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    Tobin's Spirit Guide by prudoff

    Version: 1.2 | Updated: 08/27/09 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    * GAME: Ghostbusters: The Video Game
    * SYSTEM: PC/PlayStation 3/Xbox 360
    * TITLE: Tobin's Spirit Guide: Realistic Game Type
    * VERSION: 1.2 (8/26/2009)
    * AUTHOR: Paul Rudoff
    * E-MAIL: http://www.theraffon.net/~spookcentral/email.htm
    * WEBSITE: http://www.spookcentral.tk
    #################### THIS GUIDE CONTAINS SPOILERS ####################
     1. Introduction
     2. Creature Entries
     3. Cursed Artifacts
     4. Equipment Definitions
     5. Vigo Insults
     6. Revision History
     7. Copyright Notice & Disclaimer
    I have been a Ghostbusters fan since I was a little kid, which is going back
    over 20 years.  I have run a website entitled "Spook Central: The Ghostbusters
    Companion" since August 1996.  I have played just about every Ghostbusters game
    ever made.  I am beyond thrilled that Ghostbusters: The Video Game had been
    made to finally do justice to the franchise.
    All of the descriptions for the various creatures, items, and equipment is what
    officially appears in Tobin's Spirit Guide in the game.  It came from the file
    world\en\global.txt, which is found inside language.pod.  Besides being copied
    to your hard drive when you install the game, language.pod can also be found on
    the game disc of the PC version contained inside setup\data2.cab. Language.pod
    contains all of the text used in the game, along with text transcriptions of
    the audio.
    By the way, when referring to the two major versions of the game, I use this
         * Realistic Version - PC/PlayStation 3/Xbox 360
         * Stylized Version - PlayStation 2/Wii
    I'm telling you this in case I use that terminology elsewhere in this document.
    These are the Tobin's Spirit Guide entries that appear after you've successfully
    scanned a ghost. These are all 52 entries, confirmed by the official game guide.
    (Cruster and Crusto are apparently counted as one entry, otherwise there would
    be 53 entries).
    // Name - Name for Spirit Guide Entries and Rollover Text
    // Class - Ghostbuster Lingo Classification
    // Scan - The message you get on screen during gameplay describing the enemy.
    // Desc - Description for the Spirit Guide.
    Name: Azetlor the Destroyer
    Class: Class VI Elevated Remnant
    Special: Limited Weak Points
    Desc: Azetlor, Keeper of Knowledge, was once a powerful leader in Shandor's
    'Cult of Gozer' and, as a reward for a lifetime of service, was given eternal
    life as a transformed demi-god in the twisted ghostworld plane. Now, Golem-like,
    he clothes himself in a dense 'skin' of environmental debris, that, with the
    addition of his massive reserves of PK energy, makes him a devastating and
    dangerous opponent.
    Name: Beauty Queen Ghost
    Class: Class IV Wandering Possessor
    Special: Possess Bystanders
    Desc: Beauty pageants and parades of all sorts have always been a big part of
    the culture of NYC, and Beauty Queens have been among the city's crowning
    jewels. Beauty Queens hate to be replaced, though, and for some, perching atop
    thrones and waving to the masses is the high point in life. In death, they
    remain desperate for attention, and return to reign and be adored all over
    again in spectral splendor.
    Name: Bellhop Ghost
    Class: Class III Animating Specter
    Desc: While all grand old hotels have their dark secrets, the elegant Sedgewick
    Hotel has them all trumped. Ever since it opened in 1897, the Sedgewick has
    exuded an eerie atmosphere. An inordinate number of guests and staff have met
    untimely ends due to strange accidents and sometimes foul play. Most of them
    stay forever, drawn to an inexorable force that traps them in the Sedgewick's
    many corridors, suites, ballrooms, and service areas.
    The spectral staff takes great care of the Hotel, and don't appreciate
    disturbances other than the ones they create themselves.
    Name: Black Slime
    Class: Class I Caustic Seep
    Scan: Paranormal Substance
    Desc: Black slime is encountered in locations of intersection between the real
    and the ghost worlds. It is a dangerous substance formed of ectoplasm
    super-saturated with negative energy. Black slime is incredibly caustic and will
    cause severe damage to anyone heedless enough to come into contact with it.
    Based on its spectral resonance echo, Black Slime also appears to function as a
    conduit for PKE energy and could, if saturated with enough spiritual energy,
    conceivably act as a ghost portal.
    Name: Black Slime Fiend
    Class: Class V Black Slime Fiend
    Special: Ambusher
    Desc: These humanoid fiends are composed entirely of PKE-saturated black slime.
    Motivated by a seething anger and caustic to the touch, Black Slime Fiends are
    dangerous, if straightforward and unimaginative fighters. But don't be lulled
    by their apparent simplicity! Black Slime Fiends are seldom encountered alone.
    Name: Black Slime Ghost
    Class: Class V Black Slime Floater
    Desc: These entities are unique among Class V ghosts. Unlike other phantoms,
    the ectoplasm that creates the form of these creatures is infused with black
    slime. The resulting hybrid is an exceptionally dangerous enemy that can be
    difficult to overcome.
    Recent developments have indicated that Black Slime Floaters may not be a
    naturally occurring denizen of the ghost world.
    Name: Black Slime Monster
    Class: Class VI Slime Shambler
    Desc: These power brokers hailed from and dominated their respective industries
    in the late 1800's through the mid 1900's. Shandor used his dark abilities to
    help each of them in some state of their careers, and they were indebted to him.
    They came together publicly as trustees of the Natural History Museum, and
    privately misused their influence to help Shandor implement and maintain his
    Mandala throughout the city.
    When each of them died, they returned as guardians to the Mandala. Their
    closeness to Shandor's evil regenerated them as entities made of Black Slime.
    Name: Black Slime Portal
    Class: Class I Transdimensional Conduit
    Scan: Bi-Dimensional Conduit
    Desc: These conduits or dimensional rips provide temporary and highly unstable
    portals between our world and the ghostworld. It is not known if these portals
    are formed in especially dense pockets of black slime or if the portal forms
    first and the black slime follows through the resulting weakened dimensional
    intersection. Either way, these conduits are inextricably tied to black slime
    and the neutralization of surrounding black slime has been known to close the
    black slime portal as well.
    Name: Book Bat
    Class: Class I Inhabiting Swarmer
    Desc: It's a book... but it acts like a bat! They can be very dangerous when
    flocking in swarms. These bat-like minion spirits have been forced into the
    mortal plane where they animate books and tomes. Book Bats often travel in
    swarms and are very territorial, attacking when disturbed. Under some
    circumstances these Class I entities can be coerced or controlled by more
    powerful entities.
    Name: Book Centurion
    Class: Class VI Armored Composite
    Special: Damage Blocking Shield
    Desc: It's not known if the attraction is the books or the actual stored
    knowledge, but these Class VI entities favor the same book and scroll-filled
    locations that Paper Constructs are drawn to. Book Centurions are composed of
    PKE-bonded books and papers, but with a higher book concentration. Most notably,
    however, Book Centurions carry a distinctive shield, a concentrated PKE barrier
    that blocks most directed energy attacks. Fortunately, the Capture Stream can
    still indirectly attack and can be used to tear the shield from the Centurion's
    Name: Book Golem
    Class: Class VI Bi-Dimensional Attractor
    Desc: Golems can bend objects to their will, manipulating them to form portions
    of their own physically manifested form. PK Energy greatly enhances the golem's
    ability to reconstitute damaged or destroyed portions of its 'body'. This golem
    was formed from overly energetic PKE charged books in the Public Library.
    Name: Candelabrum Crawler
    Class: Class II Vermin Imprinter
    Desc: Candelabrum Crawlers are powered by swarming little vermin spirits who
    animate seemingly innocent light fixtures and turn them to sinister purpose.
    These spirits, primarily the imprint of an animal life-force that once existed
    in our physical world, take over simple objects and then force them into a rough
    copy of their original physical form.
    Name: Cemetery Crawler
    Class: Class II Vermin Mimic
    Desc: Cemetery Closely related to Imprinting Vermin Spirits (aka 'Candelabrum
    Crawlers'), like other scuttlers, these class II Vermin Mimics are powered by
    swarming minor spirits that animate gravestones and other funerary monuments.
    Because Cemetery Crawlers are composed primarily of stone, they are more
    resistant to damage than is typical for class II entities and is another reason
    why it is probably best to spend as little time in haunted cemeteries as
    Name: Chef DeForrest
    Class: Class IV Anchored Phantom
    Special: Summons Minions
    Desc: Chef DeForrest was a talented chef on the verge of becoming world-famous.
    The night the restaurant critic came to his restaurant, however, things went
    poorly. In order to avoid a bad review, the intensely paranoid Chef poisoned
    the critic's dessert course. He hid the poison poorly, though, and it
    accidentally found its way into the staff's dinner the following evening.
    The entire staff, including Chef DeForest himself, died horrible and painful
    Like the rest of his staff, Chef DeForrest was imported to NYC and the
    Sedgewick hotel with his kitchen equipment.
