What is the best strategy for (1000 combo/hitman trophy)?

  1. where do I go, what moves do I use, etc...

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    V_for_Violence - 7 years ago
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    Two people say "Use L1+O on the gold-armored mooks until you get it." Any other ideas before I close this?

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    V_for_Violence - 7 years ago
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    So, basically, use Soul Rip (L1+Circle) on a group of three to five enemies.

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    V_for_Violence - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. i found using the claws of hades launching grapple effecting since it does very little damge and shoots out skulls that rack up the combo meter the area i got this was right after the Hermes fight against the three enemies that show up around the mortals (literally can get 400 hits per kill). at the time claws were lvl 2. this does take a while and you can't get hit

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Other Answers

  1. www.youtube.com/watch?v=9HPjiOQg45M

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  2. i found the spot when you get to the City of Olympia(right where the demo started up) is fantastic for this very thing. It's right when you come out of the path and see Helios' chariot fly by and attack the titan in the background. When you jump down and there are 3 guys waiting to attack you, continuously hit them with Claws of Hades' L1+O. This releases 2 ghost skulls per hit. Each skull hits(hooray for homing!), increases the combo and they do almost no damage to the enemies. as a result, you can sit there and manage a combo of well over 1000(i got up to 1172 before I got bored of it). It shouldn't take much time at all to do it this way either.

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  3. Hera's Garden I think is the easiest. It's pretty much the same as the City of Olympia but there are more enemies.

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  4. As you approach the city of Olympia you encounter a gigantic brass door framed with soldier statues whose eyes glow red. A stready stream of soldiers will climb from the ground to attack you. At this point I used Hades claws and the "Soul Rip" attack (O+L1) as my sole attack on them. Continue this assault from a safe distance and use the dodge (R stick) to quick skip away when one gets close enough to glow, signaling they're about to leap attack you. Stay around the outside edge of the battle as you can. In this manner, I got a 2683 hit combo.

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  5. You can actually get the trophy early in the game right after the point where the game (and Athena) prompts you to use Soul Summon for the first time. Once you come out of River Styx after killing Hades, you will be ambushed by some low level grunts. You can easily abuse the Soul Grab (L1 + O) here and the multitude of souls that come out will constantly barrage most of the surrounding enemies to the point that you may not have to move at all. I think levelling up the Claws may increase the soul count (could be wrong, I forget). You may have to roll around to avoid getting hit/losing your combo. I did have cases where the enemy did get so far back from being battered that I had to move closer to them and either attack them once or more to keep the combo going or get closer for a grab. However, most of the time the skulls will still be out long enough for you to maintain a combo, so you should still have time to get close and grab them. As long as you don't use any other actual attacks to kill them (as the souls are pathetically weak, unless maybe when leveled up), you should 1000 within just a couple of minutes. Just multiply the time it takes for you to get 100 hits by 10, and that's how long it will take you get the trophy. I got 1100+ (maybe 1200+) hits with this technique. This is the best and fastest way in my opinion to get the trophy if you are doing a quick "Trophy Run".

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