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"Nano-Augmentations Refined and Ready To Go!!"

I wouldn't say this game is a follow up from Ion Storms Deus Ex Invisible War. Eidos Montreal attempts Deus Ex in Human Revolution and does do a good job of presenting Deus Ex by making more practical ways of the same augmentation, choice and story telling.

The game scrolls away from the dark age theme and the Noir theme has been thrown and mixed in with Cyberpunk , thus making giving the game a more ground earthly mystery feel.

You play Adam Jensen, ex-swat team member who starts to work for Serif Industries, a world corporation which aims to improves human abilities through nano bio-augmention however an attack leaves Adam so badly injured that he requires augmentions which Adam becomes augmented in order to survive and live life.

Nano-augmentations allows Adam do alot more then a normal human can do. The interesting thing is that the game does a great job taking most of the augmentions from the previous titles and makes them more practical in this game. Jumping or lifting heavy objects for example doesn't require you to activate it as it does it automatically, so it's rather carefree. Regeneration is automatic and really does the game justice however the designers adds this as part of the gameplay meaning that it's very easy to be taken down and taken to the game over screen, thus providing more of a challenge.

The game features loads of consequences, not just from accepting and completing sub missions but also how you perform in a certain area where NPCs would react in cutscenes as well as missions. It's nice to note as that remains the same from the previous titles. This encourages multiple playthough of the game and makes the game worth while. I would advise keeping save states from mission to mission as the game doesn't provide this and I think it should in this day of age.

The biggest problem the game has are the boss fights. While the game rewards and encourages not use weapons, the bosses become a nightmare, making the main character act like a loser getting harassed and being defenseless. The bosses become a nightmare despite the game being played on the normal mode and takes the fun out of the game and sometimes annoying! The characters even thou they're enemies aren't really well liked.

Other then that, the game is nicely done and compiled together and I would recommend anyone to play this game as this game also encourages loads of playthrough.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 07/02/12

Game Release: Deus Ex: Human Revolution (Limited Edition) (EU, 08/26/11)

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