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    Glitch FAQ by Akheon

    Version: 2.9 | Updated: 06/22/17 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    God of War III Glitch & Things of Interest FAQ
    v. 2.9 (22. 6. 2017)
    Written by AKheon, findlestick, satvara & n3obuddha,
    additional info provided by GMG and Riningan.
    See the end of the file for more info.
    0. Table of contents
    0. Table of contents
    1. Introduction & abbreviations + glossary
    2. General glitches & tricks
    3. Level-by-level glitch walkthrough
    4. Legal information, contact info, credits, etc.
    GoW = God of War
    GoW II = God of War II
    GoW III = God of War III (simple enough)
    BoA = Blades of Athena
    BoE = Blades of Exile
    RoS = Rage of Sparta
    HoH = Head of Helios
    ...and so on.
    NG = New Game (or sometimes NP = Normal Play)
    NG+ = New Game+ (glitch)
    CG = Combat Grapple
    JJ = Jest Jump
    A.I. = artificial intelligence
    c: = credits to
    § = note to self / does anyone else know better?
    * = general note
    Version history:
    v. 2.9 (22. 6. 2017)
    - added some new findlestick finds
    - fixed some text
        File size: 283kb.
    v. 2.8 (27. 11. 2016)
    - added a few more finds that weren't included before.
    - updated a video link or two.
        File size: 271kb.
    v. 2.7 (28. 9. 2016)
    - added the newest finds and updated various sections.
        File size: 265kb.
    v. 2.6 (7. 8. 2014)
    - added some more new finds around the game.
        File size: 248kb.
    v. 2.5 (18. 7. 2014)
    - a massive update!
    - revised intro.
    - edited and rewrote a lot of text for extra clarity.
    - changed some formatting.
    - added timetags to links.
    - added new videos that were omitted for some reason.
        File size: 234kb.
    v. 1.8 (4. 6. 2014)
    - added a new speedrun to the listings (by Exe).
    - listed a new trick or two.
        File size: 197kb.
    v. 1.7 (29. 9. 2012)
    - made videos of two Combat Arena glitches.
    - added little info here and there.
        File size: 190kb.
    v. 1.6 (30. 6. 2012)
    - added links to Findlestick's and Tyrhhjy's speedrun records.
    - fixed a little of formatting.
        File size: 189kb.
    v. 1.5 (22. 5. 2011)
    - added info on two new jumps
    - added a lot of new findings around the game
    - fixed links, re-wrote things... quite a big update
        File size: 188kb.
    v. 1.0 (18. 12. 2010)
    - many additions from Findlestick
    - small edits here & there (like more video links)
        File size: 136kb.
    v. 0.9 (27. 7. 2010)
    - findings from Youtube and some other unfinished business attended.
        File size: 123kb.
    v. 0.8 (17. 5. 2010)
    - everything we could think of, put in one file.
        File size: 119kb.
    1. Introduction & abbreviations + glossary
    Ah, God of War. This game series is mostly known for its visceral combat and
    high production values, but God of War-games also tend to have awfully many
    glitches in them. Which is good! ...in a way.
    While having your game freeze is typically not very amusing, at best glitches
    are positive things that can be harnessed at will for the purposes of speed
    gaming and entertainment. There exist numerous exploits to skip large sections
    of the levels, as well as more humorous sightings like Kratos swimming in air
    or talking to invisible characters. Join us, as we delve deep into the quirks
    of God of War III programming and witness shocking, glitchy sights...
    ... in the end, it is ensured that "only Chaos remains."
    For the first time, the writing was done co-op thanks to the wonders of modern
    technology and real-time collaborative editing services. Eased the work load
    quite a lot.
    Note 1: this FAQ was written for the unpatched version of God of War III. Things
    may vary in unforeseen ways in the patched versions. Most importantly, the NG+
    glitch does not work if you have patched your game.
    Note 2: the Remastered God of War III on PS4 is effectively like the unpatched
    version, and it has the NG+ glitch. It also has some extra glitches since some
    more extreme stuff that caused the game to crash on PS3 no longer does that on
    PS4. The Remastered version hasn't been tested too extensively yet, but I've
    now tried to include the known differences around the file.
    Current speedrun records...?
    See the leaderboards at speedrun.com for the current list of RTA records.
    Launch = An attack capable of launching enemies high up in air.
    Lift-up = Kratos himself rising up during a launch.
    Bounce = An effect in which an enemy will bounce a bit after a succesful hit.
    It's not as high as a launch.
    Knockback = An effect in which the enemy is knocked away.
    Downed = An enemy which has fallen on its back/on the ground.
    Collision damage = Damage from f.e. thrown enemies. Enemies that get hit by
    other enemies, basically.
    False grab = Kratos' reaction for trying to grab an enemy that does not respond
    to a grab at the moment. He fumbles backwards, wasting time. But sometimes you
    can use a false grab to manipulate enemy behaviour (like against Gorgons).
    Infinite air grab/Orion's Harpoon = some enemies can be air grabbed or Orion's
    Harpooned indefinitely, without them having a chance to escape. The enemy
    section far below lists which foes are subjectible to this kind of cheap but
    fun strategy.
    Out of bounds = Anywhere outside the intended game area.
    Sweet spot = a tactical place on the battlefield where your enemies either can't
    reach you or due to A.I. limitations won't be of danger.
    Break out = Kratos breaks free out of some scene or action. Not as common in
    this game as in GoW II, where you could keep moving during some cutscenes by
    switching weapons at a correct time, to name an example.
    2. General glitches & tricks
    "New Game +"
    As you may know, God of War III doesn't have a New Game+ mode that would allow
    the player to start a new game with all weapons and gear at hand. However, in
    the unpatched versions of the game you can accomplish the same thing using a
    You need Combat Arena to do this, so beat the game once, then beat all the
    Challenges, and then...
    Step-by-step instructions:
    1. Load the Combat Arena and set difficulty to God or Titan.
    2. Die enough times to be offered "switch to easy" option.
    3. Select either "Yes" or "No". It will take you back to Main Menu. You will get
    Maxed Out Trophy at this point if you didn't have it already.
    4. Start "New Game". You can select any difficulty to play your New Game+ on,
    even Chaos, even if you have only beaten Normal yet.
    5. You will have all the weapons when you start on Gaia and will be all Maxed
    Out. Blades of Exile will be at Lv. 1 when you get them later on, though.
    You can also give Kratos infinite health from the Arena options and it will
    carry into the main game. This will cause him to never take damage from enemy
    attacks and he also becomes immune to most death collisions - which means that
    you can fall into a bottomless pit and survive. Note that if you have infinite
    health on, you can only die by having Kratos become petrified in air, so you
    want some Gorgons as your enemies in the Arena when setting up the glitch.
    You can also put magic and item gauges on infinite from the Arena options, but
    those values are not guaranteed to stay with you when you begin the new game.
    It does occasionally happen, though.
    1, n3obuddha's tutorial of the NG+ glitch:
    Other notes about NG+:
    - After starting NG+, the glitch will remain in the background until the next
    time you enter some place with gameplay in it - be it Combat Arena, Challenges
    or starting a New Game. Entering New Game is the biggest draw of the glitch of
    course since that gives you all the weapons at max level from the start.
    Other effects include entering Challenges with NG+ glitch on. This allows you
    to take all your gear to the Challenges, usually infinite health as well,
    removing any challenge from the Challenges. All this is examined with more
    detail at the end of the level-by-level sections.
    You can also re-enter Combat Arena with NG+ glitch on. This causes a small
    side effect where the camera starts at a different position at the start of
    a fight and loading times appear to be shorter. But mostly this variation is
    pretty inconsequential.
    - After starting NG+, you hear the Arena music play in the main menu for a
    little while. If you try to change costume during this time but instantly try
    to cancel out of the menu by pressing circle, Kratos occasionally breaks free
    and is able to move inside the main menu. There is more about this glitch at
    the start of the level-specific glitches section.
    - There is probably no way to start NG+ with all weapons at level 1.
    - NG+ will not disable trophies.
    1, findlestick's vid of NG+ glitch in Challenges:
    Other notes about infinite health:
    - Some people have complained about losing infinite health at some point during
    the game, but it's never happened to us during playing and testing. It should
    stay on for the entire duration of the game.
    - Well, Kratos CAN actually take damage even with infinite health on, it's just
    exceedingly rare. Few attacks like Hades' barbed wire deluge will still cause
    damage like usual. Hera's Chalice will still drain Kratos' health as well.
    - If Kratos falls into a bottomless pit with infinite health, he stops at the
    death floor and starts shaking wildly. You usually can't control Kratos after
    this, so you need to retry.
    - Kratos is still not immune to all forms of death triggers. Some cause a Game
    Over without causing damage, and Kratos is still subject to those. You find this
    sort at The Caverns for example.
    - Infinite Health enables one unique type of infinite jump, called "death
    collision jump". There's more about it in the tricks section.
    "Swimming glitch"
    A fan favorite. Swimming glitch in God of War III works almost exactly the same
    as it did in the previous titles: you are able to swim like normal, except in
    air. The glitch is started by hitting water surface and then going out of
    bounds, or the other way around... as simple as that.
    You can...
    - see the game levels from a whole new perspective!
    - get past most obstacles without troubles.
    You can't...
    - use this glitch before killing Hades (to oversimplify).
    - open chests or operate many other R1-prompts.
    - do almost any damage to enemies.
    Swimming glitch ends, if...
    - you hit water surface.
    - you hit a climbing wall.
    - you retry from some checkpoints.
    Basically, after killing Hades you get an item called "Hades' Soul" and that has
    the same function as Trident did in God of War 1. Without it you can't dive at
    will, which is very problematic for the purposes of this glitch. Kratos tends to
    rocket skywards uncontrollably if he can't dive off the water surface but
    instead swims off its edge. So, to prevent that you need the Soul.
    Sometimes while swimming around, Kratos enters t-pose. The most likely
    explanation for this is that the game has unloaded the proper swimming animation
    since you aren't supposed to be able to swim in most maps. It's just a visual
    oddity and doesn't effect your ability to move around the game world.
    1, an example of this glitch from Realm of Hades and Olympia:
    "Reverse swimming glitch"
    Much as you can swim where there's air, you can also go run laps in some place
    where there's supposed to be water. An example way to do this is to drop into
    some pool from out of bounds, bypassing the water surface that would start
    But there is also a technique to breach water surface at will in this game:
    jump and spam Blades or Cestus magic over water to have Kratos breach the
    surface eventually and end up at the very bottom, still walking like on land.
    A very reliable way to do this is to hold R2 down, then spam X and square over
    water with the correct magic active.
    1, AKheon's vid of Kratos breaching water surface (mind the volume):
    High jumps introduction
    As the previous God of War-games have shown us, being able to jump higher or
    longer than normally possible can have very destructive results. It is in fact
    entirely its own glitching art form to generate techniques that can be used
    for doing the highest or longest of jumps. So, let's see what jumping tricks
    GoW III has to offer...
    High jumps part I: "Severe Judgment jump"
    The very first jump used for reaching higher-than-usual places was the "Severe
    Judgment jump", which takes advantage of the normal momentum of a jump combined
    with Whip's Severe Judgment (air) to reach a decent height.
    Instructions: do a Severe Judgment almost instantly after a double jump. Then,
    you can cancel out of Severe Judgment at the top height by flicking Bow or Head
    on very quickly, and are then free to follow up with any other normal air move.
    Especially combined with Hermes Dash, which gives you even more height and also
    allows Kratos to grab ledges higher than he logically should, you are able to
    traverse many places normally inaccessible to Kratos.
    You can also do a sort of Pseudo Infinite Jump using SJ, but it has a very
    limited use. Basically, if Severe Judgement (air) makes a "hit" as Kratos is on
    his way up, the next SJ continues to make Kratos rise higher, unlike when
    normally jumping because of the constantly diminishing momentum. Kratos will
    keep rising as long as he makes a new "hit" with each successive SJ. So you will
    need an enemy or another target to keep hitting for this variation to work.
    A good (but useless) place to try it is at Olympia against Gaia's wrist.
    1, AKheon's tutorial of this and Sorrow Jump:
    2, Findle's vid of the Pseudo IJ variation:
    High jumps part II: "Rage jump"
    The next way to gain a small bit of height during a jump is to flick Rage of
    Sparta on and off very quickly during any air move, as long as your vertical
    momentum is still good. Especially Cestus' Crushing Strike (air) is good for
    this purpose. Try it out by doing CS right after a double jump, then flicking
    RoS on/off at the top.
    This also has a strangely powerful effect in water: do a CS so that Kratos is
    practically touching the water surface, then flick RoS on/off. Kratos is thrown
    upwards for almost a double jump's worth with one jump alone!
    Combinations which use RoS do not obsolete Severe Judgment jump because:
    1, SJ jump's superior air momentum helps grab out-of-reach ledges better.
    2, RoS jumps are more arduous to perform.
    3, you don't have RoS at all parts of the game.
    However, Rage Jumps have their place especially during NG, where you don't have
    Whip to do Severe Judgment jump with for most of the time.
    1, AKheon's vid of doing a skip on NG with a Rage jump:
    High jumps part III: Special air attacks
    There are a few air attacks in GoW III that allow you to return to a neutral
    air state afterwards, meaning that you can jump or Glide after them. This is
    the mechanism behind the traditional high jump: doing an ascension, for example,
    then returning to neutral air state to use your double jump high up in air.
    But since the first GoW the developers have realized that too much air mobility
    for the player can be a dangerous thing, so they've tried to limit attacks that
    return to Kratos to a neutral state. Regardless, a few still slipped through...
    These attacks are:
    - Claws' Combat Grapple (that hits something)
    - Augean Stampede (air)
    - CG against burrowed Wraiths ("Wraith Jump")
    - Tormenting Lash (air) (have to switch weapons during attack)
    - Unending Sorrow (air) (have to switch weapons during attack)
    - after backwards Hermes Dash with any other weapon equipped than Blades
    Note that for the best effect, you must not have exhausted your both jumps, so
    get Kratos in air with an ascension or just jump only once.
    There's also a mechanism in the game that returns Kratos to idle state where he
    can jump again after falling long enough after your last air attack. But this
    takes way too long to be useful in high jumps.
    Some more info about these jump variations follow...
    "Claws CG High Jump"
    The closest thing to a traditional high jump this game has. Launch an enemy and
    Kratos in air, hit enemy with Claws CG, then you are free to do double jump 
    high in air. For this game's standards this jump kinda lacks a punch, but it has
    an use or two around the game.
    1, AKheon's vid of Olympia ledge shortcut that uses this jump:
    "Wraith Jump" (c: satvara)
    One of the earlier high jumps. Kratos is able to return to neutral air state
    if he uses Combat Grapple on a burrowed Wraith, and thus get higher than normal.
    1, satvara's original video featuring this jump:
    "Sorrow Jump" (c: AKheon)
    Unending Sorrow (air) is overall the most "convenient" of these four air attacks
    for high jumping since you can do it without any enemies around and doing it
    doesn't cost you too much height. Highest enemy-less jump variations become
    possible thanks to this trick.
    So, the instructions for this "Sorrow Jump". First, launch Kratos in air. The
    Whip ascension is recommended for doing this because it has a better air
    momentum than the other ascension-type moves, meaning Kratos falls down slower
    during US. Whip's SJ ground is another good alternative, but it doesn't give
    you as much height.
    At the top of the ascension, do Unending Sorrow. During US, switch weapons to
    Whip. Then, at the precise moment, jump and follow it up with a Severe Judgment
    jump. If you timed it correctly, you will rise a good length higher up than a
    normal SJ jump would allow. It might not seem like much, but this small
    increment in height already allows new skips around the game.
    1, AKheon's tutorial of this and Sorrow Jump:
    2, AKheon's vid of skipping Blades of Exile with this jump:
    "Augean Stampede high jump"
    Really a misleading term because you can't use Augean Stampede in a literal
    high jump - it's just too slow for that. The move might come in handy in some
    very specialized circumstances to reset Kratos' air state, but other than that,
    just ignore this one.
    Same goes for Tormenting Lash and backwards Jet Dash.
    Centaur jump (c: AKheon)
    The Centaur is an unique Soul Summon that has a lot of collision to its body.
    Kratos can Glide or fall against it if it is stationary right beneath him, and
    apparently doing so for a few seconds resets Kratos' jump count and he can do
    another double jump in air. This means you can use the Centaur as a sort of
    movable platform from which to start Severe Judgment or various RoS jumps from.
    The overall height you gain is roughly the same as in Sorrow Jump, and it
    doesn't need Whip, so it's a variation useful to know. But it does have its
    drawbacks too... General notes on this trick follow.
    - You need Lv. 5 Claws to cast Centaur General, which can be a tall order in a
    NG speedrun.
    - You need a corner to keep the Centaur stationary enough that Kratos can
    balance on top of it and regain his jumps.
    - In some areas Centaur auto-targets nearby things and is fairly uncontrollable.
    - The double jump effect doesn't work at every location...? Testing of this
    trick is still underway.
    - It's also possible to breach walls using the Centaur. But this is difficult
    to do at will. Jumping against a wall or a corner while casting Centaur works,
    and some spots are more reliable than others.
    1, AKheon's vid of Centaur jump and wallclip
    "Combat Grapple High Jump" (c: AKheon)
    The combat grapple of this game is an unique attack in the sense that unlike
    air grabs and such, it does not bring enemies to Kratos... it takes Kratos to
    enemies. And if the enemies happen to be flying very high in the air, Kratos
    becomes elevated in a moment's time. At one stage, finding new ways to jump
    higher became a question of finding great enemy launching techniques with the
    tools the game offers at any given time.
    Nemesis Whip's Righteous Ascension plays an important role in the highest
    versions of this jump due to its unique multi-hitting nature and great speed.
    A basic variation using this ascension is just to do 'triangle' once,
    launching the enemy in air. Then, cancel or wait out the move so that you can
    start anew with the next 'triangle' press. Then do the full ascension - with
    correct timing, each hit connects the enemy, all during the time Kratos is
    rising upwards, leading to an extra-high launch. If the Combat Grapple connects
    too (which isn't a given with the unpatched auto-targeting system), Kratos is
    sent very high up in the air.
    Of course, your enemy has to survive the launch in order for Kratos to be able
    to CG him at the very end. Righteous Ascension seems to be the most gentle of
    your launchers, capable of sending even weak enemies quite safely into the air
    if you just do it right... another reason to use Whip during CG high jumping.
    Another thing that helps with this jump is to increase difficulty so that your
    enemies are hardier and you can use them for higher jumps.
    Notes on other weapons and CG high jump:
    Blades of Athena... just leave this weapon alone, it doesn't even have a CG.
    Blades of Exile has a slow, high-damaging launcher, so it can't be exploited
    very well. This weapon is at its best in conjunction with the Bow, which you
    get early on in the game, and with which you can not only juggle enemies but
    make your CG jumps higher. Read more on "Bow height gaining."
    Claws' launcher is fast and can be spammed for double launches pretty easily.
    The weapon also has launch options such as Olympus Fiend summon. Olympus Archers
    can be used to juggle enemies further. Too bad the weapon's CG is useless for
    this sorta high jump, since it won't take Kratos or the enemy anywhere, but you
    can always switch to another weapon before CG, so it's not too bad.
    Nemean Cestus has many moves that launch the enemy, but all are slow. Maybe
    leave this weapon alone too.
    General notes about CG high jump usage:
    Bigger targets are easier to hit. Minotaurs and Gorgons make the best jump
    candidates. Archers are not good, not only because of their freakishly low HP,
    but also because they are not suspended in air during CG. This makes it
    impossible for you to gain decent height if you try to CG jump using them.
    Any ambient movement a level has may make it harder for Kratos to target foes
    above him. For example, doing this jump at Gaia's Heart has proven to be
    CG high jump is mostly obsolete during NG+ because of Jest Jump (further below),
    which is far easier and faster to do.
    CG and Bow height gaining:
    When both Kratos and a foe are in air, spam Bow shots as fast as humanly
    possible, and then do another CG to lift Kratos up to the foe's level. Takes
    some practise to know how much is good... after all, too many Bow shots may
    lead to CG missing because of too much height difference or the foe passing away
    in the middle of the jump. Simply put, you gain height as long as the foe lives.
    You can also gain height by double launching an enemy with the Whip, then
    shooting the enemy with Nemesis Rage to hold it in air at its peak. From there
    you simply CG the enemy quickly and repeatedly, Kratos and the enemy will rise
    up quite high.
    Blades CG doesn't combo with itself very well, so it's recommended you cancel it
    each time by buffering an air melee attack before doing another CG for a faster
    This doesn't work with all enemies. These technique are rather picky about it,
    actually. Human-sized foes (except archers, lost souls and civilians) are your
    best bet. I don't think this works with Minotaurs or Gorgons.
    1, AKheon's vid (Showing Bow height gaining)
    2, findlestick's vid (Showing CG height gaining)
    "Jest Jump" or "Jest CG" (c: GeMStuff)
    This is a glitch that affects Combat Grapple math because of a certain
    combination of moves. Instructions: do a fully charged Hermes Jest, press X
    at the end of it to launch Kratos in air, and then successfully hit an airborne
    enemy (that is at a right distance) with a Combat Grapple. The enemy will begin
    rising up in air very rapidly after CG makes a contact, with Kratos becoming
    dragged upwards simultaneously. This trick ranks among the best high jump
    techniques in this game so far.
    JJ doesn't work with all enemies. Human-sized foes (except archers, lost souls
    and civilians) are your best bet, as well as hounds, Skorpius spawn, Sirens,
    etc. But Minotaurs and Gorgons are seemingly immune to it, and since your foe
    has to be airborne for the glitch to happen, enemies like Taloses are also out
    of question. You must use other CG than Claws' because otherwise Kratos himself
    won't gain height.
    Other tidbits:
    - You don't have to launch the enemy using Hermes Jest. All that is required
    for this trick to work is that an enemy of the correct type is airborne at a
    correct distance when Kratos Grapples him (after a charged Hermes Jest launch).
    Even Zeus can be used to Jest Jump during his flying attacks!
    - If you CG an enemy that's too close to another launched enemy, the enemy you
    are targeting might get "stuck" and not rise up fast enough to avoid getting
    tackled by Kratos, and so the trick fails. So, avoid launching groups of enemies
    in air when doing Hermes Jest to avoid clutter.
    - You get more height depending on your distance to the foe you are Grappling.
    - If the enemy you are going to tackle has a too low HP, the CG will not let
    you ascend. Instead, Kratos does a strange horizontal tackle to the enemy in air
    without much height gain as the enemy dies.
    1, AKheon's vid of both this and Bow height gaining:
    2, GeMStuff's original combo vid which showed this trick:
    "Ladder Infinite Jump" (c: findlestick)
    Early 2011, an odd way to get Kratos to rise up seemingly infinitely was
    found. As the name suggests, this infinite jump can only be done where there are
    ladders, and you also need Boots and preferably upgraded Whip to do it.
    For some reason jumping off a ladder glitches up Hermes Dash and makes it cancel
    instantly if you try to do it. Keeping the right analog held down will start
    Dash endlessly again and again as it keeps interrupting, and as an extra feature
    Kratos' momentum remains mostly unchanged during this time. So if you just did
    an air attack with great upwards momentum, the glitched Hermes Dash barrage will
    make Kratos rise up in air indefinitely.
    Here are simple instructions for doing the jump using the Whip and Bow, as it
    is the easiest and most powerful combination of moves to get extra height.
    First get on a ladder, then jump off it. You then need to do a Severe Judgement
    jump while in the air, and at a very precise moment - when you see Kratos rise
    up - make Bow active with L2 and also start pressing forward with the right
    analog stick (air Dash). It takes a few goes to learn the timing, but when done
    correctly Kratos will rocket upwards.
    This trick can be done with many other special moves too, but you have to
    interrupt them with RoS, so these variations are not as convenient. The cheapest
    variation - in that you don't need upgraded weapons or Whip to do it - is simply
    to Glide for a short time before pushing right analog. At a certain point in
    Glide, Kratos will get a decent upwards momentum with a ladder jump. Needs some
    practice, but it comes in handy in NG-conditions where you may lack Whip.
    It's lovely to rocket up infinitely high, but at this date Ladder Jump also has
    some harsh restrictions. For example, making Kratos do a proper free flowing
    Jet Dash during or after performing this jump seems impossible. At best you can
    make Kratos temporarily move horizontally while in this state by flicking the
    right analog stick forward - sometimes Kratos will do a short Dash, during which
    you can start leaning forward on the right analog again to have Kratos keep the
    forward momentum and start moving in air horizontally. But this is hard to do at
    will, and can't be relied on. Or you can spare your double jump for more
    convenient navigation with the possibility to Glide after you've reached a
    height suiting you. That's another alternative.
    It's not 100% clear as to why this jump is possible, but one theory could be
    that when Kratos jumps back from a ladder he takes some of his "climbing data"
    with him, and that combined with Dashing with Hermes Boots causes Kratos to
    switch between his climbing data and dashing, thus causing strange breakouts
    between the two. Sometimes a similar effect happens after hitting a rare type
    of death collision as well...
    1, findlestick's original vid:
    2, AKheon's vid of using ladder jump to help skip Olympus Gardens:
    "Death collision jump" (a.k.a. BJJ or "Infinite Health Jump" or Death Jump)
    The newest addition to the collection of jumps, this one is unique in that it
    needs infinite health (NG+) for it to work. It also allows potentially infinite
    height gain, which is rare in this game.
    The cause is this: some insta-death platforms throughout the game make Kratos to
    enter a specific death animation which starts with a small upwards motion and
    can be repeatedly cut off. The death sequence is persistent and always just
    starts again even if it is cut off, allowing gaining infinite height... but this
    persistence is also a bad thing, as it means that this jump can only be ended by
    landing on solid ground (after which Kratos turns to normal). Also, during this
    jump Kratos can't be moved to any direction, other than turning RoS momentarily
    on and steering to a direction, but this is painfully slow.
    You can invoke this specific death animation at will by Gliding or Alt Jet
    Dashing against some slanted collision which prevents Kratos from landing for
    15-17 seconds. Once you've done it, Kratos dies on the spot, but with infinite
    health you can use his untimely death for starting your infinite jump.
    Another way to invoke this death animation is to freefall for a time holding
    down block. It is sometimes an useful variation when Dashing deep out of bounds
    without another way to rise upwards.
    The effect differs depending on what weapon do you have equipped, but the only
    way to actually gain height with this is to keep Blades as your active weapon.
    1, findlestick's vid ("Hara-Kiri Infinite Jump"):
    2, findlestick's practical example of using this jump at The Caverns:
    3, AKheon's original video:
    Double jump slightly higher
    A small, occasionally useful mechanic in God of War III and Ascension. The game
    thinks Kratos has hit ground a little before he lands, allowing you to do a new
    double jump from slightly in air. This is useful in squeezing everything out of
    your regular double jump.
    1, AKheon's vid of using this trick to skip Hades Palace 1st floor:
    "Double Glide jump" (c: findlestick)
    If Kratos runs off a ledge while X is held down, he will instantly start a
    Glide instead of falling, and at the end of this Glide he can do a double jump
    and yet another Glide! This is quite a neat trick for extending Kratos' jumps in
    the early game where you don't have Boots of Hermes yet. But it has the drawback
    that you can't use it if a ledge is protected by an invisible collision "lip"
    that prevents Kratos from running off it.
    1, findlestick's vid
    "Jet Dash" (c: Findlestick)
    Practically the most important air movement technique in the game. To do it, you
    must have Hermes Boots. Here's a video tutorial, for beginners.
    1, findlestick's vid
    The basic mechanism behind it is this: Hermes Dash allows almost completely
    horizontal air movement for a brief time. The problem is that it has a rather
    big cooldown (to prevent abuse just like this technique is). This cooldown can
    be cancelled by flicking Bow or Head momentarily, making things smoother, but
    not completely smooth because the Bow/Head has its own cooldown. However, it too
    can be cancelled: by doing a normal air attack. The Nemesis Whip's air attack is
    recommended because it allows Kratos to stay in air the longest.
    Jet Dash advantages:
    + Since this movement style is so fast, some areas can be got through before
    everything in them has loaded, occasionally even allowing the skipping of events
    or getting behind walls before they load.
    + Not only can you fly in straight lines, but you can manouvre around corners
    and change directions mid flight, almost like a fly that buzzes around.
    + You can use it as a battle exploit in areas of the game where the battle is
    in a confined space, and you need to retreat very rapidly.
    + Kratos gains more height by each Dash if he does this technique against some
    walls. It might be that the walls have to be angled. This phenomena is called
    "Jet Ascension."
    Jet Dash disadvantages:
    - In some parts of the game there are invisible walls specifically blocking air
    moves (even Dash). It's a hindrance more than a true disadvantage, since you can
    first do a normal jump through the invisible wall and then begin Jet Dash.
    - Unless on NG+, you have to wait 'til getting Boots of Hermes to do this.
    - Some checkpoints take a while before they become active, perhaps because of
    loading reasons. Since you move so fast, you may have Kratos end up in a strange
    situation (like get stuck or die) before a checkpoint activates and then become
    checkpointed at that exact moment, ruining your progress.
