• Trophies

    Complete each requirement to receive the Trophies.

    AAAADRIAAANNNN!!! (Bronze)Outside of training mode, win a match with only 1 HP left.
    Acolyte (Bronze)Win 10 player matches on PlayStation®Network.
    Aficionado (Bronze)Unlock 75% of the gallery.
    Apples And Trees (Bronze)Clear Urs's main scenario in the story mode
    Apprentice (Bronze)Play a player match on PlayStation®Network.
    Art Student (Bronze)Unlock 25% of the gallery.
    At The Same Time!? (Bronze)Outside of training mode, get a Double KO.
    Be Gentle... (Bronze)Finish off Olivia with Ashley's Steal Your Heart in single-player arcade mode.
    Best Served Cold (Bronze)Clear Face's main scenario in the story mode
    Big Stick Diplomacy (Bronze)Clear Odile & Dokurod's main scenario in the story mode.
    Can't Fight This Feeling Anymore (Bronze)In the single-player arcade mode, end a battle with Olivia's Shall We Dance?
    Champion of Fantasia (Platinum)Bestowed upon those who have been awarded with everything Battle Fantasia has to offer. Thanks for playing!
    Cruelty to Animals (Bronze)In single-player arcade mode, finish off Watson with Donvalve's throw.
    Curator (Bronze)Unlock 100% of the gallery.
    Didn't Even Break a Sweat (Bronze)Defeat the End of Deathbringer in single-player arcade mode without Heating Up.
    Early Start (Bronze)In single-player arcade mode, finish off a female opponent with Marco's throw.
    Elementary (Bronze)Clear Watson's main scenario in the story mode.
    Enthusiast (Bronze)Unlock 50% of the gallery.
    Faster Than A Speeding Bullet (Bronze)Clear time attack mode within 10 minutes.
    Faster Than Anything (Silver)Clear time attack mode within 6 minutes.
    Faster Than Lightning (Bronze)Clear time attack mode within 8 minutes.
    Filicide (Bronze)Clear Deathbringer's main scenario in story mode.
    Final Countdown (Bronze)In the single-player arcade mode, end a battle with Deathbringer's Final Strike.
    For Whom The Bell Tolls... (Silver)Outside of training mode, as Death Bringer, defeat an opponent with a single move.
    Freed At Last! (Bronze)Outside of training mode, have 2 Freeds in Heat Up mode do Magnum Jetter on each other simultaneously.
    Furricane (Bronze)In single-player arcade mode, get 25+ hits with Coyori's Cat Storm.
    Groovy (Bronze)Get a 30+ hit combo with Urs.
    Har-man-ica (Bronze)In single-player arcade mode, see Face whip out his instrument while wearing hot pants.
    Henry V (Bronze)20 consecutive wins in survival mode.
    Hooked Again (Bronze)Clear Freed's main scenario in story mode
    How Do You Like It? (Bronze)Clear Coyori's main scenario in story mode.
    International Ninja (Silver)Win 60 ranked matches on PlayStation®Network.
    It's A Trap! (Bronze)In single-player arcade mode, hit an opponent with Watson's level 3 Torabasa Minore.
    Knight (Bronze)Clear arcade mode on the VERY HARD difficulty setting.
    Leonidas (Silver)30 consecutive wins in survival mode.
    Local Legend (Bronze)Win 10 ranked matches on PlayStation®Network.
    Mage (Bronze)Win 50 player matches on PlayStation®Network.
    Maladie Des Griffes Du Chat (Bronze)Get a 50+ hit combo with Coyori.
    Marxist (Bronze)In single-player arcade mode, use Cedric's Nose Glasses against the End of Deathbringer.
    Not Creepy At All (Bronze)Clear Ashley's main scenario in story mode.
    Oh No You Didn't! (Bronze)Outside of training mode, use Cedric's Nose Glasses.
    Older Swinger Seeks Companion (Bronze)In the single-player arcade mode, hit with Donvalve's strongest swing, the Don Don Swing.
    Plays Well With Others (Bronze)Play a ranked match on PlayStation®Network.
    Population Control (Bronze)Outside of training mode, dish out a total of over 1,000,000 damage.
    Pretty In Pink (Bronze)Clear Olivia's main scenario in the story mode.
    Risky Business (Bronze)Clear Donvalve's main scenario in story mode.
    Serf (Bronze)Clear arcade mode.
    Shameless Flirt (Bronze)In single-player arcade mode, seduce every character with Ashley's taunt.
    Size Doesn't Matter (Bronze)Get a 40+ hit combo with Watson.
    Squire (Bronze)Clear arcade mode on the HARD difficulty setting.
    Start Me Up! (Bronze)Outside of training mode, use Urs's tauting to enter Heat Up mode.
    Staying Power (Bronze)Clear arcade mode with no continues.
    Success Story (Bronze)Win 30 ranked matches on PlayStation®Network.
    The Hookening (Bronze)Get a 20+ hit combo with Freed.
    The Rainbow (Bronze)Unlock every character's hidden colors.
    The Touch (Bronze)In the single-player arcade mode, finish Face off with Marco's throw.
    Warlock (Bronze)Win 100 player matches on PlayStation®Network.
    William Wallace (Bronze)10 consecutive wins in survival mode.
    With Our Powers Combined! (Bronze)Get a 60+ hit combo with Odile and Dokurod.
    You Have Gained A Level! (Bronze)Clear Marco's main scenario in the story mode.
    You May Feel A Little Prick (Bronze)Clear Cedric's main scenario in the story mode.
    You Want Me To WHAT? (Gold)'In single-player arcade mode, on a difficulty higher than NORMAL, survive Deathbringer's Apocalypse Flame attack and win the round with full health.

    Contributed By: Guard Master and Mookiethebold.

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