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    Trophy Guide by kain920411

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                           ________.__                    __   
                          /  _____/|  |__   ____  _______/  |_ 
                         /   \  ___|  |  \ /  _ \/  ___/\   __\
                         \    \_\  \   Y  (  <_> )___ \  |  |  
                          \______  /___|  /\____/____  > |__|  
                                 \/     \/           \/        
                  __________                __                       
                  \______   \__ __  _______/  |_  ___________  ______
                   |    |  _/  |  \/  ___/\   __\/ __ \_  __ \/  ___/
                   |    |   \  |  /\___ \  |  | \  ___/|  | \/\___ \ 
                   |______  /____//____  > |__|  \___  >__|  /____  >
                          \/           \/            \/           \/ 
                ___________                    .__    .__               
                \__    ___/______  ____ ______ |  |__ |__| ____   ______
                  |    |  \_  __ \/  _ \\____ \|  |  \|  |/ __ \ /  ___/
                  |    |   |  | \(  <_> )  |_> >   Y  \  \  ___/ \___ \ 
                  |____|   |__|   \____/|   __/|___|  /__|\___  >____  >
                                        |__|        \/        \/     \/ 
    ........I77IIIIIIII+=======+...... +I+++??$.........$=:,:=+======+??I$+.....    
    GhostBusters: The Video game(c)
    Trophies Guide(c)
    Copyright 2009 Jeramiah Duran
    Author:Jeramiah Duran
    A.K.A. Kain920411
           James Sarin
    Email: Kain920411@yahoo.com
    2:36 am 8/2/2009
    Version 1.0 
    5:56 pm 8/4/2009
    Version 1.5
    10:23 pm 8/4/2009
    Version 2.0
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    Version 2.1
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    7:17 am 9/27/2009
    Version 2.4
    1.0 Basic Format. Listed Stuff
    1.5 Added in more info. Adjusted order of things. Had a soda. 
    2.0 Put in the last stuff. Formatted to fit GAMEFAQs and submitted. 
    Cried a little. Not really. Ok yeah.
    2.1 Added a list of Sites that can use my guide. Seems I give permission
    but I tend to forget who I gave it to. So I checked my Emails and got my
    updated list. Sorry folks. At least the guide still works. I also
    corrected some spelling and grammer errors. Also made a few more. YAY!
    2.2 Added loads more stuff. Made more spelling and grammer errors. Made some
    stuff easier to read. Put in the Emails and fixed my random pyscho bable.
    2.3 Removed stuff about the glitches. Added more content and resubmited.
    If you see some major spelling or grammer errors that bother you, tell me.
    2.4 Added another name to the list of sites that can use my guide.
    Added some hints and facts to help with certain jobs. 
    **Side note**
    There was a weird glitch were some trophies just didnt work.
    PayDay and No Jobs too big. 
    since you could not get these 2 you could not get the platinum.
    This was patched so now we can get all the trophies. But if your playing one
    that is not patched you will still have these problems.
    This guide will give you information on how to obtain all the trophies.
    Some will be easy.. others will make your eyes bleed. If you find them too
    difficult.. well no Platinum for you!
    Its ok we understand.
    No seriously we do.
    We all have that problem. 
    Since the patch is out its just a matter of working on them now.
    You can find this info pretty easily. All you have to do is hit CTRL+F and
    that Will bring up a find list, just type in what section you want and BAM,
    there you Go. It moves you right to it. All you got to do is type in what you
    see here in the index. For the trophies them selfs just type the name of it.
    Or type in what number it is on the list.
    I put this in all my guides, since I use a format a monkey can understand.
    2.-About me
    4.-Trophies list (Listed from top to the bottom according to the XMB)
    5.-Multi players Trophies
    6.-Hints and Tips
    7.-Credits and thanks
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
    respective trademark and copyright holders.
    This document is copyrighted. All information is to be left as it is. I don't
    care where it goes or who uses it as long as it stays how I put it. If you take
    this document and post it somewhere you shall post the entire work since I put
    a lot of effort into creating it, and you shall give me full credit and point
    out that you got it from Gamefaqs since this is the only site I am posting it
    on. I have given permission to a few sites to use my work and I will list them.
    I post on GAMEFAQS mainly because this is my favorite website to go too. Free
    advertising and all. You can print this work and share it with others but you
    shall make sure to use the entire thing. That way if it gets moved to some
    place other than the net people will know I made it. Other than that have fun
    with this. Also try not to let the way I type hurt your brain.
    Here is a list of Sites that can use my guides. Feel free to contact me
    if you want your site to be able to use my work. Since I have this section
    now its easy enough for me to just paste you in.
    www.mogelgott.de (Same guys as above, they sent 2 links so I post both)
    www.cheats.de (I think these guys are a different site, they sent me a request)
    You can contact me for many reasons. I will list some.
    1. To ask for permission to use this faq some where else, Like in a book or
    magazine or something like that.
    2. To tell me where you found this faq other than Gamefaqs or the places listed
    above, some times people just take things with out asking and move it around.
    3. To add stuff or correct stuff you see in my faq, Im not perfect after all.
    4. To comment or just send thanks for the info. Every one likes fan mail.
    5. You want to send me something cool. Like the statue I got for the work I
     did on my Civ guide. Its really cool, its a barbarian.
    Don't bother contacting me for these reasons
    1. you hate me, Just assume I hate you too that way you have no reason to
    contact me. We all have issues and I don't care about yours.
    2. You want to send me a virus (this will make me just have to hunt you down),
    I really don't like getting these stupid things and since I use computers with
    virus scan and spam protection you won't accomplish anything.
    3. You don't like my faq, Im not asking you to like it, I just made it for fun.
    Also I needed an easy place for me or my friends to find this info.
    4. You just want to complain. Hey every one complains but if your not helping
    then its just pointless.
    There are many other reasons to contact me and to not contact me, feel free to
    experiment. Just be nice and I will help you if you ask for it, I know the game
    pretty well. Also if you feel you have contributed to my faq in any way, such
    as responding to my posts on the message boards. Maybe even sending me stuff,
    then feel free to point out what you did so I can put your name in my thank you
    2.-About me
    I am from Minnesota and was born in North Carolina (Like you care), I recently
    got married on June 2nd 2003 (I think this is in here so I remember). Since I
    use pretty much the same format for my guides I wonder why I dont edit this.
    I have been gaming since I was 8 years old and have never found a game I could
    not master. So I spend all my time constantly gaming and looking for that one
    challenge, including someone to play against. I am still surprised that my wife
    puts up with this, probably because I moved to another state for her and I let
    her collect Homeless people. I have created many faqs but only posted a couple.
