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"United We Stand"

Resistance 2 is the follow up to the PlayStation 3 launch date game Resistance: Fall of Man and is Exclusive to the PS3 System. It focuses on the events of one Nathan Hale in his struggle to survive the Chimeran infection inside himself, and the Chimeran onslaught that has hit America.

== Graphics ==

The graphics are good, very good, but not as good as other games out there. While they may not be as good as your other First Person Shooter out there, graphics do not represent the quality of the game. But on the plus side, the graphics are a lot better than the first Resistance, which while expected from a sequel, sometimes developers fail to deliver in this section.

== Character ==

As per usual, the character designs are unique and incredible. Each chimera looks fantastically designed, as do the SRPA Troops. But one of the most notable character designs is the Leviathan. The Leviathan is a 300 foot giant, and is awe-inspiring. You can truly see the effort Insomniac went to in this department, and I congratulate them in this.

== Gameplay ==

The game play is just like any other First Person Shooter in the gaming world, it runs smoothly, and the game runs better than R:FOM.

The weapon wheel has been replaced with the two weapons system, again similar to just about every other modern day shooter. This is a good fix, as it requires you to employ more, and varied tactics to progress through the game, and also, when a weapon appears, it gives a good idea as to what is to come in the not to distant future.

The way the campaign is played is slightly different also, in that Resistance: Fall of Man featured 30 short levels that did not take to long to complete. In Resistance 2, there are 7 chapters, 8 if you include the prologue. Each chapter takes a lot longer to complete than those levels in R:FOM.

However, the bosses were far too easy in Resistance 2 compared to the “bosses” in the original. They take little effort to kill and have simple moves and tactics. It was my hope that Insomniac would keep to the “tradition” of hard bosses, but, sadly this was lacking in this game.

== Multiplayer ==

The Multiplayer is Resistance 2's most amazing aspect of the game. Massive 60 player online is an epic experience… And what's more… There's no lag! That is truly impressive.

Resistance 2 also has an online co-op mode, where up to 8 players can play together online, and you can also do this on split-screen. If you get placed in a good group of players, this can be one of the greatest co-op experiences you will take place in.

Competitive online features your standard game modes, such as Team Death match, Death match, Capture the flag etc, and every hit and kill you get earns you experience points which go towards both your online and offline ranks. Experience points are also given out for your performance in the match, and are also given out in co-op campaign.

As you gain more and more experience points, you will unlock new weapons, outfits and models. So there is always something to work for.

== Overall ==

Overall, Resistance 2 is a great game and I would recommend it to anybody looking for a decent first person shooter. I would give Resistance 2 an 9/10 as it is truly amazing, but is slightly lacking in the graphics department, and that the bosses are far too easy for my liking.

It is quite possibly one of the best online games I have played, and has an incredible story. If you want a first person shooter, you should definitely get this game.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/12/09, Updated 07/27/09

Game Release: Resistance 2 (EU, 11/28/08)

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