    - Sudden camera angle changes can make it difficult to steer Jet Dash.
    "Alternate Jet Dash / Blades Jet Dash" (c: AKheon)
    Later on an alternate method for doing Jet Dash was discovered. Alt JD is done
    by having the Blades selected and Bow as the active gear, then jumping and
    leaving L1+L2 pressed down while L-stick & R-stick are moved in the direction
    you want to go. The game does the rest for you.
    Alternate Jet Dash advantages:
    + Alt Jet Dash is extremely simple to perform, just hold a few buttons down.
    + Alt Jet Dash's sidewards movement is one of the fastest ways to move in
    the game, and even its forward movement can be used to make Kratos travel
    further distances than with regular Jet Dash.
    + Alt Jet Dash doesn't require Whip for best results, which is good because
    outside NG+ you don't have Whip with you for most of the game.
    + Most advantages of normal Jet Dash also apply.
    Alternate Jet Dash disadvantages:
    - Forward Alt Jet Dash has a slower speed than with normal Jet Dashing.
    - Sideways Alt Jet Dash is so fast that it becomes very difficult to control
    for human reflexes.
    - Jet Ascension doesn't seem to happen as much when doing Alt Jet Dash.
    - Most disadvantages of normal Jet Dash also apply.
    1, AKheon's vid that features Alt Jet Dashing:
    "Ledge levitation" or "Sky Jump" (c: satvara / findlestick)
    In many places around the game you can make Kratos hover high in air by Gliding
    against a tight corner or another point where a hanging ledge and collision
    intersect in a certain way. Kratos should Glide against the spot so that his
    waist is roughly at the height of the ledge... and if the glitch happens, Kratos
    will suddenly fly in air uncontrollably.
    The glitch is fairly difficult to do at will. Most places where this effect
    happens are fickle, and it takes many tries to get Kratos to rise up in the air.
    The height you get also varies a lot, depending on your location and how lucky
    you get. So while the skill has an use in a speedrun, it is often too risky to
    do in other than segmented conditions.
    If you can get Kratos to hang on a ledge and then move towards a rising floor -
    possible to do in two or so maps around the game - this also produces a Sky
    Jump-like effect.
    It was only fairly recently discovered how to do this glitch at will, so
    research for this entry has only just begun. It might turn out to be even more
    useful in future speedruns.
    1, findlestick's overview vid:
    2, satvara's vid of doing a skip with levitation at Path of Eos:
    Running on death collision:
    If you have infinite health (from NG+ glitch), Kratos can stand on top of death
    floor almost as if it was normal floor and use it to run. You need RoS to
    control Kratos after hitting death floor, though. This trick is pretty
    specialized and usually does not come in handy because you mostly find death
    floor deep down in some pit where you shouldn't need to go in the first place.
    But it has its perks.
    If you do RoS attacks and shut off RoS during the time Kratos has a lot of
    speed, Kratos will start gliding on the death floor super fast! That's something
    fun to try out, at least.
    1, AKheon's vid of super fast gliding:
    Grab zipping (a.k.a. N-Zipping) (c: findlestick)
    Normally enemies are unaffected by magic or other lingering attacks as they
    are being grabbed. However, failing a grab is a different matter altogether.
    If you fail a grab against certain enemies as they are getting damaged from
    lingering effects such as Nemesis Rage magic or Soul Summon archers, Kratos
    will start zipping rapidly around the place along with the enemy. This can
    lead him getting a lot of extra horizontal speed, allowing a type of long jump
    to be made. It's not easy to control, though, so it remains to be seen if this
    tactic will become popular.
    It's also barely possible to kill sentries twice with this tactic: first let
    them die by magic damage as the grab is about to fail, then continue the grab
    to kill them again.
    1, findlestick's video:
    "Lenient air momentum (LAM)" (c: AKheon)
    In God of War 1, doing air specials right before hitting ground caused their
    aerial momentum to linger on Kratos for a while, allowing better high jumps.
    It's been recently discovered that you can create LAM with certain moves in
    God of War III too, and do some high jump variations using them.
    First discovered way is to do Augean Stampede (air) at a certain height so that
    it resolves right before hitting ground. Kratos also has to be running. If
    both of these conditions are fulfilled, Kratos gets a nice amount of LAM for
    his troubles. Second way is to do any air CG right before hitting ground, so
    that Kratos sort of hovers above ground while finishing the move. If you cancel
    the CG with Bow at this time, Kratos gets LAM once again.
    LAM can also be created on water or rope by interrupting many slower air
    specials, but this is not as useful as being able to do it on land.
    Effects of Lenient Air Momentum:
    - your next air attacks will have superior air momentum. However, using a double
    jump or ascension drains all LAM away, so you're restricted to using LAM with
    only your first jump.
    - if Rage is activated in air, Kratos gets a large height boost (at the expense
    of destroying his current momentum).
    - certain attacks can stop at water surface if Kratos has lenient air momentum.
    For example, Crushing Strike.
    - in God of War 1, LAM caused other strange side effects as well, such as being
    able to breach water surface or rising floor with attacks, or do triple jumps.
    It remains to be seen if LAM in God of War III has any side effects like that.
    1, AKheon's vid:
    Double jump through wall:
    This is an exploit that exists in God of War III but was later fixed in
    Ascension. If you manage to get Kratos in a tight enough spot that his double
    jump no longer gives him any height, in a certain angle there is a chance that
    doing a double jump will let him breach nearby walls.
    Not 100% certain but this mechanism might be behind the Centaur wall breach
    technique as well. Ought to be tested more.
    1, AKheon's vid of doing this at Palace of Hades (at the start of the video):
    Tidbits about some other mechanisms:
    - They are not exactly the same as checkpoints or normal saves, though sometimes
    the three overlap.
    - If you sequence break too heavily, the auto-save labels become confused. For
    example, early chain break causes the Zeus auto-saves be labeled "Hermes".
    Cutscenes (using game engine):
    - Cutscene triggers make Kratos break out of seemingly every attack.
    - If an enemy gets stuck on Kratos' path during a cutscene, Kratos ignores it
    but can't push the enemy away either. He just twists about until he has passed
    the obstacle or the obstacle has left on its own volition. Cutscene proceeds
    like normal.
    -  During most scripted scenes Kratos can't be hit by enemies. However, on the
    rare occasion he is vulnerable to attacks, and glitches typically follow.
    Cutscenes (pre-rendered):
    - Pre-rendered cutscenes are usually reserved for really important moments in
    the game, like character deaths or if Kratos takes off to a whole new level.
    Sequence breaking-wise it's hard to get around them because they are usually
    tied to critical loading triggers...
    - In at least one spot in the game (chain breaking), it's possible to enter save
    menu right as a cinematic begins. The cinematic plays in the background of the
    save menu without audio. Saving and reloading, retrying from checkpoint or just
    exiting the save menu causes some complications in the frame rate and audio of
    the FMV, and there's a chance that the game crashes after the FMV. If you wait
    out in the menu until the FMV ends, the game won't crash, but the audio of the
    FMV plays out by itself as normal gameplay continues. If you now exit to main
    menu, the FMV audio continues to play in the background!
    - Forcing save menu on top of the FMV can't be used as a speed strategy because
    time runs while the cinematic is in the background... not good.
    Insta-death platforms and triggers:
    - There exists several different types of insta-death platforms. Kratos becomes
    completely immune to most of them with infinite health (NG+), but some will
    still prompt a game over upon contact.
    - If Kratos hits an insta-death platform which is rendered safe to him thanks to
    infinite health, he just starts bouncing repeatedly, as if dying each frame/once
    per few seconds but with game over screen never showing up. At this point, if
    RoS is turned on, depending on the platform type, Kratos may actually start
    running on top of the deadly surface, reaching areas never before accessible!
    Grapple points:
    - If you cast magic after letting go of a grapple point with another weapon
    active than the Blades, instead of doing the sub-weapon's own magic Kratos does
    a graphic-less Army of Sparta or Divine Reckoning (depending on which Blades you
    are using).
    - After letting go of a grapple point, there's quite a bit of cooldown before
    you can activate Rage of Sparta, for some reason.
    - You can use a grapple point while grabbing Sentries, causing the animations
    and mechanics to overlap in a very odd looking way.
    1, findlestick's vid:
    Movable objects:
    - Vulcairn discovered that getting hit the same frame as Kratos is grabbing a
    movable bramble pot can cause the pot to become stuck on Kratos. After that it
    just keeps moving fixed on Kratos, as if it had no weight of its own. The glitch
    may end if Kratos enters an in-game cutscene or does certain attacks.
    1, vulcairn's video:
    - Stonefreezing works a bit differently from the previous games. For instance,
    your foes can be frozen in any position, instead of them being replaced by a
    generic 'statue' when they are stonefrozen.
    - Stonefrozen targets can't be Combat Grappled, grabbed or hit with Fiery
    - Any falling enemy, even if only partially stonefrozen, will become shattered
      upon landing.
    - Kratos can't be stonefrozen when he is riding a foe.
    - If Kratos has infinite health (combat arena, NG+), enemies can't break his
    stonefrozen form with their attacks. But falling down while stonefrozen will
    still kill Kratos instantly.
    - If Kratos becomes stonefrozen while gliding with Wings, he will continue
    gliding safely all the way to the ground level despite becoming a statue.
    - Rage of Sparta breaks you out of being stonefrozen instantly.
    - If you cast magic when entering a portal, you can expect some graphical
    glitches (like screen changing color but nothing else happening).
    - At some portals, if you attack instantly after coming out, Kratos will climb
    on an invisible rope for an instant, then stops. This also happens if you swim
    through those portals.
    - At some portals, if you glide in them with Wings, Kratos will glide out too,
    except in a strange position and Wing-less.
    - If a portal malfunctions, Kratos just falls out-of-bounds to his death.
    Reason... loading error? Unknown at the moment.
    - With the exception of the dogs at the dog kicking puzzle at Poseidon's
    Chamber, enemies are not programmed to enter through portals. Should Kratos
    interact with an enemy in various ways as he and an enemy pass through a portal
    together, the game reacts strangely to this mainly due to the fact it causes a
    contradiction. Kratos can pass but enemy cannot, resulting in interesting
    breakouts. Including an invisible force that thrashes Kratos around the room
    violently, and Kratos performing a killing animation while being transported
    back and forth from Portals.
    1, findlestick's vid
    - Most attacks cancel immediately if Kratos hits a rope during them, but not
    all. For example Whip's Deadly Reprisal (air) looks really fun if you do it
    on rope, with Kratos doing the attack while attached to the rope.
    - Kratos is unable to latch onto rope during some attacks. Most noticeably
    during any ascension.
    - Falling through floors: Kratos inexplicably falls through the floor. Sometimes
    by getting hit by an enemy, and other times for no reason at all. Very rare.
    1, ThaFuuuuu's vid
    - A dislodged riding section: is this a same thing as a normal glitched
    minigame, except leading to a riding section? The results are, at least, more
    1, airboii's vid:
    - Maybe due to some sort of loading error (?) - and on very rare occasions -
    Kratos can be loaded without his blades. Resulting in Kratos doing the physical
    actions of attacking with his blades, but with no blades present.
    Video demonstration:
    1, 5haughnessy's vid
    Weapons and magic:
    A. General Moves
    Auto-targeting problems:
    Many attacks, including grabs and combat grapples, are subject to the strange
    auto-targeting system this game has. It overrides player's commands and often
    makes Kratos attack enemies he wasn't even facing. The game seems to favor
    bigger and "more important" enemies over smaller. This is very bad in fights
    such as the one against Hades Cerberus Breeder, causing the strategy of grabbing
    puppies and throwing them back at HCB to become suicidal if the Satyrs or HCB
    are too close to Kratos. It also messes up CG high jump attempts pretty often.
    Note: I hear a patch has fixed the auto-targeting.
    Pressing R1 at the end of some moves (like second square hit in BoA/BoE combo)
    cancels the recovery animation the move has, returning Kratos to standing
    upright or in a battle-ready idle stance. Just a hidden property in some moves.
    Air grab glitch:
    With at least two techniques, it's possible to create air grabs that Kratos
    breaks out of almost instantly as they start. This means that the enemy will
    enter the air grab animation while Kratos is free to move and do other things.
    These techniques are...
    1, Claws' air 'triangle' (bouncable foes only). Hit your enemy so that he will
    bounce in air, and do a grab right before Kratos hits the ground.
    2, use Whip's ascension. Tap triangle twice to launch the foe and get Kratos
    slightly up in air. Cancel the move by flicking Bow/Head, then do a quick air
    If this trick is done to Harpy Queens, they become able to 'duplicate'. As you
    jump from one Harpy to another, hitting the second Harpy causes the first Harpy
    to re-appear in Kratos' hands (despite having been torn apart a second ago).
    This does not count as a kill, and might be useful during Harpy crossings in a
    pacifist run!
    If you run off a ledge doing some attack that interrupts, or holding X down to
    do a Glide, Kratos still has two jumps he can do in air afterwards. This is a
    mechanism that wasn't there in the previous God of War-games. The first jump
    is heavily affected by air momentum and not very useful, though. There's more
    about this in the jumps section, in the section about Double Glide jump.
    A lift-up to follow a normal ascension can be done in two ways: either by
    keeping triangle held down, or by letting go of triangle once the attack is on
    its way and then pressing X. Just a small detail. There are a few special moves
    in the game as well that will launch Kratos if the player presses X during them.
    All Combat Grapples (except Cestus CG) have a weapon switch check at their
    beginning, which means that Kratos should in theory switch weapons at the very
    start of the move, if a weapon switch was buffered. But it has massive
    loopholes in it. Because Kratos may do the CG using a different weapon, but the
    CG data is still from the original weapon. This kind of glitches also happen if
    you switch weapon as soon as you begin doing a CG.
    Air Combat Grapples can be interrupted by casting magic, which can look a little
    strange. You can also cause a graphical glitch using BoE magic: do Blades air
    combat grapple, switch to another weapon, then cast magic. The magic Army of
    Sparta begins, but most of the special effects don't show.
    Claws of Hades, Nemean Cestus and Nemesis Whip have combat grapples you can
    'combo' by keeping L1+O held down.
    Moves that end with Kratos rushing down (Tartarus Rage (air), Crushing Strike
    (air)) can cause a glitch on when done against a water surface from a correct
    height. Kratos gets "stuck" on top of the water surface for a few moments, as
    if falling but frozen in air.
    If you hold R2 down, you enter a mode in which pressing any combat-related
    buttons cause Kratos to do magic, although he can otherwise move normally. Best
    effects can be seen with Claws, Cestus or Whip magic.
    Some attacks that don't become cancelled by a weapon switch are subject to wrong
    weapon graphics if you switch weapons at a correct time. The attack's properties
    change in a subtle way in the process, for example many wrong weapon attacks
    can't be interrupted by blocking or rolling although it is otherwise possible.
    The attack's damage modifier may also change in the process. Rapid Switches are
    the easiest attacks to do using a wrong weapon.
    You do not have the ability to Rapid Switch until you've more than one weapon
    in your arsenal.
    Oddities about specific Rapid Switch-moves are listed in the weapons-section
    below, although the game lists them as general moves.
    B. Blades of Athena
    You have these at the beginning of the game, or if you've turned the Godly
    Possession Aphrodite's Garter on. You also get to keep Blades of Athena for
    most of the game if you skip the cutscene where Athena gives you new Blades.
    BoA works pretty much identically to the Blades you have in God of War II.
    These Blades have a bit sucky damage modifier, and you can't improve it because
    BoA can't be leveled up. However, a small exploit exists for increasing your
    damage: if you switch to BoE in the middle of a BoA attack, the attack's damage
    is calculated through BoE damage modifier instead. Best in conjunction with
    multi-hitting special moves. You need Aphrodite's Garter to do this, of course.
    Both of the Blades in this game are able to do combos that continue onto another
    weapon (Claws). Try fifth square hit: switch to Claws during it, and continue
    with a square or triangle attack. Depending on your timing, you are able to
    pull off a Claws light or heavy finisher out of nowhere, or a Plume with another
    weapon's graphics. Unfortunately this does not work with any other weapons.
    The combo just cuts off unremarkably.
    1, AKheon's vid of doing a Blades -> Claws combos:
    You are able to do Blades of Exile's Rapid Switch using BoA! Jump down while
    blocking, and after landing quickly switch weapons to something else and
    press X. Instead of Icarus Ascension, you get the Rapid Switch.
    An alternative method to do this is to do a roll. During the roll switch weapon
    to anything else and hold block. Kratos should enter a wrong blocking stance for
    just a moment, and during this time you can press X to do Rapid Switch.
    1, AKheon's vid of using BoE Rapid Switch with BoA:
    Icarus Ascension can be done over chasms without Kratos falling down. It is
    also an unique ascension in the sense that it gives far better air momentum
    than most other ascensions, and can be better for high jumps because of it.
    Cyclone of Chaos hits 10 times if Kratos is right next to the enemy and all the
    hits hit.
    Since Tartarus Rage (air) continues indefinitely as long as you don't hit the
    ground, it's possible for you to balance precariously on top of bigger enemies
    (like Taloses) and gain a lot more hits than normally possible. This technique
    is not easy to do.
    Hyperion Rise is another ascension that has the sweet property of "defying
    gravity." You can do it over chasms, and Kratos won't bat an eyelid.
    Divine Reckoning:
    - This magic only has a ground version. If you try to cast it in air, Kratos is
    brought down to the ground level extremely quickly before the magic is cast.
    - It seems to hit a maximum of 9 times.
    - Like all ground-only magics, you can breach water surface by spamming this on
    top of water for long enough.
    - Kratos is invincible while casting it.
    - If you switch Aphrodite's Garter on/off as this magic is being cast, it loses
    its graphical effect. It doesn't get interrupted and still does damage, though.
    C. Blades of Exile
    New Blades that you get from Athena near the start of the game. They're close
    to the classic Blades in functionality. The biggest difference is the different
    triangle combos, and the few new special moves like CG and Rapid Switch.
    There's a chance to do a shared combo with Claws using either of the Blades.
    With BoE, both fifth square hit and second triangle hit allow weapon switching
    during the move, after which you can continue the combo into a Claws finisher
    or a Blades attack with wrong weapons graphic (depending on your timing). It's
    too bad that this doesn't work with other weapons, the combo just ends.
    If you change weapons during the ground Rapid Switch, the move only does its
    first hit and then abruptly ends. Air Rapid Switch goes further and cuts off
    immediately if you try to switch weapons during it.
    If you hold block, switch weapons away from Blades and then do Combat Grapple,
    you get a slightly glitched Grapple. For example, you can do a regular style
    grapple using Cestus or Claws, and they create a smaller knockback than Blades
    If you Dash towards a climbing wall from a certain distance and hold block
    when hitting the wall, Kratos will enter a mixed state of climbing and blocking.
    He looks like attached to the wall in blocking pose for a few seconds, then
    everything returns to normal. The only attack you can do in this state is the
    air Blades Rapid Switch.
    Rage of Sparta "exploit":
    At BoE levels one to four, Rage of Sparta cuts off suddenly if you upgrade
    weapons or switch Aphrodite's Garter on/off. On the surface it seems like just
    another way of turning RoS off, but it has a hidden property of cancelling the
    cooldown RoS has, meaning that you can activate another RoS pretty much
    instantly afterwards. On level five RoS will for some reason not become
    cancelled any longer by doing this.
    I've tried making high jumps somehow even higher using this mechanism, but if
    you cancel RoS this way your air momentum becomes very bad and you fall down to
    ground almost instantly. It has a very small use in the CS high jump, which you
    can now extend with another CS and RoS cancel for more height, but it's not much
    and the conditions are quite specialized, so...
    Note: RoS also won't get cancelled if you're using the NG+ glitch, regardless of
    BoE level (read more at the start of level-by-levels). There is some other
    condition to this too, one which might be related to Godly Possession usage,
    which prevents this "glitch" from occurring.
    Army of Sparta:
    - As with Divine Reckoning, this magic is ground-only.
    - Kratos is invincible while casting it.
    - If you switch Aphrodite's Garter on/off as this magic is being cast, it loses
    its graphical effect. It doesn't get interrupted and still does normal damage,
    - Same thing if you upgrade Blades while casting the magic.
    - If you do Blades air combat grapple, then switch to another weapon, then press
    R2, Kratos does this magic but the graphics are again glitched.
    D. Claws of Hades
    Hades' own weapon, forcibly taken from him in the first quarter of the game.
    The small hop Kratos does during fourth square hit is just for show, he doesn't
    actually leave the ground.
    The fifth square hit induces a Orion's Harpoon-like effect to the foe that was
    hit. It doesn't work on all foes, even those that can be Orion's Harpooned
    The 'triangle' ground hits form violet clouds that always appear at a fixed
    distance away from Kratos. They are not constrained by collision, and so you can
    use them to deal heavy damage from behind obstacles and walls. I think they also
    have a decent radius of effect to them.
    Using the 'triangle' air hit, you can create air grabs which Kratos breaks out
    of with bounceable foes. I think this is because the moment when the enemy
    becomes bounced is so late during the move. There's a little more about broken
    air grabs in the General Moves-section above.
    You can do infinite ground combos using the two very versatile combo moves:
    ascension (without lift-up) and Mourner's Lament (avoid finisher).
    While blocking, you hear the sound effect for it repeat periodically for no
    reason. Maybe a bad sound loop?
    If you cast a Soul shortly after quickly blocking in air, Kratos gets stuck
    in block-stance while falling even after you let go of L1.
    If you do this weapon's Rapid Switch, but use directional keys to switch weapon
    to anything else but Nemean Cestus instantly after the move begins, and hold
    block after the move ends, Kratos enters a glitchy blocking state which holds on
    its own even after you let go of L1. If enemies attack him, he just sorta slides
    away from the attack instead of doing any sort of reacting movement. Unblockable
    attacks still hit you like normal. You can do nothing in this mode except use
    magic, items or do another Rapid Switch (which always switches weapon to Nemesis
    Whip/Blades, as if your weapon was NC all the time) after which the glitch ends.
    If you accidentally hit an enemy while preparing this glitch, your weapon will
    switch back to Cestus, which is pretty strange.
    Other small things about the Rapid Switch. During this move, Kratos moves at a
    very fast speed and a bit flattened due to his pose, making it suitable for
    getting him into cramped spaces. For example, this is the only move with which
    Kratos can squeeze himself through/behind the Path of Eos sightseeing pedestal
    (if it should count).
    The air version of this weapon's Rapid Switch allows a barebones "long jump"
    that would come in handy before acquiring the Boots of Hermes... if only you
    didn't get Cestus after you already have the Boots. Oh well. Simply do the
    move, but switch back to Claws as quick as possible. Repeat. With quick fingers,
    you will move a bigger distance in air than with just gliding with Wings.
    Although both of these Rapid Switches are done with Cestus out, they don't
    damage onyx targets like Judges' stones. The onyx rules are pretty arbitrary
    in this game...
    Tormenting Lash (air) is a rare air move after which Kratos can do a jump...
    but only if you switched to another weapon during the move. This is not as
    useful as doing the same thing with Unending Sorrow.
    Unending Sorrow allows you to lift Kratos up if you press X at the end. It's a
    sort of secret within the move.
    A more interesting secret is found from the air version of this move. If you
    switch weapons during it, Kratos returns to idle state at the end and you can
    do your 2nd jump or Glide in air. This can be used for doing the highest known
    high jumps in the game.
    And... one last thing. If you buffer a square hit after Unending Sorrow (air) at
    a correct time, you will get an air triangle hit instead for no reason!
    This weapon's air Combat Grapple (contacting a foe) is one of the very few
    attacks that allow Kratos to jump in air after usage. Another thing: only one
    batch of skulls can be out at any time - additional combat grapples have no
    effect until the previous skulls disappear.
    If you block, then switch weapons and do Combat Grapple, the ensuing grapple
    is a glitched one. It does extremely little damage and causes knockbacks (to
    some enemies). Pretty useless overall.
    Soul Summon:
    A new type of magic in God of War III. Summons can be cast without a particular
    animation, although there is a short "pause" whenever you cast during which you
    can't do other moves or activate R1-prompts, etc.
    There's a hefty cooldown on many summons. You can bypass this cooldown once by
    entering Start-menu. Since in this game using the menu doesn't count against
    your time, this is a viable speed strategy for dealing more damage in less time.
    - None of the souls have any weight. You can't press buttons on the ground by
    placing souls on them, for example.
    - Souls fall through water surface unaffected.
    - Switching to another soul while another is still on the field makes the first
    soul(s) disappear.
    - Some Souls give hits from unique targets that don't give hits otherwise.
    Likewise, some souls don't give hits even though they ought to.
    - Re-selecting a new soul while previous one is still on the field tends to
    make the game crash on the PS3 version, so better not play around with it too
    much. Unknown if this still happens on the PS4 version.
    1, findlestick's vid about resetting Soul Summon cooldown:
    Tidbits on particular Souls:
    "Cerberus Mongrel". If cast towards walls in air, it sort of sticks to the
    walls and descends slowly, unlike other summons.
    "Olympus Archer" can be used to juggle enemies. The effect is stunning with four
    archers and Kratos himself shooting arrows at some airborne foe. Each archer
    shoots 8 shots before dissipating.
    "Gorgon Serpent" is one of the rare ways to stonefreeze your enemies in this
    game. Not as efficient as stonefreezing in previous games.
    "Olympus Fiend" is a quick, spammable launcher-in-a-pocket. They can explode in
    air if you had enough height when casting them.
    "Chimera" shoots fire balls, but they don't actually light things on fire.
    Chimera's attack works as a "dissension", bringing any airborne enemies down as
    they are hit.
    "Cyclops Berserker" falls through walls and floor quite easily.
    "Centaur General" is the summon that has the most collision in its body, which
    means it can be utilized in some interesting non-offensive ways. It can push
    Kratos a noticeable length if you cast it next to a wall and Kratos is in the
    way. Kratos can even become pushed off rotating cranks this way. If moving when
    cast, Kratos zips a small length forward. If you have the Centaur stationary
    (f.e. running towards a corner), you can start gliding on top of it or do the
    Centaur jump. Rarely the Centaur can also push Kratos through walls. Too bad
    it doesn't seem you can glitch cutscenes with it...
    "Siren Seductress'" shockwave effect is not visible at every location. The
    attack itself may or may not do damage if this happens.
    E. Nemean Cestus
    A pair of giant fists taken from Hercules. Acquired around the half-way point
    in the game.
    It's difficult to see, but when you block with Nemean Cestus, Kratos is making
    an angry grin, like when attacking.
    Blocking in air a little before hitting ground makes Kratos land without an
    animation. Looks slightly odd.
    The first part of the square attack seems to be useful for getting Kratos into
    cramped spaces, because he moves at a quick pace and collision a bit flattened
    (due to his sideway pose).
    You can do a glitched Cestus Plume that does no damage to anything. First choose
    Blades as active weapon. Press block on for a moment, then switch weapons to
    Cestus and hold down triangle. If done at a correct timing, Kratos will switch
    to Cestus and do an unexplainable Plume with Cestus in hands. This is easiest
    if you haven't learned Blades' L1+t move yet.
    If you do the ground Rapid Switch, but switch weapons back to Cestus before the
    move ends, and do L1+O as quickly as possible afterwards, the move that begins
    is Blade of Exile's Hyperion Ram! And this is regardless of your current Blades
    at the moment - it works even at the beginning, where you don't have BoE yet
    Augean Stampede (air) is one of the very few air attacks in this game after
    which Kratos can do a jump. Attacks like these can be the ingredients of high
    jumps... But this one is just too slow to be of any use in something like that.
    On another note, Augean Stampede (air) can be used to do the lenient air
    momentum glitch if the move entirely resolves before Kratos lands and he is
    Crushing Strike (air) is an useful move for high jumping because of the height
    boost it gives with RoS cancelling. It is also the only known air attack in the
    game which will continue until Kratos hits solid ground (or some types of
    insta-death collision.) This feature came in handy in one of the Olympus Garden
    You can increase Cestus quick rolling speed by holding down block and spamming
    square while doing forward rolls. This way Kratos won't waste time doing the
    first square hit between each roll.
    After starting a forward roll and buffering Savage Charge, if you switch
    weapons, Kratos gets completely stuck with his weapons out. You can only rotate
    him around and not do anything else. You got to retry or get hit by an enemy for
    the state to end. Note that you can turn RoS on and watch enemies fail to damage
    Kratos while he is in this ridiculous looking situation as a humorous bonus.
    The CG of this weapon is different from the others in that it pulls the enemy to
    Kratos (instead of Kratos pulling himself towards the enemy). It does not always
    work because many enemies are immune to it, and even normal enemies have phases
    during which they can't be hit with it. Due to a glitch, it occasionally
    launches some enemies (Minotaurs at least) very high into air after hitting.
    Nemean Roar:
    - Kratos is invincible while casting it. While casting, Kratos moves through
    enemies/targets as if they weren't there.
    - This is an useful move for pushing non-enemy characters around the game world
    (like Poseidon Princess).
    - Like Divine Reckoning or Army of Sparta, this magic is ground-only.
    - It damages some onyx targets, some it leaves unscathed.
