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    Game Script by Mrmichaelt

    Version: 1.10 | Updated: 09/23/14 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                Ghostbusters: The Video Game
                Cinematic and Level Transcript
                        by Mrmichaelt
                    Version 1.10 (9/22/2014)
                (PC / PlayStation 3 / Xbox 360)
    #################### THIS TRANSCRIPT CONTAINS SPOILERS ####################
      I. Transcript
          1. Cinematic One
          2. Level 1 Disturbance Ground Zero Dialogue
          3. Cinematic Two (Between Level 1 and Level 2)
          4. Level 2 Welcome to the Sedgewick Dialogue
          5. Cinematic Three (Between Level 2 and Level 3)
          6. Level 3 Panic in Times Square Dialogue
          7. Cinematic Four (Between Level 3 and Level 4)
          8. Level 4 Checking Out the Library Dialogue
          9. Cinematic Five (Between Level 4 and Level 5)
         10. Level 5 Museum of (Super)Natural History Dialogue
         11. Cinematic Six (Between Level 5 and Level 6)
         12. Level 6 Return to the Sedgewick Dialogue
         13. Cinematic Seven (Between Level 6 and Level 7)
         14. Level 7 Lost Island Rising Dialogue
         15. Cinematic Eight (After Level 7 )
         16. Level 8 Central Park Cemetery Dialogue
         17. Cinematic Nine (After Level 8)
         18. End Credits Audio
         19. Janine's Phone Calls
         20. Firehouse Answering Machine
         21. World of Gozer
     II. Contacting Me / Document Usage
    III. Copyright Notice & Disclaimer
    1. Cinematic One
    Ray Stantz "Are you troubled by strange noises in the night?"
    Egon Spengler "Do you experience feelings of dread in 
    your basement or attic?"
    Egon shines flashlight, the TV screen skips
    Peter Venkman "Have you or your family actually seen 
    a spook, specter or ghost?"
    Ray Stantz "If the answer is yes, then don't wait another minute."
    A security guard is watching a Ghostbusters commercial.
    Peter Venkman "Just pick up the phone and call the professionals!"
    "Call the...Ghostbusters! We're ready to believe you!"
    Peter Venkman "Franchises available soon! Call for details."
    The feeds go and TV's short out, guard grabs his walkie-talkie
    Guard #1 "Oh! Russell! Hey, man. You near the East Wing?"
    Russell "B-b-by the new Gozer exhibit? Yeah. Why?"
    Guard #1 "There's something headed your way!"
    Russell "Wait. I hear something. I'm gonna take a look."
    Guard #1 "You wanna hear something really creepy? 
    I was reading about Shandor, you know the guy who 
    donated most of the Gozer stuff. He was into the occult. 
    You know, the supernatural. Weird dude."
    Eyes light up.
    Russell sees a skeleton.
    Russell "Ahhh!"
    Russell speaks into walkie
    Russell "Ummm, why don't we talk about it some other time. 
    Any other time."
    Russell "Ahhh!"
    A woman runs past him.
    Russell "Hey, you can't be in here! Stop!"
    Russell runs after here then stops
    Russell "Ahhhhhhh!"
    The Natural History Museum
    A psi energy pulse surges out of the museum 
    through New York City, past the Statue of Liberty
    Ghostbusters No Ghost logo
    Ecto 1-b reverses into the Firehouse
    Janine Melnitz "Ghostbustas. Is your haunting 
    an apparition, poltergeist, phantasm, wraith, banshee, 
    demon, specter, tortured soul or...What? No, we do not 
    summon dead family members then catch them so you 
    can ask the combination to the safe..."
    Slimer in an Ecto-Containment Chamber. 
    He is playing with Peter's ESP cards, and isn't doing so well.
    Janine Melnitz "Yeah, well, same to you, pal."
    Loading Screen...
    Egon strapping a Proton Pack on Ray.
    Ray Stantz "Hey! It's the new cadet. Welcome aboard!"
    Egon Spengler "This might be a little dangerous."
    Ray Stantz "Great. Danger is our life."
    Egon Spengler "We'll start at fifty-percent capacity. 
    That should keep any burning or tissue damage to a minimum."
    Peter Venkman "Hey. If you're gonna burn any tissue, 
    do it to the new kid. You can't use Ray. 
    Our mortgage is in his name."
    Rookie frowns
    Ray Stantz "I guess he's right. What's your name again, kid?"
    Peter Venkman "No names, Ray. I don't want to get too attached 
    to his kid. You know, just in case. 
    You remember what happened to the last guy?"
    Ray Stantz "He's tuned and ready to go."
    Egon Spengler "You may feel a little tingle."
    Egon Spengler "Good. We've perfected an extensive and rigorous 
    training regimen that will teach you all your equipment's basic functions."
    Ray Stantz "It takes some time to achieve Master Throw Skill, 
    but it's definitely worth the effort."
    The psi energy pulse moves through the Firehouse.
    Egon Spengler "Was that us?"
    Ray Stantz "I don't think so."
    Peter Venkman "Ray?"
    Ray Stantz "Had to be some sort of Psi energy pulse. Substantial! 
    A significant collected and centralized necromantic convulsion 
    level seven or more."
    Egon Spengler checks with P.K.E. Meter
    Egon Spengler "Agreed. We need EMF measurement checks now."
    Janine Melnitz "I know the answer, but I'm gonna ask anyway...
    is a level seven, uh, whatever...bad? Or very bad?"
    Slimer finds a crack in the chamber.
    Egon Spengler "On a scale of one to ten, I would say..."
    Peter Venkman "Let me guess. It's a seven."
    Ray Stantz "Let's just say we're about to get real busy."
    Slimer bursts through chamber.
    Peter Venkman "And that is not the fun kind 
    of getting busy - is it, Ray?"
    Ray Stantz "Look out. Slimer's escaped again!"
    "Let's move!"
    2. Level 1 Disturbance Ground Zero Dialogue
    Take fire pole down then follow Ray downstairs to the basement. 
    Slimer looking at containment unit.
    Egon Spengler "There it is. 
    It seems oddly drawn to the containment grid."
    Ray Stantz "He's been fascinated with it ever since you added 
    the viewer to the unit. Okay. Easy now, cadet. I'll talk you 
    through this. Use the proton stream to get his attention."
    Rookie shoots at Slimer and hits the Containment Unit.
    Ray Stantz "No! Not the Containment Unit! 
    That's some highly sensitive equipment 
    you're disintegrating there, kid!"
    Egon runs to the Unit. Rookie goes with Ray through door.
    Ray Stantz "Oops! You let one out!"
    Egon Spengler "That's my fault. I was fine-tuning the 
    interspatial gasket this afternoon. I'll fix it. 
    You two get those ghosts back."
    Ray Stantz "Hey, this will work out great! 
    Since you're already strapped into a pack, it's a perfect opportunity 
    for some training! Taking the right precautions, Slimer's harmless. 
    Uh, more or less. Not sure about the other guy, though...
    Okay, let's go get'em, then. Oh, and don't sweat the containment unit. 
    It's easy to get excited your first time out with the proton stream. 
    Egon will fix it in no time."
    Ray and Rookie go down hall through another door into a dark wide room.
    Ray Stantz "Now, first and foremost, before things get out of hand. 
    You want to get to know your proton pack. 
    It can be your best friend out there in the field. 
    Everything you need to know is displayed on the pack itself! 
    Here's where you keep an eye on your current physical condition. 
    The more green that's on the bar, the more damage you can sustain 
    and still stay on your feet. This bar indicates your pack's heat level. 
    When it gets to the top, you'll want to vent the pack and 
    keep it from shorting out and resetting. 
    For the most part, capturing a ghost is pretty straightforward. 
    We break it into three basic steps: Sap 'em, Cap 'em, and Trap 'em.
    The first step is blasting a ghost to sap its energy."
    Blast at Slimer.
    Ray Stantz "You're a wicked shot, Noobie!
    See that overlay on the ghost? It indicates the current accumulation 
    of a ghost's PKE. The more you disperse, the weaker it becomes.
    Pack's moving into the red, cadet! Vent it!"
    Slimer eventually goes through a wall.
    Ray Stantz "Ooh! We lost Slimer!"
    The Sloth Ghost appears.
    Ray Stantz "Ugh. And I thought Slimer was disgusting."
    After blasting the ghost...
    Ray Stantz "All right, you've got it good and winded. 
    Next state. Cap 'em!
    You can project a capture stream, or wrangler, 
    manually, using this control.
    On the other hand, the pack will detect when a ghost is 
    sufficiently weakened and auto-select the capture stream setting.
    Get in there and throw a capture stream on that tub of goo!
    Fantastic! You've got it!
    Soon as your ghost is in your capture stream, 
    the slam meter begins to slowly charge.
    Keep it centered in the cone and let the trap do the work!
    And...there! Oh, yes! One escapee accounted for.
    Oh and always remember to retrieve your trap!"
    Egon Spengler "Did you get them?"
    Ray Stantz "Ah, we batting .500. Slimer slipped out. 
    Our cadet bagged his first one though! A very nasty customer.
    Oh, and you've got to be very careful about crossing the streams. 
    In a word: don't do it.
    Stings like the dickens, too."
    Rookie picks up the trap. 
    3. Cinematic Two (Between Level 1 and Level 2)
    Ghostbusters regroup on the main floor near the foot lockers.
    Peter Venkman "Hey, how come this mump gets all the new stuff?"
    Egon Spengler "He's out new "Experimental Equipment Technician"."
    Peter Venkman "He gets a cool title, too?"
    Ray Stantz "It means he gets to carry around a bunch of untested, 
    extremely dangerous hardware that if not handled correctly 
    could blow him somewhere into New Jersey."
    Peter Venkman "Oh, this knucklehead lugs around our very dangerous 
    prototype hardware that could potentially blow us into New Jersey? 
    Thanks! Keep the title, kid. It'll work hard for you."
    Everyone at Ecto 1-b.
    Ray Stantz "Scooter? We need to go, let's roll."
    Peter Venkman "Where to, Ray?"
    Ray Stantz "The Sedgewick Hotel. 
    It's the first place that little spud will go."
    Egon Spengler "Right. Back to its initial manifestation point."
    Ray Stantz "They've got a real good buffet."
    Peter Venkman "It is a great one. When Winston returns from the opera, 
    extend an invitation to join us at our table at the Sedgewick.
    Hey you! You're up, buddy! Training will be on the job tonight. 
    Try not to destroy too many Manhattan landmarks...that's our job."
    Ecto 1-b exits the Firehouse and pulls up to the Sedgewick Hotel.     
    4. Level 2 Welcome to the Sedgewick Dialogue
    Rookie walks into a conversation between Peter 
    and Sedgewick Hotel manager, John O'Keefe
    John O'Keefe "That disgusting green blob is up on 
    the 12th floor again, wreaking havoc! I demand a refund right now!"
    Peter Venkman "Sir, if you check the fine print on our invoice."
    Ray Stantz "Invoices."
    Peter Venkman "Right, invoices...you'll see that your warranty on re-haunting 
    expired some time ago. You should've taken the extended service agreement."
    John O'Keefe shakes his head.
    Egon Spengler "I'm getting some interesting PKE spikes here. 
    Disturbances don't seem to be exclusive to the 12th floor. 
    I'd like the chance to look around the building a little more."
    Ray Stantz "Good. Dig up what your can. 
    That little greenie shouldn't cause us too much trouble."
    Peter, Ray, and Rookie wait for the elevator. 
    The woman from the museum emerges from it.
    Peter Venkman "Well, hello. You're perfectly safe now, Miss. 
    The Ghostbusters are here."
    Ilyssa Selwyn "Back off, loser. Never gonna happen."
    Ilyssa walks away.
    Peter Venkman "Haha. That approach rarely works with me. 
    I'll show you why later."
    Trio enters elevator.
    Ray Stantz "Alright ace, get ready."
    Peter Venkman "Dr. Stantz, if you'd do the honors?"
    Ray Stantz "Proud to, Dr. Venkman."
    Peter Venkman "Part of our settlement with the city: proton packs must 
    remain off in heavily populated public areas."
    Ray Stantz "And in close quarters. It minimizes the city's liabilities 
    and satisfies the restraining order the maid here had put on us."
    Trio exits elevator.
    Peter Venkman "World we live in today. You shoot a proton stream of highly 
    charged particles at someone...they get all sue-happy."
    A porter rounds the corner.
    Peter Venkman "It's him!"
    Peter opens fire on the luggage.
    Porter runs for it.
    Ray Stantz "Nice. Now we got another plaintiff."
    Peter Venkman "Aw, come on, Ray! I'm the one that gets a face full of slime 
    every time the little green buddy escapes! 
    He doesn't even know me well enough to hate me."
    Luggage starts flying at them.
    Ray Stantz "Watch it! Contact."
    Ray looks around corner and sees Slimer.
    Ray Stantz "Alright...showtime. We wear him out, 
    then we capture him. That's what your proton stream is for."
    Rookie fires at Slimer.
    Ray Stantz "You've got him on the run! C'mon, let's go! Peter!"
    Peter Venkman "Nah, I've seen this one already. Know how it ends. 
    You two have fun though. I'll cover the elevators and escort any 
    ladies safely to their rooms."
    If Rookie follows Peter...
    Peter Venkman "Stop staring at me! You're creepier than that ghost.
    Go down with Ray!"
    Peter Venkman "You're making the right career move, believe me.
    But also missing a great time with 'Ol Doc Stantz down there."
    If Rookie goes with Ray...
    Ray Stantz "Yeah, ok. 
    And this signal looks just like your elusive little targeted entity.
    Your meter will flash and buzz when it detects a potential signal.
    The Paragoggles are linked directly to your active PKE Meter. 
    This lets you see otherwise undetectable phenomena, while you track it. 
    Ghost trails, object auras, all kinds of cool events!
    Now, when the center bar peaks, you're headed in the right direction. 
    When it's flat, you're following a cold trail.
    Line the target up with the smallest circle for the best scan.
    Okay! You got it! Now, just take a scan.
    Way to go!
    Red signifies a hidden ghost. Green indicates an environmental paranormal 
    anomaly. Blue means an active sample.
    Getting warmer...
    Getting a good scan is sort of like taking a good snapshot.
    When you've got an entity in range, hold the scan button. This will analyze 
    the ghost's PKE signatures and cross-reference them with your 
    online Tobin's Spirit Guide Database. You can then access useful
    Ray and Rookie move through halls, and see a vandalized set of vending machines.
    Ray Stantz "Phew! Whoa! He's definitely been here.
    An 'active sample' is something you can collect, like a cursed artifact.
    We get paid extra for everything we scan and collect.
    Then we roll it back into Research and Development. 
    The extra funds let us experiment with new equipment and offensive technologies.
    Which, in turn, you get to wear on your back to test.
    Remember, you can always review techniques, tutorials, and equipment in your 
    online Ghostbusters Field manual. It's all accessible from your PKE Meter."
    Peter radios Ray.
    Peter Venkman "Ray! I don't feel good!"
    Ray Stantz "Peter, come in! You okay?
    Uh-oh. Man down! We've got a man down! Go, go, go!
    C'mon! Shake a leg! You can move faster than that, can't you?
    Double-time, cadet!"
    They find Peter, on the ground.
    Ray Stantz "He's been slimed! Again! 
    Hustle over here and help him up, will ya?"
    Peter Venkman "How did this even happen? I was covering the elevators!
    How did this even happen? I was covering the elevators!"
    Ray Stantz "When one of us goes down, we always help each other out. 
    It's all about teamwork."
    Peter Venkman "Oh, no, my friend. That was back in the pre-sliming era. 
    Right now, it's all about payback!"
    Egon comes up on radio.
    Egon Spengler "You guys need to get down here immediately. 
    Our live-in science experiment is tearing 
    apart the lobby, and he's not alone."
    Ray Stantz "More ghosts? But we gave this hotel 
    a clean bill of health five years ago."
    Peter Venkman "New people die everyday.
    Call the elevator, Junior.
    I'm not taking the stairs. Today's not my cardio."
    Trio gets into elevator.
    Ray Stantz "Alright, Slimer! You've had your fun! The elevator's off-limits!
    Egon, come in. I think we're stuck in the elevator. We need some HELP!"
    Peter Venkman "Think we're stuck? Well, let's see...
    Think we're stuck, think we're stuck, think we're stuck...
    Ray, you guys uh...good with officially stuck in the elevators? 
    Show of hands..."
    Ray Stantz "Here it comes..."
    Peter Venkman "Kill it, Ray."
    Egon Spengler "Need a hand?"
    Peter Venkman "You always fail me, Ray. Don't you?"
    Ray shrugs.
    They see Slimer but Bellhop Ghosts, too.
    Ray Stantz "Nevermind the Onionhead for now. 
    The ghost with the red cap is fighting hard to hold stasis!"
    Peter Venkman "Come on! He's a New York bellhop! 
    Just tip him, will ya?"
    The last Bellhop Ghost is trapped.
    Ray Stantz "That convulsive PK Shockwave really stirred the nest. 
    Man, this lobby is so wrecked!"
    Egon Spengler "Can we please call Winston and 
    tell him his night off has officially ended?"
    More ghosts arrive.
    Ray Stantz "More of them!"
    Slimer flees the lobby as do the Bellhop Ghosts.
    Ray Stantz "They've split up!"
    Egon Spengler "Ray, follow me! The others are floating upstairs. 
    Venkman, you two pull our friend Slimer into a trap as fast as you can. 
    There's a massive bulge in these spikes indicating this isn't just some 
    routine clearing job."
    Peter Venkman "He gets so bossy when he hasn't had his nap.
    Hey now...is  that honey glazed ham... and prime rib?
    There. The Alhambra Ballroom. No way he could pass that up."
    John O'Keefe "Absolutely not! You can't go in, 
    the Rodriguez Bar Mitzvah is set to start in half an hour!"
    Peter Venkman "I'll bet the beef brisket is today's special."
    John O'Keefe "...and you've done quite enough already. I'm sure the... 
    thing ...will just go away..."
    They hear sounds from the ballroom.
    John O'Keefe "I...I'm willing to risk it.
    You're not going in there!"
    Peter Venkman "That's all we needed to hear. Alright, we're out! 
    Coffee time, everyone! Service has been declined beyond this point."
    Egon Spengler on radio "Sounds like the Alhambra's off limits."
    Peter Venkman "The shnutz you say. 
    Nobody slimes Pete Venkman twice and gets away with it."
    Egon Spengler on radio "Be careful, Peter. 
    Remember the Ellis Island incident?"
    John O'Keefe "This is terrible!"
    Peter and Rookie head across the lobby.
    Peter Venkman "You bring your apron? 
    We're gonna take a little shortcut through the kitchen.
    The Alhambra should be right through...here.
    Hello? Chef?
    Okay, champion. You lead for a while.
    Alright, don't touch the slime. 
    It's slimy...and it's extremely dangerous."
    Dishes fall on them.
    Peter Venkman "Yaaghhh! You'd think I'd be used to that stuff by now!
    Nothing to worry about. Most kitchens have self starting pilot lights.
    Heads up!"
    Pappy Sargassi flies past.
    Peter Venkman "Okay, I dare ya! Everything but the kitchen sink.
    This is why I eat out of a can.
    Alright, check this out. To trap him, you've gotta 
    grab him and to grab him, you use the other half of 
    the Proton Wand, the Capture Stream.
    That's all there is to it. You just throw this junk anywhere. 
    We don't stick around and clean up.
    You know, I thought that guy said 'Rodriguez Bat Mitzvah.'"
    Slimer flies to a cake and starts eating it.
    Peter Venkman "Would it kill him to mix 
    in a green salad once in a while? 
    I'm gonna take backup. Blast him until 
    he's dazed and then throw your 
    Capture stream on him.
    Good, good. That's it, buddy. You've 
    got the little monster breathing hard.
    Got him! Now try to hold him still - you gotta wear him down.
    When he's tired, you'll be able to put his sorry 
    crater of a butt into the trap."
    Slimer is trapped.
    Peter Venkman "Yeah! Perfect! See? That's a big wow. 
    That''ll teach that pitiful goop sack to slime Pete Venkman. 
    And, by extension...you.
    Perhaps a place setting disturbed. Still pretty much ready. 
    Full go for the Rodriguez blowout."
    John O'Keefe runs in.
    John O'Keefe "The Alhambra Ballroom! The Bar Mitzvah! 
    What have you done? The guests are arriving in fifteen minutes!"
    Peter Venkman "What seems to be your problem? Thanks to me and 
    my new exclusively assigned recruit here, the festivities can now 
    proceed in an entirely ghost free environment, so you're welcome. 
    Huh? And to the Rodriguez: L'chaim from the Ghostbusters!"
    They exit the ballroom and bump into Ray.
    Ray Stantz "Nice of you guys to join us. You grab the little spud?"
    Peter Venkman "Ray, we need to have a heart-yo-blob talk with this 
    one or we are gonna have discipline issues when he's a teenager."
    Ray Stantz "Oh-oh! Heads up! Your initiation is over! 
    Now give us a hand! We've got a couple of really persistent, 
    troublesome spirits here!"
    Bellhop Ghosts attack.
    Ray Stantz "Nice streaming. You're getting the hang of it. 
    Good trap work."
    Last one is caught.
    Ray Stantz "See? That wasn't such a chore now was it?"
    John O'Keefe "Who's going to pay for all this?!"
    Ray Stantz "No need to worry, sir. As you know, the Mayor rode to office 
    on a strictly pro-Ghostbusters platform, and we now invoice the city 
    directly for all captures and eliminations. 
    An unhaunted New York is a tourist friendly New York."
    John O'Keefe "No... the damage!"
    Egon Spengler "The Mayor and city have taken out an extensive 
    insurance policy as well so you're covered."
    Peter Venkman "Honestly, I'm sensing some hostility here. Perhaps we 
    should just leave the ghosts here if that's what yo would prefer, sir."
    John O'Keefe "No... no. But please, be discreet."
    Ray Stantz "Discretion is our professional watch word."
    A ghost flies above them.
    Peter Venkman "Heads up!
