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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Iheartpancreas

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    /                    For ps3 and xbox 360
    Hi guys. This is the walkthrough for SAW, the video game. I'm a fan of the
    films, and have seen the 6 that have been made so far. Some were better than
    others. Well, this game is really cool if you like the lore and the charm of
    the series, but is also pretty good as a stand alone horror game. Whatever your
    fancy, this guide will help you through this twisted maze.
    As this game doesn't have levels, per se, I prepared a system that should
    help you find where you are from where ever you are in the game.
    The levels and corresponding numbers in the contents show places in the game.
    If you know you've past one spot listed, but not the other, gage yourself and
    fill in the search function (Ctrl + F) with a number in between
    For example:
    I past:
    JON'S ROOM 08
    but I didn't get to:
    Electric puzzle 12
    So, I know I'm just past Jon's room, but not too far. So I'll search for my
    place by adding 09,10, or 11 in the search bar until I find a description of
    the spot I'm on. Intuitive, right?
    The opening levels, and mechanics
    AMANDA    03
    Solving the people
    traps, and the introduction of timed
    JENNINGS  11
    Usage of traps and rummaging through rooms
    Dependence on the pistol, and backtracking
    Familiarizing yourself with the puzzles you've already
    OSWALD    23
    Story unfolds
    Multitude of tasks
    JEFF      30
    Getting closer to the end
    END       33
    Making one of two decisions
    Alright, start the game off and select your difficulty level. Watch the opening
    scene, and get ready.
    BEAR TRAP 01
    To escape this trap, rotate the left stick according to how it is shown on the
    screen. Move it in that direction, in other words. Also, keep an eye out for a
    button prompt that will appear on the trap. Press it when it comes up, and pay
    attention to whether or not the left stick rotation will change.
    Keep an eye out for that, and the button prompt, and you should be done with
    the puzzle. When you resume control of the character, close all three of the
    bathroom doors. Then turn your sights to the mirror across from you in the
    distance to match the numbers you see. It amounts to '437'. Head through the
    room and up the stairs on the right past the television set. When you enter the
    next room the door will shut.
    TOILET 02
    Reach into the toilet and pull out the fuse. Then place it in the fuse box on
    the wall. The other prisoner will then flip the switch. He'll leave. Push the
    button near the door to get it to open, and then move on through. Move through
    the glass and open up the cupboard to pick up the health vial. In the dark
    spots you'll be prompted to use another light source. Move on through. Head
    through the door, past the two individuals....chatting or what not. Head up the
    ladder, and watch the scene. Move to the room on the right to pick up the
    Whitehurst memo.
    Open the door to the dark corner and move through the past, you should hear a
    person calling for help. Pick up the tape, and pay attention to Jig Saw.
    Proceed, and you'll get hit by your 'partner'. When you move into combat
    stance, continuously press the punch button to overwhelm your opponent without
    them being able to hit you back in time. Your bare hands tend to be the best
    mode of taking out your opponents. Search the body for a key. Move through
    after seeing your friend lose his head in frustration, and then pick up the jig
    saw note. Unlock the door, and move through till you get to the shotgun door
    prompt. That doesn't sound too appetizing, now does it?
    To get past these doors, open the door and be quick to press the button prompt
    you see. Move past the wheel chair, which usually has a health item on it, and
    proceed. Head through the door with the bed to reveal a daunting discovery.
    Pick up the nail from the nurse cart, and then head to the door to be briefed
    on lock picking. Head through and move past the automatically closing doors.
    Move in to the door frame past the window, and pick up the tape to the left.
    You can also find a surgical procedures note.
    Move along to the next room, and follow the path on the right. You can examine
    the mechanism you pass by as you walk along. Move through the dark and head
    through the shotgun door. Remember to be careful when coming across these
    Head through to the next room when you are schooled on breakable walls. Break
    the wall and squeeze on through. Search the file cabinet for a fuse, and then
    head back through the opening you came from. There's a whitehurst memo in
    sight. Install the fuse and head through the newly opened door. Listen to the
    tape, and read the toe tag for a 'Arnie Faulkner'.
    He's the one with the key, so don't open up anybody else. Head through the door
    after seeing the person you have to save. You'll be informed on unbolting the
    doors. Keep going, and unlock the main hallway double doors. Move through, and
    balance your way through the beam. You DON'T want to fall down. Trust me. Head
    to the door directly in front of you.
    Move through and to the left until you come across a room with a fuse box.
    Opposite it is a file cabinet with a nail, and right next to it is a cupboard
    that next to be broken into. Unlock it to obtain a health hypo, and then move
    through the door right next to it. Keep moving forward past the next couple of
    doors till you come to a room with candles.
    There's a jig saw box there, to the right which contains a note. Keep moving,
    and balance across the board to get across. Head down to the lower level in
    front of you in the next room, and down the ladder. Move towards the television
    to the morgue puzzle. Head to the lit room right next to it with the jigsaw
    There is a fuse in one of the file cabinets behind you. Install the fuse into
    the box next to the room and move through the darkness until you view an
    outline of a gun. Open the box with the gun symbol on it, and take out it's
    contents. Head up past the ladder you came down from. Move through the doors
    and kill the fleeing man, preferably with your fists.
    Pick up the jig saw tape to the right of the room.  Climb up the ladder, move
    through, and unbolt the white door. Keep moving past the pipe, and the t.v.
    screen hanging above. Unlock the fuse box, and complete the little minigame
    with the wires it contains. Your goal is to complete the circuit by rotating
    the moving solders. Push the button and then head right and through to the next
    portion of this game. Keep going and search a file cabinet for a nail.