    Name: Coal Golem
    Class: Class VI Bi-Dimensional Attractor
    Desc: Golems can bend objects to their will, manipulating them to form portions
    of their own physically manifested form. PK Energy greatly grants the golem the
    ability to reconstitute damaged or destroyed portions of its 'body'. This golem
    was formed from PKE charged coal in the NYC Public Library's furnace room.
    What's so scary about a pile of coal? Nothing until it balls up a massive fist
    and smacks you with it.
    Name: Confederate Ghost
    Class: Class IV Full-Torsoed Specter
    Desc: These ghosts, fighting for Poindexter's Partisan Rangers, were so
    dedicated and focused during their battle that when it ended - with their
    deaths - they failed to realize it. Trained to unerringly follow their
    regimental banner, when that tattered battle flag made its way into the museum's
    collection so did they. Unfortunately, there they encountered other ghosts loyal
    to the Union, and the resulting fight has raged ever since.
    Poindexter's Partisan Rangers evidently believe that the South will rise
    again - even if it takes more than a lifetime.
    Name: Construction Worker Ghost
    Class: Class III Animating Specter
    Desc: Skyscraper and bridge construction crews: brave souls that, since the
    evolution of the Manhattan skyline, have met their fates in terrible accidents.
    They've fallen from great heights, been crushed by swinging steel, drowned in
    vats of setting concrete and scalded by hot pitch.
    The city is built on the bones of these victims of on-the-job construction
    accidents. Now they've all found new careers in deconstruction.
    Name: Cook Ghost
    Class: Class III Animating Specter
    Desc: To avoid a scathing review, the famous French chef DeForrest poisoned a
    food critic's dessert course. Unfortunately he did a poor job of hiding the
    poison and the next night it accidentally found its way into his staff's dinner,
    causing them all horrible and painful deaths.
    When the state-of-the-art kitchen equipment was bought and imported to NY by the
    Sedgewick Hotel, the ghosts of the chef and his now post-mortal staff
    unfortunately came with it.
    Name: Cruster & Crusto
    Class: Class V Telekinetic Animator
    Desc: These animator ghosts never walked the Earth as humans. They are
    ectoplasmic entities that came through inter-dimensional tears to our world.
    These creatures seem to personify sloth and, unlike most ghosts, these Class V
    entities don't seem to operate alone - they almost always seem to be accompanied
    by another of their kind.
    Name: Cultist
    Class: Class III Elevated Remnant
    Desc: Shandor's horde of Gozer worshippers are drawn from around the world.
    Shandor cultivated his minions carefully, drawing followers both from the
    world's most affluent quarters and from the halls of intelligentsia. He promised
    them all stations of power and glory in the new post-Gozer millennia, while
    secretly binding them to his own service in life and afterwards. Though fairly
    powerful entities, these cultists seem to be subservient to other, more
    powerful creatures.
    Name: Cultist Summoner
    Class: Class III Mortal Remnant
    Special: Summoning Ability
    Desc: Once lesser leaders in Shandor's cult, these 'elevated' cultist are now
    part of his paranormal horde of minions. Though they seem to possess elevated
    positions of power over the lesser cultists, these 'Elevated' Cultists are all
    still utterly subservient to Shandor's will.
    Name: Dead Fish Flier
    Class: Class I Inhabiting Swarmer
    Desc: These minor spirits seem to be subservient to a greater entity's will and
    have been driven to protect it by possessing and controlling a variety of fish
    market castoffs. Like other Class I swarmers, Dead Fish Fliers are quick moving
    but fairly weak creatures that, once disrupted, quickly fade back into the
    depths of the ghost world.
    Name: Ectoplasm
    Class: Class I Supernatural Secretion
    Scan: Paranormal Substance
    Desc: A thick, slimy substance, ectoplasm is formed when ghosts interact with
    the physical world. Usually seen as a viscous, mucus-like slime, ectoplasm has
    also been encountered in mist-like and even crystalline forms.
    Name: Ectoplasmic Residue
    Class: Class I Supernatural Secretion
    Scan: Paranormal Substance
    Desc: Ectoplasmic residue identifies areas of paranormal contact or interaction.
    While some ectoplasm can be seen with the naked eye, ectoplasmic residue can
    only be seen while using the PKE Meter-enhanced Paragoggles.
    Name: Flying Skull
    Class: Class I Osteo-Focused Swarmer
    Desc: Skulls are scary, especially when they fly around with glowing eyes and
    try to kill you. These Class I swarmers are drawn strangely but exclusively to
    skulls, real or imitation.
    Like other swarmers, Flying Skulls defend their territory with exceptional
    vigor. It's best not to trespass unless accompanied by a fully-charged Proton
    Name: Grave Fiend
    Class: Class VI Reanimator
    Desc: Known to haunt cemeteries and other, less official bone yards, Grave
    Fiends are semi-sentient, self aware entities whose hatred and anger in life
    now fuels their malicious and highly anti-social behavior in death. Not a
    terribly imaginative or cunning fighter, your average Grave Fiend makes up
    for its simple nature by sheer volume, inhabiting as many interred skeletons
    and bodies as possible.
    These dangerous entities prove that the living dead are not entirely the
    products of a fevered mind or a tired genre.
    Name: Grave Monster
    Class: Class VI Focused Animator
    Desc: Grave Monsters are creatures composed of animated cemetery debris,
    possessed by hellfire and driven by hatred of all things living. These are
    slower moving, but exceptionally powerful creatures.
    Defeating a Grave Monster is not easy. Their accumulated cemetery rubble gives
    them an additional layer of defense, allowing them to soak up a lot more damage
    than commonly expected.
    Name: Hobo Ghost
    Class: Class V Free Roaming Vapor
    Desc: The big city can take a toll on people, especially those on the fringes
    of society, and New York is no exception. Many of its wanderers and outcasts
    have met unfortunate ends and some of those still remain, attempting to extend
    those unfortunate ends to others.
    Name: Imprisoned Juvenile Slor
    Class: Class VII Ectoplasmic Outsider
    Desc: Somehow Shandor's cult, guided by Ivo himself, discovered a way to lure
    a young Slor from its home hell dimension into our world. More impressively
    they also managed to imprison that Slor within a ghostworld pocket at the heart
    of Shandor's island mansion. Fueled by hatred, bile and anger and assisted by
    mechanical monstrosities of Shandor's own design, this captive Slor serves as
    the powerful guardian of the Lost Island's dimension-aligning orrery machinery.
    Name: Keyhead Monster
    Class: Class VI Semi-Merged Attractor
    Desc: Closely related to other bi-dimensional attractors, these golems have
    been bound to a will greater than theirs to serve as sentries tasked to
    eternally guard otherworldly portals and gates.
    Name: Kitchen Flier
    Class: Class I Inhabiting Swarmer
    Desc: These restless spirits have been driven to inhabit and control small
    kitchen utensils. Quick moving but fairly weak, these swarmers' insubstantial
    forms quickly fade back into the depths of the ghost world when dislodged
    from the objects they possess.
    Statistically kitchens are the location of a large number of injuries,
    especially when filled with swarms of attacking utensils.
    Name: Kitchen Golem
    Class: Class VI Bi-Dimensional Attractor
    Desc: Golems can bend objects to their will, manipulating them to form portions
    of their own physically manifested form. PK Energy greatly grants the golem the
    ability to reconstitute damaged or destroyed portions of its 'body.' This golem
    was formed from paranormally compromised items from the kitchen of a restaurant
    located in the Hotel Sedgewick.
    Name: Librarian Ghost
    Class: Class IV Semi-Anchored Entity
    Special: Summons Bookbats
    Desc: Dr. Eleanor Twitty was the head librarian of the New York Public Library
    and overseer of its collection of ancient artifacts, stone tablets, and
    thought-forgotten parchments. In March, 1924, Dr. Twitty went missing. The New
    York Police Department made every effort to find her, including repeated
    room-to-room searches of the underground library stacks where she was last seen,
    but she was never found. Alive, that is.
    Now she wanders the stacks of the New York City Public Library still organizing
    books and keeping louder library patrons shushed with a bony finger to the lips.
    By most appearances she is still the same quaint and genteel-looking woman she
    was in life. Aggravate her, however, and she will transform into a rage-filled
    horror and heaven help you if you have any overdue books.
    Name: Marshmallow Mini
    Class: Class V Manifesting Outworlder
    Special: Spawn of Stay Puft
    Desc: These class V entities are the mischievous spawn of the Stay-Puft
    Marshmallow Man, a not-so-tasty blend of corn syrup, water, gelatin,
    tetrasodium pyrophosphate, and evil.
    Name: Opera Diva Ghost
    Class: Class IV Full-Roaming Phantom
    Desc: In the popular and long-running Broadway adaptation of Wagner's epic
    opera cycle: 'RING!' Brunhilde was sung by world-renowned soprano Carlotta
    Caprizzi in her most famous role. The entire cast was killed when, in a burst
    of thunderous applause near the end of Carlotta's aria, the old and structurally
    questionable stage collapsed underneath them.
