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"Over 12 years of wait for this?"

Duke Nukem Forever, is a game many gamers probably know as a game that was delayed over and over again, so much that it's not even funny anymore. The finished product, a barebones shooter mainly filled with puzzles and occasionally some shooting.

Graphics : [Competent] (2/4) - PS2 Graphics

Graphics isn't everything, but it does factor in when the story and the gameplay is not quite top notch. Im not talking about Crysis 2 graphics now, that would be overkill, but in this day and age, we expect the graphics to be at least up there since we are talking about the PS3 capabilities. Poorly done textures, stiff animations are everywhere in this game [Will be discussed more in the gameplay section]. The Duke definitely had not aged well, since this game was delayed multiple times, I did not expect anything more from the graphics department. The graphics are at best PS2 graphics.

Sound : [At most Competent] [(2)/4] - Hit or Miss

The music and the sound effects are probably what is done right about this game. If you like the music, then good for you. If you dislike the music, at least it isn't bad enough to not play this game. So it is a Hit or Miss.

Gameplay: [Less Competent] [1/4] - Nails to a blackboard

The most important thing about any game is the gameplay and the story correct? That is why this category is weighed more than the graphics and the sound effects. So let's list with what's wrong with the game.

--Stiff Animations

You shoot one of those enemy that flies with a shotgun, and what do you expect? They aren't knocked back, they just fall on the floor in the standing position. That is a example of one of the battles present in Duke Nukem Forever. The enemies you encounter in the game, mainly the ground ones also share this stiffness in their animations whether they are sprinting or just trying to maul you.

--The Long Loading Times plus the small areas plus the easy to die equals trouble

Sure, it provides challenge if you are easily killed, in fact many gamers enjoy such challenge, including myself. But what is wrong is not the challenge part. But rather the massive loading time that are between every respawn. In this day and age, we do not expect loading times to be as long as that of Duke Nukem Forever since this game has at best PS2 graphics and not much is going on in the area either to justify the long loading times.

Casual gamers like me are easily irritated when the loading times are this long without a valid excuse. Look at Final Fantasy 13, a game as well done and with such next generation graphics handles its loading times quite well in regards of respawning while Duke Nukem Forever fails to address this issue. Every area are large at but it is separated into smaller areas each accompanied with the same long loading time. I have nothing against a large area divided into small areas nor am I hating on the challenge but the loading time is grotesque.

--Poor use of distasteful langauge as well as referencing things that date back a long time...

The Duke, as manly as he is, curses distastfully in inappropiate situations as well as referencing old "news", that had since lost much of its value, for his jokes. Pathetic. Even for the Duke.

--Little action could be a good thing, but are you really expecting the Duke to just be sit around?

Duke Nukem, a man whom the fans know that he apparently kick *** all the time. So one would expect that Duke Nukem Forever will have its share of *** kicking. But no, sadly the game is filled with puzzles that usually does not make all to much sense as to why it is built like that. Expect puzzle grinding rather than shooting, and when you finally get to the shooting, the shooting accompanied with the long loading times makes you want to cry.

--Over 12 years, his Fame remained stagnant and now the Duke tries to live up to himself, but fails dramatically

The story is quite simple, nothing to be expected from a Duke Nukem game. Borrowing concepts that made other shooters like Call of Duty famous, the Duke tries to be in the trend, so to speak. Unfortunately, the game designers are confused to whether or not they want the game to be more on the retro side or the more modern side. So the game developers went for somewhere in between and here you go. Duke Nukem Forever.

Overall - 3/10 [Not a very enjoyable game]

The Duke tried, and failed. Long Loading Times plus the fragile life you hold makes the shooting portion of the game bad. The graphics are nothing to look forward to. The sound effects and music aren't bad but not great either. Filled with pointless puzzles that makes Duke appear to be a child rather than a adult. Overhyped, and it turned out to be pretty bad as the developers failed to reach the consumer expectations. Constant setbacks, trying to upgrade itself to the PS2 era then the PS3 era, that didn't went too well. Sexism, cursing does not make a game more mature, rather this game handles it pretty distastefully [The Sexism is inexcusable and is quite distasteful]. Over twelve years of wait and you got this? A barebones game unworthy to be named after the Duke.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 06/17/11

Game Release: Duke Nukem Forever (US, 06/14/11)

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