                    6: Journals           -              [JournalFT]
                    7: Weapons---------------------------[WeaponsFT]
                    8: Credits            -              [CreditsFT]
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                                 Copywrite  Information
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    This text document is Copywrited under me, Thomas A Halter Jr. This document
    cannot be rerecorded or hosted anywhere without my consent. I have given my
    consent to host my document to: Gamefaqs.com. As of the posting of this FAQ I
    do not wish to have my FAQ hosted outside GameFaqs or otherwise outside the 
    GameSpot network. Any reproduction without my consent will be prosecuted to 
    the fullest extent of the law in any case of copywrite violation.
    Any characters, licenses, and/or software and other copywrited objects are
    copywrite under their respective owners and entities.
    As the winning guide for the GameFaqs contributor contest for Dark Void, I have
    been awarded the gift card total of $60 and thus per the rules of the contests;
    this guide is permanently hosted by GameFaqs.com.
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                                    Version  History
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                                  Version 1.00 1/22/10
                                  - Title and ASCII art added
                                  - Table of Contents added
                                  - Copywrite information added
                                  - Version History added
                                  - Author's Note added
                                  - Intro added
                                  - Mechanics added
                                  - Walkthrough added
                                  - Journal Locations added
                                  - Weapons Added
                                  - Credits Added
                                  Version 1.01 2/21/10
                                  -Copywrite Information updated
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                                     Author's  Note
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    I got Dark Void the day it released on 1/19/10 and have started playing it and
    been keeping detailed notes in order to bring the best FAQ I can to help those 
    of you out there that may have just barely gotten this game or may still have 
    This will be my second FAQ, fueled by the fact that my first one for Army of 
    Two the 40th Day was accepted then I immediately got three e-mails within a 
    day of the FAQ being up of other sites asking to host my FAQ. Some who are in 
    the convinient position to have read my Army of Two the 40th day FAQ right 
    before this will notice that I am using the similar section brakes and sorting 
    system so you should already have some idea of how to navigate and comprehend 
    the FAQ.
    That being said there is still probably dozens of things I've missed and I 
    would be absolutely ELATED for the rest of you, the GameFaqs community to help 
    me fill in the blanks and I will of course abide by GameFaqs' golden rule of 
    giving credit to those who help me. Simply E-mail me at Taenju@hotmail.com to 
    tell me whatever it is I missed and I will update the matter as expaditiously 
    as possible, but please include your GameFaqs username, as I will not accept 
    annonymous tips as I cannot properly credit them otherwise.
    One quick note about the structure of my FAQ, as with most people, I have 
    implemented a way to use the find command (ctrl+f) to quickly navigate my Faq, 
    if you type the section you're looking for and then FT (which stands for Find 
    Tag for these purposes) without spaces and you should be able to hit "find 
    next" and be immediately zoomed down to the section in question, as no other 
    parts of the faq should conveniently spell the section name with the tacked on 
    FT except the parts you want to get to.
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    In this game, you open up to what seems to be a field test for a jetpack, you 
    are quickly oriented to the controls of the pack and its weaponry until you 
    find the field testing area is ambushed by what seem to be UFO's or alien 
    Now the game begins.
                                  ***              ***
                                     Game Mechanics
                                    ***          *** 
     * * *
    The purpose of this section is to explain the different game mechanics of the
    game in the order they are introduced to the player, and I will give any
    extrapolated information that I think the player would find useful.
     * * *
    - Movement: in its simplist explination, it is simply your method of locomotion
    in this game, using the left analogue stick to move in the direction you push
    it, often used in conjunction with the right analogue stick to manage the 
    camera. As an added feature, you can click the right analogue stick to sprint
    which speeds your characters run, but he can't use his readied weapon while he
    - Flight: In this game, you are introduced to the full version of the Jetpack
    even in the first few seconds of gameplay, and it is the main focus of this 
    game, being able to fly and to fight with it. Pressing Y twice while on the 
    ground will boost you into High-speed flight where you maneuver much like a 
    plane, while pressing A twice will put you in a vertical oriented hover 
    allowing you to fight in a limited area. While in either of these stages you 
    can switch to the other, going from High-Speed to Hover by pressing A once 
    while flying High-Speed, and going from Hover to High-Speed by pressing Y while
    hovering. Note: You may habitually want to push the left stick forward when 
    going from a stationary Hover to High-Speed, try to un-learn this though 
    because it will send you careening into the floor upon entering High-Speed 
    - Flight (High-Speed): In this case you use the left analogue stick to manage 
    the direction in which you fly and the right analogue stick to roll, while 
    clicking the right analogue stick then pulling both analogue sticks left or 
    right will do a Star Fox style barrel roll or roll maneuver to avoid incoming 
    fire, or you can click the right analogue and pull both sticks back or 
    forward to pull a tight 180 degree turn. You can hijack or enter planes in this
    game and their controls are the same as High-Speed jetpack flight. While in 
    this kind of flight you can press the Y button to use boost energy and get an 
    increased bit of speed while you can press the X button to brake.
    - Flight (Hover): While you are hovering, the left and right analogue stick 
    stay the same as far as controls go as on the ground, aiming, firing your 
    equipted weapons and managing the camera from the skies, but you are now in 
    the air and will slowly decend, it appears you are a little heavier than the 
    alien-like foes, and you will have to keep this in mind. You can press the A 
    button to use whats in the Boost gauge to reclaim altitute and stay in the 
    air. When you want to cut the power and land just press B.
    - Camera: when used along with movement, managing the camera feels just as
    natural as you would run around and be turning you head, because, after all,
    your head pivots and can turn. You use the right analogue stick to turn the
    camera in the desired direction. Most of the time, you shouldn't even be aware 
    you are doing these actions before too long. =P
    - Camera (Flight): While hovering your camera controls are still the same but 
    when you enter High-Speed flight the right analogue stick switches to rolling, 
    centering your camera instead on the direction you're headed, the left 
    analogue. While flying you can also press the directional D-Pad buttons, to 
    look 90 degrees left or right, below or behind you. You can also use the Left 
    Bumper to have your camera center on the nearest enemy.
    Note: I do not suggest though that you fight your foes with the left bumper 
    held down, as the aiming reticle will be flying all over the place, use the 
    left bumper to find an enemy, aim your reticle ahead of where the enemy is 
    headed and then go back to regular camera center.
    - Cover System: its not that complex or deep, but it gets the job done for the
    games purposes allowing you to, when you get behind a wall or obsticle or other
    appropriate covers to protect yourself from most incoming bullet fire. To get 
    behind cover just run up to the cover you wish to get behind and you should see
    a prompt at the bottom of the screen telling you to press X to get behind the
    cover. If it is a cover that you crouch behind, you can press X again to vault
    over the cover.
    - Vertical Cover: one thing the Jetpack interestingly allows for in this game
    is Vertical Cover, there are segments in the game that require you to scale
    mountain faces and this is how you do it. Just run up to a ledge of a vertical
    cover segment to orient the camera and your character to suit the situation.
    pressing X when you see another close enough ledge to either drop down or fly
    up to the next ledge. There are also some battles that take place on vertical
    cover segments, you are always behind cover until you sight up or cover. 
    Note- try not go to the same ledge that enemies are on, as they act a little
    crazy, hopping all over the place and its hard to aim at them from the same
    ledge, they also may very well get behind you and then you'll have to worry
    about all 360 degrees around you.
    - Combat: In this game you can pick up weapons dropped from enemies or found in
    the world, these weapons will then always be available to you from the Weapons 
    Locker. While on the ground or hovering, you can pull the left trigger to sight
    your weapon and the right trigger to fire whatever weapon you have equipted. 
    While on the ground you can also press the B button when within several feet of
    an enemy to initiate a melee attack, which can immediately kill pawns and can 
    kill the tougher enemies after a few blows. you can also press the left bumper 
    while on the ground to throw any explosives you have. For those who don't like
    to wait for actually running out of ammo to reload, you can press the Right
    Bumper to manually reload.
    - Combat (Flight): When you're in High-Speed flight, the right trigger manages 
    the machine gun on your jetpack or plan while the left trigger first the 
    secondary weapon of whatever you happen to be flying. When you are in 
    High-speed flight your body is used purely for stability and movement, thus you
    are not using equipted weapons, but the jetpack weapons, while when you Hover, 
    your jetpack is pointed almost 90 degrees upward and useless for fighting, so 
    you pull out and use the guns you have equipted and can throw bombs from the 
    - Weapon Store: in this case it's the Weapons Locker you can find periodically 
    throughout the game and can also access at the beginning of chapters, allowing 
    you to access any weapons you've collected at upgrade them from level 1 to 2 
    and finally to 3 with any Tech points you've collected. Please note that when 
    you upgrade a weapon, it will always be upgraded in your hands, even if you 
    pick up the same gun off an enemy who was using it not upgraded.