    These fat ladies never finished singing.
    Name: Paper Construct
    Class: Class VI Transformed Composite
    Special: Can Teleport
    Desc: Drawn inexplicably to old libraries and archives, these malicious
    apparitions have been known to clothe their insubstantial forms with paper,
    books, tomes, parchments and even ancient scrolls in order to manifest in
    and interact with the mortal world. Paper Constructs seem to be lesser
    manifestations that are controlled by more powerful entities.
    If only print was dead!
    Name: Pappy Sargassi
    Class: Class III Roaming Animator
    Scan: Class III Full-Roaming Animator
    Desc: Descending from a long, proud line of seafarers and fishermen, Pappy
    Sargassi attempted to avoid the notoriously unlucky early deaths on the water
    that plagued his family by pursuing a more landlocked career. In 1950 he
    opened a restaurant, Sargassi's, and attempted to turn his back on the sea.
    In later years, he overcame his fear of the water and took up fishing.
    His family's curse caught up with him or he was the unluckiest fisherman who
    ever lived and he died choking on a fish stick while being eaten by a great
    white shark.
    Name: Possessed Human
    Class: Class III Possessor Host
    Desc: Possessed Humans are innocent bystanders possessed and controlled by
    Class III Possessor ghosts. Slime Blower use will drive Possessor Ghosts out
    of their human victims but beware, its lingering PK resonance is not enough
    to prevent Possessors from re-possessing anyone already slimed.
    Name: Possessed Statue
    Class: Class III Possessor Host
    Desc: Possessor ghosts can also possess and take control of some statuary and
    mannequins and are thus often encountered in a wide variety of museums as well
    as in far more clothing stores than one would reasonably expect.
    Fortunately, possessing an inanimate, nonliving object like a mannequin or a
    statue binds the possessing spirit to that object. Not only is the ghost unable
    to leave, but it is also disrupted when the possessed object is destroyed.
    Name: Possessor Ghost
    Class: Class VII Wandering Possessor
    Special: Possess Bystanders
    Desc: Mrs. Myrnick, a pragmatist with a vision, opened the St. Nicholas
    Rehabilitation Mission for Wayward Angels. The mission took 'fallen' and
    destitute women off the mean streets and cleaned them up, gave them hope,
    and trained them for 'new' careers. St Nick's provided its desirable charges
    to the many gentleman's club events, fraternity parties, and business
    conventions that occurred around the City on a regular basis, in return for
    considerable donations.
    Shrewd Mrs. Myrnick could always spot an opportunity and knew that her
    'customers' could not afford to let word of its excesses get around: these were
    highly respected and upstanding men in the community, after all. She told them
    she was willing to remain discreet, for a sizeable donation.
    Unfortunately, Mrs. Myrnick failed to realize the lengths some would go to
    preserve their reputation and one night, a gang of Pinkertons paid a visit to
    St. Nick's. Now Mrs. Myrnick's ghost, and those of her charges, has appeared
    in many fine establishments and hotels since 1923, but they tend to favor the
    Museum of Natural History.
    Name: Shandor the Architect
    Class: Class VII Transformed Mortal Remnant
    Special: Protected by Mystical Barriers
    Desc: Though his early history is problematic and open to debate, it is known
    that Ivo Shandor was a medical doctor who performed a lot of unnecessary surgery
    as well as an architect of some renown. After World War I, Shandor decided that
    society was too sick to survive. On June 6th, 1920, he started a secret society
    of Gozer Worshipers, numbering nearly 1,000, dedicated to bringing about the end
    of the world.
    It is now known that Shandor and his followers researched heavily into the
    paranormal, especially in the areas of pre-apocalism and ectoplasmic
    During the same time, Shandor apparently also made some serious connections
    within the Gozarian pantheon because, following his death, he has undergone a
    complete transformation and has become a major Gozerian power himself.
    Name: Slimer
    Class: Class V Full-Roaming Vapor
    Desc: Sometimes called "Onionhead" or simply "the Mean Green Ghost," Ray
    purportedly named this creature "Slimer" specifically to annoy Peter (who still
    carries a long-standing distrust of the creature). Regardless of what he's
    called, this focused, non-terminal repeating phantasm personifies gluttony and
    is drawn to anything edible. While this Class V, Full Roaming Vapor isn't
    especially malicious, you don't want to be between him and a snack.
    Use caution when he's hungry, which is all the time.
    Name: Sloth Ghost
    Class: Class V Full-Roaming Cardinal
    Desc: The Sedgewick Hotel traditionally auctioned off a family Thanksgiving
    feast and donated the proceeds to charity (usually the St. Nicholas
    Rehabilitation Mission for Wayward Angels).
    In 1937, Arbison Morguncher, a wealthy but lonely epicurean, bid upon and won
    the feast. On Thanksgiving Day, he arrived to dine alone. The Sedgewick's
    manager protested that the feast was intended for more than 12 people, but
    Morguncher insisted that he be fed the entire meal. The Manager shrugged,
    and finally relented.
    Morguncher sat down and ate the entire meal, leaving not a crumb.
    "My compliments to the Chef" he said, 7 hours later. Swallowing the last bite,
    he died from a gastric rupture due to massive overeating.
    Authorities later found a suicide note at Morguncher's home, outlining that
    he intended to die while indulging his greatest fantasy.
    Name: Spider Crawler
    Class: Class VI Vermin Entity
    Desc: A close relative of the Venom Crawler, Spider Crawlers are also physical
    manifestations of the vermin spirits though of a different order. Encounters
    with these creatures have only been reported on the ghost plane where they
    are usually the heralds of other, more dangerous powers.
    Name: Spiderwitch
    Class: Class VI Elevated Remnant
    Desc: This anonymous woman (the authorities never discovered her identity) spent
    several years in the '20's living in the Hotel Sedgewick. There, for purposes
    only known to herself and to her master, Ivo Shandor, she lured men into her
    rooms and then murdered them (though it's uncertain if they were killed before
    or after they were hung from the ceiling and drained of their blood).
    As a reward for her efforts as a member of his inner circle, after her death,
    Shandor used his substantial powers to 'elevate' her, creating the Spiderwitch.
    Now a terrifying spider-human fusion, she and her insect-like minions protect
    Shandor's interests in the strange, twisted plane that exists immediately
    between our world and the ghostworld.
    Name: Stay Puft
    Class: Class VII Outsider Avatar
    Special: Spawns Marshmallow Minis
    Desc: Once only the cartoon mascot of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Corporation,
    Stay Puft became a giant marshmallow menace when Gozer, the powerful Sumerian
    god, forced the Ghostbusters to choose the form of his physical manifestation.
    Though they all tried to clear their minds, Ray couldn't help but think of his
    favorite childhood icon. "It just popped in there," he said. Stay Puft was
    initially defeated when the Ghostbusters crossed their streams at Gozer's
    portal, resulting in total protonic reversal.
    It's not certain why or how Stay Puft has returned but, without a portal to the
    ghostworld handy, crossing the streams to defeat it again is probably not an
    Name: Stone Angel
    Class: Class V Minor Kinetic Animator
    Desc: Weaker entities possibly related to those at the heart of each Stone
    Gargoyle, these Kinetic Animators make up for their individual weakness by
    attacking in greater numbers.
    Name: Stone Gargoyle
    Class: Class VI Kinetic Animator
    Desc: Created when normal, stone gargoyles are inhabited by powerful,
    ghostworld entities, these Class VI Kinetic Animators possess all the inherent
    strength of their original stone fortified by a large dose of PK energy.
    Stone Gargoyles are strong and dangerous but also susceptible to taking impact
    damage. All Class VI creatures are openly hostile to humanity and great care
    must be made when dealing with them to minimize the risk of innocent lives.
    Name: The Chairman
    Class: Class VII Ectoplasmic Entity
    Desc: Shandor and his cult made many powerful connections, perhaps none more
    so than NYC's most powerful business leaders and power brokers. Shandor used
    his dark abilities to help each of them in some state of their careers, and
    they were indebted to him. They came together publicly as trustees of the
    Natural History Museum, and privately misused their influence to help Shandor
    implement and maintain his Mandala throughout the city.
    When they died, each of them returned as guardians to the Mandala, and the
    Natural History Museum in particular. Their closeness to Shandor's evil
    regenerated them as ectoplasmic entities. The Chairman (formerly Cornelius
    Wellesly, Chairman of International Steel), wielded the most power when alive,
    and likewise is the most powerful in death, becoming one of Shandor's
    mightiest servants.
    Name: Union Ghost
    Class: Class IV Full-Torsoed Floater
    Desc: A local Civil War unit, The New York 87th: "Thurbold's Wrongways," got
    lost on the way to battle, wandered in circles in the coldest winter in East
    Coast history, and eventually died of exposure only thirty miles from home.
    They now haunt the city, looking for battle. In the museum, it seems, they've
    found it.
