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"What? I gotta save who? Sorry, I was raving to the AMAZING techno music!"

Bionic Commando Rearmed is a remake of the classic NES game Bionic Commando. It was released in August 2008, and immediately did well worldwide. And for good reason too. Rearmed is a fun, and highly enjoyable game with plenty of replayability.

Gameplay - 8/10
The game, like the original, is a side scrolling shooter. You must get from A to B whilst killing enemies, but by also using your bionic arm (hence the title Bionic Commando) to swing from platforms and get around. Oh, and one more thing. You can't jump! The most generic, simple feature in games, that is in pretty much every side scrolling game is not in Rearmed. BUT, its still simple and easy to get around. You see a platform you need to get to, but you can't reach it, there'll always be something you can grapple with your bionic arm, and then you just swing over instead. You start with just a pistol, but you can unlock new guns as well, like a machine gun or a rocket launcher. I tend to just stick to the pistol though, as I play mostly on Easy, and the enemies take one hit with any gun.

Story - 6/10
It's a pretty basic story in Rearmed. An agent is sent to infiltrate an enemy base, contact is lost with the agent, so they send in another agent to find out what's happened. Funny, why didn't they just send the better agent in the first place? Still, although it's basic, it's still enjoyable, especially the optional part where you can choose to interrogate a captured enemy soldier, and when he refuses to talk, you grab him with your bionic arm and make him squeal.

Graphics - 7/10
It's not that the graphics are particularly brilliant; it's just that they look really nice. There are a lot of pretty colours in Rearmed, and it compliments the game nicely. I particularly like the graphics on the overworld screen, as they resemble the original NES versions graphics, being all blocky and pixelated. Although the characters aren't really that detailed, a lot of work has gone into the level designs, and you can really tell.

Multiplayer - 9/10
Okay, so it doesn't have online co-op which would be awesome, but the co-op is still great fun with a friend offline. You can play through the story with 2 people, which is exactly the same except you run along together, and if you get to far apart, the game goes split screen (but that rarely happens). The real multiplayer experience is in the competitive modes AND you can play them with 4 people. There are only three modes: Death Match, Last Man Standing and Don't Touch the Floor. Death Match is obvious, you have a certain amount of lives (which is changeable in any mode) and so does your friend and you must kill the other that many times. Last Man Standing is nearly the same, in which there's a points limit, and if you are killed that many times, you lose e.g. if the limit is 10 points, then you must kill the other person 10 times. As I said, those two game modes are nearly the same thing. Now the real fun is in Don't Touch the Floor. You have a certain amount of lives, and just your pistol, but the pistol doesn't hurt anyone. It hits them, and affects them, but they have no health bar. All you have to do is shoot at the enemies to knock them off the edge of the arena. Sounds easy right? WRONG. I play with my brother and my friend, and we've had matches go on for about 45 minutes before on 10 lives each. It's extremely fun, and so addicting.

Difficulty (On a Normal difficulty game) - 5/10
Obviously, this section won't affect the final score, but I thought I'd just let people know how hard the game is. By putting 5/10, I mean it's pretty average on Normal difficulty. The bosses can be tricky, but they all have weaknesses, just exploit them. Now Super Hard is a different story. That'd get a definite 10/10. It really is insane, and I've yet to get the trophy for finishing it on Super Hard. Good luck to anyone who tries!

Music - 10/10
That's right, the music is so good, I've rated it as the best thing about this game. Simon Viklund, the composer, has done this game great justice by remixing the music so perfectly. The music now, instead of your general action game music, has banging beats and groovy synthesizers playing. The new electronic, techno sound makes the game so much more enjoyable. I wasn't completely sold on this game after the demo, but the music honestly made me buy it. I had to hear more. Best tracks definitely go to Power Plant, Rise of the Albatross and Prologue & Epilogue. Check them out, you won't regret it.

Overall Score - 9/10
I downloaded this game a while back now, and it is still easily my favourite PSN title yet. Close seconds go to Crystal Defenders, but the multiplayer modes and music make this game number one.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 06/24/10

Game Release: Bionic Commando Rearmed (EU, 08/28/08)

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