    Ray Stantz "Whoa! Where did HE come from?!"
    Egon Spengler "I suppose we should go after him. 
    Unless you want to discuss it first?"
    Ray Stantz "Cadet. Go with Dr. Spengler. 
    Check out the angry fisherman."
    Go to stairs.
    Loading screen...
    Egon Spengler "This way. Looks like he's drifting upstairs."
    Egon stops Rookie. Looks up.
    Egon Spengler "Shh."
    Ghost throws out line and collapses part of stairs.
    Egon Spengler "Look out!"
    Egon is stuck on other side.
    Egon Spengler "Can't get across there! Move! 
    Take the lead! Take this trap!"
    Rookie gets a reading but a huge tidal wave sweeps him off his feet.
    Ray Stantz on radio "Hey! Is there a bathtub overflowing up there?"
    Egon Spengler on radio "More specifically: a 7000-cubic meter bathtub 
    filled with protonically charged seawater? And, um, sea cucumbers?"
    Pappy passes Rookie.
    Egon Spengler on radio "Ray, did you tell the recruit about semi-dimensional 
    rift entities? This type of highly agitated environment is a 
    likely manifestation point."
    Candelabrum's animate and attack the Rookie. Sargassi appears again. 
    Rookie follows to an elevator room. The doors open and drain out the water. 
    Rookie enters a restaurant named "Sargassi's" and Pappy Sargassi appears. 
    The Ghostbusters arrive.
    Egon Spengler "Good work. Are you alright?"
    Ray Stantz "Nice going! You might really be the right person for this job."
    Peter Venkman "Yes, you have destroyed a significant section of a five-star 
    New York hotel in just under three hours. Your mother and I are so proud. 
    Aren't we, Egon?"
    Egon Spengler "He's got something! Let's track it down!"
    An explosion rocks the bar. A golem appears.
    Peter Venkman "Egon? Ray? This is something new for us, isn't it?"
    Ray Stantz "First one I've ever seen! It's some type of highly focused 
    anthropomorphic animator, an entity which attracts familiar objects to 
    itself so it can materially manifest its rage!"
    Egon Spengler "It's generating a field of attraction so strong that 
    it's able to reassemble its component parts!"
    Ray Stantz "It's losing strength! Keep tearing it down!
    Wrangle that.
    Yank it out of there."
    Egon Spengler "Wrangle it!"
    Ray Stantz "Wrangle it away!"
    Sargassi reappears after golem is destroyed and they trap him.
    Peter Venkman "I thought I didn't like knives and forks flying at me. 
    But, when knives and forks become a big angry giant, that's really me 
    not liking it. A lot."
    Ray Stantz "Happens everyday, right?"     
    5. Cinematic Three (Between Level 2 and Level 3)
    Ray Stantz "Anybody hear from Zeddemore?"
    There is a rumble.
    Winston Zeddemore on radio "Uh, guys? I'm right outside. 
    And so is something else."
    Peter Venkman "Gosh we've missed you, partner. 
    Glad you could make it. But first, how was Aida? Mhmm.
    Well, we had to make do with, uh, this new specimen here."
    Winston Zeddemore on radio "I've been trying to get here 
    for over four hours, Peter! Traffic is a little blocked right now!"
    Ray Stantz "Wait...I know that thud..."
    Egon grabs the radio from Peter.
    Egon Spengler "Winston, what do you see out there?"
    Winston Zeddemore "It's big, it's clean and soft and white. 
    And you aren't gonna like it."
    Ray Stantz "No... this is not possible. 
    Not here. Not now. Not again!"
    It's the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. 
    The Ghostbusters exit the Sedgewick Hotel and see Stay Puft.
    Ray Stantz "Wasn't me this time, I swear it."
    6. Level 3 Panic in Times Square Dialogue
    Peter Venkman "Pull it together, Ray. 
    What do we have that can stop that cheap confection?"
    Winston Zeddemore "Ray, weren't you gonna finish up 
    the install of the Super Slammer today?"
    Peter Venkman "The Super Slammer? Sounds untested, tacky 
    and exciting. I'm in. But will it work?"
    Egon Spengler "Against the minions of a god? That was never the intent, 
    but in theory I suppose it could. But a Muon trap of this capacity has 
    never been used, or even tried before."
    Peter Venkman "Uh-huh and why would that 
    stop guys that don't know any better?"
    Winston Zeddemore "Yeah, man. What are we? The FDA?"
    Egon Spengler "We'll have to clear a path through this mess first.
    Get moving! His residue is animating!"
    Ray Stantz "Lordy help us! Stay Puft is somehow hatching these... 
    mini minions from himself. Well, there's paranormal physiology for ya. 
    Always something to make your stomach turn.
    Nettlesome little yarpers! ...and yet they look so darn tasty.
    Blast 'em."
    Winston Zeddemore "Hey, more trouble!
    Multiple class 5 FRV's! Inbound!"
    Egon Spengler "Ray, prepare the Muon trap."
    Ray Stantz "Switching on the Muon trap."
    Winston Zeddemore "Ah, yeah! My favorite song: 
    'Switched on Muon trap!'
    Oh yeah! I'm LIKING the Super Slammer!"
    Egon Spengler "Throw all the ghosts you capture at the Slammer. 
    You can relinquish your handheld unit."
    Peter Venkman "I dreaded you when you were alive. You're worse!"
    Winston Zeddemore "Uh, Ray? Can you stop the car for a minute?"
    Egon Spengler "No. Not if we're going to catch up to our old friend."
    Peter Venkman "And whoa! Ohh! What, big soap shortage in the afterlife, guys?!
    Don't give them change! You're only encouraging them."
    Winston Zeddemore "Venkman, we need to have a talk about tolerance!"
    Egon Spengler "I'm detecting something...significant...
    ...behind us."
    Winston Zeddemore "What is that? Am I hearing wings?"
    Three gargoyle statues on the exterior of the Sedgewick Hotel 
    animate and attack.
    Egon Spengler "Class six!...kinetic animators! Multiple contacts!"
    Winston Zeddemore "Grab him and slam him, noob!"
    Egon Spengler "Interesting. Ghosts and gargoyles."
    Ray Stantz "Hey! That was a game: 'Ghosts and Gargoyles', 
    a game we played when I was in the Seminary."
    Peter Venkman "Ghosts and Gargoyles. What dink game didn't you play? 
    Do you have your eight-sided dice with you?
    What a... what a... what's uh... what a... wh... what do we do?"
    Egon Spengler "It's not vaporizing fast enough. 
    There's too much of it."
    Winston Zeddemore "Damn! We were starting to make good time, too."
    Ray Stantz "And I thought it couldn't become any harder 
    to get around Manhattan. Any ideas?"
    Egon Spengler "Well, we're not getting through that way now!"
    Winston Zeddemore "Hey, cut through this alley. 
    We might be able to head off Stay Puft."
    Ray Stantz "We need to find a way around this mess."
    Peter Venkman "See, it's either you or Egon, Ray or Winston."
    Winston Zeddemore "I've had just about enough of the Marshmallow Parade.
    Let's go see if we can find us a shortcut. You with me?
    Spooky and clothesline fresh.
    Are you kidding me? Haunted laundromat?
    That looks like our ticket.
    That tanker's leaking gas all over the place. 
    That is a serious safety hazard, man."
    Egon Spengler on radio "I wanted to test these first, 
    but since we're waiving that safety step today anyway, 
    you should be aware that I modified the Neutrona Wand 
    which normally releases the particle stream."
    Winston Zeddemore "Wow! It's like Christmas came early!"
    Ray Stantz on radio "Earlier than what? They started Christmas 
    before Halloween this year! Santa came to my house dressed as Dracula!"
    Winston Zeddemore "You guys might wanna stand back."
    Egon Spengler on radio "How far, exactly?"
    Winston Zeddemore "Back...WAY back."
    Tanker blows up.
    Egon Spengler on radio "Do I still have eyebrows?"
    Peter Venkman on radio "Same old, same old."
    Winston Zeddemore "I said, "way back.""
    Ray Stantz on radio "Nicely done. Great job, kid!"
    Peter Venkman "Yeah, combustible gasoline. It's the future.
    Egon, once again on the Super Slammer. I, uh...dog ate my homework."
    Egon Spengler "It's a prototype, Peter. Do you recall the memo 
    from you about getting too many memos on prototypes?"
    Peter Venkman "Well, I did write that memo."
    Egon Spengler "We've mounted a high-expansion, rapid cycle multiple 
    ghost absorber. It's faster and larger than our portable units."
    Peter Venkman "Am I in jeopardy? Is this a big enough stick 
    to roast this guy? Okay, okay!"
    Egon Spengler "Potentially. But our exposure to interdimensional deities 
    has been only marginal to date, so it would be wise to anticipate some error."
    Winston Zeddemore "Somebody needs a Ghostbuster."
    Egon Spengler "Yahh!"
    Peter Venkman "You know for a big guy, he fights awfully sneaky. 
    You should tie a bell around his neck."
    Ray Stantz on radio "'Hindenburg The Opera'? Wasn't that show shut down 
    when the stage caught fire and killed the cast?"
    Peter Venkman "I read the reviews...Oh the humanity!
    I had to say that."
    Winston Zeddemore "That's right. Ruthless producers. 
    They just reopened it last week.
    It's cracking. There must be something really bad about this place."
    Egon Spengler "Grab a full scan."
    Ray Stantz on radio "Good idea. We should probably have a look around."
    Winston Zeddemore "Guess that means we're not alone here."
    Ray Stantz "Yep.
    These are unusual flux patterns.
    Whoa, wait! Don't touch that!
    That's what I thought. Black slime.
    Black slime is a hazardous form of ectoplasmic residue. 
    Toxic to both body and soul. Very dangerous. Egon and I haven't developed 
    clothes and boots sufficient enough to insulate against the negative 
    psychokinetic effects of this stuff yet, so be careful."
    Winston Zeddemore "In other words, the stains don't ever come out.
    Watch yourself!"
    Black slime portals form and ghosts manifest.
    Egon Spengler "Look out! The Fat Lady's singing!"
    Peter Venkman "She is so over."
    Ray Stantz on radio "Looks like an opera singer, and a hefty one 
    at that. Peter, you better take her."
    Peter Venkman "What's that supposed to mean? I'm a chubby chaser? 
    I take out one plump girl on a blind date, like her personality 
    and you guys can't let it go."
    Winston Zeddemore "I don't have time for you right now, gargoyle!"
    Ray Stantz on radio "More of them!"
    Opera Diva ghosts, Gargoyles, and Hobo ghosts attack.
    Winston Zeddemore "We just did a service to humanity, kid. 
    Hindenburg is a terrible show."
    Loading screen...
    Ray Stantz on radio "Times Square, post-urban renewal. 
    All shiny and clean. I love it!"
    Peter Venkman "Say, is that him?"
    Egon Spengler "He's hard to miss."
    Peter Venkman "Egon, how close do we have to get 
    the big trap to reel him in?"
    Egon Spengler "A lot closer than this."
    Peter Venkman "What's he up to now?"
    Ray Stantz "He's...looking for something."
    Egon Spengler "Is he looking for something or someone?"
    Ray looks concerned and sinks in his seat.
    Male reporter "If you can see behind me, the streets 
    are in absolute chaos!
    Authorities are doing everything they can to quell 
    the panic and maintain order.
    It is madness out here!
    The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, star of the popular 
    children's television show, is on a rampage!
    This is NOT the Stay Puft we've come to love!
    Fortunately, the Ghostbusters have arrived to put 
    everything back to normal!"
    Egon Spengler on radio "It's damaged. I've got to fix it 
    or we won't stand a chance."
    Ray Stantz on radio "We need to get from here to there...
    make sure the big boy doesn't find whatever he's looking for!"
    Egon Spengler on radio "Good strategy. 
    It's dangerous, though...that's a lot of open ground to cover."
    Ray Stantz "Alright, sport. Looks like it's me and you. 
    Let's go across Times Square and get into the building Stay Puft 
    is so interested in. You guys keep him off us if you think you can!"
    Egon Spengler "He knows you're there, Ray! I don't think he likes it!"
    Ray Stantz "Yep. He spotted us. Keep moving!
    Keep away from those feet! He'll stomp you into jelly!
    Boson Darts!
    Nice Boson, that really dinged him! Great job! 
    Now see if he wants...S'more...get it? I'm funny too ya know.
    Here he comes! Evasive maneuvers!
    Stick close to me and as far away from him as you can!
    Venkman! You gotta distract him!
    Venkman! Are you getting coffee?!
    Venkman's getting coffee!
    Boson Darts should do the trick.
    Stay on your toes!
    Follow me! Quick! 
    Soften him up with your Boson Darts!
    Boy! He's really mad!
    There's our way in! Break for it!
    Stay on my six!
    It's okay! Ghostbusters! Just a level 5 thought-form Crossrip! 
    The professionals are here! Everybody calmly exit the street! 
    Make no sudden movements!
    What the...!
    Uh-oh! He didn't find what he was looking for on the bottom floors. 
    Come on.
    We've got to get to the top floors!"
    Loading screen...
    Two men in elevator.
    Man  "All full. Going up. He, uh, just passed gas. 
    Catch the next one."
    Ray sticks his foot in.
    Ray Stantz "Relax, sir. We handle foul vapors all the time."
    Boss Mark ""Let's stay in for lunch", you said. 
    "Why leave the building?", you said. 
    "It'll be quiet", you said. You know you're fired?""
    Man "You're right. I secretly knew our lives would be in danger 
    and thought "Hey, I'll make sure I trap Mark with me inside an elevator!"."
    Ray Stantz "Excuse us.
    Stay with me, Hoss! I'm sure there's more fun up ahead.
    Aww. I missed him.
    Could be trouble.
    Gives you the creeps, huh?"
    Rookie and Ray enter drafting room and get some readings.
    Ray Stantz "Uh oh. No sudden movements!
    Okay...it sure got quiet all of a sudden.
    They're in the vents! They're in the vents!
    Don't let them circle behind you!
    Yuck! I'm covered in marshmallow minion goo!
    Stay Puft is working overtime generating these little creeps.
    Liked crazed, hormonal teenagers on a post-Final-exam bender.
    Good shooting...Ahh!!!"
    Marshmallow Minions burst through the double door.
    Voice of a Woman "Aaaaah!
    Ray Stantz "Ready to be a hero?
    Venkman, come in please. It's pandemonium up here - chunks of the 
    building missing everywhere. You are required at this site now!"
    Stay Puft's head comes into view.
    Peter Venkman on radio "I'm so happy to be in demand but these 
    sugerballs have got me nailed down. I can't get past 'em. 
    They're disgusting! And they're unhealthy!"
    Ray Stantz "Uh, did I mention there's a spectacularly 
    beautiful lady in distress?"
    Peter Venkman on radio "I'll be right there."
    Ray Stantz "Alright! Show time!"
    Voice of a Woman "Aaaaah!
    No! Somebody help me!"
    Ray Stantz "Easy now, Miss. Just relax. No sudden movements. 
    You're perfectly safe now."
    Stay Puft reaches in with his left hand.
    Ray Stantz "Sudden movements! Sudden movements!
    Wow! Check it out, kid! What a view, huh?! Manhattan! 
    I love it!!
    Scooter? We need to go, let's roll."
    Ray and Rookie reach Peter and the woman from the Sedgewick. 
    "33" on wall.
    Peter Venkman "It's okay. Dr. Venkman has you. 
    You're fine now."
    Ray Stantz "You didn't spill your coffee, did you Peter?"
    Peter Venkman "Ray, I got coffee for all of us. 
    But the little monster spilled it. 
    And what's the story with those things, anyway?"
    Woman "W...was that a Manifestation of Gozer?"
    Peter and Ray exchange looks.
    Peter Venkman "Uh. Yeah, probably. It just may be. 
    Could be. Would you like to take the most direct route 
    outta here or the scenic route? It's lady's choice."
    Woman "There's a stairwell over here. Let's go!"
    Peter Venkman "Whew! Yeah, grace under pressure. 
    I appreciate that in a lady."
    Ray Stantz "Okay, slugger. Let's you and me do this quick and quiet. 
    Before tubby soft squeeze out there figures out what we're up to."
    Peter Venkman "I think tubby soft squeeze has dog ears, Ray!"
    Ray Stantz "We go up then. To the roof!"
    Stay Puft punches wall near 34th floor.
    Woman "Aaaah!"
    Peter Venkman "Well, hello there."
    Ray Stantz "Stay Puft spotted us! Move! Move!
    Not much longer, cadet!
    That way!"
    Peter Venkman "Well, that's some relief."
    Woman "Come on! Let's go!
    Stay back!
    Great job!
    Oh no!"
    Egon Spengler on radio "I don't mean to alarm you, 
    but we have lost sight of Stay Puft."
    Ray Stantz "Strong signal!
    Get its attention!
    That's how you do it! Great job, you guys!
    Ha! Free s'mores for everybody, from 54th Street to 5th Avenue! 
    Happy Thanksgiving!"
    Loading screen...
    Peter Venkman "There he goes! The big evil sailor all the way to the 
    ...ohhh! Not quite! Didn't make it! Hey, Ray. Say three guys the size of 
    your finger knocked you off the side of a thirty story building and you had 
    to climb all the way back up to tear 'em apart. H...how mad would you be at 
    those three little dinky types?"
    Ray Stantz "I'd go with mighty pissed!"
    Peter Venkman "Uh huh. Okay, and throw in a sugar high, too."
    Woman "That giant blue and white toy... man...thing...or whatever...
    is still coming! It's climbing the building!"
    Peter Venkman "I'm impressed with his agility, considering 
    his complete lack of bones."
    Egon Spengler on radio "Good news. We've got the Super Slammer back 
    on pulse and Ecto-1 is rolling. We're repositioning now. Can you hold 
    the Stay Puft there for a few minutes?"
    Ray Stantz "If by 'few' you mean less than one, then sure, we can do that."
    Rookie falls over.
    Peter Venkman "Hey, did somebody tell you it was break time?"
    Ray Stantz "No sweat, kid! We've got you!"
    Peter Venkman "Well, as long as you're down there, 
    would you see if you can knock off Mr. Sweetness?"
    Ray Stantz "All right there, sunshine. Are you okay? 
    You're all strapped in, we've got a good tight grip on your belt! 
    Here he comes! The Big Daddy manifestation himself! 
    A raging blob of densely packed marshmallow!
    Woah boy! Melt him, chief! Give him full stream."
    Egon Spengler on radio "He's right, rookie. 
    Your health insurance doesn't begin for another 89 days."
    Ray Stantz "More of those minis. How many can he generate?"
    Peter Venkman "From two hundred thousand square feet of 
    solid marshmallow? Mm hmm. Probably sixty."
    Ray Stantz "Boson Darts should do the trick."
    Peter Venkman "Is that his upset look? 
    What do you think, Ray?"
    Ray Stantz "Soften him up with your Boson Darts!
    You've got him on the ropes, whapster! 
    Land the last one so we can go home!"
    Stay Puft blows up.
    Peter Venkman "You've killed my dessert!"
    Ray Stantz "Scoreboard reads: Ghostbusters, two! 
    Gozer the Gozerian, zero! Lookin' like a real big leaguer out there, champ!"
    Egon Spengler on radio "Ray, Peter. We're in position, the trap is set. 
    We are prepared to capture Stay Puft.
    Where is he?"
    Peter Venkman "He's that white puddle you're driving through."
    Ray Stantz "Timing's off by just a hair, Egon. 
    But we're glad the trap is working again."
    7. Cinematic Four (Between Level 3 and Level 4)
    Woman "I guess I owe you guys my life."
    Egon Spengler "She's clean."
    Ray Stantz "How do you feel?"
    Woman "Pretty good, all extremely weird things considered."
    Peter Venkman "So far, just another screwed up day at the office.
    You know, I never forget a face attached to all the rest of that. 
    I think we met earlier at the Sedgewick Hotel. 
    You gave me the sideshow chickendrop."
    Ilyssa Selwyn "My name's Ilyssa. Dr. Ilyssa Selwyn. And..."
    Peter Venkman "I am DR. Peter Venkman. 
    And that's uh Egon, Ray, Winston and uh you met him.
    Uh huh. The Ghostbusters."
    Egon Spengler "Have you ever been involved in this type of 
    quantum temporal rift event before?"
    Ilyssa Selwyn "A quantum what?"
    Ray Stantz "It's called 'arcing'; a large pulse of psychic energy."
    Ilyssa Selwyn "Actually, yes. I was at the museum..a pulse of blue 
    light surged through the building...and then I was standing outside 
    a room on the thirteenth-floor of an old hotel."
    Winston Zeddemore "The Sedgewick."
    Ray Stantz "The Sedgewick doesn't have a thirteenth-floor."
    Ilyssa Selwyn "It was pulling me, like a magnet. 
    I felt as though I was in a deep dream. I came to and ran over here."
    Ray Stantz "Here?"
    Ilyssa Selwyn "It's a temporary office while I'm in town. 
    I came to do research after I...woke up."
    Egon Spengler "We'd like you to come to our lab so we can 
    run some brief tests and ask you more questions."
    Peter Venkman "Here's an easy one: would you like to go 
    out for Thai, Mexican, Japanese?"
    Ilyssa Selwyn "Wow, Dr. Venkman. That time you almost went 
    45 seconds without saying something abrasive. 
    Wanna try for a whole minute next time?"
    Peter Venkman "A doctor. And a fiery one too! 
    Charming. So charming."
    Later, at the Firehouse...
    Winston Zeddemore "So, you know so much about Gozer because...?"
    Ilyssa Selwyn "Because I'm a specialist in ancient Mesopotamian 
    cultures and architecture. Sumerian, primarily. Gozerian, more specifically. 
    I'm here as a guest curator for the Gozerian exhibit that's opening tomorrow 
    at the Natural History Museum."
    Egon Spengler "You are aware that we also have some...history with Gozer."
    Ilyssa Selwyn "Yes, of course."
    Ray Stantz "Gozer was a bush-leaguer before he met us. 
    A strictly farm-team deity! We put him on the map!"
