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    Boss FAQ by RealtimeGamer

    Version: 1.10 | Updated: 04/18/10 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide


    Written by RealtimeGamer


    Feel free to use this FAQ and reproduce it for private use. User must receive permission from and me and credit me if used for anything other than private use.


    Version History

    04/03/10: 0.00 Started on this FAQ.

    04/11/10: 1.00 Finished.

    04/17/10: 1.10 Added a few new strategies for dealing with satyrs and final Zeus.

    This FAQ is going to provide strategies on how to beat Chaos mode, but is also applicable to every other mode. You can use the same strategies for Titan mode, but don't need to follow them 100% since Titan mode is easier, but perhaps 80-90%.

    This FAQ is NOT going to cover how to do puzzles and get from point to point since you need to know how to do all of that to unlock Chaos difficulty. Instead, I will provide strategies and tactics for those difficult enemy swarms and boss battles that need them. Some basic enemy encounters won't be covered, or will be mentioned briefly for continuity.

    I will also be providing my opinion of the best way to upgrade weapons and magic. Keep in mind that Chaos mode can be played through with a variety of methods despite the high difficulty.

    Bosses will be described in phases since they are usually quite distinct. For example, Hercules with all his armour, without his helmet, without his Cestus.


    I. Weapons, Magic, and Various Attacks
    i. Abbreviations and Descriptions of Magic and Weapons Used Throughout This FAQ
    ii. Abbreviations and Descriptions of Attacks with BoE
    iii. Abbreviations and Descriptions of Other Attacks
    II. General Strategies for Getting Through Chaos mode
    III. Combo Counters and Red Orbs
    IV. Enemy Names
    i. Harmless
    ii. Soldiers
    iii. Female Enemies
    iv. Shielded
    v. Flying
    vi. Gorgons
    vii. Minotaurs
    viii. Talos
    ix. Cyclops
    x. Cerberus
    xi. Creatures
    xii. Others
    V. Gaia and Poseidon
    i. Riding Gaia
    ii. Mount Olympus
    iii. Ares' Tomb
    iv. Gaia's Chest
    v. A Tour of Gaia
    vi. Poseidon
    VI. Realm of Hades
    i. The River Styx
    ii. Stroll Through Hell
    Gorgon Serpents
    Apollo's Bow
    iii. The Three Judges
    The Trials of Erebus
    Trial 1: The Condemned
    Trial 2: The Lost
    Trial 3: The Chosen
    iv. Hades Housecall
    Stone Talos
    Big Dogs
    v. Palace of Hades
    Hades: Phase One
    Hades: Phase Two
    Hades: Phase Three
    Hades: Phase Four
    Hades: Phase Five
    Hades: Phase Six
    Hades: Phase Seven
    vi. See You Out of Hell
    A Nice Swim
    Talos Talos Talos
    VII. City of Olympia
    i. To Helios and Beyond
    Legionnaires and Dogs
    Centaur and Legionnaires
    More Legionnaires
    ii. Path of Eos
    Harpies In the Darkness
    Chain of Balance: Superman I
    Chain of Balance: Superman II
    VIII. The Caverns
    IX. Poseidon's Chamber
    i. Poseidon Princess.....Would You?
    Bronze Talos
    Bronze Talos and Guardians
    X. Tartarus
    i. Gates of Tisophene
    Centaur and Grunts
    Chimeras: Double the Trouble
    ii. Pit of Tartarus
    iii. Chronos
    XI. Gardens of Olympus
    i. Upper Gardens
    Daedalus' Workshop
    ii. Garden Maze
    XII. Labyrinth Part Deux
    One-Eyed Monster Party
    Gorgons and Harpies
    i. Skorpinok
    Phase 1: Cripple the Bastard
    Phase 2: Cripple the Bastard Some More
    Gorgon, Minotaurs, OG's
    ii. Daedalus' Box
    Bronze Taloses, Cerberus, and Lil' Dawgs
    Big Tumbling Spiked Box of Death
    iii. Pandora: Because Every Game Needs an Escort Mission
    Gorgon Serpents and Grunts
    iv. Epically Hard Battle #1
    Wave 1: Sirens
    Wave 2: Olympus Guardians
    Wave 3: Wraiths
    Wave 4: Minotaurs
    Wave 5: Siren and Wraith
    Wave 6: Siren and Minotaur
    Wave 7: Wraiths
    XIII. Realm of Hades Revisited
    i. Chain of Balance: Superman III
    ii. Epically Hard Battle #2
    Phase 1
    Phase 2
    Phase 3
    iii. The Three Judges
    Sirens and Whelps
    Satyrs and Olympus Sentinels
    iv. Chain of Balance: Superman IV
    XIV. Zoos
    i. Zeus: Street Fighter
    Round 1
    Round 2
    ii. Zeus: Street Fighter EX
    iii. Zeus: Final Fight
    Stage 1
    Stage 2: Attack of the Clones
    XV. Existentialism With a Side of QTEs