    Turn right and move on. Evade the shotgun door, and head through the room to
    the breakable wall. Take a right and keep moving. Poor dead guy.....well, he
    was trying to get the key out of you, so I guess it isn't so bad. Also he's
    wearing pretty nice clothes, so I don't think he might actually be 'poor'.
    Maybe he stole them...anyway, head through the path and you'll eventually see a
    man break through a bolted down door.
    You'll be schooled on barricades. Get into fighting stance, and kill the
    berserker. Move through the near room to get to a jig saw tape. Head through
    the doors to get to the next puzzle.
    Look through the file cabinets for a fuse. Then make your way to the door
    across the room. Install the fuse, and then run back. Pay attention to the T.Vs
    for the combination numbers. Pick up the key in the next room
    and....well...yeah.....  Open the door in font of you and move in. Head down
    the stairs and read the newspaper clipping on the bulletin board. Head through
    the door. You're getting close aren't you.
    Now,you'll have to drop the antidote pills to the left and the poison to the
    right.  When the pills drop down into the chute, it will flip to the opposite
    side of where it was,so take your time and pay attention, especially in the
    second part of the puzzle where you'll need two pills to flip the chute. Just
    take your time, and you should be fine.
    The second part, you'll have to be a little more careful. If you take your time
    and see it through first, you shouldn't make any mistakes. You just have to
    wait with one pill almost to the right chute, and then the next will fall to
    join it, and the both can move to the right corresponding chute. After you've
    taken care of that, Amanda will be safe.
    Move through the stairs and search the nurse carts. Examine the body, or keep
    moving down the stairs. The choice is yours. See what I did there? Ha ha hah
    ha. Ha hah ha...ha....eh......er-hmmm, okay, pick up the audio take next to the
    candles. Move through the doors past the work table. After the t.v. message is
    over, the doors will open. Move through and Amanda will get locked out and
    taken away. Damn. Anyway, in the next room, you'll see a not so lucky player in
    this sick game. Let's just hope you don't turn out like him.
    Move to the acid tank and move your hand in to pick up the key. Unlock the door
    and move through. You'll see a suspicious person running away. Don't move too
    far, as you will be prompted with booby traps, and as such must find the thin
    wire and disarm it from the sides. Pay close attention to your surroundings
    from this point on. Open the rigged shotgun door.
    Don't go running through the steam, or you'll have less than half a life. Head
    back through the newly opened doors, and pick up the memo. You'll wake up in a
    position you DO NOT want to be in. The upper body trap is on you now, and quite
    obviously, you want to get it off. If you face the mirror, you'll see some
    words appear, if you move and angle the camera correctly. Move to the toilets
    to find the key, and then unlock the corresponding door.
    Head through the next couple of doors, and then close and lock the last one, to
    prevent the other person from coming through. Then step back. Head back through
    when he dies, and head up the stairs near the bathtub through the door. It's
    marked 'storage'. Search the dead body for a nail and then head to the side of
    the sign that's right outside the door. Careful, for there is a trip wire
    nearby. Re arm it when you disarm it, behind you, for some people will follow
    you down the line. Head through the new room and read the case file to the
    left. Move behind and check the locker for a fuse.
    The next room will have electricity in it, and to stop it's current, you'll
    have to install the fuse. Read the next case file on the bed and then grab the
    valve wheel nearby. Head through the next section with the locker for another
    file to read and search for some goodies. Head back and take out the remaining
    baddy. Back track all the way to the fuse closed door with electricity behind
    it. When you head the person coming towards you, run back and lock the door,
    then turn on the electric current to kill the guy. If he's too quick for you,
    just keep your distance.
    When the guy is dead, either by electricity, or by being blow up after you ran
    from him, head through the door, and pick up the tape if you haven't already.
    Turn the electricity off if it isn't already, and move to the left, and lock
    pick the door for some health if you need it. Move through the path, searching
    the containers, and then jump down the opening. Pick the next door, and heal
    yourself if you need to. Head back through the opening for a scene. Open the
    shotgun door, and search the lockers for a coupler.
    Get it, and then break into the fuse box, and complete the current. Head
    through the door, and you should see a familiar acid tank. You're getting
    close. Keep moving back to where the valve needed to be installed and do so.
    This will turn the lethal steam off. AFTER you turn it, of course. Pick up the
    audio tape from the dead victim and listen to what it says. Nearby, to the left
    should be a ladder you can climb up. Squeeze through the pipes.
    Head down the ladder, and read the memo. Turn the valve and take out the person
    following you. Redirect the valve near the writing 'Like Rats In A Maze' and
    then left and down the ladder. Turn off the valve, and head back up. Now,
    redirect the valve again and head through the right this time. Keep moving
    through the maze like pat and head down the ladder near the writing 'What Lies
    Beneath.' Turn off the valve, and move round and up the ladder. Move to the
    left of the weapon case and press the switch. Keep moving and you'll be in a
    section where you have to squeeze through the pipes like last time. Wait for
    the steam to go down before passing through, though. Move to the right, and
    you'll see a small scene. Lead the blind man through the trap, and then beat
    him to death. Yeah, I know, eloquent, right? Check his corpse. Head down the
    stairs nearby and search the lockers for a fuse.
    Watch out for traps as you keep moving. Unlock the pipe dial near by, and then
    finish the minigame. You have to rotate the pipes and connect them in a coil
    like manner. When you connect the next level with the first two on the right
    and the bottom, rotate the whole dial around and then continue in the other
    lower levels. It may take some time, but just remember to see the puzzle
    through before turning it. When done, move to the room and search the jig saw
    box for the furnace key. The place will be coming apart.
