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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Misfit119

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 09/20/08 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Overlord: Raising Hell - PS3
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    Written by: Daniel Acaba 
    GameFAQS ID: Misfit119
    Contact me at: eternalmisery718@yahoo.com
    System: PlayStation 3
    This FAQ Copyright 2008 Daniel Acaba
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    1 - Update History
    2 - About This FAQ
    3 - Controls
    4 - Walkthrough
      4.0 - General Tips
      4.1 - The Tower Introduction
      4.2 - Mellow Hills
      4.3 - Evernight Forest
      4.4 - Heaven's Peak
      4.5 - Finish Oberon
         a1 - Mellow Hills Abyss
         b2 - Evernight Abyss
      4.6 - Golden Hills
         c3 - Heaven's Peak Abyss
         d4 - Golden Hills Abyss
      4.7 - Defeat Kahn
      4.8 - The Betrayal
         e5 - The Infernal Abyss
    5 - About the Author
    1. Update History
    v.1.0 - 9/20/2008 - FAQ Completed.
    2. About This FAQ
    This FAQ will cover the entirety of the Overlord: Raising Hell game for the PS3
    including the abyss dimensions. These can be done during or after you complete
    the game although it is recommended that you do a bit of both. Some of the
    dimensions are quite easy and have good rewards. In either case you can simply
    choose when to do these.
    3. Controls
    Left Analog - Move Overlord
    Right Analog - Control Minions
    D-Pad Up - Change Fire Spell
    D-Pad Left - Change Domination Spell
    D-Pad Down -  Change Protection Spell
    D-Pad Right - Chage Minion Spell
    Square Button - Cast Chosen Spell
    Triangle Button - Place Guard Marker
    Cross (X) Button - Attack
    Circle Button - Recall Minions
    L1 Button - Reset Camera
    L2 Button - Lock on Target
    R1 Button - Hold to change selected Minions. Tap to choose all.
    R2 Button - Send Minions forward / At target if locked on.
    L3 - Not Used
    R3 - Change camera angle
    Select Button - Status / Objective Screen
    Start Button - Pause Menu
    4. Walkthrough
    There will be very specific points in the game where you will have the option
    to do things in a bad way or a good way. These will be noted as they come up.
    You also cannot complete any of the Abysses without having all of the different
    types of Minions at your command. So don't bother with going too far into them,
    it's more or less a lost cause until then.
    * NOTE: If you are looking for the Abyss dimensions only they are listed in the
    index quite apparently so consult there.
    4.0 - General Tips
     - The quickest way to harvest Life Force is via the dungeon. Go down there and
    select a group of any type of Beetle and defeat them. This will net you about
    75 life force of whatever color you are fighting. Now the problem lies in that
    you can die easily doing this and your Minions especially so. Come down here
    once you've forged some decent armor with health regeneration and increased
    defense as well as a good weapon. Later in the game you can even equip the
    unique item, Harvesting Helmet, to double your intake.
     - Until the above becomes an option stick with beating on sheepies to get a
    lot of Brown life force in Mellow Hills and let them be the sacrificial lambs
    whenever it's required.
     - Once you've beaten the Ruborian Desert this is the best area to gather lots
    of money and Minion equipment. Simply teleport to the village waypoint and
    start breaking all of the chests, barrels and crates and gather up everything.
    This will net you lots of money and Minion % very quickly.
     - When in the Abysses do not have your Minions bust open the pumpkin looking
    plants. These will sometimes have bombs in them that will destroy any and all
    Minions caught in the blast no matter how protected. Always open these with the
    Overlord and quickly retreat if you hear a fuse going.
     - It won't be said in the walkthrough but it should be obvious: if you're
    going the good route then never attack peasants or raid homes. Do quite the
    opposite if you're going down the bad path.
    4.1 - The Tower Introduction
    After the cutscene is over head down the stairs towards the Minions. You will
    be told how to summon Minions so follow the prompts to learn how to do so. Now
    you can either follow Gnarl to learn how to fight or go up the stairs to the
    Throne Room to skip this. If this is your first time follow Gnarl to get a 
    short introduction to the basics of the combat system and then how to control
    your Minions. Once you're done with all this you can continue onwards.
    After some more talking you will be told to get out there and hunt down the
    Tower Heart so teleport on over to the Mellow Hills. Summon up some Minions and
    look around, you should see some sheeps. Go around and slaughter every sheep
    you see, gathering up the brown orbs they drop. This is life force and it's the
    key to keeping yourself supplied with Minions.
    Once you've harvested all the life force you like go back to the spawning pits
    and summon up two more Minions since you can control 5 of them. Head over to
    the fallen pillar and send your Minions to move it (lock onto it and then send
    them to "attack" it). Head forward and you will get to meet farmer Bob, the man
    who is terrified of pumpkins. Ookay...
    Seems that a bunch of Halflings have infested his farm so it's time to chase
    them out. Have them cut a path through the sunflowers and then send them to
    bust up some of the pumpkins. They will pick them up and use them as helmets to
    armor themselves. They do this all the time and the higher your percentage (it
    starts at 100% goes up to 400%) the more effective your Minions are.
    Send your Minions into the farmhouse and they will slaughter the Halflings and
    ravage the farmhouse for money and equipment for themselves. Well nothing to be
    done about that, leave Bob to fix up the farm and then head on along your way.
    Soon enough you will find some sleeping Halflings, send your Minions over to
    give them a rude awakening. Once they're all dead you will get a cutscene that
    shows you the Tower Heart.
    Send your Minions to clear out the path to the heart and then have them lift it
    up. Follow them as they head towards the waypoint and you will reach a wall
    that is just... kind of standing there. Knock it down with your axe and it will
    make a bridge to the tower warp gate you came in using. Once they return it to
    the warp you will now be able to control 10 Minions and have access to the
    first level Fire spell.
    Now, it's time to really get this party started. You need to find the Crane for
    your tower so lets get to it.
    4.2 - Mellow Hills
    Teleport back to the Mellow Hills and head over towards the wall that you
    knocked down before. There's a pillar nearby that requires ten minions to move
    it, well now you have that. Let them push it out of the way and you will get a
    cutscene. Seems that the Halflings have been getting a little uppity here and
    the idiot townsfolk want you to do something about it.
    Head forward and you will see some Halflings hanging out in the wheat nearby.
    Use a fire spell to light it aflame and watch them all burn to death. Send your
    minions in to loot and then continue forward. You will see another wheat field
    here, burn that up as well. Now head on over to it with your minions, clean up
    any survivors and loot the remains. There are some peasants in this area too.
    GOOD: Don't bother the peasants, just leave them be and continue on.
    EVIL: Might as well start killing them now. Let your Minions at 'em.
    As you head forward from here you will come across the first of the Sacrificial
    Blood Pits. Send your minions into it to heal up but you shouldn't need that at
    this point. Keep moving forward and you will come across some more Halflings.
    Work with your minions to take them out and then take out the stone chucking
    ones, they can kill your Minions pretty easily.
    With all that done have your minions turn the wheel here to open the way to the
    Slave Camp and head on through.
    The game will save when you reach the waypoint and a brown spawning pit will
    emerge from the ground. Use them if you need it and then head forward to find
    some Halflings in need of being killed before you head forward. In this new
    area start wiping out the Halflings here. Don't forget to take out the stone
    chuckers as soon as possible.
    Search the area to find plenty of breakables and some more Halflings you can
    wipe out. Once they're dead you can turn the wheel to let the prisoners out and
    give them a treatment appropriate to your alignment. Keep on moving forward
    taking out Halflings as you go but be careful, when you pass the Blood Pit in
    this area a mid-boss fight is coming.
    Try to take out the Halflings as quickly as you can before the Troll starts to
    enter the fray. You should try to manually control them during this. Let them
    get near it and start hitting it but quickly pull them back when he begins to
    rub his belly, this is the sign he is going to do a belly flop. Any of your
    little minions caught in the area when this happens will die. If you need to
    double back to the Blood Pit, there's a brown spawning pit near it.
    With him out of the way head over ot the gate and have your minions turn the
    wheel. This will reveal the Crane you've been looking for. Woot for completing
    this quest. Don't leave just yet though. Let your Minions bring the Crane back
    to the waypoint but look around for a wheel to turn, this will release all of
    the slaves that were taken from Spree.
    Head back to the Tower to see the shape that it's in. Now you need a Mistress
    but before you can do that you need to go to Spree and see what's going on.
    Go back to Spree and get rid of the barrier keeping you from getting into
    town. Archie has a new quest for you to go to the Halflings home and cause
    some havoc. Sounds like fun, doesn't it? On your right will be a wheel for
    your minions to turn, which opens the gate to the next area. Kill the barrels
    there as well as the halflings. On your right is more barrels and your left 
    has a chest. Find the broken wall in that area and go right from it to pick up
    a domination spell. Use the wheel to open the bridge and your minions will
    bring your spell back to the waypoint for you. More halflings! Kill them!
    There are the regular ground troops and ones that throw rocks at you if you
    let them stay too far away before slaughtering them. As always, destroy all
    the barrells and jars along the way. As you continue up, you'll see a halfling
    house. Send your minions inside any houses you see so they can steal stuff and
    you can kill Halflings. When you're done being evil, go down the stairs.
    As you go down the stairs you'll see more halflings to kill as well as a
    troll. Be careful with him. There is a spawning pit not too far away, which
    is good, though. If you need it, go back and get more minions to sacrifice
    to the troll before finishing off the Halflings. One thing to keep in mind is
    the belly jump attack that he has. If your minions are near it then multiple
    ones of them will die immediately. Just call your minions back to prevent them 
    from getting smooshed. 
    Finish all your looting here; the barrels, jars and houses. When you're done
    go back to the big halfling house. There's treasure outside to pick up before
    turning the wheel to get inside.
    Break everything. Lots of fun. On the left side of the room are stairs that
    lead towards the bottom of the room. There is some easy prey, I mean, 
    sleeping Halflings here to kill. Go back to the previous room and down the
    stairs towards the center to break the door there.
    More halflings behind the door to kill. There's so many of them, you'd think
    they lived here or something. The gate in front of you is closed, so go to
    the right. When you break the pots in here you get a lovely bonus. There are
    a bunch of rats that attack the halflings there. Fun to watch! But seriously,
    kill them all. Send your minions through the center and have them destroy 
    anything they can get their little minion hands on. Keep going to the right 
    and around the corner there. A halfling will come out an opening, giving you
    an important clue here. Whenever you see one of these, destroy it so you don't
    get more halflings. Or if you really want to kill more, let them stay and
    you'll get a good supply to purge from the world. 
    When you're done killing, on the left is a wheel to turn to open up that
    closed gate you'd previously seen. Don't go back just yet. On the right there
    is a path for your minions and you can follow down the hall.  It goes in a 
    pretty straight line with a few strays to kill along the way. You'll be on
    the other side of the entrance room, which was not available when you first
    came in. Take everything in here that you can, including the nice bag of
    money. Your minions can bring it back to the entrance waypoint for you. 
    Once that is finished, go ahead through that gate which is right ahead of the
    entrance area, in case you forgot. 
    Once you're through the gate, go left into a dungeon room and get out the
    peasants that are locked up in the cages. There are easy sleeping halflings
    to kill first to make sure they don't give you grief when you bust the people
    out. There is a small hole by the halfling hole here. Send your minions
    through and let them close it up before you turn the wheel to let the 
    peasants out. They'll start talking about the Halfling's food, reminding you
    what you came for in the first place. Clean out the rest of the room before
    you go back out and down the hall.
    There's a door in your way. You know what to do. Break it and keep going and
    head towards the left. Close up the halfling holes here (unless you want to
    kill some first) and then break the pumpkins. You'll find another tower object
    inside them. Dirty halflings hiding your things like that. Your minions will
    take it to the waypoint for you, increasing to 15 the amount of minions you
    can have summoned at once. 
    In the room with the tower object is also a red wheel. It's missing some of
    the spokes meaning that you can't turn it just yet. We need to go find them
    first. There's a door on the right with some halflings hiding. Kill them! On
    the left are stairs that you should go up, NOT the path forward. When you go
    up the stairs you'll find more easy pickings. Beat up on all the sleeping
    halflings, loot the room and destroy the door here. Kill more of the halflings
    and the first spoke will be sitting right in the middle of the halflings and
    the breakables. Have a minion pick it up and let's go.
    Continue forward, breaking everything as you go. You'll see a wheel to turn
    which will let you go down the path you ignored before. You'll see an open
    gate here, which is what you just opened. The spoke will be sitting right 
    where you can see it. Close up the halfling holes and then send your minions
    around the room. When the spoke has been picked up, go on through the door.
    Open up any breakables you see along the way as you're travelling down the
    path. You find a door to go through and, guess what, there are a LOT of
    halflings to kill. Make sure to plug up the holes as you go or you'll get
    overwhelmed. Pick up all the loot in the room. Once you're done in here, turn
    the wheel in the room and go through the door. As you go around the path there
    will be a really chunky halfling chef coming your way. Beat him up and go the
    way he just came from. You'll come into a halfling kitchen with more chefs to
    kill. If you want, you can break up the baskets to let out the rats to
    distract the chefs before you kill them.  
    Keep going, breaking up as much stuff as you see along the way. You'll see a
    mana pit that you can use if needed. Make your way through the kitchen and
    further in you'll find...the food. Turn the wheel in here and make sure the
    room is cleaned out before you pick it up. They'll carry the food out and 
    you get to watch the grateful peasants getting their food back. Go on ahead
    back to Spree.
    You need to head back to the Halfling Village and that gate you couldn't open
    before. When you loot the house here you'll see a wheel to turn. You'll start
    heading into their party area where Melvin is. Disgusting, bloated Melvin. 
    Your minions are no help at the moment, seeing as how they're being bewitched
    by the fiddle music. Find the fiddler and kill him so that your minions will
    actually be of some help.  Once you've gotten them back under control, you've
    got a large task in front of you. You need to not only find spokes to turn a 
    wheel and follow Disgusting Melvin, but you've got to kill the halflings 
    getting in your way.
    The first spoke you should find around the bend on the right side near some 
    halfling houses. Kill the halflings getting in your way, pick up loot and grab
    the spoke. There's a spawning and blood pit nearby which you might just need.
    Go past them and you'll find a barrier of fire blocking off an object. When 
    you finally get red minions you'll be able to come back for it, but not now.
    On a platform here though, is the second spoke that you need. Pick it up and
    go back to the wheel. Once you're turned it, halflings will come out to pester
    you. Kill them and go into the house. 