    i. Abbreviations and Descriptions of Magic and Weapons Used Throughout This FAQ

    BoE = Blades of Exile, main weapon

    AoS = Army of Sparta, magic of BoE

    ii. Abbreviations and Descriptions of Attacks with BoE

    • PoP
      • Plume of Prometheus combo attack.
      • Performed by pressing Square, Square, and Triangle to use it.
      • Available at level 1 BoE.
      • This is your bread and butter attack, I recommend using it a lot.
    • Super PoP (SPoP)
      • Technically, this is done by pressing squarex5 and then triangle, but I just repeatedly press square until Kratos does the upswing part of the combo (where he swings both his blades vertically while twirling) and then pressing triangle during this animation for the big finale.
      • This is the big hitter move that you should use whenever you have room to pull it off safely. You don't need to be able to land every hit to use this effectively. If you build up the combo away from the enemy and only land the big, final hit then it's still one of the best attacks in my opinion. Practice makes perfect.
    • Cyclone/Air Cyclone/L1+Square: Cyclone of Chaos.
      • Performed by pressing L1+Square once you have at least level 2 BoE.
    • Valor: Valor of Hercules.
      • Performed by pressing triangle, triangle, square when you have at least level 3 BoE.
    • Spirit: Spirit of Hercules
      • Performed by pressing triangle three times when you have at least leve 3 BoE.
    • Tartarus' Rage
      • Performed by pressing L1+Triangle once you have level 4 BoE.
    • Launch
      • Launching an enemy into the air by pressing triangle and holding it.
      • Hold triangle longer to make Kratos jump as well.
    • Attack and dodge
      • Using the regular square attack 2 times (3 at most) to hit an enemy before rolling away for safety.
    • Hyperion Ram
      • Performed by pressing L1+O on ground or air. Very useful new move, especially against harpies and wraiths.
    • Hyperion Fury
      • Performed by holding square. Not terribly useful on chaos.

    iii. Abbreviations and Descriptions of Other Attacks

    • Rage
      • Rage of Olympus. Activate by pressing L3+R3 after recovering the Blade of Olympus in the realm of Hades.
    • Grab
      • Grabbing an enemy by pressing circle.
    • Grab and toss
      • Grabbing an enemy and pressing square instead of circle to toss them into another enemy.
      • Targets are indicated by a light illuminating the enemy. Targets can be changed by using the right analog stick before the enemy is thrown, but usually in the heat of battle, switching targets isn't very practical.
    • QTE (Quick-time event)
      • Pressing circle on an enemy when a O-Prompt appears above its head.
      • Consists of sequence of button presses and/or analog stick movements performed after grabbing an enemy or boss with O-Prompts.
      • Successfully completing a QTE will lead to significant damage or to the death of the enemy/boss. Failing the QTE will lead to Kratos taking damage to varying degrees, depending on the enemy.
      • Pressing square while in mid-roll to be able to roll again without any lag (press it between the middle and end of the roll). Essentially you are telling Kratos to roll and then immediately attack when he is done rolling, but you can cancel the attack by rolling again. If you are good at this, you will not even see Kratos begin his attack. Practice this because it helps you get around much quicker in big areas and is essential for dodging enemies in many situations.
    • Spam ________ attack/magic
      • Constantly use an attack on an enemy or group of enemies.
    • Argo's Revenge
      • Pressing L1 at the right time before an attack will charge up Kratos' blades and then pressing square will unleash a knock back attack.
        • Need level 2 BoE to do this.
        • Need level 3 BoE to execute Argo's ram which is a more powerful knockback (parry and then press triangle)
    • Reflect/Return
      • Pressing L1 at the right time before a projectile can hit/affect Kratos will lead to the projectile being reflected back to the caster.
      • If used on freeze beams/projectiles, pressing L1 while in the freeze beam's field will lead to a QTE where pressing the right button will stone nearby enemies.

    II. General Strategies for Getting Through Chaos mode

    1) EVERY BATTLE REQUIRES MUCH MORE PATIENCE THAN BEFORE, don't lose your patience and break a pattern that was working well because you will take massive damage if Kratos gets hits multiple times, even once in many situations.

    2) Red orbs are much scarcer in Chaos mode so try maximizing your red orb collection (not important until after Poseidon). Regular chests will give Kratos fewer orbs than lower difficulties. Chests later in the game give Kratos more red orbs.

    3) Grab AND BREAK enemies when you can (grab and press triangle). QTEs on the fates sentries will allow you to grab them and rip them in half. Tossing them knocks back the target(s) and deals a good amount of damage. Grabbing enemies and pressing square is even more useful than tossing them because it turns them into a fleshy battering ram which allows you to specifically target which enemies you want to ram into and deal significant damage to.

    Grabbing and breaking an enemy has two other great benefits. You get an easy +5 orbs for a brutal kill and as soon as you press triangle to begin the animation, Kratos is invulnerable to every single attack in the game. This will be super useful later on against the Scorpion boss.

    4) NEVER use canned combos unless specified. These are moves like Cyclone of Chaos (L1+Square) on the ground which you cannot cancel and leaves Kratos open for attack which will often lead to death.

    5) Grabbing enemies to begin QTEs is a good idea since this leads to more orbs or magic from certain enemies, you are also invulnerable to attack while in the QTE (except against Satyrs!!). A common example of this is against enemies like minotaurs since killing them gives you valuable health orbs and +25 orbs for a brutal kill.

    6) Remember to grab enemies while you are hanging too, from ropes and walls alike. When Kratos is climbing walls and you want to grab enemies; don't move toward them, but jump toward them instead to get close. Grabbing enemies while hanging is easy since Kratos' grab range is huge while hanging.

    7) A good way to kill flying enemies is to use L1+O to get right beside them and then press circle to grab and slam them to the ground. Press circle repeatedly a few times while in the air or just wait to fall back to the ground and grab the enemy there to rip them in half which gives you invulnerability during the animation and +10 orbs which is pretty huge since it's common to encounter ~10 of these enemies in a group and you can easily kill them all in this fashion.

    8) Make sure you know the locations of all the health, magic, and item upgrades, the faster you can get more health, magic, and item energy, the better. As another benefit, if you have your health/magic fully upgraded, the chests that would have contained eyes/feathers/horns will contain a lot of red orbs instead.