    I tend to always try to help people with their problems and teach people how to
    be the best at what they do. Mainly because I am trying to find someone who
    will Finally beat me. I like to game against others. Well now that Im done with 
    this part (and that is if you read it) here is the faq, use it for good only...
    unless you want to use it for evil. I don't care just have fun with the game.
    (This is staying in the faq because no one complains about it)
    This faq will cover many things, some useful and some... well not so useful, I
    designed it the help the gamer who wants to get the most out of their game. I
    Suggest that you play through the game first, don't follow this guide until
    after you beat the game at least once. That way you can enjoy the challenges
    on your own and see what you can find. This guide will give away a lot of
    spoilers or parts of the game that would normally be hidden unless you had
    some kind of insider tip (The entire reason I'm creating it). So don't get mad
    if I spoil something for you. With that in mind continue onward to the guide.
    4.-Trophies list
    You will find a total of 51 Trophies; 46 bronze, 4 gold and the platinum.
    No silver though. Why? I don't know guess its all or nothing. I will list
    each trophy with general information and how to get it.. or a good way.
    Well.. at least how I got it.
    1 Platinum Trophy
     Awarded for outstanding performance in Ghostbusters! 
    -Get all the trophies to get this one obviously.
    Since 2 trophies Were glitched this one is was unobtainable. With the patch
    its just a matter of doing everything for the rest. Such a great feeling
    when you do finally get this one. Enjoy.
    2 We Have the Talent! -Bronze
     Complete the Firehouse training level.
    -Pretty easy, all you got to do is learn the ropes and capture the fat ghost
    in the basement. This is basically a tutorial level. Follow Ray down into
    the basement and listen to what he tells you, blast slimer until he runs
    away and then try to wipe out the ghost. Now this is were you will determine
    if your going to go for the low damage or high damage trophies. If your going
    to go for the under 100k trophie first (I suggest you do) then let ray do
    most of the work. If not just blast away like crazy.
    3 The Flowers Are Still Standing! -Bronze
     Complete the ‘Welcome to the Hotel Sedgewick’ level.
    -Easily explained, its a level completion trohpy. Capture the fisherman
    ghost and defeat the kitchen monster. On higher difficulties beware that
    the kitchen monster can teleport and the fisherman is faster. You will find
    your self heading to the top floor of the hotel with Egon only to have
    to go after the last section alone. If this is your first time playing
    it can be a little creepy but just keep an eye on your PKE and when the
    lamp monsters jump out the first time keep an eye out behind you. Don't
    forget to look for the water fountains if your going for that trophie
    as well (I assume you are, why else read this guide). When you get to the
    fisherman ghost its just a matter of dodging his attacks and blasting him.
    when the golem comes out let the others do a lot of the work and you
    just concentrate on staying away from it while shooting. when its weak use
    your capture beam to grab the thing on its head to discharge it and win.
    4 Once S’more into the Breach -Bronze
     Complete the ‘Panic in Times Square’ level. 
    -Defeat Stay Puft, hes pretty easy. The trick is to keep your proton stream
    on him and hit him with boson darts. He will shoot goo bombs at you every so
    often so make sure to recharge your pack alot. When he starts getting close
    he will slam his hand to the wall and breath on it making little marshmellow
    monsters. Just use the regular stream and slowly move from the right to the
    left to nock them down. Then hit stay puft with a Boson again to nock him back
    Getting to him is just a simple matter of following the others and doing what
    they say and remember its about team work. 
    5 Get Her! -Bronze
     Complete the ‘Checking Out the Library’ level. 
    -Capture the gray lady, and defeat the collector.The trick with the collector
    is his face. Use slime to weaken the mask, then use the capture stream to pull
    it off. If he starts to get close use the portals to escape to the other side
    of the room. keep a steady stream of proton and boson darts flying at his head
    and revive the other ghostbusters when they drop. When he sends out his wirl
    wind looking attack its best to use the portal if hes facing you. His ground
    spikes are not really too bad but they knock you down and if your wounded
    they can incapacitate you for a while. One trick I find useful is staying 
    on the other side of the room from him. the other ghostbusters will get
    right in his face and you can use the portals to stay at a distance making the
    fight that much easier for you.
    by the way.. I raise my hand too after Winstons suggestion.
    6 Ghost Fever Grips New York -Bronze
     Complete the ‘Museum of (Super)Natural History’ level. 
    -The chairman is a push over if you know his tricks. He has a big yellow
    eye in his chest. Use your most powerful attacks on it and he will drop fast. 
    He will fly under the area move around appearing on a random side. He usually
    does this two times then he will summon up 4 black ooze portals that have
    minions coming out of it. Slime them all and the portals to get the chairman
    to come back for more proton fun. If he starts charging 4-5 blue orbs in his
    hand take cover. They knock every one out they hit. Use the pillar in the
    middle to take cover. When the blue ghosts start to show up he is about to go
    down and he will start using a more powerful blue pillar blast. Just keep
    moving and you will be fine. make sure to revive your buddies or you will go
    down fast. You dont need to use the traps at all on this section. The slime
    blaster will take out everything pretty fast. Don't forget to scan ghosts
    as you fight the chairman.
    7 Somebody Saw A Cockroach on 12 -Bronze
     Complete the 'Return to the Sedgewick' level.
    -Defeat the spiderwich. Use your PKE meter to find her. She will teleport
    around the room, when you find her just blast her with your proton beam
    and boson darts. Make sure when she flees to find her. Egon will tell you
    shes getting stronger, she will be on one of the egg sacks. Just shoot her
    down and make sure to stay back from her. she will kill you fast up close
    but she only has melee attacks. Some of the egg sacks can be seen from 2
    different sides so its just a matter of running to wear you need to go
    and keeping the heat on. Egon does give you fair warning if shes around so
    unless your not paying attention this should not be too hard a fight.
    8 Let Me Guess, Gozer Worshippers -Bronze
     Complete the 'Lost Island Rising' level. 
    -Defeat the slime monster at the end by moving a lot. He starts out with
    3 eyes floating in front of him. slime them or hit them with boson darts.
    The helm thing will bust and he starts spitting black slime at you or
    trying to bite you. Just use slime and aim for the yellow thing on the
    top of his head. Get close to the edge and he will try to eat you leaving
    the eye exposed. Shoot it with slime or your most powerful attacks. I used
    only slime and it went down on professional in under 2 minutes. Since it
    will be occupied trying to eat you the others should be fine. If they go
    down you know what to do. Ignore them.. wait no.. revive them 
    once trick I find works pretty well is to stand close to the side. when
    the boss starts to move at you jump to the side and he will miss. That gives
    you a good view of the yellow eye an a perfect chance to slime it.
