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    Walkthrough by fjamesfernandez

    Version: 1.6 | Updated: 06/10/09 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

               _______                          _______
               \      \                        /      /
                \      \                      /      / 
                 \      \                    /      /  
                  \      \                  /      /   
                   \      \                /      /      
           /         /        /        /        /         /
          /  _______/  ___   / ____   / _______/  _______/
         /  /     /   /__/  / /   /  / /______/  /_______
        /  /     /      ___/ /   /  /_____    /_____    /
       /  /________ /\  \/  /___/  /_____/   /_____/   /
      /           //  \  \        /         /         / 
     /___________//    \__\______/_________/_________/  
                           \      \/      /                  
                 __________/______  ______\____ __________
                /         /       \/          //         /
               /  _______/  __     \  _____  //  _______/
              /  /_____/   /  \    / /    /_//  /______ 
             /        /   /   /   / /  _____/         /  
            /  ______/   /   /   / /  /_   /   ______/  
           /  /_____/_  /___/   / /____/  /   /_______   
          /          /         /         /           /    
                   /      /                \      \         
                  /      /                  \      \        
                 /      /                    \      \            
                /      /                      \      \           
               /      /                        \      \        
              /______/                          \______\           
    --*CROSS Egde*--
    *Author   : F.James Fernandez
    *Guide STD: 05/29/09
    *Guide ETD: 00/00/00
    *Version  : 1.6
    *Hours    : ???
    *Level    : 10
    --*Legal Information*--
    This document is copyrighted FJamesFernando 2009. This guide may
    not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal or
    private use. It may not be placed on any website, magazine or 
    otherwise distributed publicly without advanced written permission.
    This guid may not be used for profit, and may only be ised on
    gamefaqs.com. Use of this work on any other web site or as a part
    of any public display is a violation of copyright and is strictly
    prohibited. Thank you.
    --*Emailing Me*--
    Please feel free to email me any further information about Cross
    Edge. This is my first guide so please bare with me. If I am 
    missing something from an area, item, move, etc or even more
    knowledge; just email me at FJamesFernandez@gmail.com. In where
    it says subject please put CrossEdge and a brief discription of
    What the information is so that I can figure out what it is that
    you are talking about instead of me having to wonder what it is.
    Thank you
    --*Table of Contant*--
    00= Battle System and Grid *Updated* 6/9
    01= Advance Game Play
    02= Combo Time Meter
    03= Knowledge of AP 
    04= Knowledge of SP (Further explaination to SP)
    05= Knowledge of Branch Combos *Update* 6/9
    06= Knowledge of Team Extra Combos
    07= Knowledge of Equiping Skills *New*
    001= In World Controls
    002= Outside of Battle Menu
    003= In Battle COntrols
    004= Inside of Battle Menu
    005= Knowledge of Leveling (covers EP, TP, and PP)
    006= Knowledge of Getting Gold
    -------Zeine= Neu Miret District--------
    00001= Walk through Area 01 >Normal Mode
    00002= Walk through Area 02 >Normal Mode
    00003= Walk through Area 03 >Normal Mode
    00004= Walk through Area 04 >Normal Mode
    -------Wilkiet= Winoa Clan's Domain------
    00005= Walk Through Area 01 >Normal Mode
    00006= Walk Through Area 02 >Normal Mode
    00007= Walk Through Area 03 >Normal Mode
    00008= Walk Through Area 04 >Normal MOde Incomplite
    <-()->= Character list           (working)
    <-00->= Character's Attack Range (working)
    <-01->= character's Skills       (working)
    <-02->= Branch combos            (working)
    <-03->= Team Supers              (working)
    <-04->= Customs                  (working)
    <-05->= DataBase                 (working)
    <-06->= synth Recipe             (working) *Update*
    <-07->= Upgrading                (working)
    <-08->= Monster List             (working)
    <-xx->= Trophies                 (working) *Update*
    00--*Battle SYstem*--
    This RPG is a turn based battle system style that most of you 
    should be familiar with if you've played any passed Final Fantasy,
    Golden Sun, and or Dragon Quest. Though it has the style of turn
    base, I like the fact that they added a hint of XenoGears (PS1) or
    for you new cats, Xeno Sage. Any Way, so... In Cross Edge you will
    be using a point system to execute your attacks called Attack
    Points (AP). Each Attack, Super, Movement, Item usage, and 
    switching between characters takes an X amount of AP.
    In example:
    Miko: Attack named "Sweep" takes 10 AP.
    York: Uses item named "Grass" takes 8 AP.