    Peter Venkman "But our getting stiffed on invites to opening night...
    just an over sight, right?"
    Ilyssa Selwyn "I don't have anything to do with that."
    Walter Peck "That, gentlemen, was all me! 
    And I can assure you, it was not an oversight!"
    Janine Melnitz "Oh, by the way, you have visitors."
    Peter Venkman "Thank, Janine. You're a first class lookout.
    Walter Peck, I did not recognize you without the Mayor's 
    backside attached to your nose."
    Mayor Mulligan "Okay...everybody put 'em back in 
    their skivvies! (laughs)
    Apologies, uh, Dr. Selwyn. Are you alright?"
    Ilyssa Selwyn "I think so, but...I'm worried about the exhibit."
    Mayor Mulligan "Are you kidding?! You can't buy publicity like this! 
    The guest curator of the Gozer Exhibit...the expert Peck recommended, 
    is attacked the night before the opening by Gozer himself?! 
    Please...tell me that was Gozer!"
    Egon Spengler "Gozer manifested in a familiar form; one he had used before: 
    The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. But this event was weaker than his first 
    encounter with us."
    Mayor Mulligan "Ha! That's all I need. Thanks!"
    Peter Venkman "Come on, Jock, what's the idea bringing...(coughs)...preck 
    around here? Oh, have I coughed at the wrong time?"
    Mayor Mulligan "Listen. Here's the deal. You and Peck and all 
    you guys are going to work together."
    Peter Venkman and Walter Peck "What?!"
    Ray Stantz "No way, no how..."
    Egon Spengler "Impossible."
    Mayor Mulligan "Look. This city has given you at 
    least a dozen contracts  for the jails, courthouses 
    and wharves. You guys want to grow your business. 
    Get some county and state work too. I'm all for it. 
    You've been big supporters, and great for my campaign."
    Ray Stantz "Well some have said our endorsement is what got you elected."
    Mayor Mulligan "But not out loud. Anyway, after all the damage you've been 
    causing lately, the city council wants you under close supervision for 
    a period of no less than six months!"
    Peter Venkman "We file reports on time. There's no need for extra supervision."
    Mayor Mulligan "Ha, ha, ha! Funny guy, Venkman! You've always been my favorite.
    Well, that's where your old friend Peck comes in. 
    He's annoying, a stickler for the rules. In other words, 
    the prefect "Peck" for the job. 
    He's our new head of P-COC!"
    Ray Stantz "P-COC?"
    Walter Peck "P-C-O-C: Paranormal Contracts Oversight Commission. 
    And my first official act is going to be 
    suspending you clown's operating license."
    Mayor Mulligan "Listen up, Peck. Launch your 
    investigation if you have to but for now, just 
    keep them under control and my office in the 
    loop. But remember, if the Ghostbusters cease 
    to exist, so does your job. So you need each other. 
    Beautiful, in an ironic symmetrical kind of way, isn't it?"
    Peter Venkman "Hey, Mulligan. Come on..."
    Mayor Mulligan "It's Mayor Mulligan to you, Venkman. 
    So, we have an understanding? 
    This kind of protects us all. 
    You want more government business, I want to keep my 
    approval rating, and Peck wants his little fiefdom. 
    You play by the rules. Easy, we all get what we want 
    and the city council gets what they need.
    Okay, big night tomorrow, Ilyssa! Get some rest!"
    Mayor Mulligan saunters out of the room.
    Ray Stantz "So! Now that we're all friends, 
    can we get invites to the Museum opening?"
    Walter Peck "Not likely. But I'll be seeing you soon. 
    You can count on that."
    The Ghostbusters and Selwyn are on the main floor by Ecto 1-b.
    Peter Venkman "Doesn't Peck look exactly like the kind of guy who 
    would "accidentally" walk into the stream of a boson collider?"
    Rookie goes to Ecto 1-b.
    Egon Spengler "Ray and I have been talking...
    ...and we think we should have a look at the museum. 
    Whatever happened tonight, it started there."
    Peter Venkman "Okay, I'll take one for the team and stay with Ilyssa.
    You guys go with Winston and the Recruit. 
    I'll be her personal protection."
    Winston Zeddemore "What about Peck? He's supposed to be 
    informed of everything we do."
    Ray Stantz "What he doesn't know can't hurt us."
    Ecto 1-b is on route when Janine comes on radio
    Janine Melnitz "Hey Guys, you need to make a detour. 
    Something big is going down. It's on 1010 WINS now."
    Ray Stantz "Tune it in."
    Radio announcer "...and another ghostly sighting has staff 
    at the New York Public Library scrambling for answers."
    Egon Spengler "The Gray Lady."
    Ray Stantz "Let's get her for real this time ...go!"
    Winston Zeddemore "Well, what about the Museum?"
    Ray Stantz "It's been there for a hundred and four years. 
    Where's it gonna go today?"
    Winston Zeddemore "Uh, this thing you guys have for the 
    Gray Lady borders on the weird. You know that, right?"
    Ray Stantz "She made us look like schmucks. Not this time."
    Janine Melnitz via radio "Oh, and another thing, Peck called 
    and says that I'm required to tell him where you are and what you are up to."
    Egon Spengler "Tell him he can meet us at the Museum. 
    We'll be there... eventually."
    8. Level 4 Checking Out the Library Dialogue
    Egon Spengler "Big crowd, Venkman would love this."
    Ray Stantz "Captain McMahon from the 12th says there 
    was a massive disturbance. Real fireworks show."
    Winston Zeddemore "Not much going on now."
    Egon Spengler "Maybe. But didn't there used to be 
    two lions out here?"
    Ray Stantz "Check for valences."
    Egon Spengler "Hmm...interesting. Ray, take a look at this."
    Ray Stantz "Wow! Big spikes! Hey, cadet. You need to see this."
    The lion statue explodes, revealing a ghost.
    Egon Spengler "Stay back!"
    Winston Zeddemore "Look out! There they go!"
    Ray Stantz "Whoa! Double full torso animators!
    C'mon! After them!"
    Winston Zeddemore "You heard Stantz! Let's move."
    Pursue ghosts into the Library.
    Egon Spengler "There they are!"
    Ray Stantz "Couple of Class-five Animators. 
    Never seen them in tandem like that! They're really agitated!"
    Winston Zeddemore "Switching on the packs."
    Ray Stantz "All right...take it easy, now."
    Winston Zeddemore "Hey! He said 'take it easy!" 
    That's not 'easy'
    Missed! Damn!"
    Ray Stantz "Sorry, Z."
    Winston Zeddemore "How about a little warning next time, fellas!?"
    Egon Spengler "That one's a beast, Ray. Let's chase him down. 
    Winston, check that next doorway. See if he has any friends."
    Winston Zeddemore "Leave a haunted room? I got no problem with that."
    Ray Stantz "Hey, cadet.
    To use the Shock Blaster, it's best to get up fairly close. 
    Its effect is powerful, but dissipate quickly over distance."
    Egon Spengler "And please be careful, it's a prototype. 
    We're trusting you with it."
    Ray Stantz "The Stasis Stream will temporarily slow down paranormal 
    entities. If you train the stream on the target long enough, you can 
    actually stop it entirely!
    This is how you use it."
    Winston Zeddemore "Cool! A freeze ray!"
    Ray Stantz "A stasis stream. This has nothing to do with cold. 
    But the effect is similar."
    Winston Zeddemore "When do you have the time to work 
    on all this stuff, Egon?"
    Egon Spengler "I've been conducting an experiment in which I sleep 
    an average fourteen minutes a day. Leaves me a lot of time to work."
    Ray Stantz "Great! Ready to roll.
    Hey, Hoss. You think you can handle that little fella yourself? 
    We'll meet you back here."
    Ray Stantz on Rookie's radio "Stay alert. Keep your PKE Meter up. 
    Animators can hide in anything.
    Hey! Ugly just shot around that corner!
    Look! It's the cadet!"
    Egon Spengler "Strong emanations. No direct source, though."
    Ray Stantz "We followed out guy in here and it gave us the slip."
    Egon Spengler "Detecting a strong anomaly, here..."
    Chairs and desks erupt into the air in reading room.
    Ray Stantz "Uh-oh. Here comes something big!"
    Egon Spengler "Now that is a fine example of a 
    Level 6 Bi-Dimensional Attractor"
    Ray Stantz "Egon! Did I mention what a good idea 
    you had to come up on the balcony?
    Slow it down!"
    Egon Spengler "Slow it down somehow!"
    Ray Stantz "It's losing strength! 
    Keep tearing it down!"
    Egon Spengler "All of its power is emitting 
    from a single focal object!"
    Ray Stantz "You got it! Fantastic!
    Man. How much PK energy must it take to collect 
    and animate an entity like that?"
    Egon Spengler "A lot. A lot of very angry energy."
    Ray Stantz "How easy was that?"
    Egon Spengler "Wait! Not so fast, 
    I'm getting some big fluxes here."
    Ray Stantz "I think it's her. Yes, yes, it is her! 
    Eleanor Twitty, The Librarian!"
    Egon Spengler "Look! There she is! 
    Meet us at the stairway door!"
    Ray kicks door open for Rookie.
    Ray Stantz "She went down that way!"
    Egon Spengler on radio "Winston, check upstairs to see 
    if the other Phantom doubled back."
    Winston Zeddemore "Roger."
    Ray Stantz "She shushed us again. That witch!"
    Egon Spengler "PKE's out. And try to be quiet."
    Ray Stantz "Oh, wow! A full stabilizing levitation! 
    I'd say we're close to something."
    Egon Spengler "Ray..."
    Ray Stantz "You got something?"
    Egon Spengler "I've got something. Right...here."
    Ray Stantz "Kid, check that out.
    The Librarian appears.
    Ray Stantz "Ooooh! She keeps shushing us!
    That's her! The Gray Lady! She's the first ghost 
    we ever hunted. Man, I wish Venkman was here."
    Egon Spengler "I'm pretty sure Venkman doesn't."
    Ray Stantz "Easy now...she's real skittish."
    Egon Spengler "Damn! Lost it!"
    Ray Stantz "Let's go! We'll cut her off!"
    Egon Spengler "These readings are off the charts!
    Now I'll have to make new charts."
    Ray Stantz "Wow! Now listen. This place is reading 
    like a psychic pressure cooker. Prime your thrower. 
    Everybody stick close together."
    Egon Spengler "Here! This way! Quick!"
    Ray Stantz "What was that?
    Okay, so much for 'stick together' - new 
    plan is 'fan out.'"
    Egon Spengler "Flexible approach, Ray."
    Ray Stantz "There are two hostile spirits 
    roaming around in here."
    Egon Spengler "Two that we know about."
    Ray Stantz "Now I got ya. What?! Oh no! Kid! 
    Look out! It's coming your way!"
    Crusto turns corner and goes through wall.
    Egon Spengler "Temperature's dropping. 
    Event imminent! Brace yourselves!"
    Winston Zeddemore on radio "Guys, I'm in the 
    periodical archives looking at a stack of 
    old newspaper clippings...
    All about some nut named Edmund Hoover, AKA, 
    'The Collector.'"
    Egon Spengler "Hmm...go on."
    Winston Zeddemore "This dude has a history you 
    should know about. He was a rare book collector 
    who seduced Eleanor Twitty, the head librarian 
    of this place."
    Ray Stantz "The Gray Lady?!"
    Egon Spengler "That would be my guess."
    Rookie encounters Paper Construct then 
    Crusto in hallway.
    Winston Zeddemore "Okay, guys, it's dead up here. 
    The good kind, I mean. You all cool?"
    Egon Spengler "We may need to get back to you on that."
    Ray Stantz "Hey, Kid. What's your 20? I'm in some kind 
    of a dark tunnel, moving fast...towards a bright light.
    Oof! Class I Swarmers! Pesky but combustable!"
    Ray and Rookie take on Book Bats.
    Ray Stantz "Now where's that Class Five Animator? 
    I tracked the slug here!
    There's the Big Fish! See what he did?! Give him a 
    new home - in our containment facility!
    Throw your trap, Rook!
    Look! Did you see that?
    More than I expected!"
    Ray and Rookie face off against Cruster and Crusto.
    One is trapped.
    Ray Stantz "How easy was that?"
    Second is trapped.
    Ray Stantz "Phew. Good work. That took some doin'."
    Egon Spengler on radio "Congratulations, Ray, uh...
    but I'm near Special Collections. Someone you've been 
    wanting to meet again is here."
    Ray Stantz "We're on our way!
    Keep an eye on the twitchy ones; they'll really crease 
    ya if you aren't careful.
    You alright?
    Watch it!"
    Paper Constructs attack Ray and Rookie.
    Ray Stantz "Mind the paper cuts!"
    Rookie and Ray take out last of Paper Constructs
    Ray Stantz "Looks like the Gray Lady 
    makes her own reinforcements.
    Keep your eyes open, team. She's upping the ante."
    Winston Zeddemore on radio "Thanks for the warning, Ray. 
    But I have no idea what you're talking about."
    Egon Spengler on radio "You may wanna just 
    take our word for it."
    Ray Stantz "There she is...quiet, 
    now...let's get a solid scan..."
    Egon Spengler on radio "I missed that, Ray! 
    Please repeat!"
    The Librarian shushes them and flies away.
    Ray Stantz "Enough with the shushing!
    Well, at least we're getting closer."
    Egon Spengler on radio "Could not hear a 
    word of that, Ray!...Ray?!"
    Book Bats attack. 
    Ray Stantz "Gives you the creeps, huh?
    Nicely done, cadet.
    Come on, kid.
    We need to get out of here."
    Loading screen...
    Ray Stantz on radio "Ah Winston, where 
    the heck are you?"
    Winston Zeddemore "In the periodical section 
    checking the box score from the Knicks game 
    last night. Why?"
    Ray Stantz on radio "Tell us more about 
    this "Collector", Winston."
    Winston Zeddemore "Says here that this Collector 
    used the Gray Lady to get to the rare books in her 
    care - specifically a book called, get this, 
    the Gozerian Codex."
    Ray Stantz on radio "Great!"
    Winston Zeddemore "Yeah. And when she found out 
    what he was up to, she dumped him."
    Egon Spengler on radio "Smart lady."
    Winston Zeddemore "Not really. 
    Evidently he murdered her for it."
    Ray Stantz on radio "Uh-oh."
    Winston Zeddemore "The Gray Lady was his first victim, 
    but he killed a bunch more."
    Ray Stantz on radio "And let me guess, he collected 
    their bodies, just like he collected books?"
    Winston Zeddemore "Bingo. Ray, you get to buy me dinner.
    And here's the last on The Collector. Seconds before he 
    was hanged, he said he would return as Azetlor, some sort 
    of god, to keep watch over the library and every rare book 
    in its collection."
    Ray Stantz on radio "Sounds like quite the bookworm."
    Winston Zeddemore "Sounds like the kind 
    we run into all the time."
    Ray and Rookie arrive at Juvenile Curriculum. 
    They hear a children laugh.
    Ray Stantz "Okay. I'm not saying that's a 
    bad sign: but it sure isn't a good one.
    That'll only hurt for a minute."
    They enter Juvenile Curriculum.
    Ray Stantz "You hear that?
    It's around here someplace.
    Uh-huh, somebody's in here.
    Come out, come out, wherever you are.
    Oh boy, we're not alone."
    Doll falls off chair. Door slams on Ray.
    Ray Stantz "Ugh, I gotta be more careful!
    You alright?
    What are they saying?"
    Rookie takes readings off Austin Cline's Puppet Theatre.
    Ray Stantz "I think they're trying to tell us something.
    What else did Hoover collect?"
    They head down stairwell. Child says "Bye."
    Ray Stantz "You got that right, scooter.
    Here's the place. Special Collections. 
    These rooms are packed with rare & valuable volumes!
    Okay, she's in here with Egon. No noise!"
    Egon Spengler "Shh...almost..."
    Ray Stantz "Oh, boy."
    Egon Spengler "Looks like they're throwing the 
    whole science fiction section at us."
    Ray Stantz "Can't blast through the shields!!"
    Egon Spengler "Their shields! Use the Capture 
    Stream on their shields!"
    Ray Stantz "Wrangle their shields!
    Remember how you were saying print was dead?"
    Egon Spengler "I wish."
    Ray Stantz "Now where'd she go?"
    Egon Spengler "Valences up. She definitely 
    left a trace somewhere...
    Big spike! Riiiiiight...here!"
    Ray Stantz "Yeah! Check this out! I feel a breeze...
    oh, cool! Secret passages! These are great!
    I didn't even know this area existed."
    Egon Spengler "Looks like the janitors didn't, either. 
    For the last eighty years, anyway."
    What ARE those? I don't recognize them from Tobin's."
    Ray Stantz "No, they're in the Revised Etheary Catalog. 
    I think the Gray Lady is constructing them from the books 
    and minor spirits here. She may be more powerful than we thought.
    Take a look at this place! I could spend a month 
    taking inventory of these books!"
    Egon Spengler "Let's be careful what we wish for down here, Ray."
    Ray Stantz "Wow! Dig THAT!"
    Egon Spengler "Ray, I'm not entirely convinced 
    this is the best course of action."
    Ray Stantz "Hey! I'll bet this is a trap!"
    Egon Spengler "Welcome back, Ray."
    Book Bats manifest.
    Ray Stantz "Uh-oh! They've got friends!"
    Egon Spengler "It's moving again!"
    Ray Stantz "Over to the left!
    Pulled the same trick, twice!"
    Egon Spengler "I'm having serious doubts about the 
    structural integrity of this sub-basement."
    Ray Stantz "Moving!"
    Egon Spengler "I'm telling you this sub-structure is 
    unstable! The ceiling could come down on top of us!"
    Ray Stantz "Our lobe-probe experiment is working! 
    You're clairvoyant!"
    Egon Spengler "No, I saw the support columns buckle."
    Trio traps a Cruster.
    Ray Stantz "Over there.
    Oh, boy.
    Egon Spengler "Those beams are wedged solid."
    Ray Stantz "Good place for the capture stream."
    Egon Spengler "Alright, wrangle that out of the way!"
    Ray Stantz "That's excellent!
    Wonder what's done there?"
    Egon Spengler "Something big. 
    And, more than likely, terrifying."
    Ray Stantz "It's really dark down there!"
    Egon Spengler "Damp, too.
    Wonderful. Hope you don't have any open cuts. 
    I'm thinking of flesh eating bacteria."
    Ray Stantz "That's an electric lock on the door."
    Egon Spengler "See if you can find the power."
    Ray Stantz "Great! The Recruit found it!
    Uh, I wonder if it's a good idea to be standing 
    in a foot and a half of water..."
    Egon Spengler "That didn't last long."
    Book Golem manifests.
    Egon Spengler "I can't say I'm a big fan of 
    the Level 6 Bi-Dimensional Attractor."
    Ray Stantz "I'm with you on that. We're lucky 
    there were only some old books for it to manifest with.
    Egon Spengler "This is cheery.
    Nice place. Nothing bad could ever happen in here."
    The Librarian appears over a grate.
    Ray Stantz "There she is! Flank her! 
    She's got nowhere to run!"
    The Librarian goes down.
    Ray Stantz "Except through the grate."
    Egon Spengler "I'm not clear on how 
    the flanking was supposed to work."
    Two Coal Golems manifest.
    Ray Stantz "Oh boy. Burning coal. 
    Two of them this time!"
    Egon Spengler "Yeah nice Ray! Tell 
    us again how lucky we are?"
    Ray Stantz "Phew. We've got to bag the 
    Gray Lady before this gets really dangerous."
    Egon Spengler "We may have missed that window, Ray."
    Ray Stantz "Well, we can't follow her 
    through that grate. Is there another way?
    Whatcha find there, Youngblood? Good work! 
    Spengler, the kid found the exit."
    Black slime oozes out of the new exit.
    Egon Spengler "I added something new to the pack.
    This is the PDS: Plasm Distribution System. 
    Basically, it's slime blower, Mark II, heavily 
    modified from the earlier version.
    Your plasm banks are now integrated into the Proton pack. 
    It uses a base culture of ectoplasm that can impair entities, 
    cause caustic Black Slime to go inert, and reveal otherwise 
    invisible ethereal structures that reside on this plane."
    Ray Stantz "To use the Slime Blower, just point and squirt. 
    It'll help neutralize any active patches of Black Slime. 
    It'll close any portals they're opening, too.
    See! Neutronized Slime."
    Egon Spengler "Our own private shortcut to hell. 
    That's convenient."
    Loading Screen.
    Rookie, Ray, and Egon watch The Librarian 
    and the Gozerian Codex.
    Ray Stantz "Eerie place. I wonder if this 
    is where the Collector killed The Librarian?"
    Egon Spengler "I think that would be a safe assumption. 
    That book she's reading is emitting massive energy."
    Ray Stantz "Ah, that's your cue, Killer. Go get 'em."
    Egon Spengler "She took that pretty well; 
    better than I expected."
    Ray Stantz "It makes perfect sense if her residual spirit 
    energy is tied to the book. The Gozerian Codex, right? 
    Now that we have it, her echo must have been released. 
    She's gone. I think we helped her cross over."
    Egon Spengler "And she just crossed right back."
    Ray Stantz "Oh, no."
    Egon Spengler "The book stands are generating her shield."
    Ray Stantz "Buddy, the podiums - soak 'em! Soak 'em!"
    Egon Spengler "That's it! She can't regenerate the cage! 
    Keep hitting the book stands!"
    Ray Stantz "She is shielding herself with the Codices, 
    go after those first!"
    After taking out last stand.
    Ray Stantz "That does it! Now let's attack 
    the Librarian straight on!"
    Blast at the Librarian as she reappears throughout room
    Ray Stantz "Throw a capture stream on her!"
    Egon Spengler "That's good! Throw out the trap!"
    They trap her.
    Ray Stantz "Weird. That wasn't as tough as it should have been."
    Egon Spengler "I was just thinking of the same thing."
    Ray Stantz "It was almost too easy...
    like she wants us to have the Codex..."
    Egon Spengler "Yes, like she wanted us 
    to blast this room apart."
    Ray Stantz "But, why?"