    - This magic might not do full damage to targets which become bounced.
    - You can cancel out of the fully upgraded magic after its mid-way by doing a
    F. Nemesis Whip
    An electric, whip-like weapon forged by Hephaestus after beating Cronos. Has
    many pretty unique functions compared to the other weapons.
    The Whip is a pretty slippery weapon and its attacks start automatically if you
    just hold the respective attack button down when switching weapons, unlike with
    Blades, Claws or Cestus. This works both on air and ground.
    Whip has many attacks you can extend indefinitely by keeping the attack button
    pressed. This also works with several of its air moves. If you accumulate a
    long enough combo, unusual orbs will start pouring out of enemies - magic, rage
    and possibly even health orbs are possible.
    Using the unique multi-hitting ascension move ('triangle'), you can create
    glitched air grabs during which Kratos is free to move around the place. Read
    more about this in the General Moves-section above.
    Ground Severe Judgment makes Kratos do a pretty high jump up in the air. It does
    not rise him to a height a normal ascension does, but it leaves him with good
    air momentum, allowing this move to be sometimes useful in Sorrow Jumping (for
    example, in spots where you don't have room to do the normal Whip ascension and
    don't want to bother with Icarus Ascension). Another asset of this move is that
    it "defies gravity", in other words, it does not cut off even if Kratos takes a
    step into a chasm.
    Severe Judgment (Air) is a move which is useful in high jumping. As long as your
    current momentum is good, you gain a lot of height by doing this move in air
    (and cancelling out of it with, f.e. Bow). It also has the property of launching
    ground enemies if you manage to connect it.
    Deadly Reprisal does not leave ground although it looks like Kratos is leaping.
    Deadly Reprisal (Air) looks very cool if extended by holding 'triangle' down.
    It also has a special glitch effect if done right before Kratos latches onto a
    rope: Kratos does his lunge while staying on the rope's level before the move
    finally ends and he starts hanging from the rope like normal.
    If you have BoA as your Blades, you can only buffer into a square attack from
    Whip's ground Rapid Switch (unlike with BoE). This is because of the
    fundamentally different triangle attacks between the Blades.
    The air Rapid Switch has a few oddities with it. First, if you cancel it with
    Bow or Head, Kratos becomes stalled in air for a moment. Second, if you switch
    weapons to something else than Blades, the move's properties change a bit. You
    can't cancel it with an air grab or Bow/Head any longer, for example.
    Nemesis Rage:
    - Kratos is invincible while casting it.
    - It gives you hits even when it strikes special targets that won't give hits
    - If the bolt hits an obstacle instead of an enemy, it dissipates a lot faster
    than it should. But sometimes the attack just cuts off too soon for no reason
    even when hitting an enemy properly.
    - A single lv. 3 attack seems to hit max. of 22 times.
    G. Items
    Bow of Apollo:
    - Fiery Inferno arrows pass through targets, and can as such hit and light
    multiple targets on fire.
    - Foes light on fire in different ways. Some can only be lit once at a time,
    but some (like cyclops) can be repeatedly lit on fire. Fire can spread from one
    target to another if they're close enough, but this doesn't happen with all
    enemies. Some foes don't light on fire at all.
    - If you upgrade this item while you are charging Fiery Inferno, the graphical
    effect of gathering fire disappears.
    - You can start sliding with the Bow equipped by using Soul Summon at a precise
    time. More detailed instructions to come, but for now, here's a video.
    1, findlestick's vid
    Head of Helios:
    - Solar Flare can stun enemies for decent periods of time. Weak foes stun longer
    while some stronger ones only stun momentarily or not at all.
    - During Solar Flare, the sounds of the game fade momentarily. Very noticeable
    if you visit the menu as the screen flashes.
    - If you upgrade this weapon while it is active, all graphical effects disappear
    - If you evade at a correct time after flicking on Head (or after doing either
    of its attacks), you will evade as if you had the BoA or BoE equipped regardless
    of what weapon you were currently using. After only one roll, Kratos switches
    back to using your current weapon's evade move.
    - If you cast Helios Flash in air so that the flash begins right before hitting
    ground, and then refrain from pressing any buttons, Kratos's stance remains that
    of the HoH but with a weapon out instead of the head. It seems this is only a
    cosmetic thing, and it ends as soon as you move Kratos.
    - Alternatively, you can do the same thing while running. Kratos enters the
    Head of Helios walking animation but with his weapon out instead of the Head,
    and his walking is sped up in a comical looking way. If you have Cestus on, you
    can also see Kratos wearing both of his Cestuses in his hands and one extra
    Cestus on his back! Comical, but again only a cosmetic thing.
    - Like with Bow, you can start sliding with Head equipped by using Soul Summon.
    Boots of Hermes:
    - Hermes Dash is the key ingredient for the all-purpose horizontal movement tool
    "Jet Dash".
    - if you do a backwards Dash with a non-Blades weapon equipped, Kratos returns
    to idle state at the end of it and is able to use his 2nd jump or Glide in air
    - Hermes Rush/Jest allows Kratos to pass through some projectile attacks without
    - Hermes Jest allows glitched, extremely high launches in certain conditions.
    Read more in the section about "Jest Jump" far above. Also, if you try to cast
    Cestus' magic after using the Jest lift-up, the magic which starts is a
    graphic-less version of the Blades magic.
    - If you upgrade Boots while doing its basic move in air, after landing there
    is one frame of time during which you can interrupt the move by jumping which
    is normally not there... curious.
    H. Relics
    Icarus Wings:
    - Probably for reasons of Rapid Switch convenience, you lose the ability to do
    Icarus Ascension and Icarus Strike right after that fateful cutscene at River
    Styx, though the rest of your Wings abilities remain. You can get this move back
    by using the Godly Possession Aphrodite's Garter, which turns your BoE back to
    the Rapid Switch-less BoA.
    - As in GoW II, Icarus Ascension "defies gravity", you can do it into chasms
    without Kratos falling down.
    - The animation of Kratos falling flat on his stomach after gliding too long can
    push him through walls if he is in a cramped place. Very hard to do on purpose:
    only known chance is at the Poseidon Princess room.
    - There's a long jump exploit using Glide. "Double Glide jump". There was a
    section about it above, in the jumps section.
    Blade of Olympus:
    - If you have infinite health, you can run on top of a certain type of
    insta-death platform using Rage of Sparta. RoS also allows you to descend
    through another type of insta-death platform... useful in rare circumstances.
    - The basic Rage of Sparta combo makes Kratos zip forward at very fast speeds.
    Before the last strike, his speed rises high enough to make him noticeably sink
    into, for example, chests. So far, this observation has not helped in breaching
    any walls in the game, though.
    - Rage of Sparta can be activated during climbing or rope sections as well, but
    it only stays on during the time you are attacking. It helps Kratos to not get
    interrupted if enemies attack him, but... it probably doesn't increase the
    damage he does.
    - Rage of Sparta ends if Kratos runs into a climbing wall.
    I. Enemies
    Note: for bosses, you're just going to have to browse the level-by-level
    listings to see what's written of them. Only normal enemies are included here.
    Olympus Archer:
    - Can be infinite air grabbed?
    - Can be infinite Orion's Harpooned?
    - Can be stunned with HoH.
    - When combat grappled in air, they keep falling during the entire attack,
    unlike the majority of foes in the game.
    Olympus Fiend:
    - Can be infinite air grabbed.
    - Can be infinite Orion's Harpooned.
    - Can be stunned with HoH.
    - Their specialty is being very aggressive blockers of all sorts of projectile
    - During their death attack they can't be targeted or hit.
    - Their death attack does not begin in some conditions.
    - If Cyclops Berserkers are around, Fiends will actually mount them! This can
    only happen at the Combat Arena because these two enemies never meet during
    the main game. Unfortunately this mount doesn't have a proper moveset, only
    the fireball from the Fiend and one melee attack from the Cyclops. It seems
    that this enemy wasn't finished because they knew it wouldn't be seen in the
    main game, so there are plenty of glitches to be had during this encounter.
    1, AKheon's vid of Fiends mounting Cyclops:
    Bronze Talos:
    - Cestus' combat grapple only works at point blank range.
    - Can't be launched.
    - Can't be stonefrozen.
    Stone Talos:
    - Cestus' combat grapple only works at point blank range.
    - Can't be launched.
    - Can't be stonefrozen.
    - Can't be lit on fire.
    Centaur General:
    - Cestus' combat grapple is repelled.
    - Can't be launched.
    Cerberus Mongrel:
    - Rideable foe.
    - Cestus' combat grapple is repelled.
    - Can't be launched.
    - Can be stonefrozen, but only by reflecting a Gorgon's beam. Gorgon Serpent
    summon or normal freeze beam will only slow it down, in addition to making its
    textures go dull gray.
    Hades Cerberus Breeder:
    - Cestus' combat grapple is repelled.
    - Can't be launched.
    - Can't be stonefrozen.
    - In Combat Arena, due to a counterattacking glitch or something similar, he
    might start fighting you relentlessly even though his attack is 'off'.
    - In same conditions, he might get stuck in a strange 'taunt' animation until
    you try to approach him.
    - Cestus' combat grapple is repelled.
    - Can't be launched.
    - Can't be stonefrozen.
    Woman of Olympia:
    - Very talkative.
    - Kratos can bump into them to make them stumble.
    - As you may have noticed, during the game civilians utter comments relevant to
    the latest plot changes (e.g. about world growing dark after Helios gets it).
    - Extremely low HP.
    - The Claws' Soul Rip souls do not bother to attack this "enemy."
    - Nearby enemies sometimes start targeting them instead of Kratos.
    - They don't have a spawning animation in Arena, they just suddenly appear.
    Olympia Citizen:
    - Very talkative.
    - Kratos can bump into them to make them stumble.
    - As you may have noticed, during the game civilians utter comments relevant to
    the latest plot changes (e.g. about world growing dark after Helios gets it).
    - Extremely low HP.
    - The Claws' Soul Rip souls do not bother to attack this "enemy".
    - Nearby enemies sometimes start targeting them instead of Kratos.
    - They don't have a spawning animation in Arena, they just suddenly appear.
    Cyclops Enforcer:
    - Cestus' combat grapple only works at point blank range.
    - Can't be launched.
    Cyclops Berserker:
    - Rideable foe.
    - Cestus' combat grapple is repelled.
    - Can't be launched.
    Cyclops Remains:
    - Cestus' combat grapple is repelled.
    - Can't be launched.
    Olympus Sentry:
    - Can be infinite air grabbed.
    - Can be infinite Orion's Harpooned.
    - Can be stunned with HoH.
    - On rare occasions, these enemies can be seen 'crawling' down on the ground
    despite having their legs intact.
    - Shielded Sentries can slide around strangely when hit with Nemesis Rage. §
    - Shielded Sentries can survive if dropped into water, but only as long as they
    have their shields intact. This can be tested at Poseidon's palace.
    - In Combat Arena, if you retry, the first Sentry spawns will have glitched
    shields on them. The shield can't be broken with Cestus hits, among other
    strange things. After that legionnaire dies, the later spawns will have normal
    shields again.
    1, AKheon's vid of glitched shields:
    Olympus Legionnaire:
    - Can be stunned with HoH.
    - Same shield glitch in Combat Arena as with Olympus Sentry.
    Cursed Remains:
    - Can be infinite air grabbed.
    - Can be stunned with HoH.
    - Can be infinite air grabbed.
    - Can be infinite Orion's Harpooned.
    Harpy Queen:
    - Rideable foe. Any weapon's Combat Grapple starts the ride, as do air grabs
    and Orion's Harpoon.
    - Subject to being 'duplicated' upon being ridden in certain conditions.
    Read more about this from general glitches section at "air grab break out".
    - A rare glitch allows Kratos to start riding the Harpy Queen right as it
    becomes stonefrozen. It works out like normal, but the Harpy's graphics are
    mostly invisible. The Harpy will also permanently unexist this way, meaning
    that even the scripted permanently respawning Harpies will cease respawning.
    - Also rarely Kratos can break out of riding the Harpy Queen, so that he is
    riding with nothing and the flight fizzles out pretty soon.
    - At the end of a Harpy ride, any enemies in the vicinity are highlighted, and
    if Kratos leaps he targets towards them. If the enemy he targets is another
    Harpy Queen, he starts riding it. Other enemies, Kratos just falls at them and
    they get pushed away or even rise up in air momentarily (looks funny with the
    Cyclops for example), but nothing else happens.
    1, findlestick's vid of stonefreezing + riding a Harpy Queen:
    Special: flying lessons from Harpy Queen
    There's a bizarre glitch with which you can start riding other enemies than
    the Harpy Queen, taking both Kratos and the unsuspecting foe into the skies.
    The other enemy won't die after the flight like the Harpy, but the graphical
    effect is very cool looking. (c: Magnetro)
    To do it, go to the Arena with a Harpy Queen and another enemy. Note that this
    doesn't work with all enemies... there's a list below that details what enemies
    are suspectible to this glitch. First do Claws CG to the other enemy to make
    souls fly around the place. Have the Harpy Queen close by so that it gets hit
    by some souls and falls lower... the Harpy Queen must be at a certain height
    for this glitch to work, nearly at the ground level. Then, while the souls are
    still buzzing around, do a normal grab to the Harpy Queen. This should start
    the glitch.
    Enemies you can do this with:
    - Olympus Archers
    - Olympus Fiends
    - Cerberus Mongrel
    - Chimera
    - Woman of Olympia
    - Olympia Citizen
    - Cyclops Enforcer
    - Olympus Sentry
    - Olympus Legionnaire
    - Cursed Remains
    - Harpy
    - Gorgon
    - Gorgon Serpent
    - Skorpius Spawn
    - Minotaur Elite
    - Minotaur Brute
    - Feral Hound
    - Hades Cerberus Whelp
    - Satyr
    - Siren Seductress
    - Lost Soul
    - Wraith of Olympus
    This list may not be final. It appears harder to do this glitch with some
    enemies, and it could be that some glitch opportunity just went unnoticed.
    1, AKheon's vid
    - Can be manipulated into shooting freeze beams with 'false grabs.'
    Gorgon Serpent:
    - Cestus' Combat Grapple only works at point blank range.
    - If she becomes stonefrozen when she shoots those freezing beams at you, the
    beam itself becomes frozen in the process too! Kratos is stonefrozen repeatedly
    if he happens to be in the line of fire.
    Skorpius Spawn:
    - Can be stunned with HoH.
    Minotaur Elite:
    - Cestus' Combat Grapple yields strange results pretty often. Sometimes the
    enemy gets knocked off into a strange direction, sometimes the Grapple becomes
    blocked right before Kratos would throw his punch, sometimes the enemy starts
    sliding momentarily after the grapple...
    Minotaur Brute:
    - Cestus' combat grapple yields similar results as with Minotaur Elite.
    Labrys Minotaur:
    - Cestus' combat grapple yields similar results as with Minotaur Elite.
    - Claws' combat grapple is repelled.
    Feral Hound:
    - Can be infinite air grabbed.
    - Can be stunned with HoH.
    Hades Cerberus Whelp:
    - Can be infinite air grabbed.
    - Can be stunned with HoH.
    - Can be briefly stunned with HoH.
    - Cestus' combat grapple yields similar results as as with Minotaur Elite.
    - In a rare glitch witnessed by shinobier, this foe "played dead" by not rising
    up after being knocked on its back during the HCB fight.
    Olympus Guardian:
    - A regular Olympus Sentry behind a shield.
    - Their shield blocks all non-Cestus attacks with only a few exceptions (like
    Cyclops Berserker riding attacks). They are immune to being lit on fire, stunned
    by HoH, grabs, launches... However, they are not immune to being stonefrozen,
    and this weakness should be taken advantage of.
    - If you die in the Combat Arena, after retry these foes have a glitched shield.
    It doesn't get broken with Cestus hits. You can also grab the enemy despite the
    shield being there. Spawns after the first one will have unglitched shields.
    Olympus Sentinel:
    - A regular Olympus Legionnaire behind a shield.
    - Read section on Olympus Guardian for more info on the shield.
    Siren Seductress:
    - Can be briefly stunned with HoH.
    - Can be infinite air grabbed although their mini-game phases will interrupt the
    - When in their ghastly form, they can be glitch hit with Combat Grapples if
    they happen to get in the way. They become visible for a moment, and a hit is
    registered, though the attack itself doesn't seem to even begin (except with
    Claws' air CG, which can even send skulls at them on contact!)
    Lost Soul:
    - Very talkative.
    - Can be stunned with HoH.
    - Kratos can bump into them to make them fall down.
    - The Claws' Soul Rip souls do not bother to attack Lost Souls.
    Wraith of Olympus:
    - Can be infinite Orion's Harpooned.
    - Can be briefly stunned with HoH.
    - It can be stonefrozen while it's burrowing inside the ground. It's very hard
      (if even impossible) to shatter the foe like this.
    - If you stonefreeze it roughly the same time you pull it out of the ground
      with Cestus' combat grapple, it becomes invincible for the duration of the
      stonefreeze. No attacks or magics will harm it, which looks pretty eerie.
      Credits to Magnetro for this.
    Hades Hand:
    - Only met in a few places throughout the game. Not in Combat Arena.
    - Cestus' combat grapple only works at point blank range.
    - Claws' combat grapple is repelled.
    3. Level-by-level glitch walkthrough
    Different markings are used for different entries:
    - Sequence break (you are able to skip portions of the game)
    - Collision flaw (wall, floor, etc. has a noteworthy flaw in it)
    - Trigger skip (you are able to skip a loading or another type of trigger)
    - Other (a glitch that doesn't fit into any of the other groups)
    - Wasted potential (something that doesn't appear to work, unfortunately)
    - Strategy (listing some useful tip or strategy)
    - Sweet spot (a location which allows strategic advantages)
    - Untested (something that no one has tried? wrote it down here)
    - Random (some tidbit)
    <Main Screen>
    Other (NG+): play as Kratos in the main screen
    It was originally discovered by Exe during one of his speedrun attempts that
    sometimes after setting up NG+ glitch and changing costume, Kratos would
    disappear and soon re-appear, completely free to move in the main menu screen.
    Yes, you could start playing as Kratos in the main menu!
    The glitch is done like this. You have to set up NG+ glitch. Then, after the
    game takes you back to main menu, you can hear two musics playing at once for
    a short period of time. The glitch is probably related to this music playing
    and stopping at a certain time when you change costume, so try to go and change
    Kratos' costume as quickly as possible after being returned to main menu. Then,
    it seems that for the glitch to start you have to select Fear Kratos as your
    costume and then start tapping circle as quickly as possible. It's not 100%
    reliable, but sometimes you get this glitch to happen.
    So what can be done in these unique circumstances? Well, Kratos is basically
    stuck on a small island that doesn't seem to have any triggers around it. You
    can run some steps to any direction, but after that ground ends and Kratos falls
    down to his doom. Most of Kratos' movelist is intact in the main menu - however,
    you aren't able to switch your selected Gear, do Soul Summon or activate RoS.
    Weapon quick-switching is also disabled in favor of being able to operate the
    main menu with the d-pad.
    What happens if you die in the main menu? You get the usual death menu that asks
    you to either retry or quit. Retrying takes you back to main menu at the start
    of having just activated NG+ glitch. You can again hear the two musics playing
    at the same time and NG+ glitch remains activated. Choosing to quit also takes
    you back to main menu, but this time the NG+ glitch is over and everything is
    back to normal again.
    Starting a New Game, Kratos becomes locked in the usual animation after which
    the first cutscene of the game starts. If you're falling, Kratos enters the
    animation while falling and dies after hitting the bottom, interrupting the
    sequence. If you have infinite health on, the game will softlock instead when
    the cutscene interrupts and Kratos is stuck in the bottomless pit. It might
    cause some new glitches if you could die just before the new game intro started,
    but we would need more height and better jump techniques for this to happen.
    If you start a New Game after dying and as the screen is blacking out, the New
    Game sequence interrupts and you enter an invisible 'retry / quit'-menu while
    a slightly glitched horizon fills the background. You are forced to choose
    either, and after that things go on as normal. Trying to start a New Game while
    touching death floor with infinite health on causes a softlock like mentioned
    Trying to load game after dying is not useful since the death menu overrides the
    load game-menu and it never opens up. §
    Trying to switch costumes locks the camera to the opposite direction of where
    Kratos was facing and also forces Kratos to stand still, effectively ending the
    part of the glitch where you are free to move. It's possible to die while
    changing costumes, but so far this hasn't produced very interesting effects. §
    You can watch those bonus videos like Making of God of War III as Kratos dies.
    This causes another unique effect where the 'retry / quit'-menu stays in the
    background as you watch a cinematic. The cinematic itself also lacks audio in
    this situation. Retrying in the middle of a cinematic causes it to interrupt
    instantly and you are taken back to main menu, everything seemingly back to
    If you exit the cinematic or watch it all the way through, you return back to
    main menu with the retry menu controls still working in the background all
    this time. You are able to do some other strange variations here like retry
    while trying to load game - the load game menu refuses to open all the way
    through and you basically have to choose either retry or quit to continue.
    Starting a New Game doesn't work out either since time is currently stopped
    thanks to the retry menu. The New Game sequence never starts properly, and
    you are stuck again until you choose either retry or quit. Trying to switch
    costume is fairly anti-climactic too since you never see Kratos nor does the
    camera move while operating the menu.
    Retrying while loading another cinematic causes the game to load longer
    than usual, then you're taken back to main menu again. §
    There are also some unique glitch variations if you're fast enough, like start
    a New Game before Kratos re-materializes after changing costume. This way the
    New Game sequence does not begin at all and Kratos remains stranded on the
    small main menu island forever.
    After disappearing, if you haven't exited the costume menu yet and suddenly
    switch to back to normal Kratos, you are able to use this glitch with the normal
    costume. It allows a few new variations, such as entering the Arena or
    Challenges during the glitch. However, this is such a rare variation that it
    hasn't been tested yet. §
    1, AKheon's exploration of this glitch:
    2, exe's original vid
    Other: costumes becoming glitched
    Dying and retrying in the main menu also causes a curious glitch where your
    costumes become glitched up. The game displays Kratos' normal skin while
    claiming that it is in fact the Fear Kratos-costume. Starting a New Game
    takes this glitched costume with you and your trophies are automatically
    disabled although you look just like normal Kratos. It's not verified yet
    if this glitched skin works like normal or Fear Kratos. §
    Also, trying to switch from glitched Fear Kratos costume back to normal Kratos
    never works out. The game will softlock as it spends an eternity trying to load
    Kratos his normal skin back. You could interpret it as Kratos becoming stuck in
    his own wardrobe indefinitely. A pitiful end for a Spartan warrior!
    1, see the above vid by AKheon.
    Other: if you load the auto-save created at Gaia from the main menu, the screen
    won't turn black as usual when the game starts loading. Instead you see the main
    menu screen for many seconds as it slowly starts to unload. After that things
    go back to normal.
    Other (NG+): if you change weapons right after the first cinematic ends, the
    Blade of Olympus that Kratos brandishes may turn invisible in the following
    1, findlestick's vid:
    Skip / wasted potential: first fight skip
    The first room can be easily left with Jet Dash if you're playing on NG+.
    Crooked parts of the walls around the backside of the room can give you the
    necessary height boost to get over walls. The pathway on which the first boss
    fight begins will be almost completely horizontal when you reach there, but
    once you climb it up, the boss fight cutscene activates and everything
    continues like it normally would.
    You can also leave the first room on NG by doing an Icarus Ascension to the left
    of the burning log, at a specific time, so that Kratos slides on some angled
    collision and falls behind the wall, from where he can Glide past the burning
    An alternative way to leave the area on NG is to do some Icarus Ascension near
    the log right as soon as the game starts for the first time. This sometimes
    causes a checkpoint glitch that causes Kratos to hover in air in t-pose upon
    retry. This sends him floating in air, from where you can Glide past the burning
    log. If you don't get it to work, you have to start a New Game to try it again.
    Unfortunately on PS3 the game crashes not too long afterwards after doing this
    skip, because the last phase of the boss fight is cut off with the cinematic
    which would normally begin after first fight. The misplaced cutscene plays for
    a few seconds, then freezes.
    This trick DOES work on the PS4 version without game crashing, though, enabling
    a small timesave.
    1, findlestick's vid of the first NG way of escaping the room
    2, findlestick's vid of alternative NG way to leave the room:
    Untested: what would happen if you jumped over the log, killed the last enemy
    in the first room, then activated Hippocampus' entrance scene right before the
    cinematic begins? You'd need to delay the last sentry's death somehow, by
    shooting it with a burning arrow maybe.
    Other: If you are out-of-bounds to the left of the very first 'room', you can
    Jet Dash to Gaia's left wrist/hand. It has full walkable collision that has an
    empty "metallic" sounding collision when Kratos runs around on it. You can even
    do horizontal grapple climbing inside of Gaia's curled palm and fingers.
    1, findlestick's vid
    Out of bounds (NG): another way to go out of bounds after the burning log was
    found by Vipeazone. After moving the log, do some rolls to forward and stay
    next to the right wall while doing it. Once the new checkpoint activates,
    loading it can drop Kratos on some floor out of bounds.
    You can reach the boss from out of bounds this way, and also explore the nearby
    area closer than the devs wanted you to. There is for instance a strange glowing
    orb inside Gaia if you drop down inside her body. Also, if you're still out of
    bounds as the boss arena turns upside down, Kratos will probably fall down to
    his doom.
    1, vipeazone's vid:
    Wasted glitch potential (NG+): You can skip the Hippocampus battle trigger by
    doing a high jump into Jet Dash against the invisible wall of collision that
    traps you once you cross it. This lifts you up high, and by going left or right
    you can get out of bounds and walk around on lots of walkable collision.
    You can then walk up to Gaia's hand without Hippocampus there (from slightly
    out-of-bounds), from there you can Jet Dash to an area that looks like the
    grapple wall you come to later, but it has no collision. (Untested: Getting to
    this grapple wall at other phases of Hippocampus).
    Other: backtracking during Hippocampus fight
    Trigger the Hippocampus fight from out of bounds, then damage Hippocampus until
    it makes Gaia's arm turn over to the climbing phase. If you do this, you can
    actually grapple climb all the way back to the very start of Gaia. All the while
    you see Hippocampus unload (except for its breath). When you get to the start of
    Gaia, Kratos keeps switching from being invisible to visible very suddenly, and
    the whole first Gaia room looks (graphically) like a completely differently
    designed area.
    1, findlestick's vid
    <Mount Olympus>
    Sequence break (NG+): using high jump and Dash, you can get over the wall before
    the first ledge shimmying part. From there you can skip going by the ledge as
    well as a cutscene and some enemies. Later on, Gaia's graphics may be somewhat
    glitched. Hope you don't mind.
    1, AKheon's vid
    Wasted glitch potential (NG+): it's possible to reach the chain with Jet Dash,
    etc. but it's just a cardboard cut-out and nothing's actually there.
    1, Findlestick's vid
    Skip (NG and NG+): you can skip the grapple point intro by doing Jet Dash from
    the ground level to the next ledge. In normal New Game this scene is also
    skippable: climb the ledge from as left as possible, so that you can R1 the
    grapple right before the scene activates.
    Sequence break: you can use a Sky Jump after the first grapple point to reach
    the upper level early. Basically, after using the grapple point to reach the
    climbing wall, start Gliding towards the back-right corner of the ledge in the
    direction you came from. It's pretty luck-reliant, but you can sometimes hit
    a ledge that sends Kratos high in air and to the upper level early. This works
    on both NG and NG+ (c: findlestick).
    To load Ares' tomb, you have to hit a loading zone near where you'd normally
    climb up to the higher level. Hitting the cutscene trigger with Gaia is not
    1, findlestick's vid:
    Speed strategy (NG+): after the grapple point section, you can Jest Jump for a
    very quick climb up the mountain ridge.
    1, Findlestick's vid:
    Wasted glitch potential (NG+): By doing combinations of high jump and Jet Dash
    from left of the broken climbing ladder, you can do an elaborate skip directly
    to underneath the bridge that Hippocampus destroys later on.
    First do Jet Ascension from as left as possible to end up on some walkable
    collision near the climbing wall. From there another SJ jump with Jet Dashing
    to the right leads you to more walkable collision higher up. And with one final
    SJ jump and Dashing you end up inside the crevice under the bridge.
    This would be a good speedrun strategy if it was not for the fact that you skip
    the trigger that loads Ares' tomb, getting you stuck.
    1, findlestick's vid:
    Other: By Skipping specific triggers on your way to the climbing ledge, you get
    a glitch where Gaia is actually standing at the exact place where Perses
    normally is. (Some more info wouldn't hurt...) §
    Other: By Skipping specific triggers on your way to the climbing ledge, you get
    a glitch where Hippocampus breaks free from Gaia's grasp near the entrance to
    Ares' tomb. She then freezes/breaks down, resulting in Hippocampus thrashing
    around madly as if it was still trying to break free from Gaia's grasp.
    1, findlestick's vid
    Skip (NG+): you can skip the cutscene of the pathway being crushed by doing a
    high jump and then Dashing at top height over the area. This is pretty hard to
    do in my opinion with a Severe Judgment jump alone.