    Quickly run out of the room (the dead guy should be in sight) and squeeze
    through the pipes once more. Keep back tracking past the way you came before,
    step over the first guy you killed and keep moving. Move past the dead guy you
    got the audio tape off of. The pipes will blow, but you'll make it. Move to the
    room with the acid tank again, and head right this time through the next area.
    Head left through the doors and pick the one that's locked. Search through for
    what's there, and then head back. You should view a room with fire in the
    distance. You're getting close to the furnace room. First, head opposite the
    flames to the shotgun rigged room, and then turn the valve to turn off the
    Then move through. There will be someone behind you that you must take out
    before heading on your merry way. You'll move to an area with a t.v overhead,
    and the door nearby will close as the screen goes on. Move through the candles,
    a lighter is handy in dark spots, as you may have guessed. Read the case file
    next to the sign that indicates that you're close to the furnace room.
    Move to the left, and maneuver the carts. Head up the stairs and head towards
    the middle area, where the pantry is. Remember to watch for traps. A person
    will pursue you. The best cause of action is to run the other way and rearm the
    trap, and wait for him to walk through.
    Move through and get the other person's attention, turn back, and do the same
    thing. Move past, avoiding the traps, and take out any stragglers who are
    following you, either with traps, or by your fists. One of them has the furnace
    room key on them, and you want it. Head through the doors and you'll eventually
    come across a swinging blade. No, it's not for haircuts.
    When I'm describing the cogs, the small is the smallest, the bigger is the
    medium sized one, and the big is the biggest cog.
    SMALL=  O
    BIGGER= .
    .   .
    BIG=    .
    .       .
    .            .
    .       .
    After you see what the guy's is in there for, head to the side of the trap and
    activate the gear panel at his feet. Place two small gears, a bigger one, then
    a small one together, then below it, place a really big one, followed by small
    ones. Then move to the right and place, from right to left, two small and then
    two big   cogs. Then down right, place one small, one bigger, and another small
    one. Then place a big one. Now move to where his head is. Going up, place two
    small ones, one bigger one, and then two small ones to the right. Then place a
    bigger one going down, and two small ones, one above and one below to the
    right. Place two going right to the bottom right ones, and then a big one up.
    Place two more small ones up, and two left followed by a big one.
    Head to the final panel. Going up left in a circle, place a small one, then a
    bigger one up, then a small to the right of it, and then  a bigger one followed
    by a small one to the up left, and then a small, big, small, and going down, a
    bigger, small, big, going down, a small, then a bigger, and to the bottom
    right, a small bigger, small, small, bigger, small.  You'll then be done with
    the puzzle. Pretty grateful guy, huh? Head forward for the next test. I
    recommend taking the sighted option jig saw places you with.
    SIGHTED  12
    Head left and up the ladder. Move past the balance beam, and squeeze left.
    Remember, there isn't time to waste, but carelessness= death/start over. Solve
    for x. Anyway, wait for the piston propelled planks to slam before moving past
    them, and don't take a chance if you think you're a little late, wait for it to
    slam again to confirm. Search the lockers for a coupler, and then squeeze back
    through the path. Unlock the fuse box, and then head through the door once you
    connect the wires. Pick up the water and flash light, and then move to the
    left, through the dark area. Open the door and head up the stairs.
    You're looking for a lit room with a table, and pick up the schematics. There's
    also a cabinet to break into for health. Hurry, though. Pick up the ammonia
    from the file drawer. There's also a memo in the room. Search the nearby toilet
    with the dead body for the key. Head back downstairs and to the room to unlock
    the door with the utility key you just found.
    435 is the combination needed to open the door, and can be found by angling the
    camera once you step on the red jig saw pieces on the ground. Open the
    combination lock. Quickly head back to the open walled area and search the tool
    box for a nail and coupler. Head back to where you placed the combination to
    open the fuse box and re route the fuse. Head all the way up the stairs until
    you get to a point where the door closes and the television set turns on. Jig
    Saw obviously wants you to see something. When the door finally opens, move
    through to the room with multiple t.v.s and press the button.
    Some one will like to have a word with you, so take him out as he comes to you.
    Turn back and head out. You're looking for a room with red writing and a
    grizzly mechanism in it. Read the case file, and head through the door on the
    right. Wait and move through. Head to the right of the gate with the red light.
    Nearby is a circuit box, but you don't have a coupler on you. Move through the
    path and search the wardrobe for a paint thinner among other things. Head
    through the shotgunned door. Just knowing that one of the doors is booby
    trapped should be an indication to be careful with all of them.
    Pick the locked door and read the case file. Head out and pick up the revolver
    on the floor. Head for an area with candles, and search the jig saw box for a
    coupler. Pick up the valve from the cabinet, and activate the pipe dial.
    Quickly connect the pipes before you run out of air to breathe. There's a
    breakable wall in the area to squeeze through. There is also a revolver on the
    ground. Pick up the case file in the area, and head back out.
    You must try to head back to the fuse box break it open and connect the wires
    with the couplers. Press the button at the gate and head through. I'm sure
    you've noticed the person running through the hallway. Balance through the
    balance beam. Pick up the audio tape to get some friendly advice from your
    uncle jig saw. Head down the stairs. Head to the open area. Ahh, fresh air. I
    bet you're happy t o see the tree aren't you? Home sweet home, eh? Not really.
    OUTDOORS   14
    Shoot the menace with the revolver, and be careful as you walk; there's a trap
    in the area. Climb up the ladder. Head through the crack in the wall and pick
    the locked door. There's a revolver to pick up, and a breakable wall to move
    through, however, you'll have to do something else first. Turn back and watch
    for wire traps.