    9) Be aware of when you can conserve health or magic chests. Try to think ahead when you see a health/magic chest and see if you can use it after dealing with the next group of enemies instead of using it right away if Kratos' health/magic isn't critically low. Also, if you know you're about to increase your health/magic bar(s), refrain from using the health/magic chests since the upgrades will refill the bar (this situation isn't terribly common, but every little bit helps)

    10) For the Tartarus' Rage, Valor, and PoP attacks, the final blows do not need to land directly on the enemy but can land further away than you may think. It has to be in the vicinity of the enemy, but experiment with these attacks and see how far you can get the attacks away from the enemy's body to register a hit. Use this to your advantage because keeping your distance is a good thing preferable (except for when trying to grab the enemy). There is an extra challenge that comes with the Utlimate Edition of God of War III which pits you against Fear Kratos and he uses these big combos. The range is surprisingly huge.

    11) The Valor attack is done by pressing triangle, triangle, triangle, but pressing square for a light attack before the first triangle makes the first heavy attack (triangle) faster so Kratos can perform a Valor combo more quickly.

    12) The bow and arrow in this game is super useful on Titan and especially Chaos mode. Use it whenever you can since you have an infinite item bar that recharges itself. It's great for extending combos and when fighting certain enemies and bosses.

    III. Combo Counters and Red Orbs

    [# of Hits], +x orbs, cumulative +orbs gained in one combo, Name of Combo

    10, +2, 2, Vicious
    20, +4, 6, Sadistic
    30, +6, 12, Savage
    40, +8, 20, Inhuman
    50, +10, 30, Bloodthirsty
    75, +15, 45, Relentless
    100, +20, 65, Merciless
    200, +25, 90, Pitiless
    300, +30, 120, Monstrous
    400, +40, 160, Tyrannical
    500, +50, 210, Immortal
    600, +60, 270, Ferocious
    700, +70, 340, Godly
    800, +80, 420, Omnipotent
    900, +90, 510, Olympic
    1000, +100, 610, All-Powerful

    i. Harmless

    • Olympia Citizen: Grab for health orbs.
    • Woman of Olympia: Grab for health orbs.
    • Lost Soul: Found only in the realm of Hades, grab for health orbs.

    ii. Soldiers

    • Olympus Sentry: "Grunts". Can be grabbed and used/killed in various ways throughout the game.
    • Olympus Legionnaire: Tougher soldiers that have a jump attack and can't be grabbed right away.
    • Cursed Remains: "Grunts" of Tartarus.

    iii. Female Enemies

    • Olympus Archer
    • Olympus Fiend: Magic users.
    • Siren Seductress: Floating magic users with varied attacks and can counterattack. Can steal magic from Kratos.

    iv. Shielded

    • Olympus Guardian: Olympus Sentries with shields that can only be destroyed with the Cestus.
    • Olympus Sentinel: Olympus Legionnaires with shields that can only be destroyed with the Cestus.

    v. Flying

    • Harpy: Flying enemies that are best killed with grab attacks.
    • Harpy Queen: Flying enemy that Kratos can latch onto and fly short distances with.

    vi. Gorgons

    • Gorgon: Uses tail attacks, spin attacks, and can freeze Kratos.
    • Gorgon Serpent: Larger variant of the Gorgon. Uses tail attacks, spin attacks, can squeeze Kratos, and can freeze Kratos.

    vii. Minotaurs

    • Minotaur Brute: Basic Minotaurs with no body armour encountered early in the game.
    • Minotaur Elite: Axe-wielding Mintotaurs.
    • Labrys Minotaur: Stronger version of the Elites found only in the Labrynth.

    viii. Talos

    • Stone Talos: Basic Talos that can be chipped away and eventually killed through normal damage.
    • Bronze Talos: Talos that can be chipped away and killed by keeping up a constant flow of attack.

    ix. Cyclops

    • Cyclops Enforcer: Armoured and has a large spiked ball for a right hand. Can be stunned with PoP and great attacks. Has very large range attacks.
    • Cyclops Berserker: Unarmoured club-wielding cyclops that cannot be stunned and has short range attacks. Can be ridden and controlled.
    • Cyclops Remains: Found on Chronos, similar to the Berserker.

    x. Cerberus

    • Cerberus Mongrel: Fire-breathing, three-headed dog that can be ridden and controlled.
    • Hades Cerberus Breeder: Very large and can spawn Hades Cerberus Whelps from its mouths.
    • Hades Cerberus Whelp: Found through Hades' Realm and can be spawned from Hades Cerberus Breeders.

    xi. Creatures

    • Feral Hound: Similar to Hades Cerberus Whelps.
    • Chimera: Enemy with three distinct forms and set of attacks.
    • Skorpius Spawn: Large scorpions that can be grabbed and killed.
    • Centaur General: Horse-man enemy that can summon Olympus Sentries and empower Olympus Legionnaires.

    xii. Others

    • Wraith of Olympus: Dual crescent blade-wielding enemies that can burrow underground.
    • Satyrs: Goat-man enemies that can burn in hell and die very painful deaths.

    Phase One: Horse Tentacle Monster Thing

    You start off the game facing a bunch of grunts. The main goal here is to not get hit so start by grabbing an enemy right away and pressing square or triangle and repeating this. Ripping enemies in half repeatedly will guarantee no hits, but takes a while.

    Before lifting up the tree, you may need to kill a few more grunts. After this, I like to grab any of the three upcoming enemies and running forward, it's just faster.

    I don't think it matters how many red orbs you get here since you lose all your powers (hmm, that seems familiar) when you fall into the River Styx.

    So when the horse tentacle monster thing pops up, get off a PoP and it'll do its fire hose attack. The best way to avoid this is to stand in front of it in the left or middle-left side while it's rearing its head back and then roll to the right and hold block. You shouldn't get hit unless you're in the middle of the water blast. This attack takes off ~75% of your health if it hits for full damage, yikes!

    This is the only attack it does. Nearing the end of the blast, roll towards it and get off a combo, either the PoP or SPoP (if you're quick) and then repeat the evasion tactic. About 2.5 SPoPs will initiate the next phase.