    Go to the left and get rid of the sheep there. Destroy and loot whereever you 
    see the opportunity. When you go through the opening, Gnarl will start 
    talking to tell you that the red minions are here. Turn the wheel here which
    will cook the chefs you see. Fun! Then keep breaking things in the room until
    you find the next wheel. Turn this to get through the gate that you see here.
    There's more looting and destroying to be done as you follow the bend to get to
    reach Melvin. 
    Boss: Melvin
    Defeating Melvin is actually fairly easy it just requires that you be careful.
    Keep your Minions near you and circle behind Melvin, sending your Minions to go
    after him and try to distract him with your axe. Watch out for him to do any
    belly bounce attacks and when he starts doing it call your Minions back.
    After you deal enough damage to him he will start to roll around. Quickly move
    your Minions away and keep careful watch on them. From this point in the fight
    you can keep them away from him and handle him yourself if you want but if you
    are playing on Legendary it's a bit more complicated.
    Stay away from him and keep your Minions near you and make sure to watch his
    movements. Once you see him slowing down begin to move in and once he's stopped
    then you will want to go in with your Minions and pound on him. Retreat once he
    starts to move again and keep this up until he's down for the count. Once he's
    so down give him a final strike in the butt to finish him off.
    The cleaning bill is going to be ginormous for this place, yeesh. Go through
    the door here and you will pass some Spawning pits to your right. Get some more
    Browns to replace what you lost but leave yourself some room to spare, a few
    will do, and then head through the next door to find just where the Red Minions
    have been. Head to the left and have your Minions turn the wheel here and you
    will now have access to Red Minions.
    Go ahead and call some reds out, you're going to need them here. Send them out
    to kill the red bugs here to gather up ten red life force and then get that
    many red minions. Have them pick up the hive and start moving. Follow the path
    and you will encounter some halflings, get rid of them and the ones that come
    out further one although you might need some Minion assistance to handle the
    second group. It's up to you.
    When you reach the room with more Halfling chefs stop and wait. Use your Reds
    to distract the chefs, set them to the left side and they will attack them with
    flame attacks. You can send your extra Minions to turn the wheel and move the
    flames to stop the enemies spawning in and open the way forward. You now have a
    clear path to get the heck out of here so carry the Minion Hive back to the
    waypoint and head on back to the Tower.
    Teleport from the Tower to Mellow Hills where you will be told that the sheep
    are breeding much faster now so this is a great place to gather lots of Brown
    Minion life force. Well regardless of that lets head back to where the Halfling
    Party was going on and make sure to bring some reds. When you get there you
    will find a flaming barrier that the reds can get rid of. Get rid of it and
    behind it is a huge bag full of gold, woohoo! Bring it to the nearest waypoint
    and then return to Spree. 
    Make your way to the back of the city of Spree and one of the peasants will
    tell you about a lady that passed through. Oh and something about Castle Spree
    being under attack but that's not as relevant as a potential mistress. Before
    you go through this gate though head through the other city gate at the back of
    the city. This leads to a quest to find the Smelter so lets get to it.
    Head on over to the right and look in the ruined building to find the smelter.
    Send your red minions to get rid of the flaming barrier and then have your reds
    grab the Smelter. While you're heading back to the city you will be attacked by
    Halflings and those damnable peasants will lock you out of the city, forcing
    you to fight them. If you're not already evil then this would be a good time to
    turn so and give those peasants what they deserve once you get back in. Punks.
    * NOTE: There is another path here that leads to a woods type area, this is
    Evernight forest and it serves no purpose at the moment.
    Anyways have your brown minions wipe out the halflings and then make your way
    to the left side of the area. There will be more Halflings as you go so make
    sure you stay alert and keep killing them with your browns. Turn the wheel here
    and get that Smelter to the waypoint. Phew! Return to the tower and you will
    want to start forging yourself new equipment. It's heavily suggested that you
    farm Brown life force from the sheeps near Spree and then forge a weapon with
    a very high damage output. This will make later areas much easier. Let's get
    back to Spree.
    Open up the city gate we ignored before and head down the path. There's plenty
    of bugs are around so kill them to build up your life force and keep moving.
    Eventually you will find a flaming barrier blocking your path, use your reds to
    get rid of it and stay on the path fighting through the enemies until you reach
    the drawbridge.
    Head to your right, kill some raiders and get rid of the fire barrier here.
    Send your Minions towards the wheel and they will kill another raider before
    turning it to drop the drawbridge. Pull your Minions back and head over the
    drawbridge. As you enter the castle a horde of raiders will pop in and attack
    you so be careful and use your fire magic to help thin them out. Once they're
    dead get rid of the fire barrier here but don't go into the dungeon just yet.
    Head to the right of this area and you will find a break in the castle wall. By
    going this way you will reach a spawning pit, waypoint and most important is a
    horde increasing tower object. Get this back to the waypoint and then head back
    to the dungeon entrance and go on in.
    Use your reds to remove the flaming barrier and go forward. You'll get a look
    at your Mistress-to-be here. Head down the stairs, killing raiders and removing
    fire barriers as you go (there's one in an area to your left keeping some
    people trapped in). This area is actually pretty much a straight path full of
    raiders and flaming barriers to deal with. Eventually you will reach a wheel,
    turn this to open a gate below yourself.
    Raiders will come out of nowhere so get rid of them and head back the way that
    you just came. When you reach the entrance you can head through the gate you
    opened just before, making sure that you have a bunch of reds with you. There
    is a giant floating eye type creature here and you can't kill it with basic
    attacks, only your spells and red Minions can harm it. Leave your Browns to
    deal with the raiders and set your reds at the top of the stairs on either side
    of the eye. They will burninate it with their flames and thus stop the raiders
    from spawning in.
    With that dead bring the luggage back to Rose and she will agree to come back
    to your Tower as your mistress. Not as evil as you'd hope but hey, it's a start
    no? If you'd like you can head back to the Tower and start decorating it as you
    like by buying stuff from her.
    * NOTE: If you're playing as an evil character do not purchase any of Roses'
    tower objects. You're going to replace her eventually for someone more fitting
    your nature so don't waste the money. If you're being good... well fine then,
    buy her stuff you little pansy.
    Head back over to the area where you got the smelter and move towards the
    forest area you saw before. You will see a bunch of peasants complaining about
    the roots that are everywhere here. Further up the road is a root barrier that
    your reds can get rid of so have them destroy it and continue forward to enter
    Evernight Forest.
      - Evernight Forest
    Head to the right and follow that path. Listen to the ghost elves if you like
    before continuing onward. This will net you a quest, ignore it for now and keep
    on moving. You will encounter a white unicorn... with blood all over its mouth.
    This hellish beast can charge you and your minions trampling some, sending some
    flying and goring others with its horn. Try to surround them with browns and
    get behind them to melee them while your reds burn them from a distance. With
    it dead you can continue on.
    * NOTE: If you're trying to be uber evil you don't need to bother killing the
    ghost elves. It doesn't net you anything at all and you need the blues to even
    consider doing it anyways. Don't waste your time, just ignore them and their
    cheesy voice acting.
    As you go soon enough you will reach a stream of water with a bridge made out
    of what appears to be a plant root going over it. You can walk through the
    stream of water yourself but if your minions go deeper than their knees they
    will drown. Don't ever let them go into water, simply guide them over the plant
    root and they will be fine.
    * NOTE: Some people claim that if you go through the water your minions will go
    across the plant root on their own. In my experience this is not always the
    case, sometimes a few of them will follow you right into the water and make use
    of their super special drowning skills. Keep them out of all bodies of water.
    Once on the other side of the bridge kill the second bloody unicorn the same
    way you killed the first. Search the area to find a barrier that is blocking
    you off from a tower object, send your Minions over to it and then have them
    turn the wheel to cause a bridge to lead you back to the original area. Your
    minions can take the tower object back now.
    Make your way back to the elven ghosts who will let you pass. Bust up the
    barrier and head forward slowly. As you go monsters will spawn from the right,
    the left and then back and forth once more. These little guys are quick, hit
    pretty hard and are archers. Plus they will try to run up narrow paths to the
    upper level forcing you to send your minions up the narrow path to get at them.
    Keep your reds near you and let your browns rush them, the browns can take a
    few arrows before dying and it's just easier that way.
    Eventually you will reach a large open area where you will see what the root
    cause of the problem in Evernight is (gah, what a horrible pun). You need to
    get rid of Oberon but to do that you have to take out all of his weird little
    nodes. Until then he's staying asleep in his little root bubble thingie.
    Head to your right and bust the barrier here, this will leave you in an area
    with a sacrificial health pit. Nearby it is a glowing white ball of light on a
    pulsating root. Destroy it with axe or minions and the root it was attached to
    will whither and die away. Head back a bit and the root dying will have shown a
    new path you can take.
    * NOTE: You will have to destroy a total of five more root nodes to wake up
    Oberon. This is going to take you awhile.
    Continue along this path until you see a green minion clearing out the poison
    plants in your path as well as some other enemies, take them out and continue.
    As you head through this area you will be moving your minions across the root
    bridges, killing the enemies as you go while your Overlord keeps moving through
    the water. If you don't want to risk dealing with the enemies pick up the
    explosive egg things that Gnarl points out, put them near the creatures and get
    them outta there. Either way you will be doing this for a bit.
    Soon you will see a green minion go running into a cave. However there is a
    tower object right nearby it, grab it up and carry it back to the waypoint to
    increase your Mana bar before you go on inside.
    Follow the greens into the cave and start following them. Make sure to kill off
    every green bug that you come across to gather up some life force. As you move
    you're going to pass plenty of poison plants, avoid them and make sure your
    minions do so as well. Eventually you will reach a room with a big brick in the
    middle of the room, this is where to stop for the moment.
    If you look around you will notice that the there is a vine to your right. Have
    them go down the vine to the lower level and move the block to form a path of
    sorts, go over the block to the other side. You should see the greens over here
    again, head on over to start following them.
    Soon you will reach some poison gas, it comes and goes over time. What you want
    to do is to allow it to disperse and then move forward. You're going to need to
    do this a number of times before you've escaped the gas entirely. As you follow
    this path you're going to want to kill all of the bugs that you come across to
    gather up more life force.
    You will reach a barrier in your path, destroy it and you will soon come to a
    health sacrifice altar and spawning pits. Go forward and you will see another
    block, have your minions push it and it will end up bridging your path. Make
    your way to the path near the arch and follow it to reach another barrier, bust
    it to reach where the block ended up.
    When you pass that way you will be able to summon greens and start moving the
    green hive. Send the greens to start clearing the poison plants from around the
    hive and grab it up. Any time you see poison from now on you will want your
    greens to get rid of it so that you avoid any of your idio... minions walking
    into it for some reason.
    * NOTE: Before you continue forward make sure you have about half of your total
    amount of Minions as greens. Get rid of your reds if you have to.
    Keep your greens carrying the hive and following behind you while you let your
    browns fight off any of the bugs that you come across. Let your remaining green
    minions sweep out any poison in your way. Eventually you will come across a
    giant troll just begging to be slaughtered. Use your browns and yourself to
    distract the big guy and guard mark your greens so that they backstab the big
    guy and wipe him out.
    With him dead send him over to the wheel and turn it, this will cause a bridge
    to come out and cross the gap. You can continue along this path with the hive
    in tow. This will lead you straight across all the way to the waypoint, yay!
    * NOTE: From here you will definitely want to go back and reforge any of your
    equipment so as to incorporate the greens into it. They give you a bonus to
    critical hit chance which is an immense boon in combat. Don't go explore the
    Forest again until you're done doing this to your hearts content.
    Leave the Viridian Caverns when you're done and head to the poison field nearby
    the mouth of the cave. When you've cleared all of the poison you will have
    revealed another root node. Destroy it and a bunch of bugs will come at you,
    take them out as well. Have your greens clear all of the poison beyond this and
    follow the path forward until you are blocked by a tree. Head right from here
    and you will reach a tower item that gives you the shield spell. Bring it back
    to the waypoint to gain access to these spells.
    * NOTE: If you don't feel like bothering breaking a few more root nodes you can
    just skip to Heaven's Peak now. However this isn't suggested as there's a few
    tower objects to gather here that are quite useful.
    Use the waypoint to get as close to Oberon as you can and head back to his tree
    with your new greens. You will see some poison blocking your path under one of
    of the roots. Get rid of it and then head around the side of the building. As
    you reach the end of this path you will see that there are some roots blocking
    your path forward. Just before this is a path that goes up some stairs to a
    ledge. Guard mark your reds and greens up here and then lead your browns back
    over to the barrier.
    * NOTE: Ignore these ghost elves. There's nothing you can do to them without
    blue minions and even then they aren't worth wasting the time to kill.
    A large creature with a cow skull for a head and a big ol' mace will burst on
    through the barrier. Stay near the ledge that the reds and greens are stationed
    on and wait for him. When he gets close enough the reds will burn him and the
    greens will jump on top of him, cutting him to ribbons. You and your browns can
    simply finish the job off.
    Once he dies off you will want to continue forward and head on up the stairs
    here. You will note a door that is seriously damaged, destroy it to enter an
    area with plenty of red life force to be gathered as well as jugs to break for
    items. There are a few chests here as well.
    Leave and continue along the path to reach a large courtyard. Past all of the
    enemies here is another root node. The ones with the staves are priests that
    will raise the archers from the dead. This really isn't that bad though, send
    your browns to bum rush the archers and you and your other minions can handle
    the priests. You might lose a few minions but that's what the sacrificial pits
    and spawning pits are for.
    Once you've killed the last of the enemies restore yourself entirely before you
    break the root node. Doing so will call out more enemies. This is bad. Guard
    mark your greens near the top of the stairs with your browns and reds set just
    a bit further back. This will lead the archers coming close to the cloaked
    greens to get at your other friends. Now try to lure off the archers using the
    Overlord as your bait and kill them.
    This should provoke the priests to move over to them so quickly use your fire
    spell and weapon to kill off the priests. If a large one gets wind of you and
    starts to attack just keep moving, they're fairly slow so you should be able to
    handle the other enemies before they are too much of a problem. So long as you
    don't get swarmed by archers and the big guys at the same time this is pretty
    easy. Once all the archers and priests are dead lead the big guys to your green
    minions to finish this off.
    Go down the stairs when they're all dead and look for a missing wheel spoke.
    Have your minions grab it and they will reattach it to the wheel at the top of
    the stairs. When they turn the wheel a door down the stairs will be opened up,
    go on through it and follow this path until you reach another tower object.