    Head to the room with the bed frame and read the case file. Head out after
    rummaging through the wardrobe and balance over the frame. Head out and explore
    the next couple of rooms in the hallway with the white stuff on the bottom,
    you'll find bandages, gears and other things in the wardrobes. Move towards the
    weapon case, and beware of trip wire traps. As I recommended, fists are the
    best mode of action, but if you really want a bat, you'll have to go through
    the weapon case. To open the weapon case, you'll have to put some more gears
    together. To complete this, starting at the top, place a small gear, and a big
    gear to the right. Place two smalls beneath it and a bigger to the bottom
    Place a small to the left, and continue the puzzle with all big gears. Maneuver
    your way to the glowing embers and you should hear another player coming your
    way. Shoot him, if you please. Next, head into the room to head to the
    courtyard for a key.
    Survey the area, and shoot all the people you see. Try to conserve ammo, as jig
    saw forgot to go to the grocery store to get some. Pay close attention to where
    you step, as there are tripe wire traps here. Move towards the center-ish area
    to the jig saw box, and pick the key out of it. Head through the double doors,
    and you should hear jig saw talking as you do so.
    Take note that there's a lighter nearby. Move past the barricade to pick up
    some bandages, and head through the first door, but keep in mind that it's a
    shotgun trap. Search the room for assorted goodies, and then head out to the
    other door. Make your way through as your next objective prompt comes up, and
    head for a gated door. It's shotgunned. Head to the fuse box area. Install the
    fuse and push the button. You have a foe to fell.
    Take him out with a series of weak jabs and head through the room. Look in the
    peep hold for some numbers. Install the numbers; 838 in the combination locked
    room. Head in, and you'll view the words patience. Pick the lock to open the
    cupboard to obtain it's contents. Now, close the door and stand close to the
    word patience, and wait for the bomb to blow. Leave the area, and head through
    an opening that leads to a breakable wall. Break the wall, and squeeze through.
    Search the nearby toilet for a key, and head through the next couple of door,
    and down the stairs. Move to the candle area and pick up the jig saw audio
    tape. Listen to what this mad man has to say.
    Examine the photo, and move through the next area to the next tape. Read the
    clippings and the articles and move through to the next area. There'll be a
    brief scene, but you'll soon be in control of your character again.
    Move down the stairs to the next candle lit area. Listen to the tape, and move
    through the opening and through the door on the right. Head left and search for
    the coupler. Pick the lock to the cabinet for some health if you need it.
    Gears, bandages and assorted goodies litter the room, so be thorough in your
    searching. Head out the room when you're done to the room with multiple tvs,
    and you should hear the voice of a less than friendly individual in the near
    distance. Search the worktable, and then open up the fuse box and connect the
    Move through the path near the worktable, and press the door release button.
    Take out the guy waiting patiently for you, and break open the statue for a
    key. Head back through the multi televisioned room and move through once the
    door opens. Head for the guy talking, and quickly kill him. Make sure he's
    dead, and then run back, for the thing he's holding will blow up. When the
    flames go out, check him for a coupler, and then head through the door of the
    nearby room. Open up the box, and connect the current once more. Head up the
    ladder and go left. Move through to the spacious room.
    Keep moving through, past the candles, and you should reach Melissa. Yeeeeeeah,
    that device doesn't look too comfy, you want to get her out of there quick.
    You've got to solve some magnet puzzles to set Melissa free, but if you get too
    many strikes by moving the blocks past the 'X's (about 7) she will die. Take
    your time, and think things out before making any foolish mistakes. The closest
    one: Move the block to the right, then down left and down, then right.
    Head directly left to the next puzzle. Use this order: Left, up, right, down,
    left, up. Then for the next to the right: Left, up, right, down, right, down,
    left, up, left. That should do it.
    Head up the stairs (boy people are REEEEALLY grateful for you saving them,
    huh?) When you reach the top, you're on your own. Move to the left opening in
    the dark room ,and head through the door. Pick up the gas trap schematics, and
    head through the near door. Move the barricade, and head through the door.
    Listen to what Jig Saw has to say, and then move to the blue room. Search the
    dead body, and then search the toilet for a gear.
    Leave and move past the t.vs. Head to the side area with the first aid cabinet
    and unlock it for some health. Pick up the nearby audio tape. Search the
    lockers for goodies, and move along, keeping to the right. Take a left through
    the long hallway with the locked doors. Be careful as you proceed, there's a
    trip wire trap nearby. Unbolt the door and take out the person in the other
    section. Unbolt the other door, and to the nearby breakable wall, and break it.
    To the right is a pretty bad scene. To the left is where you're headed. When
    you hear the device on your shoulders go off, quickly run back and squeeze
    through the wall. Keep your distance until the person pursuing you blows up.
    Head back through and up the stairs, but as you do so, keep an eye out for a
    tripe wire trap on the stair case. Move to the room where you see some water
    fountains, and you'll definitely hear jig saw.
    You've got another puzzle to solve. Now here, you have to search four
    shotgunned, trapped rooms for a box. Head through the second room in the blue
    area, but either room you go through, they are all trapped. There is a gear
    puzzle to solve. For the top left going down right, place a small gear, a
    bigger one to the bottom right, a small one, a bigger one to the right, and
    then another small one to solve the puzzle. Read the articles and head out and
    to the room opposite the one you were just in. Don't forget that they're all
    Pick the lock you come across and beware: it's shotgunned. Keep moving and
    search the nightstand for a nail. Proceed on until you get to another briefing
    with jig saw.
