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"Resistance 2 CE"

Graphics - 9/10
I've heard a lot of complaints about the graphics, but in my opinion they look good. No, you can't see the whites of their eyes at 100 yards, but their eyes aren't even white. The explosions, of bombs and chimera alike, are good looking and I have no complaints with them.

Story - 10/10
You again play as Nathan Hale and have a few A.I. partners every now and then. The story sucks you deeper especially if your a R FOM fan. This time around Hale talks a good bit more, which causes you to get deeper feel for his character in the game. Hale interacts with his A.I. buddies and creates a great gaming experience. The ending is also a shocker, which leaves you star struck for more and a wide possibilities for the next Resistance. There's also a co-op side missions which have their own story and intel. They don't goes as deep, but is a great extra.

Gameplay - 10/10
The game play is alot like R FOM, but with the new two weapon only rule. This makes you think what weapons have their advantages and which should I carry. No reason for two long range weapons etc. The controls are basically the same from R FOM. On hard mode the game creates a difficult challenge and you won't mind going through it again. There's collectable intel and also the new trophies feature now that you can collect which adds to the replay value.

Online - 10/10
The online is nothing like I've seen before with the co-op. It heavily relies on co-op with you other friends. There's three classes that each have advantages and disadvantages. Have a to unbalanced team and you'll have a hard time with the co-op missions. A team of 3 working together owns a team of 8 all being rambo easily. With multiple enemies online I haven't noticed any lag myself.

Now for the competitive. I don't play this near as much as co-op, but it is still fun. The weapons sights are a little different in the Resistance and it takes a while to get used to it. If you did good in R1 then give it some time and you'll do fine is R2 even if you suck at first. there's not as a wide selection of match types, but has the basic DM, team DM, and a capture the node type game.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/13/08

Game Release: Resistance 2 (Collector's Edition) (US, 11/04/08)

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