    Phase Two: Upside-Down Horse Tentacle Monster Thing

    This part's pretty easy. Remember to move quickly by pressing X. Stay around the centre platform and keep hitting it with light attacks. I find the heavy attacks take too long to complete so it's too risky. The attacks are very telegraphed so they're easy to avoid. If you're somewhere around the centre, just quickly move left when it raises its right claw and vice versa. It's not uncommon to come out of the first two phases with full health. After 30+ light attacks, the next phase will begin.

    Phase Three: Vertical Horse Tentacle Monster Thing

    Start by jumping up towards it. Start attacking it with heavy attacks since those are quick. It will use the fire hose attack which you can avoid by staying in the top-left/right corner after moving away at nearly the last second. It will also attack with either the left or right claw and like the previous phase, just move jump left/right away from it. This phase is fairly easy.

    Phase Four: Horse Tentacle Monster Thing

    This phase is similar to the first one except the horse has a few more attacks. Besides the fire hose, it will do a multi-clawed crush which is avoided by moving to the back. It also does a single claw slam with either left or right claw. You can actually continue attacking it if it does the single claw attack, just stay on the opposite side of its chest while attacking and Kratos won't get hit. It's riskier doing this with the multi-claw attack so I suggest rolling back. Avoid the fire hose the same way as in phase one.

    It's okay to use a bunch of magic here if you can't get out of the way of any attacks on time since it's a big pain to die here and start all the way back at phase one.

    ii. Mount Olympus

    These bunches of enemies are fairly straightforward. Just grab and press anything except circle. The archers are a bit of a pain. I suggest facing the wall below them and using magic once or twice to kill them. You'll get a refill later anyway.

    The next bunches of enemies are best taken care of with various grab attacks as well. The battering ram works well to quickly get to the archers in the back.

    iii. Ares' Tomb

    I don't know why Zeus needed a tomb for his disgraced son, but here we are.

    This horse centaur guy is pretty annoying. He uses a charge attack which initiates a QTE. From what I've seen so far, it's always a half-circle from 12 o'clock to 6 o'clock or at least it was the same sequence for this particular centaur. If you fail the QTE, you won't take too much damage.

    The best way to go through this part with the least heartache is to grab every grunt you see and charge the centaur until you can grab him, do the QTE, and rip his guts out. You'll know when a battering ram hit connects because the controller rumbles for every hit. The centaur keeps spawning grunts until you kill him so that's convenient.

    Phase One: HTMT Part Deux

    So this thing has a bunch of different attacks. You can block most of them, which is awesome. Run right up to it and start hitting it with light attacks. I suggest using the PoP as the heaviest attack since you need to be able to block quickly. It will initiate a three-hit combo with either its left or right claws. The one started with the left is very quick so be careful.

    It also does this big slam attack. You need to roll back at least once immediately. Jump towards the back and then press X again and hold it to float and avoid this attack, it literally takes away 90% of Kratos' health.

    The other attack it does is this crawling attack which won't damage you. It will use its three claws on either side to creep towards the back. These can't hurt you so feel free to keep attacking it. Then once it gets to the back, it charges up a super attack. You need to damage it a certain amount to get it to rear back, otherwise the attack is unavoidable besides using magic. I suggest getting off an SPoP while it's charging up.

    You can get an SPoP after preventing it from doing its super attack and also after it recovers from doing its slam attack. You will soon have a chance to grab it and do a QTE.

    Phase Two: HTMT Part Deux, Part Deux

    From what I've seen, it starts off with its fire hose attack when you run up to it. You should be able to avoid any damage by running back to at least halfway and holding block. Get back as far as possible before blocking anyway. You'll probably have to use magic once or twice to avoid the fire hose since it's easy to not run back on time.

    It also still does the super slam attack so follow the instructions above for that.

    You can block the combo attacks it does and keep wailing away until you get a chance to do the QTE. After opening up its weak point, go to the broken claw, grab it and send it flying for massive damage.

    v. A Tour of Gaia

    For some reason, Kratos decides to go inside Gaia's chest. I guess there's nowhere else to go.

    It's fairly straightforward here. Grab any enemies and use the battering ram to get through this section quickly. When climbing out of the chest, use the heavy attacks to climb up and attack at the same time, this will stun any enemies above you, making it very easy.

    Phase One

    This guy loves his tentacles. He even has a crown of tentacles.

    Start off with either side. I suggest using light attacks only and tapping L1 to interrupt them. Roll away if you see the camera change to show you that the big tentacle attack is coming.

    If you see the blue electricity charging up on the ground then you need to roll away or double jump and float to avoid it.

    After getting rid of both sides of claws, jump onto Gaia's arm and continue on.

    Phase Two

    Here, you need to just keep attacking Poseidon. You can block both types of his fist attacks: the backhand and the slam. You can parry them too if you'd like, but it's not neccessary.

    His backhand windup and one of his trident attacks looks similar. If he covers his face with his forearm while winding up then he's going to do his backhand attack. If you see more of his trident then you need to get away quickly and climb up the vines.

    Climb up the vines for either of his trident attacks. The one where he holds his trident with both hands has a longer windup.

    This fight is pretty easy, he'll use his fist attacks more often than his trident attacks.

    Phase Three

    This part's pretty annoying because of the lightning attacks.

    Try to attack the claws closest to you (farthest from Poseidon). There are two types of lightning attacks, one that bisects the battleground vertically and one which has three phases. I found that rolling away works. The three phase one is easier to avoid. Wait until it hits the middle portion and then roll towards it just after it ends and you should be able to avoid the final portion.

    He also still uses the big claw slams and they seem to be faster than before so be on your toes. Again, use only light attacks.

    It's also possible to just use magic to avoid his lightning strikes since you won't need magic after this. I believe there is enough for five uses. This makes it extra easy.

    So after this and a bit of Tarzan action, there's a pretty sweet cutscene along with perhaps the best QTE in the entire game. I expect this type of boss kill to be shamelessly imitated a bunch of times in future games.