    9 Disaster of Biblical Proportions -Bronze
     Complete the 'Central Park Cemetery' level. 
    -The end boss is a two stage boss. The first part he will have a shield
    and some big pillars feeding it. Just use the slime tether to open
    the pillars and shoot the green shard with a boson dart. When all 4 are gone
    unload on him and you will be pulled into round 2.
    Round 2 he will come after you as a big large demon looking guy. 
    SCARY. Not really.
    Use your proton stream and boson darts or your Meson Collider. I used the
    tracking darts. you will get two shots to unload on him at a time. He drifts
    from two sections around the level and you just need to track him. Once he
    takes some damage he drops down and appears in the center. Hit him then
    blast the 4 pillars before they refill his health. It helps if you stay away
    from the other ghostsbusters. you get more room to move and his group attacks
    will not take you all out at once. Just keep at it and he will go down.
    Also watch out for the rock, it explodes when it hits so if he picks
    one up starts moving to the side and when he tosses use the side jump. This is
    a good time to go for the doctor trophy if you still need that one as well.
    Enjoy the end FMV and get ready to go back for the last few trophies.
    And get ready for LOTS of multiplayer fun.
    10 We Came, We Saw… -Bronze
     Complete the game on ‘Casual’ or ‘Experienced’ difficulty.
    -Pretty self explanatory. Thing is you dont really need to play Experienced
    unless your up for a small challenge. You can get all the trophies on Casual
    and or professional. 
    11 Are You A God? -Gold
     Complete the game on ‘Professional’ difficulty. 
    -Play it on professional. Currently if you play though on casual or
    experienced and go back and play just the first and last part of each level,
    you will get this trophy. Not much fun in that but hey it works. Just got to
    watch a few FMVs and beat all the bosses. The advantage is, as long as this
    works, you wont have to fight through hordes of annoying little ghostys.
    Like the angels.
    Seems that with the patch this changed. Now you got to play it fully a second
    time, Hey thats cool. Some people say it still works for them and some
    prepatch people lost their trophu when they updated. Me... I did not sync
    my PS3 when I got the YLOD so for a month I was with no games and lost some
    of my trophies. Oh well, Replays fun.
    12 Slam Dunk! -Bronze
     Slam dunk a ghost into a trap. 
    -After you get the slam trap upgrade just use the slam ability when tethering
    ghosts. The easiest way to do this is weaken them. Drag them close to the trap
    and slam them on the ground by it. If the cones open it sometimes does not
    work. So aim for the sides.
    13 Slime Dunk! -Bronze
     Trap a ghost using the Slime Tether. 
    -This is so easy. Just shoot the first tether right on the trap, Then shoot
    a ghost. Rinse repeat buy me a cheeseburger. So easy. Problem is if their is
    a wall, pillar or something else between the ghost and trap they will bounce
    away. one trick that works is to use the capture stream get them close to it
    release and then tether them. You could just tether when they are moving toss
    the trap and shoot it. Many ways work, Just practice.
    14 Stasis Dunk! -Bronze
     Trap a ghost using the Stasis Stream. 
    - This can be a challenge. The trick is to slow them and freeze them first.
    Then when they are frozen toss the trap under them. When it gets under the
    ghost it should trap them. But ONLY if they are close to the cones open range.
    So try to slow them down and when they get close to the ground finish freezing
    You also got to be fast in tossing the trap, if they start to thaw they move
    away. Also groups tend to be a bother, single them out. This is also one
    of my favorite ways to win multiplayer challanges since its an instant capture
    if you get good with the stasis beam. And if you have multiple ghosts that you
    manage to freeze in a group all of them go in at once. 
    15 I Ain’t ‘Fraid of No Ghost! -Bronze
     Trap a ghost. 
    -You get this one during the training. you cant avoid it.
    16 Aim for the Flat Top! -Bronze
     Eliminate a creature. 
    -When you first run into small explody ghostys. You get this one. Unless
    you run away from everything you can't avoid this either. You will probably
    get this one sometime in the middle of the first level.
    17 Heat ‘Em Up -Bronze
     Purchase all upgrades for the Proton Gun. 
    -Since scanning ghosts, finding artifacts and capturing gets you money you got
    to plan ahead. Eventually you will get all the upgrades but depending on how
    fast you want this saving cash could get it sooner. 
    18 Mother Pus Bucket! -Bronze
     Purchase all upgrades for the Slime Gun. 
    -Same for heat 'em up. Only this one I suggest getting the tether upgrades
    first. It helps. Eventually you get enough cash for everything. So dont worry.
    19 We be fast! They be slow! -Bronze
     Purchase all upgrades for the Dark Matter Generator. 
    --Read 17 and 18. If you MUST get an upgrade get the beam first.
    20 I Don’t Want My Face Burned Off -Bronze
     Purchase all upgrades for the Meson Collider.
    -Get the cool down upgrade first. The rest is the same for 17-19
    21 We Have the Tools! -Gold
     Purchase all available equipment upgrades. 
    -Usually around the Return to Hotel Sedgewick I always had full upgrades. Thats
    IF, big IF here, You scan all the ghosts you see and find all artifacts. Also
    if you blast more then the other ghostbusters. Dont worry if your close to
    getting them all you still have a couple more levels.
    22 The Destructor -Bronze
     Complete the game with more than $3,000,000 in property damage. 
    -This ones easy. Just shoot like crazy. YOu can actually get 3mil in one run
    in times square. As soon as you get the boson dart hit EVERY car, bus and truck
    and trash every room you go into. There is a lot of cars when running from
    stay puft so shoot him a little.. shoot a car.. shoot him.. shoot a car.
    Your proton beam does a lot of damage on its own as well so just shoot as you
    go and dont worry about aiming.
    23 Nice Shootin’, Tex! -Bronze
     Complete the game with less than $100,000 in property damage.
    -For a bronze this one is annoying. You have to be good with a proton beam.
    The trick is to let the other ghostbusters do ALL the work and you just help.