    Head through the door, take a right and pick the lock to the cabinet for
    health. Jump down the gap, making sure you land on the brown platform, and then
    head down the stairs. Move through the room and see the tv to see what's going
    on of this episode of 'sick man does sick things to people who may or may not
    be sick'. The wall just near the television set is breakable, so break it and
    squeeze through. Jump down the gap and head down the ladder again. There is an
    intimidating man with a bat waiting to impale you.
    Though he might get a hit in, keep wailing on him the same way you've done the
    others, and you should take him out with relative ease. Search him if you
    please. There is a revolver in the weapon crate nearby, and you'll have to
    solve a gear puzzle to get to it. Going up, place a bigger gear, followed by
    three small ones, going up, and then another bigger one to the right. Place to
    small ones to the right of that one, and then a small one below, followed by a
    big one. Pick up the revolver, and take the nearby explosive trap schematics,
    that should be right behind you. Open the door, and move to rummage the locker
    across from you. Head directly back and down the stairs.
    Climb the ladder and head up. You'll hear a person coming, so get your revolver
    ready. One should come from the left of you, and another, straight across, will
    most likely throw molotov cocktails at you. Head straight past when the both of
    them have been taken care of and take a left. Pick the lock to the door on the
    left, and head in for looting purposes.
    Get back out, and you should enter a room with a mirror, and the written words:
    Falsely accused. Move through the passage on the left of the mirror and through
    the door. Head through the next door, and move to the breaking apart area with
    the ladder going down. Head down the ladder. Move straight to the candle area
    with the numerous television sets. Pick up the audio tape and listen to the
    star of th show once more. Take a right and move past the dead body.
    Something bad will happen to the person in front of you, but it's okay: he's
    not you. Keep moving forward, and you should see another television set. Watch
    the prime time show, and head through the opening doors. There's a case file
    right next to the lighter that you'll want to read up on.
    Head down, and you should be hearing some voices at this time. There will be
    two people fighting. Take the left before them to sneak away, then carefully
    walk past and arm a trip wire for if they want to let you in on the action.
    There's a case file, and a first aid cabinet nearby.
    Wait till one of the guys runs right into the trap, and then move past and
    climb down the ladder you'll come across. Move to the next one and climb up.
    Turn, and climb up yet again. Watch your step, as you balance across to get to
    the other side. Move through the jig saw painted doors and  balance over the
    beam. You'll continue along until the doors shut, eventually open, and you'll
    be encountered with the pig puzzle.
    Pull the first cart to your left when you enter the room downwards. Move past
    it, facing it, and pull the next to your right downwards. Pull the next one in
    the same column down, and pull the one blocking the exit down. Head through the
    door and search the cupboard. Pull the barricade back and waltz down the
    staircase. Move the next barricade, and head through the doorway with the
    writing beside it. Turn on the lights, and you should  see the numbers '206'.
    Those are crucial numbers, so remember them.....or just refer to this guide.
    Head to the tv to hear jig saw's commentary. After he's done yapping, head
    through the room with the electricity nearby. Search the nurse cart, and read
    the case file nearby. Head past the plank over the electricity and push
    forward. Move through and head upstairs. Move through the halls and head
    through the door that leads to a bathroom with a large mirror. There's writing
    on it, 'a puzzle', to be precise. Move past the section with the pouring water,
    and break through the breakable wall. Read the case file, and squeeze back out.
    Take the door to the right, and head back, over the planks. Use the combination
    206 on the combination lock directly ahead. Some one will rush at you, take him
    out and keep your distance. If you have bullets, a shot should suffice.
    Remember to aim properly and save your revolver rounds, man. Read the case
    file, and turn to the room with candles and pick up the puzzle bag piece.
    You've got the second one now. Unlock the first aid cabinet for some health.
    Move past it and head to the area with a plank, and ladders that lead down.
    Move over the plank and head down the ladder. When you get to the bottom, turn
    to the other ladder that leads up.
    GAS TRAP  21
    Climb the ladder,and move on, keeping right-ish. Head on until you get to the
    room with the tv. When the broadcast is over, head to the next room, but be
    careful, there's a trip wire you have to disarm. Poisonous gas is pouring
    through, so time is of the essence. Check the desk for a valve. Head through
    the next room, and place the valve in the pipe.
    You have another dial spinning puzzle to complete. Remember to see the outcome
    of what you're doing in your mind first before turning the dial. The puzzle's
    only confusing if you just blindly or aimlessly turn the dials, without any
    real objective. When you're done, heal yourself from the effects of the gas
    with whatever restorative items you have on you. There's a first aid cabinet
    nearby. Head through the doorway nearby and up the stairs.
    Move along, backtracking to where you once were, and put the puzzle together,
    now that you have both puzzle pieces together. It's a shuffle board puzzle.
    Ugh, I hate these. Well, not exactly...it's not really a shuffle board puzzle,
    and as such it isn't that hard to decipher. It's a picture of the jig saw door
    on a tricycle. Place the forehead on the first tier, and from there you should
    be able to place to pieces accordingly,now knowing what it's supposed to be.
    Once it's done, the doors should open. Move forward. You'll finally come across
    Oswald's trap.
    Now, you'll have to quickly complete an electrical current from the panels
    already in the room. You have to connect all the pipes to one green node, green
    meaning on,  to complete the circuit from three panels. Turn to the first on
    the left, past the bigger box. Then move to the first one right by it, and
    complete that circuit as well.
    Go to the next one by the timer and complete that one as well. Remember to make
    haste while taking your time; that's the trick to the puzzle. Remember, it's a
    current; all of the fuses must feed off into each other, so though some lights
    may be red at first, feed the others together and they just might lead to it.
    Head out...damn, everyone here's pretty ungrateful, huh? Makes you not want to
    No,no, I'm not encouraging murder, I'm just...I was just...hurrhumph...Head
    straight and up the ladder, right before the scene with Oswald. Unfortunately
    (or fortunately, I don't judge) he leaps before he looks, and is incapacitated.