    1, AKheon's vid
    <Tomb of Ares>
    Sequence break (NG+): you can do a high jump and grab a ledge at the top of the
    large door that leads you to Tomb of Ares, and from there jump outside bounds.
    Those who have mastered the Jet Dash are able to jump from on top of the door
    straight to the platform with save point. At first it doesn't look like
    anything is loaded behind the door, but if you run back towards the save and
    return, Gaia should have appeared like normal.
    1, AKheon's vid:
    Other (NG+): If you enter the Tomb with the door closed, during the Centaur
    cutscene you can hear hooves clopping behind the closed door, but no one will
    enter... Yes, the Centaur gets stuck outside the room. You can attempt to fight
    it there, but if he tries to do the dash QTE attack to Kratos, the game may
    freeze for unknown reasons.
    1, AKheon's vid:
    Skip (NG+): an easier way to skip the whole switch-pulling ordeal is to high
    jump from on top of the ladder platform and from there Jet Dash towards the
    other end of the area. You can easily grab a ledge there and then merrily
    continue on your way.
    You can also skip pulling the lever by doing a vertical Ladder Jump followed by
    a horizontal Ladder Jump to cross the gap. But this is extremely difficult to do
    because you have to rely on luck to be able to do a horizontal Ladder Jump after
    a vertical one.
    1, AKheon's vid of the first method:
    Skip (NG): you can pull the switch while ignoring the Centaur if you're lucky.
    If you have the Centaur smash headfirst into the wall, he will be stunned a
    moment, and this is usually enough to pull the switch.
    1, vipeazone's vid:
    Wasted potential (NG+): it's possible to Sorrow Jump over the edge of the save
    room, and from there Jet Dash to multiple locations. Returning outside is
    possible, but you can't do anything there but play around with the Centaur that
    was left behind the door (if you spawned him) or just return back upstairs.
    Jet Dashing beyond the gate to the right is novel, but not too useful, it seems.
    You can't R1 the gate from the wrong side, nor can you access the next fight
    like this. If you want, you can walk down from the ledge and Jet Dash a bit
    forward, reaching a climbing wall that doesn't lead you anywhere.
    1, AKheon's vid
    <Hippocampus part deux>
    Random (NG+): projectile attacks have immense troubles hitting this boss.
    Wasted potential (NG+): you can exit the battlefield by Jet Dashing while the
    boss is stunned (the back wall gets an angle which allows you to Jet Ascend out
    of the room, although difficult). But there is nowhere in particular where you
    can go from here? You can see a bit of the Gaia's innard area beneath
    Hippocampus, but there is no collision or loading points.
    <Heart of Gaia>
    Out of bounds (NG+): with Sorrow Jump, you can go outside bounds from the first
    room. The procedure is tricky - you must keep Jet Dashing a bit towards the
    camera and to the right. It's likely that this doesn't come very handy in a
    speedrun because the location of the next loading triggers force you in bounds
    pretty soon anyway.
    Also, it's possible to jump over the blockage that you'd normally have to climb
    over. Doing this without touching the ceiling grapple at all may cause the next
    area to not load. So, it might not be worth it to do a Sorrow Jump for skipping
    5 seconds of climbing.
    1, AKheon's vid:
    Wasted skip potential (NG+): it's possible to cross the heart room without
    touching the floor by Jet Dashing, skipping the intro cutscene to this place.
    But the next area won't be loaded this way. (Could use more testing?)
    Skip (NG+): you can skip the block pushing puzzle by climbing to the platform
    that has Zeus' Eagle and Jet Dashing over the chasm.
    Or, even faster, you can Jet Dash against the back wall beneath the climbing
    vines to Jet Ascend all the way up to the vines.
    Skip (NG): there are two ways to speed things up in this section on NG. First is
    that you don't push the climbing wall block into its alloted slot all the way.
    This way you skip a small cutscene that normally begins afterwards.
    Another, even faster way to beat this section is to pull out the block 4 - 5
    meters from the right wall without turning it. Then double jump and glide onto
    the block from the right climbing wall, climb near the top of the block, then
    double jump and glide to the climbing wall to the left. (c: vipeazone)
    1, vipeazone's vid of the second tactic:
    Wasted skip potential (NG+): the "inpenetrable substance" around Gaia's heart
    cannot be interacted at this time, even if you had Gauntlets with you. Even if
    you go over it using Jest Jump, so that you get a direct  contact to the side
    of the heart, you can do absolutely nothing there.
    1, AKheon's vid:
    Speed strategy: Don't push the block into the hole all the way or else you'll
    activate a cutscene which shows you where to go next. You hear a sound when the
    block is in deep enough, so stop pushing it at that point.
    Wasted potential (NG+): I'd like to try to access the next grapple point out of
    bounds, bypassing the climbing bit and possibly some triggers. But the walls
    are extremely high on the walkway with soldiers. Well, to be honest, I did
    succeed in it using JJ and bow height gain, but I can't remember the results
    being too remarkable.
    Speed strategy? (NG+): you can skip a part of the climbing wall by doing a high
    jump and Jet Dashing into the wall. Might save a negligible amount of time.
    Random: Camera during Poseidon fight can be messed up by some unknown factor,
    making it hard to read his attacks.
    Other (NG+): if you leave the fighting area, you can backtrack and go back to
    climb down Gaia's head. Due to the skewed angle this looks weird, as if Kratos
    was climbing on air. Kratos also turns to climb upsidedown momentarily.
    1, findlestick's vid
    Speed strategy? (NG+): Skip 1st part of Poseidon fight
    At the start of the fight, you can easily leave the area by doing a combination
    of Jet Ascension and Jet Dash. If you then Jet Dash to around Poseidon's back,
    you can R1 the grapple point that is hidden there, and that will throw you
    directly to Phase 2 of Poseidon. Basically skipping Phase 1 of the Poseidon
    battle. But it might not save any time, especially because the Phase 1 is very
    short on NG+.
    1, findlestick's vid
    Out of bounds: there's a collision flaw that lets Kratos fall through the floor
    on the higher area when you're fighting vs Poseidon up close and personal. It's
    on the left side, soon after having climbed up.
    1, vipeazone's vid:
    Other: There's also a mysterious "sky jump" that can happen in this area, maybe
    as a result of the level's ambient movement.
    1, see above vid by vipeazone.
    Wasted potential/Cutscene skip (NG+): early final Poseidon scene
    You can Jet Dash directly from the 1st Poseidon battle to the Entrance to Ares
    Tomb (with the help of infinite health glitch and RoS to help you float a little
    along the way as well). Even tho you didn't kill the first Poseidon phases, the
    final Poseidon is there. You can brutally finish him off, but nothing happens
    afterwards, not even his death cinematic, but if you go to the hole that Gaia's
    finger should be in (it is not there at this point). The game will load the
    complete cutscene with Gaia and Zeus. But after that, the Hades section does not
    load. You just get a blank screen and you can hear Kratos moving around in
    If you save using the save point nearby after killing Poseidon and then restart,
    you will end up back at the Poseidon 1 fight. Should you now deal with all the
    phases of the fight like normal, after the cinematic in which Poseidon is
    thrown against the cliff, strange things happen. For one, Poseidon is absent
    from the whole area. The scene of Kratos interrogating him takes place from a
    distance, with dialogue mostly quiet, and the ensuing finisher QTE never takes
    place because Kratos cannot mini-game something that isn't there...
    However, if you now go over to where Gaia's finger should be (it is still not
    there), the Gaia cutscene starts, but with Gaia totally invisible/absent from
    it. After some strange graphical glitches, the next cutscene returns to normal
    (Gaia visible again). And then the rest of the game loads normally.
    So, to sum up this strange series of events, the cinematic in which Poseidon
    dissolves and the lands flood becomes skipped. If you could reach the final
    Poseidon scene under 45 secs (approx. length of the skipped cutscene) time would
    be won. But it's not an easy task, since it's difficult to control Jet Dash
    during this bit.
    Recently Findlestick found out that it's far easier to do this skip during the
    last phase of the Poseidon fight because you can control your flight better (due
    to less ambient movement in the level). You should Jet Dash from the cliff right
    before the long grapple sequence, or use a checkpoint exploit to end up on top
    of one of the grapples (read more below) and Jet Dash from there.
    1, nanospheres' full vid of early Poseidon kill
    2, findlestick's original footage pt. 1:
    3, findlestick's original footage pt. 2:
    Other (NG+): Nemesis Rage bolts have immense difficulties to physically hit this
    boss. This holds true for Poseidon himself when you are in the second part of
    the fight. It seems this low accuracy thing is true for all projectile weapons -
    after all, it's the sort you are not supposed to have at this point.
    Other (NG+): During the "O" bashing minigame on Poseidon's giant form, you can
    switch weapons between each hit. It looks silly, that's all.
    Other / Cutscene skip (NG+?): if you restart from last checkpoint while you are
    on Gaia's head (at the grapples), and then spam R1 as the game is loading...
    Kratos will breakout from the grapple and he will be transported to standing
    directly on top of the grapple, once the game has loaded. From there it is
    possible to Alt-Jet Dash to the final Poseidon, this is the quickest way to
    get to him in order to skip the cutscene - later on - where Poseidon dissolves.
    (So this is also a possible speedrun strategy IF done quickly enough).
    Breaking out from the grapple also causes it to malfunction, you can then R1
    that 1st grapple endlessly, causing Kratos to loop his swinging animation.
    1, findlestick's vid
    Other: At the final R1 of grapple points, even if you press R1 after the prompt
    is gone and Kratos has visibly missed it, game registers it as success and
    Kratos is suddenly teleported to top of the claw.
    Other (NG+): If you have infinite health, even if you miss the final prompt of
    Grapple sequence [mostly a SQUARE], next cutscene of Gaia punching Poseidon
    will still be triggered as if you never missed it. The scenes with Poseidon
    after that don't start properly, though, since the game won't transport Kratos
    out of the bottomless pit he has well sunken into by then.
    <Entrance to Ares Tomb>
    Other (NG+): You can make it so that Poseidon has his mini-game circle rotating
    around his head all the way through the very serious cutscene where Kratos talks
    to Poseidon. This is done by doing an early visit to the final Poseidon from on
    top of Gaia's head, then pound Poseidon's head in until you get the mini game
    circle. Then restart, this results in Kratos going back to the top of Gaia's
    head, if you play on normally from there you will get this glitch.
    Other: sparing Poseidon... almost
    When you finally find yourself in front of Poseidon, you can't move an inch. The
    only thing you can do is 'grab', and we all know what happens after that.
    However, if you retry from checkpoint and manage to jump away from Poseidon the
    instant gameplay continues, you can reach the nearby save point and create a
    new checkpoint. After another retry, Kratos can move completely freely around
    the place for a change. But none of this will change Poseidon's fate, since Gaia
    intentionally keeps from showing up until the resounding snap of the unlucky
    Olympian's neck is heard.
    1, AKheon's vid:
    Other: glitching Poseidon's death QTE
    Do a high jump towards the wall behind him, and you can grab a secret ledge and
    end up behind collision. You can do various kinds of displaced QTEs from there.
    It's the easiest to grab the ledge doing SJ jump, but you can also use the 
    "slightly higher double jump" exploit during NG to grab the ledge.
    1, findlestick's vid
    Other (NG+): Poseidon is a special target who only gets hits from some attacks.
    Interestingly, unlike many other subdued Olympians, he can be targeted with
    Combat Grapples. Haven't found a way to move his sorry ass around the room,
    Other (NG+): When you press L3+R3 to gouge Poseidon's eyes out, Rage will be
    activated. You can turn it off and on again.
    Speed strategy (NG+): If you hit the trigger that makes Gaia's finger move while
    you are out of bounds, you set up the game to make Kratos break free from his
    weakened state when he reaches the River Styx. (Read on below for potentially
    quicker methods of achieving the River Styx break-out).
    It's possible that it isn't enough to be just out of bounds - you may have to
    be falling and hitting death collision (with infinite health) for this break
    out to happen.
    1, findlestick's vid
    <River Styx>
    Other: you can break out of Kratos' weakened state at River Styx. Retry from
    checkpoint and do a jump the first moment you can. This trick is about frame
    perfect, so expect to fail some times before it works. Once you've managed to
    jump just once, Kratos has left the weakened state and can swim at a normal
    pace in addition to being able to jump, etc. This allows you to not only
    complete this part slightly faster, but you get some surreal imagery at the
    power draining scenes if you are traveling airborne!
    When you reach walkable ground, Kratos has a tendency to revert back to the
    weakened state, but you can prevent it by either blocking or keeping a combo of
    some sort up. Another way is to quickly let go of block when near the book and
    then R1 it - this allows Kratos to revert to normal permanently for this short
    stretch of time before the Athena cutscene.
    There also exists another way to break out of Kratos' weakened state here. When
    the ramp to higher ground begins, hug the right side of the wall and attempt to
    do some L1-special. Eventually Kratos will do it due to a collision flaw, and if
    you keep blocking afterwards you get to keep non-weakened state indefinitely.
    BUT: remember that while this method is reliable and fast, you MUST retry after
    reaching near or beyond the Gorgon fight arena or else the game will crash when
    approaching the upcoming bramble wall. An unfortunate side effect of the trick.
    Another method is hitting the collision flaw, then re-entering the water, then
    holding R-stick as you come out of the water again... or so it looks like.
    This should be tried out at some point. § (c: vipeazone)
    1, AKheon's vid of the checkpoint retry method
    2, vipeazone's vid of the last method
    Other (NG+): skipping parts of River Styx
    After having broken out of River Styx, if you sideways Jet Dash angled somewhat
    towards the walls as the souls latch onto Kratos, he may clip through and go
    out of bounds. It's unknown if this trick could be done using the first souls
    cutscene already, but if yes, then you could escape the River and keep Rage
    instead of losing it. (c: Ragnell)
    Another tactic is to sideways Jet Dash towards the walls of the River in a
    very specific way so that the Dash lasts too long and Kratos gets killed - this
    allows doing a death jump, which can get you enough height to reach out of
    bounds. From there it's possible to swim out of bounds and Dash to escape the
    area early. (c: findlestick)
    1, Ragnell's video of the first trick:
    2, findlestick's video of the second trick.
    Other (NG+): if you land onto a spot of ground which activates Kratos' weakened
    state while holding Bow, Head or Boots active (easy to do using the above
    collision flaw), Kratos' state switches to a sort of combination between the
    two. He moves very slow and pants while holding Bow, Head or Boots out. He can
    do attacks with them, in some cases reverting to normal and in some cases back
    to weakened again. You often lose the ability to turn while in the weakened
    mix-up state. Switching from Bow to Head (or vice-versa) in the middle of an
    attack or even letting go of L2 may cause the game to crash. You can walk into
    the Athena cutscene in this state too, but nothing too weird seems to happen.
    1, AKheon's vid:
    Sequence break (NG+): skipping Blades of Exile
    You can jump over the trigger which begins the cutscene in which you chat with
    Athena for about 2 minutes and you get Blades of Exile. Saves a lot of time in
    a NG+ run! As a drawback, you are permanently stuck with weaker Blades of
    To note, the game will eventually give you the BoE anyway right before you face
    off final Zeus. So these Blades cannot be entirely skipped after all.
    1, AKheon's vid
    Swimming glitch (NG+): start swimming glitch at River Styx
    Yes, it's possible to gain useable swimming glitch from River Styx even without
    Hades' Soul. It turns out that the weakened swimming style Kratos starts with
    helps to bypass the water surface property which rockets you skywards.
    First, you have to skip the Athena cutscene for this to work. After that, jump
    back towards the River Styx from the first grapple point and Jet Dash. You will
    end outside bounds but swimming. Kratos should return to the original weakened
    swimming style, and then you can just leave like normal, except... the weakened
    swimming style can't be controlled very well, and it's really slow. What to do?
    Well, swim far enough to activate a grapple point, voila. Until then, enjoy the
    drunken camera that follows Kratos as he desperately swims through the skies.
    Note that you can't take this unique swimming style very far into the game - if
    you don't cancel out of it into normal swimming glitch using a grapple point,
    you will rocket towards the skies as soon as you go far enough into Realm of
    Hades and the 'idle' swimming stance comes up.
    While it is possible to get back into the River Styx outside bounds and
    swimming on normal NG as well, it's impossible to skip the Athena cutscene
    before it. As a result, you can't get back into the weakened swimming stance
    and it's impossible to do anything with the swimming than skyrocket in air.
    1, AKheon's vid
    2, vipeazone's vid of starting uncontrolled swimming on NG:
    Other (NG+): severe swimming glitch side effects
    Findlestick discovered that if you become checkpointed while in the weakened
    swimming state, retrying and pressing X on the first frame causes Kratos to
    break out of the special swimming animation, allowing him to do a swim dash.
    (An alternative way to start a broken out weakened swimming is by first breaking
    out of weakened swimming with a grapple point for instance, then touching death
    collision. This reverts Kratos to broken out weakened swimming. §)
    However, the swim dash does not work like normal at the moment, and doing it
    repeatedly will in fact cause some bizarre system-level effects in the game.
    Doing 30 hard dashes causes Kratos to transform into a vertical pole of bubbles.
    While in bubbles mode, getting hit causes an absurd amount of blood to fly out
    and Kratos' movement is somewhat limited. You can also keep causing additional
    extreme glitch effects by trying to dash even more. Alternatively, ending the
    glitched state is also possible by using a grapple point.
    If you dash an additional 10-15 very lightly as bubbles, most of the level,
    including all character graphics and Kratos himself, becomes entirely dark.
    Kratos also loses his Blades. It's possible to end the bubbles glitch now and
    continue playing the game as this new "nega-Kratos", but a bit tricky too,
    because switching weapons and using some other actions too ends most of the
    glitch effects. And you also don't have Blades, preventing you from beating
    Hades at the moment.
    If you still dash hard an additional 5-7 times after doing all of the above,
    the game becomes highly laggy and the camera becomes "decalibrated", i.e. it
    no longer focuses on Kratos, and it's almost impossible to continue playing.
    You can also press R1 to save for some reason, even if you're not physically
    close to a save point, and doing it causes a glitched save that always brings
    you back to this bizarre moment in time.
    The later variations have a side effect which findlestick calls "non-Kratos"
    glitch. If you now quit game, Kratos is absent from main menu. Entering various
    game modes also causes different side effects while "non-Kratos" is active.
    Trying to start a new game with non-Kratos causes Kratos to appear back in
    the game, but it's still highly laggy and Kratos can fall through walls without
    warning while in this state. The camera also doesn't work like it should.
    Entering combat arena as non-Kratos causes similar results. Lighting may not
    work properly, camera definitely doesn't work properly and Kratos can walk
    through walls.
    You might get different results when doing all the above if you start bubbles
    mode with different weapons equipped, different costume on or at a different
    location. It's a very convoluted glitch, and testing is still underway...
    1, findlestick's vid:
    2, some more by findlestick:
    <Realm of Hades>
    Other / wasted potential: getting early Regen Magic
    Kratos gains regen magic during the tutorial fight where you get to use Army
    of Sparta for the first time. We tried all sorts of things to break the fight,
    including taking a Sentry in front of the fight trigger to dash into the
    cutscene in hopes of getting past the barred gate before it rises up... but the
    distance you need to cross is just barely too long! Alas.
    Besides, it turns out - verified using swimming glitch - that even if you were
    to escape the fight early, the next path (leading to Perithious and Judges) does
    not load. So for the purposes of New Game, regen magic can't be got from here.
    You can, in fact, get regen magic on NG+ from here, but under rather special
    conditions. First of all, you need to do the swimming glitch as detailed above.
    Then you need to swimdash into the regen magic fight to end up on the wrong
    side of the barred gate. Kratos freezes after the fight cutscene, so you have
    to retry first... but this on the other hand reverts Kratos back to the weakened
    mode he was in River Styx! You have to arduously swim against some collision
    on the right side to have Kratos slowly rise up. After getting to the height of
    the chain, swim out of the fighting arena and go around the platforms carefully
    (to not get tangled up in some random collision) to reach the grapple points
    on the other side and activate one. Now you have normal swimming again and are
    free to continue with regen magic with you. But you only really have one
    option, and that is to do the sequence break that takes you forward in time to
    the moment you have to enter Hades Palace next. So if you want regen magic
    early on NG+, you can't do early chain break, which is sub-optimal for speed.
    Also, since it's NG+, you have Godly Possessions anyway for any infinite magic
    needs... So doing this trick kinda lacks a point then.
    1, AKheon's vid:
    Sequence break (NG+): skipping much of the Realm of Hades
    If you activate a trigger at the corridor leading back to Realm of Hades from
    the direction of the rotating room, you can load Hades' Palace early and skip
    most of the activities in Hades. On NG+ this is something very easy to do: just
    use one of the grapple points to gain height and then Jet Dash to the balcony
    where there's the Pandora statue, backtrack a little and come back. Voila.
    But since you can't perform the early chain break this route, this skip is not
    utilized in most NG+ runs. Also, while you CAN get to this area early on NG
    too by using an ambitious Sky Jump, it's not useful because you miss out on
    the Bow this way and cannot complete the game.
    1, AKheon's vid
    Wasted glitch potential: Early Hephaestus visit
    By Jet Dashing to the brambles that are near the rotating room, you can reach
    Hephaestus early. Unfortunately nothing comes from doing it at this date except
    a humorous glitch where you get a cutscene of Kratos talking to an absent
    Hephaestus. Making it look like he has lost his marbles... a recurring theme
    in this game. (Glitchwise that is!)
    1, findlestick's vid
    Fight skip (NG+): you can skip the short scene of Hades talking and the Army of
    Sparta fight by Jet Dashing to the next platform. It's very likely not possible
    to do this skip on NG because the trigger is very far reaching - all the way up
    to the rope.
    Fight skip (NG+): skip first Gorgon fight
    There are a few alternative ways to do this skip. First discovered method was to
    get to the middle of the rope, then drop off it and Jet Dash until you reach
    the corridor past the Gorgon fight. (c: AKheon)
    Another alternative is to do Sorrow Jump from on top of the chest after the rope
    crossing and Jet Dash the rest of the way - this is probably easier than the
    original method because of the better camera angle. (c: ???)
    Yet another alternative is to do Icarus Ascension and sideways Blades Jet Dash
    from the Hades Palace yard until you reach the post-fight corridor. First steer
    around the rope platform, then start steering more and more to the right. This
    variation is surprisingly easy to do - even if Kratos is in danger of going past
    the corridor, the invisible walls will catch him, so you don't have to be
    absolutely precise in doing this skip. The camera will also change in a helpful
    way once you are close enough to your destination. (c: AKheon)
    The newest alternative is to go to the inactive Olympia portal and grab a ledge
    at its top with Sorrow Jump. After climbing up, an ascension and some sideways
    Jet Dashing offer a very direct route to next area. This streamlines the jump
    and in some ways makes it more reliable to perform. (c: ???)
    It's also possible to just JJ or CG Jumps to escape Gorgon fight while it's
    going on, but it's somewhat slower that way.
    Whichever way you do the skip, there's a loading trigger close the circular room
    you have to go hit before you can make any progress beyond this area, so keep
    that in mind.
    1, AKheon's vid of doing Jet Dash from the yard:
    2, God Master Speedrunner's vid of doing Jet Dash from on top of the portal:
    Sequence break (NG+): skipping Bow
    You can Jet Dash from the broken bridge straight to the next place very easily,
    past the bramble obstacle. Or just shoot the bramble wall using the Bow, it's
    even simpler. Or you can even jump over the wall with Sorrow Jump.
    You can also do a variation of this skip on New Game. Using a series of Glides
    from the broken bridge, with some out of bounds floor as your aid, you can
    make your way past the bramble wall without Bow. But for some reason the next
    area is not loaded at the moment. Maybe the game actually checkes whether Kratos
    has the Bow to load the next area?
    1, findlestick's vid of doing the skip on NG:
    Speed strategy: you can use the "slightly higher double jump" exploit to jump
    on top of the chandelier above Peirithous without its cutscene activating.
    Well, you have to watch the platform later on anyway, but this way you save a
    few seconds because you only need to lower the chandelier once. The timing is
    pretty precise and the time save small, so don't fret if you don't get it in
    a run.
    A safe alternative on NG+ is to use a Severe Judgment jump to avoid the platform
    and accomplish the same thing.
    1, AKheon's vid (NG strategy):
    Wasted potential (NG+): the bramble prison can't be targeted or lit on fire with
    the Bow. Also, you can't swim inside the brambles if you have swimming glitch:
    it's surrounded with collision.
    Other (NG+): swimming inside the cages on the walls, Kratos becomes imprisoned
    there! There's collision on all sides, so you can't leave once you go in.
    Collision flaw: the left side of the broken bridge has some uneven collision to
    it. You can take the bramble pot and actually push it down into the river! I
    also tried to enter the river riding Cerberus, but seems Cerberus was too big to
    1, AKheon's vid
    Random: The Cerberus riding bit lasts until you've lit Peirithous on fire.
    Speed strategy: after getting the Bow, some enemies will spawn. You don't need
    to fight them, and in a speedrun you shouldn't. Also, if you kill all the foes
    you get a small extra cutscene that is another extra deterrent to fighting here.
    <The Depths of Hades>
    Skip (NG+): skipping the Harpy cutscene
    There are several different ways one can try to skip the fairly short Harpy
    cutscene inside the room.
    (v1) = As soon as you enter the larger area with some Lost Souls and chests,
    there is a collision flaw to your right. Rolling against the gray mound
    sometimes gets Kratos through and he can go stand on the mound. From there you
    can Jet Dash past the Harpy scenes. The collision breach is easiest to do with
    either Claws or Whip roll.
    (v2) = There's a collision flaw right after jumping into the corridor that
    leads to the Harpy fight room. It's fairly high up on the right-hand wall. You
    can reach it either using a Sorrow Jump, or in specialized circumstances a CG
    high jump to the nearby Lost Soul also works (needs Chaos-mode to work).
    (v3) = do a Sorrow Jump from on top of the chest in the middle of the area and
    Jet Dash towards the background.
    1, AKheon's vid of v1 method:
    2, God Master Speedrunner's vid of the v2 method:
    3, AKheon's vid of v2 variation with a Lost Soul:
    4, findle's vid of v3 method:
    Other (NG+): there's a wall breach on the wall before the climbing part, and
    using it you can almost reach the Judges area early. However, this might not
    produce a new skip because there is a loading trigger in the climbing wall that
    you miss this way. (c: God Master Speedrunner)
    1, God Master Speedrunner's vid:
    Speed strategy (NG+): You can skip parts of the climbing wall by utilizing Jet
    Dash. However, be warned that if you fail to latch onto the wall and Jet Dash
    too far out, the game may checkpoint you as you fall to your death and you have
    to reload your last save to continue.
    Cutscene skip (NG+): you can skip the Judges overlook scene by Jet Dashing from
    the climbing ceiling to the 2nd grapple point. The 1st grapple point isn't
    active at this point, so you have to Jet Dash a bit blind to reach the 2nd one.
    1, AKheon's vid
    Cutscene skip: From the overlook, you can Jet Dash over the closed gate and gain
    early access to the first portal. Or on New Game, you can Glide a part of the
    way. Then you have to use one of the Judges' hands as a platform and do another
    jump to go the rest of the way. Fortunately it's not too difficult. Just make
    sure not to aim too far to the right because Kratos can't stand on there.
    Doing this skips the cutscene where the Judges judge Kratos. The only thing that
    cutscene does is to open the gate you just went around!
    1, Satvara's vid
    <The Three Judges>
    Sequence break (NG+): Early chain break (PS3)
    It was verified by Findlestick that it is not only possible to break the chain
    the first time you reach The Three Judges, but that there is a powerful sequence
    break as a reward.
    This trick does not work in the most obvious way. After breaking all three neck
    stones and the exposed chain pieces, you should see the cinematic in which the
    Judges get smashed. After that, gameplay continues like normal. So, where's the
    sequence break? It is a few levels ahead, at the Chamber of the Flame, where
    turning the crank throws you straight to end game and you skip a whole bunch of
    fetch quests and other distractions in the process!
    The glitch happens with a near 100% certainty if you just follow these steps:
    1. at the Three Judges overlook, latch onto the 2nd grapple point and skip the
    first gate by Jet Dashing either directly to the upper level or just beyond
    the gate.
    2. Break the onyx stones of the first two Judges.
    3. It's recommended to not go near the second portal at all, because doing this
    may crash the game.
    4. Go down to the Judge on the lower platform and break his stone.
    5. High jump over the 3rd Judge's head, and Jet Dash down to the base of the
    chain. This is an important factor in this skip, because using the portal to go
    down to the base of the chain will result in a game crash.
    6. Break the chain as soon as you can after getting to the base of the chain.
    Avoid going close to the button in front of the chain at any point, because
    otherwise you'll activate a wrong trigger and the skip won't work.
    7. If you don't see the chain breaking cinematic a few seconds after breaking
    the chains, something went wrong in the above steps. You most likely have to
    reload and try again.
    8. If the game crashes at any point, especially after the chain breaking
    cinematic, don't fret. Just load the auto-save and you can continue like
    normal afterwards.