    - Tech Points: Looks like energy spheres, and can be collected as the main 
    currency of the game, used to upgrade your weaponry. You can collect these by 
    either killing enemies or finding larger Tech Caches out in the world. The ones
    dropped off of enemies are Yellow and contain 50 Tech points, while Tech Caches
    can be Red (100 Tech points) or Purple (500 Tech Points)
    - Journals: The only side-quest of the game, you can find Journals on the 
    ground that either belong to the people, who reside in the Void or crashed 
    plane logs who flew too far into the Bermuda Triangle while some are actually 
    cameos from famous or infamous names of history such as Amelia Earheart which 
    can be found as early as Episode 1 Chapter 2 and are purely a novelty and adds 
    back-story to the world, although some go into cutscene monologues in greater 
    detail or might even properly forshadow future events.
    - Checkpoints: Simply spots of the chapter where your recent ventures are 
    saved, so should you die, this is the point at which you will be returned to. 
    In this game the checkpoints are rather generous you probably won't have to 
    replay more than one major battle in a chapter at a time before game saves a 
                                  ***              ***
                                    ***          ***
    So now its finally time for the part you probably skipped right down to this 
    section to see, the walkthrough itself. Along with revealing all the necessary 
    steps I will put in as many journals in as I know to give you the best help 
    possible. If I missed anything that you've found please E-mail me at 
    Taenju@hotmail.com and it will be updated, I will not accept annonymous 
    contributions so include your GameFaqs username so that I may properly credit 
                                 ***    Episode1    ***
                                       ***    ***
    * * *
    Chapter I: Prologue
    * * *
    You are immediately dropped into a canyon-wastes area playing a person who's
    name isn't disclosed, but he is using the jetpack! It is also denoted that you 
    are in the year 1938, so World War 2 is just barely getting ready to star. You 
    are told by a guide to soon try out the boost feature (Y) and the brakes (X).
    After the guide is pleased with the performance of the jetpack prototype, your
    group is ambushed by a group of what look to be UFO's, and are quickly
    identified by your surrounding support as Watchers, evitentally they also call
    the ships they're flying "Hubcaps."
    You are given back control with, you'll notice, a bunch of Watchers flying
    around you. You are now told that now is the best time to test out the mounted
    weapons on the jetpack. You are only equipted with machine guns for the time
    being so start dog fighting the Watchers and taking them down.
    After you've killed about 5 of them a cutscene should then play showing your
    character getting chased off to a nearby plateau then a giant lizard-like thing
    comes down and obliterates him with a giant laser, overkill you think?
    Next you are zoomed a week later to a Nassau airport, watching a woman leaving
    a car, and then moved over to two men near a plane, soon learning that they are
    doing carrier work, and the woman, named Ava, is the courier while the pilot is
    named Will.
    Soon into the flight cinematic, Will's instruments go off, but Cooper, his
    copilot, says it's too dangerous to go around the storm, as it is disputed
    airspace on either side of it.
    Next thing you know you see, hello!, a Watcher flying up past the plane, you
    recognize those right? Caught in the surprise, Will is unable to correct
    himself and tears a wing on a rock pillar and ends up crashing on the jungle
    canopy below.
    * * *
    Chapter II: Crash Site
    * * *
    When he comes to, Ava asks if hes Ok, then you look to see a gas-mask dude on
    the front of the plane, exclaiming that you need to leave the area out of
    danger reasons. Of course right after he says this he's pulled off the plane
    horror movie style.
    Straight after this the plane dislodges itself from the canopy and falls to the
    jungle floor, after which you immediately get out and find the gas-mask dude
    dead right in front of you. You are given control of Will, who is effectively,
    now the main character from now on.
    At this point you need to follow Ava down a jungle path, she saw a village
    nearby and seems to think thats the best place to go. Eventually you'll come
    across a ledge that when you jump down a cutscene will play.
    You are greeted by another gas-mask dude who immediately bids you to be silent,
    as he moves to check out a threat, and is then promptly ambushed from above by
    a humanoid robot-looking thing, a Watcher I would assume, and it breaks his
    neck, ugh, a noise I never like hearing, I always imagine my own neck breaking.
    The Watcher dissappears and you and Ava move on to pick up the gas-mask dude's
    gun. After some banter a cave-in occurs and Will and Ava end up separated. You
    need to turn right and continue down a side exit of the mini-cave.
    After you are taught how to get behind cover (X) and vault (X again) over it,
    the Watcher is shown then in the next cutscene climbing like Spiderman off a
    nearby trunk, and you now have your first ground fight. Shoot the watcher then
    continue to its corpse to start a cutscene.
    Will walks up, wondering what it is these Watchers are, Ava has no clue, but at
    this point the cutscene stops and you can find the gun the Watcher was using
    and press B to pick it up and permanently add it to your arsenal.
    Afterwards move forward and continue right to start your way up the trunk the
    Watcher was climbing over and find a group of about half a dozen Watchers, this
    time though Ava is covering you from afar although its hard to see her.
    Note: if you look to the left of the next ramp up after crossing the first big
    log you'll see a Journal on the ground, You can collect these; this one is
    Earheart 1 of 3, yes its Amelia Earheart, you may recognize quite a few of the
    historical figures leaving journals around here.
    Go up the ramp to a boggy area that leads to a log with a nice gap you'll need
    to jump across to a grassy area with another half a dozen Watchers to defeat.
    After this you continue onward to find a turret, you can't do anything from the
    angle you start at so just sprint (Click the left-stick) down the path.
    On the way up you'll find one Watcher halfway up and two more  up near the
    turret. After you defeat all these the Watcher that was on the turret leaves
    and fights you, defeat him then jump on the turret.
    While on the turret, turn to your right and you'll find at the end of the
    bridge a door that you'll have to blast open, after doing this stay on the
    turret because about a dozen Watchers will start filing out of that door and
    the turret makes it a simple cleanup, and will also net you the Killing Spree
    achievement pretty easily.
    After the Watchers stop flooding out of the door leave the turret and go down
    the nearby ramp to access the bridge. Just before crossing look to the left of
    the bridge and pick up the journal Loinsigh 1 of 11.
    Cross the bridge to put you in another cave, at the scenic waterfall window up
    ahead there is a Weapons cache, which refills all your ammo, and another
    journal, Earheart 2 of 3.
    Turn left at the waterfall to exit the cave and find a ledge, sidle up to it
    and press X to access the vertical cover here. Press X when you see the prompt
    to hop down to the lower ledges. About halfway down you'll need to hold left
    and press X to hop over to a ledge on your left and then you'll see enemies
    on the ledges below you.
    Slowly make your way down, killing enemies, its easy to kill with the blindfire
    here with the Oppressor, the Watcher weapon, until you finally land on the 
    cliff below.
    You are brought to another bridge, to the left of this one before getting on is
    a journal, Loinsigh 2 of 11, and to the left after crossing is some TNT, a
    Weapons Locker (Upgrades weapons with enough tech points and refills ammo), and
    a Journal, Akasha 1 of 2.
    You'll need to use the TNT you find (Left Bumper) to blow open the door here
    and fight half a dozen Watchers, you can actually cook (holding the explosive
    and throwing at a shorter fuse time) another TNT and if you time it right, blow
    away all the watchers here in one blast, getting you the Blue Light Special
    achievement if you nail at least 3 of them.
    Continue in through the door to find a U-turn with one Watcher after it. At the
    U-turn at the back is another Journal, Earheart 3 of 3. After leaving this cave
    you'll see another boggy area, hug the left wall after entering this area to
    find a journal behind a tree against the wall (Akasha 2 of 2) and under the
    stone bridge you can see three Watchers will appear to fight you.
    After killing the watchers go under the bridge and turn right to find a ramp
    going up onto the bridge. When you get up onto the bridge half a dozen Watchers
    will appear on the other side to fight you, deal with them. There will be a
    weapons cache on the left side of the bridge if you need ammo.
    Continue into the next sort of closed-off temple ruins area to show a cutscene
    showing you a new enemy; until now you've been fighting what are called "Pawns"
    while these two guys you see on the other side of the ruins are Sergeants, they
    have more HP and can fire rockets at you.
    You'll be sent to the bottom of the ruins to fight your way up the ramps back
    to the sergeants. There will be half a dozen pawns leading up to the sergeants
    before you actually kill the sergeants themselves. Continue out the ruins to
    trigger the last cutscene of this chapter.
    A sergeant watcher drops down onto Will and starts choking him, up until Ava
    comes to the rescue and blasts him off Will and they continue down to the
    * * *
    Chapter III: The Village
    * * *
    You start this chapter following Ava, if you look behind the first bit of
    rubble on the left hand side you'll find a journal, Tiare 1 of 5. 
    Follow Ava all the way across the bridge and moving upward toward the temple
    structure. Past the first couple ramps you'll see a statue with four fountains
    that has a journal behind it, Tiare 2 of 5
    You'll find a group of tribal villagers ahead, go into the building to the left
    before encountering them to find the last journal of this chapter Tiare 3 of 5.
    Walk up to the Shaman dude in the center of the villagers and he will tell you
    that the "Gods" don't permit outsiders and promptly commands you to leave. Turn
    around to find a villager that'll try to get your attention.
    His name is Tavi, and he says Nikola can help you, follow him through a door
    near the villagers, down the hall through another door and end the chapter,
    pretty short chapter isn't it?
