Review by Stalolin (Steve Rosenburg)

Reviewed: 02/10/09

Leaves You Powerless to Resist

I have never played Resistance: Fall of Man, which isn't a big deal because I'm going to view this game the way all games should be viewed. On its own, and not be compared to any other game, prequel, sequel or otherwise. Resistance 2 was released in November of 2008. The game was made by Insomniac Games, using "Insomniac Engine v.2.0". I suppose I should also mention that Resistance 2 is a First-Person shooter. In addition to having a single player campaign, it also (unlike most games today) features offline multiplayer, as well an online multiplayer.

It seems aliens called "The Chimera" have invaded Earth, and the one survivor from "Project Abraham", Nathan Hale is the protagonist, though I have my suspicions that he actually died after all because he apparently has no legs and floats around every level like a ghost. After being extracted from Europe and taken to Iceland, Nathan join an elite group of big tough manly soldiers called "The Sentinels" in order to put a stop to the evil alien invaders from the stars. Of course there's a little more to it than that, and for the most part it's interesting enough to keep you paying attention to the story.


Being a First-Person shooter, I would imagine that you would think Resistance 2 plays just like any other First-Person shooter. Unfortunately, you'd be right. Though I suppose you can't really ask for variety in a First-Person shooter. That would be like asking for variety in... something which doesn't have much variety as a whole. Not to say that this is a bad thing. Sometimes all you want in a game is a linear plot (hey, what's wrong with linear games?), simple mechanics and no original thought from start to finish. It's fun to play these games sometimes, which is why Resistance 2 does so well.

As is customary in most First-Person shooters these days, you can either shoot your alien weaponry 'Willy-nilly', or alternatively, aim down the sights for more accuracy but less mobility. Taking cover is necessary if you plan on living. Not only to prevent getting shot, but to regain lost health (as you might have guessed, there is no health bar. Health bars are so passe). Checkpoints are frequent, which is there to keep the flow going and to prevent your controller from becoming embedded in your console. That's just the kind of game this is, but I can't pinpoint why. I remember shooting games from the past having no checkpoints at all (I also remember those games being awesome). Honesty I can't actually think of anything else to say about the gameplay. It's a First-Person shooter. You aim and hold down the button until whatever it is that you're aiming at dies. But hey, that's fun.

On another note, there isn't much variety in the enemies. You shoot at the normal Chimera, the slightly tougher Chimera, and the big Chimera with large green shields. Oh, and occasionally the really big 'Titans'. I suppose to be fair there are horrible zombie things and ‘bizarre‘-world head crabs. To the game's credit, the bosses are big and awesome, and the actual fighting of the boss is fun too (except that one. You all know which one I'm referring to.) One thing I can be grateful for is that Resistance 2 doesn't pull that "Infinite spawning enemies until you reach Point A" stuff that certain other shooters have. The weapons are generally awesome, with such deadly devices as a gun that shoots blades and a gun that allows you to see and shoot through walls (don't get any ideas).

Now for the control side of things. Ducking and running use the same button, which makes for a smooth transition. Insomnia were also nice enough to include a melee combat button. In a less subtle version of what I said earlier, Nathan Hale doesn't seems to have any legs and floats around all the time. I suppose his body does shift a little, which is nice (not that I'm into that kind thing). The same can be said for all the character models. The running motion is quite good. Overall the controls are adequate, not great.

Graphics and sound:

When you get a look at your first boss, and when you first step out and witness the extent of the Chimera invasion, it's just awesome. The music, as you might expect, does its job of setting the atmosphere, especially in battle. The Chimera also flail through the air if blasted by a nearby explosion caused by shooting a red barrel, or by being shot in the face. So in short, physics are good. Most of the nice graphics don't come from the foreground though, but the background.

At this particular point in time, you may be asking about ‘replay ability’ (provided you haven't already bought the game). Well, the harder difficulty settings are challenging, but whether or not that will keep you playing depends on you. There's also the multiplayer to keep you interested. Multiplayer is indeed fun, however keep in mind that more players doesn't necessarily equal more fun.

Finally, if you like basic first person shooters (again, nothing wrong with a game like that), then you will more than likely enjoy Resistance 2. Happy Alien Hunting (I saw that on TV too). Complex opinions on video games can be summed up numerically somehow, therefore Resistance 2 gets a 7/10.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

Product Release: Resistance 2 (US, 11/04/08)

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