    A portal appears.
    Ray Stantz "Cross-dimensional portal. From the fifth to the fourth. 
    A whole world of ghosts. Something I've dreamnt about since College. 
    It's all in the Monarchia Daemonum. Fantastic! Ghostworld."
    Egon Spengler "I wouldn't get too excited, Ray. I have a feeling 
    she did it so we could meet an old friend of hers."
    Ray Stantz "Well, if we're going..."
    Egon Spengler "Not much choice, is there? It's the only way out.
    You. Take the lead. Don't worry, we do this all the time."
    Ray Stantz "OH, NO. LOOK OUT!"
    Egon Spengler "Hm. So this is what the Public Library looks 
    like on the far side of a cross-dimensional portal."
    Ray Stantz "It's one of infinite potential configurations. 
    You know ...theoretically."
    Egon Spengler "Yes, well this looks 
    like the Gozerian configuration."
    Ray Stantz "Watch out! Black slime!
    Come one! Let's go!
    Alright, keep your head down and keep hitting these portals! 
    One of them has gotta lead out!"
    Ray and Egon go through a portal but the Rookie 
    is halted by a Book Golem.
    Ray Stantz "The natives are restless."
    Egon Spengler "Well, they're certainly aware of out presence."
    Ray falls out of a portal.
    Ray Stantz "Aaaaah!
    Well that was embarrassing. 
    Looks like a good place for Slime Tether.
    To stretch a Slime Tether, point and launch the first anchor, 
    then point and shoot the second. The launched slime tether 
    will then contract.
    The more tethers you attach to a point, 
    the stronger the resulting reaction.
    Since their ectoplasmic charge has a short-life, 
    tethers will grow brittle over time and then break.
    Blast an existing tether with any other 
    equipment type to destroy it.
    Like a pro!
    Huh. Wouldya look at that?
    Heck, we should be able to put that back into place.
    Ghostworld or no, the principle of leverage should 
    still work the same anywhere!
    Come on, John Henry. Put your back into it.
    Ah, yeah! you're on fire, cadet!"
    Egon Spengler on radio "Ray, it occurs to me that 
    these events are interrelated."
    Ray Stantz "The Gozerian Exhibit, the huge energy pulse, 
    the Sedgewick Hotel, the return of Stay Puft... yeah..."
    Egon Spengler "Yes, even this. 
    All pointing back to a single point of origin."
    Ray Stantz "Ilyssa?"
    Egon Spengler on radio "Ilyssa."
    Ray Stantz "You think she's a factor in this?"
    Egon Spengler on radio "Maybe not intentionally, 
    but almost definitely."
    Ray goes through a portal.
    Ray Stantz on radio "Rookie? Are you still there? 
    Watch out! The mirrors aren't what they seem..."
    Rookie encounters a Cultist.
    Ray Stantz on radio "Okay, I've tried this one 
    twice already. So it's gotta be another one."
    Egon Spengler on radio "This dimension is extremely 
    volatile. It seems to be tearing itself apart."
    Ray Stantz on radio "We need to get out of here."
    Egon Spengler on radio "Oh no."
    Ray Stantz on radio "Did you see something scary, Egon?"
    Egon Spengler on radio "Stairs. Lots of stairs.
    The pattern is starting to make sense. 
    I think I'm close to finding the exit."
    Ray Stantz on radio "Oh-oh! I've got bogeys. 
    Heads up, boys - wherever you are.
    Huh. Totally inverted."
    Egon Spengler on radio "Okay, I'm through!"
    Ray Stantz on radio "Send a signal we can track you with."
    Egon Spengler on radio "I'll try but it might not work!
    The last portal I entered was at the 
    top of a long flight of steps."
    Ray Stantz on radio "Made it out, too. 
    Hey, champ, we won't leave until you find us."
    Egon Spengler on radio "Look for the long staircase. 
    The exit portal is at the very top."
    Ray Stantz on radio "Keep movin, Sport. 
    We sure don't wanna be trapped in here."
    Egon Spengler on radio "Recruit, I had some trouble 
    getting to the portal. Use the Slime Tether to bring the portal to you."
    Azetlor "Nowumba AZETLOR machachan!"
    Egon Spengler on radio "Did you hear that?"
    Ray Stantz on radio "Wonder if that's 
    the Collector we're looking for?"
    Egon Spengler on radio "I think he 
    goes by 'Azetlor' now."
    Ray Stantz on radio "Hey, cadet! are your okay? 
    Sounds like it's getting closer!"
    Egon Spengler on radio "Can you get to that 
    portal at the top of the stairs?"
    Rookie gets to the exit portal.
    Ray Stantz "I do like what they've done with 
    the place here - but I hoped that portal would 
    have taken us back to the Library."
    Egon Spengler "Actually, we are back in the Public Library. 
    The dimensional membrane must be extremely thin here."
    Ray Stantz "Someone's holding us here. The Collector."
    Egon Spengler "Yes, Azetlor wants to add to his collection. 
    And he's probably not too happy about us taking the 
    Gozerian Codex with us."
    Ray Stantz "Oh yeah? What can a twisted 
    little bookworm do to scare us?"
    Egon Spengler "He murdered Eleanor Twitty for it 
    when he was alive. And a dozen others just to cover it up."
    Ray Stantz "Hey, Collector! We're taking your book! 
    Whaddya think about THAT?!
    Uh, he's right behind me, isn't he?"
    Egon Spengler "Yes, I think you got his attention, Ray."
    Ray Stantz "Ho boy.
    He's resisting my proton stream!"
    Egon Spengler "Look! His face is protected by Black Slime!"
    Ray Stantz "That must be the key! Hey, Junior, 
    switch out your nozzle and hose him down!"
    Egon Spengler "Neutronize the Black Slime on his mask!"
    Ray Stantz "We need to clear that slime off his mask! 
    Use the slime blower, Rook!
    It's clear!"
    Egon Spengler "Rip his mask off, it looks vulnerable!"
    Ray Stantz "Use the capture stream to rip off his mask!
    Yeah, that did it!"
    Egon Spengler "Oh no, I think we just exposed his angry side."
    Ray Stantz "Bring him down all the way. Keep shooting him in 
    the eye if you can, he's got nothing to resist the proton stream!"
    Egon Spengler "Hit him in the eye, we've almost got him!"
    Ray Stantz "He's out of control! Blast him in the 
    eye, Rook, I think it's working!"
    Egon Spengler "Don't question it, Rook! 
    Just blast the glowy part!"
    Ray Stantz "Collect some of this, Jerk!"
    Egon Spengler "Hit the eye with everything you've got! Now!
    Aim high!
    Hit the eye with everything you've got!
    Hit him in the eye, we've almost got him!"
    Azetlor implodes.
    Ray Stantz "There it goes! Bye, Azetlor!"
    Egon Spengler "We need to get out of here!"
    Ray Stantz "There's a new portal back here! C'mon rook 
    that's gotta be they way out."
    Loading screen...
    Winston is in the reading room when a portal opens up.
    Winston Zeddemore "Where the hell were you guys?! I've 
    been runnin' all over this library, calling you, looking for you ...nothing!"
    Egon Spengler "We passed through a cross-dimensional portal 
    into an alternate version of the New York Public Library, and 
    fought a forty foot monster made out of priceless antiques to 
    steal an ancient magical book."
    Winston Zeddemore "Oh...well...that would explain it, then. 
    Next time leave a note."
    Egon takes some readings.
    Egon Spengler "Ray, does this mean anything to you?"
    A mandala map.
    Ray Stantz "Nope, it wasn't here the first time we came through."
    Winston Zeddemore "What is it?"
    Egon Spengler "Not entirely sure. But whatever it is, 
    I think we just turned it off."
    Ray Stantz "You thinking what I'm thinking?"
    Winston Zeddemore "Thin crust New York style 
    with no visible anchovies?"
    Winston holds up his hand for a high five 
    but is left hanging.
    Ray Stantz "Maybe later. Right now I need to 
    go back to the lab and take a look at this Codex."
    The Rookie holds up his hand for a high five from Winston. 
    He is left hanging.
    Egon Spengler "And analyze the data we've collected. 
    It could help us when we go to the museum."
    Winston Zeddemore "Slice to go on the way? Rookie's treat?"
    Ray Stantz "And we need to know what this is."
    Winston Zeddemore "I'll call for a delivery. Again."
    9. Cinematic Five (Between Level 4 and Level 5)
    Firehouse. Egon and Ray are at a table on second floor. 
    Ilyssa walks over and joins them.
    Ray Stantz "Well, it's a great read. 
    But nothing about that."
    Ilyssa Selwyn "I know that symbol."
    Egon Spengler "How?"
    Ilyssa Selwyn "It shows up sometimes in 
    Sumerian ritual magic. There's a statue on 
    loan at the museum that features it."
    Ray Stantz "What does it represent?"
    Ilyssa Selwyn "Just a symbol: signifies a 
    path to obtain great power. Most of my 
    colleagues assume it's an old constellation."
    Winston Zeddemore "No constellation I ever saw. 
    And I used to tell fortunes on Coney Island."
    Peter Venkman "Is that right. Did you wear a turban?"
    Winston Zeddemore "No, man. A red velvet cape 
    with moons. It was plush."
    Ray Stantz "Get this. The Codex does indicate 
    there is some kind of feeder system required to 
    channel energy to a Destructor Form."
    Winston Zeddemore "A Destructor Form...like Stay Puft?"
    Egon Spengler "It's entirely possible that system 
    and this pattern are connected."
    Ray Stantz "It's possible."
    Egon Spengler "Wait. You said the Gozerian statuary 
    at the Museum is on loan. From whom?"
    Ilyssa Selwyn "Ivo Shandor, the architect. 
    Well, the Shandor Foundation. They control Shandor's 
    remaining estate and holdings. Ivo was a big collector
     of Gozerian artifacts."
    Winston Zeddemore "By "Ivo Shandor the Architect", 
    you mean "Ivo Shandor the Genocidal Maniac." Right?"
    Ilyssa Selwyn "That's what I was researching when Gozer 
    attacked me. Shandor's architecture firm was involved in 
    a number of projects around town in the late 18-,early 1900s."
    Egon Spengler "Including Dana Barrett's 
    old building on Central Park West."
    Peter Venkman "You mean the one with the extra dimensional 
    antenna that drew Gozer to our world so he could attempt 
    to destroy it? Had a nice view of the park, though."
    Ilyssa Selwyn "Yes, but he also did some renovations on 
    existing buildings and a number of public works. There was 
    controversy...because a lot of people thought the work was unnecessary."
    Winston Zeddemore "Let me guess. He did some 
    renovations on the Public Library building on Fifth."
    Ilyssa Selwyn "Riiiight. And...The Museum of Natural History"
    Ray Stantz "Recent visitations, specific, localized 
    paranormal activity, singing Vikings..."
    Egon Spengler "They're all connected to Shandor...and this pattern."
    Rookie goes to Ecto 1-b.
    Loading screen...
    Winston Zeddemore "We should warn the Mayor."
    Ray Stantz "I don't know, he's likely 
    to just sick Peck on us even more."
    Egon Spengler "You should get a closer look at the Museum."
    Ilyssa Selwyn "Well, the Mayor's gonna be at the Museum for the 
    exhibition opening gala tonight. It's where I need to be, too."
    Peter Venkman "Ilyssa, you sure make work fun for me. 
    Is business casual okay? I don't have a tux."
    Ilyssa Selwyn "Are you kidding? He doesn't want you guys 
    within three city blocks of the Museum tonight? He thinks 
    you make his campaign contributors nervous. Besides, that 
    Peck guy will be at the party, too."
    Ray Stantz "Okay, Egon'll stay here 
    and finish analyzing the data from the library.
    The rest of us will go in by the service entrance of 
    the museum and lay low. Peter can attend the party as 
    Ilyssa's guest and stay in plain sight of Peck."
    Winston Zeddemore "And that frees us up 
    to check out the rest of the building."
    Peter Venkman "I love this plan! It's just dull enough to work.
    Ill, I'm gonna bring you a corsage."
    10. Level 5 Museum of (Super)Natural History Dialogue
    The loading dock.
    Ray Stantz "Yes, we just arrived at the loading dock. 
    Keep Peck distracted. We're going to poke around."
    Peter Venkman on radio "Ok. I'll take one for the team."
    Ray Stantz "No sign of the curator. Ilyssa told me 
    he'd meet us right here."
    Winston Zeddemore "Something wanted 
    out of this box in a big way."
    Ray Stantz "Watch out. Black slime.
    Unchecked it can eventually open a full 
    inter-dimensional portal, an open doorway...
    and anything that wants to can come through.
    If a full portal has been opened, it has to 
    be sealed using your Slime Blower. That's the 
    key reason we developed the tech.
    Door's sealed shut. Someone find the power."
    Winston Zeddemore "Good work, Eagle-Eye.
    Look at this. Someone's trailed packing 
    material down the hall here."
    Ray Stantz "Packing material and slime."
    Winston Zeddemore "Was that a possessor?"
    Ray Stantz "Maybe. Looked like a Level 7 or above, too."
    Winston Zeddemore "Didn't we used to fight 
    class two's and three's every now and then? 
    What happened to them? They were easy."
    Ray Stantz "Ahh, the good old days.
    I'm more worried that she'll stir things up 
    around here. I expect we'll see her again 
    sooner than we want to.
    Hello? Who's in there?"
    Winston Zeddemore "Somebody that wants out, is who."
    Rookie shoots the crate.
    Ray Stantz "Oh, Dr. Rutherford. 
    Uh, Z, meet the Assistant Curator of the Museum."
    Dr. Rutherford "Is that horrible, terrible thing gone?"
    Winston Zeddemore "Yeah, she's gone. You good?"
    Dr. Rutherford "I, uh, yes I suppose so. 
    I'm a big fan. I even had you over for my 
    daughter's birthday a couple years ago."
    Ray Stantz "Is that so? Well, I think we can 
    get you a sticker or button or mug or T-shirt 
    or something when we're done here."
    Dr. Rutherford "Oh, that would be wonderful. 
    Follow me... we'll go through the restoration department."
    Rutherford hits the button for the service elevator. 
    The possessor is inside.
    Dr. Rutherford "There it is again! 
    Don't let it get me!"
    Ray Stantz "Don't you worry. 
    She'll have to go through me first."
    The Possessor possesses Ray.
    Ray Stantz "Mwa ta natch calla worn ormon!!"
    Dr. Rutherford "Can you help him?"
    Winston Zeddemore "Hose him down, Youngblood!"
    They hose Ray and trap the ghost.
    Dr. Rutherford "Alright! You guys are really good!"
    Winston Zeddemore "Voila! That's a fusion-based 
    exorcism in a nutshell. Cleaner than somebody's 
    head spinning all around and barfing pea soup."
    Dr. Rutherford "Will be be okay?"
    Winston Zeddemore "How you doin', Ray?"
    Ray Stantz "Hazza buzza. Hazza buzza? Bozza wazza shum."
    Winston Zeddemore "Aw, he'll be fine in a second.
    After you."
    They get into the elevator.
    Ray Stantz "Oh no. If this place is possessed 
    by, uh, possessors, we'd better get to Peter fast.
    Venkman! We found the curator! We're on 
    our way to the Gozer exhibit now!"
    Dr. Rutherford "Oh, there's so much 
    to show you. Where to start?
    Things have been very strange since they 
    started setting up that exhibit."
    Peter is waiting outside the elevator door.
    Peter Venkman "Well, hello there."
    Winston Zeddemore "Dig it, Peter. 
    Ray got possessed...again."
    Ray Stantz "Awww, Z!"
    Winston Zeddemore "'You'll have to go 
    through me first': that's exactly what he said!"
    Peter Venkman "Just like a puppy...every day's the first day."
    The opening gala.
    Walter Peck "No, No, NO! I want the Ghostbusters 
    ejected from this facility immediately."
    Peter Venkman "Where's his honor, Pecker? We've 
    got news for him...and a photo-op."
    Walter Peck "The Mayor is indisposed right now. 
    Anything you need to tell him goes through me."
    Peter Venkman "Not happening, Peck-a-bee. This 
    is for Jock and Jock alone. We will wait for him to get redisposal."
    Eyes on statuary glows red.
    Walter Peck "Security! Remove these men...with excessive force."
    Peter Venkman "Uhhhh...Boys?"
    Ilyssa levitates into air. Sparks fly.
    Peter Venkman "Why do the good ones always play hard to get?"
    Mayor Mulligan "What in the hell is going on here?!"
    Winston Zeddemore "They got Peck!"
    Peter Venkman "I never got him."
    Winston Zeddemore "More possessor ghosts! 
    Kid, you know what to do!"
    Peter Venkman "Ray..."
    Ray Stantz "Well I know what not to do."
    Winston Zeddemore "Party's over, folks! Clear the room!
    Ray, you stay in the back."
    Ray Stantz "Hurts, doesn't it? Let it all out."
    Walter Peck "I'll see you all on Rikers Island for this!"
    Peter Venkman "Whoa take a break! Do you ever shut up?"
    Winston Zeddemore "They're attacking the guests!"
    The Chairman grabs Ilyssa.
    Ray Stantz "All right, you guys go after Ilyssa! 
    Be careful. I'll get to Security."
    Peter Venkman "I love this plan!"
    Ray Stantz "I'll man the security cameras to 
    triangulate them on the monitors and talk you through."
    Winston Zeddemore "See you soon, Ray. Let's go, guys."
    Ray Stantz "See you soon, guys. Dr. Rutherford? 
    If you'll show me to security?"
    Ilyssa Selwyn "Venkman! Get me down from here!"
    Peter Venkman "That's our cue."
    Winston Zeddemore "I don't think that 
    guy is planning to be nice to her!
    It's a mannequin ambush!
    Don't bother trying to capture them! 
    Just blast 'em down to nothing!
    Catch up to them!"
    Peter Venkman "That was nowhere near fatal.
    Let's make some noise."
    Winston Zeddemore "Hurry up! Before they get away!
    Take it to the bridge!"
    Ray Stantz on radio "Did Winston just say, 'Take it to 
    the bridge'? What are you guys doing down there?"
    Winston Zeddemore "Fewer funny jokes, 
    more getting to the security cameras, please, Ray."
    Ilyssa Selwyn "Peter!
    Oh my god!"
    Winston Zeddemore "Ah, he got away!
    Get to the Temple! The glowing one!
    Ray, can you see where they went?"
    Ray Stantz on radio "We haven't reached 
    the security office yet! This place is really hopping!"
    Winston Zeddemore "Yeah, that's a big 10-4."
    Peter Venkman "Hittite. 
    Winston Zeddemore "Mesopotamian."
    Peter Venkman "Sumerian."
    Winston Zeddemore "Ahh, he's making it all up."
    Peter Venkman "Just one of those things. Ah, you pick 
    this stuff up. You know, around the office."
    Ray Stantz on radio "Peter, come in."
    Peter Venkman "Hi, honey. How was your day?"
    Ray Stantz on radio "Men, we reached the security office. 
    This one is in shambles! It's been sabotaged. Black slime 
    all over the place. Only a few cameras are still working."
    Peter Venkman "When you're free, no rush, open 
    gate 3487. Just for kicks."
    Ray Stantz on radio "Give me a minute."
    Gate 3487 opens. A woman's laughter heard over radio.
    Ray Stantz on radio "Whoa! We're under attack! 
    We'll get back to you!"
    Winston Zeddemore "Ray, stay away from any possess..."
    Ray Stantz on radio "Kazza gorba smotz chorzig glump!! 
    Froga! Froga!"
    Winston Zeddemore "Um, Dr. Rutherford? If you're still 
    there, can you go catch Dr. Stantz, please?"
    Ray Stantz on radio "Okay, I shook off that possessor. 
    Found a different security room. Can't find Dr. Rutherford, 
    though. I must've scared him off."
    Winston Zeddemore "You're not pretty when 
    you're possessed, Ray. Seriously."
    Ray Stantz on radio "I've got you on the cameras. 
    You should be coming to the Civil War exhibit.
    Ilyssa just passed through there."
    Winston Zeddemore "Okay, we're on it. Thanks.
    You know the difference between this exhibit and the other ones?
    The soldiers in this one have guns.
    Let's just pass through here as quick as we can, and...
    Yeah, I didn't really think we could do it, either. 
    I was just thinking happy thoughts, is all."
    Confederate and Union Ghosts manifest and blast up the exhibit.
    Peter Venkman "Huh."
    Ray Stantz on radio "I'm getting heavy interference 
    on the monitors. Are you guys in trouble?"
    Winston Zeddemore "Couldn't have been the American 
    Revolutionary War, could it? Or the War of the Roses. 
    Even the War on Drugs. It just had to be this one.
    Maybe they're just props, but those barrels are marked 'explosive'!
    Wish this trap had a window; it'd be just 
    like a little Vicksburg snow globe.
    Let's see you guys fight it 
    out inside that tiny little trap."
    Peter Venkman "Yep. They took some casualties."
    Loading screen...
    Ray Stantz "We made it to the security office. 
    I can see you guys on the cameras. No sign of 
    Ilyssa or her kidnappers though.
    In the early 1900s, the museum was run by a board of trustees. 
    Powerful guys, tycoons, captain's of industry. The chairman of 
    the board was Cornelius Wellsley of International Steel.
    The board used the museum as a respectable front for all kinds 
    of dubious activities. Mainly though, they were part of a club 
    run by our favorite evil architect.
    They hired women from the St. Nicholas Rehabilitation Mission 
    for Wayward Angels. Rumor has it, the board conducted all kinds 
    of nasty rituals using these women."
    Team looks at two portraits, one of the 
    Board of Trustees and one of Ivo Shandor.
    Winston Zeddemore "We've gotta find that 
    oozing tub of blubber! And Ilyssa!
    Well, here we are. The Egypt exhibit. I practically 
    lived here while I was working on my doctorate!
    There was less black slime then.
    Hey folks, it's okay! Be calm. Everything's under control!"
    Bystanders "It's the Ghostbusters!
    Get away! Get away!"
    Door slams on trio.
    Peter Venkman "Watch it now."