    * * *
    Chapter IV: Spare Parts
    * * *
    This chapter opens up with a cutscene showing you a bunch of sci-fi like
    marvels and you're soon met with the great inventor, Nikola Tesla. After some
    profound proverbs and another cutscene giving you your first jetpack as Will,
    you are sent to the bottom of a canyon to start looking for plane parts and a
    sonar box for Nikola.
    The jetpack you are given can only go into Hover mode (if you read that section
    up in the mechanics section) so you can't full out fly yet, just sort of jet
    around and go upwards in vertical cover.
    Either way, move forward to the plane wreckage you can see to get your first
    part. After this look up to your right to see a ledge, like the ones you were
    hopping down in Chapter II in the vertical cover.
    Maneuver your camera and reticle until you see a prompt to press X and you'll
    me jetted up to the ledge, afterwards press A to get up onto the ledge and look
    up to the right again to find more ledges. Jet up to the second ledge you can
    see then a tremor will ensue making you loose your grip, which you will be
    prompted by a quicktime event to rapidly press X or Y to keep your grip.
    After the crisis is averted, shimmy over to the left until you can get up onto
    the next bit of stable ground and move forward to find a long gap. This is too
    far to just jump across so you'll need to jump then press A again in the air to
    use your jetpack to boost up and hover over to the other side.
    You'll find a weapons locker here should you need to adjust something then go
    up past the locker to find more vertical ledges to ascent, and proceed up them.
    You'll come up to an area with a bunch of boxes and half a dozen Watcher pawns.
    Up until now you've been fighting Silver Watchers, but now you'll be introduced
    to the other version, the Red ones, the Red Pawns you'll see here like to run
    up to you Kamakazie style and blow up, creating a force-field like sphere of
    pain that dissappears after a short time.
    Right after getting up onto the ledge of this area, if you look left to the 
    opposite ledge behind one of the crates is a journal, FT-91 1 of 7.
    After you're done fighting the some half a dozen or so pawns continue up to the
    right to find a tunnel of what looks to be a big plane hull, proceed down it to
    find another hull you'll need to boost to then go down that one to find a cave
    with a bunch of Watchers, half a dozen silver pawns and a few sergeants
    Up the ramps of this room leading to the platforms some of the watchers were
    firing from is a weapons cache, after you're done continue out the other side
    of the cave at ground level to find yourself at a dead-end.
    Look up to the right to find some ledges to start another Vertical Cover
    segment. About halfway up you should come across another half dozen silver
    pawns to compete in vertical combat with.
    Deal with the pawns and make your way up to the top of the vertical cover 
    ascent, and continue down the path to find a plane wreckage to your left with
    the second plane part.
    Turn to your right after attaining the part to find more Vertical cover, with
    yet another half dozen silver watchers to fight.
    After fighting these guys off get to the top ledge and climb on, if you boost
    to the left hugging the cliff wall, you'll find a ledge that contains the
    second journal of this chapter; FT-91 2 of 7
    Get back over to the top Vertical cover ledge and go the right of the cliff 
    face to find another open area to hover over to and then find a cutscene, where
    Will shoots the head off an incoming sergeant and is surprised to find a larva
    crawling out of it, evidentally they are worms in suits.
    Shoot the larva lest he pester you when you get down to the fallen sergeant,
    then continue into the room ahead to fight about 4 silver pawns and a couple
    red pawns will also come at you in here.
    Continue out the room to find a giant hole, which you need to just fall down,
    but remember to activate your jetpack to hover before hitting the bottom lest
    you like meeting the floor at 100 miles an hour and dieing.
    On the way down you'll notice an out-cropping ledge right before you get to the 
    floor which has another journal for FT-91 3 of 7. You'll have to fight a couple
    silver pawns and a sergeant at the bottom.
    After this you'll see another hole you'll need to fall through, finding a giant
    canyon and an outcropping cliff-ledge you'll need to land on. If you don't 
    interrupt the fall downward you'll get the Terminal Velocity achievement for
    freefalling for a whole 10 seconds.
    After landing on the cliff you'll attain the third part. Nearby on the cliff
    (you probably saw it as you were drifting down) is the journal FT-91 4 or 5.
    Continue up the path to another plane wreckage with the fourth part.
    Turn to the right and boost up to the next ledge, continue up the next ledge
    then turn right and run down the path to see a piece of rubble tumble away from
    the nearby wall face revealing another ledge to jump up to.
    The last part should be right at the plane wreckage here, look left of this
    near the trees to see another journal, Tiare 4 of 5.
    Continue through the cave that ledge leads up to and find the USS Cyclops, the
    ship Cooper was talking about. Look to the right to the mast (the yellow pole
    jutting from the ship) and hover on over to the box at the end of it.
    A cutscene then plays showing the mast falling away but Will gets the sonar box
    before landing on a box below at the hull of the ship. If you look down to the
    suspended rowboat there is a journal, Teague 1 of 3.
    Look up to see a bunch of boxes and ducts that act as vertical cover ledges,
    that being said start making your way up them. You'll see enemies up ahead to
    dispatch, just sergeants and silver pawns throughout this boat.
    Fight your way up to a ledge you'll need to climb up onto to enter the ship
    through a hole, you'll be shown a piece of the boat you were just on falling
    away into the abyss below, and then look up to see more enemies to kill and
    more ledges to continue upward.
    After getting up far enough you should be able to exit the ship back onto the
    deck, see yet another piece of the ship fall away, then turn to move upward
    once again.
    Several ledges up you should be at a couple stacks of crates on the deck, on 
    one of these stacks on the part you can stand on should be another journal,
    Tuddlefingers 1 of 7.
    Continue on upward, fighting Watchers on the way up until you reach a stack of
    boxes just before the mast again, a cutscene plays showing the part of the ship
    that Will is standing on start falling away, he hops across the structure beams
    of the ship and makes a leap of faith, being caught by Ava.
    * * *
    Chapter V: Village Attacks
    * * *
    This chapter opens up with a cutscene of the villagers congregating just before
    the bridge as Will and Ava are walking up. They seem to be setting up some kind
    of ritual as a Watcher walks up and inspects a girl they've got standing in
    such a place as an officering, he refuses her and instead goes for a nearby
    baby, and that's when Ava intervenes to save the child.
    A bigger Watcher appears, and the Shaman guy starts preaching, saying the gods
    will protect them before the big watcher slams the dude with his tail, so much
    for that.
    You are given control to fight off a few silver pawns, after accomplishing this
    head out onto the bridge, that is then promptly shot at by overflying hubcaps.
    Will ends up falling to a cliff ledge below and is confronted with the big
    Watcher from before, called a Knight by the objective message, which tells you
    to defeat it. This guy flies around firing a machine gun and a rocket at you
    and he has tons of health, but just stay behind cover and keep filling him up
    with bullets as he eventually catches on fire and with a few more shots after
    that, finally dies.
    After this, there is couple gaps to boost across, but before that to the left
    of the first gap is an obelisk with a journal next to it, Tuddlefingers 2 of 7.
    Continue across the two gaps to find a weapons cache and a journal near the
    spilled fire, Tiare 5 of 5.
    Time for more vertical ascent, make your way upwards, about halfway up half a
    dozen enemies should appear and you'll need to shoot them off their ledges.
    After this is done get the rest of the way up the wall face to find a housing
    area of the village.
    If you hug the left side wall to the next building there is a journal inside of
    that building, Teague 2 of 3. Anyway you'll need to fight through a few
    Sergeants and a dozen pawns making your way through this housing area to a
    stone paved courtyard artfully lit by many fires.
    Fight your way through this courtyard to the opening in the buildings with a
    weapons locker inside, continueing until you drop down further into the stone
    ruins and climb up a nearby fallen column to the second level.
    Fight around the ring of the room, containing half a dozen more watchers. At
    the end of this you can climb up some rubble back up to the surface, leading
    you to where the villagers were crowded near back in Chapter III.
    In this battle you'll find some Gold Watchers, these like to jet around with
    their own jetpacks and the sergeants like to float in the air sniping you from
    above and can be quite annoying.
    After clearing the enemies, go into the rooms up and to the left above the
    nearby weapons lock to find the journal Teague 3 of 3 while going up to the
    third story on the right to find FT-91 5 of 7
    You then must walk up to the monolith you can see ahead to show a cutscene of
    Will entering the giant structure. Once you have control look to the left
    immediately to find a couple pillars with a journal on the far one, this one
    being FT-91 6 of 7.
    Move in past the room with the pond and move left.
    Continue onward to find a new sort of lizard like enemies, for those of you
    who are delving into the information of the game these guys are the next
    evolution of those worms and these guys pilot the Knights you'll be fighting
    throughout the game and the Archons (explained later.) These are also called
    Sarpa, just for reasons of identification.
    It's worth noting these guys are more common in the battle scene than the larva
    and they will jump on you for a quicktime event that'll kill you, so be ready
    to wiggle the left analogue stick left and right to save yourself.
    Anyway, clear these guys and continue to a hallway on the right. Some more
    of the lizards will appear for you to kill, move on forward afterwards to find
    even more in the next room.
