How do I beat Zeus on Titan mode?

  1. I am at the last stage inside Gaia with no magic or rage of sparta, any pointers?

    User Info: blaze4all

    blaze4all - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. If you're using ANYTHING other than the Nemesis Whip, you're making the fight unnecessarily hard. It's practically a cakewalk. You'll face-palm yourself for trying anything else. Even if it's not fully upgraded, it's miles beyond your other gear. Honest.

    -My general strategy is to keep your distance from Zeus (about max range of your whip), but try to stay close-ish to Gaia's heart. When Zeus hurls lightning at you, just stand and block it. If you're a fair distance from him, you should be able to time your blocks and reflect some of the lightning back at him. If you get a chance, attack him (detailed later). When Zeus winds up for his little "shadow charge" move, dodge sideways to avoid it. While he's standing there laughing like an idiot, attack him. Oh and if Zeus throws punches, dodge away. His last shock-punch is unblockable (and it hurts).

    -When attacking Zeus, use L1+Circle as much as possible. You'll grab him and charge him, knocking him down. Immediately follow up with an L1+Square combo, but DON'T MASH IT. This should launch you into the air, and if you're lucky, Zeus will pop up too. If he doesn't, just land and dodge away. If he does go airborne with you, unleash hell but keep an eye on Zeus. When he stands up and starts hovering, you have to land and immediately double-jump & glide away. DON'T DODGE-ROLL AWAY. Zeus will slam into the ground and unleash a shockwave... and you want to be airborne and gliding so it will pass underneath you.

    -Now the MOST IMPORTANT part of the fight, and the reason you should use the Nemesis Whip above all else, is Gaia's heart. At regular intervals in the fight, you'll hear Gaia gasp in pain, and her heart will begin to flash. IMMEDIATELY run/dodge/glide to her heart. IGNORE EVERYTHING ELSE, unless Zeus is in the middle of a Shockwave (in which case you should be gliding). Run point blank to the heart, and **simply press and hold square**. This fires the Whip straight out, and as long as you're holding square down, the end will continue to spin INSIDE Gaia's heart. As long as you get to her heart fast enough when it begins to flash, you should be able to drain ALL of the green life orbs possible from it, with Zeus getting none. You should be able to keep your health high for most of this fight, and ensure that Zeus doesn't keep regenerating. Easy stuff.

    -The most difficult part of this fight is when Zeus summons his little clone/shadow army to gang-bang you. Fortunately the Nemesis Rage (R2, magic) chews them up and spits them out faster than the time it will take your jaw to hit the floor. Not only are Zeus' clones not lightning-proof, they're incredibly vulnerable to it! Just hit one of them with your little green bolt of death, and it should pretty much zap everyone and kill at least two or three of them. Finish the last one off (L1+Triangle is good for this, or a second R2 zap if you have lots of magic) and resume your one-on-one fight with Zeus. Don't waste your magic on anything else (or Zeus himself).

    -If at any time you get into trouble (especially with the clones), pop Rage of Sparta for some breathing room.

    Rinse and repeat the above steps until Zeus takes a knee. Then go shove your sword up his @$$. The Nemesis Whip makes this fight ridiculously easy. I struggled with it at first too, dying over and over. Finally I gave up and said "screw it, i'll try the whip"... it was like going from a fork, spoon and butter-knife, to a freaking sledgehammer. If there was ever an "I-Win" button in a fight, this is it.
    Good luck! :)

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    Mach_Delta - 7 years ago 0 0

Other Answers

  1. I would use the Cestus, it seems most effective. Make sure you keep going to Gaia's heart for health when you get hurt. Attack him when he goes back to heal. And try and counter as much as possible

    User Info: Star_Wolfx

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  2. Well i did only use the blades of exile, first try to return the lighning bolts he throws at you keep on it until he tries to hit you with a clone that dissapears when he makes that avoid then use L1 + O you will get near zeus and he will be open for a combo, keep on that until he heals here he makes from 1 up to 2 clones of himself if he makes 2 just kill one the other one will reappear inmediately my strategy is keep doing the same while avoiding the other zeus
    (L1 +O) also if he starts healing and the clone pisses you off try to get between them and use (L1+ square) that way you will stop both then it comes the tough part zeus will fly and make like 4 or 5 clones and they will smash the ground in the order they appear and for last zeus will smash the ground in a big explosion( you avoid just by jumping) now you will fight tons of clons and zeus start by attacking them with L1 + Square if you dont have filled the rage of sparta gauge filled by now this will help a lot to it just beware that zeus may not be affected by this attack so he can still break your combo around this time zeus will try to heal by that time use the rage of sparta and beat him up keep on this and eventually he will fall and you will make the combo this strategy is very usefull i finished GOW 3 in less than 2 days my PSN is devil0hunter if you dont believe me check the trophies date i hope i helped out in something

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