    Name: Venom Crawler
    Class: Class VI Vermin Dominant
    Desc: Venom Crawlers are physical manifestations of the vermin spirits that
    power Candelabrum Crawlers, having managed to breach the planar barriers and
    cross over to our world.
    Being actual physical entities, Venom Crawlers are much more powerful - and
    dangerous - than their lesser forms and should be treated with caution.
    Name: Webbed Fiend
    Class: Class V Webbed Fiend
    Special: Ambusher
    Desc: Outwardly humanoid in appearance, Webbed Fiends can draw upon PKE energy
    to alter their appearance in order to present a terrifying visage that can
    cause those with weaker wills to flee. As though they are trapped between two
    worlds, Webbed Fiends quickly transition between the ghost world and the
    physical world.
    Just don't be there when they do!
    These are all of the Cursed Artifacts (aka Environmental PKE Collectible
    Artifacts), which are items hidden throughout the game world that you can
    optionally find, probably to unlock something or earn money. These are all
    42 objects, confirmed by the official game guide. I am not going to specifically
    state where to find each item, but I have organized the text according to the
    locations found, based on the official game guide.
    // Name - Name for Spirit Guide Entries and Rollover Text
    // Pre-Name - Optional name shown in-game before you scan the object
    // Scan - The brief description shown on screen when you scan it.
    // Level - The level the object is found in.
    // Desc - Description for the Spirit Guide
    ##### HOTEL SEDGEWICK #####
    Name: Gustav Self-Service Tray
    Pre-Name: Room service tray
    Scan: A very old silver, smoke-stained room service tray.
    Level: Hotel Sedgewick
    Desc: c.1893 Fine silver service set purchased as a lot from the famed Austrian
    Hotel de Gustav after it mysteriously burned down. This is the only piece from
    the set known to appear at the Sedgewick rooms unbidden and unaccompanied.
    Frightened guests are often unsure as to the proper gratuity for this service.
    Name: The Summoner Bell
    Pre-Name: Antique service bell
    Scan: An antique brass service bell.
    Level: Hotel Sedgewick
    Desc: Origin unknown, but reportedly seen in the Hotel de Jardin Printanier
    just before its disappearance (the hotel, not the bell). How this paranormally
    significant artifact ended up in the Hotel Sedgewick is anyone's guess,
    though its impact on customer service cannot be underestimated.
    Name: Stay Puft Figure
    Pre-Name: A familiar-looking doll
    Scan: This model of Stay Puft just can't seem to stay in one place.
    Level: Hotel Sedgewick
    Desc: c.1989 A Ghostbusters craze broke throughout NYC following the Vigo
    Incident of '89. Souvenir street vendors moved literal tons of unlicensed
    clothing and cheap knockoff novelties. It's estimated that Stay Puft figures
    outsold the usually bestselling Statue of Liberty by more than two to one that
    year (even the new windup walking version of Libby). The trend faded almost as
    quickly as it began, and sales of Ghostbusters merchandise dwindled. Some
    remainders can still be found on the streets of Manhattan and the Boroughs,
    and may even be imbued with supernatural elements.
    Name: Voyaging Case International
    Pre-Name: Old suitcase
    Scan: Old-fashioned suitcase plastered with travel stickers from around the
    Level: Hotel Sedgewick
    Desc: c.1865 The Voyaging Case Internationale has been appearing at train
    stations, loading docks, and airports since the mid 1800's. Porters and
    baggage handlers around the globe whisper its legend. Generally regarded
    as friendly.
    Name: Portrait of G. Sedgewick
    Pre-Name: Old painting
    Scan: A portrait of G. M. Sedgewick, misanthrope turned hotelier.
    Level: Hotel Sedgewick
    Desc: c.1910 When Godfrey McCallister Sedgewick opened his grand hotel, many
    thought it strange that someone who detested people so thoroughly would open
    a business where so many were invited to come.
    Name: Toaster of Sights Unseen
    Pre-Name: Stainless steel toaster
    Scan: This two slice toaster resonates with PK energy.
    Level: Hotel Sedgewick
    Desc: c.1968 Madame Dee, a powerful but dying medium, cast her estimable power
    for prophecy into the object nearest to her as she drew her final breath.
    The Toaster of Sights Unseen can answer any questions posed about the future.
    ##### TIMES SQUARE #####
    Name: Gaillano's Enchanted Pail
    Pre-Name: A large lunchbox
    Scan: A suspiciously lively lunchbox.
    Level: Times Square
    Desc: c.1940 World-famous magician Angelo Gaillano had an older brother, Ronald,
    who was said to be an even more talented magician than Angelo. Ronald wasn't
    good with audiences, though, so took up construction work when he couldn't get
    regular stage work.
    Name: 3-Toed Jenkin's Midnight Goose
    Pre-Name: Bottle wrapped in a brown paper bag
    Scan: This bottle of cough syrup never runs dry.
    Level: Times Square
    Desc: c.1944 The fabled Bottomless Bottle of 3-Toed Jenkins, a notoriously
    unrepentant tramp that rode the rails in the 30's and 40's. The legend goes
    that he was called "Speedy Jenkins" before he exchanged something dear to him
    for a bottle of cough syrup that never runs dry.
    Name: Patrelli's Mischievous Cone
    Pre-Name: Bright orange traffic cone
    Scan: Ordinary looking traffic cone that just won't keep still.
    Level: Times Square
    Desc: c.1979 Charged with a high level of PK energy as well as a strange sense
    of mischievousness, this ordinary looking traffic cone has been known to
    maliciously change position - confusing drivers and racking up an impressive
    string of bizarre traffic accidents.
    Name: Asmodeus' Hotline
    Pre-Name:Desk Phone
    Scan: A gleaming red desk phone.
    Level: Times Square
    Desc: c.1965 There were only five production models of TeleCo's "Red Phone"
    ever made. It's rumored that the phone only completed calls for those about
    to die.
    Name: Hohman's Black Low-Rise
    Pre-Name:Scale Model of a Building
    Scan: This model building emits a disturbing glow.
    Level: Times Square
    Desc: c.1926 American occultist John George Hohman commissioned a scale model
    for a domestic center of evil, "Black Low-Rise of Tri" from the Shandor
    architectural firm. The model was completed, but Hohman never returned to
    claim, or pay for it.
    Name: "The Ravishing Red Prince"
    Pre-Name:A large, abstract painting
    Scan: This painting's image shifts unnaturally.
    Level: Times Square
    Desc: c.1954 Painted by the famed "Madman of the Hague," Remco de Groot.
    De Groot was infamous for supposedly using his own blood, and the blood of
    others, to construct his modernist masterpieces. This was later proven just
    a wild rumor, however.
    ##### PUBLIC LIBRARY #####
    Name: Portrait of Eleanor Twitty
    Pre-Name:Painting of an old woman
    Scan: This portrait of the Librarian is strangely... dynamic.
    Level: Public Library
    Desc: c.1923 Eleanor Twitty, head of the New York Public Library's Special
    Collections, was murdered by her lover, philologist Edmund Hoover, when she
    denied him further access to Special Collections. Hoover was later revealed
    as an incorrigible serial killer and was executed by the state. Twitty is
    memorialized as a dedicated Librarian that gave her life protecting the books
    she so dearly loved.
    Name: Reluctant Reading Lamp
    Pre-Name:Reading Lamp
    Scan: Green-shaded brass reading lamp that turns itself on and off.
    Level: Public Library
    Desc: c.1959 Celebrated novelist Arthur Houston conceived and conducted research
    for his new books at this library table, under this lamp, for over thirty years.
    Severe writer's block gripped him in his sixties and wouldn't let go. Houston's
    psychic frustration channeled to the lamp and resides there now, refusing to
    let anyone read under its light.
    Name: Pin-up Calendar of DOOM!
    Pre-Name: Wall calendar
    Scan: The calendar's vegetable-themed pin-up girl seems to change.
    Level: Public Library
    Desc: c.1975, While surveying the contents of seventeen crates of old stock
    photographs he'd bought as a lot at an auction, calendar publisher Werner
    Gischman came across a treasure-trove of photos: a twenty-year collection of
    ravishing pin-ups of Parade Queens from New York Thanksgiving Parade. Gischman
    recognized the goldmine he'd stumbled upon, a nostalgic pin-up craze was
    sweeping the nation in '75, and he rushed to print the collection as a
    sixteen-month calendar.
    What Gischman didn't know was that the photos, when arranged in a certain order,
    deciphered a code that points toward the true origin of the Devil (an origin
    that, as it turns out, is far less impressive than most people think).
    Foresworn to protect this secret for untold generations, dark cultist sect,
    The Vigilant Legion of the Black Pit, realized the calendar had reached store
    shelves too late to stop it. In a last-ditch effort to keep the code secure,
    the Vigilant Legion cast a spell over all the crates of calendars, so that the
    pages would flip and switch constantly. As it turned out, nobody was really
    interested in Parade Queens from the 50's and 60's, and the calendar sold less
    than a dozen copies. The Vigilant Legion bought up most of them, and Gischman
    gave the rest to friends and family at Christmas. Embarrassed by their alacrity,
    the Vigilant Legion of the Black Pit murdered them all anyway, just to be
    Name: Seat of Vapors Foul
    Scan: This chair hisses unnervingly.