    Continue through this room, U-turning into another hallway, in the next small
    room that isn't lit, there is a journal on the ground, FT-91 7 of 7. Continue
    through these hallways until you get back outside, met by several watchers.
    After dealing with the watchers, get out and look back up towards the wall to
    find another long Vertical cover segment. On your way up this wall face you'll
    end up fighting about half a dozen sergeants and a dozen pawns.
    When you finally make it to the top, you'll see Tavi fighting off some enemies,
    screaming about something about shape-shifting watchers apparently, as if you
    didn't have enough to worry about.
    You're going to need to help him with the Knight he's currently engaged in
    battle with, and soon after killing this Knight one more will fly in. Other
    than the knights, there are a couple sergeants and pawns on the sides.
    After dealing with all the enemies a cutscene plays where, soon after being
    rescued, Ava frantically calls that they need to save Nikola who's on the
    Watcher transport, Will says they just need to go but Ava just goes without him
    and Will grumbles and beckons for Tavi to follow him to fix a plane.
    * * *
    Chapter VI: Into the Void
    * * *
    Back in Nikola's workshop, Will is working on a ship but is obviously getting
    nowhere, when he spies a jetpack on the wall, Tavi objects but Will takes it
    You are given control in a cave obviously extending from Nikola's workshop,
    take a quick look to the right to find a journal, Tuddlefingers 3 of 7.
    Continue out the cave to find a nice big outdoor area. At this point the 
    High-speed flight that you experienced in the beginning of the game is reopened 
    to you, which is accessed by pressing Y twice on the ground or once while
    After being re-taught the controls, you are told to take out three
    communication towers to the right, after which you are prompted to try a couple
    maneuvers, click the right analogue stick and then jut both sticks left, right,
    up or down. Maneuvering left or right will make you dodge left and right while
    up and down perform a quick 180 U-turn.
    After this an Anti-Air watcher gun appears, kill it. You are then asked by some
    other humans on the ground to help them out with the force field containing
    Time to go to either one of the big floating Watcher structures you've probably
    seen on either side of the force field, first you are going to go to the left
    side generator
    Will asks how to land the new jetpack and you are prompted to switch to hover
    mode (press A while flying) and then you can safely land on the loading
    platform of the generator.
    After this Tavi will mention over the radio that someone was coming and he had
    to go, interesting to say the least.
    First make your way into the left generator, landing on the loading platform,
    killing the couple silver sergeants and pawns, and going in to bust the control
    panel. In this same area, you've probably noticed another journal on the way
    down to the control panel area, Tuddlefingers 4 of 7.
    If you go in one of the side doors down where the control panel is and head 
    away from the control panel you'll find a small room with a journal, Loinsigh
    6 of 11. You may now be thinking "What the, where'd I miss 3, 4 and 5?!?" but
    rest assured, they're actually out of line and further into the mission.
    When you destroy the control panel the bottom shield is disabled, so fly out of
    the loading room and get down there, enter the generator and fly up all the way
    near the top to the other control panel, fighting or ignoring all of the 
    watchers as you wish.
    This ones easy to escape because you can just freefall out of the generator to
    get out before it is demolished, as long as you don't hit any of the platforms
    on the way down.
    When the first generator falls you'll find a few hubcaps coming out to respond
    to the threat destroying the generators, which is you of course. You can start
    hijacking the hubcaps by getting close and pressing B to initiate the quicktime
    events or just shooting them down.
    Then make your way to the other generator and start forcing your way into it.
    You must then fight a couple sergeants and pawns to get into the structure, and
    walk down into the hallways where you will find a control panel, walk up to it
    and press B to smash it. On the way out you'll find some Sarpa ambushing you
    in the hallways.
    Fly back out of the generator and to the top of the structure where the shield
    has been deactivated from, enter the generator from the top, fighting downward
    to another control panel near the bottom. Instead of fighting you can also
    simply just freefall down to the bottom relatively unscathed and just deal
    with the control panel.
    About midway down on one of the outer rings lining the inside of the generator
    is a journal, Loinsigh 3 of 11 (I told you they'd be later in the level)
    After destroying the control panel, quickly fly back up the length of the
    generator and out the top before being destroyed with it.
    Once both generators are down, the ship that was being contained will start
    making its way to leave but a giant walker lizard robot Watcher appears behind
    it and starts assaulting it, this is the Archon, and you'll need to beat it.
    Fly through its legs real quick to get the Forgot my TOW cable achievement if
    you wish, then shoot eat of its four joints where the legs meet the body and
    once all four joints are left burning, go up to either its head or tail and
    press B to initiate the quicktime event in order to finally put it down.
    After the Archon is felled, head back to where the force field was and look
    near the two corpses to find a journal, Loinsigh 4 of 11 and then drop down the
    hole in the center of the force field ring.
    Fly through the giant tunnel, occasionally having to deal with a few mines
    floating around, until you come across what looks to be a giant hangar. There
    will be a knight flying toward it that you can shoot down before actually
    having to fight it inside the hangar.
    When you enter the hangar, fly up towards the upper catwalks to find a journal
    on the catwalk closest to the tunnel, Loinsigh 5 of 11.
    When you actually get into the hangar, you'll need to start clearing enemies,
    along with a Knight floating around in the middle, there are several pawns and
    a few sergeants scattered around the room, just fly over to one of the corners
    and start picking them off one by one.
    When you're done a cutscene plays where the doors on the opposite side are
    opened and Will goes out, awestruck by the shear abyss below and the pillars
    upon the horizon.
    Thats when several Knights appear behind him and blast him off the cliff,
    ending Episode 1.
                                 ***    Episode2    ***
                                       ***    ***
    * * *
    Chapter I: The Prophesized One
    * * *
    Will wakes back up laying near a black man who introduces himself as Atem, soon
    after reorienting him, bids Will to follow him on the way back to his camp.
    When you're given control, look to the right of the path ahead and near a shrub
    is a journal, Tuddlefingers 5 of 7.
    Continue forward to find some ruins, with a labyrinth embedded in the floor of
    the ruins plaza. This is where you find the first group of watchers in this
    area. Keep in mind you need to keep Atem alive, so don't leave him unattended.
    After several pawns and Gold Sergeants continue out the opposite side of the
    plaza to find a divide between two monoliths with a few more watchers and a
    turret mounted at the other side of the ravine.
    Face the turret and make a 90 degree left, going up the plateau to see another
    journal, Tuddlefingers 6 of 7.
    Fly over to the turret and kill the watcher in it and take over the turret to
    kill the rest.
    After this turn to the right after the divide to find more Watchers.
    You are presented with a new plaza with a labyrinth, which in the far right
    corner near a decline from the surface has a journal, E.L. 1 of 2.
    Fight through the labyrinth with several more silver watchers and a few Gold
    watchers, spawning another set on the back monolith wall. This new group has
    several gold watchers up floating near the top of the monolith as well as a few
    silver watchers at the floor level.
    When this is done move over to the left and go into the next divide, this time 
    with two turrets on the other end and several Gold watchers flying overhead.
    Again fly over to the turrets, get rid of their gunners, then use the turrets
    to clean house on the flying Gold Watchers.
    When this is all done the ruins end and you're back to looking at canyons and
    pillars, look to the right and go up the incline you can see to find a journal,
    A.E.W 1 of 4.
    Atem will then get a radio transmission saying his friends are under heavy
    attack, he then instructs you to hurry ahead of him to assist the battle.
    Move past the incline and fly out into the canyon, flying past a mini-monolith
    turning right to find the camp that's under attack.
    On the cliff area closest to you as you come upon the camp is another journal,
    A.E.W 2 of 4.
    When you get there, there will be a silver seargent and a few silver pawns on
    the ground, defeat these and a Watcher transport will appear to start dropping
    off more Watchers.
    This transport will drop one silver sergeant and two silver pawns periodically
    until the AA guns finally bring it down, just keep them from killing the
    Survivor forces until then.
    When the first transport is destroyed another transport will appear, dropping
    a red sergeant (grounded sniper) and gold sergents as well as a silver pawn
    periodically until it's destroyed.
    After this the camp is saved, and you are prompted to move towards the temple 
    in the back of the camp, but before that on the left side of the door, about
    several stories upward, is a pillar that has on top another Journal, which is
    A.E.W 3 of 4.
    Then walk inside the temple and in the very first room with the little pond is
    yet another journal, A.E.W 4 of 4. Follow Atem further into the temple to find
    a cutscene where Atem explains the history from tablets in the temple,
    revealing that the Watchers came from another world which was destroyed so they
    came here and while they were here attempted to use Man as a slave race.
    After they gave Man self-awareness though and the ability to reproduce, they
    grew out of control and the mightiest of these forces drove the Watchers into
    the Void.
    * * *
    Chapter II: The Survivors
    * * *
    When Atem is done exploring the temple you leave with him and you both move to
    the main Survivor's outpost, Atem tells you to go ahead and explore the camp.
    Immediately fly down onto the cliff and look around for a nearby tent, one with
    a soldier hanging out in front and there is a journal a few feet away from him
    Loinsigh 7 of 11.