    Search his body, and position yourself near the gap on the floor. Drop down,
    and aim onto the brown platform. Climb down the stairs. Head straight to the
    candles, and pick up the audio tape.
    Move through the door when he's done and turn right. Move along, and be
    careful, there's a trip wire nearby. Move towards the toilets and search for
    the key. Head out and through the door. Be really careful, for there is a
    person nearby, and if you get too close, you'll blow up. Take him out, or keep
    your distance. Either way, you know what happens in this kind of situation.
    Search the locker before heading down the ladder.
    Move up the stairs and search the nearby locker for a health hypo. Be really
    careful for there is a trip wire. Search the lockers as you pass by. There is a
    jig saw chest nearby that requires you to complete it with a gear puzzle. It's
    fairly small so it shouldn't give you much trouble. Also, you're not on a time
    limit. Pick up the goodies, and turn off the valve behind you. Move through the
    hallway, and head up the ladder that is now accessible to you. Climb the ladder
    behind the gate, and head right.
    Scavenge for goodies at the jig saw work table. Move past the balance beam, and
    search the file cabinet. Head through the door, and there should be a brief
    scene. The next door to the right- the one you have to go through- is
    shotgunned, so be careful. Search the nearby desk, and pay attention to your
    footing, there's a trip wire trap nearby.
    Press the slide projector to find out that the combination for the door is 628.
    Head back and place that very combination on the door lock. There's a person
    nearby that you have to kill, so be on your toes. Take a right, and jump down,
    past the person near the fire. Move along, and the tvs will light up.
    OBIS TRAP 23
    Move left past the dead guy in the distance. Search the nearby room for a case
    file and goodies. Move through the gate path, and head through the door, as
    your next objective marker comes up. Open up the circuit box and complete the
    circuit. Turn back and push the button.
    Jig Saw will actually let you know that someone's coming, as you move through
    the newly opened path. Take him out, and move to the area with the writing on
    the wall '...surgeon's hand...'. Watch out for your surroundings, and move
    through the shotgunned door. Open the jig saw chest by completing the fairly
    simple gear puzzle. Search the area thoroughly for goodies. Pick the lock to
    the door to the left of the electricity path. Turn off the fuse and head past
    the electricity. Move along and up the stairs.
    Move through and you'll be tasked with pressing a button that will actually
    kill someone. Damn. Head through the door, and loot the body if you wish.
    There's a weapon case nearby, but I don't recommend it. Head through the nearby
    door, and walk forward until you trigger the mechanism off another person. Keep
    your distance, and wait for them to blow. Move through the doorway to where the
    case file is. Balance across the ever so dangerous balance beam, and break
    through the breakable wall.
    Head around and climb down the ladder at the wall with the 'X' written on it.
    Check out the frozen hand in the box for some clues. Search the containers you
    come across. There's a person nearby who wants a word with you. Indulge him in
    some witty punches to his dome. Head through the shotgunned door, and search
    the containers in the room. Push the barricade from the left to the right and
    then move through the door.
    When you move through the hallway, and take the left, the doors will shut.
    Search the refrigerator for a gear, and move through to the area with the
    breakable wall. There's a weapon case that requires a gear puzzle to be solved
    to open. It contains a revolver, so you just might want to get in on that.
    Squeeze through the broken wall and search the chained body up against the
    wall. Move to the candle lit area and turn left to the gated door, and watch
    the tv screen before you move on.
    There's an ominous figure looming in the background, as you might have noticed,
    as well. Head through the doors that open, and search the contains and lockers
    on the way there. Head down the stairs and wait for the door with the jig saw
    marking to open up. Move forward for a scene of your next puzzle.
    Take the right path as you move in, and pay attention to jig saw's helpful
    advice. There are trip wires on the floor. Search the nearby locker for a
    coupler, head to the circuit box with the timer above it, and complete the
    circuit. Head around to where you started, and down, the stairs. Then run
    straight across. Move through the passage way, and open the locker for a
    coupler. Then turn and twist the valve you view. Head to the next circuit and
    connect the current. Head back to where you started again, and run straight
    through the newly opened door. You'll hear an explosion, and will have to take
    a gander at the best show on television that's on right now.
    But since that's not available, watch what jig saw wants you to see.
    Move through, veering to the right, and head to the door, behind it should be
    another tv with jig saw preaching to you again. Search the containers you come
    across. There's poisonous gas in the room, so there's no time to lollygag. The
    two main items you need are a valve and a coupler.
    When you get the items, head to the circuit box immediately, and connect the
    circuit to get the door to open. In the next room, dart to the work bench for
    another coupler, which you need to use to open the next fuse box. Connect the
    wires. Remember; as many wires as there are,you're just connecting wires to get
    the current through.
    Follow the path through, and you shouldn't really be overwhelmed. Head back to
    the dead end wall with two work benches, and break through the breakable wall
    to the right. Be careful not to get squashed by the piston propelled walls.
    Head through the bolted door, and search the lockers for a coupler, among other
    things. You have another current to put together.
    Quickly press the door release button and run like hell. Take out the
    aggressor, and pick up the revolver. Move to the open door with the numbers
    racing above it, and head up the stairs. There should be an audio tape nearby
    with a host of television sets. Place the frozen hand into the furnace, and
    watch what happens. Now that you have the crematorium key, move along and
    unlock the gated door.