    Miko: MOves to another Panel takes 5 AP.
    And so on.
    Now that we gotten a little Familiar of what AP is about lets get
    into the grid where your characters well be positioned. Your battle
    field will be split up into left and right. Left is the enemies side
    and the right side is all yours. Now here is the thing, each side is
    made of a 3x4 panel where you are going to strategically place 
    your characters on the grid. All charcters have their own attack 
    range and may vary depending on their skill that you put on them.
    That I will have to test out. This will be in another section of
    this Guide. Here is an example of the grid:
    --*Thr Grid*--
       Enemies         Heroes
                    1  2  3  4
    [E][E][E][E] 1 [H][H][H][H]  
    [E][E][E][E] 2 [H][H][H][H]
    [E][E][E][E] 3 [H][H][H][H]
    So once you go through your trials and errors you will gain the
    understanding of each character's placement to formulate your
    formation at ease.
    I also found out that its not really the characters range that is
    set up. Its the character's skill that counts on range. So for
    example: York's Quick Shot has a longer range than Massacre Shot.
    Then it goes more to placement of the character that takes place 
    the skills range and so forth.
    01--*Advance Game Play*--
    You are only limited to how many characters you can put on the panel
    which is four, but don't let that get you down. As long as you have 
    AP to spare you can always switch in and out of any useable character
    to further enhance your attacks. Only done fall is that when you rest
    your AP your outside characters don't rest theirs. So for those who
    are familiar with Disgaea, the rules are almost the same here. Just
    in a small limited grid (>_>)
    02--*Combo Time Meter*--
    For each attack you do no matter what order you initiate it a 
    number meter will show up telling you the time you have left to
    pick another attack to keep the combo going. Either attack with
    the same character or a different character. Every time you do an
    attack, the metter will restore itself until you cant attack any 
    Be aware that if you start off a combo on an enemy and decide to 
    switch to another enemy to attack, the combo will stop but the 
    meter will keep going as if you was doing a normal combo.
    03--*AP System*--
    Each character starts off with a set amount of AP and will increase
    as you level through the game. Now this set number is the defualt
    amount when you start the battle. But, by sacrificing a turn, you 
    will be able to gain the true amount of AP at your level. I rest my
    AP a lot so that I can do some good damage being that all the 
    monsters have the same multi-hit move, but i'm not going to get
    into that. So there was some more insite on AP usage. I didn't want
    to repeat about the same AP that I talked about in the Battle
    system explanation.
    04--*SP Sytem*--
    Oh boy, this one is a little tricky at first and at times its hard
    to gain your SP. Okay, so remember that I talked about AP usage
    and how there are normal attacks and super attacks? Well here is 
    the thing. Not only does the super have a AP cost, but in order for
    you to use it you will need to fill your SP bar. And in order for
    to get those bars up you will need to defeat those monsters. Here's
    the thing, you need to kill two monsters before gaining one bar. 
    Any kills after your first two is a SP bar added for you to use.
    Here is a thing that you must keep in mind though. Each bar
    represents the amount of times you can use it. For example:
    F= Filled E= Empty
    [F][E][E][E][E]= Only one character can use their super.
    [F][F][E][E][E]= Only two characters can use their super.
    [F][F][F][E][E]= Only three characters can use their super.
    [F][F][F][F][E]= All four characters can use their super.
    Got the idea now? Yup, the SP bar is shared amongst the party member.
    So far I can only do one super per character, but I am sure as you
    level and gain the AP you will be able to do more supers with one
    character. Another way you gain SP is by taking damage (a lot of
    damage) and or if you party members are falling like flies. But I
    don't stand around to see that... Will I do a few times due to
    building my AP (>_>)
    05--*Branch Combos*--
    Branch combos can be done by one (self) character or depending on
    the skill that you equip on your characters, they will do combos
    together where you will just switch over to the character that says
    "COMBO" on their picture. The more AP you have the more combos you
    can do.
    I'm not sure if its the skill attack you have on the character or
    if certain characters work well with one another to proform combos
    together. But I'm about 90% sure that it's the skill attack that is
    equiped. I will update on a Branch combo on this guide.
    If done right, there might be a chance that you will gain AP back to 
    continue a long combo. In order for you to do that, you'll need to 
    do a thing that is called "Break Arts". If you look at your characters 
    attack each one has an effect that causes break arts which are "down, 
    burst, normal and all". Down, Burst, and Normal are shown on the 
    enemies life bare that will be shown as three small bars next to it. 
    By taking those bars down will result in restoring some AP at the same 
    time its adding a higher combo  number and damage rate. Some characters 
    skills will have the rate to damage all three bars which is called "All". 