    From where you started if you look up towards the big ship you can see, this 
    ship is called the Ark you'll notice what looks like a piece of a suspended
    road with two sets of boards with supplies each covered with tarp, on one of
    them is the jornal Loinsigh 8 of 11.
    Then fly up to the Ark all the way to the top to what looks like a radar box,
    on top of that is the journal E.L. 2 of 2.
    Afterwards between the Ark and the barracks drop down to a catwalk just under
    the ship to find journal Loinsigh 9 of 11.
    Now you finally continue to the barracks, accessed by flying to a loading
    platform behind the Ark. Immediately to the left past the soldiers hanging
    around the radar is a Knight's arm mounted weapon with a journal in front of it
    on the counter, Turner 1 of 1.
    When you've obtained all the journals go up the stairs in the barracks and walk
    up to the lady standing up on the next level, named Red, she will present you 
    with your sleeping quarters and you'll go off into one of Will's flashbacks.
    This shows where Ava and Will first went seperate ways, Ava asks if Will heard
    of the adepts, but he didn't and she just left. Will then wakes up to Atem on
    the radio telling him that he needs help with a warning beacon thats going off
    Atem says it's watchers and he needs you to go on over there to deal with them, 
    with that walk out the door to the loading platform of the barracks, turn right
    and start flying towards the waypoints.
    You'll be guided around the first plateau turning right, between a couple
    collapsed pillars before reaching the location, where you find several hubcaps
    that you need to then immediately get rid of.
    If you shift to the right slightly after seeing the hubcaps and fly forward a
    bit you'll see a string of like-altitude plateaus and a couple metal bridges
    converging on one of them, right between the bridges is the journal Deracroix
    1 of 3.
    Note- this is an excellent place to start raking in hijacks for the Grand Theft
    ...UFO? achievement, in which you need to hijack 20 hubcaps. You can hijack
    them by flying up to them and pressing B to initiate the quicktime event, just
    get around to the back of the ship and hold B afterwards to start prying off
    the cover to the circuits while maintaining grip and avoiding being fired at by
    the watcher in the cockpit by moving left or right before heading back to the
    control screen. After you've pryed off the cover and opened the cockpit Will
    will run up to the pilot Watcher and move to kill him, wiggle the left analogue
    stick back and forth until you see Will take his gun and shoot the Watcher.
    After the first group are dealt with you'll be introduced to hubcaps that are
    equipt with shields, and you'll need to fire at them and destroy the shields
    before you can hijack or destroy them.
    When you're done Atem will beckon you back to the camp, and a cutscene will
    immediately take you there, here Atem presents you with a gift, a helmet to one
    of the watchers equipt with a highly functioning radar, as long as you remember
    who you are it won't end up taking you over, comforting.
    Next both you and Atem are on a transport headed to where some prisoners are 
    being kept, and a few of the other survivors make a bet that Atem will get 3
    times as many kills as you, time to prove them wrong.
    You land in a place that is like Chapter I in the sense that its a smaller
    ruins area with labyrinth-like tunnels below the surface.
    This area's pretty straightforward, just jump from waypoint to waypoint killing
    sergeants and pawns of every variety, there will be a dozen sergeants and a
    couple dozen pawns.
    After a few waypoints you'll go into some underlying hallways leading to under
    the monolith you see near the transport, you'll know you're under it when you
    start encountering red pawns trying to blow up in your face.
    You should soon come across three prisoners, then soon afterwards see a weapons
    locker, with a journal right behind it, Deracroix 2 of 3. Just after that is a
    room with a bunch of rampways up and this room has several sergeants in it.
    When all of that has been dealt with head out the door at the top to see a
    cutscene of Atem being awesome to end this segment. Note-if you didn't get the
    journal before exiting the temple you will need to quit to the menu and resume
    campaign to get to it because the stone doors close around it and cannot be
    blown away.
    Afterwards Will and Atem converses about Adepts for a bit, which Atem is, then
    the chapter ends.
    * * *
    Chapter III: Prison Escape
    * * *
    Seven Weeks Later- as denoted by the big text after the chapter intro, opens up
    with Will flying behind a couple transport and evidentally they're headed to a
    prison thats supposed to hold a few hundred prisoners to break them out.
    Fly forward until you see a leaning tower but not collapsed then go left over
    the plateau next to it and freefall down the other side to find on the next
    plateau down another journal, Frenelli 1 of 3.
    Back with the real objective, you're going to first fly around the proceeding
    open area killing Watcher AA guns, there are 5 of them and after you're done
    with that you'll be tasked with fighting off all remaining air forces, which
    include some hubcaps and Knights (which aren't as threatening when you're in
    High-speed Flight mode).
    Note-Keep in mind the health of both the transports that came with you, you'll
    need to protect them while doing this mission.
    When all this is done everyone is told to converge on the northern hangar of
    the prison, join them in taking out the preliminary watcher force of about
    half a dozen, then the door opens to reveal several more.
    Clear out the watchers and a Knight will appear that you'll need to get rid of
    then destroy the control panel on the opposite side of the room, and this will
    open the tunnel opening in the middle of the room, its pretty obvious where you
    need to go, ain't it?
    Start dropping down the hole when, what the-?, some blast doors close right in
    front of you, if your reflexes don't act fast enough you'll end up going SPLAT
    on one of them, make sure this doesn't happen won't you?
    You'll be prompted at the bottom to shoot a door lock to open it, continue in
    to drop down an opening in the halway to a room with a nice mist pit, boost
    over to the other side and look left to find another locked door to shoot open.
    Go through this corridor and be prepared for a few Sarpa at the end of it, then
    turn left and go into the opposite hallway with a third door lock to shoot.
    You are then presented with a giant room similar to the insides of the
    generators in Episode 1 Chapter 6, with a force field floor barring you from
    the lower levels
    Go to the inner room and head all the way up to the top, fighting half a dozen
    silver pawns on the way up and you'll find 3 control panels to destroy.
    As your're doing that a few gold watchers will come up and try to stop you,
    deal with them and once all the control panels are destroyed the shaft in the
    center will open up to reveal an energy core you'll need to shoot at to destroy
    and open up the first few cells of prisoners for the other teams.
    Head back down and the force field floors should be gone, permitting you to
    continue downward. Go all the way down to where you entered the room past the
    spinning floor.
    You'll find a few more energy cores to destroy before a final generator core
    is revealed, destroy that to open more prisoner cells for the other team and to
    disable the next force field to go down even further and do the exact same over
    Once you've destroyed both of the generator cores a door should open at the 
    very bottom of the room and a several pawns rush out to meet you, if you're
    aiming at the door with a disintegrater or TNT you could possibly just blow all
    of them up in one shot.
    Go through the hallway to find another locked door, shoot it and go through it
    to find a Survivor who, after being startled by your entrance, asks you to help
    him with a few more prisoners, Shoot open 3 wire boxes near the blue alcoves
    and press B to rewire them so that the cells drift down and release their
    Note-if you really like Will's "rewiring" animation there are a few more wire
    boxes in this room you can rewire, though doing so does nothing significant.
    Right after releasing the prisoners, you enter a dark room where a single Sarpa
    ambushes you and immediately to your left as you enter the room is another
    journal, Frenelli 2 of 3.
    In this room you'll find a new gun Magnetar, you'll need to pick up and shoot
    at a nearby floor panel to create another opening in the hallway to fall down
    Note-This is the only time you'll be required to use the Magnetar, if you
    prefer other weapons you can put it back down straight afterwards.
    Anyway, fall through the hole to see some Survivors defending themselves from
    several silver pawns in the hangar, clear these guys out and four red sergeants
    will appear on opposite corners of the room.
    When you've dealt with those guys go town to the center of the room near the
    other Survivors to find Tavi, talk to him, revealing they were taking blood and
    doing tests on him, then the door to the second segment of this hangar should
    be opened.
    Fly in the second area to find a Knight fighting some other Survivors, deal
    with him then go up to the uppermost catwalks to find another journal, Frenelli
    3 of 3.
    Afterwards you'll need to protect some prisoners fleeing onto the transport as
    two more Knights appear and after that half a dozen Gold Sergeants appear above
    the transport.
    A cutscene then plays showing the transport fleeing the hangar and thus ends
    the chapter.
    * * *
    Chapter IV: Breaking Camp
    * * *
    This chapter opens up a cutscene where, miraculously, Ava and Tesla return to
    the Survivor's camp but then Ava reveals that the camps location has been
    comprimised and Atem proclaims that it's time to leave.
    You are given control in front of a bunch of Survivor Biplanes, but first turn
    around towards the Ark and fly past it to the wall face, on either side is a
    ledge with a journal above the loading platform to the barracks, Loinsigh 10 of
    11 on the left and 11 of 11 on the right.
    Go back and land on the cliff in front of the ark to find another journal in
    front of a tent, Deracroix 3 of 3, perhaps the shortest text of the game. After
    that look to the AA gun on your left now and on the right-hand side of the
    plateau it's sitting on is a metal ledge with yet another journal, this one is
    actually Anonymous 1 of 2.