    Level: Public Library
    Desc: c.1957 Originally owned by self-proclaimed wizard and prankster, Franklin
    "Laffy" Wurst. Wurst felt that the famous whoopee cushion gag, while amusing,
    needed an update. He supposedly summoned a sub-demon and bound it to the chair,
    then invited obnoxious dinner guests to have a seat, to their eventual horror
    and embarrassment. Wurst was shot and killed by a particularly temperamental
    Name: Ali El-Baluu's Irksome Rug
    Pre-Name:Persian Rug
    Scan: A strangely buoyant Persian Rug
    Level: Public Library
    Desc: c.1256 Antique carpet imbued with the power of flight by minor Persian
    magus Ali El-Baluu. On its maiden flight around his palace, the rug dipped
    erratically, and the corpulent El-Baluu tumbled off while more than 90 feet
    in the air. He died instantly on impact.
    Name: Featherwell's Stalking Chair
    Pre-Name: Chair
    Scan: This chair apparently has trouble staying in the same place.
    Level: Public Library
    Desc: c.1976 Nate Featherwell, aspiring ventriloquist, had big dreams but not
    much talent. He spent his life savings on a charm from a voodoo priestess.
    When used correctly the spell would bring wood to life. Nate hoped to use it
    to charm his dummy, Smuggy, but accidentally worked his spell on the chair he
    sat on instead. The chair, alive but ignored, grew jealous of the attention
    Featherwell lavished on the inanimate Smuggy, and did away with them both in
    a rage-fueled wood-chipper "accident." The chair slipped away unnoticed and
    remains at large to this day.
    Name: Ritual Mask of Bad Advice
    Pre-Name:Pre-Columbian Mask
    Scan: A faint whispering rises from this ritual mask.
    Level: History Museum
    Desc: c.1915 Leslie Campbell, niece of archaeologist Professor Gordon Campbell,
    received the Huxatli Ritual Mask of Bad Advice in a package from her uncle.
    It was the last anyone ever heard from him. In the package was a cryptic note:
    "Don't listen." But, eventually, she did.
    Name: Cursed Musket of C. Starkey
    Pre-Name:Civil War rifle
    Scan: This plaque-mounted Civil War rifle suffused with PK energy.
    Level: History Museum
    Desc: c.1868 Confederate artillery gunner Cecil Starkey deserted his post in the
    midst of a bloody battle that wiped out his platoon. The last surviving man in
    his platoon cursed Starkey with his dying breath, "The cannon you desecrated
    will yet find ye." Starkey was killed years later in a hunting accident, where
    witnesses claim he somehow fired a 12-pounder cannon shot from his rifle.
    The shot allegedly bounced from tree to tree until returning to its terrified
    owner, Cecil Starkey.
    Name: Bagged Head of Azathotep
    Pre-Name:Bagged stone head
    Scan: Is this giant stone head... breathing?
    Level: History Museum
    Desc: c.1967 BC Once part of a mammoth statue of the evil Egyptian god/warrior
    Azathotep, this stone head has never been able to keep its mouth shut. Normally
    it just breathes heavily and mumbles but occasionally it will whisper a
    maddening, sanity-dissolving riddle that has sent more than one unlucky listener
    into the asylum.
    Name: Phoenician Plague Vase
    Pre-Name:Red clay vase
    Scan: Faint scurrying sounds drift from this ancient red clay pot.
    Level: History Museum
    Desc: c.1700 BC Worshipers of Resheph surreptitiously placed these vessels among
    goods shipments to enemies. When activated, the vessels produced hordes of
    various plagues to overwhelm and terrorize enemies. The writing on this
    particular specimen translates as "sacred rat jar."
    Name: Painting of the Trustees
    Pre-Name:Large painting of gathered businessmen.
    Scan: An unusually dynamic painting
    Level: History Museum
    Desc: c.1936 Painter Ambrose Whitman captured the city's most powerful captains
    of industry in a moment of solemn reflection in a painting entitled,
    "The Chairman and the Board of Trustees".
    Name: Remote Controlled Ecto-1
    Pre-Name: Toy Car
    Scan: A remote controlled Ecto-1 that twitches and whirs on its own.
    Level: History Museum
    Desc: c.1987 Created as part of the merchandising flood that followed the
    Ghostbuster's initial success, this remote controlled Ecto-1 was a favorite
    among the fans. Judging from its occasional twitching and wheel spinning this
    particular car seems to have had a run-in with a low level possessing sprite
    who has somewhere else to be.
    Name: Possessed Bell-Bottom Jeans
    Pre-Name:Old blue jeans
    Scan: These pants just keep on truckin'... WITH NOBODY INSIDE!
    Level: Return to Hotel Sedgewick
    Desc: c.1970, Rumored to have first been haunted during a seance on the Merry
    Prankster's tour bus, these jeans have long been a staple of the psychedelic
    supernatural underground. Spotted backstage at Woodstock, caught on grainy
    16mm film in the candlelit background of a Haight-Ashbury love-in, photographed
    riding behind a member of a notorious biker gang fleeing Altamont, the
    'Walking Pants' have been around whenever weirdness or tragedy strikes the
    hipster scene. The 'Walking Pants' are the hippie equivalent to the 'Girl on
    the Road' ghost story. Prior to their resurfacing this year, they haven't been
    seen since 1981.
    Name: Broccoli Queen Autobiography
    Pre-Name: A book
    Scan: Sounds of music, clinking champagne glasses waft up from this book.
    Level: Return to Hotel Sedgewick
    Desc: c.1973 As related in her book, "Confessions of a Broccoli Queen", the
    beautiful Sydney Chalmers came to the big city with big dreams and a modeling
    contract, and was selected Broccoli Queen of the Thanksgiving Day parade in
    1967. Little did she know that would be the pinnacle of her career. She went
    to Hollywood to make movies, but only appeared in a string of low grade
    exploitation films. A life of ongoing wild parties and desperation led her to
    pen a sexy and scathing tell-all of the beauty industry. Sydney died in a
    tragic and somewhat suspect hot tub accident the day the book hit the stands.
    She never knew that she'd finally found the success she craved, as the book
    entered bestseller lists and remained there for over two years. Not really
    cursed, but it's a really good airplane read.
    Name: Cruel Oven
    Pre-Name:A microwave oven
    Scan: Alarming banging and cries for help drift from this microwave.
    Level: Return to Hotel Sedgewick
    Desc: The origins of this evil cooking device are unclear. What is known,
    however, is that demons and devils apparently love a home-cooked meal.
    Name: Swiss Death Clock
    Pre-Name: An antique clock
    Scan: This clock displays the time of death of anyone that sees it.
    Level: Return to Hotel Sedgewick
    Desc: c.1821 The Infamous Swiss Death Clock was constructed by Herschel Glueke,
    genius but demented watchmaker. It is intended to show the exact time of death
    of anyone that comes near it. When placed in the Firehouse in close proximity
    to so many past-life entities, the clock's hands spins out of control.
    Peter uses it as a desk fan.
    Name: Phantom Flush Toilet
    Pre-Name:Strange-looking toilet
    Scan: This scary toilet emits frightening sounds... is someone drowning?
    Level: Return to Hotel Sedgewick
    Desc: c.1906, Presented to His Majesty Edward VII as a diplomatic gift from the
    Moroccan ambassador, this stunning specimen of engineering and craftsmanship
    has been a harbinger of disaster and death since its initial casting.
    Unbeknownst to the ambassador, a Turkish drowning demon was bound to the
    magnificent throne as a fiendish assassination ploy.
    An insolent underbutler became the seat's first British victim, when said
    servant tried to use it before Edward had a chance. The underbutler was
    dragged to his horrible watery doom, and the toilet was quickly removed
    from the Royal Palace and thrown in the rubbish. It has since passed through
    many hands and households, spawning terror and tragedy in each. Even in this
    day and age, it is difficult to imagine that such a work of beauty is so
    incredibly deadly.
    Name: The Unruly Beard of V. Belascu
    Pre-Name:A tangled beard
    Scan: This disgusting, tangled mass of hair twitches and squirms.
    Level: Return to Hotel Sedgewick
    Desc: c.1933 Russian demonologist Vladmir Belascu, performed exorcisms
    throughout Central Russia in the twenties and early thirties. He never
    noticed that one of the very minor subdemons he cast out had escaped into
    his beard, a massive and wild nest that stirred envy in most men. Upon his
    death, the possessed beard left Belascu's face and stowed aboard a freighter
    to the Americas. The beard has a tendency to affix itself to the chins of
    unknowing victims while they speak to mock them, but rarely does any real harm.
    ##### LOST ISLAND #####
    Name: Church of Gozer Songbook
    Pre-Name: Strange book
    Scan: A dirge-like chanting rises quietly from this dark book.