    But just really think over how you put together your combos so that you 
    can make them more longer and more powerful.
    I tested some branch combos out and with the new slots that I've gotten
    and it was proven that certain characters that get along to get branch
    combos is false. And that depending on the skill you have will do combos
    together with other characters is true.
    06--*Team Extra Combo*--
    Keep in mind that you will need three super bars to execute the
    After gaining your AP and three SP bars and with certain supers
    that are executed in a right order, your characters (three of them)
    will triple team on the enemy to create their own combo. For
    Lyner (Inpulse), Miko (Sweep), York (Face off)= Death Circle. 
    07--*Equiping Skills*--
    Ever wondered why you've been learning skills and you characters
    can not equip them? Well here is the thing. Look at your current
    gear that you started with. Notice how there is only one slot
    for you to put a skill in. Now also keep in mind if you haven't
    been synthesising to get new items you will never get extra slots.
    Each weapon has 1~4 slots in them. The more slots you have, the 
    skills that you've unlock will be useable. You will now if it has
    slots when if shows you the buttons (Square, Circle, X, and triangle)
    on the controller and underneath it, it will say "Empty" if there is
    more than one (1~4) you are good to go.
    I will further update this as I go through the game.
    001--*World controls*--
    * Left anolog= Moves character.
    * Right anolog= Moves camera around the world.
    * Direction pad= N/A
    * Square= Search for souls.
    * X= Accept commands.
    * Triangle= Brings up the field menue.
    * Circle= Cancel commands.
    * Left Bumper= N/A
    * Right Bumper= Head into Battle
    * Left trigger= N/A
    * Right trigger= N/A
    002--*world Menu*--
    * While in the world map press the triangle to button bring up the 
    menue. Here is the following selections:
    * Formation   : Place your characters on the grid.
      * Sub Menu  : You get to test/pratice your combos here before
                    going into the real battles.
    * Status      : Check your character's status.
      * Sub Menu  : Spend your PP (party Points) and arrange the 
                    placement of your party.
    * Equipment   : Equip your gear as well as your skills.
    * Items       : Use items, arrange items, drop items, etc....
    * Encyclopedia: Shows you the list of monsters, items, recipes, etc.
    * Battle Diary: where you save and load your data.
    003--**Battle Controls**--
    * Left anolog= (press directions) 
      <- or -> ends attack metter.
      up or down ends your parties turn. used to gain AP.
    * !!When your combo metter is on "000"!!
    * Left anolog= (press directions)
      <- (Shift)= Moves characters to a different panel that you choose.
      -> (Switch)= Allows you to switch characters in and out of the PT 
     in while in a battle.
    * Right anolog= Panels the camera angles.
    * Direction pad= Chooses your enemy to attack.
    * Square= use assigned skill
    * X= use assigned skill.
    * Triangle= use assigned skill.
    * Circle= use assigned skill.
    * Left Bumper= Rotate between characters. (left)
    * Right Bumper= Rotate between characters. (right)
    * Left trigger= Skips the in battle animations.
    * Right trigger= brings up the Super menu.
    * Select button= Help menue.
    * Start button= Brings up the battle menu.
    004--*Battle Menu*--
    * While in battle mode press the start button and the following 
      selections are:
    Only one option you need here and thats the item menu. that is all.
    Leveling is a most in this game. Don't be fooled with just thinking
    that you will go along as the story continues on. Three simple
    enemies can wipe out your party due to the fact that these all
    enemies have a multi-hit area. So take your time in leveling. Trust 
    me, it pays off in the long run.
    Defeating monsters will not only give you exp, but they will give
    you the gold, EP, TP, itmes, and PP which are all needed if you 
    want to get all the goodies and the trophies of course. As the 
    battle goes on you can check your Encyclopdia in the main menu
    and check out each monster. It will show you all the items that
    you have dropped. And if you notice, each drop has a certain way
    to get them and by doing so, some required you to get some break
    arts done.
    EP: Enemy Points can be earned from completing just any battle. You 
    can use it to upgrade your gear up to five levels for each multiple 
    items for a certain amount of EP.
    TP: Tactical Points are earned from completing battles as well. The 
    more stylish you are at finishing your foes the higher you TP will 
    be (I haven't proven that yet so I need to test it out).
    PP: Party Points are obtained when your party members gain levels. 
