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"Campaign is alright, Multiplayer is sexcellent"

I know this review is way late, but I have had Resistance 2 for about a year and a half now and it was the first game I bought when I bought my PS3 because I wanted a good online shooter, but didn't want to get an Xbox360 so I didn't have to pay for online, and I am personally not really into the Call of Duty franchise. I played R2 at a friends house and got hooked pretty fast. This review is just a short personal review of the campaign, online coop, and online competitive.

Story/Campaign: 8/10
First of all, when I first played this game I had not played Fall of Man. I have now played Fall of Man, but my first impression for R2 was the campaign was sweet. I was mad that you couldn't do multiplayer on the campaign (and still am) and I was hoping for vehicles (I didn't even know at the time that the first Resistance had vehicles). Some of the bosses were too easy, but it's hard to make bosses challenging and unique in FPS's and the bosses did at least strike my interest and were fun to kill because most of them are so big. A lot of people complained about the weapon wheel going away (but it will be back in R3!). Now that I've played Fall of Man I have to say the Weapon Wheel made the Resistance series more unique and made the campaign better, in my opinion. However, for R2 the two weapon system definitely works better for the online competitive, but I'll get to that later. Anyway, I did not understand the story of R2 the first time I played it so I went online and read about it. I would say I like the story, but I understand it better because I did research on the Resistance history. Fall of Man definitely presented the story better, plus the first one had more mystery to it that R2 simply couldn't (or at least didn't try to, which is fine) recreate. Overall, the campaign is a solid basic FPS campaign in my opinion. It lacks in the fact that there is no multiplayer for the campaign and no vehicles, but I got over it quickly. You might only play through it once (unless you're trophy hungry) but it is a thrilling ride while it lasts (which is about 8 hours, maybe 9).

Online Coop: 7.75/10
The online coop supports up to 8 players and was a fairly big deal when the game came out. Honestly, I thought it was fun, but got old fairly fast. I still get on occasionally because I think being a Medic is fun and changes things up from Online Competitive (what I'm usually doing) and the single player campaign. The missions kind of run together, but it is fun to work with people online and have a different game from the main story. I simply like having the option of doing it, even though I don't play it that much anymore. When I first got it I played it quite a bit, but competitive got the best of me. For those who like grinding to level up, this mode is definitely for you.

Online Competitive: 9.25/10
So I'm going to be honest, R2 was the first FPS that I personally had the ability to do online competitive in my own residence. Yes back in the day I had an Xbox and played Halo and Halo 2 with my friends offline (I never got Live), and yes before that I played lots of the 007 games for N64 and PS2, and yes I had played Halo 3, certain Call of Duty games, and other FPS's online at other peoples houses, but this was the first online FPS that was mine at my house that I had access to all the time. So perhaps I cannot help but think it was super awesome. However, let me tell you why I think it is so great and stands out. First, it is a two weapon system and you get to pick your primary weapon (from a list of all the weapons in the game except Pulse Cannon and Rocket Launcher, which are berserks). Anytime you die you can change your load out and can pick up guns that people drop, of course. Not crazy, but very simple and very accessible. I just like that you don't have to "know where all the good weapons are". You pick your favorite or you can mix it up as much as you want. The berserks also really change up the gameplay and make it more fun. Berserks basically are rewards you get for killing people and range from extra health for a while, extra damage to your shots for a while, invisibility, etc. Also, depending on the berserk it might take more people you have to kill to unlock it and then use it. The Rocket Launcher and Pulse Cannon take about 12 or 13 kills to unlock (also you have to reach level 15 (out of 60) to have them) but they pack a powerful punch. Another thing that I personally really like is you are always blue and the enemy team is always red. I could complain that there are no multi-team games, but it personally doesn't bother me and I love always knowing that I'm killing the red team. It just makes sense, your crosshairs turn red when you aim at anybody trying to kill you in any FPS game, you might as well always be facing the red team. Another thing is I found this game really easy to adapt to, one reason I think is the red triangles on top of your enemies making them easier to spot. I understand some complaints that this makes it perhaps even too easy to spot out where enemies are, but I liked it. I feel this game is accessible more so than most online shooters that I play. I got really good at R2 pretty fast, and I thank the triangles and the easy to understand radars and maps. Maybe that's just me, though. Another great thing, want a really competitive 5 on 5? Do it. Want a crazy hectic all out war 30 on 30? Do it. There are only five gameplay options for online competitive (there used to only be four), but it doesn't bother me one bit because changing from big games to small games makes me feel like there's ten. Skirmishes are lots of fun, with objectives for squads of 5. The big Skirmishes are more fun, in my opinion, but Team Deathmatches are fun either way, and by mixing up lots of players to a few players makes me not get tired of it. There's also Deathmatches, Core Control (capture the flag), and Meltdown. I really like Meltdown, it's basically getting points for both killing people of the opposite team and capturing and controlling nodes. However, it's hard to find people playing it most of the time. Anyway, though only 5 game types might seem restricting, the fact that you can be in a huge game (and the huge games never lag or anything. it's incredible) or a small game make me feel like the replay value of this game is incredibly high. It's easily accessible with easily identifiable enemies (who are always red! I love it!), all the guns are at your disposal to pick from as soon as you start a game and you can change whenever you die or pick up someone elses guns, and berserks make the gameplay even more interesting and fun. Solid online competitive to me, though it just might seem like basic nothingness to most FPS fanatics. I'm not an FPS fanatic, though I find them fun. I play lots of different kinds of games, but this is an FPS that I have been and will continue to constantly return to.

I would give this game about an 8.5/10 if I were trying to judge it as an actual reviewer, but I'm reviewing it as me, so I'm bumping it up to a 9 just for the multiplayer. I look forward to Insomniac's 3rd installment. They've already said they aren't doing 30 on 30 matches anymore, which is fine with me, though I do hope they keep at least 20 on 20 matches. We'll see. Anyway, have a great day and I hope this review helped at least one human being.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/24/10, Updated 09/14/11

Game Release: Resistance 2 (US, 11/04/08)

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