    You have to connect the pipes to secure Obi's freedom. They're standard fare
    here, so if you didn't have a problem with them before, you shouldn't have one
    now. If you did, you were pretty lucky to get to this point. Obi doesn't seem
    pretty enthusiastic about getting saved, or about being in a spot where he
    could die. Kinda feels wrong that you have to suffer to try and free him, huh?
    But then again, what in this game have you done that ISN'T wrong?
    Maybe use the flashlight. Pick up the audio tape after rescuing Obi, and listen
    to reason. Head all the way up the stairs until the doors automatically close
    on you. Search the acid barrel for the key. As Obi leaves you, head down the
    gap and down the ladder. Head past the tv in the next room and head up the
    stairs. Move towards the candles and pick up the audio tape. Head down the
    stairs and take out your pursuer. Move past him to the newly opened door.
    Head through the path until you come across a desk with a case file. Read it.
    Move then, through to the newly opened path. There should be a television
    display letting you know what's happening to another unfortunate soul. Take a
    right and carry along. You should see a file on Jeff soon. Head past the trap
    in the center. Head through the next door, but be careful, it's shotgunned.
    Move and search the surrounding area for a gear, and unlock the jig saw chest.
    Move through and head through the doors. Search the containers for items you
    need. There should be a mirror with words on it nearby.
    Once you get the coupler, head to the room with the fuse box and connect the
    wires. Press the button nearby where you're done, and then head through the
    hallway, and take a quick pitt stop at the tv to see what's going on. Head into
    the room with the blue lights. Move through the first door and search through
    the lockers. Head back out and to the left and pay attention to the ground, for
    there is a trip wire on the floor. Head upstairs and there should be another
    scene, indicating that there's a combination puzzle that needs to be solved.
    Head around to the balance beam, and read the case file.
    Grab what goodies you can and then head downstairs. Head downstairs through the
    door. Peep through the door and you should see the words 204. On your way back,
    there's a baddy tying to take your life. Take his instead. Head back over and
    through the beam balance. Open the combination lock with the digits, and move
    through the hallways.
    Watch how you move through the doors, and one is shotgunned. Move along and
    squeeze through the gap that has the slamming planks. Maneuver them carefully,
    and search the containers. Move past with the 204 sign. Head down the stairs,
    and and move through the room with the first aid kit hanging on the wall. Take
    a right, and grab the valve and light bulb in that area. Connect the pipes, as
    breathing's pretty hard if you don't .
    Head past the room with the person who wants to attack you. Keep your distance,
    as he'll blow up. Head through the door past the barricade to the health kit
    case on the wall. Move the barricade from the double doors and move through.
    Make your way through, and to the room with the hanging television set. Head
    through the doorways. Head down the stairs past the middle area near the broken
    double doorway, and take out anyone who wants to mess with you. Move through
    the doorway with the door on the floor and search the work bench to the right.
    Pick the nearest door and enter the room for goodies.
    Open up the weapon case with the gear you should have found earlier to pick up
    another revolver. Move back and watch your feet when you get to a narrow
    doorway, there's a trip wire trap there. Search the file cabinet for a coupler.
    Move through the doorways, and watch one of the doors you open, for it is
    shotgunned. After scavenging the room, head back and open up the fuse box.
    Connect the wires. Press the buzzer button, and open up the medical cabinet for
    some health if you want. Head out through the newly opened area, and move
    along. Head through the first room and scurry the place for items. Leave
    through the other door, and head right. You should come across another tv set
    up that you must watch before you pass.
    Before you can proceed past the double doors, you have to locate the
    combinations for the lock, so turn back. Head back, intending to go to the room
    with the buzzer and you should view three television sets with numbers on them.
    038. Head back and put the combination in. Take a right and head up the stairs.
    There is a trip wire trap nearby, so look on the ground as you move.
    Most of the doors to the left are bolted, but you can pick the third one you
    see. Head in and take the goodies. Move to the valve by the wall and turn it.
    You'll now be able to move to an area that was otherwise enclosed due to the
    steam. Try moving around the glass as you walk.  There's a person nearby who'll
    try to throw molotov cocktails at you.
    His varying degrees of success depend on your expedience in shooting him with
    the revolver, if you still have it on you, or taking him out with your fists.
    Move through the newly opened area and disarm the trip wire trap nearby.
    There's a door you can unbolt, and a door to pick opposite your position. In
    this bathroom area, you should see words written backwards on the wall. Angle
    the camera and look to the mirror to decipher it's real meaning.
    Move past till you get to a room with bricked walls. Disarm the trip wire trap,
    and look to the writing on the wall that's nearby. Move past, down the stairs.
    When you enter a slightly more opened area, jig saw will speak, informing you
    that you have more work to do. Activate the control panel, and grab a brick.
    Line up your shots to the 'X' on the wall, and hit the pigs that come past it.
    When you've taken out enough pigs in this carnivalesque game, you'll get a
    prize. No, it's not a teddy bear for your mate, it's the freezer key. Just as
    lovable, no? Move out and to the tight stair case area that's by the wall out
    site of the pig shooting place. Back track to a door near the sign freezer. I
    wonder where that door leads....Head down through the path, and a door will
    automatically open, and jig saw will chat you up again.
    Before you freeze to death, you'll have to move the racks and clear the way to
    the exit. Start by moving the racks to the right side as soon as you enter.
    Move to the left after pulling the two racks down. Push one up, and pull the
    one to the side of it down. Pull the one to the side of where it once was down.
    Push the nearby rack, and pull the rack near the entrance down. Pull the next
    tow from that one, to the left side down. Pull to the two to the right of that
    one down, and then move the one near the exit and leave.
    Read the case file, and head up the stairs. Open the jig saw box for the light
    bulb. Head up, and move opposite the door marked freezer. Move through that
    door, and move down and across to the opened door. There will be a man to take
    out in the vicinity. Take him out before he feels unloved, and move past the
    tvs where you got the combination from.