    When you see the screen of you characters reward of leveling 
    you'll notice what he gained in hisstates as well the points that 
    he was rewarded from leveling, but you aren't  able to apply them 
    yet. Now, here's the thing; just because they gain those points, 
    doesn't mean that they are only ment for him to use. When you are 
    leveling, you can apply those PP to any character you like. At one 
    point I was like, "wow" what is lyner doing with 38 PP and when I use 
    it all on him I noticed that people that I saw with points wasn't 
    there any more. So choose wisely when spending your PP on characters.
    As I meantioned before, you can just press the button to go into 
    battle but if you are wondering what is that counter meter is for 
    turning blue to red. Its simple Blue you are good to explore and red 
    means to get ready for a battle. Easy isn't it? (^_^)
    006--*Getting Gold*--
    When you first start the game off and after you get into your first 
    Save Point or safe point (thats what I called them) you will kill off 
    your enemies not only to gain levels but they will also drop 
    "Silver Ore" which can then be sold at the item shop for 250G.Keep 
    doing this until you are able to unlock the "Database" option in the 
    Save Point.The database have 1~123 achievements to complete and each 
    has their own set of Gold thatit will reward you. But even so, 
    continue your Ore colletion so that you can get as much gold as you 
    Keep in mind though, I'm telling you to sell them now because you 
    are early in the gameto be trying to make items with recipes. Later 
    down the line you will need them for alchmey.
    ++                         Walk Through                          ++
    First Rule: Save!
    Second Rule: Have two save files!
    Third Rule: SAVE SAVE SAVE SAVE!!!!
    ++                   Zeine= Neu Miret District                   ++
    0001-Area(1):Soul EVent=2 >Soul Items=1 >Area Search=0 >Save Point=0
    When you start the game York and Miko will wake up not knowing where 
    they are. Evenything is like a blur to them and a cut scene wil 
    For a first fight, this isn't all that bad. Your are pretty much just 
    going through tutorials. Sounds like fun, huh? JUst kill them off. 
    Afer the fight you will go back into a cut scene and another fight. 
    Again, very simple. Only this time around you might be excited lol
    Congrats! Now you will notice that a "EVENT SOUL" popped up called 
    "Anir Feilds",but before heading in there, press the Square button 
    to do a Soul search on the leftside area and a Item Soul will pop. 
    Congrats! This is just one of the many that you will have to find 
    through out the game (^_^)
    This is my first play through, so I am not sure if the items are 
    random for each player. Please email me if it is.
    ** Soul Item (1):
                     Grass X2
                     Herb X2
                     Wind Element X2
    Do another Soul search around the "Anir Fields" and you should pop 
    another Event Soulcalled "Ancient Town of Myr". Now that you have 
    found the two, Just go into the eventsand get your cut scenes and 
    the Seal Stone Tablet that was blocking your way will beunlocked. 
    Please take your time on investing in leveling and getting familiar 
    withthe battle system. And this is the end of Area one (1)...for now.
    0002:Area(2):Soul EVent=2 >Soul Items=2 >Area Search=1 >Save POint=1
    One thing I make a habbit of, is when I enter a new area, I always 
    search for souls before entering the main story events. Do you have 
    to? No, but it makes things easier and you can keep things on track 
    being that they have tones of seals for you to unlock each area.
    Right when you enter the new area do a soul search and one should pop.
    ** Soul Item (2):
                     Gravistone X2
                     Blessing Leaf X1
                     Silver Orc X2
    Head your way to the leftside of the map where you see a small 
    desert like area and search.
    ** Soul Item (3):
                     SilverThread X1
                     Vit Up X1
                     Earth Element X2
    After getting the two souls, head to the house that is in the field 
    called "Myr Suburb Mansion". You'll get a cut scene giving you the 
    infromation of the place and how its called a "SAVE POINT", when it 
    should just be called "Safe Point". So this is where you'll be going 
    to to get your everything you need for your party.
    Item Shop= Buy and Sell Items/weapons/armor/accessories/Items
    Got the Gold? Get ready to do some shopping.
    Customization Room= Upgrade items/make new items
    This is where you will be spending all your EP.
    Area Search= As you collect souls, May's power increases to do an 
    extended search of the area. Though you have popped a few souls, 
    area search finds the ones that you over looked. Not beacause you 
    missed it, its more like this is the only way to find those extra 
    ones in area. You will spend 3 AP each time you use the search.
    Medical Room= Revive Fallen Allies
    Just as it says. Keep in mind that if you do run out of gil and you 
    need someone to be revived, you can, but doing so will put you in 
    debt and you will not be able to purchase items until you debt is 
    paid off.