    This one increases the amount of minions you can control, sweet! You should be
    up to 20 of them at this point.
    Nothing left to do here so it's time to head back to the Tower.
      - Heavens Peak
    As you head forward from the start you will be told by the peasants that the
    city has been closed. To the left is a bridge to the city but that's closed for
    now. Let's ignore that and turn to the right and go that way into the camp. As
    you proceed through the camp make sure to ransack all of the barrels inside of
    the tents. You can get some newer equipment from them so armor up your minions.
    There's a fence here, you don't want to tamper with this just yet. It's the
    only thing that's holding back the zombies from attacking the camp and you can
    do a few things before dealing with them.
    While heading through the camp you will hear plenty of dialogue from the varied
    peasants about the plague, Sir William and the city. However as you go one of
    the peasants will transform into a zombie, kill him off. There are two paths
    here, one that goes up and around up the hill and one that goes off into the
    water. You can go into the water but your minions can't so that way's closed
    off for the moment. Head on up the hill and you will see a whole lot of sheep.
    * GOOD: Do not attack the sheep or the shephard will attack you and force you
    to kill him. Return to Mellow Hills if you need the brown life force.
    * EVIL: Just kill the sheep and add the shephard to your likely growing body
    count and go on your merry way.
    Continuing along this path you will soon reach the gate to a cemetary. As you
    start heading forward you will be attacked by zombies. Fight them off as you go
    but make sure to stop when you see some mausoleums. Ransack them for a good bit
    of money and then continue on your merry way. Keep on going and you will keep
    on finding more and more zombies coming out the wahoozie.
    Eventually you will reach a poison barrier, send your greens to tear that bad
    boy down. Make sure you've got a full armament of minions who are mostly armed
    up and head to the left here. You will encounter more zombies with a boss
    zombie up on a ledge, he's going to keep on pumping out zombies so we have to
    get to him. Stay back with your minions and slowly cut your way forward. Guard
    mark your greens and reds near the stairs so that they can support you and head
    up the stairs with your browns, slaughtering the boss together.
    Have your minions grab the tower object and follow them to reach a wheel. Have
    your minions turn the wheel and you will recieve a health increase.
    * NOTE: If you need more red lifeforce you can head back to where you got the
    tower object and move the burning pillar. There's lots of red bugs back there.
    There's nothing left to be done without the blues so you have to double back to
    the camp. Remember that barrier that they didn't want you to break because it
    was holding back the zombies? Yeah, go ahead and break it. Hang back and guard
    mark your reds and greens just a bit behind you. This way when they head toward
    you to attack they will get jumped on, stabbed and set on fire.
    Once the first wave is dead head back to the spawning pits and restock on your
    minions if you lost any. From where you fought the zombies head to the left and
    you will see a succubus flying around. These things are incredibly annoying due
    to how they fight. They will fly in, grab one of your minions, fly off a bit
    with them and land before killing the minion. This takes her a bit to pull off
    though so it can be interrupted.
    To avoid this happening keep your reds and greens with you and order your brown
    minions to charge her. She will grab one of them so watch where she lands and
    order the rest of the browns to attack her. Follow them over and attack the
    pain in the butt with your whole horde. She should die in one or two of these
    types of attacks and you shouldn't lose any minions.
    There are two paths to follow from here, one will take you to a waypoint with
    spawning pits and the other brings you to a tower object. Grab the object and
    bring it to the waypoint to gain a mana increase. Make sure that you have some
    greens with you and head back to the tower object. There's a log briding a gap
    and water you can walk through. Use your greens to get rid of the poison on the
    other side of the log, send your minions over the log and marker them there
    before you slog through the water.
    You will be near the entrance to a cave, the Moist Hollows, but before you go
    inside there is a standing wall you can knock down to make a bridge. This will
    link this area to considerably earlier in the level. Now go on and enter the
    Moist Hollows to enter one of the most annoying areas in the game.
    As you enter you will see some blue minions, you're going to be following the
    just like you did the greens previously. You will get to see them use their
    resurrection ability, a very useful skill to have at your beck and call. Go
    forward and kill as many of the enemies you encounter as you can to help you
    gather up blue lifeforce. It's going to take quite a bit of the stuff to get
    you through this place in one piece.
    With that out of the way follow this straight path and you will eventually find
    the blue hive and a blue spawning pit. Call up as many blues as you can and
    send ten of them to grab the hive. From here you will want to start moving on
    your merry little way.
    * NOTE: You will likely want to get rid of your reds and browns here, they're
    mostly useless. Just stick to using greens for ambushes and the blues for just
    about everything else.
    A cutscene will play showing you some blues getting slaughtered by these weird
    bird creatures. These guys are TOUGH and since they are in the water you can't
    send any of your other minions to fight them. What you will want to do is guard
    mark your greens here and set your blues just a step or two behind them. Make
    sure to do this just at the bottom of the ramp here.
    Now pull out one blue minion and send him down the ramp and to one of the eggs.
    When he picks up the egg he will attrack the attention of the birds to him so
    quickly guide him back to your guard marked minions. When they get close your
    greens will leap all over them and start cutting them to pieces. They shouldn't
    last very long like this.
    Once they're all dead you can get rid of your greens and gather up the rest of
    them in blues. Have them pick up the hive again and it's time to move. Start
    clearing the path with them and turn to your left when the path splits. You
    will come across some will o' wisps, only the blues can hurt these guys as
    they're made of pure magic. Since you've got lots of blues farm some blue life
    force from them before you continue on your merry way.
    Continue along your way and you will come across more birds. Use your fire
    magic and weapon to help kill them off before you have the minions move the
    block. Now you can head back to the path and start moving the hive to try and
    get it the fudge outta here. There is a block here that needs to be moved as
    well so move it.
    Head forward and start clearing the path of any mushrooms so the hive can move
    along. You will reach a blue spawning pit and shortly thereafter you will find
    a big ol' water snake coming out the water to attack you. Guard mark all your
    minions except for one. Have him move to the edge of the platform and draw the
    serpent to attack before you call him back. Once the serpent starts to attack
    order all your minions to attack him and you should do so as well. The lot of
    you should be able to seriously injure it. Just make sure to pull them back
    when it starts to rear up. Keep on doing this until it's dead.
    With that done you can proceed forward, breaking yet more mushrooms and killing
    all of the bugs and frogs you come across. Move slowly so that your blues don't
    start getting killed off by any enemies who surprise you and you shouldn't have
    any problems. Eventually you will reach a wheel, turn that to make a bridge and
    start heading across. This is a pretty straightforward path and you will reach
    a spawning pit and a geyser.
    From here head to the right taking out wisps and frogs as you go. You'll reach
    a block in the water at the end, have your blues move it. Take the path to the
    left of the geyser to reach a busted bridge. Move on in with your weapon to get
    rid of the birds here, using your fire magics to get rid of them. As before
    your blues really can't handle them.
    Once they're dead have your minions turn the wheel to complete the bridge. Go
    over it and have your minions move the rock. You can finally start moving the
    hive again so start clearing out the mushrooms to open up the way. It's pretty
    much a straight shot to the waypoint from here. Once the hive has been taken to
    the tower you will want to head back to the brown spawning point you passed a
    bit back. There's a quasi hidden path here that has some bugs and a large bag
    of gold to be brought to the waypoint. With that done head back to the waypoint
    and go through the water to get outta here.
    Using your blues outside you can go through the water taking out the birds.
    Make sure to use your fire spells to help out your little weenie blue minions
    making sure to guard mark a few so that they revive the dead ones. Hang a left
    here and you will find a waypoint and spawning points. Once you're done with
    the brids grab the treasure and bring it back to the waypoint.
    With that done you can head through the water. Once you pass under the bridge
    here you will find some stuff to loot and then there's a blue spawning pit just
    up ahead. Keep on this path and you will reach a hill that goes up a hill and
    back to the cemetary. Use the nearest waypoint to return to the tower and forge
    up your equipment before you return and gather up a full assortment of minions.
    Make your way on over to the sewer gate that was blocked by the fallen pillar
    before, you'll need ten blues to move it. When you do so a freaking army of the
    undead will emerge. Pull back to the land and send your blues to a guard marker
    with your other minions and let them come to you. Use fire magic to thin them
    out and then you and your minions can cut them down.
    With that done get rid of your non-blue minions and head on through the sewer
    gate. When you head forward inside you will have two staircases, one to your
    right and one to your left. The staircase to your left leads to a freaking army
    of zombies once again so let's not go that way just yet. Go up the right stairs
    and you will see a submerged brown spawning pit.
    This is a little tricky but you want those browns. Guard mark your blue minions
    at the bottom of the pipe that leads into the water, get them close to it but
    not in it. Now call up the browns one by one. They will come out, drown and get
    saved by the blues. Do this until you have as many browns as you can before you
    head on back to the room with two staircases.
    When you reach this area you will have to get your brown minions over the water
    but this is easily accomplished. There's a pipe that leads over to the left
    side of the room along the wall so send your minions along that. Now you and
    your minions can take on the zombie army. Make sure to use either minion or
    fire spells and try to keep your blues back a bit so that they can revive your
    browns when they go down.
    Phew! With that done you can continue forward. When you reach a brown and blue
    spawning pit you will want to restock on minions before you continue going. You
    will see some more birds guarding a red wheel spoke, kill the birds however is
    best but leave the spoke for now. You can either fireball them or use the eggs
    to lure them to you and let your browns kill them. Restock on Minions if you
    lost any to that. Turn around and go through the door that is blocked by
    mushrooms and barrels before you go through.
    Take out the zombies as you go and you will reach a red wheel with three spokes
    missing. Go back and get the first spoke from where you killed the birds and
    place it in the wheel. Now from here you will want turn left and head that way.
    Once you reach the water you will see a barrier in your way in the water. Leave
    your minions behind and lure the zombies to your minions for proper slaughter.
    Stay on this path and take out enemies as they get in your way until you reach
    a door that you have to knock down.
    Take out the zombies here and break the barrier to the right. The second red
    spoke is here so bring it back to the wheel before you continue to turn the
    wheel here. Go through the door, killing enemies as you go, until you reach yet
    more water. Leave your minions and kill the zombies like you did before. Go
    along this path and up the stairs to reach a red spawning pit.
    Yank out a red, just the one since that's all you need, so that you can remove
    the flaming barrier. This lets your minions go on through. Now return to where
    the red wheel and look to the right for a pipe your minions can go across. The
    reds can reach the zombie priests so let them burn them to the floor. Go back
    to the lower level and break the barrier leading to the zombies. Continue along
    this path, killing zombies, until you reach the area where the zombie priests
    were. Grab the spoke here and return to the wheel.
    Head on through the gate and watch the man in red run away, apparently part of
    something called the Silent Order. Meh, whatever. Head to your left and you
    will reach a waypoint and spawning pits. You will want to have only blues and
    greens from this point forward. When you pass another blue spawning point up
    ahead you will see a wheel. As you approach it a water serpent will come out
    after you. There's also three big ol' sacks of cash across the water from it.
    * NOTE: If you don't have greens then head to the next room and kill enough
    zombies to reveal the green spawning pit. Then bring them to the serpent to
    take make a belt out of him rather quickly.
    No problem. Guard mark your greens and then use a lone blue to draw it into
    attack you. When it attacks your greens will jump on top of it and slice him to
    pieces. It shouldn't take more than the one attack to take it out. Continue on
    your way and you will reach a whole load of zombies. As you take them out you
    will find more spawning pits so pull out reinforcements as needed.
    Clear out all of the zombies but don't miss the tower object. This will give
    you the Confusion spell. Now once they're all dead grab the tower object and go
    back to get the three bags of gold. Once they're all in the waypoint then you
    will be able to head through the cavern and head out to Heaven's Peak.
    In the town you can loot to your hearts content. You will have a quest to get
    a new smelter. Ignore that for now and head on over to the drawbridge that
    leads out of town, turn the wheel nearby to open the way out of here. Leave and
    go back to the tower gate and pull out a full retinue of minions. You will need
    minions of each color for the moment.
    Alright now head back into the Understreets for that smelter. Head down the
    stairs to the left from where you entered and break the fire barrier. This lets
    you go down to the 2nd level. Loot the room here, kill the enemies and keep on
    going along your path. You will reach a wheel, turn it and go through the gate.
    This is pretty much a straight shot past enemies, loot, a mana pit and some
    spawning pits. Eventually you will see a room with a zombie up on a dais. 
    When you enter the room this zombie lord will start summoning more zombies. If
    not handled quickly he can quickly overwhelm you and your minions so let's not
    have that happen. Push in and send your browns to attack him while you and the
    rest of your minions try to fend off the zombies. Using fire or minion magic to
    aid them will help speed up this battle. With them dead turn the wheel up on
    the platform to open a door.
    Go through the door that was opened up and head around the path here. You will
    pass more spawning pits and zombies until you reach a wheel. Turn the wheel and
    go on through it. This is a straight shot until you reach the Durium Smelter.
    Grab it and take it back to the waypoint. Now you should definitely head back
    to the tower and do some more forging of your equipment. The most important
    part of this is getting better weapons, the rest can take time.
    * NOTE: You could very easily stop dealing with Heaven's Peak and go back to
    finish off Oberon at this point. Now that you have the blues the rest of the
    forest is open to you. It's your decision but this guide will stay here.
    Now you can teleport back to the tower gate and go left from the drawbridge.
    As you head along here watch your left side, you will see a tower object that
    will give you the flamethrower spell. This is powerful in close quarters but it
    doesn't have the range of the level 1 spell. Make sure to use it when it is
    appropriate or you're just wasting mana.
    * NOTE: Don't bother ransacking the town if you're evil just yet. There's a
    particular place in town you don't want to go until you've completed the
    Halway to Heaven Inn so avoid going anywhere near the Heavens Peak castle.
    To the left side of town you will watch a cutscene. Poor people... or not.
    Bust the barrels and get rid of the fire barrier and go on into the temple. As
    you try to fight the knights the priests will keep on reviving them. This means
    that you have to kill the priests. However as you kill the priests they will
    try to revive each other. Ugh. Guard mark your greens to keep the knights busy
    and charge the priests with your browns and reds, they should go down pretty
    quickly to this. When they've taken enough damage the blind priests will give
    in and declare you their god.
    Go down the stairs here to find a large bag of gold, return this to a wapoint
    and then turn the wheel. This drawbridge that it lowers just allows you to loop
    around to the beginning so don't bother going that way. Go back to the town and
    down the stairs. Look to your left and you will see two staircases, go thatta
    way. Up here make a left and head around the building before going left through
    the hole in the wall.
