How do i solve the hades statue puzzle?

  1. Ive tried using the crate to stop the left arm from moving but it doesnt work for some reason.

    User Info: codysutcliffe

    codysutcliffe - 7 years ago

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  1. 1st as soon as u go in, you turn the handles in front of you, the coffin will appear for u, use R1 on the book stand to slam it on the statue, the two ladders will drop after on both sides, go to the left 1 1st, once upstairs grab teh lift in the back to the bottom and pull/push the big block you used to block the 1st wheel at the bottom on the lift and take it up, once there go to the handle in the middle and turn it to open the cuffs then run back up to the left and use the wheel and block it with the big rock u got up. once done u will see a cut scene showing you the other side, all u have to do is run back to the middle use the handle then run up to the right side now and use the wheel, that's it

    good luck!

    User Info: 7h3_h4x3r

    7h3_h4x3r - 7 years ago 1 0


  1. 1.) Turn the lever
    2.) Slam the coffin into Hade's Statue
    3.) Go PASSED the ladder on the left path and go up the hidden ladder for two red orb chests and to the right a Minotaur(?) Horn (Optional, and totally unsure about the chest containing a Minotaur Horn. It could be Phoenix Feather or Gorgon Eye)
    4.) Go up the ladder and to the right of the ladder you will see a lever.
    5.) Pull the lever
    6.) Open the door, and kill the Harpies (Bow of Apollo works wonders here)
    7.) Get the stone block and place it on the elevator
    8.) Pull the lever that activates the elevator with the stone block on it
    9.) Put the stone block NEAR the lever that lifts up Hade's left arm
    10.) Head back down, and turn the lever that opens the cuffs.
    11.) Head back up the left ladder, and spin the windmill lever thing. Hade's left arm should go inside the cuff and close. (You have limited time, be fast!)
    12.) Put the stone block under the windmill lever thing (a scene will confirm you did it right)
    13.) Spin the lever again
    14.) Go up the right ladder and spin the windmill lever thing.
    15.) Go back down, and show your insensitive side and break that mofo open with the coffin (poor Persephone)

    Hope that helped

    User Info: Polopolo206

    Polopolo206 - 7 years ago 0 0

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