    There will be other rooms to enter in a save point once you reach 
    certain events in the story. So take your time and gear up and do 
    your first Area Search which will make an event soul pop up. Again, 
    take your time to level and instead of buying new weapons,
    spend your EP on upggrading the gear your characters have now.
    So the event soul that popped when you used area search is call 
    "Nephysis Cliff". go to it and get your cut scene which will make
    you happy again (^_^)
    It seems that these Wolves can't get enough of you and decided to 
    bring over one of their friends, Mr. Bee. Clear the way and guess 
    what? Yup, you guessed it. Another Cut scene. I just hope that you 
    have the japanese voices on and not the english dubbed.
    Now head back to the desert area and do a search again and 
    "Ferna Sara" will pop. If you did a little work on leveling then 
    head in, If you haven't try to be at least level 4+. [Now I didnt 
    get a chance to write down the those enemies so if you want please 
    email it to me.] And now you area done with this area.
    0003:Area(3):Soul EVent=1 >Soul Items=2 >Area Search=0 >Save POint=1
    After the Seal is broken head up but not too far. Some where close to 
    the middle Do a search and hopefully you pop the "Manor at Len 
    Mountain" which is another Save Point. Reason being is so that 
    you can use the Area such and pop the two soul items. If not here are 
    the locations.
    when the seal has been broken go a little up/left and do a search.
    **Soul Item (4):
                    Luck Ring X1
                    Grass X2
                    Serum X1
    Now go all the way north/west and you'll pop another soul item.
    **Soul Item (5):
                    Zweihander X1
                    Max HP X1
    -++NOTE++- Must be lv.6+ Read on before entering.
    Now head east from there and search in the missing a patch of trees.
    The soulevent "len Forest" will pop up. Enter here when you are about
    level 6+ you must come prepared because if you arent, you will get 
    wiped out.level and upgrade is a must! you will get cut scene and 
    congrats, you finally found a soul, but wait its not over. you must 
    fight your way out now.
    Only reason I asked for you to be lv.6 was so that you can gear up 
    and gain EP to upgrade your gear. this fight is simple but can be a 
    party wipe out if you are unprepared. Trust me, happened to me lol
    Change your formation before heading into the battle so that you wont
    waste any AP moving around. Put Ayatane (background front leftside), 
    Morrigain (middle front), York (middle third row back), and Miko 
    (foreground second square) so it looks like this:
    This is what I am using: += add E=empty
    [+][E][E][E] Ayatane   
    [+][E][+][E] Morrigain + York 
    [E][+][E][E] Miko  
    Reason is that I want you to take out the Sorcerer out first being 
    that she is the heighest level there and does real damage to your 
    party. If you haven't notice yet, all the monsters has the same
    move but different animation to it. Now that you got your formation 
    here is the first step.
    (1) Rest your AP.
    (2) Start off the combo with Ayatane (So Ayatane Square, Square).
    (3) The do the combo with Morrigain (Switch over to Morrigain and 
       press square).
    (4) If the sorcerer isn't dead end her life with York's attacks.
    (5) End the combo with York and switch over to Morrigain and start 
       a combo to the
       vampire to the left or right. (Morrigain Square, Square)
    (6) Combo in with Miko (switch to Miko, square) now she cant continue 
       the combo because of her distance so if you saved some AP from York, 
       finish the Vamp off.
    (7) If you killed him off you should get a SP bar but before using it, 
       kill one more from either side so that one can be your booster when 
       you use your SP. Now kill them off.
    You'll get another cut scene and when you head back to the save point 
    you will notice  a new option to choose which is called "DATABASE". 
    Also those seals will open. The one  in the moutain is nothing but 
    a short cut so that you dont have to go all the way around.
    0004:Area(4):Soul EVent=1 >Soul Items=1 >Area Search=0 >Save POint=1
    When you enter the new area, pass the soul event and head all the 
    way north and do a search there.
    **Soul Item (6):
                    Bone Guard X1
                    Silver Ore X2
                    Gravistone X3
    Now that we got that out of the way, I advise you to go back to 
    the save point and start the following:
    Get all your availble titles that you may have to get extra items and 
    gold.Use you EP in the customization shop and upgrade all your available
    gear. Weapons, Armors, and Accessories.But Grass as much as you can. 
    (but don't spend all your gold) At least Grass X50 if you can. Change 
    your formation.
    This is what I am using: += add E=empty
    [+][E][E][E]= Ayatane 
    [+][+][E][E]= Morrigain + Aurica
    [E][+][E][E]= Miko
    You want to have York or any other long range attacker on the middle 
    second panel so they can get rid of those nasty sorcerers.
