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"Can you resist the urge?"

Resistance has been a staple to the Sony library since Fall of Man came out in 2006. With number two now here, it doesn't disappoint from the first one in any way.

Graphics - 9/10
After playing the first game, I thought the graphics for that one was awesome. RE2 doesn't disappoint and it actually delivers on par graphics with most if not all the Xbox 360 and PS3 games too date. The pure gore that was offered after the first one doesn't disappoint either. Seeing your fellow soldiers get mutilated by the invisible creatures of the forest just makes the world seem right. The only big comment with the graphics must be the water, it just doesn't look that great and there is obvious flaws to it. But other then that they are really good.

Story - 8/10
After the first one drags you in with a story of survival and conquering, the second stays a little too much to the FPS story-line that has been used throughout the game. You still play as Nathan Hale (star of first game), and now you are back in the good old USA, kicking chimera ass as you move throughout the country. From Forests, to enemy ships, to the streets of Chicago you get a verity of level designs. The story will seem a little linear and may get a little clique after awhile.

Gameplay - 10/10
With minor changes from the original one, RE2, basically keeps the same format. One thing that I love is the challenge factor. Im putting this right behind Mega Man 9 as recent releases that are super hard. You should be prepared for a lot of trail and error, and just basically cheap kills. Today's games are usually easy, so its nice to see something hard. The minor changes from the first one, are the two-weapon system, and no vehicles. The two-weapon system is similar to that of COD4 and Halo 3. I wish that they would have left that alone, but meh, what can you do. You'll find yourself walking around with a primary weapon, and usually some minor weapon that you need for the moment. Speaking of weapons, new and old ones are in RE2. Coming back from the first are the Rossmore, and the Auger, and the staples of the Fareye, Carbon and Bullseye. Many new types are such awesome weapons. From exploding magnum rounds to a saw blade shooting gun.Its all here. Whether your a far distance or up close and personal killer, you will have fun with the guns.

Online - 10/10
Just starting online, you may have some problems starting up. But as your rank goes up you really get the idea that its getting easier. So far I have had minimal lag, even with a couple 60 people matches. Also the random Co-op is such a good inclusion. If you have cheap friends, the people on-line seem to be able to work together for a common goal. Again with this online part, it may take awhile for you to get a comfortable gun and job. Personally I think this may be the game that dethrones COD4 as the perfect online game.

So with a lot of replay value, and a difficulty level that is basically unmatched in today's market. Resistance 2 will be here for a long time, and can probably compete for game of the year.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/07/08

Game Release: Resistance 2 (US, 11/04/08)

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