    Winston Zeddemore "Yeah, of course. The trap locks us 
    in with the ghosts. Wouldn't it be nice to get locked 
    out every now and then?"
    Peter Venkman "Get your head down."
    Winston Zeddemore "Hey Ray, how do we get out of the 
    Egypt exhibit? The main door is blocked up tight."
    Ray Stantz on radio "The Egyptian main room? Check 
    the West wall. There should be a door leading through 
    to the next exhibit."
    Winston Zeddemore "I'm looking right at the 
    West Wall, and I don't see a door."
    Ray Stantz on radio "Well, I'm looking 
    right at the blueprints, and uh...
    Oh, I get it. Clever. The ghosts used their own 
    dimensionally anomalous signatures to slightly 
    wrinkle the time-space continuum. The door is still there.
    What you're seeing is a fold in reality. 
    The ghosts removed the door from this plane of existence."
    Winston Zeddemore "All I'm seeing in the paragoggles 
    is a kind of glowing, purple aura. No door."
    Ray Stantz on radio "Well, this is an educated guess, 
    but since the ghosts are gone their influence is fading. 
    The anomaly should straighten itself out. Few hours, probably."
    Winston Zeddemore "A few hours? But I gotta...go."
    Ray Stantz on radio "Wish I could help ya, Z. 
    But any analysis at this point is strictly theoretical."
    Winston Zeddemore "Okay. But the biological situation 
    I'm experiencing is not theoretical at all."
    Ray Stantz on radio "Hm...I suppose, in theory mind you, 
    positively charged slime could dissipate the wrinkle and 
    restore everything to its..."
    Winston Zeddemore "Just slime the damn thing!"
    Rookie slimes the door. It works.
    Winston Zeddemore "Good! Thank you very much! 
    Now let's get the hell out of here."
    Lights go out.
    Winston Zeddemore "Where'd Peter go now?"
    The Chairman "Nyhaahh ha ha!"
    Ray Stantz on radio "I think I just caught a 
    glimpse of the chairman, too! Watch out for him, 
    he looks like a nasty one!"
    Rookie opens the door. Chairman and Ilyssa are inside.
    Ilyssa Selwyn "Venkman help!"
    Peter Venkman "Why do the good ones always play hard to get?"
    Winston Zeddemore "There he is, let's get him!
    Come on, I think we're gaining on him!"
    Ilyssa Selwyn "Venkman help!"
    Ray Stantz on radio "Hey guys! Did you find Ilyssa? 
    Where did that ghost go?"
    Winston Zeddemore "You didn't see him? 
    But he just came through here!"
    Ray Stantz on radio "He must be headed 
    back to the World of Gozer exhibit!"
    Ray opens the gate up.
    Peter Venkman "That's our cue.
    Mmmmmove it."
    Loading screen...
    Peter finds Ilyssa.
    Ilyssa Selwyn "What a nightmare."
    Peter Venkman "Thank you. Not the words a rescuing hero 
    wants to hear from his damsel in distress. May I say your 
    eyes are much prettier when they're not glowing like hot coals."
    Egon arrives.
    Egon Spengler "Peter!
    I've made an extraordinarily frightening discovery."
    Peter Venkman "Why don't you all go away?"
    Egon Spengler "All my data indicate that the Ghostworld 
    is beginning to push through multiple cross portals from 
    their dimension into ours."
    Peter Venkman "Well, more overtime."
    Winston Zeddemore "Guys! Look!"
    The Chairman appears and grabs Ilyssa again.
    Ilyssa Selwyn "Venkman help!"
    Peter Venkman "Now she calls my name!"
    Ray Stantz "Block the exits!"
    Egon Spengler "Don't let it escape with her!"
    Winston Zeddemore "Hit it with slime!"
    The Ghostbusters pelt the Chairman with slime. 
    He weakens and drops Ilyssa.
    Peter Venkman "Winston! Get the lady outta here 
    before he hits on her again!"
    Egon Spengler "Aim for the big yellow eye!"
    They blast the Chairman with Proton Streams. 
    The Chairman disappears into a crack in the floor.
    Peter Venkman "Who wouldn't like to have that super power?"
    Mayor Mulligan "Care to tell me why my library, museum, 
    and parade are all going down the toilet?!"
    Walter Peck "I keep telling you, sir, the Ghostbusters 
    are nothing but scam artists determined to throw a negative 
    light on you and the City... and extort you for more money!"
    Peter Venkman "Hello Peck. I own that suit in blue."
    Mayor Mulligan "Both of you! Pipe down!"
    Egon Spengler "Mr. Mayor, an enormous event is on the horizon."
    Ray Stantz "Something at the Museum exhibit triggered a 
    systemized psychic occurrence. Some mechanism we don't 
    know the nature of yet."
    Walter Peck "No. Of course you don't."
    Egon Spengler "But it's feeding enormous energy somewhere."
    Ray Stantz "Something that's now in the process 
    of breaking down the walls between our world...and another one."
    Egon Spengler "This other world is crossing through 
    into ours. It started with simple ghosts and animated monsters."
    Ray Stantz "Now it's getting bigger. We don't know 
    exactly what's next. But there's only room for one 
    city here in this dimension."
    Egon Spengler "Two physical worlds can't exist 
    in the same space. That's just elementary particle physics."
    Peter Venkman "We got a glimpse of the other world, Jock. 
    It ain't pretty. It's like Brooklyn and the Bronx with 
    no Queens in the middle."
    Egon Spengler "...whole city blocks sinking 
    into a fifth dimensional abyss!"
    Ray Stantz "Cockroaches the size of polo ponies."
    Egon Spengler "Panic in the streets!"
    Peter Venkman "How'd you like disco to come back? 
    Bigger than ever."
    Mayor Mulligan "I get it. We're in trouble. 
    So what am I supposed to do?!"
    Ray Stantz "We need to prepare the city for the worst."
    Mayor Mulligan "The city's my responsibility, not yours! 
    Now go do your job and stop that thing!"
    Mayor leaves.
    Ray Stantz "You got a bite on your PKE, scan around 
    for something paranormal with your goggles."
    Rookie blasts the weakened obelisk. The floor glows 
    and a stairwell opens up.
    Ray Stantz "This way, gentlemen."
    Egon Spengler "Well, this looks inviting."
    Winston Zeddemore "I'll be at the office watching 
    over Ilyssa. Don't do anything fun without me."
    Ray Stantz "He left a trail. This way!
    It probably goes without saying, but this is very strange."
    Peter Venkman "Well, that is your 
    conversation starter. What's strange?
    So it's not steam, it's not Morlocks. 
    But there's plenty of ghosts."
    Egon Spengler "You're right about that. 
    There's more consistent, accelerated PKE blowing 
    through here than I've ever seen. But this is not 
    the origin point. This is just a conduit."
    Ray Stantz "Look at the trail! The Chairman went 
    that way! He's running down this tunnel!
    Question is, where does it lead?
    Does it feel...weird in here to you guys? 
    Like, familiar weird?
    Well, we know which way to go for a while at least.
    There's got to be another way around this.
    The trail leads to this sealed door, then stops."
    Peter Venkman "That was a little harsh. 
    What'd you have against that wall?"
    Ray Stantz "The new cadet's alright."
    Peter Venkman "So far. Not too shabby."
    Ray Stantz "Egon. I think this is as good a 
    time as any to install a new CPS.
    The Meson Collider is extremely precise and 
    deals a lot of damage, but takes a while to recharge.
    The Overload Pulse disperses a rapid burst of meson particles.
    You can fire each of them independently: they both work great.
    But you can also use them in tandem. Paint a target using 
    the Meson Collider. After you've acquired the target, all 
    expulsions from the Overload Pulse will home in on that target."
    They enter a chamber pumping Black Slime.
    Ray Stantz "Oh my. So MUCH black slime."
    Peter Venkman "Oh, it just seems 
    like a lot because it's alive."
    Egon Spengler "The column! It's flowing upwards!"
    Ray Stantz "If you see a big yellow eye 
    in there, poke it with something!"
    Egon Spengler "No yellow eye, Ray!"
    Ray Stantz "Maybe it already went up there."
    Egon Spengler "Well. That doesn't sound good."
    Peter Venkman "Is it my turn to lead? 
    I don't want to jump in front."
    The Chairman cackles.
    Ray Stantz "Hello, Chairman. 
    Ready to get what's coming to you?"
    The Chairman absorbs some PKE and swells up.
    Ray Stantz "Kidnapping is a class-1 felony, and 
    we do not tolerate it in our jurisdiction!
    Get him!!
    It's got to have a weak spot somewhere!"
    Egon Spengler "Aim for the big yellow eye!
    Hit the eye with everything you've got!"
    The Chairman is dispersed.
    Ray Stantz "Nice work!"
    Egon Spengler "That's how it's done!"
    Loading screen...
    Walter Peck "I should've shuttered you fraudulent 
    gangsters forever when I had the chance! You know what? 
    I'm going to put an end to this madness now! Right now! 
    I'm shutting down your containment grid for good! You can 
    kiss off a permanent license, not to mention any chance for 
    more government contracts! You did this to me, and you're going to pay!"
    Ray Stantz "You're welcome, you Peck."
    Walter Peck "Alright! That's it! That's it, you're done, smart guys! 
    You are done, smart, cool guys! I have the authority and I am shutting 
    you and your phony containment grid down NOW! The whole city will have 
    to pay because of your shenanigans. The whole city!"
    Peter Venkman "What? But that shuts you down, too."
    Walter Peck "Well, so be it! I have bigger fish to fry.
    And get him off me!"
    Egon Spengler "I think we need to keep an eye on him."
    Peter Venkman "Ya think?"
    Egon Spengler "No. I mean, we really need to keep an eye on him.
    11. Cinematic Six (Between Level 5 and Level 6)
    The next morning (indicated by Slate on answering machine)
    Ilyssa Selwyn "You're real heroes."
    Peter Venkman "Kinda routine. 
    As usual, I led the charge."
    Ray Stantz "We're fired heroes. 
    Peck's gonna pull our license."
    Peter Venkman "Get real, Ray. It's the holidays! 
    Nobody in this town is gonna be around to pull our 
    license till Monday. We got the whole weekend to stop 
    this calamity and probably half a dozen others, save 
    the city. We got a four day weekend! We have time left for ourselves."
    Janine Melnitz "Dr. Venkman if they start evacuating Manhattan 
    I won't be coming in on Monday.
    Catastrophic exodus of the city does not count 
    as a floating holiday. I know, I looked it up."
    Ray Stantz "What does this symbol mean?"
    Winston Zeddemore "Uh, guys..."
    Winston readjusts the Mandala map.
    Winston Zeddemore "Perfect fit."
    Ray Stantz "It's not a constellation. It's a mandala."
    Ilyssa Selwyn "I can't believe I never saw it before."
    Peter Venkman "Ok, for one minute pretend someone 
    here doesn't know what a Mandala is."
    Egon Spengler "A mandala is like a spiritual labyrinth."
    Ray Stantz "And this one looks like a spiraling system 
    that feeds into each successive node along the line until 
    it reaches a culmination point. Before he died, Shandor 
    must have set some mechanism in place similar to the 
    antenna in Dana's building."
    Peter Venkman "You know, I think you helped to make 
    that clearer. So this was the gizmo that's supposed 
    to feed energy to the destructor form?"
    Ray Stantz "That's...that's right, Peter!"
    Ilyssa Selwyn "Well! Dr. Venkman!"
    Peter Venkman "Well I had to get one right eventually. 
    Didn't I? I mean, it's just math."
    Egon Spengler "Alright, I'm just speculating but it's 
    possible Ghosts are trapped in the system funneled from 
    node to node, and they get stronger and stronger, until 
    they reach the end, and then they..."
    Ray Stantz "Look! The first portal, the library. 
    The second...the museum. And the third...the Sedgewick."
    Egon Spengler "And that means the fourth 
    portal must be...right...here."
    Winston Zeddemore "The middle of the Hudson River?"
    Ray Stantz "Well, according to the mandala, yes."
    Egon Spengler "It may need a little tweaking."
    Peter Venkman "I don't know, plenty of bodies 
    in that river to become ghosts."
    Ilyssa Selwyn "But what does this have 
    to do with me? What did I do?"
    Ray Stantz "You were at the museum and the Sedgewick."
    Egon Spengler "Maybe you were some sort of catalyst... 
    accidentally setting things in motion."
    Ilyssa Selwyn "You're saying this is my fault?"
    Peter Venkman "You are blameless! What Egon meant to say was 
    that you have some sort of connection to this thing and we're 
    gonna go back to the Sedgewick and find out what. Isn't that right, brainiac?"
    Egon Spengler "That's right, Peter."
    Ray Stantz "Ilyssa, do you remember where 
    you were going when you were at the Sedgewick?"
    Ilyssa Selwyn "I was standing outside a room... 1221. 
    Something was compelling me to go in, but I woke up just 
    before the door opened. I ran out of there as fast as I could. 
    And then some jerk tried to pick me up on the elevator."
    Peter Venkman "Okay, you need to stay here, where it's safe, and 
    where you can't set off any more crossdimensional shockwaves, hot 
    stuff. Here, read up on the mandala, and the boys will check out the Sedgewick."
    Winston Zeddemore "The boys? And what about you, superstar?"
    Peter Venkman "I'm gonna have you drop me off near Peck's office. 
    Something tells me he's not quite what he seems."
    Ray Stantz "Good idea. Meet us at the hotel when you're done."
    Loading screen...
    Ecto 1-b leaves the Firehouse. It arrives at the Sedgewick Hotel.
    Winston Zeddemore "Whoa. If this place were 
    any more dead, we'd need a coroner."
    Ray Stantz "Egon used to be a licensed coroner."
    Winston Zeddemore "No kidding?"
    Egon Spengler "It's just a hobby now."
    They see a paper on the front entrance doors.
    Winston Zeddemore "Closed until further notice by 
    the Paranormal Contracts Oversight Commission."
    Ray Stantz "PCOC!"
    Winston Zeddemore "Entrance into this establishment is 
    strictly forbidden and is punishable by fine and imprisonment."
    Egon Spengler "What now? Hmm."
    Ray Stantz "This notice is for the general public. 
    It doesn't apply to us. We're bonded contractors for the city!"
    Winston Zeddemore "Especially the Ghostbusters."
    Egon tears up the notice.
    Ray Stantz "Alright, heat 'em up. We'll melt our way in."
    Egon Spengler "Wait! I have a better idea."
    Egon opens the door.
    Winston Zeddemore "Good thinking."
    Egon Spengler "Hmm. This is disappointing."
    Winston Zeddemore "No. Disappointing is the Jets 
    losing in the last two minutes. Not being covered 
    in slime by phantom ghouls out to kill us... 
    doesn't exactly make me reach for a hanky.
    Why'd they shut down? You guys didn't bang the 
    place up that bad last time you were here."
    Ray Stantz "If this place is a mandala node, a few 
    burnt walls and broken ceilings are the last thing anybody's..."
    Egon Spengler "And smashed furniture, broken chandeliers, 
    destroyed paintings, shattered vases, probably some minor structural damage..."
    Ray Stantz "Thanks, Egon. My point being that there's 
    more to worry about here than some minor cosmetic issues."
    Egon Spengler "Definitely a mandala node."
    Ray Stantz "If we don't shut down Shandor's Mandala soon, most 
    of Manhattan will become as vacant as this. Not to mention also 
    becoming a bastion of absolute, mind numbing horror for centuries to come."
    Winston Zeddemore "Hey! I definitely don't lay out two grand a 
    month for a 600 square foot walk-up to live in a bastion! Let's get to work."
    12. Level 6 Return to the Sedgewick Dialogue
    Winston Zeddemore "It's an ambush! Get 'em hot!"
    Ray Stantz "Wait a minute...wait! I don't think they're 
    a threat. They may only be residual hauntings."
    Egon Spengler "I think Ray's right. They haven't crossed 
    entirely into this dimension. They're just psychokinetic 
    echoes. Ghosts of ghosts. Completely harmless."
    Winston Zeddemore "Great. I was hoping to meet a friendly 
    ghost some day, but I'll settle for 'harmless' right now."
    Egon Spengler "I'm getting a strong valence spike 
    higher up in the building."
    Ray Stantz "Ilyssa said she was called to the 
    12th floor. Let's start there.
    Come on, kid.
    They'd have shut down the power when they closed."
    Winston Zeddemore "Can we take the stairs."
    Egon Spengler "Well, we can try climbing but the 
    last time we were here, a level three animator took 
    out the bottom of the staircase."
    Ray Stantz "Yeah, that's right. I forgot you weren't 
    here last time, Winston. So no stairs, no elevators...
    Did you hear something?"
    Winston Zeddemore "Over there! C'mon!"
    Ray Stantz "I think we're dealing with a 
    Level Five Anchored Ambusher! Be careful."
    Winston Zeddemore "It went into the stairwell! 
    We've got it cornered!"
    John O'Keefe "Help!"
    Ray Stantz "This is just how a Level Five 
    Anchored Ambusher lures you in!"
    They go in. It's John O'Keefe, the manager.
    Ray Stantz "The Manager! What are you doing here?"
    John O'Keefe "Ghosts! Monsters! Everywhere!"
    Winston Zeddemore "There was another voice - a 
    woman screamed. Are you alone in here?"
    John O'Keefe "Look, I just said 'ghosts and monsters 
    everywhere.' Does that sound like I'm alone?"
    Ray Stantz "He meant people."
    John O'Keefe "Then yes...I think so.
    Ray Stantz "Well, I guess that explains it."
    Egon Spengler "Sir, there's no need to fear. These 
    are just shadows; echoes of actual ghosts. They can't hurt you."
    Winston Zeddemore "Come with us sir, we can lead you to safety."
    They see an echo, a woman with a web tattoo on back, holding 
    a knife, and a man 'enter' elevator.
    John O'Keefe "My God!"
    Winston Zeddemore "Someone you know?"
    John O'Keefe "I don't know. Most of the old staff knows 
    the story of the Spider Witch, a professional widow who 
    did unimaginable things in a room on the 12th floor back 
    in the 1920's."
    Egon Spengler "What are you still doing here? 
    Why didn't you evacuate with everyone else?"
    John O'Keefe "I came back last night to retrieve some payroll 
    records, but the hotel won't let me out! The doors shut on me! 
    And the phones are down too."
    Winston Zeddemore "That means we're trapped now too. 
    And we have to hope that Peter figures out we're missing? 
    There goes the weekend."
    Egon Spengler "Not necessarily. The 12th floor is apparently 
    the core of this node. If we can get the power back on, we 
    can take the elevators."
    Winston Zeddemore "If the elevators don't eat us."
    Egon Spengler "Yes, if the elevators don't eat us."
    Ray Stantz "Where are the circuit breakers for this place? 
    We don't have a lot of time."
    John O'Keefe "Uh...breakers. In my office. But the city came 
    and turned off most of our power after the electrical fire on 
    the 3rd floor. There's no way to turn it back on from here."
    Egon Spengler "That's inconvenient." 
    Winston Zeddemore "We've gotta find some 
    way to get the elevators moving."
    John O'Keefe "There's a backup generator in the utility 
    room off the kitchen. It's for emergency blackouts."
    Ray Stantz "Perfect. Let's give it a try. To the kitchen!
    Watch out!"
    John O'Keefe "Aaaaah!"
    Egon Spengler "I guess some of them apparently fulminate 
    to this place. It doesn't seem like they're happy about it."
    Winston Zeddemore "Right! Now, let's find that backup generator."
    Ray Stantz "The kitchen. Is it through here?"
    John O'Keefe "Yes, just down the hall.
    O'Keefe passes out.
    Team enters the kitchen and hears cackling.
    Egon Spengler "Hello? Anyone there?"
    Ray Stantz "Alright guys, spread out. The utility 
    room should be around here somewhere."
    Winston Zeddemore "In some dark, scary corner."
    Egon Spengler "I know I've said this before, but be 
    careful. I don't think we're alone."
    Winston Zeddemore "This place is wrecked. Did you 
    and Venkman do all this when you were chasing Slimer?"
    Ray Stantz "No, this is a lot worse that the way they 
    could have left it. This is the work of something big."
    Winston Zeddemore "When you say 'big' do you mean 'big-big?'"
    Ray Stantz "Mm-hm. At the very least. Maybe even bigger."
    Winston Zeddemore "That sounds pretty big.
    The manager said there was a generator 
    room around here somewhere, look for a door.
    It has to be around here somewhere. 
    Keep an eye out for a sign."
    Ray Stantz "Look! Cadet found the emergency generator!"
    Winston Zeddemore "Look around for a 
    switch or something to start it up."
    Ray Stantz "What's it look like?"
    Egon Spengler "Probably like a switch. Or 
    something that would start up a generator."
    Ray Stantz "All right, Egon. But you should know I'm keeping score."
    Egon Spengler "What did I say?"
    Ray Stantz "There's a lot of water on the floor. 
    Watch out for static discharge when you activate the generator.
    Ah! Sweet music!"
    Egon Spengler "I'd recommend not stepping in that water."
    Winston Zeddemore "That sounds like an excellent recommendation."
    Ray Stantz "Looks like that power cable is causing all the trouble."
    Winston Zeddemore "Get it out of the water, then!"
    Ray Stantz "I know this much: we're trapped down 
    here like rats until that cable's out of the water."
    Winston Zeddemore "How about some slime tethering?!
    Tether it up!"
    Egon Spengler "Pull it out of there!"
    Ray Stantz "Slime Tether!"
    Egon Spengler "Slime Tether!"
    Ray Stantz "Come on, kid."
    Egon Spengler "The elevators should be working. 
    Unless something...nevermind. Let's get back to the lobby."
    Ray Stantz "Listen! What's that smell?"
    Winston Zeddemore "Over there! C'mon!"
    Cook Ghosts and the Chef Ghost manifest in the kitchen.
    Ray Stantz "Look out! It's the late shift!"
    Winston Zeddemore "Yeah, but this is just 
    the help! Where's the boss?
    I can't believe I just said  that out loud!"
    Ray Stantz "I know that guy! It's the 
    mass poisoner, Chef DeForrest!