    Level: Lost Island
    Desc: c.1919 Having resuscitated the Dark Church of Gozer and wanting to
    increase its popular appeal, Ivo Shandor made attempts at updating ancient
    Sumerian droning rituals to modern-day worship songs. The practice of singing
    in the Dark Church was abandoned soon afterward.
    Name: Anguished Stuffed Bear
    Pre-Name:Old stuffed animal
    Scan: This decrepit stuffed bear sometimes sounds as bad as it looks.
    Level: Lost Island
    Desc: The origin of this ratty old stuffed bear is not known but its paranormal
    behavior, the emitting of an off-putting (though strangely compelling) cry of
    anguish, has been periodically heard since the day it was removed from
    "Clough's Museum of Taxidermic Curiosities" in December, 1867.
    Name: "Fox Hunt on Tiamat Island"
    Pre-Name: Large painting
    Scan: A strange, transforming painting.
    Level: Lost Island
    Desc: c.1910 Artist and Shandor devotee Vikram Veedam painted this fanciful
    scene after attending a prestigious foxhunt on Tiamat Island.
    Name: Wheel of the Alabaster Wretch
    Pre-Name:An old captain's wheel
    Scan: This ancient ship wheel creaks, groans and occasionally thunders.
    Level: Lost Island
    Desc: c.1796 The Alabaster Wretch was lost with all hands while carrying
    unspecified cargo from Zanzibar. The ship's manifest records the uneasy
    misgivings of Captain Alfred Ghaster: "Crew is on edge. We hear the blasted
    singing from below decks both night and day now. But there's no one down
    there! I have resolved to pitch that cursed Albanian's strange-shaped crates
    overboard tonight, and if he protests he'll go too."
    Name: Ghostbusters DVD
    Pre-Name:A thin, plastic box
    Scan: An artifact from the future!
    Level: Lost Island
    Desc: c.2008 Shandor cultists, searching for artifacts from the future that
    would reveal the outcome of their plan for world destruction, retrieved only
    this sad, transparent attempt at cross-marketing. It's an awesome movie,
    though. Available now, only on DVD!
    Name: Singing Slime
    Pre-Name:Weird Colored Jars
    Scan: These jars of slime sing a wordless, barbershop-style, harmony.
    Level: Lost Island
    Desc: The origin of these colorful jars of slime is not known but it can't be
    all bad. I mean they're singing barbershop, right?
    Name: Whistling Bust of Mausch
    Pre-Name:Marble funerary bust
    Scan: This stone bust just won't meet your eye, no matter how hard you try.
    Level: Central Park Cemetery
    Desc: c.1734 Friedrich der Mausch was a damned sneak, and was always up to
    something. His bust, carved by the Italian genius Marscapone, is the exact
    same way.
    Name: Ghostbuster's Mug & Balloon
    Pre-Name: A mug and balloon
    Scan: A classy souvenir Ghostbuster's Mug and Balloon
    Level: Central Park Cemetery
    Desc: c.1989 The Ghostbusters offered this souvenir mug and balloon as a
    service premium during the 'comeback' phase of their career. It's assumed that
    one of the escapee ghosts from the containment unit snatched these and carried
    them to the Central Park Cemetery: even ghosts like to pick up a souvenir
    Name: Stone Angel Head
    Pre-Name:Cracked head of a Stone Angel
    Scan: This marble head cries, sobs and wails.
    Level: Central Park Cemetery
    Desc: c.1943, This statue originally resided with many others in a fountain in a
    quiet piazza near the Ponte Vecchio. Stories have it that, during World War II,
    a squad of Blackshirts was brutalizing a woman and her small children. When one
    of the children fell, his head struck the rim of the fountain, and he died
    instantly. The fountain's cherubs stirred to life at that moment, wailing and
    crying, beseeching "Perche, Il Duce? Perche?" Indeed, the stone cherubs never
    stopped, and made such an awful and pain-filled sound that the fountain had to
    be demolished by explosives. A single stone angel head was gathered up by
    villagers and hidden in a deep well until Mussolini was overthrown, which
    is the exact moment the head stopped crying.
    Name: Ghostfruit Tree
    Pre-Name:A strange, black-fruited tree
    Scan: This tree's fruit matures and then is gone in a burst of smoke.
    Level: Central Park Cemetery
    Desc: c.1983 The extremely rare and delicate ghostfruit tree was imported from
    the deepest swamps of Louisiana by horticulturist Fran Abernathy. Abernathy
    hybridized the plant with other strains that she never revealed to make it
    hardier and easier to grow in slightly less satanic climates.
    Name: The Skull of Ivo Shandor
    Pre-Name: A leering skull
    Scan: This skull is overflowing with PK energy.
    Level: Central Park Cemetery
    Desc: Convinced that society was too sick to survive, Ivo Shandor created a cult
    dedicated to bringing about the end of the world. He had more than 1,000
    followers when he died and they made sure he was interred in dramatic fashion;
    following hours of Gozerian rituals his body was carefully placed in a dramatic,
    if unnerving mausoleum. In the end, however, time and decay did to him what they
    do for all - with one exception: though he rests in pieces, Shandor doesn't rest
    in peace and his skull occasionally lapses into ranting fits and the odd
    soliloquies on disappointment and faded glory.
    Name: Archangel's Gallbladder
    Pre-Name: A jar containing... something.
    Scan: A jar of formaldehyde containing an unidentifiable, golden organ.
    Level: Central Park Cemetery
    Desc: c.mid-1300s An unknown Turkish merchant found this curiosity lying in a
    field. It has changed hands countless times since then. It has no known purpose
    or use, but instills a sense of wellbeing, and has therefore been treasured by
    each of its subsequent owners.
    This is a list of all of the Equipment/Upgrades Definitions, as listed in
    Tobin's Spirit Guide in the game.
    Name: Proton Pack Neutrona Wand
    Category: Proton
    Desc: An unlicensed nuclear accelerator on your back that functions by
    concentrating protons through the Neutrona Wand; your main tool against
    negatively charged ectoplasmic entities.
    Name: Blast Stream
    Category: Proton
    Desc: Using the Proton Pack's particle accelerator, the Neutrona Wand releases
    a concentrated stream of protons that fluctuates as it reaches its target.
    The fluctuations of the Blast Stream tend to cause extensive property damage.
    Name: Blast Stream Focusing
    Category: Proton
    Upgrade: Reduces Beam Wandering
    Desc: Utilizing a series of charged nucleon jackets, the Blast Stream Focuser
    increases the proton stream's stability, greatly reducing the amount of beam
    perturbation or 'wander'.
    Name: Blast Stream Recoil Decrease
    Category: Proton
    Upgrade: Removes Movement Restrictions
    Desc: Increasing the pack's number of nucleon jackets as well as adding a
    second proton buffer reduces the Proton Stream's negative energy kick back
    allowing the user to move more quickly while firing his weapons.
    Note: Smoking emitter coils are considered normal and should not cause undue
    Name: Boson Dart
    Category: Proton
    Desc: Boson Darts are super de-polarized bursts of extremely volatile, but very
    effective, boson particles. Boson particles quickly overheat the Proton pack
    so sparse usage is recommended. Accidental Neutrona Wand blockage could
    vaporize the surrounding 3 square miles.
    Name: Boson Dart Supercharge
    Category: Proton
    Upgrade: Heat Cost Reduction and Damage Increase
    Desc: It has been discovered that the addition of a fermion absorption ring to
    the Proton Pack's Neutrona Wand substantially reduces boson particle overheating
    allowing more Boson Darts to be fired before causing pack shutdown. Boson Dart
    impact damage is also increased. Also, accidental Neutrona Wand blockage
    vaporization damage is reduced to only 1 mile!
    Name: Boson Damage Immunity
    Category: Proton
    Upgrade: User Damage Reduction
    Desc: In addition to the installation of a secondary fermion absorption ring,
    extensive modifications to the Boson emitter's integer field have led to the
    absorption of close range boson particles. This dramatically reduces the amount
    of damage taken by point-blank and close proximity Boson Dart impacts. Please
    note that these Z-based modifications in no way compromise the dart's
    Bose-Einstein statistics!
    Name: Capture Stream
    Category: Proton
    Desc: The Capture Stream allows for the containment of ghosts. The Capture
    Stream can be used to contain Ghosts over a trap and to manipulate ethereal
    objects away from specters. Once contained in a Capture Stream, ghosts can
    be thrown against walls causing damage or even complete neutronization.
    Name: Slime Blower
    Category: PDS
    Desc: The Plasm Distribution System is an integration of the Proton Pack that
    uses a self-regulating strain of ectoplasm to impair entities, neutralize
    caustic black slime, and reveal otherwise invisible structures that reside on
    the ethereal plane.
    Name: Slime Blower Force Increase
    Category: PDS
    Upgrade: Range and Damage Increases
    Desc: Channeling a low-level stream from the pack's proton emitters directly
    into the Plasm Containment Vessel has nearly tripled the ectoplasm's replication
    rate providing the Slime Blower with a range and damage increase. Take note that
    the impressive amount of pressure exerted by this super-agitated ectoplasm will
    most likely not result in a Plasm Tank rupture.