    Take a left and move straight. Head up the stairs, and past the center and the
    glass, past the hallway with the chair, and move through the lighted gated
    path. Move roundish around the path to a room with three colored tvs hanging on
    the top. This is conspicuous, so pay attention to them; you're observance of
    them will be important later on. Keep moving straight, and take a right past
    the tv.
    Head up and place the light bulbs. You want you shine the light in the same
    order as the tvs you noticed. Doing so will reveal the combination:831. Head
    back downstairs, and move to the double door room and insert the combination.
    Head through, and you'll get to Jeff. This sick game's almost over. And this
    sick game's almost over. See what I did there? Probably not. Walk up the stage,
    and there should be a scene. Alright, now you have to free Jeff.
    JEFF'S TRAP  30
    This is essentially a matching game. Match items with corresponding matches,
    for instance, a shotgun will match with a shotgun shell, saw with foot, heart
    with heart monitor, jig saw piece with piece, pill with pill bottle, camera
    with film, nail with hammer, and cassette player with the corresponding
    cassette. Get too many matches wrong, and Jeff will suffer. And then die. Yeah,
    you kinda have to stop that. Getting right matches will ease the burden,
    though. The best way to solve this puzzle it to simply actually write down
    where the pieces are to ensure a match.
    It's really easy by doing that, because a bulk of the mistakes in matching
    games comes when you know the general area of a match and you match it by one
    that's just a little off from the actual one. Once you've got all the pieces
    matched up, Jeff will be free. Nope, he's not grateful either. Walk forward
    without him, and pick up the audio tape. Search the work bench for a nail, and
    then head round, and move to the guy with the trap on his shoulders. Press the
    buzzer, and take out the guy in the contraption.
    Head past the other person in the cage,and move through the door next to him,
    but be careful, it's shotgunned. Survey the area, and when you head back out,
    you should be presented with a small scene. Move past the now dead guy, and
    head up the ladder. Balance over the balance beam, and jig saw will comment.
    Take a left, and there'll be another brief scene. There's a breakable wall in
    the room. Break it with your fists, and walk along the planks to the gap in the
    floor, and jump down. Listen to the audio tape that rests nearby. There's some
    health in the first aid cabinet that you'll need to pick to get to. There's
    more than one of them. Head to the large opening with windows for a brief
    Search the pantries, and other containers, and then move to the small room with
    a breakable wall. Break it, and be careful, there's someone else in that tight
    little space. Squeeze through to the other side, and be weary, for there is a
    trip wire nearby. Disarm it, and head through the door. You're going to partake
    in a boss battle with Jig Saw's apprentice, the pig guy. There's two ways to
    take care of this menace. First, you can lure him to the electricity area, and
    run back, get him in there, and press the switch.
    Or you can (which I recommend) take him out by firing whatever bullets you have
    at him, and then finishing him off with your fists. You're a regular Ali with
    them, and as such almost nothing in the game can stop you when using your
    fists....kinda wished it worked that way in real life. Or in other games, for
    that matter. Well, not really. Now take care with your fists, as the apprentice
    can counter some of your attacks.
    Follow the on screen prompt to take care of this situation as it arises. When
    he's taken out, search him for the library key. Head out and search for some
    locked double doors. Use the library key on the doors and head through. When
    you get to the small enclosed area where jig saw starts talking, search one of
    the lockers for a valve.
    Solve the valve pipe puzzle nearby, and Jig Saw makes it even more obvious that
    you're almost done with this game. Keep moving when you're done and head into
    the wide open area with the words truth and freedom written on the doors.
    Collect the audio tape and hear what this guy has to say now that you're a
    stone's throw from him. Head through the opened door, and move up. There will
    be a scene. Head through the next opened door in search of the key. Run through
    the side way with the racing numbers, and head through the door.
    Run right, move on and hop down, then take the ladder up, and move over the
    plank. Head up the next ladder, and take a right down the stairs. Head up the
    stairs past the door with jig saw's symbol on it. Balance across the planks in
    the electricity area, and be weary of intermittently steaming pipes. Keep
    moving and open up the box for jig saw's final choice key. Move past the
    television sets and search the pantry for a valve.
    Head to the next room and quickly get all the items you'll need to continue,
    (coupler, gear etc.). Solve the pipe puzzle, and then head out the door and
    down the steps. Move to the circuit box near the moving numbers timer, and take
    care of it. Head out and run, hopping down as you do. Unbolt and open the door
    impeding your path and head to the broken apart area that leads back to the
    room with the two choice doors.
    This is it. Time to make the choice. Freedom? Truth?
    I'll leave this choice up to you. Whatever you pick, you've beaten the game,
    CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I had a great time making this
    guide, and I really hope you found it helpful. It was a long
    journey, but I'm glad we made it this far. Take the choice that intrigues
    you the most. This was the walktrhough for SAW the videogame.
    Out each of the doors lies an ending, an ending which I won't spoil.
    Remember; the choice is yours.
    This walkthrough is copyright of
    2010, iheartpancreas. SAW: The video
    game. Gamefaqs.com. e-mail:woopdeefrickin@yahoo.com
    NOV 09-DEC 09
    JAN 2010
    V. 1.0
    This guide is not to be copied, distributed or
    displayed on a site other that gamefaqs.com.
    The guide is property of iheartpancreas.
    SAW: The videogame is published by KONAMI.
    All rights reserved.
    This guide was written for both the XBOX360 and Playstation 3
    home consoles.
    Thank you for reading the guide. Thank those who made it possible. Thank
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