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"Very well done, feels rushed at some parts"

Resistance 2 is obviously the second installment in Insomniac's new IP for the PS3.

Graphics 8.5/10
The graphics are a lot brighter than Fall of Man, that being said it feels like fall of man had slightly better textures than Resistance 2. That partly might be due to Fall of Man's more grittier look. Since fall of man had a grey/blue-ish color palette, a nice change in the color palette was due. Everything is bright colorful and stands out. That being said I feel Insomniac should have at least taken more time to improve upon the textures in the game, but since the scope of the game in terms of scale is significantly larger the slight dip in graphics seems to be covered up when a horde of chimera is charging at you with intent to rape you in the nostrils. Also, I thought I'd mention the hilarious and awesome jello physics this game's water has.

Gameplay 9/10
The game play is superb the pacing has been slowed down a tad from fall of man, I guess that was somewhat desirable, since many thought Fall of Man to be very hard. The extermination of the weapon wheel was a disappointment since every other Gamefaqs user and myself loved the Ratchet and Clank weapon wheel of doom. The ability to choose any weapon at any given moment in the game was a great strategical element that was pure genius, since it forces the user to make the right choice while being fired upon. Although in an interview Mr. Ted Price did say that the weapon wheel was limiting as a designer since it is very hard to come up with eight weapons that work well together, we still miss our weapon wheel. And the total omission of some of the most beloved weapons from Fall of Man (i.e the dragon, hailstorm, backlash, reaper and the arc-charger) seemed unneeded as well, couldn't you just add more weapons surely there is enough room in the game to keep the above mentioned weapons and add more, isn't that what a sequel is supposed to do? keep the same winning formula but carry on the plot and add more content?

The campaign in this game fells like it got the short end of the stick. First by being very short maybe eight-nine hours in length, depending on individual ham-handedness as opposed to fall of man's 12-15 hours ( you may disagree but it took me and my friend 19 hours to finish it on normal then 14 on our second play through so I'm going by that :p ) In terms of baddies there are many new forms of chimera for you to plaster with your bullseye in the game. An example being the ravager a stockier chimera than the standard hybrid who carries an ion crossbow and a energy shield mounted both mounted on their arms and the grim which are failed conversions of humans to hybrids which come across as chimerian zombies. The added variation of enemies is a nice change of pace through each level and is used often enough so that we aren't always capping the standard hybrids in the face with a magnum.

One thing which Insomniac could have done way more with is the boss battles many of the bosses seemed far too easy and others weren't even a challenge; which is what a boss is SUPPOSED to be, it's supposed to make you change your strategy, its supposed to be difficult. Two examples I have for you is the very first boss the Kraken and the Chicago boss the Leviathan. Firstly, the Kraken there is no strategy involved in this battle. It will occasionally attack you; hide behind some boxes and your fine, all you have to do is feed it some laser bursts and its dead within four shots, no exposed weak spot, no thinking required. Secondly, the Leviathan merely just a spectacle all you have to do is follow a linear pathway to make sure you don't die then at the end drop a bridge on its face, again no thinking required. So, in short making bosses that a 10 year old could beat really feels like adding colorful sprinkles to your dinner, you know its there, sure it looks pretty but it doesn't particularly go with the rest of the meal nor does it make the meal taste any better.

Online 10/10
I will keep this short if you need a reason to get this game the online is it. The 30 vs 30 skirmishes play very well and are not annoying in the least, maps are big and wide enough to not warrant feeling claustrophobic, and the berserk system is a nice reward which feels a lot like the perks system from Call of Duty (i.e rewarding you with better ways of killing people for killing lots of people) but more imaginative then Call of Duty 4. Also, the eight player co-op is where the game really shines, if only Insomniac went forward to make this aspect of the game as a stand-alone game itself. Class based dynamic objectives, is truly a wonder. Three classes Soldier, Special Ops and Medics each responsible for a particular role during combat, each one co-dependent on the other. The leveling up system for each class is beautiful and are the power-ups as well, with all the tech armor outfitted you end up looking like a cool version of Robo-Cop. There is no lag, which is surprising with so much on screen action going on, and you will generally find that the co-op is probably the best part of the game next to the competitive.

Overall 9/10
I give this score because of the extremely addicting and fun online elements and because of the sheer amount of content on the disk. It does not warrant a perfect ten only because of the lack-luster campaign and the graphics which could have been a little better especially for a one system game. In the end, let's hope Insomniac follows this up with some smashing DLC.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/13/08, Updated 11/14/08

Game Release: Resistance 2 (US, 11/04/08)

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