    After your time of preparing head to the event soul called 
    "Renuit Entrance". You'll enter another cut scene and when you enter 
    you'll noticed that your over head view went to Side Scrolling and a 
    new button is available for you, but all in all its the same layout.
    --Here are the monsters in this area:
    >Hornet     :Lv. 2
    >Imp        :Lv. 5
    >Mirra      :Lv. 3
    >Slime      :Lv. 7
    >Sorcerer   :Lv. 6
    >Vampire Bat:Lv. 4
    >Wolves     :Lv. ?
    Remember what they said. Your HP will not restore like when you was 
    out side, but this is the perfect placed to get all the Ep, and TP, 
    and your levels being that outside was too low. stay at the entrace 
    and level as much as you can. If your energy gets too low, go back 
    outside and you'll get your HP restore. I did this every one or 
    two battles it all depends on how much damage you took in the fight.
    Here is the button layout for the side strolling:
    Will to tell you the truth, everything is the same except that you
    can jump with X and do a double jump by pressing X again while in
    the air.
    Lay out of Renuit Entrance:
    >[1]= Entrance to Renuit.
    >[2]= Room 2.
    >[3]= Has a chest consealing item: STR Up X1.
    >[4]= Path way to exit.
    >[5]= Cut Scene and Renuit Exit
    ++                 Wilkiet= Winoa Clan's Domain                  ++
    0005:Area(1)::Soul EVent=2 >Soul Items=3 >Area Search=1 >Save POint=1
    Once you get out of the Renuit Entrance, go right near the path to the
    save point and do a search. A event soul will pop up called "Fears end".
    It will be a fight against "???" (dont wanna spoil it for you but its
    an easy fight with the right level. At least level 10.
    >Sahagin  X2 Lv.9
    >Big Crab X2 Lv.8
    >???      X1 Lv.9
    Save a turn and kill off the Sahagins and the Big crabs. Once that's
    done unlease your Supers and kill him off. If you want to kill him
    even faster just do the Team Extra combo to end it all. You just 
    might have to save about two turns after you kill off the normal 
    Go to the save point and do an area search which will unlock two 
    **Soul Item (7):Unlocked with the area search.
                    Grass X2
                    Herb  X2
                    Thunder Element X2
    **soul Item (8):Near the Seal Door.
                    Gavistone X2
                    Bless Leaf X2
                    Serum Powder X1
    **Soul Item (9):Right side of the Seal Door on the buttom right side 
                    of the lake.
                    Bone Guard X1
                    Silver Ore X2
                    Dark Elemental X2
    After the soul run, go back to the save point and synthesize a few 
    items that you got the recipe list. The gear that is on green are
    the ones that you can synthesize. Try and look for the ones you 
    have that are "0" meaning you dont have them in stock yet. I gotten
    a new weapong for York, Morrigan, and Miko which will have two slots
    for you to finally use the skills that you weren't able to. So just 
    look over what you can make and upgrade everything you have that
    your characters are using.
    Please save and be at least level 10 and upgrade any and all gear
    so that you can fly though this fight.
    Now make your way to the Event Soul that you unlocked with the area
    search called "Devouring Ice Wolf". You'll get into a cute scene and
    draged into a boss fight.
    >??? Lv. 12
    >??? Lv. 11
    I'm going to sound every lame here but its the truth. This fight is 
    as easy as pie. Save your turn to save your AP and gained it at max
    for your next turn. Then unless your fury with:
    Aim for the first one on the middle row and the formation was the 
    same as last time.
    Ayatane Spark x2, Combo with York, York Massacre Shot x2, then
    use Morrigan to finish it off and congrats. the fight is over...
    for now lol. Once the fight is over, you'll enter another cut
    scene. You'll notice that a new event will pop up along with the
    seal door that was in your way has now vanished.
    0006:Area(2)::Soul EVent=1or2 >Soul Items=1 >Area Search=1 >Save POint=1
    Please send me an email if you get the extra character event called
    "Bead Tree A Home" if its in area 1 or 2. My laptop screen got cracked
    and i've been writing notes and i think i took this one too fast.
    Once you enter to Area 2 not far from area 1. Do a search and two
    souls should pop up. One is an Soul item and the other is an event
    Soul. Now im not too sure because for some reason I always find the
    souls before finding the save points so I'm still going to put the
    locations up. Send me an email if they pop up on the screen with 
    the area search.
    **Soul Item (10): Way west from the castle.
                     Agi X1
                     Agi up X1
                     Siver Ore X2
    >Finding this soul should increase your area search to level 2.