    So nobody eat anything in here! 
    Even if you're really hungry!"
    Winston Zeddemore "I'm about to swallow my own tongue, Ray. 
    Will that be okay?"
    Firefight ensues.
    Winston Zeddemore "All right. This kitchen is clean. 
    Let's get back to the elevators."
    John O'Keefe "Thank god you're here!"
    Egon Spengler "Okay, it looks like the psycho-mass has 
    come to rest about 190 feet above our heads."
    Ray Stantz "The 13th floor."
    John O'Keefe "This hotel has no 13th floor! 
    None of the grand old hotels do!"
    Winston Zeddemore "Man's got a strong argument."
    Ray Stantz "We'll split the difference. Egon, you and the 
    Tenderfoot go to the 12th floor. Winston and I will check 
    out the 14th, (to manager) Sir, if you'll please come with us."
    Egon Spengler "Fine. But stay in contact. 
    This place is extraordinarily dangerous."
    Winston hits the elevator button.
    Egon Spengler "Well, let's see what's on the twelfth floor."
    Winston Zeddemore on radio "Egon, what were you 
    saying earlier about the mandala node?"
    Egon Spengler "You mean why do we keep seeing new ghosts?"
    Winston Zeddemore on radio "Yeah."
    Egon Spengler "Okay. Think of the mandala as a city bus line. 
    At the bus station, ghosts, or waiting passengers, are drawn 
    into the system here and trapped. This concentrates their PK 
    energy which is then eventually forced through the next node, 
    or 'station,' and so on, until it all ends at a final terminus. 
    At each successive bus station, the station manager absorbs some 
    of the energy. This makes the station manager, or Node Guardian, 
    stronger, so that it can keep the ghosts in line and destroy anyone 
    who comes to the station to interfere with the flow. These nodes or 
    bus stations gather the power used to feed a central point thus creating 
    a much bigger threat to our world. Does that make more sense now?"
    Winston Zeddemore on radio "TTTC. Totally Trapped Transit Company."
    Ray Stantz in radio "Yeah, you were going strong 
    right up until the passengers got trapped inside the bus station."
    Winston Zeddemore on radio "When is my performance 
    review again? I deserve more stock options."
    Suddenly the lights go and the Spider 
    Witch and victim echoes are present.
    Male victim "I say, young lady, you are full of surprises!"
    After you, my dear!"
    They exit through the door. Lights turn back on.
    Egon Spengler "Well. That was terrifying.
    Be extremely careful. This is likely to be 
    a point of dangerous concentration.
    Odd. It's coming from everywhere and nowhere. 
    Impossible to get a significant fix.
    Ray, come in. Are you there?"
    Ray Stantz on radio "Egon. What happened? 
    We lost you for a minute there."
    Egon Spengler "We had a close contact."
    Ray Stantz on radio "I've got some more information 
    on the Spider Witch ghost. Manager says authorities 
    never found her but..."
    John O'Keefe on radio "The bodies were hung from 
    the ceiling! They were drained of blood and dragged around!"
    Ray Stantz on radio "He says the victims 
    were found in a pretty bad state."
    John O'Keefe on radio "The walls were pained in blood! 
    Furniture was half chewed and crushed and piled in a 
    corner like a giant nest!"
    Ray Stantz on radio "She seems to have 
    vandalized the room badly too."
    Egon Spengler "Hm. I don't want to be hung 
    from a ceiling and drained of blood."
    Winston Zeddemore on radio "I'll tell you this: I do NOT 
    want to be found in a bad state...OR vandalized."
    Ray Stantz on radio "I think that sentiment is unanimous."
    Rookie and Egon stop at double doors. The P.K.E. Meter is buzzing.
    Egon Spengler "Are you ready?"
    A glimpse of something is seen briefly when they open the door.
    Egon Spengler "Ray! Come in!"
    Ray Stantz on radio "Yeah, what's up?"
    Egon Spengler "What was the Spider Witch's room number?"
    John O'Keefe on radio "1221. After her spree, it was 
    locked up. Until about five years ago when we remodeled."
    Ray Stantz "Hear that? Room 1221. I think that...Hey!"
    A voice is heard.
    Voice of Spider Witch "Oh, greet our visitors."
    Spider Crawlers attack Rookie and Egon.
    Egon Spengler "We're not alone in here."
    Voice of Spider Witch "The Chairman sends the little 
    spirits to me. They love me. They make me strong."
    Egon Spengler "This floor is undergoing significant metamorphosis.
    Ghostworld is aggressively encroaching on ours.
    It's not even utilizing a portal. This is very bad."
    Voice of a male victim "My ankles? Goodness, we 
    hardly know each other! No, I...
    Who...what are you?! No..! Help!
    No! Please...AAAAAHHHHHHHH!"
    Egon is silent.
    Egon Spengler "It's the Ghostworld crossing through! 
    Happening sooner than we expected!
    It looks like this is where the node is focused! 
    We could use some help! - (into radio) - Ray, are 
    you there?! Come in Ray!"
    Egon Spengler "Looks like it's up to us...let's 
    find 1221 and finish this."
    Voice of Spider Witch "Come play with my friends."
    Spider Crawlers attack."
    Egon Spengler "Come on!"
    Voice of Spider Witch "Oh, you've come to play 
    games? Oh, I know lots of games."
    Egon Spengler "1220... 1222. No 1221.
    Where is it? 1221 has to be here.
    Remember, just because we can't see it 
    doesn't mean it isn't here."
    Rookie uses P.K.E. Meter to find the hidden door and slimes it open.
    Egon Spengler "Good thinking! It was here all along.
    Well, this looks inviting.
    I don't like the look of this, but we've run out of options."
    Voice of Spider Witch "Come to me, little man.
    Don't be afraid."
    Loading screen...
    Something dashes past Egon and Rookie. Wicked cackling is heard.
    Egon Spengler "We aren't alone."
    Voice of Spider Witch "Which ones are these? These are not mine.
    Everyone here is mine. The quiet men, the angry men, the hungry 
    men, the scuttling ones... Yes!
    Now you are here and that means you are mine.
    This won't hurt a bit. You're going to feel a tiny prick.
    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!"
    Egon Spengler "Head's up!"
    Spider Witch "This is for you!
    Oh, are you flirting with me?"
    Egon Spengler "It's growing stronger"
    Don't let it power up!"
    Spider Witch "Oh, I don't think so.
    I'm so weak..."
    Egon Spengler "Don't let it recharge!
    Now! Drill it!"
    Spider Witch "You. Hurt me?
    Silly men.
    Come play with my friends.
    Oh, tear them apart!"
    Egon Spengler "Multiple contacts!"
    Spider Witch is struggling and falls from the ceiling onto her back. 
    A white flash envelops the area. Egon and Rookie suddenly find themselves 
    in the Ruby Ballroom and sight the Mandala.
    Egon Spengler "Look...the Mandala Map!"
    The node shuts off.
    Egon Spengler "Ray, Winston, come in. You there?"
    Ray Stantz on radio "Egon! What happened? You alright?"
    Egon Spengler "The Recruit found the 13th Floor and we shut it down. 
    PKE levels are back to acceptable parameters. This node of the mandala 
    is fully neutronized."
    Ray Stantz on radio "Alright! 
    Where are you? We went back down to the 12th floor and 
    couldn't find anything. Everything seems pretty normal."
    Egon Spengler "Looks like we're back in the Ruby Ballroom. 
    We'll meet you at Ecto-1."
    13. Cinematic Seven (Between Level 6 and Level 7)
    A thick fog. Peter can be heard.
    Peter Venkman "Egon, remind me. 
    Why are we driving aimlessly in the fog?"
    Egon Spengler "The final node, Venkman. 
    Close it and we seal the Mandala, trapping the ghosts inside."
    Peter Venkman "Sorry to break this to you, Egon. 
    But I just don't see a Mandala..."
    An island rises from the Hudson River right in front of them.
    Egon Spengler "You were saying?"
    Ray Stantz "Shandor Island...it's here!"
    Stalagmites rain down on them.
    Ray Stantz "It's too unstable. I'm going to have to drop 
    you guys and circle. If Ecto-8 sinks, we're sunk too."
    Peter Venkman "Ray, since you're the most excited about 
    to going to ghost island, why don't I just take the boat?"
    Ray shakes his head and gives Peter a suspicious look.
    Peter Venkman "I thought I was making a nice gesture, and 
    you're giving me the suspicious look. Drop it instantly. Let's 
    get going, because nobody enjoys rushing headlong towards their 
    death more than this fellow."
    14. Level 7 Lost Island Rising Dialogue
    Winston Zeddemore "What's the story behind this place, Egon?"
    Egon Spengler "The Shandors owned this island for generations. 
    The castle was built in the 1860s. Ivo Shandor used it as a refuge, 
    a lab, and a temple for he and other cult members to worship Gozer."
    Peter Venkman "Hmm."
    Winston Zeddemore "Okay, that's all well and good. But can 
    someone explain to me how an entire island sinks?"
    Egon Spengler "The night the last Shandor died, there was a huge tidal 
    surge and the river just swallowed the island while. Shandor consecrated 
    the island to Gozer, and the Ghostworld reclaimed it."
    Peter Venkman "Mm Hm."
    Winston Zeddemore "City's lucky it's in the middle of the 
    river instead of Rockefeller Center."
    Egon Spengler "We're lucky now. But soon the Ghostworld will 
    continue to assert itself into ours, and the damage will be incalculable."
    Peter Venkman "Hm.
    Just another screwed up day at the office."
    Egon Spengler "It appears that we need to 
    take that staircase to get inside."
    Winston Zeddemore "That's a big hole, guys. And I am 
    not swimming in the Hudson River in November. So, how 
    do you want to get across?"
    Egon Spengler "Maybe that crane still works."
    Peter Venkman "Well. If you could get that from 
    over there over here...make the world a better place."
    Egon Spengler "Good idea!"
    Winston Zeddemore "Look at that! Rookie moved the crane!"
    Egon Spengler "Alright, swing it around!"
    Winston Zeddemore "Almost! Work it over this way to cover the hole!"
    Egon Spengler "Bring it in! Almost there! Whoa! Great!"
    Peter Venkman "Yo! New guy!"
    Winston Zeddemore "Good work!"
    Peter Venkman "Head's up!"
    A mine cart races past Rookie.
    Winston Zeddemore "Oh!
    You alright?"
    Peter Venkman "What's with you? You know we only get paid if we live."
    Egon Spengler "Recruit, you okay? Let's keep moving."
    Peter Venkman "Careful, we don't wear helmets."
    Ray Stantz on radio "Guys? There's way too much dangerous debris 
    falling in here. I've gotta take Marine Ecto-8 out where it's safer."
    "Don't get too far, Ray. If we need you, we're gonna need you really fast!"
    Winston Zeddemore "(whistles) Check this joint out!"
    Egon Spengler "That's a three million dollar view, even by Manhattan standards."
    Peter Venkman "My apartment used to look like this."
    Egon Spengler "Shandor's public architectural style ranged from Federal to 
    Art Deco. His personal tastes, however, obviously leaned toward the Gozerian. "
    Winston Zeddemore "Oh, now I see what they mean by early demonic."
    Egon Spengler "Well. That doesn't sound good.
    There's an open door!"
    Winston Zeddemore "Hey! We know those guys."
    Gargoyles attack the team.
    Egon Spengler "That explains why they attacked us in 
    Times Square: they're gargoyles from Shandor buildings."
    Winston Zeddemore "Guess Ivo would be tickled pink to 
    know his old security system still works so long after he died."
    The doorway closes on them.
    Winston Zeddemore "Look. The doors controlled by that chain!"
    Peter Venkman "Hey you. You're up, buddy!"
    Egon Spengler "Okay, cadet. You first... I've got your back.
    Did you know that hedge mazes are historically 
    designed to conceal a secret shortcut?"
    Winston Zeddemore "Well there's still one crank that works 
    down here. Try using it to open the door."
    Egon Spengler "Wind the chain!"
    Winston Zeddemore "That did it! The door's wide open! Get back up here!"
    Peter Venkman "Yeah, that'll work."
    Egon Spengler "Hm. I take it we're not welcome."
    Winston Zeddemore Yeah? There's a first."
    They pause.
    Loading Screen...
    Winston Zeddemore "Ilyssa. I see her."
    Peter Venkman "You and me both. She's wearing just a 
    simple terrycloth robe. And she's brought me coffee."
    Winston Zeddemore "That's her, all right. Splitting image."
    The team looks at a portrait of a woman.
    Egon Spengler "The resemblance is uncanny.
    This is Ivo Shandor's mother, painted in 1885."
    Winston Zeddemore "Wait. What? Ilyssa is a Shandor?"
    Peter Venkman "Why does this always happen to me? I meet 
    a girl. She's crazy about me. But she always turns out to 
    be some kind of unbelievable fixer upper!"
    Egon Spengler "This is all making sense. Ilyssa must have 
    inadvertently triggered the Mandala because she has Shandor blood."
    Peter Venkman "She doesn't know it. When I did her 
    profile, she told me she was adopted."
    Winston Zeddemore "Some coincidence, huh?"
    Peter Venkman "You don't really believe this happened by accident?"
    Winston Zeddemore "No. Someone must have known and set this up."
    Egon Spengler "The Mayor did say that Peck personally 
    recommended Ilyssa to be the guest curator of the Gozer Exhibit."
    Winston Zeddemore "Once a Peck, always a Peck.
    Shandor must have employed hundreds of workers for years to build this place!"
    Egon Spengler "The supports are waterlogged, the mortar is 
    decrepit, and the foundation is shattered. In purely physical 
    terms, there's no way all this can still be standing."
    Winston Zeddemore "You sound like you're surprised."
    Egon Spengler "No. Not really.
    It's beautiful, in a horrific way."
    Ray Stantz on radio "You can't deny the pure genius of Shandor, it's 
    a pity that it was all used for evil. If he would have just channeled 
    some of it for good, the things he could have done."
    Egon Spengler "Posthumous Black Mass."
    Winston Zeddemore "What? People still worshiping? Even after 
    they're dead? That's a powerful church, man."
    Egon Spengler "That might explain how these structures are still standing!"
    Ray Stantz on radio "Oh yeah! Ethereal stability induced 
    by sheer focused concentration of posthumous will! Unbelievable!"
    Winston Zeddemore "Yeah, right. 'Unbelievable.' What's unbelievable 
    is that you can still use that word in context."
    Peter Venkman "This is gravy."
    Winston Zeddemore "It is officially time for us to go."
    Loading screen...
    Winston Zeddemore "(whistles) Check this joint out!"
    Egon Spengler "Unless my sensory array is malfunctioning, that 
    is definitely the place we're looking for."
    It is a Mandala on ground. A trap door opens up underneath Rookie.
    Peter Venkman "Hey, where'd the caddy go? Yo! Cool-breeze! Come on out!"
    Egon Spengler "Peter! Behind you!"
    Rookie comes to. Hears the team.
    Winston Zeddemore "No! Get back! Take your imaginary hands off me, man!"
    Egon Spengler "No! There's too many of them!"
    Winston Zeddemore "Egon! They got Egon bring him back here!
    Kid! Help us!"
    Ray Stantz on radio "Okay you need to get to the others so they can 
    help you, please be careful we don't know what we are dealing with yet, 
    but it sounds big and when big things attack it hurts."
    After exploring the sewers...
    Winston Zeddemore on radio "Hey, Rook! I'm trapped in a dark place. 
    Can barely move my arms. Can you find me?
    I think you're getting closer to me, the sounds are getting louder. 
    You know, I always did like you more than the others did.
    Keep looking, man. I've got to be around somewhere in here!"
    Rookie finds him in an Iron Maiden.
    Winston Zeddemore "Hey thanks, man! I was seriously cramping up in there.
    This is all looking a little familiar. Ray would be giggling right now.
    This must be where all the mood slime came from. Look! They must've 
    pumped it straight into the sewers from here.
    Let's go find Egon, then we'll think about finding Peter.
    What IS this place?
    Shandor's cult was working some crazy experiments in here.
    There's blue slime, pink slime, yellow slime. But every 
    ghost in here is coated with black slime.
    What's generating it all? Where's it all coming from?
    Being dead for 80 years sure hasn't improved these guys' disposition any.
    I'm not sure which one of you shoved me in that crate, but 
    you all owe me a big apology!
    You picked the wrong side, ghost. Shandor isn't 
    here to help you now, is he?!
    Let's see how you like living in a tiny little box, amigo!
    This is the kind of stuff that really shows well on you review. 
    I think you are really turning some heads back at headquarters.
    Man, what are these spooks up to in here? I get the whole 
    Mandala-immortality-and-power thing, but what's up with all the slime science?
    Ah. This island has got to be sitting directly on a cross-dimensional portal."
    Egon Spengler on radio "I think I hear you guys. Yes, that 
    sounds like my equipment. You are getting close."
    They find Egon in an Iron Maiden.
    Egon Spengler "Get me out of this thing. I don't want to 
    be eaten by black slime."
    Winston Zeddemore "Egon, hang on, we are almost to you!"
    Egon Spengler "Thank you. This is going to reflect 
    well on your performance review.
    In most cases I find close proximity to mildew stimulating. 
    That was a little much, though.
    Have you seen Venkman?"
    Winston Zeddemore "Well..you know..."
    Egon Spengler "Have you looked for him?"
    Winston Zeddemore "Well..you know..."
    Egon Spengler "The meter seems to indicate that 
    he's somewhere in this direction"
    Black Slime Ghosts attack.
    Egon Spengler "This machinery indicated 
    an astounding level of sophistication.
    Pure evil notwithstanding, Ivo Shandor was far ahead of his time.
    You know I have to take my hat off to Shandor. This lab was built 
    how many years ago? It's truly impressive. It's likely Shandor was 
    THE parapsychology expert of his time."
    Winston Zeddemore "Stay in the light, Egon."
    Egon Spengler "I'm trying, Winston."
    Winston Zeddemore "Should we try to find Peter, or...?"
    Egon Spengler "They probably stashed him around here somewhere."
    Peter Venkman "Help!
    Yo, a little help!"
    Winston Zeddemore "Shh! I think I hear him!"
    Peter Venkman "Did somebody call a break?"
    Winston Zeddemore "Yeah, that's Venkman, all right.
    Now. We're sure about this, right?"
    Egon Spengler "We need to be at full strength to shut down this Node."
    Ray Stantz on radio "Way to go! I feel a momentum swing in our favor, 
    get out there and find the mandala node and shut it down. That should 
    really piss someone off."
    They take elevator up and meet up with Peter.
    Peter Venkman "Hey. I got places to go, people to meet. 
    Can we move outta here?"
    Ray Stantz on radio "Great job kid, glad to hear Peter is okay!"
    Winston Zeddemore "What are they doing?"
    Egon Spengler "The readings are as big as those at the library 
    when we crossed over. I think it's safe to assume that the machine 
    they're working on was not built for a benign purpose.
    It's an orrery; a device typically used for predicting planetary 
    alignment. In this case it appears to actually be aligning dimensions."
    Winston Zeddemore "I for one do not want the dimensions to align. 
    Not this close to Christmas."
    Egon Spengler "That would put a damper on the holidays."
    Winston Zeddemore "How do we shut that thing down?"
    Egon Spengler "The motion of those devices seems to be 
    generating some sort of energy. Hard to tell, though."
    Winston Zeddemore "What if we tried locking those things down?"
    Egon Spengler "I can calculate 54 likely outcomes. 
    We'd survive 3 of them."
    Winston Zeddemore "That beats our usual odds."
    Egon Spengler "Unfortunately, you're correct. Let's do it."
    Winston Zeddemore "It looks like the movement of those spheres 
    is stabilizing the interior structure. What if they stopped moving?
    So far this goofy island has been a slime tether amusement park. 
    Why should that change now?
    Lock those sphere's down, man!
    We gotta stop those balls from moving!
    I mean...aw, you know what I mean.
    Yes! You did it!
    How come people smart enough to use science always try to 
    take over the Universe? Huh? Egon? Ray? Anyone..didn't think so."
    Egon Spengler "Wait. Those planets are aligning. I'm not so 
    sure this is the safest course of action.
    I think we found the source of the black slime, Winston."
    Winston Zeddemore "I wasn't that curious! The whole 
    room's filling up! Get to higher ground!"
    Egon Spengler "Alright, gentlemen. It's official: this was a bad idea."
    Room fills with black slime. Team runs up the stairs. The orrery collapses.
    Peter Venkman "Shh! Here comes the big finale."
    Winston Zeddemore "Ugh! The stench is horrible!"
    Peter Venkman "Smells like the Fulton fish market when they've got fish.
    Wait. I know that dumpster."
    Egon Spengler "A putrid mass of hatred, bile, and anger."
    Winston Zeddemore "Not exactly Mr. Sunshine is he?"
    Peter Venkman "This is the part where we do 
    what we do! Blow it back to the cradle."
    Winston Zeddemore "Yow!
    Hit his eyes, Rookie!
    Giving me the evil eye, huh?"
    Egon Spengler "Get him in the eyes!"
    Peter Venkman "Hey. You lookin' at me?
    We've got to cut off his Visine.
    Somebody chop some onions!"
    The Sloar breaks a restraint.
    Winston Zeddemore "It's got to be vulnerable somewhere!"
    Egon Spengler "Statistically speaking, that's not entirely accurate!"
    Winston Zeddemore "Statistically speaking, we better hope it is!"
    Egon Spengler "Okay! Fair enough! What about 
    that that inaccessible anterior nodule?"
    Winston Zeddemore "The glowy thing on its head? 
    That is its head, isn't it?"
    Egon Spengler "I'm not sure that matters! How an we get to it?"
    Winston Zeddemore "Hey! Rookie! Run around 
    and look delicious, will you?"
    Egon Spengler "There it is! Concentrate 
    our fire at that node!"
    Winston Zeddemore "Hit it right there! It doesn't like that at all!
    He's taking the bait!
    Why are you shooting at everything BUT the 
    glowy thing on its head?!"
    The Sloar is defeated.
    Peter Venkman "And that is all she wrote."
