Review by dnextreme88

Reviewed: 12/18/08

Smackdown vs More 2009

- The worst part of the gameplay is the control configuration. The controls repeat as history as time itself and barely does THQ make another set of controls. Besides, you can only pick a few number of control configuration sets and its not that plenty to choose from. What triggered most of its excitement over the fans is the actual Normal Tag Match where you could perform various and even newer moves than the past games. Its better and cooler but not for the controls. And the best part of the game is the new Career Mode which is separate to Career Mode which now triggers cut-scenes and much more.

- The graphics are excellent. It takes into more reality and adds more fuel to the game with the addition of some soundtracks provided by some bands who performed one of some theme songs of the game. And there is also a button that would let you skip the current track and go to the next track. You just don't skip those tracks that was sung by bands, you will have the chance to scroll over to some of the superstars' entrance theme songs as well. With these sounds, you can listen to these while advancing in the game's features and before you take in matches, soundtracks is the one that will keep you awake and alive while playing the game.

Play Time/Replayability:
- The game is completely the same. Playing the Career Mode may give you new features, but it has the same storyline and you will really be disappointed with the Career Mode. There is another Career Mode which should probably counter out the Career Mode. Playing the game all over again is not good nor bad but its average. If you really go with the flow, you will withstand the endurances of the game. But if you really don't, then you really won't be able to enjoy the game. It is a matter of understanding the concept and what not.

Final Recommendation:
- Finally, I can say the game is pretty good - with only a few flaws. Keep in mind that when you decided to buy this game, it is better considering the quality of the product you are buying. An original WWE Smackdown vs RAW 2009 game has an original WWE stamp for proof. Buying the original one also ensures that you got the correct WWE Smackdown vs RAW 2009 game.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

Product Release: WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2009 (US, 11/09/08)

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