    Name: Reduced Slime Consumption
    Category: PDS
    Upgrade: Reduced Slime Consumption per Shot
    Desc: A more energetic ectoplasm growth medium has been developed. Initially
    discovered among Dr. Spengler's collection of spores, molds and fungus, the
    addition of this growth medium to the Proton Pack's plasm tank causes the
    ectoplasm to replicate more vigorously which greatly increases the slime's
    replication rate. This allows the Slime Blower to be fired for longer periods
    before emptying the tank and forcing a shutdown until ectoplasm again replicates
    to usable levels. It has been reported that this new growth medium does, on rare
    occasions, restore some of the slime's previous 'emotive' characteristics so it
    is highly encouraged to put the Slime Blower away when entering areas where
    punk, heavy metal or hip hop music is being played very loudly.
    Name: Slime Tether
    Category: PDS
    Desc: Once your Neutrona Wand is equipped for Traction-Levitation, the Slime
    Tether allows for the discharge of plasmic slime strands between two points.
    These plasmic strands contract and pull on whatever is on the two ends.
    The Slime Tether works great for moving heavy objects and even making webs.
    Name: Slime Tether Duration Boost
    Category: PDS
    Upgrade: Creates Longer Lasting Slime Tethers
    Desc: Increasing the rotation speed of the Slime Tether's emitter 'spinnerets'
    substantially increases ectoplasm strand cohesion which results in longer
    lasting slime tethers. It should be noted that on rare occasions a mini-strand
    launched by a spinneret misfire has been known to suddenly (and inopportunely)
    tether a Ghostbuster's legs together. Stride accordingly.
    Name: Slime Tether Cost Reduction
    Category: PDS
    Upgrade: Tether Slime Cost Reduction
    Desc: It has been discovered that flash heating ectoplasm immediately before it
    enters the Slime Tether's compression chamber results in a tether strand that
    requires fewer ectoplasm linkages. This reduces the amount of slime needed for
    each tether allowing the user to fire more slime tethers before a pack shutdown
    is triggered. It has also been reported that this flash heating substantially
    improves a tether strand's taste, though it is suggested you don't attempt to
    verify this for yourself.
    Name: Shock Blast
    Category: Dark Matter
    Desc: The Shock Blast expels a conical pattern of stripped dark matter particles
    that diffuse quickly in atmosphere. It is very powerful at close range but less
    accurate and less potent the further you are from your target. It works well on
    inbound ghosts and vapor swarms or near-proximity entities.
    Name: Shock Blast Rate Increase
    Category: Dark Matter
    Upgrade: Rate of Fire Increase
    Desc: Experimenting with the Shock Blast's baryon condenser ring has resulted in
    a substantial increase in the recharge rate of dark matter particles without a
    corresponding heating rate increase. This results in a dramatic increase in the
    Shock Blast's rate of fire. Condenser ring leakage has been known to affect the
    wearer's neuro-electric state resulting in an elevated intemperance and an
    increase in general wantonness. User discretion is advised.
    Name: Shock Blast Heat Reduction
    Category: DarkMatter
    Upgrade: Reduces Shock Blast Heat Cost
    Desc: It has been found that adding a positive graviton filter to the Shock
    Blast's condenser ring decreases the heat cost for each generated pulse of high
    density, stripped dark matter particles. This reduces the heating cost of each
    blast allowing the device to be fired more before risking overheating. Because
    the glare from the graviton filter's vent array can cause temporary blindness,
    please refrain from looking directly down into the Neutrona Wand when a blast
    is triggered.
    Name: Stasis Stream
    Category: DarkMatter
    Desc: The Stasis Stream emits a high capacity stream of order-reversing
    particles that hypobond to extoplasmic matter, effectively immobilizing ghosts.
    The Stasis Stream has nothing to do with cold, but the end result is similar.
    Name: Stasis Stream Amplifier
    Category: DarkMatter
    Upgrade: Immobilization Rate Increase
    Desc: Oscillating the Stasis Stream's particle flow at precisely 3.14159 GHz
    has substantially amplified the order-reversing particles' hypobonding capacity
    leading to an increased enemy immobilization speed. To pre-answer a commonly
    asked question: Being exposed to these order-reversing particles affects the
    user's gender in no discernable way.
    Name: Stasis Stream Heat Reduction
    Category: DarkMatter
    Upgrade: Reduces Stasis Stream Heat Cost
    Desc: Adding a secondary particle inhibitor to the device's accumulator core
    decreases the Stasis Stream's heat accumulation rate allowing the device to be
    fired for much longer periods before risking an automatic overheating shutdown.
    Please note that O-R particle back flow can result in numb fingers and hands.
    Also, avoid undue wand contact or risk experiencing fleeting feelings of ennui,
    angst and boredom-laced paranoia.
    Name: Meson Collider
    Category: Composite
    Desc: The Meson Collider releases a hyper-collided, long-range stream of
    particles that will vaporize any ectoplasmic material in its trajectory.
    The spread is limited but intensely focused, making it great for long and medium
    distance creatures. When a target is hit with the Meson Collider a temporary
    targeting indicator is left behind. As long as it lasts, this indicator will
    serve as a homing target for projectiles launched using the Meson Collider's
    secondary fire mode, the Overload Pulse. @@newline@@ Please avoid tagging
    yourself with a homing target. Though it is funny when it happens to someone
    else, being the recipient of boomeranging Overload Pulse particles is not
    nearly as amusing when it happens to you.
    Name: Meson Collider Penetration
    Category: Composite
    Upgrade: Adds Shot Penetration
    Desc: It's been determined possible to vent excess bosons from the pack's
    fermion absorption ring directly into the meson particle stream. The resulting
    increase in the angular momentum of the stream's meson flow substantially
    increases the Meson Collider's shot penetration potential allowing the careful
    user to damage more than one target at a time. While extended proximity to this
    'enriched' meson stream has resulted in the sterility of laboratory mice, its
    impact on humans remains debatable.
    Name: Meson Collider Accelerator
    Category: Composite
    Upgrade: Rate of Fire Increase
    Desc: Extending the Proton Pack's ring accelerator helix increases the surface
    area of the collider's radiator. Though a secondary stabilizer is required to
    maintain quark/anti quark balance, the resulting meson stream recharge
    acceleration provides a noticeable rate of fire increase.
    Name: Overload Pulse
    Category: Composite
    Desc: An alternate release mode of the Neutrona Wand, the Overload Pulse
    launches a rapid-fire stream of projectiles that will home in on a target
    indicator left by the Meson Collider. If no target indicator exists the
    Overload Pulse's projectile stream will fire in a less contained, non-homing
    linear path.
    Name: Overload Pulse Accelerator
    Category: Composite
    Upgrade: Rate of Fire Increase
    Desc: Pulsing the Meson Collider's primary field coil and shunting the generated
    overflow through the Boson Dart's boson absorption matrix dramatically decreases
    the recharge interval between the generation of each Overload Pulse projectile
    resulting in a substantially increased rate of fire.
    Name: Overload Pulse Enhancer
    Category: Composite
    Upgrade: Damage Increase
    Desc: The addition of a bleeder line to the Proton Pack's neutron sump creates
    additional capacitor storage. This increases the maximum pressure load of each
    Overload Pulse projectile yielding a substantial damage increase. Note: though
    this damage increase is strong enough to penetrate the membrane that separates
    this reality from the next it has been proven unadvisable to use this
    dimensional rip for storage, spot cleaning or as a trash receptacle.
    Name: PKE Meter
    Category: Detection
    Desc: The PKE Meter measures electro-magnetic fluctuations like a divining rod:
    Point it at psychokinetic energy and it heats up. Point it away and it goes
    cold. Just follow the signal to your target. Scan ghosts to add their paranormal
    information to your electronic Tobin's Spirit Guide.
    Name: PKE Meter Scan Improvement
    Category: Detection
    Upgrade: Increase Scan Target Size
    Desc: Substituting the platinum core of the PKE Meter's detector assembly with
    a rhodium replacement increases the sensitivity of the PKE Meter's neutron flux
    level detectors. This expands the PKE Meter's active scan area making it easier
    to 'frame' good scans of erratically moving entities. Please be aware that
    rhodium strongly stains human skin so tampering with the PKE Meter's detector
    assembly in the hopes of liberating this highly valuable exotic metal core for
    personal use will be noticed and is grounds for a harshly-worded and very
    sarcastic verbal warning.
    Name: PKE Meter Recharge Booster
    Category: Detection
    Upgrade: Decrease Scan Recharge Time
    Desc: Replacing the PKE Meter's magnetron with a miniaturized klystron amplifier
    not only improves the received scan signal strength but also reduces the
    intra-scan reset pause resulting in a substantial decrease in the scan recharge
    time. Also, scanning now releases the refreshing scent of lilacs.
