Who's got a Game Save to share??

  1. Who's got a Game Save to share??

    User Info: TuMadree16

    TuMadree16 - 8 years ago


  1. No game save, however, here's a cool cheat to get infinite points:-

    1.FTP into your PS3 where your back up games are stored.
    2.Look in your Initial D: Extreme Stage game directory
    3. Go into the game folder and look for GAME_SETTING file.
    4. Make a back up (Just in case)
    5.Open it (Should open automatically in a notepad file.)
    6. Once the file open scroll to: [ PointAssignment ]
    7. Edit the following lines to look like this:

    RaceBonus = 9999
    StoryBattlePoint = 999999
    Story2ndWinBonus = 999999

    8. Save changes.
    9. Close/log off FTP

    Start the game and go into story mode, win the first race.
    The points should accumulate like mad.

    Enjoy tuning/tricking out your rides!

    User Info: Jonny_Tanna

    Jonny_Tanna - 6 years ago 0 0

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