    Egon Spengler "All the nodes are closed. 
    The ghosts are trapped in the Mandala."
    Winston Zeddemore "Right where they belong! Our boy Ivo Shandor 
    didn't factor in that he was messin' with the Ghostbusters! Ha ha HA!"
    Peter Venkman "Yeah. Peck made the same mistake. 
    We're gonna have a long talk with him."
    Egon Spengler "Don't forget that Peter's girlfriend is a Shandor."
    Peter Venkman "I'm gonna have a...a very long talk with her."
    Ray Stantz on radio "You guys need to get down to the shore, and 
    fast! I don't know how much longer I can hold her - the whole island's sinking!"
    Winston Zeddemore "Ray, keep the motor running! We are coming at you fast!"
    Winston Zeddemore "Peter!
    Get out of there!"
    Peter and Rookie are last onboard.
    Ray Stantz "How was it!? Was it cool!? What did it look like!? 
    Did you get any samples?! Did it have multiple eyes!?"
    Everyone turns to Ray.
    Egon Spengler "SHUT UP!"
    15. Cinematic Eight (Between Level 7 and Level 8)
    Loading screen...
    The Ghostbusters return to the Firehouse in shambles.
    Janine Melnitz "Oh, thank god you're here!"
    Ray Stantz "What's going on, Janine? Where's Ilyssa?"
    Janine Melnitz "She's gone! They took her! One minute 
    everything was fine, the next it was chaos! Ghosts flying everywhere!"
    Egon Spengler "Janine, slow down! Start from the beginning."
    Janine Melnitz "Okay. Well. I was a little late this morning 
    because one of my heels on my favorite pair of pumps broke and 
    Lester's was out of my favorite tea. You know how I love my chamomile. 
    Well, a-and..."
    Peter Venkman "Okay, maybe not the beginning. 
    Start when things went haywire around here?"
    Janine Melnitz "Okay, okay. Somebody jumped me from behind. 
    And before I passed out, I heard Ilyssa struggling 
    and yelling, 'No!' And the last thing I remember was the 
    screams of the dead and damned echoing in my brain!"
    Peter Venkman "So either there was a mass escape from Rikers..."
    Egon Spengler "...or someone shut down our containment grid. Again."
    Ray Stantz "Again?"
    Winston Zeddemore "Just like Peck threatened to do."
    Peter Venkman "It's funny. I always knew that Peck was a 
    pencil-necked bureaucratic prick. But I never pegged him 
    as an evil occultist."
    Ray Stantz "But where did he take her?"
    Winston Zeddemore "And where are all the ghosts? 'Cause, no 
    offense, but if all the ghosts we've ever caught 
    just escaped, I'm clocking out."
    Ray Stantz "Yeah, they would be awfully mad at us."
    Winston Zeddemore "Exactly. It's generally a bad idea for 
    the guards to hang out in the cell blocks just after a prison break."
    TV - Male Reporter "This just in: as authorities continue to 
    supervise the Thanksgiving evacuation of Manhattan, increasingly 
    powerful tremors are rocking Central Park. The question is: 
    where are the Ghostbusters?"
    NY News 6 "Disturbance at parade"
    Everyone bent sideways to watch TV.
    Peter Venkman "Tell you what... Kind of a nice day. Why don't we 
    go to Central Park? Could round up some ghosts, save the girl... 
    get back in time for a nap?"
    Ray Stantz "Okay! The Ghostbusters ride again!"
    16. Level 8 Central Park Cemetery Dialogue
    Firehouse. Janine answers a call.
    Janine Melnitz "Oh, hi. Really? Mm-hmmm. So I told him 
    that if they start evacuating Manhattan, that I don't plan 
    on coming in on Monday. And he says...and he says I've already 
    used all my floating holidays this year... Right? 
    I tell him, "Dr. Venkman. Catastrophic exodus of the city doesn't 
    count as a floating holiday." No, it doesn't. I looked it up. 
    So he hands me the employee handbook and tells me to look 
    again, and that what is and isn't covered is very clearly defined. 
    What? Yeah it was in there! In his handwriting...in pencil! He wrote 
    it in when he asked me to get his coffee. Anyway. I can take a 
    half-day on Monday if they evacuate the city. Alright. Goodbye."
    Rookie goes to Ecto 1-b
    Loading screen...
    Winston Zeddemore "Just once, I wouldn't mind 
    running with these other tools away from the trouble."
    Peter Venkman "Where's the fun in that?"
    Tombstones jut out from ground in Central Park. 
    55 Central Park West is seen in the background.
    Ghosts are drawn to a mausoleum that rises from ground.
    Egon Spengler "Any guesses on where we'll find Peck and Ilyssa?"
    Rookie shoots a tree. It crashes down.
    Ray Stantz "I suspect that we're going to need the Super 
    Slammer up there. No telling how...powerful Peck has grown."
    Winston Zeddemore "That means we gotta take the Ecto-1. I'll drive."
    Egon Spengler "Maybe the trainee should drive."
    All "Nahh."
    Ray Stantz "Thanks, Winston.
    Any ideas?"
    Peter Venkman gives Rookie a hand. 
    Peter Venkman "Ah!"
    Ray Stantz "Junior's pretty spry, even with 
    that hundred pounds of Proton Accelerator."
    Peter Venkman "Oww! That was, that was 'oww' there!"
    Egon Spengler "Make your way around to the other 
    side and open this gate for us."
    Ray Stantz on radio "Wow! Look at the 
    storm system building above that tower!"
    Egon Spengler on radio "Remember the last time we 
    saw that kind of atmospheric disturbance?"
    Winston Zeddemore on radio "That's right. At 
    Dana Barrett's building the night she turned into a dog."
    Gates shut on Rookie.
    Winston Zeddemore on radio "I don't get it. We shut 
    down the mandala. How can all this still be happening?"
    Ray Stantz on radio "In the Gozerian Codex, it's written that 
    a blood sacrifice and a tremendous amount of spiritual energy 
    are needed to generate the Supreme Destructor Form."
    Winston Zeddemore on radio "A Destructor Form, again?"
    Egon Spengler on radio "Peck probably couldn't draw sufficient 
    energy from the mandala before we shut it down. He found an 
    alternate source in our containment unit."
    Ray Stantz on radio "The energy of the escaped ghosts from our grid 
    might be enough to produce a cross-dimensional event in itself."
    Egon Spengler on radio "Yes, and with Ilyssa here, I'm 
    sure her Shandor ancestors aren't far behind."
    Rookie heads enters a structure.
    Whisper "You shouldn't be here."
    Winston Zeddemore on radio "Earthquakes... great. Could 
    plague, pestilence, and death be far behind?"
    Ray Stantz on radio "I'd bet on it.
    Speed it up there, Tiger."
    Winston Zeddemore on radio "Yeah, we 
    don't want to stand here all day."
    Ray Stantz on radio "Hoss, you alright? 
    How's that gate coming?"
    Rookie finds the Gate Control and let's the team in.
    Ray Stantz "I'll go with the intern. Nobody 
    should wander around alone in this place.
    We'll meet you guys a little further on."
    They explore the cemetery.
    Ray Stantz "They aren't very happy about us being here."
    Zombies sneak around.
    Ray Stantz "You saw 'em too, didn't ya? They 
    think they're sneaky. Let's spread out and flank 'em."
    Whisper "You should have run away."
    Ray Stantz "All right, Youngblood. It's all you."
    A Cultist steals Key for Crypt Door.
    After some searching...
    Ray Stantz "There's the key!
    It's too heavy to carry ourselves.
    Get it back to the gate so we can keep going!"
    Grave Monster manifests and attacks.
    They unlock Crypt Door.
    Loading screen...
    Ray Stantz "Wait a minute.
    Ohh... I get it now.
    This has been bugging me. When the necromantic 
    shockwave summoned Gozer back to our plane, why 
    didn't he assume a more effective Destructor form immediately?
    I mean the Marshmallow Man is scary, sure, but 
    there has to be a better way to destroy the world.
    It's simple... When he enters our plane of existence, he 
    must be locked into that form from our first encounter.
    One Destructor form per god, per dimension, I like it! 
    Sounds like the kind of symmetry these things tend to operate on.
    Hey, so maybe I didn't choose such a bad destructor after all, huh?"
    Ray and Rookie ascend stairwell.
    Ray Stantz "Look...up there. It's getting worse."
    Winston Zeddemore on radio "This isn't the Central Park I'm used to."
    Egon Spengler on radio "You still have your wallet?"
    Bell tolls.
    Ray Stantz "That means one of two things: 
    either we're in trouble or we're dinner."
    Egon Spengler on radio "Is there a difference?"
    Winston Zeddemore on radio "Hey! We ever test the Proton Packs in the rain?"
    Egon Spengler on radio "That's what the Recruit is doing right now..."
    Ray Stantz "Great...wait a minute! I'm wearing one, too!"
    Egon Spengler on radio "That's true, Ray. How's it going so far?
    Do you smell any burning, or experience any painful tingling?"
    Ray Stantz "You'll be the first one to know. Or the second.
    Air strike! Take those flyers out!
    They're coming out of the ground!
    We gotta smash the coffins while they're airborne. 
    Otherwise we have to deal with these!
    They ain't all graceful!"
    Grave Monsters attack.
    Ray Stantz "Come on, let's go!
    We need to get out of here.
    Come on, let's go!"
    Ecto 1-b on other side of fence.
    Peter Venkman "Well. Hello there."
    Winston Zeddemore "Ray! You guys alright? Man, there 
    ain't nothing dead in this graveyard."
    Ray Stantz "Thanks for joining the party."
    Egon Spengler "They're throwing everything they have at us 
    to stop us from getting to that mausoleum."
    Winston Zeddemore "That's as far as I can go. You 
    guys gotta clear a path for me."
    Egon Spengler "Ray, readings here are extremely unstable. 
    Energy from the mandala and the escaped ghosts is building 
    up to a flash point. We don't have much time."
    Rookie blasts control. Gate opens.
    Winston Zeddemore "Yeah, that's good! Thanks. Rollin' on."
    Ray Stantz "Well I guess we're goin' in there. 
    We don't have a lot of choice.
    Man! The graves pushing up through 
    here really did a number on this place.
    Walter Peck is gonna have a lot to answer 
    to from the City Parks Department.
    If we can prevent the Apocalypse, that is.
    Watch out for those coffins! They're not all empty!
    Put the hose on 'em, rook!"
    Ecto 1-b stuck on other side of Stone Angel Gate.
    Peter Venkman "Yo! New guy!"
    Egon Spengler "We've tried everything. This metal is 
    psychonically charged, rendering it effectively indestructible."
    Peter Venkman "Mm-hm."
    Egon Spengler "Well, in such an extreme situation, 
    I suppose it's possible to cause it harm. 
    But I don't think anything we 
    have is going to make a dent in it."
    Peter Venkman "Then what's our plan?"
    Egon Spengler "Ray, you two check out that side."
    Ray Stantz "I think I'm picking up something odd here. 
    What's your take on this?
    An indestructible gate attached to a damaged frame.
    A few concussive hits and the hinges might just break loose."
    Peter Venkman "Uh, 12 o'clock high."
    Stone Angels attack them.
    Egon Spengler "They're too well protected. Our 
    energy streams aren't going to hurt them."
    Winston Zeddemore "Peter, go kick one."
    Ray Stantz "The only hope we have is to stay alive 
    and keep them away from the Ecto."
    Winston Zeddemore "I wholeheartedly agree with Ray."
    Egon Spengler "More precisely, they're little stone angels, 
    capable of attaining speeds of 198 feet per second before 
    they hit their targets... which is us."
    Winston Zeddemore "Kamikaze Angels? 
    Man, I'm going back to Sunday school."
    Ray Stantz "The particle throwers aren't doing anything to them!
    Tether them and smash them into something!"
    Egon Spengler "Looks like a good place for slime tethering!"
    Ray Stantz "Hook 'em together!"
    Winston Zeddemore "The kid's on to something!
    How about some slime tethering?!"
    Egon Spengler "We're close."
    Ray Stantz "Timber!!!
    Thanks for joining the party."
    Egon Spengler "I think we're getting close."
    Winston Zeddemore "Hey guys, a little help?
    I bet we can pull these gates down, too. Hey, Ray. 
    Have we got a chain or winch for this thing?"
    Ray Stantz "I didn't plan for a fun-filled day 
    of off-roading with Ecto-1. So no."
    Egon Spengler "The Tether might prove useful here."
    Winston Zeddemore "Okay, kid. Tether the 
    gate to my bumper and I'll pull it down.
    Ok, good! Give me a few more, just to be sure.
    Thing of beauty!"
    Ray Stantz "This way, gentlemen."
    Peter Venkman "Thank you."
    Ray Stantz "Nicely done."
    Egon Spengler "I'm not sure going underground now is a good idea."
    Ray Stantz "Come on, Spengs. Getting there is the fun part."
    Egon Spengler "Careful! This matrix is becoming increasingly unstable!"
    Peter Venkman "Uh-oh!"
    Winston Zeddemore "Check that out."
    Ray Stantz "That's our next stop."
    Egon Spengler "Ever feel like you're being watched?
    Get ready! Same drill as before!"
    Winston Zeddemore "Hook me up, again! I'll take care of it.
    Eyes glow on door.
    Peter Venkman "Head's up!"
    Winston Zeddemore "Agh!"
    Ecto 1-b goes dead.
    Egon Spengler "At least the tethers held.
    My fault.
    Ray Stantz "Winston!"
    Winston Zeddemore "(Heavy breath) Oh man! 
    It's stuck! For real!"
    Ray Stantz "Ecto-1!"
    Winston Zeddemore "She's tough, but she took that pretty hard!"
    Ray Stantz "Can you get her rolling again?"
    Winston Zeddemore "Nah. Crickets.
    She's down for the count, guys."
    Ray Stantz "I hate leaving her here like this."
    Winston Zeddemore "I know it, Ray. This is definitely turning 
    into a bad neighborhood. But we've got to keep moving.
    Guess we're walking from here."
    Egon Spengler "Some of us have been walking."
    Ray Stantz "Keep your eyes peeled!"
    Egon Spengler "I think we've got guests."
    Ray Stantz "I knew it!"
    Egon Spengler "I think we're going to wish we had that Super Slammer."
    Ray Stantz "Focus on the cultists!
    This is fantastic! It's like a monster mash!"
    Egon Spengler "Identify the Shandorian cultists and focus on 
    them. It's their combined willpower that's protecting the mausoleum."
    Keyhead Monsters manifest and attack.
    Ray Stantz "What can unlock the gates?"
    Egon Spengler "Well, those glowing indentations are obviously keyholes."
    Peter Venkman "They are? Oh! Sure! I see it now!"
    Winston Zeddemore "Where are the keys then?"
    Egon Spengler "It may be possible to harness their 
    interdimensional cranial energy source!"
    Ray Stantz "That's got to be the key!"
    Egon Spengler "Spectacular"
    Winston Zeddemore "The kid's on to something!
    Way to go!"
    The door opens.
    Ray Stantz "Great! Those fells turned out to be pretty helpful."
    Winston Zeddemore "This team can play! No doubt about it!"
    Peter Venkman "Exciting! And somehow risky!"
    Loading screen...
    Ilyssa is tied up.
    Peter Venkman "Wait! It's Ilyssa!"
    Peck is tied up above her.
    Peter Venkman "Can't we blast him? Just once 
    really hard? Nobody's gonna know!"
    Egon Spengler "Easy Venkman everything points to Peck being a pawn."
    Mayor Mulligan "I couldn't have said it better myself."
    Ray Stantz "It's the Mayor."
    Peter Venkman "No Ray, it's not. It's Ivo Shandor."
    Winston Zeddemore "Shandor possessed the Mayor, turned Peck on us 
    to slow us down. And when we shut down his mandala before he could 
    get fully juiced, he hijacked our ghosts out of the containment unit 
    as an alternate energy source."
    Mayor Mulligan/Ivo Shandor "Very good, and they say you're the slow one."
    Winston Zeddemore "Waaait, what? Who says that?"
    Peter Venkman "Everybody. What's the girl have to do with it?"
    Mayor Mulligan/Ivo Shandor "Taking her was necessary. To assume 
    my own Destructor Form, I require blood. My blood."
    Ray Stantz "What about Gozer? I thought you built this all for him?"
    Mayor Mulligan/Ivo Shandor "I did, but he failed me. Twice. How he 
    earned the title "The Destroyer" is beyond me. Anyway, I thought to myself... 
    why worship a god when you can actually become one?"
    Peter Venkman "Slime him."
    They slime him. Shandor is wrangled out of the Mayor.
    Egon Spengler "He's too powerful! It'll take all of our streams!"
    Rookie blasts green glowing object.
    Winston Zeddemore "The kid's on to something!
    You're weakening it!"
    Ray Stantz "Okay, step one.
    Nice work!
    Almost there!
    Beat him down! Then get a capture stream on him!
    He's through! Now de-activate your pulse and we'll 
    cross the streams with the blast function!"
    Egon Spengler "I can't shut down mine, Ray!"
    Peter Venkman "Me too! Me neither, I mean!"
    Winston Zeddemore "Who decided to reinforce these shoulder straps?! Yaaaahhhh!!"
    The Ghostbusters are pulled through the portal.
    Peter Venkman "Hey, Shandor! Where's your Destructor Form now? 
    Leave it in your other suit?"
    Voice of Ivo Shandor "I have chosen! I am the destructor. I am the Architect!"
    Peter Venkman "*yawn* Was someone waken out of their nap?"
    Ray Stantz "Oh, no."
    Egon Spengler "That's very bad."
    Peter Venkman "The architect? Haha...that's not so scary. 
    The contractor. That's who kills you!"
    Ray Stantz "Peter... you don't understand. 
    He's the Architect, and he controls Ghostworld!"
    Egon Spengler "And he can come into our world. 
    And what do architects do?"
    Peter Venkman "They...they dream?"
    Voice of Ivo Shandor "I will pave over your fields to start anew!
    I will fill your seas with concrete and stone!"
    Peter Venkman "Whoa take a break! Do you ever shut up?"
    Ray Stantz "Yeah...No! Listen!"
    Voice of Ivo Shandor "I will pierce your world 
    with girders of steel and panes of glass!"
    Winston Zeddemore "That's just mean super villain 
    threats, Ray. All those guys talk like that."
    Shandor, in Supreme Destructor Form, appears.
    Winston Zeddemore "It's protecting itself!"
    Egon Spengler "Don't let it recharge!"
    Ray Stantz "Flying skulls! Flying skulls! Look out!!!"
    Egon Spengler "It's using shielding!"
    Winston Zeddemore "It's getting stronger!
    Hey, more trouble!"
    Egon Spengler "It's time! Cross the streams!"
    Ivo Shandor "I am a god!"
    Egon Spengler "We eat gods for breakfast!
    I'm deactivating the cross-stream governor!
    I never thought I'd say this again! Cross the streams!"
    Ivo Shandor "Noooooooo!!!!"
    Ivo Shandor explodes and the Ghostbusters are shoved back the physical plane.
    17. Cinematic Nine (After Level 8)
    Ray Stantz "We eat gods for breakfast?"
    Egon Spengler "Too much, you think?"
    Ray Stantz "No, I liked it."
    Peter frees Ilyssa. The mausoleum begins to tremble.
    Peter Venkman "I've got you."
    Walter Peck "Get me down from here!
    Please I'm begging you let me down!"
    Peter Venkman "New Guy. Your call."
    Rookie shoots Peck's restraints. Peck falls 
    flat on his face. He stands up.
    Walter Peck "This is not the last you'll see of me!"
    They leave. Winston has the Mayor in his arms. 
    The Mayor comes to.
    Mayor Mulligan "Ha, ha! The Ghostbusters! 
    Hey, fellas! What are you doing here? Uh...what 
    am I doing here? Uh... where is here?"
    Ray Stantz"You were the victim of a 
    trans-dimensional possession, your Honor."
    Mayor Mulligan "Uh...what's that mean?"
    Winston Zeddemore "An evil ghost was 
    walking around in your body for a few months."
    Mayor Mulligan "Oh. Did anyone notice? How's my approval rating?"
    Egon Spengler "Well, you got re-elected."
    Peter Venkman "By the way, you're a descendant of Shandor."
    Ilyssa Selwyn "Yeah...I kinda got that."
    They kiss. A familiar laugh is heard. Peter looks up.
    Ilyssa Selwyn "What?"
    Slimer slimes Ilyssa. Peter walks away.
    Ilyssa Selwyn "Venkman!"
    18. End Credits Audio
    Credits roll. The following is audio only.
    Ecto-1b blares its siren. Crowds cheer and
    applaud for the Ghostbusters.
    Crowd "Ghostbusters! Ghostbusters! Ghostbusters!
    Ghostbusters! Ghostbusters! Ghostbusters!
    Ghostbusters! Ghostbusters!"
    Ray Stantz "Looks like things are going to 
    be a little slow around here for awhile."
    Winston Zeddemore "Which means we might be 
    heavy by one too many Ghostbusters in New York."
    Ilyssa Selwyn "Wait. You're not going 
    to fire him after everything he's done?"
    Peter Venkman "No, of course not. Louis has 
    been scouting locations and I think we're 
    prepared to offer a potentially lucrative 
    Ghostbusters franchise in Chicago, Los Angeles, 
    or Cincinnati. I'll pick."
    Egon Spengler "So are you ready to expand the 
    Ghostbusters family on a semi-equitable basis 
    and be your own boss?"
    Peter Venkman "And wear a very cool uniform?"
    Winston Zeddemore "Financing is available."
    Ray Stantz "So, cadet. Whadya say?"
    The End.
    19. Janine's Phone Calls
    Between levels at the Firehouse, there are
    new lines of dialogue from Janine, as she
    answers the phone, that you can listen to
    instead of completing the directive at hand
    such as finding Ray and Egon.
    Welcome to the Sedgewick
    There are 10 messages total. These messages
    are repeated as the game progresses.
    Hello, Ghostbusters. Just one moment. I'm 
    looking up your file. Mmm, mm-hmm. It did 
    what? Mm-hmm. You did? Really? I can schedule 
    an appointment. And a number where you can 
    be reached?
