How long is the campaign?

  1. Does anyone know how long would it take me to complete in on the easiest difficulty?

    User Info: ProphetofSins

    ProphetofSins - 9 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. The campain is 13 missions long.. Which is about 5-8 hours to complete on the "easiest" difficulty. I recommend doing Veteran, because ALL the trophies for this game say "Beat it in Veteran".

    User Info: fullmetalal

    fullmetalal - 9 years ago 13 1

Other Answers

  1. Said to be 6-8 Hours long

    User Info: Beatlesrocker

    Beatlesrocker - 9 years ago 2 7
  2. The campaign isnt too long i beat it on hardened within a couple hours after i bought it. on the easiest difficulty i shouldnt take too long. imho i think they should have made it a wee bit longa

    User Info: Kariedo1

    Kariedo1 - 9 years ago 3 7
  3. About 4 - 5 hours

    User Info: reym714

    reym714 - 9 years ago 8 2

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