    When you're done getting all the journals, you'll need to get rid off all the
    air forces giving the Survivors a hard time, the easiest thing to do is just
    jump in an AA gun and start shooting them down, its probably easier and the
    tech points from killing everything are pulled right to you.
    After all the air forces have been dealt with a transport will appear dropping
    off half a dozen watchers with one of them being a Sergeant, kill these guys
    before they destroy the Western fuel tank of the Ark.
    Then another transport appears with the same deal of Watchers and now you must
    defeat them before they destroy the Eastern fuel tank.
    Lastly one more transport drops off another half dozen Watchers with a couple
    sergeants that you must get rid of before they destroy the northern fuel tank.
    When this is all done Atem asks for an update on the Ark, Nikola says he needs
    help with the generators and prompts you to go up to his workshop far above the
    barracks to grab the Hypercoil to jump start the generators.
    Funny Note: In one of the loading screens, the game explains that the Hypercoil
    generates a 1.21 gigawatt stream of energy, this is a Back to the Future movie
    reference, the amount of power Marty needed to have the time machine send him
    back to 1985.
    Anyway take the Hypercoil back out to the ark and start firing it at the four
    generators spaced around the mid-level of the Ark, you'll know it's done
    charging when the waypoint disappears from it on each one.
    When this is done there's another complication, the braces holding the Ark
    aren't retracting, you'll need to fly over to them, 2 on either side of the
    Ark, and shoot the pivot gear in the middle of the braces where the waypoints
    are, if you put your reticle straight onto the waypoint and fire it should do
    the trick.
    The Ark is finally free and moving! Then a cutscene plays showing three Archons
    appearing to destroy the Ark, how annoying. Just like Ep 1 Chapter 6 shoot each
    of the four joints on each one then go into the quicktime event to finally
    finish each one off.
    Once you get rid of all three Archons the Ark finally moves away from the camp
    and episode 2 ends.
                                 ***    Episode3    ***
                                       ***    ***
    * * *
    Chapter I: Defending the Ark
    * * *
    This chapter opens up with a cutscene showing a bunch of Elders (if you read
    the A.E.W. journals *Atem's journals!*) talking about their plans to take over
    the world, and that they are fueling the Fascist war machine. They also
    introduce their ability to shape-shift, like Tavi was screaming back in Ep 1
    Chapter 5.
    Then we flash over to Atem, who apparently just had that vision, then Will
    walks into the room and a dialogue begins, where Atem explains that Will bears
    "The Mark," for what hasn't been revealed yet but one of the loading screens
    you've probably seen a few times by now describes a beast only a certain person
    will end up defeating, foreshadowing?
    After this enemies are reported to Atem and him and Will immediately mobilize.
    When you're given control you actually start in a biplane, coming up on the Ark
    as it starts being beset by hubcaps.
    -Note: you're going to be fighting dozens upon dozens of hubcaps, so if you
    still don't have the Grand Theft... UFO? achievement there are more than enough
    The easiest thing to do is to just loose the biplane and mount one of the Ark's
    AA guns and start picking the ships off one by one. After a dozen hubcaps a
    transport should appear to combat the Ark with some AA guns afterwards.
    If you go from the left AA gun left to the plateaus next to it, all the way to
    the area back towards the cliff walls, theres a journal, Tuddlefingers 7 of 7.
    After that you're faced with several more hubcaps from both ahead and behind.
    By now the Ark is probably half way down on it's health bar, do not worry
    though because before long Nikola should end up fixing it and refilling the
    health bar.
    Now Will starts asking Ava how she knew Atem and the void and everything else
    and Atem answers that they worked together before even Nassau, so evidentally
    she went with you on that plane fully aware you guys were headed to the Void.
    You'll find yourself in a new area that contains a dozen or two hubcaps, a few
    Watcher AA guns a couple transports, as well as an Archon up on the plateau
    near the Watche base you can see. Clear all the opposition and follow the Ark
    If you start at the center of the watcher base and move towards the Archon,
    after the plateau shifts up a few shelves, a journal is on the ground, L.M. 1
    of 1.
    By now the Ark should be entering a cave littered with mines, destroy as many 
    as you can before you get to the end where there are a few more AA guns and
    hubcaps. Before long Ava should mention a giant thermal signature heading
    towards them.
    Time to see what it is, it's a Watcher Battleship! There are hubcaps but the
    Ark's health will be refilled and your priority is the battleship. On each side
    of the upper hulls of the ship are three turrets that appear and receed.
    Destroy all 6 turrets on one of the hulls to reveal two boxes to rewire at the
    front of the hull to reveal a generator core to destroy, repeat the same
    process on the other hull to take down the battleship.
    The Ark is away still in one piece, more or less, and the chapter ends with an
    ominous movement in the abyss below where the battleship was taken down.
    * * *
    Chapter II: The Collector
    * * *
    The Chapter opens up with Will finding Ava and she confesses that she knew this
    was going to happen even before they took off from Nassau, and that she was
    supposed to help someone in the void, and that she thinks it's Nikola, then she
    calls him "the Key."
    You then see Tavi suspiciously hanging around eavesdropping, then cut to Nikola
    walking into an elevator and heading down to see....Nikola?!? The second Nikola
    says he doesn't have time to address anything when he turns around to see a
    double of himself, then gets stabbed by it.
    Thats when out of nowhere this GIANT creature appears and encloses around the
    Ark, definitely with the intent to eat it, and Ava, in astonishment,
    identifies it as The Collector, and that's when you get control.
    Turn around to your left and look down towards the walls of the Collector to
    see a Watcher transport, evidentally the Collector doesn't pick sides, anyway
    fly down to the deck of that transport to see a journal, Tech cache, and a
    weapons locker.
    You're going to need to aim down at the bile sacs near what could be referred
    to as the "tongue." You're probably going to encounter rising stomach acids
    while you're doing this though, when this happens look around the walls of the
    Collector's mouth and shoot the vents that are pouring the acids to stop them.
    After all the bile sacs are destroyed the Collector should retreat leaving the
    Ark mostly intact, and a cutscene insues where Ava and Will meet Red who
    reveals to the duo that Tesla's been murdered, then alarms flash, a Watcher
    appears right next to you and BIFF, your out!
    The chapter ends at this point, shortest chapter since The Village and the
    Prologue don't you think?
    * * *
    Chapter III: The Revolt
    * * *
    This chapter opens with you in a Watcher cell, being transported across their 
    facilities, at the very start you see a WW2 style plane and further on, some
    tanks, confirming the Watchers involvement in the Fascist movement.
    You are then driven through a hallway, turned (Notice the up ahead cells and
    walls create a beastly face right this moment?) and pulled forward through the 
    next room to be presented to a giant screen with an Elder Watcher.
    This screen will start preaching you, describing the important point of when a
    civilization discovers the Atom bomb, when borders must fall and a global
    society must rain lest the civilization destroy itself and how they don't want
    to return to a destroyed world, although they'll still enslave us, thats bad.
    Somewhere in the dragging monologue a hole should be blown in the screen and
    thats when a Survivor comes and frees you from your cell, and Atem comes and
    gives you a Liberator gun just in time to combat the incoming Watchers.
    He doesn't bring you your jetpack though, you'll have to fight this chapter
    without it, that will complicate things if you're one to boost across from
    cover to cover or quickly gain ground on enemies through the air.
    Start fighting the watchers, mostly pawns and a couple silver sergeants, and
    before long another hole should be blasted closer to the floor which a couple
    red and several silver pawns should flood out.
    Once all the watchers are put down, follow Atem out the opening the watchers
    created to a hallway leading out to a room, a gold pawn will fly up right in
    front of you, then follow Atem down to the other side of the room.
    Atem confirms Will's suspicions about the Watchers and the Fascists, while Atem
    reveals that they aren't really trapped here, and affect the worlds events more
    than Will could imagine, if you want to know how much more; pick up the journal
    (Marks 1 of 2) on the far side of the room near the force field!
    After that an opening should appear in the floor behind you, with a silver pawn
    coming out to greet you, cap him then proceed down the hallways, following Atem
    to another bigger room, equipt with perilous pits and half a dozen sergeants as
    well as half a dozen pawns of all types.
    Make your way to the right, going up the ramps to find a turret, beforehand
    encountering 2 red pawns. Take up the turret and fire down towards half a dozen
    red sergeants then a dozen more pawns with a few sergeants in between flooding
    out of the loading platform door.
    Follow Atem outside while he tells you that the plans for the revolt that freed
    you were made a while ago, and they were always prepared for being captured.
    He leaves you to continue the mission on your own at this point, telling you to
    escape through the hangar.
    Go down to the next loading platform to be greeted with a red pawn and a few
    red sergeants, then go in the hallway they came out of. You'll see an elevator
    platform ahead of you but you can actually go over to the right and aim down
    towards a bunch of pawns you'll be encountering anyway.
    When you're ready get on the green light of the elevator and head down to the
    same pathway the other watchers are on and start fighting your way acrossed.
    Once you get to the other side, after a dozen pawns and a few sergeants, you'll
    come acrossed another elevator.
    Take that elevator down to the next pathway with a couple pawns on it, run
    across to the other side of the path and to one of the edges to engage Vertical
    Cover and drop down to the next catwalk, take out anyone on that catwalk, then
    drop down one more level.
