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Reviewed: 06/20/11 | Updated: 06/27/11

WaW is more like wow.

Game-play 8/10
First of all, the game has a very cool Easter egg in it. The controls are very accurate and precise, but seem a bit stiff, although turning while not aiming may be a bit faster for some people, but no aiming maybe better at moving enemies since aiming slows you down and aiming is best for stationary enemies. The controls are easy to pick and are intuitive. Teammate A.I. is okay, but since not tolerating friendly fire is in place in this game it seems to be a bit of a hassle when someone on your team runs in front of you when you are already firing or throwing grenades and they take a hit and boom it is game over. Enemy A.I. is good. There is a good variety of weapons in the game the makes it fun to replay and kill in different ways. Vehicle battles are awesome, but can be a bit lengthy and difficult. Frustration may sometimes set in while repeating parts and always dying in the same place many times.

Graphics 8/10
Fine graphics, really they are great for a game set in this era and perfectly sets the mood. The animations of moving people could be better.

Story 6/10
Gives the player enough of a plot to feel one has a reason for completing the missions and playing the game. Lacks the depth story wise to give a player who plays for great stories a trill. No real story is really needed for a game with this much action, but it would be cool to get and optional journal to read.

Multi-player 9/10
Maybe difficult to get into now with step learning curve of people that have been playing Call of Duty games for a while now, but is still great for an interactive multi-player in this game it is addictive, basically all I can say about it is once your pop the fun don't stop. Multi-player in this game is great fun simple leveling system is cool.

Sound 8/10
Noise caused by the player is very important to setting the mood and the intensity of the game. Voice overs are done very well and what people say is useful and interesting. What little music there is on end-battle online mode screens is composed very well enjoyable

The campaign can be beaten in about 10-25 hours, but the multi-player can take 25+ hours to get to the highest level. Over all this is a game that is totally worth a play through and if you have the option multi-player is totally recommended. If you like Call of Duty or first person shooter play this one you will like and probably like it a lot. CoD: WaW is greatly replay-able.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Call of Duty: World at War (US, 11/10/08)

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