    Now look to your right and you will see a bunch of zombies. Put your reds near
    the edge so that they can attack the zombies while you send the others to turn
    the wheel. You can now head on across and kill the zombies. Further down the
    path you will encounter more birds, take them out and then get the rest of the
    zombies down here. Pick up the tower object and bring it back to a waypoint to
    get a mana increase.
    Okay, phew, this is taking some time. Now head back to the beginning of the
    town and head to the right instead. This is the poor quarter that they warned
    you away from earlier. Break the flaming barrier, kill the zombies and head
    along that path. Turn left, go up the stairs and kill the zombies here before
    you reach a fire barrier. People will begin yelling out to you but forget that.
    The moment you break the fire barrier they will turn into zombies and try to
    kill you so be ready for them.
    Once they're wiped out go ahead and break the fire barriers around you. Head
    up the path to the right to find some spawning points in a graveyard. Use them
    and then go on up the stairs to enter the Halway to Heaven Inn.
    * GOOD: Don't bother any of the drunks just head on through this place.
    * EVIL: Start attacking the drunks in here to start a huge brawl that kills off
    everybody in the Inn.
    Head to the left near the barrels and you will see a cutscene. Start busting
    them open to reach the red cloaked figure. Head through the door here and stick
    to the path, breaking the barrels in your way and killing rats. There's plenty
    of holes that they're going to come through so be mindful of this. Send your
    minions through the bigger sized holes to loot them of stuff. There's a door to
    your left that you can break for a sacrificial blood pit and a door to your
    right to continue onward.
    Bust down the door and you will see a red cloaked figure go through a gate that
    promptly closes behind him. Bah, you'll get to him. These red cloaked figures
    in here are part of the Order of the Red Dawn. Kill them or not, it doesn't
    make too much of a difference. Through the door on the left side is a tower
    object that grants you more minions. Very sweet.
    Now go through the door on the right side of the room to reach the wheel that
    opens the gate. Make your way to the back here and you will see a small opening
    in the wall. Send your minions through to the wheel and they will open the door
    for you. As you start heading through to reach that gate the Red Dawn will
    start to attack you so take them out and keep moving to go through the gate you
    saw the guy run through earlier.
    Turn the big wheel in this room, taking out any of the Red Dawn people who try
    to stop you from doing so. Head through the door and you will encounter what
    seems to be a Succubus queen or something, she's stronger than a regular one
    and takes a bit longer to kill. Meh, whatever, just send your minions after her
    and chase her down. She will die pretty fast all things considered.
    Once she's dead have your minions pick up the statue and start taking it back
    with you. Bringing this statue back to the tower will get rid of the three
    Succubi that are guarding the castle. Now head back to the large wheel room and
    you can open up a few gates that lead you back to the bar. Leave through it and
    head back to the city.
    There are stairs to the right from here, head on down them and you will see a
    wall that you break down to form a bridge. Follow this path, wiping out any
    zombies that you come across, and it will lead you around to the castle. This
    is where you need to be now so head inside and follow the path up the stairs.
    From here you can head inside the castle.
    You will have to listen to some vapid spaz yelling at you as you go through the
    castle. You can probably imagine that this is Sir William, the schmuck that you
    are here to kill. When you see the man in the red cloak run away again more of
    the red dawn guys will come after you. Sigh. You're going to be cutting through
    a whole bucketload of enemies to get Sir William to even show his doofy face.
    He will come out eventually and attack you but it only takes a few hits to get
    him to run off. Kill off any of the Red Dawn members who come out of the
    woodwork and head on after Sir William. Along the path you will come across a
    pair of Succubus. Use your minions, weapons and spells to take them out. These
    are the harder enemies in this area, they're harder than Sir William himself.
    Having killed them off you will see a red wheel that is missing a spoke. As you
    pass the large door here you will hear a feminine voice yelling out to you.
    This is Velvet but you can't reach her yet so just ignore her. Follow along the
    path until you reach another fight with Sir William, the final showdown really.
    Boss: Sir William
    This isn't really a fight. All you really need to do is dodge his attacks and
    keep on hitting him. If you have any browns left then they can do a fair bit of
    damage. Honestly this isn't all that much of a boss fight. Meh.
    Grab the red spoke from here and you can bring it to the wheel now to turn it.
    This will start a cutscene where you can make a choice.
    * GOOD: Keep Rose instead of Velvet. This will give you access to upgrades for
    your brown and blue minions. This is not suggested for Legendary difficulty as
    the reds and greens are much more useful on that difficulty. Just turn the
    wheel in here and head on out.
    * EVIL: Dump Rose for Velvet and bring her bed to the tower. This will give you
    access to upgrades for your reds and greens.
    Now is the time to return to the tower. Buy up all of the upgrades that you can
    and you will be quite well rewarded by your mistress for this. You don't have
    to buy the minion upgrades but all of the tower ones are necessary.
      - Finishing Oberon
    Head on back to Evernight and make your way to Oberon again. Go along to the
    right from here and you will see water. Use your blues to move the block that's
    in the water here before you head on through the water to another root node.
    Break it and keep on going along this path to reach the elves sacred grove.
    * GOOD: Leave your red minions all the way back and don't use fire spells here.
    Kill off the Unicorns here to purify the grove and then leave after you grab
    the health increasing tower object.
    * EVIL: Just torch the grove. This will kill all of the unicorns and give you
    a clear run to the tower object.
    When your minions are carrying the tower object thye will lead you to a
    waypoint you likely haven't used yet. This was blocked off by roots before but
    it now allows you access to the area near Viridian Caverns. A nice little
    shortcut. Head back to Oberon and go to the left under the root. Follow this
    path and you will reach the area you were in before with the elves praying to
    the mother goddess.
    There is a root that leads you down into the water here so send a few blues
    down into the water and send them to turn the wheel here (avoid the frog).
    This forms a bridge across the path so head across, bust the barrier and go on
    into the next area.
    Follow this path, killing any of the little skull faced guys that pop out of
    the ground. You will have to deal with archers, priests and just a whole lot of
    other enemies. Any time you fight large groups take out the priests so they
    don't just keep on raising the dead. They can raise each other so be mindful of
    that little detail. This will continue until you reach some priests and one of
    the really big guys.
    The path straight ahead is blocked by one of Oberons roots. Swing to the right
    and continue along this path, you will encounter yet more enemies. In this area
    is a tower object that increases your mana. Grab it and quickly let it go since
    a bunch of priests will spawn in. Take them out and then bring it back to the
    waypoint. Now come back to this area and keep on moving until you reach the end
    of the path. To your right is a breakable barrier, bust it and take down the
    big creature here.
    Continue along the path and you will reach another root node. Break it and more
    enemies will jump up from the dirt, kill them and then head back to where the
    root was blocking your way earlier. Follow that path and it will eventually
    lead you back to Evernight forest proper.
    Turn the wheel here to bridge the gap and allow you easy access to the earlier
    areas of Evernight. Now head left, going up and around to reach a new area.
    There are plenty of trolls in this area so you're going to want to use your
    green and red minions judiciously. This will enable you to sneak attack them
    and kill them off quicker. Now continue along the path to reach the entrance
    of the Mother Goddess' temple.
    Seems your not the only one planning on looting this place. Now you need to get
    the four keys that will let you into the inner sanctum of this place. Get rid
    of all of your minions and pull out as many blues as you can. This place is a
    giant puzzle but it's not worth the frustration so just using blues makes your
    life much easier. Kill the troll in here before you do anything else though.
    The path forward isn't useable for now so you have to get the four keys from
    the paths to the sides. Head to the left and you will see a thief going all
    ninja-like and dodging the guardian elves. These guys will attack you if they
    happen to see you so just use your blue minions to tear their spectral butts to
    pieces. Open all of the stone coffins and you will find the key that you're
    looking for.
    Now continue into the next room. Ignore the stone coffins for now since that
    only causes a thief to attack you. Continue to the back of this room and go to
    the right alcove. Take them out and then open the stone coffin to get the
    second key to the Inner Sanctum. With that in hand head back to the main room
    and take the right path.
    Take out the leves in this room and then have your elves open the stone coffin
    in the middle of the room for the third key. Head on into the next room, kill
    off the spectral elves that you find here and open the coffins until you find
    the one that has the key in it. This is the last key so we can now open up the
    door in the main area.
    Head back to the main entrance room but be careful. Two trolls have likely
    spawned in by this point so you're going to either have to fight them or really
    carefully avoid them. Upon entering the Inner Sanctum you will see that the
    Mother Goddess statue is gone but most importantly is that there's a root node
    here. Aha! Grab the minion spell and return it to the waypoint before you try
    to bust the last root node. A few trolls will attack but it's no big deal, kill
    them and then bust the node.
    From here head to the right to reach a bridge. You will, from here, be able to
    rather easily make your way back to where Oberon was sleeping.
    Boss: Oberon
    This is pretty easy for a boss fight considering all you went through to even
    wake this schmo up. YOu will want to have mostly brown and green minions for
    this fight. Send the browns to attack Oberon by making them run up his roots to
    his face and cut him up. After this a cutscene will play where enemies come to
    attack you. Guard Mark your greens and leave them, this lets them hide and leap
    out to attack enemies. You should stay on the move and dodge the roots as they
    come up to attack you.
    Honestly that's just about all there is to this fight. Simply keep fighting off
    the waves after waves of enemies that come and attack Oberon in between. This
    goes on for some time but you will eventually grind him down. Gnarl will tell
    you to finish this so go running up the roots yourself and slash him in the
    face to finish this fight.
    Oberons death leaves open the route to the dwarven lands. Replenish your likely
    depleted minions, grab up the shield spell and then it's time to go on and deal
    with those drunken little beards with legs.
    a1 - Mellow Hills Abyss
    To reach this Abyss you just need to head back to the first waypoint where you
    entered the Mellow Hills from and head forward, you can't miss it. Watch the
    cutscene and then head inside to begin your investigation.
    Watch the cutscene that plays once you arrive and then start heading forward.
    Whoever is in charge here has some great taste in how to design a hell realm.
    As you move forward along the path you will encounter the basic enemies of the
    Abysses, the Wraiths. They are fought much like every other strong melee enemy
    in the game but take note, if they give you too much difficulty then leave and
    come back later when your horde is a bit bigger and better equipped. Since
    these are the easiest of the Wraiths to defeat if they're giving you problems
    then you shouldn't be here just yet.
    Keep along the path until you reach an area with lots of spawning pits. Use
    them and then continue forward until you reach a fork. Head to the left and
    amuse yourself with the constantly dying peasants if you like before you
    explore the two dead end paths here, there's a bunch of treasure and equipment
    that can be gathered up here. Now double back to the fork and go right.
    Defeat the wraiths in your path and keep on moving until you reach a Mana Pit
    and the game autosaves. These sheep are a serious pain in the butt since they
    will attack you and your minions and then blow up when you attack them back.
    The best way to handle this is to go out into the field, by yourself, and use
    your fire spells and weapon to get them all hostile and run away until they
    blow up. If you're lucky a chain reaction will wipe out the lot of them.
    Take the path to the right until you reach some more spawning pits. Take out
    the sheep and you should see a Halfling village nearby. Set fire to the crops
    and it will burn up the entire settlement. Halflings will spawn in every so
    often but burn to death quickly so consider this handled. Gather up any goodies
    and Minion equipment and head back up this path, going forward this time.
    Remember this guy? Well now the pumpkins really are alive and they're going to
    come after you. Wade on into the pumpkins with your minions and attack these
    annoying little blighters. If you have Red Minions they work wonders, just let
    them hang back and burn these guys up. Eventually you will see the farmer get
    kidnapped by the pumpkins as they head across the lake.
    Guard marker you Minions except for the Blues and head across the lake. You can
    either take out the Halflings here and let the Blues destroy their homes or
    guard them while they turn the wheel here. Its far less dangerous to your Blues
    this way. Once the bridge is up and useable send your Minions to level the
    Halfling homes and stop those little pests from spawning in. Now send your Red
    Minions over to the fire and let them get rid of it.
    With all that done you can head down the path and enter the Halfling Homes.
    This is basically a mish-mash of all the Halfling areas you explored in the
    main portion of the game, haphazardly thrown together. It looks pretty cool
    actually. Once the autosave is done enjoy watching Melvins fate. Leave your
    Minions where they are and head forward, following Melvin into the valley full
    of Halflings.
    * NOTE: Don't mess with any of the weird stone switches, it's just going to
    annoy Melvin and he will chase you around to poke you with his fork.
    When he eats the last of the food he will explode and set fire to all of the
    various Halfling homes making them a non issue. However near the second plate
    of food he ate there is still an issue, a giant Pumpkin and an unlimited supply
    of smaller ones. Once Melvin has gone kaboom go grab your Minions and head on
    over to the Pumpkins. Have your Minions guard markered to make sure that none
    of the Pumpkins get out and send your Reds along the side of the fence towards
    the plate of food.
    To the left will be a log, have your minions stand on that and they should
    start attacking the big one. Once it's dead send the reds onto the platform it
    was on and let them wipe out the last of the Pumpkins. This will reveal a third
    switch. Now what you want to do is stash all of your minions in the pen where
    the pumpkins were and wait for Melvin to start eating the first plate of food.
    Once you see him starting to eat that head over to where the Minions are and
    hit the switch there. Melvin will go to eat the third plate of food second now.
    Once you see him starting to eat that food quickly flip the switch again and he
    will head over to this plate to eat. Now get your Minions away from the area
    and watch as Melvin blows himself up, taking the stone wall with him. This
    opens the path for you so head on down that way. Have your minions use the
    wheel here, this turns off the fire in the first room you saw Melvin eating in.
    Head back that way and take out any Wraiths who try to ambush you. When you get
    back to the room you will see Melvin meander off into the doorway that the fire
    was covering. Make sure you have a full Minion group (40 at least) and follow
    Melvin. Kill off any Halflings that you come across and take stock of the room
    that you're in. You will notice three plates of food that Melvin is going to
    eat from, a fourth empty plate and a area in the middle with some Halflings and
    Send your Minions down to the grassy area and kill off all of the Halflings
    down there. With that done you are going to have to herd the Sheep, one by one,
    into the stove here (it looks like a fireplace). Your best bet is to lock onto
    them and then guide your Minions manually with the Right Analog to chase them
    into the stove. Once you've got all of the sheep into the stove the fourth
    plate of food will be lowered down. Move away from it and keep your Minions
    safe and Melvin will eat the food and blow up, taking the wall with him.