    Theres going to be a couple sergeants down here and several pawns, and across
    the transport to the other side of the catwalk is a third elevator, take that
    one down further into the hangar.
    On the way down you'll see a couple gold pawns fly up to an opposing catwalk,
    kill them then once you get down to the bottom of the elevator run go left and
    aim over the ledge at a few pawns running around a lower catwalk.
    Once your ready walk across the beams to the other side of the hangar again and
    once your over to the other platforms engage Vertical Cover to see a sergeant
    as well as a few pawns below you on the other 2 levels of the structure you're
    When your at the bottom, instead of continueing down the catwalk the watchers
    were on, turn around and head behind the structure you just climbed down onto a
    ledge which has the journal Marks 2 of 2, fleshing out the rest of the Elder's
    plans to take over the world.
    Now head down the Catwalk to the right to find a dozen watchers of all kinds
    flooding out to combat you, then after you've gotten rid of them all go down to 
    the elevator that was on their side of the catwalk and head downward once more.
    This elevator actually heads all the way to the bottom of the hangar, on the
    way down you'll see some red sergeants, and when you actually get to the bottom
    there will be a few fleeting pawns running around.
    Up ahead you'll find a stack of boxes arranged conspicuously like stairs, so
    jump up them onto the platform above and on the other side of the pillar in the
    center is the final journal, Kasel 1 of 1, if you've been keeping up with the
    journals until now you should get the Bookworm achievement.
    Head down the decline in the center of the hangard to see a couple Survivors
    guarding a hallway which you'll continue through, drop down a couple openings
    in the hallways, then in the next room destroy a control panel to go out a
    couple doors to find Atem outside.
    Atem, after telling you the Imperator is in the Ark, will direct you to head to
    the Ark, where a cutscene will show Ava glad that Will is okay, then Atem tells
    Ava to take Will to the Imperator.
    Puzzled, Ava takes Will to the Imperator, who seems to be the black man sitting
    in front of the chess table. The girl then gets up and says that Will is the
    "Key," isn't that what Ava first thought Nikola was? She also says that Will is
    the one that will face the Dweller on top of the tower with the Elder Watcher's
    protal back to Earth.
    Next a survivor gives you back your gear, finally! You missed that jetpack
    didn't you? Next you're put back outside the Ark and Will takes initiative,
    saying to Ava that he needs to go to the Tower.
    Ava however will say that you'll need to get rid of the nearby AA defenses
    before we leave to pay the Watcher's back first, and that the people on the Ark
    will go ahead and provide a diversion.
    A gauge will appear denoting the total force of the Watcher's air units to let
    you know of your progress. Get rid of all of the hubcaps and the AA guns to
    finish the chapter with a cutscene.
    Ava is fighting in the battle when her ship gets terminally damaged, and she
    ejects from the ship and starts falling toward the abyss, that is until Will
    saves her.
    They then reminisce about a similar risky rescue Will performed for coal miners
    evidentally, and then Ava pulls out a metal ring and a flashback shows that
    Will gave it to her jokingly when he was celebrating.
    She kept the ring as a good luck token and Will tells her that the Imperator
    told him that he would need to climb the "Tower" and close the portal, which
    means defeating the "Dweller" who guards the tower, and the cutscene ends.
    * * *
    Chapter IV: The Tower of Return
    * * *
    This chapter opens up with a cutscene showing what looks like Tavi with the
    Elder Watchers as the ringleader says that the revolt should have crumbled when
    they killed the Key, whom they thought was Nikola, but evidentally the Key
    still lives, it's Will of course!
    Also evident is that the Tavi you rescued from Ep 2 Chapter 4 was the Shape
    Shifter that killed Tesla, you have to wonder what happened to Tavi then.
    After that you are taken to a dusty rust red skyline where you see the top of
    the Tower where there are a bunch of Survivor Biplanes as they converse as to
    why they are bringing Ava and Will to the Tower when they get jumped by the
    Dweller, Will hops out of one of the biplanes and goes to do battle with it.
    The strategy of this guy is actually pretty much on a step-by-step basis, first
    he will be stationary firing a machine gun-like attack at you, fire your
    machine guns and rockets (if you have them) at the giant purple cracks in his
    chest until he leaves the perch.
    Then he will strafe to one side or the other and fire laser beams at you, like
    the Archon does, dodge these by doing a dodge maneuver (click the right stick
    then jam both sticks left or right) and continue to unload onto his chest.
    Afterwards he will fly up and start turning green and will try to ram you,
    just dodge maneuver then do a 180 maneuver (click right stick then jam both
    sticks either up or down) to set yourself up to fire at his chest some more.
    Keep firing until you see the "B" prompt appear above him, then boost over and
    press B to start the quicktime event, which actually doesn't ask for much, just
    keep your grip by spamming whatever button it shows and then Will will kill one
    of the heads.
    Repeat this process again to get rid of the other side head and a cutscene will
    appear showing the Dweller crashing to on top of the tower, and Will crashing
    onto the same plateau, mask busted and everything.
    Will will then turn to see the Dweller rearing up for a final ditch attack so
    Will takes his jetpack and tosses it at the Dweller, shooting it to cause a
    huge explosion in it's face, thus killing it.
    Tavi (yea right) will then appear and then try to assassinate Will, but Ava 
    gets in between Will and the blade, Will then shoots Tavi and he reveals the
    Elder Watcher he is, claiming that Will forgot his place as a slave.
    Thats when the portal flares up and burns the fake Tavi away, but a field
    appears around Will protecting him and Ava. They then go to the portal and Ava
    says she realized that Will was the one she was supposed to save, they then put
    will Back in Earth while closing the portal.
    Three months later, London.
    Will is still fiddling with that metal ring, then tosses it in a canal, when
    Atem comes up and tells Will that there was nothing else she could have done,
    and they still have work to do.
                                  ***              ***
                                   Journal  Locations
                                    ***          ***
    This section is reserved as a condensed guide of where all the Journals are,
    in the order in which they are found.
    Episode 1 Chapter 2: Crash Site
         -Earheart 1 of 3: After you kill the first Watcher and proceed up the log,
          its on the left of the next ramp
         -Loinsigh 1 of 11: After dealing with the Turret, continue down to the
          bridge, to the left of the bridge before you actually step onto it
         -Earheart 2 of 3: After crossing the bridge its in the cave next to the
          weapons cache at the waterfall
         -Loinsigh 2 of 11: After the Verical Cover segment to the left of the
          second bridge before crossing it
         -Akasha 1 of 2: After crossing the second bridge its to the left of the
          weapons locker and TNT
         -Earheart 3 of 3: At the U-turn after blowing open the door at the end of
          the second bridge.
         -Akasha 2 of 2: After the U-turn continue to the bog and hug the left wall
          as you're leaving the cave, and its behind a tree thats against the wall
    Episode 1 Chapter 3: The Village
         -Tiare 1 of 5: Behind the first bit of rubble you can see on the left
          after starting the chapter.
         -Tiare 2 of 5: Behind the statue with 4 fountains heading up to the
          villagers after crossing the bridge
         -Tiare 3 of 5: In the building to the left of the villagers, to the right
          of the first door Tavi opens for you
    Episode 1 Chapter 4: Spare Parts
         -FT-91 1 of 7: After hovering across the first gap (when you're prompted
          by the game to hover) head up the next vertical cover segment to an area
          with a bunch of crates, look behind the crates to the far left
         -FT-91 2 of 7: Just after attaining the second plane part is a vertical
          cover segment, get to the top then go left, hovering off the ledge and
          hugging the wall until you get to a grassy ledge and the journal is at
          the end of that
         -FT-91 3 of 7: As you're dropping down the first big hole, just before the
          bottom is a ledge cropping out from the wall, the journal can be seen on
          that as you're coming down
         -FT-91 4 of 7: After dropping down the second hole, its on the ledge you
          have to land on below, near the third plane part practically marking
          where you should land
         -Tiare 4 of 5: When you get the fifth plane part look to the left towards
          some trees, its on the ground near them
         -Teague 1 of 3: after Will ends up at the bottom of the vertical USS
          Cyclops look down towards a hanging rowboat to find the journal on that
         -Tuddlefingers 1 of 7: After doing the interior climb of the USS Cyclops
          segment and getting back outside, its on a stack of crates a few ledges
    Episode 1 Chapter 5: Village Attacks
         -Tuddlefingers 2 of 7: Right after defeating the first Knight look left
          towards a small obelisk and the journal is on the ground next to that
         -Tiare 5 of 5: After jumping the couple gaps after the first Knight, just
          before starting the vertical cover segment, its on the ground near a
          spilled torch
         -Teague 2 of 3: When you get up to the top of the first Vertical Cover
          segment continue past the first structure and hug the left wall to a
          small hut with the journal inside
         -Teague 3 of 3: Just before entering the monolith, go to where the crowd
          of villagers were standing in Chapter 3 and look towards the monolith.
          Its in a hut room up and to the left
         -FT-91 5 of 7: Just before entering the monolith, go to where the crowd
          of villagers were standing in Chapter 3 and look towards the monolith.
