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Additional ArtMax Chapman
Additional ArtTed Lockwood
Additional ArtCorbett Sachter
Additional ArtJoakim Wejdemar
AnimatorWarren Seeley
AnimatorBen Stanton
Art DirectorAdam Houghton
Art DirectorAdam Houghton
ArtistRyan Bullock
ArtistJeremy Estrellado
ArtistMichael McKinley
ArtistDani Roberge
ArtistAimee Skeers
ArtistAimee Skeers
ArtistDavid Sursley
Assistant ProducerNiais Taylor
Audio LeadAlex Guilbert
Audio LeadAlexander Guilbert
Audio/Video SpecialistToshiaki Ideo
Casting AgentWendi Wills
Cinematic LeadDavid Kimber
Concept ArtistJames Croley
Concept ArtistSadekaronhes Esquivel
Concept ArtistSteve Holt
Creative ProducerDavid Cohen
DesignerIan Vogel
EngineerNoah Adler
EngineerKevin Hamilton
EngineerChris Hinkes
EngineerChance Lyon
EngineerRussell Nelson
EngineerSean O'Connor
Executive ProducerJeremy Airey
Executive ProducerJoanna Alexander
Executive ProducerMark Long
FX ArtistJames Croley
Graphic DesignerJames Cunningham
Lead EngineerBrett Holton
Lead Environment ArtistSteve Holt
Lead Level DesignerRichard Dormer
Level DesignerErik Bretz
Level DesignerSusan Oleinik
Level DesignerHunter Peyron
Level DesignerRich Starr
Level DesignerRichard Starr
Level DesignerTerence Wright
Motion Capture LeadTroy McFarlane
Motion Capture TalentIan Allen
Motion Capture TalentBrad Davi
Motion Capture TalentParker Levinson
Motion Capture TalentJonathan David Pedersen
Motion Capture TalentRyan Ranerie
Motion Capture TalentAimee Skeers
Motion Capture TalentBob Summerford
Narrative Designer / Script DirectorChris Harding
Original ScoreAlexander Guilbert
Original ScoreAlex Guilbert
Platform Lead EngineerTerry Hendrix
ProducerSimon Lai
ProducerJohn Williamson
Recording EngineerSam Gray
Recording EngineerCarrie Palk
Script EditorNiais Taylor
Session EngineerJaimie Siedow
Sound DesignerMorgan Green
StoryChris Harding
StoryIan Vogel
StoryJohn Williamson
Talent DirectorDouglas Rappaport
Technical DirectorBill Wright
TreatmentJames Wan
TreatmentLeigh Whannel
UI ArtistDuncan Kay
UI ArtistDani Roberge
Voice ActorMarc Carr
Voice ActorDarraugh Kennan
Voice ActorDavid Frederick White
Voice Actor: AmandaJen Taylor
Voice Actor: Detective TrappEarl Alexander
Voice Actor: JeffDex Manley
Voice Actor: Jennings FosterTroy Lund
Voice Actor: JigsawTobin Bell
Voice Actor: Melissa SingKahn Doan
Voice Actor: ObiMarc Carr
Voice Actor: Oswald McGuillitcuttyDavid Scully
Voice: 911 Operator / School CouncilorKahn Doan
Voice: MinionMarc Carr
Voice: MinionDarraugh Kennan
Voice: MinionTroy Lund
Voice: MinionDex Manley
Voice: MinionDavid Scully
Voice: MinionDave White
WriterM. Zachary Sherman
WriterZachary Sherman


Data and credits for this game contributed by HalfMillennium, Alec86, Guard Master, and BGoldTLE.

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