Review by dead_assassin

Reviewed: 10/06/11

Seriously, 12 Years of Waiting and THIS is the Best They Can Come Up With???

Duke Nukem. The trash-talking steroid-induced bad-ass in the shades. A huge favorite to teenage boys that still laugh at farts and have to sneak to read adult magazines. Some of us remember this guy from the older PC days. Many of us just couldn't get enough of seeing Duke pee in a toilet and give strippers dollar bills over and over. When this series was popular, I was that teenage boy. I remember playing Duke Nukem in Study Hall or Metal Shop back in school. Our teacher was pretty cool and let us do what we wanted, so we brought in computer games to play, and one of the games that was brought in was Duke Nukem. It wasn't one of my favorite games, honestly, but it was worth playing for a good laugh. And then for 12 years, Duke disappeared. I heard all this rant about the next Duke Nukem game. I kept hearing rumors it was in development. I heard people talking about it like it was a gift from God or something, and I always thought "Big Deal" when people discussed it. Some other games I really looked forward to being released, some that took a long time in development, but not a game about wisecracks and toilet humor. Don't get me wrong, I have a great sense of humor but certain things, certain concepts, just get old really fast. And when you have to wait 12 years to play it, its just not worth worrying about at all.

This installment follows Duke, as he is off partying as usual and with 2 attractive school girls. From the cut scenes, you assume they are lesbians or just really wild and pretty into each other. With that being said, aliens show up and kidnap them and wish to take over the world. I believe there are some 5 year olds out there that can make a better story-line than this. But yeah, Duke is mad and sets out to kill the aliens. That's all I can say about the story-line itself. You are given a fairly decent assortment of of the series know what to expect. Shrinking rays, lightning guns, you know....nothing new here. You shoot an enemy, he dies, Duke says something vulgar. And to think, I actually found this type of stuff funny and entertaining. Now on to what makes the game what it is.

Graphics (out of 10) 7. I have seen better PS2 graphics to be honest. I was highly disappointed with the graphics of this game and though the earlier Duke games had terrible graphics (especially the installment on the PS0ne) this game was far from impressive. Every other PS3 game I have played before it had far better graphics and I was disappointed indeed, still thinking that this was the best they could do after 12 years of developing? Nothing is spectacular, not the backgrounds, not the character designs, nothing really. If this was a PS2 game, I would have given the graphics a 9 at best, but for a PS3 game, it should be far better.

Music/Sounds: 8. Fairly decent, but nothing great. The music soundtrack has to match an equally tough guy like Duke, and it does a fairly good job at this. The weapon sounds are fairly good, not up to par with Call of Duty, but its doable.

Challenge: 3. I found this game very easy, I maybe died twice in the first 4 levels. Giving you auto respawn and infinite lives makes the game a bit too easy. And Duke's steroids seem to give him a massive healing ability as well, which is helpful but unrealistic. I found the earlier Duke games more challenging, I guess the developers wanted to focus more on what they thought was gonna be an awesome game all around, but instead it never lived up to the hype.

Buy it? Rent it? Maybe rent it. I actually saw used copies of this game not even a week after its release for $35. My ex and I pre-ordered this game with the highest hopes. Oh boy, Duke finally will be released! I remember the line in GameStop at the midnight release. The line was all the way to the back of the store and then some. I rushed home with my copy She ended up hating it and never playing it again and I haven't really touched it since either. We both tried story mode and disliked it. Then we tried the online multiplayer, hoping it was better. The multiplayer is horrible, for those of you that think it may be better than the story mode. It is unquestionably my least played game in my entire collection and the only reason I haven't traded it in is because I did spent $60 on it and I am not taking a lousy $7 or less trade in value for it. If you're young and are amused easily at profanity and perversion though, maybe pick this game up. Its pretty cheap now, surely and its worthy of a few laughs, but that's about it.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Product Release: Duke Nukem Forever (US, 06/14/11)

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