    Dont shoot unless you know you can hit the ghosty. When you get the slime
    tether this gets easier. you can just tether everything.  Once you get past the 
    Return to Hotel Sedgewick level you are safe to go gun crazy. You cant cause
    damage to the next areas. A big tip to know, when you tether something and
    tether a wall or roof to pull it away you will not actually be charged for
    damaged goods. So you can move stuff out of your way with the Tether. See
    why I suggest getting the upgrade? Keeps things out of your way longer. Also
    if there are multiple ghosts try tethering them to each other for an easy
    stun, works in multiplayer as well. I actually got less then 20k damage when
    I got this trophie. On times square I only did 149 damage. Crazy, I know, but
    its just a matter of letting every one else do the work. Main areas to watch
    out for is cars, anything in the Museum especially the cannons, things the
    ghosts toss at you in the Hotel. seems luggage costs 8k, so just dodge.
    If you find you did way too much damage you can actually exit game using
    the PS button and not have that save. That way you dont lose out on that work.
    24 …And You Want to Keep It? -Bronze
     Collect a Cursed Artifact. 
    -Just watch your PKE meter. when you see it go blue follow it and get one.
    25 Spores, Molds, and Fungus -Gold
     Collect all Cursed Artifacts. 
    -Ok here is the list of all items in each level. use some one elses guide to
    get directions to each one. Easy enough for most, the PKE goes blue, you find
    and do a little dance. Some though cause you to run in circles wondering how to
    get at it. *CoughtheDVDcough*
     Hotel Sedgewick
    1 Voyaging case international
    2 The summoner bell
    3 Gustav self-service tray
    4 Portrait of G. Sedgewick
    5 Toaster of sights unseen
    6 Stay puft figure
     Times Square
    7 3-Toed Jenkin's midnight Goose
    8 "The Ravishing Red Prince" 
    9  Patrelli's Michievious Cone
    10 Homan's Black Low-rise
    11 Asmodeus' Hotline
    12 Gaillano's Enchanted Pail
     Public LIbrary
    13 Seat of Vapors Foul
    14 Portrait of Eleanor Twitty
    15 Reluctant Reading lamp
    16 Ali El-Baluu's Irksome rug
    17 Featherwell's stalking chair
    18 Pin-up Calendar of Doom!
     History Museum
    19 Ritual mask of bad advice
    20 Cursed Musket of C.Starkey
    21 Bagged head of Azathotep
    22 Phoenician Plague vase
    23 Painting of the trustees
    24 Remote controlled Ecto-1
     Return to Hotel Sedgewick
    25 Phantom flush toilet
    26 Cruel Oven
    27 The unruley Beard of V.Belascu
    28 Possessed bell-bottom jeans
    29 Swiss Death clock
    30 Broccoli Queen Autobiography
     Lost Island
    31 Church of Gozer songbook 
    32 "Fox Hunt on Tiamat Island"
    33 Ghostbusters DVD
    34 Wheel of Alabaster Wretch
    35 Singing Slime
    36 Anguished Stuffed bear
     Central Park Cemetery
    37 Whistling Bust of Mausch
    38 Ghostbusters Mug and Balloon
    39 Stone Angel Head
    40 Ghost Fruit Tree
    41 The skull of Ivo Shandor
    42 Archangel's Gallbladder
    26 I’m Picking Up A Signal… -Bronze
     Obtain a 100% PKE scan on a paranormal creature. 
    -As soon as you get the PKE meter just look for a ghost. stand still and scan.
    Most ghosts will rush you, when they rush you thats a good time to scan them.
    This is the strategy I used for pretty much every one. Make sure to check 
    your list a lot or you could miss some.
    27 Back Off Man. I’m A Scientist -Gold
     Obtain 100% PKE scans for every paranormal creature. 
    -OK here is the list. Some one elses guide can get you more info. But this will
    allow you to compair what you have with whats missing. Only a few are tricky
    but most of them are just right in your face.
    Tobin's Spirit guide
    1 Azetlor the Destroyer              27 Grave fiend
    2 Beauty Queen ghost                 28 Grave monster
    3 Bellhop ghost                      29 Hobo ghost
    4 Black slime                        30 Imprisoned juvenile Slor
    5 Black slime fiend                  31 Keyhead monster
    6 Black slime ghost                  32 Kitchen flier
    7 Black slime monster                33 Kitchen golem
    8 Black slime portal                 34 Librarian ghost
    9 Book Bat                           35 Marshmallow mini
    10 Book centurion                    36 Opera diva ghost
    11 Book Golem                        37 Paper construct
    12 Candelabrum Crawler               38 Pappy Sargassi
    13 Cemetary crawler                  39 Possessed human
    14 Chef DeForrest                    40 Possessed Statue
    15 Coal Golem                        41 Possessor ghost
    16 Confederate ghost                 42 Shandor the architect
    17 Construction worker ghost         43 Slimer
    18 Cook ghost                        44 Sloth ghost
    19 Cruster                           45 Spider crawler
    20 Crusto                            46 Spiderwitch
    21 Cultist                           47 Stay Puft
    22 Cultist Summoner                  48 Stone angel
    23 Dead fish Flier                   49 Stone gargoyle
    24 Ectoplasm                         50 The chairman
    25 Ectoplasmic residue               51 Union ghost
    26 Flying skull                      52 Venom Crawler
                                         53 webbed fiend
    28 I’m a Ghostbuster, Not a Doctor! -Bronze
     Revive your teammates 20 times.
    -If you stand aside and let the others do all the work you will get this one
    pretty fast. If you help them. If not dont be surprised if you dont get it
    until the last boss. For me I had to actually let the last boss pound the
    ghostbusters so I could revive them. I think I said that before. Oh well.
    29 I Feel So Funky -Bronze
     Get slimed by a charging ghost. 
    -Most of the time you get this in your first fight with slimer. If you miss him 
    rushing you just let something hit you. I got my trophy in the civil war room,
    dont know what hit me but the trophy popped up. So what ever, at least I got
    it. It's on of those trophys that you get just by playing. Unless your really
    good at dodging and forget your trying to get this.
    30 Total Protonic Reversal -Bronze
     Knock yourself down with your own weapon. 
    -The fastest way is shoot a wall your standing next to with a boson dart.
    Cross the streams with another ghostbuster for a more ammusing effect.
    Don't do that in game though... its not pretty then.
    31 You Gotta Try This Pole! -Bronze
     Slide down the fire pole. 
    -See the pole? Yeah. No? why are you using the stairs? Seriously just
    walk up to the pole on the second floor, one in the bedroom and one
    in the main room and slide down. You can't really miss the pole in the fire
    house unless you are not paying attention. 
    32 It’s Slime Time -Bronze
     Use the Slime Tether on 15 ghosts. 