    VI. Realm of Hades

    Your goal here up until Hades is to get enough red orbs to upgrade the blades and Apollo's Bow once each.

    i. The River Styx

    This is one of the nicest looking parts of the game. You can take a very scenic ride here by putting the controller down and letting Kratos drift through.

    ii. Stroll Through Hell

    Meet the new blades, same as the old blades.

    Here you get the Blades of Exile, pretty much the same as the Blades of Athena with the added move of L1+O which is superior to the old one (Cyclone of Chaos). It's got a spiffy new paintjob too.

    After talking to Athena, swing over and land on the lower platform where the chests are. You'll want to use grab kills on these lost souls for a free five orbs.

    Gorgon Eye #1: Around the corner of this lower platform.

    At the next split path, go left and kill all the lost souls with grabs to build up a 10+ hit combo.

    When you're introduced to the Army of Sparta (AoS) magic, keep spamming it for a 100+ hit combo, this way you can maximize your red orbs here. You should have ~750 after this battle. Roll into groups of enemies and use the AoS, don't just keep spamming it.

    For the rope hanging section, just keep using the grab attack to kill enemies and get +5 orbs. You might get hit a few times depending on your timing here. The grab attack gives you invulnerability as well.

    There are two red orb chests after you drop down to the lower ground.

    Gorgon Serpents

    For the first gorgon fight, grab all the lost souls to kill them which gives you 5 orbs each and invulnerability. The way to maximize red orbs here is to reflect the gorgon's freeze attack by parrying and then pressing the button that comes up on screen. This way you get +15 for the stoned kill and the red orbs that she gives.

    When you kill a stoned enemy, you get +15 red orbs as well. Two PoPs or one SPoP will shatter a stoned grunt. Try to roll around and trigger the freeze beam from the gorgon and then parry it (you can just keep tapping L1) then press the proper button that comes up on screen and you'll get a quick freeze on every nearby enemy. Kill as many stoned enemies as you can except for the gorgon. Keep doing this until it's just the gorgon left and shatter it.

    Red Orb Count: ~1750

    Apollo's Bow

    After this battle, there are two red orb chests in the hole in the ground.

    After releasing the cerebus, keep hitting it with light attacks and PoPs when you can. Block whenever you see an attack coming. The QTE will come shortly.

    Kill all the enemies here with the cerberus since they disappear after you burn Perithous.

    Phoenix Feather #1: If you don't know how to get this, move the bramble pot beside the steps and against the wall, then jump and float up with the wings and into the hole.

    Red Orb Count: 2400+


    Make your way into the next area.

    Minotaur Horn #1: behind the burnable bramble.

    The harpies are much, much easier compared to previous God of War games. Jump and use the hyperion ram (HR) by pressing L1+O, then press O again while in the air beside the harpy and Kratos will slam it to the ground. Fall back to the ground and grab the harpy there for a mutilation kill (+10 orbs). Keep doing this for all the harpies and also grabbing the lost souls and you should be able to get a 50+ hit combo.

    Red Orb Count: ~2900

    iii. The Three Judges

    Gorgon Eye #2: After killing the harpies, it's in the climbing section (you need to take a left instead of a right).

    Gorgon Eye #3: Before starting the trials, there's a broken staircase to the left of the pedestal that you're supposed to read. Jump off it and you should land on a platform with the eye and two red chests.

    The Trials of Erebus

    This is one of the first battles in the game where you must face tons of enemies without any break in between.

    Trial 1: The Condemned

    Something something about lost souls. Grab everything and you'll get a decent number of red orbs at the end (about 200 for this section).

    Trial 2: The Lost

    Okay, finally a bit of a challenge, well, not really.

    I suggest letting all the lost souls hit the fence so that they turn into grunts. Avoid directly fighting the minotaurs. Grab the grunts and use the battering ram against the minotaurs and this fight turns into a joke.

    Trial 3: The Chosen

    Destroy everything...

    The harpies are a pain in the butt when combined with the gorgon so you can use the grab attack to kill them right away or if you want to maximize your red orbs here, just wait until the gorgon uses her stone attack and reflect it. It will take multiple reflections to stone all the harpies, but you get over 25 orbs for stoning each one (15 for the stone + orbs for the kill).

    After killing all the harpies, a minotaur will pop out. Concentrate on getting the gorgon weakened enough until you can grab her, but don't kill her yet. Instead, use a reflection to stone and kill the minotaur. The bow is pretty useful here for hitting the gorgon from a distance.

    Now wait for the rest of the enemies to come out.

    Now grab the gorgon and kill her, instantly killing all the harpies and stoning the minotaur. Finish off the minotaur with a SPoP while it's stoned.

    Red Orb Count: 4000+

    You should upgrade the BoE here to level 2.

    iv. Hades Housecall

    So now we're on the path to Hades' humble abode.

    There are two minotaurs upstairs. they're pretty easy. You can soften them up by exploding one of the pots when they're nearby. I believe you get more red orbs by doing the QTE kill on them.

    Minotaur Horn #2: Take the hidden portal around the corner (to the right) after killing the two minotaurs to get this chest.


    In the next few sections you'll face some magic dealers. Run up to them and keep grabbing them until they die. A cool way to kill these ladies is to launch them by holding triangle until Kratos himself jumps too and then grab them in midair and keep hitting circle.

    Phoenix Feather #2: After dropping the bramble and lowering the platform. Jump on top of the platform and open the gate here. Use cyclones on the arms. Start by going through and doing air cyclones to the end of the tunnels and turn around and keep doing cyclones on the ground without breaking the combo. Now keep doing cyclones wherever there are arms to maintain the combo. It's very possible to achieve a 500-hit combo.

    Stone Talos

    These guys are pretty cool; I like fighting them. Here you're going to have a ton of room to fight these guys. You can go back around the stairs if you'd like, but they don't follow you down the stairs.