    Go through the destroyed wall and you will find the farmer being cooked by a
    Halfling. Don't bother roasting him alive unless you're really feeling sadistic
    since he gives you a lot of stuff if you spare him. Have your Minions go after
    him and they will tear the cooking spit apart and return the farmer to the
    nearest waypoint. Have your Minions turn the large wheel here to open the
    center door in the first Melvin room and head through said door.
    After the game autosaves you will be in an area with some spawning pits and yet
    another giant Pumpkin. Send your minions along the path to your side, it will
    put your reds in position to take out the big one and then you can pick off the
    smaller ones at your leisure. There is your first Unique Mold located here for
    the Axe of Confusion. Let the Minions bring it back to the tower waypoint and
    then head forward.
    Kill off the wraiths in this area and Melvin will appear. He's going to be
    bouncing around the area trying to run you over. Your goal is to get him near
    enough to the stone wall that he destroys it when he blows up. There is a way
    to help with the angling on this one though. Stand near the small flag to the
    left of where Melvin starts and he will bounce off the walls and reach the
    stone wall. Leave your Minions here and continue forward.
    Take out the Wraiths here, use fire magic if you need to, and Melvin will come
    out again. This time simply stand where you are and move when Melvin charges at
    you, you don't need to do much special here. After a few times of missing you
    he will stop where you want him to and blow up taking out the stone wall. Head
    forward, with your Minions, and you will see Melvin rolling back and forth
    between a wall and a cart.
    It's time to play a bit of Breakout with rolly polly. Send your Minions to grab
    onto the food cart after Melvin blows up and you must now physically direct
    them to move left or right while holding the cart. By doing this you can bounce
    Melvin into the four stone walls to get the four spokes of the wheel. If he
    misses your food cart on the return he will stop rolling and blow up so you
    need to do this in one go. Just keep moving the cart and try to not let him get
    past you, this will eventually net you all four walls gone. Melvin will blow up
    and disappear for now.
    Send your Minions to put the wheel together and then turn it to continue ahead.
    As you head down the tunnel Melvin will roll past and fall into a pit, guess he
    is on a diet now. Ahead of you is a bunch of spawning pits, a pair of sacrifice
    pits and a waypoint. Restock your horde and head down the passage to reach the
    finale of this Abyss. You will see a bunch of Wraiths waiting here, send your
    minions to keep them busy and send a few of them to grab the Abyss stone.
    Once you've got the stone peasants will start falling from the sky, trying to
    destroy the Abyss stone. You can't let them do it, time to slaughter a bunch of
    little nuisances. Let your Minions handle them although throw some spells to
    help them out and use melee if they get too close to the stone. It shouldn't
    take too long to take them all out.
    Once they're all dead send your Minions to pick up the stone and hustle over to
    the waypoint. Once you've seized this stone you're done here, head on back to
    the tower. Gnarl will inform you that there's dark energy emanating from more
    or less all over the place, Evernight, Heaven's Peak and the Golden Hills. The
    order listed below is the optimal one as Evernight is the easiest and Golden
    Hills is the hardest.
    b2 - Evernight Abyss
    Head on over to where you fought Oberon, the portal to the Evernight Abyss is
    located here. Go through the portal and head forward. Kill the bugs in your way
    and head left and then left at the next fork. You will find your path impeded
    by roots with a lever nearby. Sweep your minions past the root and to the lever
    to turn on a spotlight and scare the roots away allowing you to pass through.
    Welcome to the Evernight Abyss community theatre, stadium style outdoor seating
    and entertainment for the whole family. Watch as the latest recreation of the
    Elven slaughter at the hands of the Dwarves is re-enacted repeatedly. The area
    is broken up into Elf seating and Wraith seating, neither side really minds you
    being around so long as you don't attack the Wraiths. Only one problem, since
    the Terror that destroys Evernight forest seems to be misplaced they can't go
    past Act 2. Since Oberon is in the way of the Abyss stone perhaps you can solve
    a few birds with one stone, let's find this Terror.
    Take note of the Wraiths with the guns. These guys are really annoying, do a
    lot of damage and can knock you and your Minions flat on your butts.
    Head over to the Wraith side of the colisseum and you should see a switch up
    a short staircase. Flip that switch to turn on some more spotlights and chase
    away the roots on the upper level. Head that way through the roots and stick to
    the right side of the path. Eventually you will come to some spawning pits and
    sacrificial pits. Use them as you need and then continue along and stick to the
    right once more.
    You will reach the theatre but in a different spot. Head up the small stairs to
    your right and leave your Minions right here. Continue forward and you will
    encounter the shielded Wraiths. These guys are really bad news. They can charge
    forward in a straight line and any of your Minions they so much as touch die
    immediately no matter how well armored they are. So don't retrieve them until
    you have killed him.
    Now that you've located the Terror and you can get backstage it's time to see
    about finally ending this play.
    There are a whole lot of gun Wraiths down here so you will need to handle that
    first. Either have your Minions pick up a bomb and blow them to smithereens
    (this is a very good idea) or let your Minions handle them. Either way works so
    get rid of them and you will eventually reach a waypoint.
    You are now located in the Wraith changing room. Why they need to change I have
    no idea, they're not even wearing masks. In either case you will want to wipe
    out all of the actors so you might wish to soften them up with a level 3 Fire
    spell and let your Minions finish them off. Now move forward towards the stage
    and wait there.
    Eventually the invisible narrator will call out for the dwarves to wipe out
    Evernights Elves so rush on stage with your Minions and kill the Elven actors.
    Once you've done this the play will be restarted but ignore that. Look to the
    painted backdrop and send your Minions at it and they will begin to push it.
    Eventually it will stop moving but this will have revealed the Elven changing
    room as well as a stone wall.
    Go into the Elven changing room and you will see some bombs in a recessed hole.
    Have a Minion pick it up and run across the stage to the stone wall to blow it
    up, you're likely to lose your Minions doing this unless you're very fast.
    When you head through the stone wall a shielded Wraith will attack so you go by
    yourself and take him out before getting your Minions. Move the block here and
    take out the gun Wraith before heading back onto the stage and pushing the
    backdrop some more.
    To your left will be a bomb hole and to the right will be an opening that leads
    to a stone wall. Send a Minion to grab the bomb and run to the stone wall, he
    will get blown up so don't send anyone important. Wraiths will spawn in and
    attack you, wipe them out. You should see a lever that, once pulled, will scare
    away the root wall and allow you to move the backdrop yet more.
    This time, to your right, is a big door that you have to open by pulling the
    lever nearby. Tada! You've found Rollie, the Terror of Evernight Forest. She
    doesn't work anymore, likely thanks to what you did to her, but you can move it
    with the struts on the... well there's supposed to be struts on the sides. You
    need to find them to finish this area.
    Run past Rollie and head behind the backdrop here to spawn some Wraiths in. Get
    rid of them and move the block on the right wall, this will allow you to move
    the backdrop for the last time. Now that you've revealed this waypoint head
    all the way back to the opening on the right side you exposed earlier, go in
    and break all of the props in here to reveal a unique mold for the Mace of
    Doom weapon. You will have to kill two of the harder Wraiths to get your hands
    on it but once you do it will be returned to the waypoint near Rollie and then
    you can continue onward.
    Push the backdrop and then head through the opening on your left. Refill at the
    spawning pits and then leave your Minions here while you go up onto the catwalk
    by yourself. When the shielded Wraith spawns take him out and go forward a bit
    as you call your Minions back. When you reach the end you will find the first
    of the struts needed to move Rollie. After it has been returned gather up all
    of your Minions and go through the opening here to find a rather large Wraith
    and some regular ones. Wipe them all out and then you can gather the second
    strut here. Take it to Rollie and get ready to have some fun.
    Start rolling Rollie by putting some Minions on it and follow the road on the
    ground to reach the backdrop. Rollie will blow it away when he hits it and you
    will eventually encounter some Elves who attack. Run 'em over with Rollie and
    keep on going. When you reach the front of the stage it will be mounted on a
    part of the stage that can turn.
    The Narrator will tell you to burn Oberon so let's get right on that. Guard
    Marker your Browns, Greens and Blues and have your reds start to turn the wheel
    to turn the flames from Rollie on Oberon. Wait until it's pointed just a bit
    past him but still burning him and pull back one of your Minions. This will
    leave the flames burning him while your Minions fend off any attacking Wraiths.
    Head on over to the Abyss Stone and start to move it. This will of course make
    the Elves start to attack you. However these are just Elves so they're rather
    easy to take out. Stay right near the stone and let your Minions have a party
    tearing them to shreds. If you're feeling outnumbered just use your highest
    level fire spells to clean out some of the enemies. Once you've defeated them
    let your Minions carry the Abyss Stone back to the nearest waypoint to complete
    this area.
    You will want to complete the Golden Hills before you do the next Abyss. This
    will make you familiar with most of the enemies in the Heaven's Peak Abyss.
      - Golden Hills
    As the name would suggest, you get to grab up a lot of gold here. There's also
    some new equipment for your minions. Go up the path here and you'll see a way
    point gate that you can use, along with sheep to kill towards the left. Go 
    towards the dwarf village. You know what to do; pillage and make the little 
    men suffer. Your minions have to be sent into the houses to close them or
    they'll keep coming out. If you want to keep killing, don't send them in for
    a while. Towards the back of the village you'll find some barrels, and behind
    them is another tower object to reclaim which will give you more mana when you
    get it back to its rightful place in your tower of pain. Keep going in the 
    village. You'll run into an area that has a bunch of slugs. Kill them, plug 
    their hole to prevent more from coming when you're done dealing with the slimy
    slugs and keep going up the hill so that you can bust in on the dwarfs party.
    To beat this section, you're going to have to have some patience. First off, 
    DO NOT bust down the barricades. If you do that, the dwarfs are going to run
    all over you. Send your minions down a little path that hides inside the wall
    next to the barricade. There's an ore cart that they can move to reveal a bunch
    of slugs. Let the slugs do the dirty work; let your minions keep the slugs from
    coming to bother you.  When you've let most of the dwarfs die, have your 
    minions close up the hole and go ahead and get rid of the rest of the dwarfs.
    /     \
    |     |___
    |     |     |
    |     === O |
    |     |     |
    |     |_____/
    |     x     
    |     x
    |     x_
    |     |
      || You start here
    xxx = the barrier
    o = the cart
    Pillage here and do not forget to go up the stairs that you'll see. There is a 
    minion spell up there. Go back to the ore cart you had your minions move, and 
    destroy the barricade next to it to get to more slugs and dwarfs. You'll get to
    yet another barricade, with more of the little buggers to kill. Keep going 
    until you see the elves that are trapped. You'll have to free them and fight
    the rock giant that's here as well. You need to turn a wheel here to bridge the
    gap, opening a path to the waypoint gate. When you think you've got yourself
    set up, destroy the barrier so that you can fight the giant. You can use your 
    greens to good use here, luring the giant back to them and letting them take 
    most of the brunt of the battle. 
    When you break the barrier here, you'll see some elves run by. Ignore them, 
    bust the barrels that are here. Pick up anything useful. When you go down the
    path, you get to see some of that gold we were talking about earlier. A big 
    huge slug is going to eat some of that gold you want, and you're going to have
    to make them give it back to you. Break down the barrier and go to the right to
    check out the brown spawning pit in case you need it later. To the left is your
    money. Kill the slug and retrieve the gold. Those elves will tell you that 
    there's more gold to be had.
    Leave the slug room and head down the path to the right until it breaks. Move
    more towards the righ and go for more useful stuff then go back and keep going
    the other way until you get to a room with a lot of barriers. Don't bust them
    up yet. There is way straight around the path. When you go that way you'll find
    more dwarfs to kill as well as more gold to reclaim (steal). Get it home then 
    go back to thr room with those barriers. Break them down and kill the dwarfs
    before going to the back of the room where there's even more gold and a wheel 
    to turn. Take care of the money first then go to the wheel, which reveals a
    path further into the mine. You just can't kill enough dwarfs; you'll find more
    to get rid of as well as some barrels to destroy. 
    To the left is a path that leads to more dwarfs as well as a red spawn pit. 
    Keep moving and killing as you do, breaking barriers in the way. As you follow
    the path, you'll see some stairs to go up that lead to a platform. More trapped
    and helpless elves. What a surprise. 
    * GOOD: Don't open the way to the elves until you kill the snails off.
    * EVIL: Open the way and let the snails eat the elves.
    Now you can take the gold and clear the way for your minions to continue 
    carrying it for you. There's another wheel that opens a gate here; it will
    bring you to the first slug room which leads the way to that waypoint in the
    entrance area. Pick up more minions if you need to before you continue on. Go
    around the mines and destroy the barriers in your way. There will be a flame
    thrower dwarf that can really cause a lot of trouble if you don't take care of
    them well. You can distract it and move around the back to kill it, but be 
    careful. You can put your reds in the front since the fire can't hurt them. 
    When the dwarf is close to dying you'll hear a sputtering type noise that gives
    you your clue to GET OUT OF THERE. They will explode and do a lot of damage if
    you don't. 
    Keep going until you get to a door. Send a minion to get a mine and keep the 
    others away in case the stupid creature gets itself blown up. You need to use
    two mines to break down the door. Inside is a fort and brewery that we get to 
    explore. Go around to the left, getting to another waypoint gate. There's 
    another door that need to be blown up for us to get through. There are a bunch
    of dwarfs on the wall here who will throw mines down at you to try to blow you
    to kingdom come. It's ok, just avoid getting yourself or your minions hit. You
    WILL have to make a minion run up to the mines as they're being thrown, so that
    they can pick them up and go bring them to the door to blow it up. This door
    requires four mines instead of just two. 
    A really reall big dwarf will come running out to protect the breached defenses
    once you'be gotten the door open. You need to kill him (duh) and kill any of
    the other ones that you see. Destroy any barrels you see so that you can grab
    up any loot in them. To the right you'll see stairs to go up. It leads to a 
    wooden platform with more dwarfs to kill. When you're done with them, you'll
    see another set of stairs to go up. Did you notice the tower object all the way 
    when you first started this section? Well, here it is. Grab it and go back to 
    the waypoint so you can get it home where it belongs, giving you more health.
    Kill any dwarfs left so you can loot to your hearts content. Whenever you are 
    done, go to the huge building which is the Brewery. It will lead staight to the
    Arcanium Mines. When you go through the entrance, you'll be given a quest. Go 
    down the stairs, kill the dwarves and destroy any barrels so that you can grab
    up all the available loot. You'll see a way forward and a way off to the left.