    -Ok when you get the tether Im sure you will use it all the time. So this one
    is just a matter of finding the ghosts. Not too hard. Unless you have bad
    aim... if thats the case try using the aim assist. See the tip on the slime
    33 I Looked at the Trap, Ray! -Bronze
     Recover 20 of your own full ghost traps. 
    -Best way is trap a ghost, get the trap and deploy it again. You can trap as
    many ghosts as you want in one deployed trap. So if you dont pick it up
    everytime you use it this could take a while. One of the best areas to get this
    is in the civil war room. You will probably have it before then anyways.
    34 Kosher! -Bronze
     Remedy a dubious food choice to make the bar mitzvah as orthodox as it can be. 
    -When you find Slimer in the ball room it shows the table. on the Table is a
    ham, left side. Now you HAVE to shoot the ham. It can fall off the table and
    can roll. so just find it and blast it until the trophy shows up.
    35  I Love You When You Rough-House! -Bronze
     The tidy architectural office could use some Proton-based humbling. 
    -The room with the blue pillars in the times square level. The one with the
    breakable glass in the hallway and all the marshmallow monsters. TRASH IT.
    get about 10k in the room BEFORE you open the door next to ray. Hit the tables,
    windows, ceiling, vents, shelfs.... EVERYTHING. You can replay this section as
    need be. but if you go crazy you will get it. The trophy shows up when you
    open the door if you did enough damage. Oh also watch out for the monsters
    on the other side.
    not the best trophy to get with nice shooting tex.
    36 But the Kids Love Us! -Bronze
     The children’s reading room has a story to tell, but it will take more than
     your eyes to see it. 
    -When you get into the kids section of the library look to your left. There is
    a room with a teddy bear in the corner. open the door, shoot a boson dart in
    to smash the stuff blocking the door and head to the corner. A creepy thing
    happens When you leave, pull out your PKE meter and follow the foot prints to
    the tree in the right side of the room you can see a puppet show. aah.. scary
    37 You Never Studied -Bronze
     Keep your ears open to learn everything you can about the Civil War. 
    -When your in the civil war room run around looking at the displays. Some of
    them have a talk box. activate them all before you follow the other
    Ghostbusters. Its obvious when your in the right room. You will pass a case
    with guns. Just look at all the cases and activate them until it shows up.
    I did not count. 
    update on trophy guideFriday, August 28, 2009 2:42 PM
    From: "Matt Baker" <duuude007@msn.com>
    I'm running through the Museum again, and decided to count the civil
    war boxes. there are only 4 in the room:
    1. In front of the sabres exhibit just to the right of the place you enter
    2. As you take a left in the main room heading towards the Rifle cursed
    artifact, you will first pass a Uniform exhibit with another box.
    3. In front of the US Horseman, center of the main room.
    4. In front of the Confederate Horseman, center of the main room.
    I only touched those four (couldn't find any others), and got my trophy.
    Just trying to help. Keep up the good work. :)
    Matt Baker
    ok, slight correction:
    There are 3 others which will appear once the union and confederate ghosts
    appear... but they start whenver you get close, making an overall of 7 inside
    this room. The last 3, however, are not relevant to the trophy completion.
    Also-once the ghosts appear, it is impossible to access the original 4 boxes,
    so get them before you get anywhere near the exit on the opposite end of the 
    Matt Baker
    THANK you matt. See I give credit were its due. This guy was awsome to send
    me the information. makes me look less like a fool and more like a lazy slob.
    38 I’ve Quit Better Jobs Than This. -Bronze
     Some ghosts had a real blowout in the Coat Room. Clean it up? 
    -When you Return to Hotel Sedgewick follow the others. Eventually you will
    get attacked in the lobby. After the fight walk back to the main door. look to
    your right and you will see a door. There is an artifact in it so the PKE
    goes blue. go in and slime the room fully until there is no black slime.
    You will know your ready to go there because your PKE will light up after the
    fight, all you have to do is go there and your good to go. Make sure to get
    the ceiling as well, you cant leave any slime. Its obvious when your done
    because the trophie shows up.
    39 Hedgebuster -Bronze
     The hedge maze is a real eyesore; do some Protonic pruning. 
    -I like this one. when your on the lost island and you have to move the big 
    wheel to open the door you will find a hedge maze. just proton stream 
    EVERYthing in it. There is a lot of bushes. so burn them all until the trophie
    shows up. Its fun and easy. Remember though you will be attacked after you
    turn the wheel so its best to do this first.
    Don't worry about the creepy sounds as you run around the maze. Nothings in
    there until you turn the wheel. I have no idea how many bushes there are, I
    just know there is a lot and they are around almost every corner.
    40 One down, on the Ground! -Bronze
     Airborne coffins are an affront to gravity; use your Proton Pack to avenge 
    Mother Nature! 
    -when you get to the big open area in the cemetary with the big tree. There
    will be a big ghost who throws them at you. Its the air strike check point.
    Just look to the sky and you will see firey coffins flying at you. If they hit
    the ground a small ghost pops out. All you need to do is shoot one out of the
    sky for the trophie. It can be tricky so you have to be ready for it.
    41 Ghostbusters Drinking Game -Bronze
     Quench your thirst wherever possible to avoid being scared spitless. 
    -During the first few missions you will find drinking fountains. Just use them.
    here is the list. Most are easy enough. I will list the check points as well.
    There are many guides that give more detailed info on how to find them, I just
    put in the basics should be fine though.
     Ghostbuster's Firehouse
     1.Main floor of the fire house, right above the stairs to the basement.
     Hotel Sedgewick
    2. As soon as you enter the Hotel. Look to your right, in the room with the 
    vending machines.
    Checkpoint- Extended Service Agreement
    3. When the fisherman floods the hallway you have to search around. Towards the
    end of the area some elevators will open draining the place. Looking at the
    elevators, LOOK BEHIND YOU! Its in the corner.
    Checkpoint: Charge of the Light Brigade
     Times Square
    4. Next to the back door of the Laundry mat when your following Stay puft. Its
    Right before you go out side to blow up the tanker truck. If you blow up the
    truck and did not get the drink.. go back inside and look to your left.
    Checkpoint- Spin Cycle
    5. When your with Ray and you ride the elevator walk down the hall. You cant
    miss it.. unless your looking to your right. Look left, its on the corner right
    past the windows. Its before the office that you can get a trophe in.
    (See above trophies)
    Checkpoint- Race to the Roof
     The Library
    6. There will be a cut scene with winston telling you stuff. You will then head
    towards the Childrens section. Its at the end of the hall. Before the door with
    the creepy bear. YOu will know your in the area when the blue ghosty attacks.
