Review by neroAngelo

Reviewed: 01/12/09

Take everything that made Resistane: FoM good out, and you get R2

This game was such a huge disappointment. Resistance 2 is really just another shooter now. FoM had lots of epic battles that made you feel like you were in war. But R2 took those out and made it a small fire fight game. This make it feel like every other shooter made, with small groups of people fighting another small group.

R2 had no vehicles either. Riding around and blasting chimera apart with a tank was so much fun in Fall of Man. The other vehicles also added some more variety to the game play.

The removal of being able to carry every weapon at once was annoying and nearly pointless since they always have the weapon you are going to want for the situation laying around somewhere near you. You just have to find it.

The addition of invisible enemies was also a downside for me. Especially since they were scripted in. The invisible enemies are completely untouchable/unviewable until they are about 10 feet in front of you. But when an invisible enemy is running through water towards me, shouldn't I be able to tell where he is much farther in advance? Not in R2. There are no water splashes until he's right in your face. It was also only 1 hit and you're dead with the invisible guys, but that might be because I was playing on difficult.

Then they screwed up co-op. Even though the main story line has you running around with a team through almost every moment of the game, they removed co-op from the main story line. This was because the boss battles were designed for only 1 player fighting the boss. They added another co-op mode, but it didn't scale with the amount of players in the game. Trying to do co-op with 1 other person was far too few. On top of that, they added levels player levels. Which is fine, but player 2's levels don't get saved.

Finally, they took out 4 player split screen battle mode. I can't see why they would do this when they already had it done in the first one. Playing with friends in the same room is way more enjoyable than playing with them online. There is no reason not to at least have the option for 4 player battles in any FPS. It doesn't take away from online modes and not having it is a pretty big hit to the potential fun of the game.

Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

Product Release: Resistance 2 (US, 11/04/08)

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