    For now go straight forward, killing the dwarves here. You'll see a wheel
    that's missing spokes, so you know you're going to have to find those first
    before we can move on in the game.
    On your right there will be a spell behind some barrels. Retrieve it and go
    back to the entrance, going along the other path. There's a lever next to the
    door that you can flip. It will stop the beer flow, you beer hating meanie.
    Because you're done that, you're gonna attract a bunch of dwarfs out who want
    to smash your face in. Do it to them before they have a chance to do it to you,
    then loot the room, retrieving the spoke inside. Bring it back, then come back
    to this room. There is another door here to go through. Down the stairs you'll
    find more dwarfs to kill. Go to the left and break up the stuff here waiting to
    be destroyed. There is a pipe here that the minions can use. Send one and
    they'll push the lever over there to open up a door for you. More dwarfs, more
    death, more loot. GO back and head up the stairs again, then up even more to
    get to the next section.
    There's a lever to flip, opening another door for you. Once you do that, there
    is going to be a lot of dwarfs who are going to come out for you to kill. Have
    fun killing them all. You need to kill all the dwarfs in that room so that they
    can't hurt you later when you're on the path below them. Go back out of the
    room, go downstairs and to the left to break up more barriers there. A bit
    further up is another one of those big dwarfs for you to kill. 
    Up the stairs to your left are brown, red and mana pits. Get rid of any dwarfs
    and go to the door near the mana pit. More killing, more looting. Once you're
    back out, you'll see a pipe. Send some of your minions over to kill the dwarfs, 
    then have one of them flip the lever to send out even more dwarfs for you to
    kill. When you're done with them, a door will open and even more will come out
    for you to deal with. Go down one set of stairs, up another and go through the
    room, killing and looting.  To your left as you go further, you'll see a big
    beer barrel to push over. Do it! 
    Keep heading down the hall to find that other spoke that you're going to need.
    There's a wheel outside the door and a bridge will form that leads you to the
    wheel. When you turn it, you will open a door that leads to the outside area.
    You'll have more dwarfs to kill, of course, but before continuing you should go
    back and go next to the red wheel. There's an elevator that will take you to 
    the rest of the brewery. 
    You'll see a blood and brown pit, just in case. Watch the scene that will play
    out for you and head over to the brown pit. Send a minion down the pipe, hoping
    that the dwarfs don't shoot up to kill them. Send them to flip the lever on the
    left side, once they've reached the ground. Keep going down the path and to the 
    left, looking near the door here. You'll find another pipe with dwarfs on the 
    ground near it and above it. Send some reds down this way to shoot the dwarfs.
    When you're done, send one to flip the lever here as well. If you keep your
    minions along the wall, it will help keep the dwarfs from being able to shoot
    them from above.
    Now that the lever has been flipped, guess what? More dwarfs to kill. Big
    shocker. Grab the beer kettle from the room once you're done getting rid of
    them. Along the way as you're bringing it back to the waypoint, you will have
    to deal with dwarfs waiting to kill you. By now, you know what to do. Once
    you've finished with that, go back to that door you'd opened with the wheel; 
    the one you didn't go through before because you were exploring the rest of the
    As you go near, it will open up for you, allowing you to go through and to the
    right. You'll see a waypoint gate here. There is a path to the left of where
    we first came out that leads along the side of the brewery, with a blood pit
    and sheep. If you go along it, you'll find a wheel for your minions to turn, 
    causing a bridge to form that you can travel along.
    This will lead you to the other side of the brewery, where you need to go to
    the right, and up towards a structure with a big bell. Get rid of the enemies,
    snatch the domination spell that's just waiting for you to claim it and bring
    it to your waypoint. Return to where the mana pit is and the sheep that you
    should have killed were. Go up around the hill, down the path and on the right
    you'll see stuff to loot. Pick it up and go to the other side, where you'll
    see a elf running out of the mine. Gather up any loot, break everything you
    can outside before you head on in.
    Lookie loo...a smelter, right inside. You need to wait before grabbing it
    though; you need a way to carry it out first. To the right are dwarfs to kill
    and stuff to break. Go to the left of the entrance. There are several spawn
    pits here that you might end up needing. As you're heading down the path you
    come across a lot of the flamethrowing dwarfs. Don't get blown up killing them
    and you'll be in the clear. There's a ramp on the right to go up with a blue
    spawn pit here as well. Down the stairs right next to it is a lever that you
    can flip. That will stop the flames coming from the furnace. Be careful of the 
    slugs that are coming for you; you will get to their holes later. For now, 
    ignore the smelter and the holes and go up the ramp, along to the other side.
    Go to the left and you'll see a red spawn pit and fire beetles. Is that a tip 
    or what? Kill the beetles, keep going around the path and you'll get to another
    fire spell. You can either wait and come back for it, or let your minions carry
    it up the path with the flames for a while before making them abandon it. Go up
    the ramp that leads to the path overlooking the furnace fires. If you send your
    minions, they can kill the dwarves. Or, by turning the levers you'll let the
    dwarfs see the slugs. When they go across to try to kill them, turn the fires
    back on. 
    Keep going and you'll find stairs to go down, leading to a ramp that you also
    need to go down. You'll find a green spawn pit and a barrier. Break it open and 
    fight the big slug here. Killing her plugs the holes to prevent the others from
    coming out. Get rid of any remainding before you move on. Back to the smelter
    and let your minions retrieve it for you. Go back to the furnaces, and let
    your minions pick up the fire spell from before. There are levers above the 
    furnaces as well as a minion path. In the back if you bust up the signs, you'll
    find some money to pick up. You need seven minions to get it. You might have to
    keep at it for a while, but it's there. The simple way to do the next part is 
    to get rid of all your minions and call all reds so you don't have to play with
    the levers to get rid of the fires. Get rid of any dwarfs in their way and
    continue on.
    Go back to the fortress around the brewery entrance and from there go to the
    top right exit. You'll see an elf run out and Gnarl will have something to say
    to you as well. Go inside, spotting a nice big lava golem to kill later. Go to
    the left and break the barrels, being careful of the rolling monster in this
    area. Let these monsters charge you, but get out of their way right before they
    smack into a wall. That will let you beat on them a lot easier. 
    Go down the path, and you'll find a brown spawn pit. There's yet another 
    rolling monster to kill, as well as a barrier for you to break once that's over
    with. You'll go down another narrow hall, you'll see another rolling monster...
    you get the drill. Break all the barrels you can as you're heading down the
    path. Keep going and you'll see barrels...and rolling monsters. Over and over
    unti you get to some barrels that block you off from the monster before you
    have to kill him. Once you're done with that one you'll actually find something
    different: stairs. As you're going down you get to see some dwarfs fighting
    their own rolling monster. There is a block here that your minions can push. If
    you knock it over, it allows the monster to get the dwarfs meaning that you
    then have to kill it, or you can kill the dwarfs and let the monster stay on
    the other side of the chasm, far away from you. 
    After you've dealt with the situation, go to the wheel and turn it to open up 
    the gate. There will be a waypoint as well as a couple of spawning pits. If you
    go around the path you'll find more elves that are trapped. There will be more
    rolling monsters as well. Kill them, of course.
    * GOOD: Kill the snails and then free the elves.
    * EVIL: Open the gate and let the snails eat the elves.
    Once the monsters are dead, you can turn the wheel to let the elfs go. Look to
    the corner and you'll see a blue spawn pit behind stone pillars. On the 
    opposite side of the room from where the elfs were trapped is a big huge stone.
    If you push it it will form a walkway that leads to the back of the area. 
    Go up the stairs you see and follow around until you see a wheel that needs to
    be turned. Once that's done, you'll have to get minions to carry four mines 
    total to the the door near the stairs we just used. Blow it open and go through
    which will lead to another of those narrow halls that they're so fond of
    putting rolling monsters in. At the end is a block for your minions to push
    down, opening up the path. There's yet another rolly to kill and continue on,
    picking up any loot in the chests. There's a path next to the stairs with more
    dwarfs to kill. Vent out all your frustrations on them before moving on, where
    you'll see a green and blood pit. If you have your minons start moving the 
    blocks here, you'll find more treasure in an alcove.
    Go back to the stairs and head on up, going down the path. Guess who's waiting?
    The lava golem. You'll get to see a nice little scene before the fight starts,
    so it gives you a few seconds to mentally brace yourself. Seriously though, if
    you break the barriers around him, the rolling monsters will come out and
    they'll do most if not all the damage for you. 
    Go to a little alcove near where the golem was and you'll find the last minion
    tower object. Escort it to the waypoint, getting rid of any enemies along the
    way and bridging the gap here so that your minions can get through. Go to the 
    statue, so that we can let Gnarl have his fun. Send some brown minions in then
    it's time to go. We need to go to Royal Halls, across the bridge from the back
    part of the brewery. You'll see some elfs here complaining because their women
    are trapped inside. We've got to go in to confront Goldo anyway; we can figure
    out what to do about their women once we're inside. You need your blues to go 
    across the water and turn the wheel, opening up a door. Dwarfs will head out
    that you're going to need to kill so you can continue forward.
    On your left and on a platform is some nice money. Get it, kiling and looting
    as you do. When you head back towards the entrance, you'll see a flamethrower
    dwarf who's come to make your life difficult. Kill him and go up the stairs to
    the right of the entrance. As you do, Gnarl will update you on the statue 
    situation. Keep going around the path until you see some more stairs. These 
    lead to the same path that follows around to the door in. Don't go to far
    though, because you've got some more dwarfs coming up to kill as well as a
    flamethrower. Once you've taken care of them, go in.
    There are three flamethrower dwarves in this room and they are a serious pain
    in the rear end. There are however a few strategies that you can use for
    taking them out. Either do the whole "get behind them and attack" or use the
    explosives in the area to take them out. Regardless of how you do it when they
    die they will blow up and cause rocks to fall so make sure you're not near them
    when they go. If they're near their friends then they can possibly kill them
    and cause a chain reaction of deaths.
    Take out the crossbow weilding dwarves and look to your left. There's some
    things to loot in here and a large bag of gold, get this now before it becomes
    impossible to get to later. Now head through the door that leads deeper into
    the Royal Halls. There's a waypoint, both sacrificial pits and four spawning
    pits to use here and prepare for the boss fight. Head on into the next room.
    You will see Goldo run away from you here but when you attempt to follow him
    Rollie will come out to play.
    Boss: Goldo and Rollie
    These two actually aren't very hard at all except on Legendary difficulty. Go
    ahead and stash your minions in the corner somewhere away from him and head on
    over to handle him yourself. Lock onto Rollie, strafe behind him and make sure
    you're totally behind him. From here start hitting him but stay on the move
    constantly. So long as you simply keep moving he will not be able to hit you
    in the least.
    About partway through a cutscene will play and then the fight continues. Just
    keep on doing this and you will eventually take him out. Once Rollie is dead
    just run up to it and hit it one last time to destroy it. Easy!
    On Legendary you're going to have to take more risks here, generally sending
    your minions in to try and harm him some. Although you have to play it careful
    since you can't really restock on Minions here.
    Make your way into the next room for a scene. Seems that you can either pick up
    a whole helluva lot of gold or rescue the last of the Elven women. So you can
    choose between condemning the entire elven race to extinction or making a whole
    lot of money.
    * GOOD: Save the elven women by turning the wheel and quickly escape with them.
    * EVIL: Ignore the women and grab the gold before you get the heck out of here.
    Time to head back to the tower.
    c3 - Heaven's Peak Abyss
    When you teleport to Heaven's Peak via the Tower Gate you will see the Abyss
    portal, it's right there in your path and very easy to see in the distance. Go
    on over that way and head on through to enter the Abyss.
    Once you get there you will find all of the normal Spawning Points, regardless
    of what you'd normally bring with you make sure that you bring some reds and
    greens along, you'll need them. Head on forward after building that up and you
    will be introduced to the angry women of Heaven's Peak. They're the nominal
    masters of this place and you're going to have to do something about that. For
    now you will just have to play along though.
    Leave your Minions where they are and take out the Giant Slug just like you did
    in the Golden Hills. When it dies it leaves behind a bunch of slug gunk and you
    are going to have to clean it up. There's a cleaning device here but it isn't
    running just yet so we have to find someway to power it. Head left and follow
    that path until you reach Sir William and his cultists burning perpetually.
    There is a ledge that is overlooking them, guard mark your greens up here and
    simply wait. Once most of the followers are dead they will knock William over
    and he will show up as a moveable object. Send your reds over to pick him up
    and they will bring him back to the cleaning device, using his tortured soul to
    power it. Sweet.
    Have your Minions grab onto the cleaner and manually guide them so that they
    move over the gunk on the floor. Once you've cleaned it all up the women will
    open the root gate to the left. Have your Minions gather up William again, we
    will need him to power more devices.
    In this next area you're going to have to do the lawn for these pains in the...
    ahem, anyways send your Minions over to the Mower and let them place William
    inside of it. This lawn is pretty tough and if you don't mow it fast enough it
    will come right back. So to make our lives easy there's a simple pattern to
    follow here.
    Move the mower to the weeds closest to you and sweep them from right to left,
    send them forward a bit and sweep from left to right, forward a bit and then go
    right to left and once more forward, going left to right. This is the quickest
    and easiest way to do this. Once all of the weeds are gone the way to the next
    area is opened.
    Head that way to get the game to autosave and now it's time to deviate just a
    bit from the path through the Abyss. Leave your Minions back and head forward
    to reach a grassy area with a bunch of Wraiths and exploding sheep. Clear the
    area until they're all disposed of and call your Minions.  You will find a
    Unique Mold for the Harvesting Helmet. Most of the Unique items are interesting
    but not as powerful as a full Arcanium set. The Harvesting Helmet is a big
    exception to this rule as it really helps when stocking up on minion energy.
    * NOTE: Before continuing make sure you've got William with you at this point.
    You will need him one last time.
    Go back to the waypoint with your Minions, just in case you missed any of the
    sheeps. Now continue forward, past all of the jars, and you will reach the last
    of your chores. This tiled floor is covered with rats and slugs, as well as all
    that slug gunk.
    It can get frustrating here since it can be really hard to figure out just what
    to do. There are rats emerging from the rocks on your lower left and slugs
    coming out of the hole in the ground north of them. The slugs will not stop
    coming out of the ground so long as there are rats to eat and the rats cannot
    truly be stopped. Instead you will need to do this carefully. Put your reds and
    greens in the corner to the right near the slug hole, they will slaughter them
    as they come out. Set your browns near where the rats come out.