    Checkpoint- Story Hour
     The Museum
    7. When you see the head in the bag after Venkman jumps out at you. Look to
    your left before the door, the fountain is right there. Its on the right side
    of the hall facing the door. 
    Checkpoint- The Ossuary
     Return to Hotel Sedgewick 
    8. Right after you open the generator Door. Its right in front of you. Hard to
    miss, unless your blind.
    Checkpoint- Emergency Generator
    Hopefully you got them all. If not Just load the check point and search again.
    If your not paying attention you could run right past some. If your still
    having trouble check out some of the other guides on GAMEFAQS. some good
    ones on there that even give pictures.
    5.-Multi PLayer
    You need to do all this on Ranked to get the trophies.
    There are The 6 game modes, 4 campain modes and 12 levels.
    the 6 game modes are
    Slime dunk
    the 4 campain modes have 3 levels each.
     Reading room, Basement Stacks, Twisted Stacks
     Streets, Office, Rooftops
     Rotunda, Mayan, Egypt
     Cemetary, Altar, Lost Island
    and thats all 12 levels as well.
    now back to the trophies.
    42 Loans Paid Off -Bronze
     More than $100,000 earned in multiplayer. 
    - Fastest way is play a campain level. If you work with your team and 
    follow the objectives you can get this fast. It's just a matter of catching
    ghosts, I do suggest trying to work this one into some of the other trophy
    goals. So maybe check the guide for the lists of what your doing.
    43 On the Payroll -Bronze
     Successfully complete one multiplayer campaign. 
    -See above note
    44 Egon’s Guinea Pig -Bronze
     Use one of every Pickup (both Power-ups and Equipment). 
    You don't have to use them all in one round. Just find them and use them
    You might need to replay an area many times or different levels. You need to
    actually use them on ghosts. Just blasting away with the meson colider
    is pointless if Egon does not know if it hurts ghosts or not.
    If you dont know what the power up does scan with the PKE.
    Ghost Stunner (make sure there are ghosts on Screen)
    Pink Slime (Make sure you turn a ghost into a friend)
    Ghost Shrinker (read the stunner hint)
    Etherreal Shield (Actually get hit when you have it on)
    Proton Accelerator (Proton Charger/Boson Dart)
    Shock Blaster/Stasis Stream
    Slime Blower/Tether
    Meson Colider/Overload Pulse
    45 Payday! -Bronze
     Be the overall top earner in each multiplayer campaign setting. 
    ok so with the patch you can get this again. Here is some info from
    AJStevens and Dan Irish, CEO of Threewave software. 
    *Email to Aj and his post on the Gamefaqs forum*
    Official PayDay! or Win Requirements
    Posted 9/2/2009 3:28:00 AM
    message detail My thanks to Dan Irish, CEO of Threewave software for kindly
    answering the mystery of the PayDay! Trophy/Achievement.
    This is what he said:
    Here is the verified fix from the submission to Sony & Microsoft:
    Play through and meet the win condition for each level in all 4 of the ranked
    Additionally the same player must be the top earning player in each of the
    levels played
    Notes: Below are the specific win conditions for the respective levels.
    Players must not die due to crossing the streams.
    Players must complete at least 1 wave in Survival jobs.
    Players must completely build all 3 pylons in Protection jobs.
    Players must destroy at least 1 relic in Destruction jobs.
    Players must protect at least 1 artifact for the duration of Thief jobs.
    Players must complete at least 1 wave Containment jobs
    - Dan Irish, CEO
    So Aj created a really nice list every one can use. Here is the link
    AJStevens- Gamefaqs
    Posted 8/27/2009 8:29:00 AM
    AJ also gave me this link
    Posted 9/16/2009 6:09:11 AM
    He says you can go there to get all the lists and charts you need to help
    with your trophie hunting. I suggest it for the multiplayer. My stuff helps
    but im not as fancy as these guys.
    Once you got the basics down its just a matter of finding a good team or a
    friend willing to replay the levels a few times. 
    46 It’s a Living -Bronze
     Trap over 50 ghosts in your multiplayer Ghostbusting career. 
    -This one is gained as you play, Just play a lot of games. You will probably
    have it in your 4th or 5th match if you do it right. If not it could take you 
    10 or more. I suggest playing either Containment or survival. 
    47 Wanted! -Bronze
     Defeat three Most Wanted Ghosts. 
    -As you play the levels a most wanted ghost could show up. some you have to
    catch some you have to just blast. I will provide a list that was provided
    to me a little farther into the guide here. Check the No job too big section
    48 Employee of the Month -Bronze
     Be top earner in each multiplayer job type. 
    -There are 6 job types. Pretty basic, Play instant matches and win. Here are
    the jobs you will need to play. You need to be first when the round ends.
    It seems you need to actually complete the mission and not just play and 
    have it end. So like payday and gozers most wanted follow the rules.
    Slime dunk
    49 No Job Too Big -Bronze
     Defeated all Most Wanted Ghosts 
    -This one was glitched 
    No one had polar slimer or the Glutton Slimer.
    Its been patched and thanks to Gamerleland on the 360 board, we have a 
    proper list. I will just post what he posted and give him credit.
    I could have typed it my self but this is the same thing thats on screen
    anyways and he did work hard on it.
    Posted 6/19/2009 9:19:03 AM
     Most Wanted Ghost FaQ
    Setting: Library Levels: Reading Room, Basement Stacks, Twisted Stacks
    Ghosts: The Book of Pain, Captain of the Guard, Olga the Terrible, Dredge
    The Book of Pain: complete any job in any of the library levels.
    Captain of the Guard: Capture book of pain and kill 20 paper enemies.
    Olga the Terrible: Capture the captain and complete 5 jobs in the library.
    Dredge: Capture Olga and complete 10 library thief jobs.
    Setting: Times Square Levels: Streets, Office, Rooftops
    Ghosts: Smelly Ned, Dolnasky the Foreman, Grimgreave, Binky
    Smelly Ned: Complete 5 containments in time square maps.
    Dolnasky: Capture Ned and collect 50 powerups.
    Grimgreave: Capture Dolnasky and kill 20 gargolyes and/or cherubs using slams.
    Binky: Capture Grimgreave and complete 10 survivals on timesquare maps.
    Setting: Museum Levels: Rotunda, Mayan, Egypt
    Ghosts: Grundel, Sharpshooter Bailey, The Maestro, Grand Pappy Sargassi
    Grundel: Complete 5 museum protections.