    9. Do Erebus Trials and continue on with the game like normal.
    Other notes / troubleshooting:
    - the most common trouble people seem to have with this skip is that the chain
    breaking cutscene does not start after breaking the chains. This will happen if
    you approach the button in front of the chains at any point before having broken
    the chains. This is why step 1 is necessary to skip ever using the button. You
    may also end up too close to the button by accident if you do a bad Jet Dash to
    the base of the chain in step 5. So be mindful of this.
    In case the cutscene does not start instantly after breaking the chains, it will
    start later on when you are entering the next map. While an interesting
    occurrence, this variation does not help in skipping to the end of the game. So
    you better retry if this happens.
    Another pretty interesting variation is doing failed early chain break, then
    going into the next map before completing Erebus trials. You'll fall through
    unloaded nothingness as normal, then get the chain breaking cutscene. Now, if
    you Jet Dash in a precise way you end up back at the Three Judges... right
    before the game crashes. It seems the game will reload the Three Judges map
    after the FMV, which is a critical mistake and confuses the game into
    collapsing in on itself.
    - the button in front of the chain does not depress any longer after having
    broken the stones of the Judges. Therefore you can't view the judging cutscene
    after having killed the Judges.
    - retrying from checkpoint after breaking the chain may cause the Judges to
    lose their heads (?).
    1, findlestick's tutorial of the early chain break:
    Sequence break (NG+): early chain break (PS4)
    There is a different and much more powerful variation of early chain break that
    can only be done on PS4. Doing it literally sends Kratos from the Judges first
    visit to the vent sequence leading to end game, skipping even more of the game
    in the process.
    Try this:
    Step 1 - from the Judges overlook, Jet Dash over the gate to get either upstairs
    or to the 1st portal that you can use to go upstairs.
    Step 2 - break the Judges' onyx stones, starting from the Judge on the left.
    Step 3 - after breaking third stone, you may use a Severe Judgment jump to skip
    straight to downstairs, like in the PS3 version of the skip. However! Doing this
    apparently necessitates a console restart after hitting next checkpoint, as the
    game will crash at the end of the vent ride.
    Step 4 - to avoid a console restart and do the skip overall faster, climb back
    up from the third broken onyx stone and instead use the other portal for going
    back downstairs.
    Step 5 - break the chain. After that, Kratos will be flying up as the game's
    last vent section begins. The graphics are also screwed up momentarily.
    1, example of this glitch from exe's WR run:
    Wasted glitch potential (NG+): it's possible to enter the save menu right before
    the chain breaking cutscene begins during early chain break. However, time keeps
    running during this time, so it's not possible to save in-game time with this.
    Also, saving game during the cutscene just sends you back to the start of the
    cutscene when you retry (in addition to making the game crash almost certainly
    after the FMV ends).
    There's some more info on this in the section of Three Judges re-visit.
    Speed strategy? (NG+): when doing Augean Stampede to one of the chains,
    sometimes the other chain gets damage for no reason as well. When you get to it,
    it's already 'yellow' and needs but a few hits to break after that. This has to
    be done as quickly as possible after retrying from the checkpoint.
    Sequence break (NG): after completing the Trials, you can skip the rest of this
    area with a Sky Jump. Walk right and back from the button and grab the low ledge
    that goes diagonally through the area. Once Kratos is hanging onto it, moving
    him towards the stairs causes a type of sky jump and sends Kratos very high into
    air. From there you can Glide down and reach the other side of the area fast.
    This skips some navigation and a cutscene of talking with Pandora.
    1, findlestick's vid:
    Random: you can attack the Three Judges, but it's useless. The chest plate of
    the leftmost judge actually repels Kratos if he tries to grapple it.
    Sequence break (NG+): skipping Erebus Trials
    It's possible but unfortunately fairly slow to skip the Trials on NG+.
    When entering the next area before having completed the trials, Kratos just
    falls down in the middle of some blackness. The next map exists, but it's far
    to the back and left, and you can't reach it with just Jet Dash alone. So you
    have to Jet Dash under the next map, then use the death floor infinite jump to
    lift Kratos up to the level of the next map again.
    1, findlestick's vid:
    Sequence break (swimming) (NG+): you can also skip Erebus Trials if you have
    swimming glitch active. As usual, moving on to the next map before having
    completed the trials results in Kratos appearing in the middle of strange
    blackness. But the next map IS loaded, you just have to find it by swimming to
    the back-left.
    Speed tactic: just spamming magic won't work in Trial 1. The game expects a
    certain amount of people to be converted into wandering souls - until that the
    enemies just keep spawning endlessly. So wait some time before doing anything.
    Random (NG+): leaving the trials early by using Jest Jump is possible. The
    graphics in the upper areas disappear, much like if you escape the Hellbreeder
    fight later on in the game.
    Cutscene skip (NG+): after fighting through the Erebus trials, do a high
    jump/Jet Dash from the lower right half of the arena straight to the passage
    that leads you to the next place. It skips the Pandora cutscene and some
    navigation. The easiest way to do this is to do Severe Judgment jump from on top
    of the Erebus Trials pedestal towards lower-right of the screen and then Jet
    Dash (until camera changes).
    Other: from the end of the rope climb, you can glide over to the first Judge
    and land on an invisible floor in front of the statue's chest. At this date
    there is no use to this glitch.
    1, atethenojeans' vid
    <Path to The Forge>
    Wasted potential (NG+): the walls here seem too high to cross with even Sorrow
    Cutscene skip (NG+): do a Jest Jump or CG high jump to a nearby Fiend, and Jet
    Dash to the vent puzzle room outside bounds. You skip the cutscene at the
    entrance (in addition to cutting a few corners in getting there).
    Speed strategies: quicker vent puzzle completion
    First of all, on NG+ you never have to light the vent on fire for the first
    time. You can just Jet Dash against the right wall for Jet Ascension-effect and
    reach the higher level in no time.
    On NG+ you can Jest Jump using one of the Fiends for a quick foray onto the
    highest floor (use the back corner for Jet Ascension effect).
    At the top floor, grab the pot and shove it between the railing and the elevator
    machinery, then try to turn it counter-clockwise. The pot will rise up on the
    railing, and from there you can just kick it to the vent.
    Note that the small mise scuttling around can actually break Kratos' hold of the
    pot. You probably need luck to prevent this from happening.
    It's untested and really hard to do, but it might be possible to finish this
    puzzle on NG+ without even touching the pot. First, you can lower the grid by
    jumping on a very small piece of invisible collision on the fence (around where
    there is the big rock) and doing Icarus Ascension towards the grid. Kratos
    should just grab the grid and you complete the first phase of the puzzle. Then..
    you'd have to do Sorrow Jump from on top of the same small collision. It's
    uncertain if you'd have enough height, but just to throw this theory out here.
    An alternative might be to do a JJ using a fiend that spawns if you start moving
    the pot a little. If it worked, you could skip the scene of the pot exploding
    and vent activating.
    1, AKheon's vid of some of the above:
    Sequence break: skip Vent puzzle
    There's a very difficult tactic for entirely skipping the vent puzzle that
    requires Sky Jump and can be done on both NG or NG+.
    After riding the elevator to the top floor, you can double Glide Jump from the
    right side of the elevator to reach a glitchy ledge on the left. The specific
    spot is hard to name, but it's under and further to the back from the "rock"
    jutting out of the wall. When Kratos hits the glitchy ledge while Gliding, he
    is shot quickly to the air. Being close enough to the metal grid will lower
    it just enough for Kratos to fly past it, skipping the puzzle.
    1, findlestick's video:
    Random: touching the edge of the grid while rising up using Wings can cause
    Kratos to switch to climbing stance although he is flying up in air. This air
    "climbingness" doesn't last long, only until you fall back onto solid ground.
    Collision flaw: by Gliding against the 2nd floor vent puzzle floor from the
    front-right, Kratos can sink inside the wall and start walking underneath. You
    can make your way into the room with a lot of Hades' Arms early this way, but
    it serves no purpose since you get stuck.
    1, findlestick's vid
    Other: at the area overlooking a strange golden dome, there's an unique Lost
    Soul who does not attempt to attack you (unless you provoke it). The souls from
    Claws CG do not try to target him at all!
    Wasted potential (NG+): it's possible to JJ outside bounds by using one of the
    sentries that spawn after you defeat the two Stone Taloses. You can take a
    stroll on top of the golden dome! From there it's possible to reach the area
    that's past The Forge's closed exit gate, but nothing beyond is loaded (it is
    speculated that the loading trigger is in the middle of the path in The Forge).
    Cutscene skip (NG+): from the golden dome, you can also Jet Dash straight to the
    save point of The Forge. Hephaestus never loads if you do this, and so the
    cutscene of the place, if triggered, will contain Kratos speaking with a voice
    in his head with no one else around (or so it looks like). But this is not the
    reason you flew all the way to this place - instead, it was to skip the cutscene
    by going to the Aphrodite portal using the wall with Boots of Hermes and then
    Jet Dashing over the cutscene trigger to freedom!
    This is only one alternative to skipping The Forge cutscenes on NG+. There are
    some others listed below...
    1, AKheon's vid
    <The Forge>
    Speed strategy (NG+ only?): Jet Dash over the intro cutscene to The Forge.
    Camera angles turn quite bad as a result, but they're manageable once you retry
    from checkpoint. As another speed bonus, you don't have to pull the switch that
    opens the gate out of The Forge if you do this - the gate appears to have
    unexisted while you weren't watching (at least if you retry from checkpoint).
    Cutscene skip (NG+): the Hephaestus cutscene can also be skipped by moving
    pretty high up on the staircase and then Jet Dashing towards the gate. There is
    a collision flaw to the left side of the gate that Kratos can breach through at
    the correct height, so you never have to go meet Hephaestus this way.
    Wasted skip potential (NG+): at this point, the portal to Aphrodite's Chamber is
    inactive, and it's certain that Pit of Tartarus is unloaded as well. It's also
    possible to reach the underwater areas where you will end up after defeating
    Hades, but you can't go into the Throne area itself because it's unloaded (and
    as far as I can tell, it can't be made to load from here.)
    Random (NG+): if you swim past the gate to Pit of Tartarus, Kratos may freeze
    momentarily in an alarmed standing pose, as if you hit a cutscene trigger. But
    nothing in particular seems to happen. Another oddity you can find by swimming:
    to the right of The Forge, there's a small black collisionless cube floating by
    Sequence break (NG+): you can skip Rage of Sparta (along with the cutscene
    before it, and the tutorial fight) by doing a high jump towards the background
    wall at a correct spot before the trigger. Jet Dashing, you can reach the
    entrance to the Palace this way quite easily.
    You can enhance the skip further by going behind the gate while at it, skipping
    the Cerberi fight as well.
    1,  AKheon's vid of skipping the RoS cutscene:
    <Palace of Hades>
    Sequence break: skip Cerberi fight
    You can skip the fight with Cerberi at the Palace's gate by Jet Dashing around
    the gate on New Game+.
    However, this skip can be done on NG too with some extra platforming. Go near
    the gate, then jump on top of the right foot where there's some floor for Kratos
    to stand on. Then do a small high jump to reach the platform where the right
    Cerberus is laying: double jump, air triangle attack after second jump and a
    quick flick of RoS to give Kratos extra height and length.
    After getting on the platform, double jump and Glide to the left platform. From
    there do a high but short double jump to get on top of the left foot. And on the
    left side there is less invisible wall on the way so you can do a short Glide to
    land on some floor of the entrance hall. Then just move forward to hit the next
    fight and you're set.
    A third way to skip the fight which is also NG compatible is to use a Sky Jump.
    There is a glitchy ledge to the left side of the fight arena, near the small
    holes on the ground. Grabbing it will send Kratos flying high into air, where
    you can hover over the bramble wall and doorway. (c: findlestick)
    Skipping the lobby fight as well while out of bounds seems difficult, but hasn't
    been completely disproven yet. §
    1, satvara's vid (NG+ strategy):
    2, AKheon's vid (NG strategy):
    3, findlestick's vid (alt NG strategy):
    Battle exploit (NG+): You can high jump/Jet Dash to the platforms the Hell
    Breeders are waiting on and light the brambles on fire from there, starting
    the fight from complete safety. But this is of temporary use only since
    eventually you will have to drop down to ground level to be able to minigame
    the Breeders.
    Sequence break (NG+): you can Sorrow Jump to the left of the door to grab on
    a secret ledge and thus skip the lobby fight. (c: findlestick)
    1, findlestick's vid:
    Other (NG+): after having stepped into the Lobby for a bit, if you do an
    ascension into backwards Jet Dash, the camera will be glitched up outside and
    only renders select pieces of the scenery at a time. (c: findlestick)
    1, findlestick's vid:
    Sequence break: skip the 1st floor of Hades Palace (c: findlestick / AKheon)
    Doing a small high jump from on top of the stone stack, you can grab a ledge
    ABOVE the wooden frame that stands in the back of a room. This takes you
    directly to the room above it where the Minotaurs and Dogs normally appear.
    This is a very useful and easy skip of the very first part of this puzzle, and
    can be used in NG too if you use the "slightly higher double jump" exploit.
    1, findlestick's original vid:
    2, AKheon's vid of this skip in NG conditions:
    Sequence break: reach the lower floor elevator early
    This skip is basically an improvement to the above 1st floor skip, and it
    obsoletes the 2nd floor time save tactics listed below as well.
    First climb the tree. From the top of the tree's climbing wall, do a quick
    double jump and then Glide back towards the tree at a certain angle to grab
    an invisible ledge a little above Persephone's coffin. On top of the coffin
    the camera angle is not particularly good, but you can fix it by doing a
    stationary RoS high jump for example.
    After that, you can Glide to the back of the room, going around the Hades
    statue, to grab another invisible ledge. This makes the following part of
    the skip easier, but it is not mandatory to do.
    Your next goal is to land on some floor close to where the wheel on the first
    floor is. So find a pillar-like structure from far left and attempt to land a
    little to the right of it, Krataos should land on something that sounds
    metallic. Then, do a droopy double jump to the back and left to drop down under
    a wall that is in Kratos' way and Glide inside the elevator room. Be careful
    not to slip in bounds here by accident.
    Now you can play this dungeon onward having reached the elevator early. This
    way Kratos can go up to the upper left switch room before even activating the
    entire puzzle. Read more about the possible side effects of doing this from
    1, AKheon's vid:
    Other: if you do things in the wrong order and put the stone block under the
    2nd floor elevator before making the elevator descend, upon returning upstairs
    the stone block and the elevator are back up but neither can be ever activated
    or moved again. So at worst you can screw yourself over with this.
    1, findlestick's vid:
    Sequence break: skip a part of the 2nd floor puzzle
    If you get to the left-hand upper area early and complete the puzzle task up
    there before even having lifted up the coffin and "activated" the puzzle, you
    basically do a part of the puzzle without the accompanying bothersome short
    cutscenes, which saves time. You also skip having to turn the crank one extra
    time doing this, which also saves you the trouble of dealing with the spawning
    enemies as well.
    On NG+ you can do a SJ high jump and Jet Dash under the ladder holes. If you
    aim away from the ladder, Kratos can grab an invisible ledge and pull himself
    up. This is harder to do on the left side for some reason.
    But there is a way to do this on NG as well. First of all, do not turn the
    crank in the middle after arriving to the 2nd floor of the Palace. Instead, head
    to the left path and climb the ladder. You need to do a droopy double jump
    and Glide to land on top of Hades' right arm. After on the arm, you can walk on
    it to reach the left upper area early and save time.
    Note that the wheel which pulls in Hades' arm glitches up if you activate it too
    early. So if you're careless, you can get yourself stuck here... don't do things
    in the wrong order.
    1, AKheon's vid of 2nd floor time save
    2, findlestick's vid of an invisible ledge near the ladder hole:
    Other: another related glitch to accessing the upper areas early is that Kratos
    teleports in a strange way after rotating the left wheel and putting the stone
    block under it. You hear the sound of the block being in place, then after a few
    seconds Kratos teleports back to the stone block mysteriously.
    If you try to open the nearby chest at that time, Kratos breaks out of it as he
    teleports. While the chest becomes opened, all of its contents disappear and
    this is basically a good way to waste a chest.
    1, findlestick's vid:
    Sequence break (NG+): skipping entire Hades Palace puzzle v1 (c: satvara)
    There are at least three ways to skip the entire puzzle inside Palace of Hades.
    The first method was found by satvara:
    Climb up the big tree and get to the higher area with chests. From there you
    have to jump to a secret ledge which is situated inside graphics at the area
    below Hades' statue. It's easy to reach with Severe Judgment jump + Jet Dash.
    Don't start the jump too near the chests, or else you get blocked by additional
    Now, when on the secret ledge, the tricky part begins. You have to do another
    high jump (Severe Judgment is again enough) towards foreground. You need to Jet
    Ascension against the collision of the Hades statue lower half and Jet Ascend on
    top of a small floor. If the graphics get all messed up, it's a good sign and
    means that you've accessed the boss fight map. Then just start Jet Dashing
    deeper into the area until the boss intro starts.
    1, Satvara's original video:
    Sequence break (NG+): skipping entire Hades Palace puzzle v2 (c: findlestick)
    This is findlestick's newer and arguably easier method: after climbing the tree
    as high as you can, jump off and do a small high jump followed by Jet Dash
    inside the tree. Or, you can also do a very quick double jump followed by
    Gliding to hit it, if that is easier for you. Kratos should grab a ledge
    slightly above to where the coffin is and start standing on it.
    From on top of the coffin you can then Jet Dash and end up at the upper level
    where the Hades statue is. Or to skip the entire puzzle, you can High Jump and
    then Jet Dash directly around the Hades statue and end up inside of it. Once
    inside the statue, you can hit a trigger that loads the start of the Hades
    battle and then Jet Dash to the background and end up at the Hades battle
    (Thus skipping this puzzle).
    1, findlestick's vid:
    Sequence break (NG+): skipping entire Hades Palace puzzle v3
    An extra method for doing the skip. If you go to the left path from in front of
    the Hades statue, you find some urns at the end of the corridor. Jump behind the
    rightmost urn, then run against the wall and slowly turn Kratos a little to the
    left. With a correct angle, a double jump will make Kratos breach the wall here,
    and from there you can Jet Dash around the corner and backwards to hit the
    trigger that loads the boss room. Quick reflexes are needed.
    coming soon
    Other: being out of bounds as Hades fight starts
    You end up out of bounds as the Hades fight starts using one of the NG+ Hades
    puzzle skips listed above. You can for example Jet Dash directly to the top
    of the roof of Hades' battle arena. From there you can see Hades in the
    background (near his throne) while he says his long speech to Kratos.
    If you are still on the roof at the time of the battle, hitting some sections of
    the roof registers "hits" but you can never get Hades to his next phases via
    this. If you then jump back down to the arena, the whole area is much darker
    than normal and "sweet spots" become active at some of the edges of the arena.
    It's possible for you to end up swimming under the arena as well. But this is
    not a bad thing: it allows you to skip the soul drain Hades attempts to perform
    on Kratos, saving maybe 5-6 seconds. You can also swim a bit outside the arena
    itself, but it seems there's collision preventing you from leaving the fight
    completely just yet. Another test has revealed that the next area is not loaded
    at this point yet.
    If you are floating in the water (out-of-bounds) or if you are standing under
    the arena at the end of Hades' long speech, Kratos will get stuck in an odd
    pose for a while. If he is under the arena he will walk around in an
    odd/unnatural pose. Activating RoS will make him glow blue but without Kratos
    going into his normal RoS animations.
    1, findlestick's vid of the RoS oddity and seeing Hades before the fight:
    2, AKheon's vid of swimming below the arena
    Other: Sometimes if Kratos should be in mid air at the time that Hades grabs
    Kratos and throws him. The entire animation will take place high in mid air.
    (Looks comical).
    1, findlestick's vid:
    Speed strategy: break out of tug-of-war
    Retry from checkpoint when the 'tug-of-war' phase of the fight begins. Tap X so
    that Kratos may jump as soon as gameplay continues. It doesn't always succeed
    because of the strict timing, but if it does, Kratos breaks out and can move
    freely during this phase and deal the required damage to Hades in record time
    (with Bow, for example). (c: satvara)
    This breakout can also be done by keeping block held while wantonly changing
    weapons (NG+).
    1, satvara's original vid:
    Wasted Glitch Potential (NG+): additional glitches during tug-of-war fight
    If you break out of the tug-of-war fight, you can enter the water by spamming
    Nemean roar at the right time, or by spamming Nemesis rage to the left and right
    of the arena. This is not easy to do at first, but it stops Kratos from being
    forced to enter the animation where he is dragging himself out of the water.
    Once in the water, the trigger that forces Kratos into the animation where he
    is dragging himself out of the water becomes defunct, and you can now move
    around freely and do some unusual things! You can even leave the arena at this
    stage but the next area is not yet loaded. 
    However, some of the strange glitches you can then do in this area include,
    doing a chaotic nonsensical tug-of-war with Hades while they are both on the
    same side of the water. You can activate the mini-game where Kratos throws his
    blade at Hades' head while they are both on the same side of the water, this
    causes Kratos to teleport oddly back to the other side of the arena and the
    mini-game where Kratos slams Hades against the roof becomes displaced. Kratos
    can also engage in the tug-of-war while standing underneath the arena, this
    causes Kratos to look like he is fighting one of his own blades. The blade will
    thrash around violently in air with a life of it's own, as if it were possessed.
    Hades can also sometimes go into his earlier phases during this tug-of-war
    phase, including where he does Soul Summon and where he makes his Claw come out
    from the floor or his claw will even come out from under the water if Kratos is
    in the water at the time.
    1, findlestick's vid ("Hades Battle Goes Wrong")
    2, findlestick's vid ("Kratos Tugs Invisible Man")
    Wasted potential: during the Claws tutorial, the walls around you are too high
    for you to escape by any known means.
    Speed strategy (NG+ only?): fast Hades kill
    For an unknown reason, sometimes Hades can go down in just one round during this
    last phase of the fight. It's a nice speed strategy if it could be done at will.
    1, clockworkexe's vid
    <Hades' Throne Room>
    Other: starting swimming glitch (and getting regen magic)
    There are multiple ways to go out of bounds while swimming in this area, and as
    is the tradition, this allows Kratos to go and swim in air to his heart's
    content. As a very noteworthy bonus, having swimming glitch also makes it
    possible to get Regen Magic soon afterwards.
    First method was found by satvara. You have to swim until you come out of the
    submerged tunnel before the Claws tutorial fight. You have to go as left as
    possible and do a jump towards the foreground. Now, the game zips Kratos back
    inside the submerged tunnel and everything looks to be fine... but is it?
    After waiting a few seconds, Kratos will get sucked into the ceiling. At first
    he can't swim dash or move very fast for reasons unknown, but if you lower
    Kratos' altitude just a little bit you get back freedom of movement while still
    remaining inside the ceiling. Then, doing a swim dash to the right at a certain
    point - roughly around the spot where there's the grating in the ceiling -
    Kratos goes through the wall and you can continue swimming in air.
    1, Satvara's vid
    Later findlestick found another method. Swim along the water's suface from the
    save point towards Hades' body until a wall of collision naturally stops you.
    Stay on the right side of the tunnel. Get Kratos just slightly submerged. Hold
    left analog towards the right and also hold triangle down. There's a small flaw
    in the collision around here that Kratos pops through with some luck - you'll
    notice it once Kratos rises back to water surface deeper than normal. From there
    you jump and Glide a little to the side to touch water surface while entirely
    out of bounds... and go from there. This is a bit trickier method than the
    above, but in some circumstances the camera angles are more manageable.
    1, findlestick's vid:
    Since you get swimming glitch before the Soul Summon tutorial fight by either of
    these methods, you can proceed to activate the fight - the fight grants you
    regen magic - and then escape it by swimming. This lets you keep regen magic.
    However, this comes with a price: you cannot switch weapons once the tutorial
    fight begins. The game locks Kratos' weapon to be the Claws of Hades... but
    fortunately you can get around this by selecting Blades immediately after
    closing the Soul Summon prompt that appears just as you enter the tutorial area.
    If you skip all the other regen magic tutorials in this game as well, you get to
    keep regen magic all the way to the end of the game.
    Getting to The Forge at the end of this all is slightly problematic since you
    need to swim there without the camera following Kratos. Just a general hint,
    aim to the left and up.
    And before leaving, you first have to hit a certain trigger that is to the left
    of the Claws tutorial fight. You know when that map is loaded when you hear the
    sounds of smithing in the distance.
    Swimming glitch (NG+): by doing Severe Judgment jump and Jet Dash, you can
    breach the wall to the left in the small area after regen magic fight. From
    there you can drop out of bounds and hit water at the same time, starting
    swimming glitch.
    1, AKheon's vid
    <backtrack to Olympia portal>
    Cutscene skip (swimming): you can easily skip the Hephaestus cutscene.
    Swimming glitch location (NG+): if you didn't get swimming glitch just after
    Hades' Throne Room, you can also get it here at the Forge. It is done by Alt-Jet
    Dashing from in front of Hephaestus, using the out of bounds-spot to the left
    and steering quickly towards the foreground (stay as close as possible to the
    outside of the rocky wall). It's then possible to end up underneath the pool
    that is near Hephaestus, from there you just need to touch the water that is
    in front of the lever. On NG+ the easiest way to do this is by doing a death
    collision jump that will hit water surface eventually. Since nothing is
    loaded beyond the tunnel you then just simply swim out through the tunnel on
    the left of screen with your swimming glitch! This can be repeated later on in
    the game when you return to this same location.
    It's only after you have Boots of Hermes you can do this trick on NG too. To
    hit the water surface in front of the lever, you can just barely hit it by
    Jet Ascension from sideways Alt Jet Dash.
    1, findlestick's vid:
    Speed strategy (swimming): you have to turn the rotating room for some way
    before the Realm of Hades loads again, but you don't have to turn it all the
    way. Turn it to the first stop and then just swim your way out.
    Note that on Chaos-mode you won't survive turning the crank while swimming
    because of the enemies, so you must end swimming at the checkpoint leading to
    the rotating room. Dash into the rotating room at ground level and retry, and
    afterwards Kratos should be back on his feet and swimming glitch is over.
    Sequence break (NG+): skip navigation and Olympia intro cutscene
    Turn the rotating room until its first stop. Then, from the right hand side of
    the rotating room you can do a Sorrow Jump up onto a ledge and from there you
    can go directly to Realm of Hades. This also lets you to skip a trigger close
    to the rotating room that loads the Olympia intro cutscene later on when you
    get to the start of Olympia, saving further time.
    1, findlestick's vid:
    Cutscene skip (swimming): you can easily skip the cutscene which shows you the
    Hades-Olympia portal as your next destination.
    Other (swimming): at this point, if you're swimming, I suggest you end
    swimmingness at the climbing wall nearby. Otherwise you'll get stuck at City of
    Olympia's gate.
    Skip (NG+): you can skip the short scene before entering Hades-Olympia portal by
    SJ jumping over it. If you had skipped the portal showing cutscene earlier, this
    procedure becomes more difficult for some reason - but not impossible. In this
    case I suggest you Jet Dash over from the save point platform towards the
    backside of the portal.
    <City of Olympia>
    Other (NG+): displaced Olympia intro
    If you sideways Jet Dash into the Olympia portal, Kratos will end up slightly
    displaced during the animation, causing him to fall under the map as gameplay
    resumes afterwards. This lets you (on NG+ at least) just run past all the Gaia
    events and activate the triggers in any order you wish. (c: findlestick)
    1, findlestick's vid:
    Random: The portal back to Hades does not work. In fact, there's absolutely no
    collision around it.
    Cutscene skip (NG+): if you had earlier skipped the trigger in front of the
    rotating room that loads the Olympia intro cutscene, you will skip it now and
    Kratos - after falling in unloaded darkness for a few seconds - will be free
    to move the instant he arrives. Note that because Kratos is "off-camera" the
    controls will be - for the most part - in reverse.
    1, findlestick's vid:
    Random (swimming): after arriving to Olympia, you lose control of Kratos. The
    only way to get around that is to skip the intro using the skip above. Even
    after that, swimming at Olympia is very difficult because of the horrible camera
    and the fact that when Gaia climbs up the ridge and the screen starts shaking,
    you again lose control of Kratos. Pretty annoying.
    Swimming exploration reveals some strange test object floating in nothingness
    past the Olympia gate. It looks like two cubes with lightning shooting between
    them...? There's also a collision-less piece of a bridge floating nearby.
    In some circumstance, there's a Gaia standing in t-pose above the Olympia level
    and she can be reached while swimming. You probably have to skip the trigger
    of her appearance for this to work.
    1, AKheon's vid of the strange objects:
    2, findlestick's vid of Gaia in t-pose:
    Wasted glitch potential (NG & NG+): can't skip Gaia's arm
    You can Severe Judgment/Jet Dash to grab a ledge on top of Gaia's hand and
    proceed from there. However, until the whole ordeal with Gaia is dealt with,
    including throwing her severed hand off the ledge, the next place will not load.
    You can't break Gaia's arm without having first seen the cutscene of Gaia asking
    your help, so you also can't skip that.