    With your Minions spread out like this you should kill off all the slugs pretty
    easily and stop the rats from reaching the tiles. This should make the slugs
    stop coming out at all. Now have your blues put William in the cleaning device
    and move him around the area, cleaning up all of the slug gunk. This should get
    you through this with the minimum frustration.
    From here is the way up to the womens balcony. To get this area you need to get
    all of the women back but this is easier said than done. The women have some
    pretty mean kung-fu going on and while it doesn't do much damage to you it
    knocks you all over the place and can kill your Minions pretty quick. Don't
    attack them just yet, go up the stairs and simply head forward.
    Eventually you will reach a large open room with a waypoint and a huge closed
    door in the wall. This is where you should branch out from to start bringing
    the women back. From this room let your reds and yourself handle the women and
    as you knock them down they will become moveable objects. Bring them back to
    the waypoint and you will slowly but steadily clear this area out. When you
    bring the last of the women back the large door near the waypoint will open and
    some Wraiths will come pouring in. Take them out, restock on your Minions and
    head through the door.
    In this large area you will want to head to the left and go up the stairs to a
    path. This is where the Abyss Stone is located but you will want to ignore that
    for the moment. Pick up the wheel rod from the ground and start heading back to
    the open area. When you reach it the game will switch to a cutscene showing you
    a new enemy entering the area via a pretty badass heavy metal type music video.
    Even if you don't like this sort of music it's still pretty awesome to watch.
    When the fight breaks out all you really need to do is activate your Minion
    spell and enter combat with them. Use your Fire spell if you feel the need to
    but you shouldn't actually have to and you will want to conserve the mana as
    much as you can. These reaper enemies aren't too difficult, their backup is
    usually the biggest problem. Send the Minions to the wheel and let them turn it
    to activate the stairs to your left that will take you to the upper level.
    Head on up the stairs here and follow the path until you reach a larger area
    with two large wraiths. Take them out, flip the lever to complete the path to
    the end of the area. This will link the large area where you first fought the
    giant slug. Now head back, send your Minions to gather the Abyss stone and
    head on your way. As you're moving some Wraiths will start to jump your group
    but just keep them busy, they don't try to break the stone just your head. Get
    rid of as many as you can and keep on going.
    Once you reach the giant slug area William and his cultists will come at you
    in a horde. They're really, really easy to take out. If you have a level 3 Fire
    spell a few applications of this will literally destroy them. Once you get rid
    of the last of them quickly have your Minions begin to carry the stone again.
    An unlimited amount of Wraiths will non-stop spawn in and try to stop you from
    reaching the waypoint so fighting isn't an option. Let your Minions distract
    them and escort your Minions to the waypoint. Once the Abyss stone is put there
    they will all die and you will be master of this Abyss.
     - Ruborian Desert
    Time to head to the level that redefines the term "laborious" so teleport over
    to the desert. Make your way to the right and you will see a cutscene showing a
    raider scout running off to warn the others. Here you can take advantage of an
    interesting glitch, if you kill the runner then you can avoid dealing with the
    Sand Worms for quite some time. However this has caused my system to lock up
    when you should first encounter them so it's up to you if you want to take the
    risk of the lock-up.
    If you choose to kill the runner then you will want to send your Minions after
    him and hopefully they will get to him and kill him before he gets too far. If
    you do this you won't fight any of the worms until you reach Jewel. This means
    just ignore all mentions of the worms from here on in and get the items here as
    you please. Otherwise let's proceed.
    Head after the scout and take out any of the raiders that try to halt you. Make
    sure to gather up any equipment they leave behind, this is the best stuff in
    the game here. You will also want to destroy any barrels and chests you find so
    as to get more stuff to armor up your Minions. Try to get your browns done up
    first and worry about everyone else second.
    As you start heading through the giant creatures ribcage (it acts like a bridge
    of bones) you will see that scout get eaten by a sand worm. From here on out
    you will have to be mindful of these creatures when you're moving along the
    sand. If they do rise up get your Minions, and yourself, away from them since
    they have good reach and will basically instant kill large groups of Minions.
    To head across the sand you need to deal with the sand worm. An easy way to do
    this is to guard mark your Minions, run to an island of stone on the sand, wait
    for the rumbling to stop and then guide the guard marker over to you. Repeat
    this as necessary to get over the sand. Once you've reached the other side you
    will find a brown spawning pit, a bug that comes out of a hole in the ground
    and some weird looking eggs nearby.
    Send a brown minion to grab one of the eggs. This will cause the Blaster Beetle
    to chase after him. Quickly lead the beetle onto the sand by sending your
    Minion that way. Once the sand starts to shake let the egg go and your Minion
    will come back. The bug will check the egg to make sure its okay and summarily
    be eaten by the worm. Shortly the bug will blow up inside of it, taking half of
    the worms health away. Do this once more to wipe it out and start heading onto
    the sand. There's a tower object to increase your Mana out here but be careful.
    There have been times where there have been numerous sand worms in this area,
    not just the one.
    Use the blaster beetles to blow up the bone wall here as well and then hit them
    a few times to start their fuse before you retreat. They will blow up and take
    out the bone wall so continue on to get a cutscene showing Jewel retreating.
    * NOTE: This is when the worms start coming out if you used the glitch earlier.
    Look for another bone barrier nearby, blow it up and you will be lead back to
    the beginning of the level. Restock on Minions if you like and then look around
    for a nearby bone barrier. You will need to blow this one up to reveal some
    more sand to cross and another worm under it. Take out this worm as well and
    head across the sand to reach a small strip of sand.
    To the right here will be a tower object, raiders and some sheep. Loot the area
    and bring the tower object back to the waypoint before continuing onward. To
    the left of this area is another cutscene and what appears to be a small town.
    Get rid of any raiders and it's time to clear the area of worms. There is a
    blaster beetle in a smal alcove nearby so you will want to use it to clear the
    area of sand worms, it might take awhile, and then find the health object up
    the stairs to your left. With the worms out of the way bring it back to a
    waypoint before heading to the gap nearby.
    Kill the raiders here and use your Minions to lead a beetle over to the right
    wall (the left just leads to another worm and some loot). This is a bit rough
    but fight your way through the bugs and raiders until you reach a wheel. This
    wheel will bridge the gap here and let you into the raider city. You're going
    to have to slice your way through a veritable army of raiders as you move on
    through this place.
    * NOTE: This is the best place in the game to armor up your Minions. Simply
    come in after you've cleared the place out and get your Minions and break all
    the barrels, objects and chests in this place and armor up. Leave and keep on
    coming back until you've got a full 400% on your Minions.
    Once you reach the Tower Gate area Jewel will start running away from you.
    Clean out the area and you will now be able to try and capture her. Simply put
    3 Minions near each gap in the middle area to stop her from going through paths
    on both sides. This will force her to head near the Tower Gate and when she
    tries to teleport away she will be yanked to your tower. Sweet!
    One last order of business, get a blaster bug from the area, lure it with an
    egg and have the beetle blow up the bone barrier. This is where Jewel stashed
    the Mother Goddess Statue so have your Minions bring it back. As you near the
    gate some Elves will ask for it back.
    * GOOD: Simply put it on the platform they request and you will give it back.
    * EVIL: Kill them and then return it to the Tower Gate.
    d4 - Golden Hills Abyss
    Now it's time to go ahead and handle the Abyss that is polluted... populated by
    the various Dwarves. Make your way to the Dwarven Fortress and you will see a
    number of Dwarves fighting over the portal to the Abyss. Wait for them to do
    the lions share of killing each other and then go over and take out the Flamer
    Dwarf (he never dies here) and whatever else is left over. Use your reds to
    distract and melee him to death.
    With that done head on your way through and you will find yourself inside of a
    brand spanking new Abyss. Follow the Dwarves who got into the Abyss before you
    did but don't attack them. Eventually you will see them getting gunned down by
    more of the shooter Wraiths. Move forward and send your Minions to take them
    out by going up the sides in the openings on each side.
    Continue forward and go down the stairs and into the main cavern of this Abyss.
    You are going to spend a lot of time here so it's best to learn the makeup of
    this place. As you look around you will find Goldos' immortal soul trapped in a
    statue of solid Gold. (Ed. Note: I quite like the irony of these punishments.)
    From the statue if you look around you will see two stairs going up on either
    side of the room, a stone wall on each side of the room and then a lower level
    with mine shafts down here.
    You're going to need explosives or something to breach those stone walls but
    there's nothing you can do about that now. Head down to the lower level and go
    up the staircase here, keep on going until you reach a small Dwarven settlement
    of sorts. You will see a reaper using gold to lure Dwarves to their messy doom.
    Head on up the stairs, take out the reaper and then let your Minions loot the
    Dwarven homes. Now have them pick up the gold and start heading back the way
    you came, note the Dwarf following you.
    * NOTE: There is a grassy area here that will be accessible later on so don't
    forget about it. There's a Unique Mold up here.
    Lure the Dwarf with the gold and lead him all the way back to the statue of
    Goldo. When he sees his old ruler he will go wild and start attacking it, using
    his pick to chip away at it. Seems they're a bit resentful of where they have
    ended up. However you're going to need more than one chipping away at him so go
    back down the stairs with your Minions and sweep the gold past all of the mine
    shafts. This will call out a few other Dwarves who you must lead to the Goldo
    statue as well.
    Once all of them start chipping away they will eventually take a third of the
    statues health away and a few things will happen. The Dwarves will die from
    chunks of gold falling on them, chunks you can pick up for money, and this will
    also reveal the Abyss stone hidden under Goldo. Lastly the gold your Minions
    were holding will poof away. Oh and the two doors up the stairs on either side
    of the room will open up allowing some Wraiths to come and harass you. Wipe out
    the Wraiths and you can now go to the right or left.
    The right path is much easier so let's head that way first. Once you and your
    Minions pass through the door guard mark them and head forward into the area by
    yourself. You will find a few Wraiths, mostly shooters, in this area and they
    don't stop spawning in. To make them stop you have to find a pair of switches
    to activate that will cut them off. This area isn't complex or anything so just
    go up and down the stairs until you find it, it shouldn't take very long.
    Finish off the last of the Wraiths and head towards the exit but stop as soon
    as you can see grass on the ground. There's a stone wall in this area that a
    shielded Wraith will charge through and you don't want him wiping out your
    Minions so leave them behind and take him out solo. Restock on your Minions at
    the spawning pits and then continue forward until you end up in a chamber with
    another reaper messing with Dwarves.
    Head straight along the platform you're on and send Minions to flip the two
    levers. It's easiest to guard mark all your Minions except for a red and brown.
    Now send a red up the right pipe (any other color will die) and while he's
    using that lever switch to controlling browns and send the brown to the left
    lever. You need to hit both of them fairly fast or they will reset.
    Once you've done this the Dwarves will get drunk on beer and charge the Wraiths
    and reaper. Not one to die so easily the reaper takes his gold and leaves which
    means you have to chase him down. Let the Dwarves kill off the Wraiths and go
    saunter your way through them to reach the door that the reaper ran through.
    He's standing up on a higher level in the next room so you can't get to him at
    this moment. Head through the door to your right and fight your way through the
    Wraiths until you reach him and take him out. Open the door, take the gold and
    go on through. Leave your Minions here and go forward by yourself, a shielded
    Wraith will come charging out in this area. What you want to do is stand in
    front of the stone wall here to make the Wraith destroy it for you and then go
    on through.
    Get your Minions and head on through the now destroyed wall with the gold in
    tow. There will be a bunch of Wraiths in the main room waiting for you so take
    them out before using the gold to lure more Dwarves from the mining tunnels to
    chip away at Goldo some more. Once they're done they die, you can collect more
    gold chunks from the ground, your gold you're carrying disappears and more of
    the Abyss Stone is revealed. Oh and more Wraiths come to attack this time with
    a pair of Rock Giants taking up the rear. Wipe out the Wraiths and set your
    Green, Blue and Red Minions with a guard marker near the top of the stairs that
    lead down to the mine shaft area. From here they can help fight the giants and
    not enter the line of fire. Using your Minion spell can help your browns live
    long enough to help you out as well.
    Now that they're all dead the left door will open up so you can head through.
    Stay to this path and you will eventually run into a group of drunk Dwarves who
    are meandering through the tunnels. Try to stay with, and protect them, since
    it's quite annoying to navigate this place without them showing you the way to
    go. If they die it's no biggie but try to keep at least one of them alive. Open
    the door here and start following, killing Wraiths as you go.
    When you reach the stone wall send your Minions around it to the right to kill
    the Wraiths, grab a bomb and blow up the wall (be mindful of killing Minions).
    Once you reach the spawning pit room you can pretty much not worry about the
    Dwarves anymore, it's easy enough to reach the large cave you're trying to get
    to. You will know you got there when you see a reaper messing with some Dwarves
    via gold on a snails back.
    Ignore the room to your left, it's a trap that isn't worth tripping and look
    around. You will notice a path with poisonous gas in it, send your greens in to
    clear it out of poison, kill the slugs and flip the lever. This will make bombs
    appear further up the path. Use the bomb to blow up the stone wall to the lower
    level and head on down. Send your Minions to pick up a bomb and use it to blow
    up the snail that has the gold but don't rest just yet. A trap is sprung!
    The large door down here will open allowing a bunch of giant slugs to come into
    the room and attack you. Move away from them and send your Minions to pick up
    bombs and drop them in his path not too close to it since they move forward at
    a rather quick pace. If they get in your face you will want your green and red
    Minions guard marked so that they can attack them while you keep the big guys
    busy. Once they're all wiped out you can head to the upper level.
    The reaper will actually send a bridge over to you so that he and his Wraiths
    can attack you for messing up their fun. Take the lot of them out and then open
    the door here. Once it's fully open have a Minion grab a bomb and run it over
    to the slug with its back to you, blowing it up really purty like. Send your
    Minions to get the gold and head through the door and down the corridor. Open
    the door here and go through.
    Head straight and then turn left, this will reach you to a long wood suspension
    bridge across a chasm. Leave the gold and send your Minions onto it, marking
    some browns and greens near either side of the bridge and keep the red and blue
    ones with you. When you head across it the Narrator from the Evernight Abyss
    will speak to you before sending Wraiths to attack you from both sides. Wipe
    them out, get the gold and continue on.
    Continue along to the left and you will reach two stone walls on your right
    side. If you are careful and quick this area is way simple. Send a Minion to
    get a bomb from the closest location you can and lead him all the way back here
    to the stone wall closest to you. By blowing this up you will reveal more bombs
    but you are likely to lose your Minion. If you're fast enough you can actually
    get them to the second one first, revealing the path forward without having to
    deal with the first stone wall. Do this however you like and continue on.
