What is the best strategy for Nazei Zombies?

  1. I'm pretty good at Zombies, but only problem is that they always get me in like a dog pile. Someone give me some ideas for survivng longer without a glitch and to not get overwhelmed.

    User Info: Dark_to_Light

    Dark_to_Light - 8 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Well it depends mostly on how many players you're playing with,

    I suggest you play with other online people *preferably your friends* and here is my advice:

    2 players: at the start of the game, both you and your friend try to get the M1 Carabine (600 points). after you both get around 2000-3000 points (around the 4-5th rounds) clear the Debris upstairs, and then immediatly both you and your friend get a Trench gun (i believe 1500 points or so) and then clear the other Debris in order to get to the Root Cellar but DO NOT open the door. And maybe if you want, get a Thompson (1200 points). after all that has been accomplished, either you or your friend gards the stairs, while the other one gards the 2 windows and the wall. and between each rounds, try to get an extra gun from the mystery box instead of your thompson (i strongly disagree in obtaining sniper or semi-automatic rifles, but i strongly agree in taking any other fully-automatic machinge gun or the almighty Ray gun or Flamethrower). i lasted for around 20 rounds this way.

    3-4 players: This one is a little different. My plan is to ONLY open the Root Cellar. and go with the 2 in each room plan. also in between rounds try your luck on the mystery box. Also, take the M1 at the beginning and the thomspon after openeing the Root Cellar.

    **Root Cellar is the room with Help or Hell On it.

    User Info: T0rk_dA_D0rK

    T0rk_dA_D0rK - 8 years ago 0 0

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