    If you skip Gaia's arm, then go and activate the Olympia door and then retry,
    upon retry Gaia's hand will be both invisible and invincible. If you already
    severed it, it will be invisible until you touch it. You can backtrack to the
    area where you came from to have Gaia climb up the cliff again... but the arm
    remains indestructible because the game thinks you never saw the intro cutscene
    with her.
    Interestingly, when examining the door with Gaia still there breathing down your
    neck, I sometimes "won" the Door to Olympia fight with the dogs still spawning.
    Too bad this knowledge probably can't be put to use... well, except maybe in a
    pacifist run?
    1, AKheon's vid:
    Sequence break (NG+?): You can completely skip the battle at Door to Olympia
    simply by using Jest Jump in tandem with Jet Dash to get into the cave.
    Another way to skip the fight is to not start the fight at all, then Sorrow Jump
    against the shield to the left of the door. There is an invisible ledge there
    Kratos can grab and pull himself up. After having done that, you are out of
    bounds and free to Jet Dash wherever you want... although the camera will hate
    you if you try anything crazier than a simple jump beyond the door, so doing
    that is recommended. But if you want to try, you can get some extra height by
    jumping against the double doors and grabbing another invisible ledge there for
    extra Jet Dash distance.
    Note that it's not advisable to reach the Centaur fight arena directly from here
    because a loading trigger for the areas beyond is in the corridor before the
    City of Olympia-save point.
    A verified NG compatible way of skipping the fight involves double launching
    an enemy and then doing Blades CG to get height and Claws CG exploit to use
    double jump in air. But this is very tricky to do, and also cannot be done if
    you have regen magic, since you need to be able to switch weapons. (c: findle)
    1, findlestick's vid of the first method:
    2, findlestick's vid of the newer (recommended) method:
    3, findlestick's vid of the NG method:
    Other (NG+?): By doing things in a strange order you can get the first Harpy to
    do all its "cutscene motions", but with Kratos free to move around. If you then
    grab the harpy during its "cutscene flying motions" Kratos will passively grab
    it with both hands while flying and will not stab it. Eventually the Harpy will
    vanish into thin air, and Kratos will fall.
    1, findlestick's vid:
    Infinite red orbs (NG+?): if you can get to the first Harpy with a high jump,
    you can use it for getting infinite red orbs. First of all, high jump to the
    Harpy and ignore it. Proceed in the corridor a bit and latch onto another Harpy
    up ahead. Ride it back to the cinematic Harpy and leap to latch onto it instead.
    This simply duplicates the cinematic Harpy, and it can be ridden and brutal
    killed over and over again. (c: findlestick)
    1, findlestick's video:
    Speed strategy (NG+): You can Jet Dash through all the sections that normally
    demand you use a Harpy to get across.
    Sequence Break (NG+): skipping Perses cutscene v1 and random bits
    You can skip the Perses cutscene a few different ways. One method is doing a
    high jump into a Jet Dash from on top of one of those golden chests and then
    onto an invisible roof above the Harpy crossing. There is a wall of collision
    that you need to Glide around while on the roof to be able to access the Centaur
    battle arena.
    You can leap directly to the Chimera battle from the Harpy crossing rooftop, but
    nothing interesting happens. You get missing scenery, and annoying skewed camera
    angles as well as become stuck - until restart.
    1, findlestick's vid of the skip route:
    Sequence break (NG+): skipping Perses cutscene v2
    Another, more direct way to skip Perses cutscene is to just Jet Dash around it.
    A reliable setup for doing this is to examine the green chest near the save
    point to align Kratos, then double jump and - without touching left analog stick
    at all during this time - Alt. Jet Dash forward for a decent length, then to the
    left. Camera angle should change and show the next area, and from there you can
    easily navigate your way on solid ground.
    One thing to beware, though: if you hit the Perses cutscene trigger while out
    of bounds, your game will crash. So do your best to prevent that from happening!
    If you use this setup, you can easily avoid this fate, though.
    1, AKheon's vid:
    Sequence break (NG): skipping Olympia on New Game (c: findlestick)
    It's possible to skip the Perses cutscene on New Game as well by using a Harpy
    to reach the roof level at the end of the 2nd crossing, then jump and grab a
    difficult-to-hit invisible ledge. After climbing up, you are on the Harpy
    crossing roof and can go around and jump to the Centaur fight arena as usual.
    Apparently by first launching the Harpy in air and then doing a normal grab to
    it Kratos gains more height, making this part of the skip easier to do.
    As a side effect of skipping the cutscene, there is now a glitched Harpy at the
    corner close to the Chimera fight room that you can use to get to the next area
    early, but the procedure is difficult. You need to approach the Harpy out of
    bounds by slowly moving towards it on the ledge to the right. Close to the
    Harpy, you must hit it with a melee attack to push it away from the corner or
    else Kratos and the Harpy get caught by some collision. Then, when grabbing the
    Harpy you should aim your grab and flight to the left a little to prevent the
    Harpy from unloading - it tends to do that if you fly to the right too early.
    Finally, when riding the Harpy you should only press forward on the left analog
    once every 1,5 seconds or so to get the Harpy to move a longer distance before
    dying. Done precisely, Kratos should be able to jump and reach the balcony, thus
    skipping almost everything in Olympia.
    An alternative that is mostly viable on NG+ is to have Lv. 4 Claws and use US
    to let Kratos do his second jump and Glide at the end of the Harpy ride.
    This skip was originally discovered in the GoW III Demo, where it was easier to
    do since Kratos could do a Glide after riding on a Harpy.
    1, findlestick's vid:
    2, findlestick's original vid of doing this skip in the GoW III Demo:
    Sequence break (NG+): You can cross the big chasm with Jet Dash quite easily
    here, skipping any events related to Chimera, crossbow and Harpies. For another
    small skip, stay outside bounds after reaching the other side, by for example
    landing on top of one of the pedestals which line the outside of the wall. From
    there, Jet Dash to the bridge on the right of screen, and bingo!
    Depending on how direct your route is, rarely the ledge civilian may not spawn.
    If that happens, just retry from the last checkpoint and he should appear.
    1,  findlestick's vid:
    Wasted Glitch Potential (NG+): After a high jump (or: from Harpy crossing
    rooftop) you can Jet Dash across the big chasm and get directly to the ledge
    where the civilian is or onto the lowermost ledge of the climbing bit which
    takes you to the Helios arena. Novel as this is, it's useless. When you proceed
    to the battle arena, Helios is totally absent from the complete cutscene, as are
    the soldiers that fall from the sky. The Cyclops never appears and the battle
    never takes place. You then get stuck because the next area is not yet loaded.
    If you now jump back outside bounds and activate the trigger which loads Helios'
    appearance (it is on the walkway that has the ladder at the end of it), you do
    actually get Helios to appear. Unfortunately he is just a prostrate character
    model whom with you can't interact in any way.
    1, findlestick's vid of some of the above things
    Battle exploit: You can make the Centaur fall out of bounds by getting on top of
    the block that the harpy was standing on in the Perses cutscene, then shooting
    Bow shots to provoke him to do his charge attack. If you then successfully win
    the mini-game, the Centaur will plummet down and die in the chasm.
    Other: For an unknown reason you can get a glitch at the Chimera battle arena
    where the floor graphics don't load. It looks like Chimera and Kratos are
    battling while floating in mid air.
    1, dz1700's vid
    Battle exploit (NG+): You can leave the Chimera Battle by high jumping up on
    walkable collision that is above the Ballista. From there you can high jump into
    a Jet Dash and go over the Collision that is at the entrance to the battle
    arena. (But this is pointless since you can skip this whole fight anyway.)
    1, findlestick's vid
    Speed strategy / Other: After the Harpy crossing - to the right side of the
    screen - there are some 'secret' ledges that Kratos can climb that lead directly
    to the bridge on the right of screen. It's almost as if this had been an
    alternate route to get through this area that was abandoned by developers.
    Regardless, you CAN use it as an alternate route, in a NG run for example. Just
    steer a Harpy to the right so that you can jump on some floor out of bounds,
    and from there use the ledges to go to the path leading to Helios.
    1, findlestick's vid showing the secret ledges:
    2, findlestick's vid of using ledges for speed purposes:
    Speedrun strategy (NG+): Olympia ledge speed route
    Get on the ladder and do a moderate ladder jump to rise in air. After that
    carefully Glide on the ledge... but keep Bow active when landing to keep Kratos
    in his normal state instead of beginning shimmying.
    If the civilian spawned, you can launch him in air and use a small high jump
    (for example with Claws grapple) and grab a ledge on top of the civilian. And
    from there it's just a matter of jumping directly up onto the arena.
    You may be wondering... why not just use ladder jump to reach the arena without
    going by the shimmy at all? You get stuck if you do this because there is still
    a loading trigger on the shimmying path you need to hit to load Helios.
    1, AKheon's vid:
    Speed strategy: after killing the civilian who blocks your path on the ledge,
    drop down with R1 as soon as possible. This is because Kratos moves faster when
    hanging from a ledge.
    Other (NG+): If you do things in completely wrong order, the civilian might
    re-appear after you've already killed him once. The civilian stands in the usual
    'idle' pose for character models that have no animation going on. He does not
    block Kratos' path, and if Kratos tries to grab him, Kratos gets teleported back
    a few hundred meters, to the gate which he has to open after crossing the chasm.
    Incidentally, that was the same spot my last checkpoint had brought me...
    Wasted potential (NG+): You can't destroy the onyx shielders guarding Helios
    with your Cestus. You can - however -  do a simple roll against their shields,
    and Kratos will penetrate them and end up inside the soldiers' guard formation.
    While in there, you cannot interact with Helios or the soldiers or harm them in
    any way.
    Also, the secret door on the side of the cliff can't be unveiled before Helios
    has lost his head. In fact, you don't even want to mess up with the secret door
    before finishing Helios because the door can glitch up and become inoperable
    It's possible to get past the door by doing high jump to the upper ledges and
    jumping from there, but the areas beyond aren't even loaded at this point! D'oh.
    1, findlestick's vid:
    Other (NG+?): If Kratos is not inside the actual arena when the Cyclops drops
    from the sky, Kratos will do his animation where he drops to his knees, but the
    Cyclops will never actually appear. And you can't progress if you hadn't already
    used a Cyclops to break all the shields of the soldiers.
    Other (NG+?): If you break the onyx shields of the soldiers, then leave the
    battle arena and then return back from the normal entrance. When you return, all
    the soldiers that had shields will begin to "surf" around on their shields along
    the arena floor. They can only be killed by grab and kill attacks under these
    1, findlestick's vid:
    Speed strategy: at the section where Helios tries to blind Kratos, by
    positioning your arm correctly you can get to Helios without Kratos stopping
    once during the whole trip.
    Sequence break (NG): skip Helios door
    After getting Head of Helios, you can clip through the stone blocks to the right
    of Helios' body by grabbing onto a low ledge of the lower box and climbing it.
    From there, you can go fully out of bounds and Glide past the door blocking your
    way, plus also skip a little bit of navigation this way. (c: findlestick)
    1, findlestick's vid:
    Sequence break (NG+): skipping most of Path of Eos v1
    There's a very curious collision flaw on the stony ledge above the Path of Eos
    doorway. Jump up to the ledge, then double jump and Glide against a certain spot
    to start Sky Jump and boost Kratos very high in air. From there you can directly
    Jet Dash ahead to skip nearly all of the Path of Eos. (c: satvara)
    1, satvara's vid
    Sequence break (NG+): skipping most of Path of Eos v2
    An alternative way to do this skip is to reveal the large door after Helios.
    After it has been revealed it gets a ledge above it, so do a high jump, grab the
    ledge and climb up. From the top of the door area, you can Jet Dash to the right
    for a fairly wide platform that you can use to re-orient Kratos and do another
    Jet Dash to the area where the Wraiths are, before the Icarus vent.
    (c: findlestick)
    1, findlestick's vid
    Sequence break (NG): skipping most of Path of Eos on NG
    First of all, reveal the door using Head of Helios. Then, there's a small ledge
    you can grab and climb on top of to the left of the big door. Hold X while
    Kratos is climbing up to activate double Glide jump, and when Kratos falls down,
    get ready to Glide towards the revealed door and double jump to grab a ledge
    on top of it. From on top of the door you can jump to the above cliff and use
    the same Sky Jump spot that one of the above Path of Eos skip methods uses.
    Since you don't have Jet Dash at this point in a NG run yet, doing the full
    skip is trickier. You have to extend the Sky Jump by moving L-stick and make a
    wild guess as to where it's safe to land down to skip most of the level. But
    still, it's cool that this full skip IS possible to do even on New Game.
    1, findlestick's vid:
    Sequence break (NG+): another, smaller shortcut can be done outside the Path
    of Eos by doing a light double jump towards the stone block to the right of
    the gate, so that Kratos grabs on to a ledge on its side and sinks inside the
    ground. From there, letting go of Jet Dashing in a precise way can send Kratos
    a bit deeper in Path of Eos very fast, but it's not a big sequence break.
    (c: findlestick)
    1, findlestick's vid
    <The Path of Eos>
    Sequence break: you can skip the short intro cutscene if you move through the
    area fast enough. Works on PS3 only? (c: satvara)
    1, Satvara's vid
    Sequence break (NG+): You can skip a large part of Path of Eos from the first
    room already. Grab an enemy sentry and do the circle variation. When Kratos
    starts dashing holding the enemy, you can momentarily run through the invisible
    wall to the front of the area. Once through, jumping and Jet Dashing will let
    Kratos just barely reach a ledge on the other side. (c: findlestick)
    1, findlestick's vid:
    Speed strategy (NG+): By doing a CG high jump into a Jet Dash towards the stone
    bridge on the right (by using the soldiers near the savepoint), you can skip
    everything from the the savepoint all the way to the Wraiths.
    1, findlestick's vid
    Speed strategy: the Harpy fight is not necessary to fight, though targeting the
    door with HoH might be difficult with all the harpies around.
    Speed strategy (NG+): instead of using the head to reveal and disappear the door
    during the Harpy fight, just high jump and grab a ledge above it. From there,
    Jet Dash to the area past the horizontal climbing rope. (Thus also skipping the
    rope climb section).
    1, findlestick's vid
    Speed strategy (NG+): you can skip the Pandora cutscene by grabbing a horizontal
    wooden plank in the roof of the cave after a SJ jump. From there you can Jet
    Dash directly to the area where the Harpy normally sits.
    1, findlestick's vid:
    Speed strategy (NG+): instead of riding a Harpy, Dash through the air to the
    next platform.
    Sequence break: you can glide past the trigger that begins the first fight
    with Wraiths from the side. (c: Satvara)
    1, satvara's vid:
    Sequence break: Wraiths skip v1
    There are several methods for skipping the Wraith fight on the bridge. First
    method goes like this: using either a "Wraith jump" to the previously spawned
    Wraiths or probably Rage high jump Kratos can climb on top of the shelves to
    the left before you step on the bridge. Once on the shelves, you can get enough
    height to breach the ceiling and Glide to the big heat vent. (c: satvara)
    Alternatively, you can (on NG+) do a Severe Judgment jump on the same shelf or
    grab a secret ledge that is behind the shelf at roof level.
    1, satvara's vid of this method (using Wraith jump):
    Sequence break: Wraiths skip v2 and v3
    Once you hit the loading trigger at the corner leading to the shelves, you
    can backtrack to hit a sky jump spot. The spot's position is hard to describe,
    but basically you have to backtrack until you reach a bit of wooden floor, 
    then jump forward and try to hit the ledge ahead near center. Not sure if
    casting Claws magic is necessary at the moment of hitting the ledge as well.
    If the trick works out, Kratos is sent high in air, like usual with Sky Jump.
    From there you can do some tricky navigating to reach the big heat vent.
    (c: findlestick)
    A faster Sky Jump can also be done at the corner leading to the bridge. (v3)
    1, findlestick's vid of v2:
    2, findlestick's vid of v3:
    Sequence break: other Wraiths skip methods
    There's a slow and experimental method of skipping the Wraiths fight on NG+.
    After hitting the loading trigger at the corner leading to the shelves, have
    Kratos Jet Dash to the left over the chasm a bit and then Rage downwards until
    he hits death collision. If you have infinite health, you can now run on top
    of the death collision. This enables you to backtrack / move right until Kratos
    falls down to a new heat vent area. Yes, it turns out the game has loaded the
    next part of the map to the area where you previously came from!
    This lets you reach the vent sequence from the wrong direction, skipping the
    Wraiths fight. Note that for the vent sequence to lead anywhere, you also have
    to hit a loading trigger near the base of the vent, so don't get dragged in it
    too early while falling down.
    As another note, you can also leave during the Wraiths battle by doing some
    form of CG high jump towards the chain. However this method is redundant due to
    the quicker skips available.
    1, findlestick's vid of the first NG+ tactic:
    2, findlestick's vid of the CG high jump tactic:
    <The Chain of Balance>
    Speed strategy (NG+): it's possible to Jet Dash at the lowermost level to cut a
    few corners when going for the first climbing wall. On the higher level, you can
    Jet Dash straight to the grapple point. As a bonus, one of the falling rocks is
    noticeably stuck in air later on, looking silly.
    Other: sometimes at the end of the 2nd flight part Kratos won't reach the
    Caverns but instead falls back down again, to his death.
    If this happens while having infinite health, Kratos breaks out from the Caverns
    cutscene and starts to fall back down the chain while out of sight. The camera
    then also starts to go in reverse (back down the chain), RoS speeds this process
    up. Eventually he will stop at a certain point down the chain, and all you'll
    hear is Kratos grunting and 'hurring' until restart.
    1, findlestick's vid:
    <The Caverns>
    Sweet spot: enemies won't notice you that well on the corners of the box.
    Sequence break (NG+): it is in fact possible to skip most of this visit to The
    Caverns by doing a precise Jet Dash. Infinite health is a requirement, though.
    Better description to come soon...
    1, findlestick's vid:
    Other (NG+): If you shoot the brambles at the first box, and then do a high jump
    onto the area above the burning brambles, Kratos will grab a ledge and stand up
    on it. The box that you are supposed to ride on then goes away like normal but
    without Kratos on it. When the box arrives at its destination, the camera stays
    fixed on it while Kratos is stuck miles away. You can only hear him moving
    around while he's stranded even on restart.
    1, findlestick's vid:
    Other: another box glitch is to restart after reaching the first stop. Now
    Kratos is able to shoot the next brambles through a wall from down below and
    thus skip getting on the box for the box ride. This causes the camera to be
    displaced during the ride, and naturally it's quite difficult for Kratos to
    fight enemies while stranded on the wrong box. It's thus impossible to get past
    the point where the minotaurs appear to break the chain. (c: findlestick)
    1, findlestick's vid:
    Sequence break (NG+): When you shoot the brambles and put the box ride into
    motion, if you start Jet Dashing to the left, you are able to reach some
    grapple points early and skip a part of the box ride. (Some more info wouldn't
    hurt...) § (c: findlestick)
    1, findlestick's vid:
    Other (NG+): you can shoot a pre-emptive Nemesis Rage at the chain the two
    Minotaurs are about to chop off. During the cutscene, the Minotaurs keep getting
    hit and the chain is worn out for no reason.
    Collision flaw: rarely a Minotaur can get stuck inside the large chain in the
    middle. It flickers while trying to reach Kratos, turning around on the spot.
    Eventually it can break out again.
    Wasted potential (NG+): you can Jet Dash to the entrance you'll come to later,
    but nothing is loaded there.
    Sequence break (NG+): skip meeting Hermes
    The first Hermes cutscene can be skipped by going around the cutscene trigger.
    You can either walk on the edge of the box from the left or just Jet Dash to the
    platform near the chain. After that, you need Sorrow Jump to jump on top of the
    chain, since the part you can climb onto starts higher than you'd think.
    Unfortunately this skip is not possible on NG because of the last jump. There is
    no way to gain such height at this point in the game yet.
    1, AKheon's vid:
    2, Ragnell's vid of walking on the edge of the box:
    <Chamber of the Flame>
    Other (NG+): if you jump back on the chain and visit the mountain screen, then
    come back, the game will freeze in one of the Hermes cutcenes.
    Wasted potential (NG+): using a wall breach to the right of the locked door, you
    can go out of bounds and see what's behind it early. Unfortunately nothing is
    loaded there at the moment...
    Random (NG+): This is the point from where you will skip straight to the end of
    the game if you had performed the "Early chain break" earlier on. After climbing
    up the chain, you'll notice that you can instantly access the upstairs area and
    turn the crank all the way. Since the game thinks you are turning the crank for
    the second time, the game will then load the cutscene of Kratos pulling up the
    Labyrinth. And after that, you get to fight Zeus...
    Sequence break (NG+): go to Hermes early
    You can skip having to reveal the images on the wall with Head of Helios and
    also the entire Hermes conversation by high jumping onto the broken pillar that
    Hermes is supposed to break, and from there you can jump to the balcony area
    before the climbing grapple wall, everything after that loads normally. 
    This skip should only be done after seeing the Athena cutscene at the blue
    flame. If not, the game crashes either at the swinging grapple, or if you skip
    it, at the ledge that leads around the corner of the building. To remedy this,
    its important to see the cutscene at the flame first for everything to load
    Something untested: these days it's possible to skip that ledge as well. Would
    the game not crash afterwards if you did this, perhaps even allowing a skip of
    the blue flame cinematic?
    1, findlestick's vid
    Cutscene Skip? (NG+): It's possible to jump over the trigger that plays the
    Hermes conversation where he's flicking a coin in the air, by using Sorrow Jump.
    But that trigger is also active near the area where you would need to high jump
    to grab a ledge to get to the next area, making the jump extremely difficult.
    1, findlestick's vid
    Other (NG): skip Hermes Boots
    There's a glitched ledge that allows Sky Jump right at the start of the
    section where you chase after Hermes. When jumping down from the Chamber of
    the Flame, glide towards the outer rim of the gray outdoors platform instead of
    trying to land on it. There's a spot that can send Kratos high up in air,
    allowing you to reach the upper level of the Chamber early. From the upper
    Chamber you can continue on towards the direction of the Music Room, and things
    will load normally.
    However, this probably isn't such a good speedrun tactic since Hermes Boots
    are needed for doing many critical tricks later on. Also, you might even get
    stuck later in the game if you don't have the Boots.
    1, findlestick's vid:
    Speedrun Strategy:
    Method 1: At the grapple wall (just before the swinging grapple), you can roll
    at the top of the grapple wall and fall down its side, from there you can Glide
    over the swinging grapple and make it to the bridge rather swiftly. If done
    correctly, you skip some climbing and also the small cutscene of the rock
    breaking a part of the bridge. If you have a problem with Kratos not jumping
    when you need him to, try to use your double jumps a bit earlier during the
    Method 2 (NG+): This is a much faster way, just Jet Dash from the top of the
    building where the rail is broken and directly to the bridge.
    1, findlestick's vid (method 1)
    2, findlestick's vid (method 2)
    Wasted Glitch Potential (NG+): If you do the above mentioned skip (with the Jet
    Dash) but go too far past the point where the first rock hits the bridge, you'll
    skip a loading trigger. This results in you being able to move quickly across
    the entire length of the bridge without it falling, you can hear civilians
    screaming, but cannot see them. You can still climb the ledges (with strange
    camera angles), but the floor of the next area never loads.
    Speed strategy (NG+): at the end of the bridge area, high jump over the wooden
    post and simply Jet Dash to the next section. Make sure to land near the start
    of the next walkable section, otherwise you skip a vital loading trigger and
    you will get stuck.
    1, findlestick's vid
    Speedrun Strategy (NG+): At the grapple that Hermes hangs from you can skip a
    cutscene and some lever pulling simply by Jet Dashing from the platform where
    the lever is, and directly to the next bridge you jump to.
    1, findlestick's vid
    Other (NG+): At the collapsing bridge with the grapple points, you can actually
    beat Hermes to the door that he enters. You can do this by Jet Dashing from near
    the end of the bridge and making a "Bee line" to the door. However, the door has
    an invisible wall of collision that Kratos cannot go past. At that stage, Hermes
    runs past Kratos.
    Sequence break (NG+): From the ladder to the left of where Hermes enters, you
    can quickly rocket up and get to the upper area by using Ladder Jump. A good
    consequence of this is that you skip a loading trigger, and as a result you
    don't have to see Hermes run across the tightrope towards the big Athena statue.
    Everything loads normally after doing all this.
    1, findlestick's vid:
    Other (NP?): if you use ladder jump to skip over certain loading triggers on the
    way to the catapult, you then cause the catapult to malfunction in various ways.
    For example, when you rotate the catapult the game will suddenly load 2 entire
    catapults in 2 different positions. One is loaded in the position it was before
    rotating the catapult, the other in the position after the rotation. These 2
    catapults are superimposed onto each other, one has collision and a functional
    R1 prompt. The other catapult has no collision nor is it functional. 
    If you R1 the catapult that works - Kratos will do his normal mini-game - except
    that at the end of the animation (where he clings to the flying boulder) the
    next cutscene won't load, and instead Kratos breaks out and suddenly ends up
    back at the two catapults. From there you can R1 the catapult endlessly and keep
    breaking out of the full animation. Or R1 the catapult and spam buttons, this
    will cause the next 'Athena Statue' custscene to play and everything then loads
    as normal, or Kratos breaks out just as the cutscene kicks in. This gets you
    stuck, because Kratos is still back at the location where the catapult was (but
    now ALL graphics but Kratos are unloaded) and Kratos ends up falling into
    unloaded nothingness!
    1, findlestick's vid
    Wasted Glitch Potential (NG+): At the catapult that Kratos uses to get to
    Hermes. You can get inside the catapult area early (before it's rotated in
    Hermes' direction) simply by pulling the crank almost to the end. And then
    quickly Jet Dashing to the opening. Unfortunately, you can't shoot the catapult
    in some strange direction because the R1 function is not active at that time.
    1, findle's vid
    <Grand Vestibule>
    Wasted skip potential (NG+): you can't skip Hermes, because a few rooms away
    there exists naught but unloaded nothingness.
    Cutscene skip (NG+): by Sorrow Jumping, you can go above the cutscene in which
    Hermes confronts Kratos, saying "I will not be bested by a mortal!". It can be
    activated later on for some ghostly fun - the audio plays, but no one is there.
    1, AKheon's vid of the results:
    Speed strategy (NG+): If you go to the Grand Vestibule save point during the
    fight with Hermes (possible with Boots) and make a checkpoint, after retry
    Hermes stands completely still, takes less damage to defeat, and you skip his
    death speech as an added bonus.
    You might be able to stop Hermes in strange positions or locations for even more
    glitch potential.
    1, AKheon's vid
    Wasted glitch potential: can't spare Hermes
    It's possible to leave the Hermes battle arena early by doing a Sorrow Jump
    from the very left (foreground), and land on a ledge. From that ledge you can
    simply Jet Dash out-of-bounds and get around the invisible wall of collision
    that normally stops your progress. You can then get to the next/upper area by
    using satvara's "collision breach method" that can normally be used to skip the
    Hermes Boots tutorial (see below for more info). 
    This would have been a good speedrun strategy...however this is all in vain
    because the next area is still not loaded at this late stage. Sorry Hermes...
    1, findlestick's vid:
    Wasted potential: During the Boots of Hermes tutorial fight, the wooden wall
    can't be traversed using the Boots.
    Sequence break: you can skip the Boots tutorial fight (and a small scene after
    it), using a wall breach and a secret ledge at the top of the statue's head.
    This can also be done by high jumping and grabbing the ledge of the wooden
    structure at the savepoint, or by simply doing a Jest Jump up to any of the
    higher platforms. (c: satvara)
    1, Satvara's vid
    Wasted potential: you can jump over the outdoors fight trigger in front of the
    Upper Chamber of the Flame, but at the price of the Chamber itself not loading.
    <Upper Chamber of the Flame>
    Sequence break: skip Music Puzzle
    You can skip the entire music puzzle by jumping out-of-bounds from the top of
    the cylindrical stairs and by falling under the floor near the gate of the
    puzzle. This lands you at the savepoint that's before Hercules. The Hercules'
    area is not yet loaded, to remedy this, just climb the stairs and go to the end
    of the hall and then return. After an extremely long pause, the Hercules area
    will load normally.
    Another variation to doing this skip is by doing a wall breach at the bottom of
    the stairs instead. You have to do a small high jump and Jet Dash towards the
    foreground from the foot of the stairs (where's the chest). At a certain spot
    the wall gives way and Kratos flies out of bounds. But this method is slightly
    riskier because the camera does not always cooperate, and this collision flaw is
    more difficult to utilize than the one at the top of the stairs.
    There is a disturbingly long pause again later when you climb to the Upper
    Chamber via the big chain as well. You can turn the crank at the blue flame
    later in the game, even tho you skip the music puzzle.
    1, findlestick's vid of the first method:
    2, findlestick's vid of the second method:
    Speed Strategy: At the music puzzle you can get up to the top area that has the
    turning mechanisms without having to use the air vents on the sides, instead you
    can just do a Jet Dash ("Jet Ascension") against the front of the music puzzle
    and Kratos will quickly rise up.