    Now go near the castles top part (roof) and do an search there. An
    Event Soul will pop up called "Pitiful Bugs". The C.S will tell you
    to go back to the first Layer and search for any items that they 
    (you) have missed. I went back to the save point and teleported to
    the first layer and exited out of the "Manor at Len Moutains" and 
    did an area search but the search radius wasn't big enough to get
    an effective search. I noticed that when I went to the north part
    in that tight corner and did a search and a Soul item popped.
    >Back to Zeine= Neu Miret District (First Layer)
    **Soul Item (11): In Area 3
                     Shell Bracelet X1
                     Silver Ore X3
                     Fire Elemental X2
    If this was in the first area already please email me, but I thought
    if I've missed this one.
    **Soul Item (12): Back to area 2 near the desert.
                     Magic Guard X1
                     Gravistone X3
                     Silver Ore X3
    **Soul Item (13): Back to area 4 near the houses to the right.
                     Silver Bracelet X1
                     Silver Bangle X1
                     Max Hp Up X1
    Okay, now go back to Wilkiet= Winoa Clan's Domain and head into the
    "Ferryman's Hideout" and do an area search and a event soul will 
    pop up called "Unseen God's Marks". You'll get into a cut scene and
    will receive the following items:
    Holy Symbol X1
    Spiritual Charm X1
    Relief Grass X2
    Life Fragment X1
    Serum Powder X1
    After getting the items go to the new event item that you've 
    unlocked called, "Futile Conspiracy". You'll enter a cut scene
    and the seal well open.
    0007:Area(3)::Soul EVent=1 >Soul Items=2 >Area Search=0 >Save POint=0
    Once the seal is open head up to the event soul and do a search to the 
    left of it and the right of it in the desesrt area.
    **Soul Item (14): Left
                     Divine Bokuto X1
                     Sleep Guard X1
                     Silver Ore X??? (I got over 99 and I didnt get a 
                                     chance to see how many it was going 
                                     to give me).
    **Soul Item (15): Right
                     Poison Guard X1
                     Max Hp Up X1
                     Holy Elemental X2
    So now enter the event soul "Lingering Pale Scent". Guess what you'll
    run into now? Yup, Another cut scene (^_^) After the cut scene the
    seal door to the north will open to area(4)
    0008:Area(4)::Soul EVent=? >Soul Items=? >Area Search=? >Save POint=?
    Working on it. Again, my laptop's monitor is now cut in half. I need
    to fix the screen and look, im still continuing with this guide lol.
    So I should have some more information for the second layer.
    ++              Extra Information that I'm working on            ++
    <-()-> Character List (characters that I have unlocked through the
    (NPC)= None Playable Characters
    >> York
    >> Miko
    >> May (NPC)
    >> Marie
    >> Morrgain 
    --Art Tonelico: Melody of Elemia
    >> Lyner
    >> Ayatane
    >> Aurica
    >> Misha
    >> Shurelia (NPC)
    ++                         Attack Range                         ++
    <01>Attack Range
    York:(gun)(Long Range) Working on it
    1X1                             2X1
                      1  2  3  4                      1  2  3  4
    [1][1][ ][ ]  1  [+][ ][ ][ ]   [1][1][ ][ ]  1  [+][ ][ ][ ]
    [1][1][ ][ ]  2  [ ][ ][ ][ ]   [1][1][ ][ ]  2  [ ][ ][ ][ ]
    [1][1][ ][ ]  3  [ ][ ][ ][ ]   [1][1][ ][ ]  3  [ ][ ][ ][ ]
    3X1                             1X2
                      1  2  3  4                      1  2  3  4
    [1][1][ ][ ]  1  [+][ ][ ][ ]   [1][1][ ][ ]  1  [+][ ][ ][ ]
    [1][1][ ][ ]  2  [ ][ ][ ][ ]   [1][1][ ][ ]  2  [ ][ ][ ][ ]
    [1][1][ ][ ]  3  [ ][ ][ ][ ]   [1][1][ ][ ]  3  [ ][ ][ ][ ]