    Name: ParaGoggles
    Category: Detection
    Desc: The ParaGoggles are enabled whenever you use your P.K.E. Meter.
    They allow you to view otherwise invisible ectoplasmic activity.
    Name: Muon Containment Trap
    Category: Trap
    Desc: A portable containment unit used for the temporary storage of ghosts.
    Don't look directly into the trap!
    Name: Slam Dunk Trapping
    Category: Trap
    Upgrade: Enables Slam Dunking
    Desc: Loosening the Ghost Trap's magnetic buffer plate allows a greater surplus
    charge accumulation in the secondary containment coils which greatly decreases
    the trap's close range triggering threshold. If a dazed ghost is slammed to the
    ground near a trap, it can be drawn down instantly, completely bypassing the
    trap's containment cone deployment phase. The occasional venting of plasma
    through the pack's primary intake vent is nothing to worry about (though minor
    carpet singeing has been reported).
    Name: Fast Trap
    Category: Trap
    Upgrade: Increases Ghost Trap Draw Down Rate.
    Desc: Extensive tinkering has revealed that removing the Ghost Trap's magnetic
    buffer plate and its attached shield panels maximizes charge accumulation and
    yields the maximum ghost draw down rate possible. Rest assured that the removal
    of this buffer plate and shield assembly probably doesn't compromise user
    safety in any way.
    Name: Super Slammer Muon Trap
    Category: Trap
    Desc: Larger and faster than portable containment units, this vehicle-mounted,
    high-expansion, rapid-cycle trap is capable of containing multiple ghosts.
    This isn't technically part of the in-game Tobin's Spirit Guide, but I thought
    it would be fun to include it.
    The Vigo painting is on the first floor of the firehouse leaning against the
    side wall opposite Janine's desk.  It won't be hard to miss.  You can get
    insulted by Prince Vigo if you go up to the painting and interact with it.
    Listed below are all of the Vigo insults, found in world\en\callouts.txt,
    which is inside language.pod.  (A duplicate set of insults can be found in
    world\en\firehouse.txt, but that text contains one spelling error for #3.)
      1. Mmmm...not bad for a mortal.
      2. Congratulations. Come stare into my eyes to claim your reward.
      3. Such a pity victory in the face of the vast pool of chaos rising around
      4. You win this round, Ghostbusters!
      5. Araghhh...the smell of happiness stings my nose!
      6. Hahaha!
      7. What a wretched display of ineptitude.
      8. If this were my castle, I'd have you strung up for that.
      9. Oh, such delicious despair.
     10. Your weaknesses feed me! Please continue to fail!
     11. Compete for my amusement.
     12. It is the dawn of another struggle for power!
     13. In the grand scheme, you all must realize these diversions mean nothing!
     14. The time of war is over.
     15. Time to end this foolish display!
     16. Ohhh...this bores me.
     17. I was just beginning to savor your burgeoning anger towards one another!
     18. Enough!
     19. Time is but a window - and that window is closing.
     20. The end is near.
     21. Judgment approaches.
     22. Prepare yourselves for the inevitable.
     23. Your inexorable march towards finality begins here, Ghostbusters.
     24. Oh! The battle intensifies!
     25. If only I could have delivered such humiliation in person.
     26. That was almost as painful as being stabbed and pulled apart...ermmmmm,
         but perhaps not.
     27. You call that an accomplishment?
     28. Congratulate yourself now mortal, while you still have time.
     29. Look deep inside yourself and ask if this was a true victory.
     30. Foolish Mortal!
     31. What a miserable pile of weakness.
     32. Another thousand failures and I'll have enough negative energy to return
         to the world of the living. HAhahaha!
     33. I should've painted myself a bathroom in this thing.
     34. I tire of the pity meanderings of you simpering fools.
     35. Just another thousand years, Vigo, hang in there. Hang in.
     36. In my day, we had no time for such trifling amusements.
     37. I loathe you from the darkest spume of my craven, boiling bowels!
     38. My veins spurt white hot bile and broken glass as I'm forced to look upon
     39. Sure, my cranium is large, but so is my devastation!
     40. Pay tribute to Lord Vigo, peasant.
     41. Death is in the air.
     42. No heart ever beat as black as my own. Come closer...and I'll let you
         hear it.
     43. So many mothers have twisted in agony at the horror I visited upon their
     44. What was will be. What is, will be no more.
     45. You'll be squirming soon enough.
     46. Now is the season of evil.
     47. I am Vigo the Cruel, Vigo the Torturer.
     48. You will know the torments of a million babies eaten alive in searing fire.
     49. Not even these shackles can hold the demon-beast of Romania forever!
     50. I am Prince Vigo Von Homburg Deutschendorf!
     51. Vigo the Carpathian will taste the blood of men, again.
     52. On a mountain of skulls, in a castle of pain, I shall sit on a throne of
         blood once more.
     53. My dreams are blood-soaked dark things filled with furious vengeance.
     54. When the day comes, you will be the first.
     55. When my vindication comes, you'll wish you'd been born inside-out.
     56. The stench of fear permeates this place.
     57. I loathe the living.
     58. The fires of hell feed me.
     59. Have you ever savored the exquisite anguish of tortured souls?
     60. What I sense coming is far more horrible than I. Are you prepared?
     61. The demons in this realm are gathering to conquer. You have not a chance.
     62. With every passing day, you grow weaker, and I gain power.
     63. This pitiful makeshift prison will not last forever.
     64. I see the fear in your soul. You're losing the battle you engage in.
     65. The dead shall walk and the mighty shall fall.
     66. Rivers of blood flow beneath us.
     67. Distant worlds beckon. Evil spirits howl.
     68. My sword will taste your flesh.
     69. Your zipper is down.
     70. Psst! Shoes are untied.
     71. Psst! Over here.
     72. Please stop burning the microwave popcorn.
     73. May the hooves of a thousand steeds trample you underfoot.
     74. Bow to your master.
     75. My scalding wrath shall pour out upon your tender soul.
     76. I am Vigo the Destroyer!
     77. From the dust of the dead rise the unholy.
     78. Don't you know me? I am Prince Vigo Von Homburg Deutschendorf.
     79. Oh, this really is a good likeness of me.
     80. Keep walking. Go on!
     81. Call me Vigo the Despised or Vigo the Unholy or...ahh...uh...never mind.
     82. Nobody ever listens to me.
     83. Find me a child that I may live again.
     84. You sniveling, pitiful, half-man.
     85. Upon the splintered bones of men, I feed.
     86. Be gone, peasant.
     87. Get me outta here, will ya?!
     88. In my grasp, your bones will turn to dust.
     89. On a river of blood, I will rise.
     90. The souls of men feed my rebirth.
     91. Spirits call...the day of reckoning has begun.
     92. Open the door so I might destroy again.
     93. This city will taste my wrath again.
     94. How about a little sacrifice? Not a baby, but maybe a dog or a cat?
     95. The screams of the damned call for you!
     96. May an army of demons devour you!
     97. Come here boy! I'll wear you like pants.
     98. Release me from this torment. I can make it worth your while.
     99. Did you know that the human large intestine, when stretched out, will wrap
         around a city block? You have to get a running start.
    100. Have you savored the exquisite anguish of tortured souls? Salty...
    101. Pull my finger! I command you!
    102. I dreamt I was in a painting with ponies. It was nice.
    103. Ohh...I have an itch...ah...right...here!
    104. I see the evil of the times to come. Three more far away wars will come
         and they will tarnish even the undisputed glory of the first three.
    105. I see the evil of the times to come. No flying cars - ever! HAHAhahahaha!
    106. I see the evil of the times to come. You will choose a king far more evil
         than myself to rule you. Twice!
    107. I see the evil of the times to come. In time all music will be free, but
         for the cost of your soul.
    108. I see the evil of the times to come. You will remember paying $1.45 for gas
         and will weep hot tears for yesterday.
    109. I see the evil of the times to come. Millennial apocalypse! Your world
         unravels...maybe. Maybe not.
    110. I see the evil of the times to come. The glove won't fit.
    111. I see the evil of the times to come. "It" is just a scooter.
    112. I see the evil of the times to come. They're all juicing. All of them!
    113. Mha-ha-ha-ha-ha!
    Ver. 1.0 (6/17/2009)
    The very first version of this guide.
    Ver. 1.1 (6/18/2009)
    As I realized that the PlayStation 2/Wii version uses a greatly expanded list of
    entities, and doesn't have the cursed artifacts, and a few less weapons, I have
    created a separate guide for that version and changed the header on this one.
    Ver. 1.2 (8/26/2009)
    I believe that the game lists Cruster and Crusto as one entry, so I combined
    them into one, and change the total number of entries from 53 to 52.  Also made
    a notation of where you can find the Vigo painting, though it's really something
    you can't miss.
    This document is copyright 2009 by Paul Rudoff.  Ghostbusters: The Video Game
    is copyright 2009 by Atari Interactive, Inc. & Columbia Pictures Industries,
    Inc.  This document is not associated with or endorsed by Atari, Columbia
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