    Wasted potential (NG+): you can skip the scene of the elevator doors closing by
    doing Sorrow Jump from on top of the chest. However, the area leading to the
    Forum will not load if you do this!
    Wasted potential (NG+): after completing music puzzle, you can visit the chain
    from which you climbed earlier, and after returning, the stairway and the
    pillars have no collision at first. But hitting a certain trigger on the lower
    floor will load the collision back up again. Anyway, the game is prone to
    crashing during the upcoming cutscenes or if you try to access The Forum after
    doing this, so... don't.
    Wasted potential (NG+): if you decided to skip Hermes, it's recommended you do
    not activate his cutscenes after returning here later in the game because that
    will only cause trouble for you.
    Hermes appearance cutscene itself is glitched, with Hermes absent from it.
    After that, going to turn the big crank at the flame will load a wrong cutscene!
    Instead of the Three Judges holding on to the chain, you'll get the same
    cutscene as before with Athena chatting with Kratos. After that, Kratos will
    get stuck in place forever.
    1, findlestick's vid:
    <The Forum & Hercules>
    Wasted potential: you can't take a Wraith with you to the Hercules fight arena
    as it will unspawn when the map changes at the bottom of the stairs.
    Speedrun Strategy: You can skip having to walk down the spiralling stairs simply
    by jumping out-of-bounds along side the stairs. This will land you right next to
    the savepoint.
    Sequence break: Skip Hercules (c: findlestick)
    It's possible to skip the long cutscene with Hercules as well as 99.99% of the
    fight! Firstly, the cutscene can be skipped by high jumping up onto a ledge
    above the arena entrance and then Jet Dashing around the cutscene trigger quite
    widely. If you then go near the front of the arena while out of bounds, you hit
    a trigger that makes 7 brightly colored geometric shapes appear on the arena
    floor. After returning to the arena, you'll find out that 6 of these shapes have
    a R1-prompt to them, and they almost act like a remote controller for the fight.
    What each R1-prompt does:
    1. Black one on the far left: Resets the entire fight from scratch.
    2. Orange one on the left: Resets the "1st phase of Hercules".
    3. Green one in the middle: Resets "Hercules without a helmet" phase.
    4. Purple one on the right: Resets "Hercules without helmet or gauntlets" phase.
    5. Black one on the far right: Starts the final Hercules cutscene.
    6. Orange one at the entrance: Opens a hole in the floor collision, but nothing
       seems to load under there until you kill Hercules.
    7. Orange at the back: This one has no prompt (at this date).
    Note: Once a particular R1 prompt is activated, all other R1 prompts will no
    longer appear. But you can reset these boxes back during the battle by leaving
    the battle arena and returning via Jest Jump/Combat Grapple jumping using any of
    the undead enemies. (Remember, the geo-boxes will only appear when you reach
    certain out-of-bounds areas. It's recommended to exit towards the southern side
    of the battle arena and return).
    So, the fastest way to skip this fight would be to skip the Hercules cutscene
    trigger, and then press the Black geo-box on the right to make Hercules go
    directly to his final mini-game battle (where he flips the arena up). This can
    be done on NG too because a RoS high jump is enough to land on the invisible
    ledge above the doorway.
    1, findlestick's original vid (NG+):
    2, AKheon's setup of the skip (NG):
    Other: glitching the Hercules fight using the geometric shapes
    Some interesting combination of glitches can be done with the cutscene skip and
    the geometric shapes. For example, it's possible to drag Hercules all the way to
    the savepoint during the 1st phase of Hercules, if you had earlier skipped the
    Hercules cutscene where the gate normally gets closed. There is a boundary in
    that hallway where strange things can happen when Kratos and Hercules interact
    with each other while crossing it.
    Hercules can also be made to breakout from his rock throwing animation by R1'ing
    a geo-box during his throw, this will cause the rock to land and remain on the
    arena. If you then happen to make Hercules restart his rock throwing phase after
    all this - and damage him enough to go and grab a rock - he will either:
    (a) Grab a rock from a wall like he normally would.
    (b) Go to the wall and try to grab a rock where there no longer is a one, this
        causes him to just run aimlessly against a wall forever.
    (c) He will detect the rock that is on the arena floor (due to the previous
        breakout) and he will very strangely bury his entire body into the arena
        floor and grab the rock and throw it. At times he will be standing up very
        high in mid air when he throws this rock.
    You can also make all of the enemies including Hercules drop down an open hole
    near the entrance of the arena if you had earlier R1'ed the orange geo-box near
    the entrance.
    1, findle's vid (of each geo-box R1 functions)
    2, findle's vid (of some of the glitches above)
    Random: There's no collision over where Hera and Hercules are staying, so if you
    try to go there you just fall through the floor. However, if you skipped the
    Hercules cutscene earlier and then trigger the start of the game with the
    geometric shapes, there seems to be some collisions that you can stand on next
    to Hercules up on the Podium that Hera watches from. You can attack Hercules,
    but of course no damage can be inflicted on him at this stage.
    Random: tidbits from around the fight
    After the second time Hercules becomes impaled into spikes, he loses his helmet
    and then does an attack which destroys all Sentries of the area. But I've heard
    reports of some Sentries suriving all the way into the final phase of this
    At the end of second phase, Hercules stuns Kratos momentarily and turns away to
    brag at Hera. If there's something that deals damage for a long time on the
    battlefield (like Nemesis Rage bolt) Kratos might wake up from the stun only to
    notice Hercules is about to plant a fist in his face.
    As Kratos steals Hercules' weapons from him, if you keep L1 pressed down after
    QTE ends, Kratos gets to keep his old weapon of choice at least a while longer
    during the fight.
    Random: For those squeamish of violence, you can opt to not punch Hercules in
    the face at all. Eventually the game automatically makes Kratos punch Hercules
    so that they both fall through the floor. Hercules' face will be completely
    smashed regardless at the very end, and this is some seconds slower than just
    punching the guy.
    Sequence break: It's possible to go around the exit gate by activating an easy
    swimming glitch here, but the teleport trigger taking you to the next area is
    not there until you have pulled the exit switch. You can still do the skip, but
    you have to manually swim quite a long distance to reach the next map like this.
    For precise directions, do this. First swim through the exit tunnel to load a
    new camera angle. Enter menu for a second to clean up the messy OoB background
    residue to see things clearer, then start swimming up and towards the foreground
    for over a minute... also a little to the right. Eventually you see the next
    map's objects and lights floating in the distance, so just swim there and you're
    This skip allows you to keep regen magic if you have it. While doing this skip
    is slower than the other regen magic / fight skip listed below, it is extremely
    easy and reliable to do, and looks crazy... might be useful in a single segment
    run if you want to play it safe.
    So far it's not possible to do additional sequence breaks at Poseidon's Chamber
    while swimming, so you have to end the swimming at the entrance.
    1, findlestick's vid:
    Regen magic (and fight skip): When approaching the Nemean Roar tutorial battle
    room, you can stay to the left-hand side of the corridor and at the very end do
    a high jump towards the switch. Keep Jet Dashing 'til you breach the wall. From
    there you can operate the exit switch early, prompting a horde of onyx shielders
    to appear like usual. Smash the onyx shielders' shields, so that they turn
    normal, then "Jest Jump" or CG high jump using one of them, all the while
    avoiding activating the regen magic battle trigger. Jet Dash to the exit
    afterwards. (c: satvara)
    This allows you to not only keep regenerating magic (until Nemesis Whip tutorial
    at least, but that too can be skipped), but you are able to switch weapons at
    will (because you skipped the part which locks Kratos' weapon to Cestus).
    1, satvara's vid
    Random: If you activate the regen magic battle while having the horde of onyx
    shielders around, the actual regen magic fight will have maybe 3 or 4 enemies,
    then their spawning stops. This causes you to get stuck, because the blue walls
    never dissipate around the room after having won.
    Speedrun Strategy: After the Cestus tutorial, you can easily jump over the
    shielded soldiers by doing an ascension followed by a simple Dash.
    <Poseidon's Chamber>
    Collision flaw: you can get outside bounds right at the start by finding two
    chests in the foreground and doing a high jump from on top of them towards the
    camera. Kratos is able to climb a ledge there.
    Sequence break: by using the aforementioned ledge, you can jump and Jet Dash
    over the intro cutscene & fight. You can Dash all the way up to the watery room
    with spikes, but it's more difficult than landing inside the preceding corridor.
    In this case you skip meeting Poseidon Princess, but this is not a real time
    save: upon returning, you'll still stumble upon the cutscene. But at least it
    looks glitched (with Princess absent) for maximum mayhem.
    This skip is possible on NG as well, but you need to squeeze everything out of
    the height of your jump. First do a "slightly higher double jump" and follow it
    up with a RoS high jump.
    1, AKheon's vid (NG strategy):
    Wasted glitch potential: after pulling the crank for the first time, you can try
    to Jet Dash through the temporarily open exit gate... but there's collision in
    front of it.
    Collision flaw: you can access Poseidon Princess' room early by jamming Kratos
    between the pillar and the side of the gate in front of the room. Do some
    Gliding, and if you're lucky, Kratos will slam down on his stomach as he ends
    up inside the room. This has not come in handy so far because trying to use the
    blue portal at this stage will only cause Kratos to fall into his demise in the
    spike pool, and it isn't possible to leave the room any other way either.
    Wasted glitch potential: it's possible to reach the last area of Poseidon's
    Chamber early, but you won't see the Pandora cutscene nor will the next area
    load. It seems that the trigger for the Pandora cutscene is in the girl getting
    crushed... but it's unknown thus far what is the trigger for the next area
    loading. Some sequence break might still be possible when we know more.
    Wasted glitch potential: getting swimming in the small circular opening seems
    impossible because the collision always pushes Kratos inside the hole if you
    try to access it from outside.
    Speed strategy: you can get to the first switch in the water spike room by
    doing Jet Dash from the stairs.
    Random (swimming): pulling the switch that spawns Feral Hounds will freeze
    Kratos in place. But Kratos will regain movement if you retry from checkpoint.
    Wasted Glitch Potential: At the dog kicking puzzle, it seems that you can't
    Jet Dash to the portal under the lowering floor on first arrival, due to
    collision in front of it. But it doesn't matter anyway since you can't use the
    portal in Poseidon Princess room without the Princess dying until the lowering
    platform is at a correct level.
    Random (swimming): you can play the Feral Hound part surprisingly far in while
    swimming. The Hounds can be lured to jump through the portal by their own
    volition, and eventually when the platform is low enough you can go and fetch
    Poseidon's Princess to get her on the platform. Unfortunately after that point
    Kratos freezes on the spot again and you can't proceed.
    Random (swimming): the cutscene where Kratos frees Poseidon Princess can glitch
    up visually if Kratos is swimming. His animations happen at an angle and he can
    completely miss Poseidon Princess this way.
    Random: on the wall there is a painting of a wimpy looking Kratos fighting an
    indifferent looking Ares, and a painting of wimpy Kratos killing "Icarus"
    (Actally, this Icarus painting is there twice! But the second one is placed
    off-camera since they never considered that anyone would ever see the replica
    painting.) The finer details of these paintings can be better appreciated thanks
    to swimming glitch.
    Trophy exploit: Killing the endlessly respawning dogs at this dog kicking puzzle
    allows you to get the "Hitman Trophy" in addition to racking up some orbs from
    combo bonuses.
    1, vettefan88's vid
    Other: the lowering platform can be fooled into rising all the way up even with
    4 dogs on it by touching it very quickly and then jumping away.
    Wasted potential / Untested: if you got 4 Hounds on the platform, then escaped
    the big room somehow and entered the Poseidon Princess room from the wrong side
    and used the portal in her room, you'd probably skip the cutscene of Kratos
    freeing the Princess. However, so far there is no realistic way to accomplish
    Random: if you return to Poseidon Princess room during the fight on the moving
    platform, some dogs will occasionally disappear, perhaps by falling outside
    bounds through the portal hole. Once when I did this, on returning to the
    platform Kratos just fell down to the spikes - too many dogs had disappeared
    since the last time Kratos was there.
    Sequence break: Towards the end of the Dog Kicking puzzle (just after the girl
    runs through the portal for the last time). You can completely skip the battle
    with the 2 Bronze Taloses, simply by doing an ascension from the top of the
    floor that moves up/down, and then Jet Dashing directly to the exit.
    1, findlestick's vid
    Speed strategy (NG+): you can skip the last fight before setting the girl to her
    demise by having Hephaestus' Ring turned on. Kratos turns the wheel so fast he
    manages to get everything done before enemies even notice him. By the way,
    during the actual cutscene Kratos is invincible to damage, so you don't have to
    worry about enemies interrupting Kratos.
    <Upper Gardens>
    Sequence Break: skip Cronos
    When you reach the Upper Gardens you can skip the entire bridge puzzle and in
    the process you skip the entire Cronos section. You also skip getting the
    Nemesis Whip, which is sort of a bother on NG since doing some of the highest
    jumps becomes more difficult. But with NG+ thats no concern. (c: satvara)
    On NG+, you can also skip the entire Cronos section simply by activating the
    bridge with Whip, since you already have it.
    1, findlestick's vid
    Random (swimming): If you have swimming glitch activated while in this area, you
    can see the Olympian Gardens directly below. But it's not the "real" Olympian
    Gardens, it's a simplistic/basic prototype of it. (A bit like "Alternate Steeds"
    in GoW2, for those of you familiar with this glitch).
    <Aphrodite's Chamber>
    Wasted glitch potential: it's possible to use Sorrow Jump to grab a ledge high
    above the closed Portal and jump into the portal itself. But the portal is not
    functional at this time.
    <The Forge & Tartarus>
    Swimming glitch: if you want to explore Tartarus/Gates of Tisiphone, Aphrodite's
    Chamber, Poseidon's Chamber, Daedalus' Study, Olympian Gardens, The Caverns and
    so on while swimming, you ought to do swimming glitch here in the same way as
    detailed earlier on in the FAQ (reach the water tunnel under The Forge outside
    bounds, hit the water surface, then just swim out).
    Note 1: if you do this swimming glitch at this stage of the game, the portal to
    Aphrodite will NOT let you through at first for some reason. So you have to get
    behind/next to the portal (while out-of-bounds) and hit a certain trigger while
    avoiding another. Only then will the game let you get through the portal! But
    once you do that - strangely - the game will let you go through back and forth
    like normal.
    Note 2: if you want to take this swimming glitch beyond the Daedalus Study, I
    recommend going there before getting swimming glitch and pulling the lever.
    Namely because Kratos gets stuck if he pulls levers while swimming.
    1, findlestick's first vid
    2, findlestick's second vid
    Random (swimming): as you enter the door to Tartarus - Hephaestus unloads the
    instant the door is closed. This was discovered thanks to swimming glitch.
    Wasted glitch potential: the watery looking textures behind the chest and other
    areas do not count as 'water', so getting swimming glitch by using them is not
    Other (swimming): if you have swimming glitch activated and the undead soldiers
    try to "pack rush" and grab Kratos, they comically bounce off him due to Kratos'
    swimmingness. The Centaur also never tries to engage Kratos in the mini-game due
    to this.
    <Gates of Tisiphone>
    Wasted glitch potential (swimming): if you have swimming glitch activated, it's
    not possible to get the area behind the door/puzzle to load without at least
    starting the puzzle. Which cannot be done while Kratos is swimming, he will not
    R1 the chains. However a way was later found to open the gates and then return
    to this area with swimming glitch intact, this is covered later on below just
    after "Forge re-visit'...
    Other: findle has reported to have breached the Gates of Tisiphone by high
    jumping and then Alt-Jet Dashing around from on top of the chests on the upper
    left hand side of the puzzle. It looked like the next area was loaded but he
    fell out-of-bounds and has not been able to replicate it since.
    Other: re-visiting Cronos with swimming glitch
    It's possible to return to Cronos after having offed him once... only to find
    him alive and well! The procedure itself is detailed below, in the section The
    Forge re-visit, but the unique and bewildering effects this exploit has on
    Cronos are detailed here.
    Once you reach Gaia's hand, you will see Cronos suddenly appear standing far
    in the background (his back towards the previous savepoint). He stands there
    inactively asides from just panting, you can swim to him and explore him.
    Inbetween his feet there are 4 orbs floating in nothingness, one of the orbs
    has - what look like - shadows of human souls on it, another orb looks similar
    to planet Earth, and another has a blue flame shooting out of it. None of these
    orbs have R1 prompts (unlike some other out-of-bounds objects in this game, f.e
    at Hercules battle and outside Daedalus).
    You will also hear the sound of Onyx breaking mysteriously when you get near
    Gaia's hand. It also happens each time you restart from the hand checkpoint.
    When activating the R1 prompt, the cutscene with Cronos will start...but
    sometimes you actually see - normally unseen footage - of Crono's face close up
    before he picks up Gaia's hand. It looks kinda creepy since you are not
    expecting it, and especially since his face slowly emerges out of a totally
    black background. It's almost as if you have caught the game with "it's pants
    down" as it's preparing Cronos for the start of his cutscene.
    Unfortunately the game won't let you progress beyond the first mini-game with
    Cronos while having swimming glitch, because you can't activate Head of Helios
    when Kratos is in his swimming state…so you get stuck until restart.
    You can also re-visit Cronos without swimming. So what happens is that Kratos
    can get past that Head of Helios part, only to find out that Cronos lacks
    collision... Kratos will fall down the instant the cutscenes are over. After a
    while Kronos shifts into - what looks like - his next phase, but by then Kratos
    is down near his feet and stuck there.
    1, findlestick's vid (revisiting while swimming):
    2, findlestick's vid (revisiting without swimming):
    Wasted glitch potential: At the first phase of Cronos' arm (below his wrist),
    you can do a Jet Dash towards the Camera just as his arm becomes vertical. You
    actually leave his wrist completely but at this date it does seem that you can't
    skip to a next section, or to return to a previous section (Before Cronos).
    Speed strategy: You can "Jet/collision ascension" up between Cronos' fingers as
    he brings them down to "squash you like a pest" so that you are at the top of
    his fingers as soon as his hand has come down.
    1, findlestick's vid:
    Wasted glitch potential: At the first swinging grapple, you can swing and Jet
    Dash and go behind that belt (with the onyx section). There is walkable
    collision there, and you can use it as a battle exploit by killing the enemies
    that are on the other side of it, while being totally safe. Unfortunately, after
    you kill them it seems - at this date - impossible to return to the other side
    due to invisible walls of collision.
    Other: If you Jet Dash away from Cronos' palm before Cronos splats them
    together. Kratos will appear from in between Cronos' palms, no matter how far
    away Kratos was at the time of Cronos smacking his palms together.
    1, findlestick's vid:
    Wasted glitch potential: There is walkable collision above Cronos' shoulder that
    you can CG high jump to. From there you can walk around behind the metal areas
    on Cronos' shoulder. Then you can Jet Dash to Cronos' face where Kratos can walk
    around and inside of Cronos' face.
    1, findlestick's vid:
    Wasted glitch potential: If you can get past the blue onyx on Cronos' chin, you
    can walk on Cronos' face early (you then get a funny view of Cronos' mouth and
    nose). But there is no chance of sparing Cronos at this date by doing this.
    Other: as Cronos is dying and doing a faceplant, if you Jet Dash you can end up
    flying over the blue onyx stones and the cutscene trigger of Hephaestus making
    Kratos the Whip. Later on Aphrodite's Chamber's door also lacks a R1-prompt.
    (c: 0ZAZU)
    1, findlestick's vid:
    <The Forge re-visit>
    Sequence break (NG+): it's possible to leave through the portal and skip the
    cutscene where Kratos takes the whip. It can be done by High Jumping/Jet Dashing
    over the 'electric post' on the right (one of the posts that you normally
    electrify to kill Hephaestus). From there you can do a Death-collision jump up
    to the platform and enter Aphrodite's Chamber. (It might also be possible to get
    up to that platform by doing a Sorrow Jump over the electric post on the right
    of screen).
    Note: If you then want to leave Aphrodite's Chamber through the door near the
    savepoint, you must get swimming glitch at the Forge first because the door
    has no R1 prompt at this stage. However all of this is useless for any speedrun
    because it all takes way too long to do.
    If you then re-enter the Forge, the game unloads the Hephaestus-giving-Kratos-
    the-whip phase, and instead reloads an earlier phase of Hephaestus. This also
    reloads Tartarus (for the most part) behind the door that has the Hades emblem.
    It's then possible to get beyond that door and enter Tartarus if you have
    swimming glitch activated. From there it is possible to swim through the Gates
    of Tisiphone and reload Cronos again after already having killed him.
    1, findlestick's vid:
    Infinite red orbs: as Hephaestus is handing you the Whip, don't pick it up.
    Instead go and save. Now, each time you retry there's a stream of orbs flying at
    you, and you can touch the save point between retries to keep the orbs every
    single time too. You make a little under 100 orbs per each retry, so it's not
    a super fast method of getting infinite orbs, but practically effortless.
    Something like this can happen at Labyrinth as well... wonder what causes it?
    Other: if you fail the QTE and Kratos gets electrified, you can keep delaying
    the inevitable by turning Hades' Helm on again and again. The Whip will move on
    its own over Kratos' fried corpse if you continue this long enough.
    Wasted glitch potential: You can get regenerating magic at the Nemesis Rage
    tutorial by CG high jumping out of the tutorial. Unfortunately, you get stuck
    with the Whip for the rest of the game, meaning that you won't be able to break
    any onyx at areas that it is required in order to progress.
    1, findlestick's vid
    Speedrun strategy: Instead of opening the door that leads to Daedalus' Study,
    you can Jet Dash left through the wall. This will leave you inside the end of
    the next hallway and you save a few seconds.
    1, findlestick's vid
    <Daedalus' Study>
    Wasted glitch potential: Under rare circumstances, the ballista can become
    completely dislodged from the ground. It can then be moved around freely around
    the room and even pushed into one of the portals, this has no effect on the
    ballista. Many untested possibilities open up. Are there any further glitching
    possibilities using this? What happens if you drag the ballista back out of the
    Study and fire it around near the bridge? Or firing it directly from in front of
    the Portal at ground level like it is not supposed to happen? Or drag the
    ballista around while the rope is already through the portals?
    1, K3V408's vid
    Other: you can reach the yellow portal which you'd normally reach with Boots
    with a Severe Judgment high jump.
    Collision flaw: at the upper balcony with a switch, there's some strange
    collision to the sides of the portal.
    Other: it's possible to get out of bounds in at least 5 areas in the Study.
    1. Sorrow Jumping over the yellow portal at the top. (could use better
    directions. §)
    2. Rolling next to the golden chest that is at the upper left of screen.
    3. Making Kratos jump and land on some pots that are to the left hand side
    of the blue portal that is right of screen. If you jump on those pots and
    spam X, it's possible (but extremely difficult) to get Kratos out-of-bounds,
    left of the column that's there.
    4. Grabbing a secret ledge above the gate with the Zeus seal.
    5. Grabbing a secret ledge on the height next to the small steps to the right.
    Basically get Kratos between the steps and the table with candles on it, and
    do a very light jump forward to have Kratos grab the ledge. From there you can
    Jet Dash out of bounds.
    1, AKheon's vid of the entry number 4:
    2, for entry number 5, see findlestick's video below.
    Sequence break: by using most of the above OoB methods, it's possible to go
    and reach Gardens early from a wrong direction using Jet Dash.
    The Gardens aren't located where you'd expect them to be if you want to go
    there via OoB. You should Jet Dash heavily to the left of the Daedalus' Study
    instead. It's not too difficult to find it since you'll eventually see the
    lush background graphics of the Gardens that way.
    1, findlestick's video
    Wasted glitch potential: the puddles of water on the ground are not 'proper'
    water, so you cannot get swimming glitch when you touch it out-of-bounds.
    Random (swimming): if you have swimming glitch activated and go out-of-bounds to
    the left of the Daedalus study, you will see a strange geometric 'Green house'
    floating in nothingness. It has an angled roof structure, plus what look like
    handles on all sides. To top it off it has 4 geometric cones attached on all
    sides of it. This house shimmers oddly as if it's graphics were bordering on
    being 'unstable'.
    1, findlestick's vid:
    Random: if you have swimming glitch activated and go out-of-bounds to the
    right/back of the Daedalus study, you will see two extremely large geometric
    golden pillars that resemble 'cricket stumps'. The large golden pillars on the
    left have a functional R1 prompt at it's very top, it you activate this prompt,
    those pillars (on the left) suddenly rise up all on their own complete with an
    actual cutscene.
    The golden pillars on the right do not have an R1 prompt, but should you
    approach it, you will suddenly get a cutscene of what looks like an old video
    tape glide through the air towards the Daedalus Study. We have no idea what
    functions all these mysterious objects serve, it would be interesting to chat
    with a game designer/developer to find out what these objects do. If you are a
    game designer/developer please contact us so we can have some idea. (If you
    worked on the GoW series...even better!)
    1, findlestick's vid:
    Other: if you have swimming glitch activated and Kratos is in the neutral
    'Sled-riding' pose, and then goes through the blue portal that is at the
    lower/right of screen. He will emerge from the upper/right portal doing a
    'rope-climbing' animation and he will then stay in that rope-climbing pose. He
    will then swim around in this position...but every now and then he will actually
    do his rope climbing animation while swimming around.
    1, findlestick's vid:
    <Olympus Gardens>
    Random: after sliding down the pole and going further into the corridor, the
    previous area unloads. At this point you can go and get back on the pole using
    a high jump... but it seems you can't go out of bounds here since the walls
    enclosing the pole are still too high.
    Other (swimming): if you have swimming glitch activated, go to the end of the
    hallway that leads to the Olympian Gardens and then go right. If you do, there
    is a massive 3D area of lush looking green trees and mountains that can be
    explored. This area is easily 10 to 15 times larger than the actual Olympian
    Gardens itself! As you swim through it, it feels exactly as if you are in a
    totally different God of War game... (maybe Kratos is having a 'lucid dream'?)
    1, findlestick's vid:
    Cutscene skip: you can skip the 22-seconds long cutscene which shows you a
    general view of the place by jumping over it. This is possible on NG without
    upgrades or Whip as well if you use "slightly higher double jump" followed by
    a RoS jump and Jet Dashing.
    1, AKheon's vid of doing this skip on NG:
    Cutscene skip and other glitches: a Tale of Two Heras
    After much headache, a way to skip the first Hera cutscene was finally found. Do
    Sorrow Jump towards the left-side corner that forms as the corridor ends and the
    outdoors area begins. Keep Jet Dashing towards the corner. Eventually, Kratos
    clips through and with Jet Dash reaches the garden safely. This is very
    difficult or at least seemingly random to do...
    You don't have to worry about having to skip Hera's Chalice scene, because it
    doesn't occur like this. Consequently, it means that the bizarre way of skipping
    this Garden (has its own chapter later on) is not available if you do this.
    Now you are able to do some never-before-seen glitches at the Garden as well.
    For one, you have two Hera models: the one at the entrance, and another at the
    second half of the garden. You can move the first model around by pushing it
    (doing Cestus magic towards it, for example), but it's arduous. And the camera
    angles at the Satyr corridor are totally atrocious. Regardless, if you manage
    to push the first model all the way to the bowl which you will eventually have
    to dump Hera's corpse into, it too will get a circle prompt above its head.
    Congratulations, there are now two corpses you can carry around... Strangely
    enough, the first model can't be dumped into the bowl because an invisible wall
    near the bowl blocks it. You can also push the first model to the exit of the
    Garden, but not much can be done there.
    You could also try to glitch the cutscene itself, although you don't have much
    to work with because if you didn't activate a certain trigger at the stairway
    leading to the cutscene (before doing this skip!), Kratos just freezes but no
    cutscene ever starts. Same thing happens if you wander too far inside the garden
    before activating the trigger. Also, skipping this scene causes no enemies to
    spawn, so you can't try to glitch things with them either.
    1, "tale of two Heras", AKheon's vid:
    Random: if you have swimming glitch activated, go high above the Olympian
    Gardens. You will see 5 sets of bizzare geometric golden loops rotating into
    each other in a very interesting way. Oh... and there is also a corpse floating
    high up in mid air all by itself nearby aswell. (Note: These object are there
    only sometimes, I think they appear/disappear when certain triggers are
    Incidently...the corpse is located at the same area that Kratos gets teleported
    to (initially) when he is broken out from the cutscene where he picks up Hera's
    1, findlestick's vid:
    Random: if you have swimming glitch activated and explore underneath the
    Olympian Gardens, you will see some white block-like objects that look like
    discarded game-design elements.
    1, findlestick's vid:
    Cutscene skip: you can skip the cutscene of Kratos picking up Hera's Chalice by
    doing a CG high jump or JJ using one of the enemies that spawn nearby. If you
    extend the jump using bow height gain, you can get to the yard with the ladder
    using this trick.
    1, AKheon's vid
    Sequence break: strange way to skip Olympus Gardens
    Due to a very odd glitch which occurs if Kratos is hit by an enemy during the
    pre-scripted Hera's Chalice cutscene, you can completely skip this area without
    problems. In order to set up the glitch, you got to first skip Hera's Chalice
    cutscene, then approach its trigger from the "wrong side". The enemies that
    spawn will follow you all the way to the cutscene area, giving you a chance to
    start this glitch. Ok, so once Kratos is hit, he will re-appear at a completely
    different area (long before the camera even shows his new location). The place
    Kratos ends up at may be the unloaded Study you passed through earlier. Kratos
    will stay put for the remainder of the cutscene, but the first attack you do
    afterwards has Kratos turn slanted indefinitely! Definitely strange.