    Start off by backing up and getting a SPoP as the one closer to the stairs comes off the pedestal.

    It's actually possible to rack up a 100+ combo here. Keep hitting them with PoPs and avoid their attacks. When you roll away to avoid their attacks, you can bust out the bow and pelt them whlie walking towards them. Then use your BoE attacks again and avoid the next attacks. Rinse and repeat. You get ~75 red orbs for killing a talos with a QTE so use that.

    After killing one, you can continue the combo with the bow if you're good. For the last one, there are a bunch of grunts that pop out so if you want to make it easy, just grab them and use the battering ram attack against the talos.

    Red orb count: ~3500


    After talking to Hephaestus...

    Gorgon Eye #4: Don't forget this gorgon eye by the big door the left of Hephaestus.

    In the next area after spinning the platform, if you keep grabbing the dogs here, you'll get a decent number of red orbs. It's also the easiest way to kill them since they won't be constantly jumping on Kratos' back.

    Red orb count: 4300+

    Upgrade Apollo's Bow to max here.

    After this, upgrade the BoE whenever you can until it is max. Don't upgrade anything else.

    Big Dogs

    So these things are called Hades Cerebus Breeders. Whatever you want to call them, they're damn hard enemies, and you got two to boot.

    If you've upgraded your BoE and bow as you should have then this fight is a lot easier. Make sure you know how to roll cancel (check section I, iii).

    Stay away from both dogs during this fight and just keep using your bow on them. You will need to block incoming attacks frequently as they will charge you many times. When they get close, you can get off a PoP at most, but it's best to roll away again. You can block every single attack except the pin attack where you'll need to shake the left stick.

    The QTEs come surprisingly quick with the bow attacks and occassional PoPs, just keep dodging and blocking.

    After this battle, open the gate and grab all the enemies inside to have a fun time.

    v. Palace of Hades

    Here, you'll fight some harpies first. Jump and use L1+O as before and grab them, then grab them on the ground.

    After this, there are some minotaurs. Try to grab the dogs whenever possible, but otherwise just roll away and use the bow a lot. You can block all the minotaur's attacks. You can also use up all your magic here to make it pretty easy since there's a blue chest there and another one upstairs that you probably won't even use.

    ''Phoenix Feather #3:" After killing the minotaurs and heading upstairs, find the ladder in the back left corner.

    Hades: Phase One

    Man, this guy talks too much.

    This part's the second easiest.

    Run up to him and start wailing away. If he lifts his foot then roll away and bust out the bow. Empty the whole item bar on him and then start attacking him again. If he attacks with his chain then you can block both of them or parry and hit square for a return. If you do a return on the first hit then immediately perform a cyclone (L1+square) to stun him. If you do a return on the second hit then he will be stunned without having to do anything else.

    Keep repeating this entire pattern here. If you hold one combo then after about 85 hits, he'll move into his second phase.

    Hades: Phase Two

    Hades will jump up to the ceiling and smash down in the back centre of the room. Stand to the right or left of him and do a double jump float to avoid the damage. After he lands, try to go behind him from either side and stay there. Now jump and keep doing cyclones (L1+square). You should be able to do two per jump and then jump again and repeat. He won't be able to hit you with any of his attacks. Occassionally, he may be able to hit you with the first part of his two hit combo, but just reposition yourself if this happens. This phase will pass quickly.

    You need to do air cyclones only because if you stand beside him, he'll likely grab Kratos and toss him to the front of the room.

    After the QTE, if you need health then keep doing the cyclone attack on the arms while making sure you hit his pectoral with the tail end of the cyclone attack to keep him from recovering it. Keep doing this until the pectoral dies. If you don't need health then just keep using PoP on the pectoral.

    Hades: Phase Three

    After the last phase, you'll need to avoid the chains. Stand in the middle of the room (just below Persophone's face) and wait for the safe zone to pop up and go there quickly.

    Okay, now this part is actually pretty difficult. After the chains, Hades will do one or two smash down attacks from the ceiling. Avoid this as you have before. When he lands, start attacking him. He'll do one of these attacks:

    1. Two-hit combo: This combo is initiated with his left hand. These are both blockable, but parry if you can. If he isn't stunned by the return then be prepared for the three-hit combo which will ALWAYS follow the two-hit combo. If you block the first attack, but parry and return the second one, he will be stunned so you can avoid the three-hit combo that way.
    2. Three-hit combo: This combo is initiated with his right hand. You must parry one of these if you're standing in front of him because the final part of this combo is unblockable and does a ton of damage. After some practice, you can get the timing down and it's not too bad. If he hits you with the first hit then you can still recover and parry the next one. You can avoid the final part of this attack by rolling to the side, well-away from the direction that Hades is facing.
    3. Soul steal: He'll only do this if you're standing a certain distance away from him so it's not too common, it won't do any damage, just finish the QTE.
    4. Foot stomp: Same as the first phase, just avoid and attack him with arrows while moving back in close. From what I've seen, the three-hit combo will always follow this attack unless you stun him.
    5. Ceiling smash: This isn't too common if you're standing up close to him and attacking, but it's easily avoidable as well.

    An alternative to the above strategy is to keep your distance from him and only use the bow to attack him. Here you'll have to be aware of his two and three-hit combo attacks.

    After enough damage, he'll do a smash down in the back-middle of the room.

    Hades: Phase Four

    This phase can be passed the same way as phase two except he may use a soul summon attack (skulls). Stop doing the air cyclones and wait for a soul to approach Kratos and parry it (tapping L1 usually works). After a short time, you will be able to begin the QTE.

    Follow the same strategy as above for this piece of meat, his abdominal.

    Hades: Phase Five

    After avoiding the chains, Hades will stay in the back-middle of the room.