    Sharpshooter Bailey: Capture Grundel and capture 15 civil war ghosts.
    The Maestro: Capture Bailey and complete 10 museum survival jobs.
    Grand Pappy Sargassi: Capture Maestro and complete 15 jobs on museum levels.
    Setting: Cemetary Levels: Graveyard, Altar, Lost Temple
    Ghosts: Mad Mad Minimo, the Darkest, the Clawed Menace, The Uprising
    Mad Mad Minimo: earn 50k in any cemetary job. 
    (must be in a single match, survival recomended)
    the Darkest: Capture Minimo and kill 15 black slime monsters.
    the Clawed Menace: Capture Darkest and kill 50 cemetary crawlers
    (they are the spider like tombstone things.)
    the Uprising: Capture menace and complete 10 survival jobs in the Cemetary.
    Setting: Any Levels: Any (except for slime dunk)
    Ghosts: Rotten Slimer, Wee Slimer, Polar Slimer, Glutton Slimer.
    Rotten Slimer: Capture 10 slimers.
    Wee Slimer: Capture Rotten Slimer and win at least 3 slime dunks.
    Polar Slimer: Capture Wee Slimer and achieve 20 slim dunks on each of the
    slime dunk maps.
    Glutton Slimer: Capture Polar Slimer and complete 60 jobs.
    I have never had a ghost appear on a slime dunk level.
    I have seen the most ghosts show up on containment followed closely by
    You don't have to be the individual to capture it as long as someone does
    while you are in the game you get credit for it.
    If somone triggers a higher ghost in the order while you are in the room you
    still get credit.
    If someone else is in the room and they are on a lower ghost than the one you
    need the ghost they are on almost always shows up.
    Thank you Gamerleland for typing this up for us to use.
    50 Gozer’s Most Wanted -Bronze
     Successfully complete each Multiplayer job in every location. 
    -Ok this one is a long one. There are 48 Jobs you will need to play and WIN
     All 10 Waves of Survival
     Destroy all 26 relics
     capture all Ghosts in Containment (Varies on number of players)
     Save at least one relic in Theif (Go for all 4)
     Activate all 3 PKE's in Protection 
     Be 1st in Slime Dunk
    Friday, September 11, 2009 10:10 AM
    From: "Alexandre Déry" <burpomatic@hotmail.com>
    As I was reading about the Gozer's most wanted trophy (50), I realized you
    wrote there are 72 games to play. In fact, only Survival and Containment
    modes contain 12 levels, the others all have 6.
    So the actual total is 48 games in my opinion. 
    Very nice FAQ by the way, have a good day.
    Yeah, ok so I should have paid more attention to what I put in. That's
    whats I get for being in a hurry. Anyways here is the updated info and a nice
    little check list for you to use. Every time you win one just check it.
    I Xed out the levels that you dont play in each mode so make it easy to keep
    track of. I suggest only marking it if you KNOW you met the requirments.
            |Containment|Survival|Theif|Destruction|Protection|Slime Dunk|
    Reading |           |        |     |           |xxxxxxxxxx|xxxxxxxxxx|
    Room    |           |        |     |           |          |          |
    Basement|           |        |     |xxxxxxxxxxx|xxxxxxxxxx|          |
    Stacks  |           |        |     |           |          |          |
    Twisted |           |        |     |xxxxxxxxxxx|xxxxxxxxxx|          |
    Stacks  |           |        |     |           |          |          |
    Streets |           |        |     |xxxxxxxxxxx|          |xxxxxxxxxx|
    Office  |           |        |xxxxx|           |          |xxxxxxxxxx|
    Rooftops|           |        |xxxxx|xxxxxxxxxxx|          |          |
    Rotunda |           |        |xxxxx|           |          |xxxxxxxxxx|
    Mayan   |           |        |     |           |xxxxxxxxxx|xxxxxxxxxx|
    Egypt   |           |        |xxxxx|xxxxxxxxxxx|          |          |
    Cemetary|           |        |xxxxx|           |          |xxxxxxxxxx|
    Altar   |           |        |     |xxxxxxxxxxx|xxxxxxxxxx|          |
    Lost    |           |        |xxxxx|           |xxxxxxxxxx|          |
    island  |           |        |     |           |          |          |
    51 Overachiever -Bronze
     Get over $2,500,000 in multiplayer, over 30 Post-Job Awards, 50 Jobs completed
    -Just play, play, play and play. The job awards are based on your actions.
    If your going for trophies this one will come with time. So good luck.
    Now the jobs are easy to keep track of. Same for cash, the awards is what
    confuses most people. so after some searching a list was made and posted
    on the playstation forums. Just look at an award and do that to get the 30
    DIFFERENT awards. They can't be the same one. so you may get light show 50
    some odd billion times but thats only ONE award.
    06-24-2009 03:59 PM on the playstation forums
    ############### Player Awards ###############
    The Real Ghostbuster - Most ghosts trapped or destroyed
    Aint Afraid Of No Ghost - Least amount of knockouts
    Medic - Most revivals of teammates
    Most Revived - Most times revived by a teammate
    Marathon Runner - Longest total distance traveled in the match
    Slowpoke - Shortest total distance traveled in the match
    Slime Magnet - Most times slimed
    Rollin In Dough - Most cash earned in the match
    Broke - Least cash earned in the match
    Tech Head - Most power-ups collected in the match
    Purist - Fewest power-ups collected in the match
    Itchy Trigger Finger - First Person to shoot in the round
    Nice Shootin Tex - Highest accuracy with the Proton beam 
      (including the Boson Dart)
    Light Show - Lowest accuracy with the Proton beam 
      (including the Boson Dart)
    Dead Aim - Most ghosts hit with the Meson Collider
      (including alternate fire)
    Darkest Matter - Most ghosts hit with the Shock Blast
      (including the Stasis beam)
    Ghosticle - Most ghosts frozen with the Stasis Beam
    Slimer - Most shots with the Slime Blower (including the Slime Tether)
    Befriender - Most ghosts turned into good guys with Pink Slime
    Duckin and Dodgin - Most dodges and jumps
    Slammer - Most wrangled ghost slams
    Long Time Wrangler - Longest ghost wrangle
    Demolitions Man - Most ghosts damaged in a single explosion
    Keeping An Eye Out - Longest period of time in PKE goggle view
    My Ghosts My Trap - Most ghosts trapped in your own trap
    We Came We Saw - First person to trap 10 ghosts
    Destruction Master - Most Evil Relics destroyed
    Smashy Smashy - First player to destroy 10 Evil Relics
    Blink Out - Most ghosts eliminated by destroying Evil Relics
    Rampager - Shortest period of time between destroying two Evil Relics
    Soul Survivor - Longest run without getting knocked out
    Team Savior - Revived each teammate at least once
    First Death - First knockout of the round
    Commando - Highest ghost defeat to player knockout ratio
    MVP - Most points in Slime Dunk
    Slimer Wrangler - Longest amount of time wrangling Slimer
    Slimer Dodger - Least number of times knocked down by Slimer
    Gloop Dreams - First person to perform 5 Slime Dunks in the match
    Best Rescuer - Most Artifacts returned to the safe zone
    First Rescuer - First player to destroy an Artifact thief
    Red Handed - The player who destroys the most Artifact thieves
    True Protector - Trap 3 ghosts in a row while the active PKE Disruptor
     remains undamaged
    Comeback Kid - Trap 3 ghosts in "Sudden Death"
    Vendetta - Be the first to destroy or capture a ghost after it has damaged a
     PKE Disruptor
    Now the thing about the awards is you get one end game. So if your trying to
    get a lot of them. pick one, do that and then end the match. This is fastest
    if you play Survival for most of these. If you do get more then one it does
    not show them and I do not know if they count. It only shows the one so better
    to be safe then sorry.