    Ghostbusters, what do you want? Mm-hmm. 
    Let me write this down. Really? I can 
    schedule an appointment. What's the address? 
    Fine. Goodbye.
    Ghostbusters. No. Not at the present time. 
    Hello, Ghostbusters. Oh, hi. I don't think so. 
    No. Really? Right. Right. Goodbye,
    Ghostbusters, what do you want? Mmm, mm-hmm. 
    Just one moment. I'm looking up your file. 
    No. Not at the present time. Fine.
    Ghostbusters, what do you want? Let me get 
    a pen. Mmm, mm-hmm. Really? You did? I can 
    schedule an appointment. Thank you so much 
    for calling.
    Hello, Ghostbusters. Just one moment. Let me 
    get a pen. It did what? When did this occur? 
    I can schedule an appointment. And a number 
    where you can be reached? Thank you so much 
    for calling.
    Hello, Ghostbusters. Oh, hi. Yes. Mm-hmmm. 
    You did? I don't think so. No. No. Goodbye.
    Ghostbusters. Hold, please.
    Ghostbusters, what do you want? Let me write 
    this down. Mmm, mm-hmm. When did this occur? 
    Mm-hmm. What's the address? And a number where 
    you can be reached? I can schedule an appointment. 
    All right. Goodbye.
    Checking Out The Library
    There are three new messages.
    Ghostbusters, what do you want? We can schedule 
    a visit, umm...next Thursday? Sometime between 
    8 A.M. and 4 P.M.? I'm afraid that's the soonest 
    opening we have. All right, I've got you down for 
    then. Oh it won't be necessary to call before they 
    arrive. Believe me, you'll know it. That'll be 
    fine. Goodbye.
    Hello, Ghostbusters. Mmm, mm-hmm. No, we do not 
    advise that you attempt to perform a Peruvian 
    type-5 exorcism on yourself! Mm-hmm. But listen, 
    listen, once you've tied yourself to the chair, 
    it's very difficult to do that to the cat even 
    if you could catch it.
    Ghostbusters. Oh, hi. Are you serious, they did? 
    Brent and Donna? He did?! Ugh, with Dylan right 
    there?! What did Steve say? (gasps) You're kidding! 
    Ugh, I know. The little tramp. Right. Right... 
    I don't think so. Mmm, mm-hmm. Alright. Goodbye.
    Museum of Super(Natural) History
    There are two new messages
    Hello, Ghostbusters. Yes. I don't think so. No. 
    It didn't just stop working and it doesn't need toner! 
    It literally exploded... after it screamed obscenities 
    at me. No, I don't think the nature of our business has 
    anything at all to do with whether or not you honor your 
    product's warranty. Uh huh. So what you're telling me is 
    that none of your other copiers that you've sold 
    throughout the entire world have screamed and exploded 
    before breaking down? Uh huh. Sir, I have to tell you 
    that I find that very hard to believe. They are willing 
    to believe you...but I wasn't born yesterday. No. Goodbye.
    Ghostbusters. No. Mmm, mm-hmm. Okay. So cancel next 
    Thursday then. But I ordered seven cases of Holy Water 
    and you send an additional seven cases of... what is this 
    stuff...?..."Dragon Blood"? Please. This is one of those 
    bait and switch jobs, isn't it? Listen, seriously. This 
    is not the company you want to fool with, Sir. Ghosts can 
    be introduced into an environment just as easily as they 
    can be extracted. And we just got in a couple of, let's 
    see here... Large Taiwanese Terror Demons and... what? 
    Keep the Dragon Blood free of charge? It's a gift? That's 
    very nice of you. We'll do that. Alright. Thank you so 
    much for calling.
    Return to the Sedgewick
    There are two new messages
    Hello. Mmm, mm hmm. Oh you don't know the half of it. 
    They have been racing in and out of here since that 
    shockwave hit. How would I know? I'm just here trying 
    to keep the lights on. Sure, I can ask what's going on 
    but then they might actually tell me. What? Yeah I'd 
    say it's pretty big. That shnook from the city isn't 
    helping ease the tension either. Anyway. Going away 
    for Thanksgiving might be on hold until things settle 
    down...yeah, I know. But, we have to roll the Ghostbusters' 
    way. Don't ask. Alright. Goodbye.
    Hello, Ghostbusters. Oh yes, they're very busy right now. 
    No. For the foreseeable future they are not available for 
    weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, debutante balls, proms, supermarket 
    openings, half-time shows, company retreats, car washes, 
    book signings, talk show appearances or productivity seminars. 
    And they definitely don't do birthday parties. Not at the 
    present time. No. Goodbye.
    Central Park Cemetary
    There are two new messages
    Oh, hi. Really? Mm-hmm. So I told him that if they start 
    evacuating Manhattan, that I don't plan on coming in on Monday. 
    And he says...and he says I've already used all my floating 
    holidays this year... Right? I tell him, "Dr. Venkman. 
    Catastrophic exodus of the city doesn't count as a floating 
    holiday." No, it doesn't. I looked it up. So he hands me the 
    employee handbook and tells me to look again, and that what 
    is and isn't covered is very clearly defined. What? Yeah it 
    was in there! In his handwriting...in pencil! He wrote it in 
    when he asked me to get his coffee. Anyway. I can take a 
    half-day on Monday if they evacuate the city. Alright. Goodbye.
    Oh, hi. Mm-hmm. Well, if they go ahead with this franchise thing, 
    I can tell you one thing - I am not shlepping out to Brooklyn or 
    Philadelphia or God knows where every time someone needs a fresh 
    pot of coffee. Right. Right... Thank you. Goodbye.
    20. Firehouse Answering Machine
    At the start of the Welcome to the Hotel 
    Sedgewick Level and after the Panic in Times 
    Square Checking Out the Library, Museum of 
    (Super)Natural History, and Lost Island 
    Rising Levels, the Rookie can check the 
    answering machine on a table up on the 
    second floor in the lab area and listen to 
    several sets of messages.
    Pre-Welcome to the Sedgewick
    There are 7 messages total
    Male Caller
    Emergency! Please call me back now! Outside my 
    window, I see multiple ghosts in my garbage. 
    They look like hobos! 
    Manny Breitowitz
    Ghostbusters, this is Manny Breitowitz. So you 
    guys sell ghosts, right? So how much for a dozen? 
    Can you give them to me wholesale? Call me. 
    Let's talk business. 
    Hi, Janine. This is Mark. We met the other night 
    at the "I have a crush on my boss but I'm afraid 
    to tell them" seminar. I was wondering if you 
    would be interested in a job as my personal 
    assistant. Call me. 
    Hi, this is Ed. I heard you are into the horror. 
    I'm real good at catching things. Just the other 
    day I climbed up a tree and rescued my neighbor's 
    cat. Anyway, give me a call. You...you won't regret it. 
    Male Caller
    Ghostbusters, I think there's something fishy going 
    on with the Teamsters working on the building next 
    door. They're...they're floating and shooting rivet 
    guns and cackling constantly. So, is it supernatural 
    or some... union thing? 
    Peter? Peter, pick up! I know you're there. 
    This is Missy. From the airport last week, and the 
    laundromat, and the roof of the ... Call me back. 
    Peter, are you there? 
    Male Caller
    Hello? Is this Ghostbusters? Is your Containment Unit 
    running? Well, you better catch it. Ha ha ha ha ha ha 
    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Hurry! 
    Post-Panic in Times Square
    There are 13 messages total
    Note: Answering machine is accessible after 
    everyone has gathered at Ecto-1b. 
    Walter Peck
    I hardly think you did an adequate job, you 
    heel. Keep that up and you'll be out of this 
    business in no time. 
    Male Caller
    Is this Ghostbusters? I'm trying to get some 
    sleep over here but it's non-stop with all this 
    screaming and moaning and opera singing and things 
    flying around throwing rocks. Am I the only one in 
    this city that has to get up for work tomorrow? 
    Keep it down! 
    Male Caller
    Yes, what you feed ghosts? I have blue one. It nice. 
    Want to keep it. Make do tricks. Maybe fetch vodka. 
    Sake, no? 
    Male Caller
    So last night I come back from getting a cup of 
    coffee and I find my truck upside down in the middle 
    of Times Square. I know you're saving the city and 
    all but do you think you could just take it a 
    little easier? 
    Rennie Handrahan
    Rennie Handrahan with Comm Core Corp. Stay Puft 
    Marshmallows are one of the many high quality products 
    we make here at Comm Core. Frankly, we're outraged. 
    You may have fooled the city with your little puppet 
    show but not us! This company has worked over 75 years 
    to cultivate the family friendly image of Mr. Stay Puft. 
    He was modeled after somebody's uncle for crying out 
    loud! And it wasn't all so you could go to war with him 
    in downtown Manhattan! This is defamation of character 
    on the grandest scale! You'll be hearing from us 
    Ghostbusters! Have a sunny, funny Comm Core Corp day. 
    Male Caller
    Yeah, I was wondering. Is it safe to eat all this 
    marshmallow goop that's covering my balcony. 
    And as a follow-up question, what if I already did? 
    Haim Rodriguez
    Yeah, this is Haim Rodriguez. I just want to thank 
    you for breaking up my kid's bar mitzvah. That was 
    great. Cost me over 50 grand for one, a busted up 
    ballroom, and a hotel manager that won't stop crying. 
    FAN-TAS-TIC. It's all good. I'll just wait for my 
    precious son to become a man for the second time. 
    How does that sound? We'll just wait it out. Or you 
    know, he'll probably be getting married in eight 
    years or so and maybe you can come and destroy the 
    wedding? Or maybe his son's bris? Ah, ah... Would 
    you like to attend the Blessed Occasion with your 
    lasers and your hollering? We look forward to it. 
    Invitations will be in the mail. 
    Male Caller
    Oh, man! I just saw you guys on TV! Man, that 
    marshmallow dude was all like "Blarg!" and 
    "Psh-ka-blam!" And you guys were like all like 
    "Not in my city!" "Za-pow!" "Free-Augh!" And 
    people were like "Aah!" Aw, man. You guys are 
    awesome! So, like... how's it going? 
    Gray Hannard
    Hello, this is Gray Hannard with Hannard & 
    Hannard Attorneys at Law. I'm calling regarding 
    the incident in which one of you opened fire on 
    my client at the Sedgewick Hotel earlier this 
    evening. It's really a shame. We've never seen 
    such extensive soft tissue damage. Perhaps we 
    can work something out. Call me back at your 
    earliest convenience. 
    This is Dale at Trottrove Rentalux Chocolates. 
    I don't suppose you guys could know if there is 
    a possibility of you guys fighting a Graham 
    Cracker monster in the near future? 'Kay, cause 
    if so, perhaps we can work a deal where Stay Puft 
    could just be captured and not destroyed? Thanks. 
    Female Caller
    Dr. Venkman, you know who. I think I somehow left 
    a pair of earrings at your place. And my shoes. 
    Maybe my cat. I had a really great time. Call me.
    Ron Fermell
    Hey, Ghostbusters, Ron Fermell out in sunny 
    California. Do you guys have an agent yet? Hey, 
    let me rephrase. I've been talking to the studios 
    and I sort of let it slip that I'm representing 
    you. There's big interest in a summer tent pole 
    out here. I smell a bidding war. Give me a call. 
    Male Caller
    Yeah, hi, my house keeps telling me to get out. 
    You think it means permanently of just... like 
    for the weekend? 
    Post-Checking Out the Library
    There are 13 messages total
    Water Peck
    Excuse me, you're getting paid to catch 
    ghosts. Not to blow the place to bits. 
    Male caller
    Ah, yeah. The lady down the hall is 
    having trouble with some sort of 
    Poltergeist. It keeps taking pictures 
    of her coming out of the shower and 
    mailing them to me. This needs to 
    stop. Seriously. By the end of the 
    month... three months to a year at 
    the absolute latest. 
    Female caller
    Hello, I'm going to need you to come 
    and remove the ghost of my husband in 
    about 20 minutes if he doesn't haul 
    his lumpy keister off the couch. He'll 
    be easy to recognize, it's the fat lazy 
    ghost that's not cutting the grass for 
    the third weekend in a row. SHUT UP! 
    Oh, and he's going to have a table lamp 
    sticking out of his head. 
    Mr. Spektor
    This is Mr. Spektor at the Public Library. 
    Who do we contact to remove the black goo 
    from all over our break room? Please get 
    back to us soon. It seems to be talking to 
    us. And we think it's stealing money from 
    the vending machines. Also, Mr. Stantz 
    still has a number of books checked out 
    that are overdue. The current fine is 
    $417.42. ...Please, we just want them back. 
    Male caller
    Hey! Hey, guys! I was there in front of the 
    library when you went in! Did you see me?! 
    I was waiving at you! Did you see me 
    waiving, bro?! I was wearing a sweet blue 
    sweater! Did you guys see the guy in the 
    blue sweater waiving?! That was me waiving!! 
    You guys are awesome! Wicked awesome!! See 
    you again soon. We're an awesome team!! 
    Male caller
    So...uhh...uh... I'm a little short on funds 
    but I definitely got ghosts. Uh, you got some 
    kind of home kit or something I can buy, uh, 
    like some sort of sticky paper to lay down? 
    Edward Dumas
    Hi, this is Edward Dumas. I'm the general 
    manager over at the Sultan Suites. Right 
    down the street from the Sedgewick. Just 
    wanted to thank you gents for your work 
    over there. You guys must have done a real 
    number on them. Our business has hehheheh 
    quadrupled overnight. Uh, listen, come on 
    over some time for dinner and drinks on the 
    house. And go ahead and leave your backpacks 
    and destruction at home, though. 'Kay? 
    Dr. Spengler, this is James from We Ship It. 
    Listen, you got to come down and pick up this 
    package of Carpathian Dungbach Mold we've been 
    holding for you. It's starting to spread. It's 
    taken over half the dock and uh, 
    I think it's singing! 
    Hi, this is Ed again. Uh, I didn't hear back from 
    you so I thought I'd just check in. Hello? Alright, 
    since I past called I made my own Proton...eh...
    whatcha...Proton Pack out of some car batteries 
    and wires. I didn't catch any ghosts with it but 
    I don't need to be worrying about any pesky gophers 
    in my garden taking my daisies no more. I have pictures 
    if you want me to send them. Alright, get back to me.
    Eddie Dyson
    Yeah, Eddie Dyson. I'm the super over at 1412 Lex. 
    I got a toilet screaming in 9B, belching sofa in 9A, 
    teddy bear with turrets in 11E, let me see, chairs 
    moving around in 12C. You got a bulk rate? 
    Male caller
    Yeah, Dr. Venkman, about that "sum" you still owe. 
    It is said when your pony doesn't run... believe me 
    I know. Still unlike the horse in question, you have 
    such a wonderful pair of functioning legs. Walk, walk, 
    walk. Beware if anything sudden or blunt were to happen 
    to them. The clock is ticking, Dr. Venkman. And you 
    ain't exactly incognito these days. 
    Female caller
    Hello, there's blood dripping from my fireplace since, 
    I don't know, last Christmas. If you're not available 
    before the holidays, could recommend a good chimney sweep? 
    Male caller
    Help! There's a man, he's going to jump from the ledge! 
    I called the fire department. You guys should really get 
    here fast... in case they don't make it in time. 
    Post-Museum of (Super)Natural History
    There are 11 messages total
    Male caller
    You bums know you're on the clock, right? 
    Male caller
    Ghostbusters. Ghostbusters! Wooot! You cats rock, man! 
    #1 fan right here. Epic certified. Rock on, busters! 
    Somebody owes me nine grand to replace the awning that 
    a bunch of ghost crap ripped off the building. 
    Call me back. Seriously. 
    Female caller
    Hi, my nephew says it's, what?, culturally insensitive 
    to try to banish the spirits of Native Americans during 
    Thanksgiving. Is it okay if I ask them not to sit 
    in my stuffing? 
    Male caller
    Who busts the Ghostbusters? Mwa ha ha ha ha ha ha! 
    Slate Wenzel
    Hello, Slate Wenzel. I was at the museum opening 
    last night and seemed to have been possessed by a 
    ghost from hell. Do you think you could put me in 
    tough with her, please? Oh, thank you very much. 
    Male caller
    Ah..hello, Dr. Spengler. This is Gilgamir Electronic 
    Supply. We have all the parts you requested. But a 
    representative from the Mayor's office, a Mr. Peck 
    has recently informed us that all invoices from you 
    must be approved through his office first. We called 
    him about your order and he just laughed then hang up. 
    For all we know, he's still laughing. 
    Male caller
    I was just calling because I was really confused about 
    something. Me and my buddies have been going fly fishing 
    for years and never once had any trouble 
    crossing the streams. 
    Male caller
    Hi, this is Speedy Delivery Pizza. We deliver anywhere, 
    anytime. But we don't have any drivers willing to deliver 
    to you. So you gotta come pick up your own. I got 2 Extra 
    Large Sausage and 'Shrooms and a Mega Veggie-Way. Have a 
    Speedy Delivery Day. 
    Female caller
    Hi, I hope I have the right number. I'm trying to find 
    Ray's Occult Bookstore. The number there is out of service. 
    Walpurgisnacht is coming up and I had some party favors on 
    order. If you know anything about it, please let me know. 
    We have an important guest coming up from... the Deep South. 
    And nobody wants to disappoint him. Reach me at 
    Westchester Coven #. 
    Professor Jones
    Professor Jones. Trying to find out information on the 
    whereabouts of the Vigo painting. Do you have any idea 
    what's happened to it? It's a priceless historical treasure. 
    It belongs in a museum. 
    Uncle Raymond
    Hey, Winston. It's your Uncle Raymond. I'm coming to town 
    and I want to see you. Break out the food. Turn on the TV. 
    I'll call you later. 
    Post-Lost Island Rising
    There are 8 messages total
    Male caller
    Ahem. Insufficient. Don't you aspire to more? 
    Male caller
    Hello? Who am I to calling? Who am I going to call? 
    Am I calling to you? Ghostbusters, ah yes! 
    Male caller
    Uh, Ghostbusters, we're having what you most likely 
    call a "disturbance." You guys feel like uh stopping by 
    when you got a minute? You know whenever it's "convenient"! 
    Male caller
    I don't know from no ghost but let me tell you this: 
    getting the slimes on the train to work is a drag. 
    What gets it out? Soda? 
    Male caller
    Egon, man. So, have you ever stopped to think? 
    I mean, really think about how the ghosts feel all 
    cramped up inside those little boxes of yours? That 
    could be somebody's grandma in there, you know? It's 
    not right. That kind of cruelty is a drag! Have a 
    nice day, oppressors! 
    Hey, this is Stacy from the Vancool Hot but not too hot. 
    Big tour coming up. We wondered if you guys do 
    any stage lighting? 
    Female caller
    What's going on, Peter? Whose that girl I saw you with 
    on the news? Little tramp! You told me you don't like 
    brunettes. In face, you told me you actually can't see them. 
    Their eyes don't register on the brunette wavelength 
    spectrum. Is that even possible? 
    Sergeant Gloman
    Ah, Sergeant Gloman down at Harbor Patrol. Okay, so there 
    wasn't an island in the Hudson. Then there was. Then there 
    wasn't. So, guess who I'm calling first? 
    21. World of Gozer
    Throughout the latter half of the Egyptian exhibits 
    in Museum of (Super) Natural History, in both 
    "The Ossuary" and "Board of Trustees" areas, the Rookie 
    can listen to audio recordings for the World of Gozer 
    exhibits by pressing the A button. When nearing a 
    console box, the interact option will come up. While 
    there are nine total, six total directly pertain to Gozer.
    The Ossuary area
    1. Found in the room after the regular hallway 
    stocked with Egyptian items and Black Slime. 
    Look to the right of the entrance.
    "The World of Gozer is one shrouded in mystery and 
    lore even to this modern day. The earliest known 
    appearance of the secretive deity is in 
    pre-Sumerian culture around 6000 B.C."
    2. Also found in room after the regular hallway. 
    Look to the right of the exit.
    "Gozer re-found popularity when he supposedly attacked 
    New York City in 1984. Paranormal investigations and 
    eliminations experts the Ghostbusters challenged and 
    defeated Gozer in the many manifestations assumed, 
    including the popular brand icon, the Stay Puft 
    Marshmallow Man. Gozer--"
    3. Also found in room after the regular hallway. 
    Look along the left wall by the display cases.
    "In this burial chamber, this exhibit recreates 
    Gozerian preparation of the dead. Perhaps for 
    the first time in history, corpses were 
    collected and stored in order to more easily 
    contain and trap the released souls of the 
    dead not entirely unlike the Containment Unit 
    our very own Ghostbusters use."
    Board of Trustees area
    4. Found at the end of the hallway to the right 
    of the exit, after the first wave of Possessed Statues.
    "The armies of Tiamat defeated the Gozer Cult and the 
    resulting mythology tells of the victorious Tiamat 
    banishing Gozer from this world."
    5. After kicking open the first door, look on the 
    right wall on the first turn where the wave of 
    Possessed Statues animated.
    "Gozer the Destroyer became Gozer the Traveler, 
    voyaging to multiple worlds and conquering them. 
    In a key aspect of the legend, Gozer allowed one 
    hero from each world to choose its own Destructor 
    Form. Gozer would then manifest in the chosen form 
    to destroy and conquer that world. Gozer gained 
    access to each world via the coupling of two demigod 
    ambassadors, a Keymaster and a Gatekeeper. History 
    only reveals the names of two of these minions, Vinz 
    Clortho and Zuul. It is believed there are many others. 
    Gozer the Destroyer--"
    6. After the second sighting of the Chairman, look 
    near the display by the side door that can't be opened.
    "Few historical records of this period exist and 
    much of what we know about the time period relies 
    on conjecture, legend, and unverified occultist text. 
    Gozer was worshiped by a large Sumerian subculture 
    dedicated to destruction and chaos. The Gozer Cult 
    waged a long protracted war with the followers of 
    Tiamant in the 4th millenium B.C."
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