    He will either summon cerberus souls or he'll brandish his hooks and then call upon chains that pop out of the ground. The souls can be parried. It's easier if you run up to them and press L1 rather than wait for them to come to you.

    If he calls the chains then just hold L2 and move around in a circle/oval pattern while firing arrows at him. After about five bars of arrows, you can begin the next QTE.

    Hades: Phase Six

    This is pretty interesting.

    Hades will perform a pair of low sweeping attack that you can avoid by rolling left/right as it's crossing the middle.

    His other attack is a straight overhead with his hook which you will need to roll left/right to avoid. This attack is usually done in twos or threes.

    As you fight on, you will slowly be pulled towards the river, but you can move back by pressing back on the right stick.

    Hades: Phase Seven

    Just keep grabbing all the grunts after you get the hooks and Hades will eventually pop back up.

    Stay right in the middle in front of his belly and spam the triangle attack. If he raises both arms then evade to the very right and start firing your arrows. A few more heavy attacks after this and he'll be stunned.

    He also does a forearm sweeping attack, just evade to the opposite side of his attack.

    The hardest attack to avoid is the palm slam. You need to evade to his opposite hand as soon as you see it coming. I have not been able to avoid it consistently.

    After he is stunned, he'll do a charge up attack, keep hitting him and press R1 at the last moment to swing behind him and keep attacking him. Rinse and repeat. After the fourth or fifth stun, you'll be able to do the final QTE on him.

    A Nice Swim

    During the magic demonstration, just grab every grunt and to kill them. You don't want to lose any life here because there aren't any health chests between this battle and the next one, which is pretty tough.

    Talos Talos Talos

    Rotate the platform a little bit and then let go. Try to get off a SPoP on the first talos here. Follow the same strategy as in the first talos battle, use your arrows frequently.

    The best thing to do here is to get both taloses weakened to where they both have the O-prompt above their heads. Weaken the first one quickly by attacking it as it spawns then roll away before it attacks while pelting it with arrows. Now keep attacking it for a SPoP, it will be stunned while you're in the middle of doing the combo so you can finish it. Now keep attacking and evading it like normal.

    To weaken the second talos without killing the first, it's best to keep your distance while using arrows. Attack it with the BoE only when the opportunity presents itself. It doesn't take too many arrows to chip away at it.

    After their both weakened, kill one with the QTE then kill the other with the QTE after the dogs come up. This way you'll only have one talos to worry about. It's much easier to evade it while grabbing the dogs. If a dog does get you then try to shake it off as quickly as possible before the talos comes and hits you. I would recommond using the AoS if things get hairy here and that will get rid of most of the dogs.

    The last talos by itself will be a piece of cake then.

    After this battle, there will only be some archers between Kratos and the Hyperion Gate so just use arrows or get up close to them and grab kill them.

    i. To Helios and Beyond

    Make sure to break the pots along the way for some red orbs. After shoving Gaia's large behind off the cliff, you'll come across some tough enemies.

    Legionnaires and Dogs

    So this is the first encounter of these enemies in this game. They block and attack quite aggressively in Chaos mode. Their main attack, the jump spin is easy enough to avoid or parry, but when there's five+ of them, it can get pretty hairy. The best thing to do here is to kite them all into one group and use PoP so that they all flop around and keep doing this. Sometimes you get that one pesky one that forces you to evade/parry. When you can grab one, do so and use it as a battering ram against the others and more O-prompts should appear. It would be nice to be able to maximize orbs here, but being too pretty will quickly lead to death.

    After killing one legionnaire, a bunch of dogs will pop up. Kite everything into one group and use PoP whenever you can. If there are too many dogs coming towards you then start grabbing away. Try not to grab a dog too close to a legionnaire otherwise Kratos may accidently try to grab a soldier and become stunned for a second. Just remember that if you can land a PoP before a legionnaire lands its spin attack on you then your attack will hit first and stun the enemy.

    Keep grabbing and ramming and using PoP here, not getting too fancy and this battle will go by without too much trouble.

    Inside the cave, remember to open the red chest in the canyon with the two harpy queens. You can milk the harpy queens for red orbs by killing them repeatedly. They stop giving out red orbs after killing the same one multiple times, but you can get about 100 extra here.

    Gorgon Eye #5: After crossing the gap with the two harpies, turn around and wait for the second harpy and kite him over to solid ground as far as possible. Now latch onto the harpy and fly over the canyon to the high ledge.

    Minotaur Horn #3: Same location as above.

    Centaur and Legionnaires

    Wow, this battle's pretty tough. For some reason, the AI seems to be tied directly to what the camera is showing on screen. For this reason, I like to stay in the corners here and deal with one legionnaire at a time. The quickest and safest way to get the O-prompt on one is to hit it with a PoP and then shoot some arrows at it so that it's juggled. After using up all your arrows, perform a PoP again and keep repeating. The legionnaires have a special light wave attack that it does. It will hold up its sword and then send a light shockwave towards Kratos. This attack can be interrupted with arrows or a light attack so it's pretty rare to be hit by one.

    Stay in the corner by the green/blue chest where you start off and deal with the closest legionnaire. After grabbing it, use it as a battering ram towards the centaur. Now go up the ramp that leads to the chimera and ballista. Stay near the bottom. The camera will show the backs of the enemies as you move toward the bottom of the ramp and a little bit onto the flat ground. The trick here is to find the spot where you can see the enemies, but they won't hit you back. Perform a SPoP, but you only need to land the final mega hit, which deals a lot of damage. Keep doing this around the sweet spot and you'll eventually kill all the legionnaires. You don't need to grab any, but you can if you want; it's a little risky. If the enemies aren't coming close enough then go out and kite them towards the ramp; they won't go up the ramp.

    Once you get the centaur by himself, he's pretty easy. Stay far away from him and attack with arrows. If he initiates a QTE on Kratos then rotate the left stick from 12 to 6 o'clock. I would not fight him up close since his attacks are hard to parry while you're attacking with the BoE. Finish him off with a QTE after you've softened him up enough.