    The best use for this strange state is doing Crushing Strike (air) using the
    Cestus - Kratos begins flying horizontally, and very conveniently almost towards
    The Caverns entrance. This flight lasts endlessly, so you got to cut it off
    using Rage of Sparta. From there Jet Dashing to The Caverns entrance is not a
    big deal.
    1, AKheon's original vid:
    2, Findlestick's vid showing this trick from a clearer angle:
    Speed strategy: you can get on the bridge early by doing a Severe Judgment jump
    (and Dashing). From on top of the bridge, you can avoid opening the gate and
    climbing the ladder there by jumping over an invisible wall towards the
    background. You can end up all the way to the area where the first bowl is.
    Speedrun Strategy: You can completely skip the Satyr battle simply by high
    jumping/dashing over the loading trigger. And the Satyrs never load. 
    A quicker way is to get youself stuck behind the green chest before the Satyr
    section. This will cause you to be pushed through the wall and directly to the
    pushable button that's on the ground.
    1, AKheon's vid of the second way:
    Trigger skip: after passing Satyrs, the cutscene in which the gate closes behind
    you can be jumped over.
    Sequence break: skipping the rest of Olympus Gardens
    Push the moving pedestal towards a wall so that the high end is against the
    wall. The game may allow Kratos to get through the wall this way. Doing this
    near the exit allows you to just jump to the pathway that leads you to the next
    area. Note: it's recommended to retry from checkpoint once you reach the
    pedestal, or else Hera's death scene may suddenly start playing when you are
    trying to exit. It isn't dangerous, and it doesn't always happen, but it wastes
    time if it does.
    1, AKheon's vid
    Other: If you skipped triggering the cutscene on the pushable button earlier,
    you can trigger it by putting Hera on it at this stage. This causes a
    contradiction in the game, resulting in a 'Dali-inspired' bizzare cutscene. You
    see Kratos drop Hera, but he retains his arm up as if he was still carrying her
    with Hera's massive minigame circle rotating before Kratos' face. Kratos has a
    bizzare/unnatural look on his face, almost as if hypnotised. At that stage you
    see Hera's cup float about all on its own, as well as the green stone. The
    cutscene that reveals the puzzle layout has all its green effect missing, and if
    you make Kratos walk around, he does so, but with his arm up as if he was
    holding Hera. If you then pick Hera up, Kratos carries her for a while but then
    he freezes and drops her, at that stage Hera's body drags itself along the
    floor - seemingly - all on its own.
    1, findlestick's vid:
    Other: early Hera's corpse
    The trigger for the idly sitting Hera model to appear to the main yard is in
    the next doorway from the pedestal. Somehow activate a checkpoint and after
    retry, Hera will have died for no reason. You will have her corpse in the main
    courtyard long before even seeing her death cinematic. Note that once you finish
    filling up the first bowl, the corpse disappears again (only to re-appear after
    viewing Hera's death cinematic).
    Speed strategy: you can use the pedestal to push Hera's corpse around at a
    higher-than-normal speed.
    Wasted potential: you can get Hera's corpse on top of the small square stand
    right next to the last bowl you are supposed to fill (this is before the bowl
    has moved its location). Unfortunately, getting her into the bowl may be
    impossible... so close, but so far. Also, you can't get Hera's corpse on top of
    the moveable pedestal using the green view - when the green view ends, the
    corpse just falls down to the ground, as if it had been laying on nothing.
    Other: after doing things out of order for a long time, messing around with the
    set, the gate at the end of the first bridge turned invisible.
    Other: after putting Hera into the bowl, she can't be grabbed and carried around
    again. ...unless you go to the last save and make a checkpoint and return. You
    can drop her out of the bowl, but aside that she won't move an inch. The game
    must've thought her still in the bowl.
    Other: If you skipped the Hera's Chalice cutscene earlier and then activate the
    green effect, you can skip the trigger/cutscene where Kratos breaks the green
    crystal by using the "strange" Olympus Puzzle skip (detailed above). You get to
    see Kratos cross the harpy chasm while the green effect is still activated.
    However, the effect goes away the instant you reach the other side of the chasm.
    1, findlestick's vid
    Speedrun Strategy: You can Jet Dash over the large Harpy Crossing chasm. This
    is faster than using the Harpies.
    1, findlestick's vid
    Sequence break: you can skip using the crank to open up the gate made of blocks
    by doing a perfect height Sorrow Jump.
    An alternative method that even works on NG is to use a Harpy that flies high
    enough. Get it close to the gate, then jump off it to grab a ledge near the top
    of the gate. Climb over, and you can Jet Dash even deeper into the area to save
    extra time.
    1, nanospheres' vid of using Sorrow Jump:
    1, findlestick's vid of using a Harpy:
    <The Caverns part 2>
    Wasted glitch potential: You can get out-of-bounds and under the platform at the
    rotating wooden cog. This can be done by doing a normal jump onto the wooden
    cog, then another jump in the same direction. From there you can jump to the
    wooden platforms that are above and to the sides of the cog, and from there
    glide to left of screen. Once there you can jump/glide to under the platform,
    but nothing is loaded yet below it.
    Untested: after riding the elevator down, it's possible to get over the walls
    using Sorrow Jump (and maybe other high jumps). You could probably Jet Dash and
    cut a few corners, but to what extent without skipping important loading
    triggers, it's hard to say.
    Sequence break: you can skip the intro cutscene and the ensuing fight with
    Cyclops by Jet Dashing straight to the corridor with the save point.
    1, satvara's vid
    Sequence break: you can skip straight to Skorpius by doing a pretty crazy
    manouver using long Jet Dashes and levitation glitch. First get to where you
    meet Daedalus. Then start levitation glitch against one of the corners of the
    ledge, and after gaining a lot of height you can Jet Dash to the entrance where
    you come to the Skorpius fight from.
    1, findlestick's vid
    Skip: you can Jet Dash over the large hall without having to fill it with water.
    Swimming glitch: you can start swimming glitch here. First fill the hall with
    water, then roll behind the right chest - this is easiest with Whip roll. From
    there do double jumps against the wall to the right to breach it. Now you can
    Glide and hit the water from out of bounds and start swimming glitch.
    1, AKheon's original vid:
    Other (swimming): if you have swimming glitch activated, It's possible to
    trigger the Cyclops fight followed by making the boxes move by activating the
    R1 prompt nearby that makes the boxes move (at the battle that is normally
    after Skorpius). The Cyclops then lose their AI as their boxes - along with
    them - get transported to a totally different area. But this is not recommended,
    because you will not be able to fight the Scorpion later, because the Skorpius
    box has been moved before the fight has taken place.
    If you start fighting Skorpius after the box has been moved, the fight glitches
    up before it even has a chance to begin. The Skorpius Spawn that appear keep
    falling and dying as soon as they appear, and soon Skorpius itself emerges.
    It tries to grab Kratos, but then they both suddenly freeze in mid-air.
    It's possible to try fighting Skorpius without swimming glitch as well with
    the box absent. Just flying to the box, Kratos dies during the cutscene where
    Skorpius Spawn appear and you finally get the game over screen after Skorpius
    appears. With very precise maneuvering you can start the fight but make it to
    safely on solid ground... this allows Kratos to stay alive as the fight starts!
    But this variation is doomed also, as Kratos dies for seemingly no reason when
    Skorpius tries to grab him. Since you became checkpointed, you are now stuck and
    die almost instantly each time you retry.
    1, findlestick's vid of Cyclops fight glitches:
    2, findlestick's vid of fighting Skorpius with the box absent (swimming):
    Sequence break: skip Skorpius
    It took a while, but there is finally a working tactic to skip Skorpius in a
    NG run. Unfortunately it only works on PS4 so far, but it's something at least.
    Activate swimming glitch in this area like you'd normally do when first arriving
    there. After that, go and activate the prompt above Daedalus. On PS3 this will
    crash the game, but on PS4 it just causes some wide-scale graphical corruptions.
    After that, backtrack to the rope near where you see the chatting with Daedalus
    cutscene to hit a loading trigger. Follow the rope to the first platform before
    the grapple points to hit a checkpoint. At this point you should restart game
    and reload the last auto-save to prevent the game crashing later on.
    After re-loading the game, go and activate the Daedalus switch again. Now the
    Labyrinth will form for real, and you can just proceed to go in there, skipping
    practically everything in The Caverns, including Skorpius. (c: findlestick)
    1, findlestick's vid:
    Skips: you can high jump over the trigger which shows you around the darkened
    room. It's possible for you to continue Jet Dashing from the heights to skip the
    dark walkway. Not sure how close to the exit you can get to by Jet Dashing from
    here. §
    Speedrun Strategy: on the platform that you use Hermes' Boots to climb a short
    wall, there is a piece of collision that should makes Kratos levitate up into
    the skies if he Glides against it. From the heights you can Jet Dash over the
    door to the next area saving maybe a second.
    The piece of collision that makes Kratos levitate is located on the front of the
    platform that is facing the camera. Just to note that once you levitate, it's
    possible to get to the box where Skorpius is while out-of-bounds. But this is
    very tricky because the loading triggers are in areas that are difficult to get
    1, findlestick's vid
    Random (swimming): if you swim to the chain that Kratos will fly upwards during
    the Skorpius fight, camera angle will change respectively. Kratos is also tied
    down close to the chain by an invisible wall of collision, and you get stuck.
    Too bad there don't seem to be any triggers here that would help skip Skorpius.
    Other: Kratos is teleported inside the Skorpius fight arena as the boss appears.
    Speed strategy: before breaking the first 3 of its legs, weaken the other 3
    considerably as well because in the second part of the fight it flees often and
    there is less luck involved if the remaining legs don't have full HP.
    Other: sometimes one of Skorpius' legs that has a broken onyx appears visually
    as if it still had onyx on it. It's just a random graphical glitch.
    Random: to further add to the frustration caused by this boss fight, if you're
    too close to Skorpius when it turns around and flees during the second phase,
    you may get pushed through the floor and fall to your untimely demise.
    <The Caverns backtrack>
    Other: if you Alt-Jet Dash directly to the first box ride box without using the
    grapples on the way, you can activate it like normal. But this way no enemies
    will spawn during the box ride.
    1, findlestick's vid:
    Sequence break: you can skip the box rides after defeating Skorpius by doing an
    intricate jump. First, use the vent to get to the higher platform. From there,
    jump towards the lower left side of the big box that is blocking your view. Drop
    down fairly low to avoid getting hit by insta-death collision, then Jet Dash to
    the boxes.
    Note: if you skipped The Caverns intro earlier, you'll have to re-skip it now!
    Just jump over the floor before where the corridor starts and this should do it.
    1, AKheon's vid
    Other (swimming): If you engage the second grapple while having swimming glitch
    activated, Kratos will get stuck at the 3rd grapple with arms and legs flailing
    uselessly. (Looks very comical).
    1, findlestick's vid:
    Sequence break (swimming): skip meeting Daedalus
    You can start swimming glitch in the hall with two branching paths after
    defeating Skorpius to skip meeting Daedalus and also cut a few corners during
    the upcoming platforming section. A nice time save, and as an added bonus, you
    can activate the Daedalus cutscene after the Labyrinth is complete for some
    graphical oddities.
    Note that after activating the R1-prompt which constructs the Labyrinth, Kratos
    will not be transported to the Labyrinth entrance automatically since he is
    swimming. He has to manually swim there instead once the cutscene is done. It's
    not a big deal, but it wastes some seconds, and it will be difficult to navigate
    to the entrance if you move the wrong way and lose orientation of your
    Another warning: this sequence break can lead to a softlock or a crash. I think
    it can be avoided by exiting the room where you start swimming glitch near the
    back-left (close to the switch that lowers the metal grating). But it could use
    some more tests to be sure.
    On PS4 this skip does not crash the game even if you do it the wrong way. You
    instead get some impressive looking graphical glitches as a result.
    1, AKheon's original swimming & cutscene glitch vid:
    2, AKheon's fast setup for the skip (NG):
    3, vulcairn's video of graphical glitches on PS4:
    Other (swimming): the area of Labyrinth is a whole new level which is loaded
    far outside the map, but on PS4 you can swim there early if you know the rough
    direction. It's kind of hard to explain in words, but it's a fair distance to
    the background and little up from the Caverns entrance to the Labyrinth.
    1, nanospheres' vid of showing the route to reach there:
    2, findlestick's vid of sightseeing:
    Random (swimming): turning of the room ends swimming glitch.
    Battle exploit: you can jump over the barrier and defeat your enemies from
    complete safely. That is, if you can reach them from there.
    1, AKheon's vid
    Sequence break: you can skip the 2nd room of the Labyrinth by going out of
    bounds using a bizarre physics glitch that tosses Kratos around. From there,
    if you Jet Dash to correct directions, you can reach either the corridor
    past 1st room or even to Pandora herself.
    Better instructions coming soon...
    1, findlestick's vid of the oldest version of the skip:
    2, findlestick's vid of v2 and v3 of the skip:
    3, findlestick's vid of the best version of this skip:
    Wasted glitch potential: it's possible to high jump on top of the doors which
    open and close at the end of the long corridor after 2nd room, but it isn't of
    much help in this instance.
    Reaching the areas above early (using infinite death floor jump for example)
    is possible, but Pandora never materializes there, getting you stuck in the
    last room of the Labyrinth. As a funny bonus the "Hope" cutscene is glitched
    with no background graphics or Pandora nowhere to be seen.
    1, findlestick's vid of getting to the above areas early:
    Sequence break: skip 3rd and 4th Labyrinth rooms
    From the 3rd romo, it's possible to get out of bounds and Jet
    Dash straight to the corridor past the 4th room to where the Heart of Labyrinth
    save is. First use Hermes' Boots to climb the wall, then do a high jump towards
    the wall on your left. There is a secret ledge there, using which you can jump
    through the ceiling. Jet Dash towards the background and to the right to reach
    the bridge leading to Pandora early. As a funny bonus, Pandora is invisible in
    the upcoming cutscene if you did this.
    1, AKheon's vid
    <Heart of the Labyrinth>
    Infinite red orbs: you can do a very slow infinite red orbs glitch here. After
    having broken the onyx leading to Pandora's room, return and save at the save
    point. Now, every time you retry you get a bunch of orbs from the broken onyx,
    and if you create a new checkpoint by touching the save you get to keep them
    too. But this is literally only 8-30 orbs per retry, so you have to spend a
    while to get a noteworthy amount of orbs.
    Wasted speed strategy: it's possible to open up the small hatch during the fight
    with Gorgons and soldiers, but Pandora is not going to enter before the fight is
    Other: Once you've pulled the crank and Pandora has entered the hatch, Kratos
    will remain in that pose if you keep R1 held, even tho the room has changed and
    the crank is no longer there.
    Other: At the end of the battle with the Gorgons and co, you can get yourself
    trapped in the cage with Pandora by rolling quickly into the cage instantly
    after Pandora has entered it.
    Other: if you're too late in letting Pandora out of the cage that is being
    penetrated by large blades, you get game over (unsurprisingly). The game counts
    the cutscene in which Pandora is exiting the cage as time she is in danger, so
    you might fail even though she gets scot-free!
    Wasted glitch potential: The instant you've pulled the crank and Pandora has
    escaped the puzzle, you can make Kratos roll inside the trap that Pandora has
    just left. The blades in the trap don't harm Kratos in any way. He can even
    climb around inside the trap. Unfortunately (at this date), you can't get to the
    next room from inside there to see if there are any speedrun/exploit potentials.
    From inside the trap you can only backtrack to Pandoras cage, and as amusing as
    it is to see some graphical glitches...you get stuck!
    Out of bounds: it's possible to get Kratos to climb on the other side of the
    long ladder leading up to the Pandora water trap (so he will be climbing
    out-of-bounds). It can happen by accident, but it can also be done on purpose.
    To do it, simply make Kratos jump back from the upper section of the ladder into
    a descending Ladder Jump (so drop down to the lower section of the ladder while
    Kratos does his Ladder Jump animation). When the camera angle changes to show
    the bottom section of the ladder, Kratos will breach the collision of the ladder
    if you spam L1 while pressing Kratos against the ladder (during the Ladder Jump
    Wasted skip potential (NG+): skipping water trap room
    Do the out of bounds glitch mentioned above. Once you are climbing on the
    out-of-bounds side of the Ladder, doing an ascending Ladder Jump will make
    Kratos rise up and skip the trigger that normally loads the upper section of the
    ladder. Most of the time Kratos will then grab a ledge and end up walking around
    on the top of the box belonging to the the lower section of the ladder. If you
    then walk to the right/towards camera and do a high jump into Jet Dash, its
    possible to reach the next savepoint that you normally get to after completing
    the Pandora water trap puzzle (using death-collision jump). However, it's of no
    use because Pandora can't get to the next chamber since you leave her behind,
    getting you stuck.
    Interestingly, it turns out that the upper area of the ladder is actually to the
    upper right of the lower section of the ladder...if that makes sense?
    1, findlestick's vid of the skip and the glitched Hope-cutscene:
    Other: two Pandoras and other oddities
    By doing things in the wrong order, you can have two Pandoras appear in the
    water trap room! First skip to the corridor after water trap room after the
    Gorgon fight, then enter water trap room and activate the prompt that turns
    the room around. One Pandora appears out of nothing in the middle of the room
    and falls down to the rotating blades below.
    Then, if you leave the water trap room you can go to the room's entrance and
    hit another trigger that loads yet another Pandora to appear - she too falls
    down to the rotating blades.
    If you now leave the water trap room again and backtrack to the smaller blade
    trap after the Gorgon fight, there is no one inside the cage as the blades
    start descending. You can hold the little door open, but there is no Pandora
    to escape from the trap, and thus you automatically fail the trap at the end
    and get a game over.
    1, findlestick's vid:
    Wasted potential: if you activate the final R1-prompt of the water trap room
    early, it changes color but nothing else happens.
    Collision flaw: at the lower edge of the water trap, there's a small ledge
    Kratos can stand on, or accidentally pass through the wall to become trapped
    with Pandora! It's the easiest to hit with a SJ jump to a quick Dash.
    While inside the trap, you can't pick up Pandora. If you do get inside when the
    water is flowing, you have less room to move, with an invisible ceiling right
    over you. Maybe it is the platform the swimming pandora rests on?
    1, AKheon's vid:
    Speed strategy: using the same collision flaw, it's possible for you to finish
    this puzzle room using an alternative route. The correct position is pretty hard
    to hit, but you can potentially save maybe up to 20 secs of time and cause a few
    glitches in the process.
    First, you skip pulling the platform away from the wall, and the cutscene in
    which water flows into the trap. Yes, the timed section of the puzzle never
    begins this way and Pandora doesn't drown no matter how long you wait here.
    Later on this causes some graphical glitches of Pandora inside the box, and
    at the very end she strangely ends up fainting on top of the box... Because of
    Pandora's strange location, you break out of the scene in which Kratos talks to
    her afterwards and can move during this short time.
    Like in the Oracle skip of GoW 1, you can still hear the sound loop of the
    victim's shouts of help even after you've saved her, making light of the whole
    situation really.
    It's also possible to use this route using Sorrow Jump, which is a far easier
    method. Or if you have infinite health (NG+), you can just land on top of the
    spikes and activate RoS to run to one of the climbing walls and continue from
    1, AKheon's vid
    Speedrun strategy (NG+): you don't need to wait for that large spiked cube to
    drop before climbing on the grapple. Thanks to infinite health, when the cube
    drops on Kratos it just goes through him. And from there Kratos will either
    continue climbing like normally (saving time) or he will 'shake' violently as
    the cube pushes him up through the ceiling in preparation to do the following
    skip featured below...
    Sequence break: water trap room skip
    It's possible to skip the later half of this room on both NG+ or NG. By just
    breaching the wall from the side Pandora is at, you can skip finishing the water
    trap and continue into the "endurance room". However, you should only do this
    after having turned to room upside down, or else Pandora will not teleport to
    Kratos afterwards, getting you stuck.
    The original NG+ method found by findlestick was to let Kratos get crushed
    between the roof and the moving block that has spikes all over it. When Kratos
    is pushed against the roof, he goes out-of-bounds and ends up standing on top of
    the box. From there you just need to double jump followed up by doing a Glide
    towards the background. If done right you will end up at the next savepoint
    before the endurance room.
    A newer, faster and NG-compatible method is to turn the room upside down, then
    jump to the climbing wall to the back. Then jump away from the wall and Glide
    to the left-back side to walk on an invisible ledge. If you jump and do a Dash
    at a correct height, Kratos will mistakenly start climbing the climbing wall
    that's under him from the wrong side, and just like that, you're out of bounds.
    Just Gliding will again suffice to reach the Hope-cutscene and continue from
    1, findlestick's vid of the original NG+ method:
    2, AKheon's vid of NG method:
    Wasted glitch potential: you can Jet Dash above the Hope-cutscene in the next
    corridor after having escaped the water trap early, but you get stuck since you
    need Pandora to press down the button that makes the Endurance room rise up.
    Wasted glitch potential: You can skip the battle trigger for the final fight by
    high jumping onto the rails in front of you at the lowering platform. But since
    the hole for Pandora to crawl through is not revealed at this stage (coupled
    with the fact that Pandora is left behind when doing this) you can not proceed
    and get stuck.
    Other: By high jumping up onto the rails before the final fight (at the lowering
    platform) you can jump up on the roof and do pointless roof grapple climbing.
    Battle exploit: At the final fight, you can jump up to the ledge and be out of
    harms way by doing a CG high jump or JJ. It's best to then drop down behind the
    bars so you can more easily deal damage to enemies while being out of harms way.
    Other: You can get stuck if one of the Wraiths burrows itself up onto one of the
    upper platforms of this area. It can't be killed (most likely) thus causing you
    to restart and do the entire battle again.
    1, MegaCinnamonRoll's vid
    <Top of the Labyrinth>
    Wasted potential: There's the Chain of Balance again, but it seems Kratos
    refuses to climb it yet at this stage.
    <Three Judges backtrack>
    Fight skip: well, skipping most of the fight at least. You can use CG high jump
    on Satyrs to exit the Hades Cerberus Breeder fight early. The rest of the Judges
    area suffers from graphical glitches after this, though everything works
    It's unknown what would be the easiest way to do this skip on NG, where you
    don't necessarily have Whip for doing the CG high jump with.
    1, AKheon's vid
    Wasted potential: it's impossible to return to any of the Hades areas you
    visited near the start of the game. In fact, trying to leave by the exit near
    the rope cross will crash your game. Nothing also happens if you try to swim up
    the chain.
    Speedrun strategy: You can get down to the 3rd Judge's onyx stone by using CG
    high jump or JJ to get over a wall of collision and then Jet Dashing to the
    lower platform, skipping the climbing wall. And you can get down to the chain by
    high jumping over that same Judge's head directly down to the chain base. Now,
    the second time here at The Judges, after breaking the chain there will be a
    short glitched scene of Kratos floating next to the pandora statue wearing his
    Cestus while in a static flying position (loading time?). Then Kratos will
    suddenly be flying up the Icarus vent after a short while.
    Wasted glitch potential: After doing the shortcut above, when you then break the
    chain, there is a short period of time where Kratos is free to move around as
    the next cutscene loads. If you then R1 the savepoint, you will see the chains
    breaking cutscene while in the save menu. After the cutscene has completed,
    Kratos is still near the chain, but the chain is "floating" there without the
    blue sections there.
    There's some more info on this in the first Three Judges section as well.
    1, findlestick's vid
    Random: The flight up takes a lot less time than the flight down...
    <Zeus 2D-match>
    Wasted potential: this arena has a ceiling, so getting out is probably
    impossible, despite the fact that you can get to the very top. Zeus can be
    used for doing Jest Jump, and doing a Death Jump is not out of the question
    either if you can Jet Dash towards the wall with Zeus underneath for long
    1, findlestick's escape attempt using death jump:
    Random: Zeus stops using air attacks after you drop his health down to the
    level where the mini-game prompt activates. Guess the developers thought it
    would be too annoying for you to chase him down if he continued flying around
    the place.
    Other: you can break out of the second mini-game (which ends the fight) by
    casting some damaging Soul right before grabbing Zeus, making the soul hit him
    while Kratos is rushing him towards the wall. More specifically, Zeus becomes
    broken out of the mini-game! Kratos continues running towards the wall for a
    while by himself and the camera becomes glitched, but that's all the good this
    trick is for.
    1, AKheon's vid:
    Other: Maybe due to some loading error, Zeus may become "invisible" during this
    1, ovendonkey186's vid 
    <Destroyed Chambers>
    Other: one of the pillars in the area can be attacked with magic to gain hits.
    This isn't useful in any way, unless you have regen magic and want to build an
    extremely long hit combo effortlessly.
    Other: You can Jet Dash over the trigger which begins the next Zeus fight.
    Nothing interesting happens - Zeus is just a passive model you can push around
    the room with your attacks. If you push him too south, the next cutscene begins
    with him absent, and the entire first fight is spent with him stuck outside the
    There's also some walkable collision on the left and right side of the higher
    area you come from, blocked by rubble. You can go around the rubble with a Jet
    Dash if you're curious.
    1, romvaleri's demonstration
    Random: The first fight is a timed section, and it doesn't matter whether you
    attempt to attack Zeus or not.
    Other: by accident or potentially on purpose, you can get Kratos fall out of
    bounds when the scene shifts into Heart of Gaia. If controlled - pushing Zeus
    outside the arena in the previous fight with him might be a factor - you could
    probably skip some navigating inside the Heart, saving time. However, for most
    people this glitch is an unwanted guest, and they become stuck since they
    become checkpointed outside bounds and always die when this section begins.
    1, Arcaniel's vid
    Wasted potential: it seems that in the small screen before the Fear
    Kratos-sequence walls are too high to cross with known jumps.
    <Fear Kratos>
    Speed strategy: You can move for a few seconds in complete darkness before the
    intro cutscene kicks in.
    Random: If you load the auto-save that begins from this area, you can access
    Start-menu (which you couldn't otherwise). Visiting it reveals that at this
    point Kratos has lost everything of his gear except the Nemean Cestus, Icarus
    Wings and Boots of Hermes.
    Event glitch: If you retry, at the very start of the intro cutscene you have a
    small period of time during which you can do moves, influencing the next section
    slightly. Changing weapons to Nemean Cestus and then trying to attack causes the
    Cestus to appear and get stuck on Kratos' hands, and the lighting around Kratos
    diminishes greatly. It's also possible to get Boots of Hermes on Fear Kratos,
    but trying to use them crashes the game.
    1, AKheon's vid:
    <End game>
    Speed strategy: Stop bashing Zeus' head in after the screen turns red, or else
    the section will continue indefinitely.
    Random: Speedrunners might wonder at this point how are they gonna measure their
    game time in the end. There are no save possibilities and you can't access
    Start-menu to view your time either. Well, here's a solution: load the auto-save
    that begins from the cutscene of fires of hope gleaming in Kratos' eyes. Now you
    can for some reason access Start-menu, and the final time can be seen.
    And of course a RTA doesn't have this problem.
    Other (NG+): using NG+ glitch in Challenges
    If you start NG+ glitch and then enter any of the Challenges, you can take
    all gear and infinite health into a Challenge, usually making them very easy to
    complete in the process. For example the Challenge where Kratos is supposed to
    get stonefrozen X amount of times without dying... with infinite health this
    challenge becomes nearly impossible to fail.
    Some challenges are a special case, though, like Bare Hands. Kratos will not get
    Blades when entering this challenge, but he can change to any other weapon just
    fine. Attacking is finicky, but getting hit by an opponent sometimes unlocks his
    ability to attack back. Rapid Switch into Blades does not work. You can even do
    invisible attacks with Kratos' missing Blades with enough trickery, but any
    triangle moves will crash the game, so this is not advisable.
    1, findlestick's quick vid of NG+ glitch in Challenges:
    Other (NG+): Fear Itself glitches
    If you enter Fear Itself after having done the NG+ glitch, you can attack Fear
    Kratos using some attacks that the game didn't expect you to use against him,
    causing glitchy reactions and other odd stuff to happen.
    The most interesting reaction to note is with Olympus Archer magic, who will
    bounce Fear Kratos high in air. If you then try to shoot at him with normal
    Bow, he'll evade backwards and falls out of bounds, becoming defeated almost
    instantly. (c: AKheon)
    Another particularly strange thing is if you first beat another Challenge while
    falling under the map, then enter Fear Kratos. This causes Fear Kratos to spawn
    with a golden sheen on him, as if he was shined by with Head of Helios. If you
    now parry him, he becomes bounced for no reason every now and then, preventing
    him from doing any reasonable offense towards Kratos. Sometimes it happens so
    rapidly too that Fear Kratos flies in air, never to be seen again.
    Sometimes Fear Kratos can also lose A.I. and only dashes towards Kratos until
    you attack him back.
    1, AKheon's video:
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