    You are now on a path with moving roots in your way. These will attempt to slow
    you down as you try to complete your goals in this room. There is a root that
    leads across a gap to a lever, send your minion over that way and have him flip
    the lever. Now go over and across the root bridge that formed. Follow this path
    and you will reach a room with another lever, flip this to make a previous area
    acessible but ignore that for now.
    Head back the way you came and have a Minion grab a bomb, rush through the root
    barriers and blow the stone wall here. This will lead you back into Goldos room
    once more. Wipe out the Wraiths here and then send your Minions to gather up
    the veritable army of Dwarves that come out to work on the statue with you.
    Wraiths will start to spawn in this time though so guard mark your Minions in
    front of the Dwarves and protect them while they work. Each time a bell rings
    more Wraitsh will spawn in. There are spawning pits nearby so this shouldn't be
    too much of an issue.
    When you touch the stone the Dwarves will attack as expected. Wipe out the 1st
    group of them no problem. The second group comes with three Flamer Dwarves so
    you need to be careful. Send your red Minions by themselves into the lower area
    and let them get the flamers attention. Once all three of the flamers are
    trying to kill them go down and start beating down on the Dwarves one by one
    until they're all dead. The reds can't damage the flamers but they will stop
    them from advancing on the stone and wiping out your whole army.
    Once this wave is dead head back to the statue and fight off the third wave. Be
    careful of the Dwarves with bombs that come down on each staircase. Take the
    Abyss stone back to the waypoint once this wave is done and you're done in the
    Golden Abyss.
    Well unless you want the Unique molds that is. The reason we wait until now to
    get these two molds is that waypoints can be sparse and the enemies annoying so
    it's best to wait to go after these.
    Go back to where the first reaper was blowing up the Dwarves and you will have
    extended a path to the sheep area. Go up there by yourself, take out all the
    sheep (be mindful of the exploding ones) and clear the way. At the very end of
    this area to your right you will find some jars and chests to bust open as well
    as the mold for the Sword of Life-Stealing. Have your minions grab the Mold and
    take it back to the waypoint. Return to Goldos room when you're done with that.
    From here go through the right door and follow the path until you reach the
    area where you fought the first shielded Wraith. Look around and you will see
    some breakable skulls on the floor. Destroy them all to clear the area and you
    will see a narrow path that has bombs in it. Use your level 2 fire spell to set
    them off and cause a chain reaction of explosions that will clear the stone
    wall and let you go through. There's a unique mold to your right, that of the
    Armor of Fire. With that in hand we can finally leave the Golden Abyss.
      - Defeat Kahn
    After a bit of chatting with Jewel (no torture sadly, what a gyp!) you will
    find that Kahn is quite angry you've taken her. He's going to be attacking the
    town of Spree first so head on over to Mellow Hills.
    As you start to head towards Spree the townsfolk will yell for you to follow
    them. This turns into an ambush by some Raiders so get rid of them and leave
    the townsfolk for later. When you enter Spree you will find it under attack by
    a bunch of floating eyes. To kill them you either need Reds to use ranged hits
    against them from above or greens need to leap on them from above. However if
    your Minions are anywhere near their lower part they will die in short order as
    you are damaged by simply being near their path.
    * NOTE: The floating red ones can't be damaged by the reds, use greens.
    To defeat the eyes wait for them to move away from the large platforms near
    each of the exits to the city and guard marker your greens and reds up there.
    When the eyes float nearby your Minions will tear them to shreds so simply
    content yourself with taking out the raiders until then. Once all three of the
    enemies are dead the peasants will approach you.
    GOOD: Forgive them and simply leave to stay on the path of good.
    EVIL: Kill the traitorous blighters and watch your evil meter go up.
    Teleport over to Heavens Peak and quickly grab up a bunch of Browns, as many as
    you can. A group of Raiders charges you so wipe them out and then properly
    choose your group of Minions. Keep your greens and reds on the higher ledges
    and have them wipe out the two floating eyes.
    * NOTE: For this next bit you will want a bunch of greens and reds, a few blues
    just in case and a small number of browns. A good split is 5 browns, 10 blues,
    15 reds and ten greens. This should keep you in good shape.
    With that dead head down the stairs and follow the path that's available to you
    to reach Kahn. He is actually incredibly powerful so you want to keep your
    Minions as far away as possible. Guard mark the reds and greens in a position
    a bit further back and then enter melee with him. If you're luck you greens and
    reds will help you out with a bit of damage but you should focus on hurting him
    quickly. Strafe around him and only attack while you're behind him. Do not let
    yourself be hit by him or you will die quickly.
    Once he's damaged enough he will run away from you, ignore that for now. There
    are red and green spawning pits nearby so restock and take out the floating
    eyes in this area. As you head down the stairs you will be attacked by some
    more raiders so take them out and you will get a cutscene. You can't get to the
    eyes this time since they're so far away and Kahn is in the next area. But if
    you don't do something, the Raiders never stop coming. The solution is simple.
    When you enter this area head to the left, towards where the Raiders are coming
    from and have your Minions turn the wheel here to stop the Raiders from their
    non-stop attack. Now run up the stairs towards the green spawning point, guard
    mark your reds and greens near the edge and wait it out. They will hurt Kahn
    enough over time that he will run away. If you don't feel patient go down there
    and help them out, just don't get too hurt.
    Follow Kahn, killing any raiders you encounter and you will reach a bunch of
    spawning pits. Grab up a full array of Minions and head up the stairs towards
    the Halfway to Heaven Inn. Put your Minions near the entrance to the Inn and
    guard mark them here. Use your fire spells to kill off any remaining eyes and
    distract Kahn while your Minions kill him. Eventually you will be able to waltz
    on over and deliver the final blow.
    Hmm? Seems we're needed back at the Tower. Wonder what could be going on...
      - Betrayal
    Once you've regained control of your overlord head downstairs towards the crypt
    area. Your mistress will damage the tower heart for you and a bunch of evil
    Browns will come out of the floor. Kill them all to regain access to all of
    your spells and the browns. Grab up a bunch of browns (10 works)and follow the
    Wizard through the hole.
    Head under the arch to your right, kill the evil Minions here and then take
    the path upwards to your right.  Have your minions turn the wheel here and then
    grab the Red Hive. Kill off any evil Minions that pop up, they will not stop,
    and escort it back to the spawning room. Pull out ten or so reds and head back
    the way you just came. You should see the Blue Hive in the middle of the lava
    over here, leave your browns fighting the enemy Minions and have the reds get
    the Blue Hive back to the spawning room.
    Grab up about 10 blues and lead your minions back over to where you rabbed the
    blue hive. You should see a wheel in the lava, have your reds turn it to send
    a bridge out. Go across it, guard mark your minions and take your blues into
    the water with you. Mark them as well before you take the right path here. It
    leads to the Green Hive but a number of greens will appear out of nowhere to
    attack you. Kill them off and then have your blues bring the Hive back to the
    spawning room.
    Redistribute your minions, have as many of each as you like but you should make
    sure that you have at least 10 greens with you. Greens and reds are the most
    useful against the Wizard when the fight commences. Head back to where you got
    the green hive but turn left instead of right. Get rid of the poison with the
    greens and wipe out all the bugs. Turn to your right and have your greens get
    rid of the poison blocking the wall in the back and push the block out of the
    way to reach the final fight.
    * NOTE: Gather up all of your Minions and set a guard marker for them all right
    in the doorway to the side of the door you opened inside the room. This is a
    good, safe place for them during this fight.
    After a bit of talking the fight will begin. He has quite a noticeable pattern
    that goes as follows:
     - Summon in evil Minions of various types
     - Float around the area rambling while he calls up a colored barrier
     - Perform a few melee type attacks if anyone is near him
     - Transform into a tornado and wipe out any minions not near the entrance door
    This is how the first three quarters of the fight will play out. So you will
    want to use your Fire Magic to wipe out as many Minions as possible as they
    spawn in. Then ignore the remaining Minions, mostly reds, and choose all of the
    Minions of whatever color matches his barrier (red for red, green for green).
    Send them to attack the Wizard and follow them over. They will injure him and
    then take him out of the sky. Attack him a bunch of times with your weapon but
    the minute he starts to get up gather you Minions and send them back to the
    guard marker or his tornado will wipe them out.
    After you repeat this a few times you will find yourself moved, via the magic
    of cutscenes, into a pretty bad position. Restock your Minions at the spawning
    pits and go all out. Guard marker your browns and blues near the corner of the
    pits and send your Minions after the Wizard using the same pattern. He's almost
    dead so go all out to get rid of him.
    Once he's dead you get your ending cutscenes but since this is Raising Hell you
    have one last trip to make...
    e5 - The Infernal Abyss
    Head to the Ruborian Desert, the first Tower Portal, and gather up your horde.
    Go forward until you reach the area where you encountered the first sand worm.
    You are likely going to want to kill off this sand worm and then head over to
    the gate to learn that it's locked and you will need to use the Abyss Stones to
    unlock this Abyss.
    Go back to the Tower Gate and the Abyss Stones will be waiting there. Send some
    Minions to each of the stones and then start escorting them back to the Abyss
    entrance. Each of the stones will become a statue as it's placed down and when
    all four are in place the gate will open up. Head on through to enter the final
    Abyss in the game.
    You will see a bunch of Spawning Pits as well as a waypoint and sacrificial
    pits of both types. Make sure that you're fully ready for this and then head
    forward. When you reach the large area and make your way to the upper level
    you are going to be besieged by a huge army of Wraiths. They're going to be
    coming from both sides and rushing you, mostly regular Wraiths but a few other
    types will come in the mix.
    The best way to handle this is to guard mark your Minions between the two paths
    a bit back so that they're not in immediate danger. From here you can let your
    Minions do a large part of the fighting while you assist with your attacks. You
    can throw out some Fire spells every so often to help annihillate the enemies
    much quicker.
    Gather up your minions and head back to the spawning pits to recover any losses
    that you might have incurred during that last battle. Then head back to the
    area with the fight and make your way to the left on the upper area. Loot as
    you go and head across the suspension bridge and take out the Reaper here. Stay
    on the path and you will eventually find some shooter wraiths. Take them out
    and then continue along the path and you will find another Reaper.
    Destroy that Reaper and then continue onward, going back down to the clearing
    after you have looted to your hearts content. Head back down to the lower level
    and take the right path here to reach an intersection with Wraiths waiting to
    ambush you. Destroy the Wraiths and head to the right. The only reason to come
    this way is to destroy the wraiths here and find the Spawning Pits here for
    reds and greens.
    With that done double back and take the left path to reach some more Wraiths as
    well as Life and Mana pits. Head down the nearby stairs and you will reach the
    labyrinth. I hate this place...
    Leave your Minions alone and go through the bits of the maze that you can head
    through and take out every Wraith that you can find. With that done you will
    want to gather up your reds and start bringing them with you. The trick to
    moving through this place is to set the nearby hanging peasants on fire. Doing
    this will open up the root gates and allow you to proceed. When you reach the
    Stone Wall you will have to set both peasants nearby on fire to get rid of it.
    Exploring the sections of this place that are made of dirt and stone is a great
    way to find lots of treasure. When you reach the parts that look like they're
    made of granite on all surfaces this is the way to proceed forward. Finish
    looking for any treasure that you might want in the dirt area and then head
    for the stone halls.
    It's Kahn, fancy finding him here. Although it seems that the big guy has a,
    ehem, glass jaw this time around. Go into the small room nearby and put all of
    your Minions into the pits here and pull out an entire group of reds. Leave
    your best equipped Minions behind and take just six of them back into the room
    with Karn. Send one of them to attack each of the peasants that are hanging on
    the walls. Once all of them have been set on fire the summoning circle in the
    middle of the room will light up and call in a shielded wraith.
    Once he spawns in move yourself and your Minions in front of Kahn and quickly
    get out of the way when he rushes at you. If you do this right he will smash
    Kahn to little pieces and let you through. Kill the wraith and then gather up
    your horde and proceed into the Forgotten Gods temple.
    This section is a lot less complicated than it looks really. There are ten
    switches on the outer circle of the room and two that are right next to you.
    Before we do anything else just a note, do not use Guard Markers here. Now
    select whatever color of Minions you choose but make sure that it's at least
    ten Minions and sweep them around the outer circle. They should flip all of
    the levers as they go. Once the group has flipped the last lever pick another
    color of Minions and send them to the two switches right near you. This will
    activate the door and allow you entry into the Temple. In our experience if you
    try doing it the other way the levers will reset before you can flip the outer
    ten levers.
    Now it's time to take out hte Forgotten God himself. Your Minions are going to
    die by the bucketload here but there are spawning pits in the room so don't
    worry about it. This is the final battle of Overlord and you've got nothing to
    gain by sparing your Minions. Just make sure you have lots of browns and greens
    at all times and you'll be fine.
    The only way to hurt this big guy is by making him do it to himself. So to that
    end we're going to have to use his temper against him. Gather up some of your
    Minions and have them stand in front of the pit that he's in. When you see him
    rear back and prepare to slam his head into the platform pull them back and
    let him get his chin stuck in the ledge. Now send your Minions to leap all over
    him and they will hurt him pretty bad. Pull them back as he starts to rear up
    or he will kill the lot of them.
    This should have him enraged and he will start to headbutt you. Now quickly
    gather up your Minions and yourself and hide behind one of the pillars on
    either side of the area. He will headbutt the pillar, slaughter a bunch of your
    Minions and likely hurt you but his headbutt will cause the pillar to topple on
    his head. This hurts him a fair bit and is how you need to destroy him. Enrage
    him again and hide behind the other pillar to take more of his health and he
    will go into hiding. A bunch of wraiths will spawn out, restock on your Minions
    and kill them to call the boss out.
    The only real difference now is that he will shoot a burst of energy at you
    that, if it hits your, Minions will send them flying up into the air. From here
    the boss will basically tear them to shreds so once you see them lift off they
    are goners, get more. This is basically the same as before, get the boss angry
    and send your Minions to hide behind pillars. In this case the pillars are in
    the back of the room so guard mark your browns (NOT greens) and send them to
    hide behind a pillar in the rear of the room. If your Minions aren't greens who
    go invisible he will notice them and ram the pillar, slaughtering minions and
    hurting himself. Get him to do this to both pillars in the room and he will be
    rendered unable to move and you can move in for the killing blow.
    Enjoy the ending of the saga of Overlord 1. Now we just have to wait for the
    sequel that's coming out soon, yay!
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