    Get the health if you're low (below 3/4)


    The first form of this guy is pretty easy. Start attacking it right away with PoPs and keep doing this. Every PoP hit will stun it so you can keep attacking. Once you get to 30 hits, the O-prompt will appear.

    For the second form, you need to let it attack. It will usually do the fireball attack. Stay away from the final fireball while charging up your SPoP and land the final hit after the chimera lets the last fireball go. If it does the two-hit swipe attack then it's even easier to avoid and you should still have time to charge up a SPoP. After landing a SPoP, unleash a bar of arrows on it. About 3.5 SPoPs+Arrows will trigger the O-prompt.

    The final form is the toughest. I recommend staying far away and using arrows. Sometimes the chimera will circle Kratos, just roll away and keep your distance. Its two main attacks are the charge and firewave. They both have similar charge ups except the chimera will show a small flame in its mouth when doing the firewave attack. You can block everything it does except the firewave and for this reason I suggest keeping your distance. It's not easy to differentiate and react in time to the two attacks. If you get close to it, it will usually do a swipe attack or small charge which can be parried. Patience is the key here. Sometimes, the chimera will stay at the edge of the screen doing nothing. Here, you can charge up a SPoP and hit it with the final blow. Try to keep it at the edge of the screen most of the time.

    More Legionnaires

    You can deal with these guys as outlined above, but it's even easier this time since there are no dogs or centaurs.

    Inside the building, you can grab some grunts and use them as battering rams to quickly deal with this large group of enemies. If you want to build up a large combo then using multiple PoPs is the best way to go.

    After this, make your way up to Helios.

    Red orb count: 8500+


    I guess you don't really fight Helios although killing him is quite fun.

    The biggest obstacle here, quite literally, is the cyclops. Keep your distance and use PoP when you can. He'll charge forward often so be on your toes. The foot stomp is easily avoidable and allows you to build up a heavy attack, even a SPoP if you feel up to it. Otherwise, keeping your distance and using arrows is not a bad strategy.

    After doing the QTE and riding the cyclops, go right up to the shielded guys and use a heavy attack, this will break all their shields. Now use light attacks on all the enemies until the cyclops expires. Here, you just have to be careful. Grab a grunt for a battering ram when you can, but otherwise just deal with the legionnaires as you have before.

    ii. Path of Eos

    Minotaur Horn #4: There's a hidden chest near where you came up to fight Helios.

    Gorgon Eye #6: This chest is to the left of Kratos when you're first introduced to the Path of Eos area.

    Harpies In the Darkness

    In this area, go straight towards the wall and use Helios' head on it, go inside and wait for the harpies. The harpies are pretty easy now since you can use the blinding attack (L2+Triangle) on them and grab them from there. There are about five harpies to kill.

    Phoenix Feather #4: Below where the rope starts.

    Cross the rope and grab the grunts on here for easy kills.


    Before fighting these guys, make sure to get the two red chests across the broken bridge and one hidden below.

    These guys are a pain and they have one of the most annoying attacks in the game. Luckily, you now have the ability to drag them out of the ground with the hyperion ram (L1+O). This move is literally a godsend in this game.

    The easiest way to deal with the wraiths is to use the hyperion ram all the time and then grabbing them. Keep pressing O after grabbing one and Kratos will keep slamming it. The only thing you need to watch out for is a burrowing wraith about to pop up while you're slamming one of these or if a wraith is about to use the boomerang attack. This attack is so incredibly annoying since it hits Kratos four times if you don't block or evade it. Just make sure to stop slamming the other wraith in time to avoid these attacks and you should be fine. You can also use arrows here to keep your distance if you prefer to fight them that way.

    There are two more wraiths up the path. Target the bramble pots in the distance first to kill the archers and then deal with the wraiths.

    Gorgon Eye #7: This one is hidden in the area just before the bridge with the wraiths and archers. Go right up to the wall and use Helios to reveal it.

    Phoenix Feather #5: After defeating the final two wraiths on the bridge, there is a blue and red chest. This chest is hidden behind some debris to the left of these chests. Walk up to it and you should see an R1 prompt.

    Chain of Balance: Superman I

    Don't jump here until you're ready to go! There's a hidden red chest behind the chain, make sure to get that first. Now you can fly.

    For some reason, people have trouble with these flying parts. Personally, these parts are a lot of fun for me. If you're having trouble, I suggest picturing the whole segment as flying forward instead of up/down. It makes your brain think differently if you try to look at it that way and it may help.

    Remember that you can use the right stick to quickly dodge up/down/left/right. Besides these suggestions, it's about memory and reaction times. In chaos mode, you'll only be able to take about 3-5 hits before dying.

    Phoenix Feather #6: This one is easy to miss. It's on a platform between flying segments. After you've swung on a few hooks with R1 and the lengthy wall-climbing segment avoiding the falling boulders. It's on the first platform after this wall-climbing segment; use Helios to reveal it. Make sure you get it before resuming the flight upwards.

    Chain of Balance: Superman II

    Okay, this is pretty hard, but it's not impossible to not take a single hit here. The hardest parts are the rocks falling through the plates and having to guide Kratos through the small holes. If you keep dying here then I suggest memorizing the ~5 locations where the holes are formed. Staying near the chain is a good idea when navigating the criss-crossing planks of wood. I find that moving Kratos down to the bottom of the screen obstructs my vision too much so try to avoid doing that. For the final segment of avoiding all the flaming boulders, using the quick dodge moves is almost mandatory (right stick).

    VIII. The Caverns

    Minotaur Horn #5: This one's hidden in the bottom right hand corner of the box that you land on. Use Helios to reveal it.

    So after you release the second box from the brambles, get ready for an incredibly long battle with no checkpoints.