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Additional DesignMarty Newcomb
Additional ProductionMike Boccieri
Additional ProductionCatherine Dinh
Additional ProductionLiz Stuart
Art DirectorNorman Badillo
Art SupportPatrick Burke
Art SupportChris Chin
Art SupportRonnie Fike
Art SupportNathan Fulton
Art SupportGary Johnson
Art SupportSach Steffel
ArtistJP Castillo
ArtistVlad Dumitrascu
ArtistDana Jakobson
ArtistKevin James
ArtistTracey King
ArtistDave Marino
ArtistNick Monroe
ArtistKarl Raade
ArtistJustin Rosenthal-Kambic
ArtistRyan Shevlin
ArtistBrian Steffel
ArtistPaul Wu
ArtistMartin Yee
Assistant Lead EngineerChris Bauer
Assistant Lead EngineerIan Sherman
Assistant Lead EngineerJ Wilburn
Assistant Lead EngineerKevin Wilson
Creative DirectorMicah Russo
Creative Services [Capcom]Kevin Converse
Creative Services [Capcom]Christine Converse
Creative Services [Capcom]Tom James
Creative Services [Capcom]Stacie Yamaki
Creative Services [Capcom]Lindsay Young
DesignerJose Gonzales
DesignerEric Heitman
DesignerDan Miller
DesignerMorakoth Tang
DesignerKyle Tunison
Developet DirectorMelissa Bachman-Wood
Director of Design [Capcom]Kraig Kujawa
Director of Production [Capcom]Adam Boyes
Director of Technology [Capcom]Gary Lake
Engineer (Reaper Engine)Dan Halpern
Engineer (Reaper Engine)Chris Marsh
Engineer (Reaper Engine)Albert Yale
Lead ArtistArvin Bautista
Lead DesignerMarcus Montgomery
Lead EngineerTanio Klyce
MusicNorihiko Hibino
ProducerMax Fitzmaurice
Producer [Capcom]Rey Jimenez
Senior Engineer (Core Engine)Ian McLean
Senior Engineer (Core Engine)Owens Rodriguez
Senior Engineer (Reaper Engine)Isaac Bender
Sound DesignerBob Baffy
Sr. Director, Creative Services [Capcom]Francis Mao
Technical ArtistMike Badillo
Technical DirectorDavid R. Sullivan
Technical Director [Capcom]Takashi Kubozono
UI ArtistDiana Fong
UI DirectorChad Pfarr
UI EngineerChristopher Joon Miller


Data and credits for this game contributed by _Genesis, odino, Shadow., BGoldTLE, and oliist.

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