          Its up to the right in the third story room
         -FT-91 6 of 7: Just after entering the monolith, look to the left to see
          two pillars, on the far one is the journal
         -FT-91 7 of 7: After the third fight in the monolith with Sarpa, in the
          small room in the dark corridor afterwards
    Episode 1 Chapter 6: Into the Void
         -Tuddlefingers 3 of 7: At the very start, before you even move, turn right
          and see it on the ground
         -Tuddlefingers 4 of 7: in the left side generator down with the first
          control panel
         -Loinsigh 3 of 11: In the right-side generator, near the first control
          panel, go in one of the side doors and head away from the control panel
          to find a small room with a weapon cache and the journal
         -Loinsigh 6 of 11: In the left-side generator, after disabling the shield
          to get inside of it, halfway down on a ring catwalk running around the
          inside of the generator
         -Loinsigh 4 of 11: When the force field is disabled, go down to where two
          corpses are and it's next to them
         -Loinsigh 5 of 11: After flying through the mined tunnels to the hangar,
          fly up to the catwalks at the very top of the room, its on the catwalk
          closest to where you first entered the hangar
    Episode 2 Chapter 1: Prophesized Ones
         -Tuddlefingers 5 of 7: Right as you start the chapter to the right of the
          path to the first labyrinth area
         -Tuddlefingers 6 of 7: When entering the first divide with a turret at the
          far end, turn left and go up the plateau to find it obscured by some
         -E.L. 1 of 2: In the second labyrinth area in the far right area behind
          an obelisk with a torch on top
         -A.E.W 1 of 4: After all the fighting and turrets in the monolith and
          labyrinth areas turn right and go up the incline to find it
         -A.E.W 2 of 4: When you get to the Survivor camp outside the temple, it's
          on the cliff closest to where you first arrive
         -A.E.W 3 of 4: Before entering the temple, travel upward about several
          stories up onto a ledge on the left-hand side to find the journal
         -A.E.W 4 of 5: First room of the temple, right before the cutscene hop
          over the little pond to find it on the far side of the room
    Episode 2 Chapter 2: The Survivors
         -Loinsigh 7 of 11: When you first load up the chapter, fly down to the
          cliffs and look for a tent near the transport with a soldier hanging out
          in front of it, its several feet from him in front of the tent
         -Loinsigh 8 of 11: When on the transport, look up towards the Ark to see
          a broken segment of a stone street that's suspending two sets of planks
          with supplies covered in tarp, its on the one closer to you
         -E.L. 1 of 3: Fly up to the top of the Ark, on what looks like a radar
          box, you have to wonder who left it up there
         -Loinsigh 9 of 11: On a stone pathway suspended right below the Ark
         -Turner 1 of 1: Just inside the barracks on a counter past the 3 soldiers
          hanging around a radio
         -Deracroix 1 of 3: After finding the hubcaps that were transmiting the
          warning beacon shift a little to the right and fly to some plateaus, one
          of which has two metal bridges converging upon it, and the journal is
          there between them.
         -Deracroix 2 of 3: When you and Atem are competing for watcher kills,
          after you see the three prisoners behind the nearby weapons locker
    Episode 2 Chapter 3: Prison Escape
         -Frenelli 1 of 3: As soon as the chapter opens, continue until you see a
          pillar thats leaning but not collapsed, turn left over the plateau and
          freefall down the other side until you get to the next plateau, its there
          in the middle of that area
         -Frenelli 2 of 3: Soon after rewiring the prisoner cells to release them
          continue to the dark room where a Sarpa ambushes you, look immediately
          to the left to see the journal behind a piece of junk
         -Frenelli 3 of 3: In the second segment of the hangar, after releasing
          Tavi, fly up to the uppermost catwalks above the transports to find the
    Episode 2 Chapter 4: Breaking Camp
         -Loinsigh 10 of 11: Behind the Ark on a ledge to the left
         -Loinsigh 11 of 11: Behind the Ark on a ledge to the right
         -Deracroix 3 of 3: Next to a tent on the plateau in front of the Ark
         -Anonymous 1 of 2: Standing from the Ark facing outward, go to the left
          Survivor AA gun and on the right sit of the plateau it's on is a metal
          ledge with the journal
    Episode 3 Chapter 1: Defending the Ark
         -Tuddlefingers 7 of 7: When you get to the first two AA guns after the
          first transport its on the plateau next to the left AA gun on the second
          shelf of the plateau
         -L.M. 1 of 1: When you get to the Watcher base, start from the center of
          the base and move towards the Archon on the plateau with it. Once you
          pass where the plateau shifts up a few shelves you should see it flashing
          on the ground if you cover above it
    Episode 3 Chapter 2: The Collector
         -Anonymous 2 of 2: As soon as you get control turn around to your left and
          look towards the wall to find a Watcher transport, it's there next to a
          weapons locker and tech cache
    Episode 3 Chapter 3: The Revolt
         -Marks 1 of 2: After following Atem into the second room, go all the way
          to the back where you see a door protected by a force field, its in front
          of that between the force field and a row of crates
         -Marks 2 of 2: When you're going down the hangar, after Vertical cover
          climbing down 3 octagonal platforms, turn around at the bottom facing
          right of the center pillar of those platforms to see the journal on the
          ledge past it
         -Kasel 1 of 1: After getting to the bottom of the hangar, go up a stack
          of crates ahead arranged like stairs and its on the platform above.
                                  ***              ***
                                    ***          ***
    The Jetpack:
      -Function: your way of attaining flight and Vertical combat
        -Description: Personal flight module armed with dual 7.62 MM machine guns
          -Starting Feature
        -Level 2: Larger .45 caliber machine guns that inflict greater damage
          -9,700 Tech points
        -Level 3: Miniature mamgnetic rockets installed as a secondary weapon
          -15,000 Tech points
      -Function: Survivor's machine gun
        -Description: Custom-built Survivor machine gun. Created with salvaged
                      parts and human ingenuity
          -Starting Feature
        -Level 2: Larger barrel that fires deadlier, high-caliber rounds. Increased
                  clip size
          -3,800 Tech points
        -Level 3: Explosive rounds that detonate on impact. Increased clip size
          -9,200 Tech points
      -Function: Survivor's experimental anti-gravity weapon
        -Description: Experimental gravity nulifier. Projectiles richochet off
                      nearby surfaces
          -Starting Feature
        -Level 2: Resonance multiplier that causes projectiles to bounce toward
                  enemies and inflict more damage
          -7,200 Tech points
        -Level 3: Harmonic intesifier that causes projectiles to ricochet off
                  enemies and inflict greater damage
          -20,000 Tech points
      -Function: Survivor's intense beam weapon
        -Description: Directed energy weapon. Inventeed by Nikola Tesla
          -Starting Feature
        -Level 2: Improved heat sink allows the weapon to inflict more damage and
                  cool down faster
          -6,800 Tech points
        -Level 3: Ionized liquid coolant allows the weapon to inflict more damage
                  and prevents overheating
          -17,000 Tech points
      -Function: Watcher's submachine gun
      -How to obtain: Taken off of a Watcher's corpse who had the weapon, as early
                      as Ep 1 Chapter 2
        -Description: Rapid-fire Watcher submachine gun
          -Starting Feature
        -Level 2: Improved particle accelerator increases the accuracy and damage
                  of projectiles
          -4,000 Tech points
        -Level 3: Additional particle destabilizer causes enemies to explode when
                  they die
          -10,100 Tech points
      -Function: Watcher's energy rocket weapon
      -How to obtain: Taken off of a Watcher's corpse who had the weapon, usually
                       sergeants as early as Ep 1 Chapter 3
        -Description: Short-range Watcher particle disrupter. Projectiles explode
                      near enemies
          -Starting Feature
        -Level 2: Supercharged particle generator makes projectiles explode in a
                  larger radius
          -7,800 Tech points
        -Level 3: Shielded plasma emitter makes the projectiles ricochet and
                  explode in a larger radius
          -11,200 Tech points
      -Function: Watcher's energy sniper rifle
      -How to obtain: Taken off of a Watcher's corpse who had the weapon, usually
                      Gold or Red sergeants as early as Ep 2 Chapter 1
        -Description: Long-range Watcher rifle with 10x holographic scope
          -Starting Feature
        -Level 2: Inertial dampener that reduces recoil and improves accuracy
          -6,400 Tech points
        -Level 3: Improved particle intensifier reduces recoil and makes
                  projectiles rip through armor
          -13,400 Tech Points
      -Function: Survivor infantry's thrown explosive.
    Energy grenade:
      -Function: Watcher's pain field explosive
        -How to obtain: Taken off a Watcher's corpse who had the weapon, usually
                        silver pawns as soon as Ep 2 Chapter 3
                                  ***              ***
                                    ***          ***
    This Faq is by me, alias Tanju.
    I do not own Dark Void or its registered trademarks, they belong to their
    respective owners and entities.
    A FAQ's section will be added provided I get e-mailed a lot of common
    questions, if you have anything I need to answer simply shoot me an e-mail at:

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