Review by ThePeonWhoCould

Reviewed: 06/28/10

Awesome! Just buy it already!

I never played the original release of this game, but I decided to give this a shot since it was only $10 and it got great reviews. Boy am I glad that I bought this game.

Story - 7/10
The story is very basic, you are a bionic commando sent into enemy territory to save an agent named Super Joe. There is very little focus on the story, just the occasional conversation between your character and the guys at HQ, or some banter with the bosses. The writing is quite funny at certain points, which is great. The story serves its purpose - which is to keep the action moving along.

Graphics 8/10
This game is 2.5d which means the gameplay is 2d, but the graphics are 3d. The game runs very smooth, and its easy to distinguish things like enemy types, projectiles etc. The graphics won't blow you away, but they are definitely adequate, and very clean. The animations for the main character are nice. The game looks great at 720p.

Music 9/10
The music is excellent. It is mostly made up of beat heavy dance style music, with awesome synthesised riffs, which really gets you pumped. I don't really like dance music usually, but I love the music in this game. There is a very nice touch which is, when you enter some rooms, the music is kind of muffled, as if you were standing outside a dance club. I would buy the soundtrack for this game, the music is that good! Turn the sound up loud when you play this game!

Gameplay 10/10
This is where this game really shines. Everything about the gameplay is so well designed. The grappling hook is really fun to use. Although initially the lack of the jump button annoyed me, I soon realised that it was an excellent design choice. It really forces you to rely on your grappling hook which is great. There are a variety of weapons, and they all have their own uses against specific enemies and in specific situations. You are really rewarded for using your brain, and deciding which weapon is best for the job.

The boss fights are well designed. They make you combine techniques you have learned in the levels to defeat the bosses, which is exactly what a boss should do. The hacking mini games are also quite fun. There is also a top down gameplay segment in between levels which is good, and it's a nice break from the 2d sidescrolling.

Overall 9/10
I can recommend this game to pretty much anyone enjoys games, especially if you enjoy 2D sidescrollers like Contra or Super Metroid. At $10 it is superb value. There is 4 difficulty levels so it caters for pretty much anyone. The normal difficulty is pretty much in line with current gen games, but if you want something closer to the original release you can play on hard or super hard. There are trophies, secret rooms, 2 player co-op (just the standard campaign but 2 player), and over 50 challenge levels which can take anywhere from 30 seconds to 15 minutes or longer to complete depending on how many times you have to retry them (some of them are REALLY hard). This game is incredible value, it's the best PSN game I've ever played, buy it NOW!

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Bionic Commando Rearmed (US, 08/14/08)

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