    **** Hopefully if your reading this you managed to get all the Trophies ****
    **** I would like to think I helped but hey who am I kiding, I just put ****
    **** this info here so my friends and I could use it. Oh well good luck ****
    ALWAYS revive your allies. Solo and multi player, Its all about team work.
    DO NOT leave a game in midplay. It ruins it for EVERY ONE. You dont get nothing
    theres no reason to leave you still get paid for playing win or lose.
    Look before you shoot. Both solo and multiplayer, nothing worse then being
    downed by another player when your catching that one ghost to end a map.
    Do not constantly slam ghosts around the room, especially in timed Games.
    If you cant find a ghost run around the out side of the rooms. Sometimes
    they get stuck in walls, or behind something or even on the roof. Happens a
    lot in the reading room, the big blue dome at the north end of the map or the
    lights at the south end. (North is the direction you face when you start)
    Know what your doing if your going for a trophy.
    Back pedaling can save your life. Thats running backwards facing the ghost
    and shooting. Works really well for titans.
    Walls can be your friend. If you keep a ghost near one you can use the more
    powerful attacks with less chance of missing, or use that wall to guard your
    back. You don't really get hit too much but ghosts can fly threw them so, its
    not a 100% defense. but still helps. Also if you have a golem chasing you
    you can get it stuck behind a wall or car or something and keep it there.
    When playing protection to get an easy win do this: IN round 1 there will be 
    2-3 ghosts depending on how many players. Same for round 2. When the ghosts
    show up in stead of catching them stun them and wrangle them. Hang on to them
    until the timer runs down for an easy round win. Do this in round 1 and 2 and
    then in round 3 with the golems have the 1 or 2 of the other players go lead
    the golem to the other side of the map. Just shoot it every so often or use
    stasis beam. dont kill it! The other players stay near the PKE and just blast
    the little monsters that run up. Could take some practice to be a good golem
    leader, but when you get the hang of it you will just fly through protection.
    Containments ghosts vary depending on the players. 2 players you need to catch
    15 ghosts to win. 3-4 players you need to catch 20. Watch out for the tree in
    the middle of the graveyard. Ghosts can get stuck there. Containment is a team
    event. the more of you blasting the ghosts the faster they get stunned and if
    you all catch it together they go down fast. Use slime tethers and stasis beams
    for instant catches. Its all timed, the faster you go the more time you get.
    SlimeDunk is player vs player. You are trying to get the most points to win.
    You can knock out other players, they will stay down for 5 seconds. Its not
    nice don't do it. UNless they are your friends or doing it to you. Stick to
    the GhostBuster team work motto. If your trying to get the most wanted slimers
    you will need to win all of them, and catch a certain amount of slimers in
    slimedunk. The easiest way to keep track of how many you caught is by points.
    Green slimers are worth 2k
    Orange are worth 3k
    Blue are worth 4k
    So to get 20 slimers you want to assume you have caught nothing but blue. 
    Just to be on the safe side. really you only need 40k points if you catch
    nothing but the green slimers, 60k if orange and 80k if blue. So I always say
    just assume you need 80k in each slime dunk to have gotten the requirements  
    needed. Its not too hard to get 80k anyways. slime dunks easy if you and one
    friend go play it.
    7.-Credits and Thanks
      First off I would like to thank my wife. For she let me waste all kinds of
    time to make this, so thanks. Of course since she has a collection of 
    homeless people she does have things to occupy her time. So I guess it works.
      Second I would like to thank Gamefaqs for being around since 1995 and letting
    me join for free in 2000, I have been coming to this sight for a long
    time now and its about time I do more than just post on the message boards.
    Of course I have posted a few guides and Reviews.. so I guess Im good now.
      Third off I would like to thank The good people who made Ghostbusters.
      Also I would like to thank every one on the Ghostbusters message boards for
    your help in figuring out some stuff that I could have done on my own but did
    not want too. Seriously. I do most of this on my own, but some things are
    annoying. Since every one asks for this info I just compile it and edit it.
      Mainly I would like to thank these specific Gamefaq members for responding to
    my posts or giving me some kind of motivation. Either from having a faq of
    their own, making me want to join their ranks, or giving me some kind of
    feedback during my message board postings.
    PSN: LordVampirus
    For providing a big chunk of some of the complicated things.
    Also for pointing out the trophies glitch
    Alexandre Déry
    Matt Baker
    AJStevens- Gamefaqs 
    Dan Irish,CEO of Threewave software
    These players for helping me in game to get the last trophies
    did I mention AJstevens? Hes like a ghostbusters God. 
    This_25 for not killing me in my sleep. He wants me to play CoD all
    the time and thats what I do. But I needed time for this so I had to
    convince him not to kill me. Hes Evil.
    There are others but like the message says below.
    If you feel I should post your name feel free to point it out. but
    you must also point out what you did for me. Im not into giving people credit
    for something they did not do. If you REALLY want credit for something you
    did not do. lie to me, but make it sound convincing and offer me a cookie.
    Um.. I just put the Email in the main sections up there so look there. I will
    save this section for questions and answers if any one ever asks.
    hope you enjoyed my guide. let me know if you see something that needs to be
    changed. I do update if I need to.

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