    2X2                             3X2
                      1  2  3  4                      1  2  3  4
    [1][1][ ][ ]  1  [+][ ][ ][ ]   [1][1][ ][ ]  1  [+][ ][ ][ ]
    [1][1][ ][ ]  2  [ ][ ][ ][ ]   [1][1][ ][ ]  2  [ ][ ][ ][ ]
    [1][1][ ][ ]  3  [ ][ ][ ][ ]   [1][1][ ][ ]  3  [ ][ ][ ][ ]
    1X3                             2X3
                      1  2  3  4                      1  2  3  4
    [1][1][ ][ ]  1  [+][ ][ ][ ]   [1][1][ ][ ]  1  [+][ ][ ][ ]
    [1][1][ ][ ]  2  [ ][ ][ ][ ]   [1][1][ ][ ]  2  [ ][ ][ ][ ]
    [1][1][ ][ ]  3  [ ][ ][ ][ ]   [1][1][ ][ ]  3  [ ][ ][ ][ ]
    3X3                             1X4
                      1  2  3  4                      1  2  3  4
    [1][1][ ][ ]  1  [+][ ][ ][ ]   [1][1][ ][ ]  1  [+][ ][ ][ ]
    [1][1][ ][ ]  2  [ ][ ][ ][ ]   [1][1][ ][ ]  2  [ ][ ][ ][ ]
    [1][1][ ][ ]  3  [ ][ ][ ][ ]   [1][1][ ][ ]  3  [ ][ ][ ][ ]
    2X4                             3X4
                      1  2  3  4                      1  2  3  4
    [1][1][ ][ ]  1  [+][ ][ ][ ]   [1][1][ ][ ]  1  [+][ ][ ][ ]
    [1][1][ ][ ]  2  [ ][ ][ ][ ]   [1][1][ ][ ]  2  [ ][ ][ ][ ]
    [1][1][ ][ ]  3  [ ][ ][ ][ ]   [1][1][ ][ ]  3  [ ][ ][ ][ ]
    ++                          Data BAse                           ++
    1: The Daredevil: Defeat 100 of the same unit
    Synth Recipe 3 X1
    Dark Element X3
    Holy Element X3
    Gold 10,000
    PP 5
    TP 10
    2: The Acolyte: Defeat 350 of the same unit
    STR X1
    Potent Grass X2
    Shaman Grass X3
    Gold 30,000
    PP 6
    TP 20
    9: The Newbie: Survive 35 battles
    Thunder element X3
    Wind element X3
    Earth element X3
    Gold 5,000
    PP 4
    TP 10
    10: The Green Horn: Survive 100 battles
    Synth Recipe 8 X1
    Vit Up X1
    Thubder Cluster X2
    Gold 20,000
    PP 6
    TP 20
    16: The Badass: Exceed 10K points of total Damage
    Silver Ore X2
    Blessing Leaf X2
    Serum Powder X1
    Gold 50,000
    PP 5
    TP 10
    23: The Trainee: Exceed a 50 hit combo
    Silve Ore X2
    Blessing Leaf X2
    Serum Powder X1
    Gold 5,000
    PP 6
    TP 10
    24: The Rockie: Exceed a 100 hit combo
    51: The Fledgling: Defeat hell dog X5
                              Hornet X10
                              vampire bat X7
                              mummy X10
    Grass X3
    Herb X3
    Serum Power X1
    Gold 3,000
    PP 3
    TP 5
    96: The Wimp: Botain 10 Blessing leaf
    Silve bar X2
    Serum Powder X1
    Life Fragment X3
    Gold 1,000
    PP 3
    TP 10
    103: The Trash Collector: Find 10 souls
    Maigical Vest X1
    Spirital Charm X1
    Serum Powder X1
    Gold 5000
    PP 2
    TP 15
    108: Part Time Worker: Exceed 3,000 gold
    Fire element X2
    ice element X2
    Silver Ore X2
    Gold 1,000
    PP 2
    TP 5
    109: The well to do: Exceed 10,000 gold
    Str up X1
    Vit up X1
    Agi up X1
    Gold 5,000
    PP 4
    TP 10
    110: The Wealthy: Exceed 200,000 gold
    123: LOX <-- last one
    ++                         Synth Recipes                        ++
    If anyone can send me the info on this because i went ahead by 
    accident please send me the info and i'll make sure to give you 
    credit for it. There are a lot of things to cover on this game 
    synth Recipe 1---------------------------------
    cost: 500 gold
    Bastard word
    Flame & sound
    Hand dagger
    wooden Naginata
    brass knuckles
    sports pistol
    frill & ribbon
    Iron Bracelet
    Iron Bangle
    synth Recipe 2---------------------------------
    cost: 1,500 gold
    Witrch's Broom
    Bone Knuckle
    Paw Guard
    Buster Gun
    Curing Amber
    Spiked collar
    Divine Bokuto
    Quick load
    Physical Guard
    Magic Guard
    synth Recipe 3
    synth Recipe 4
    cost: 1,500 gold
    synth Recipe 5
    cost: 1,500 gold
    synth Recipe 6
    synth Recipe 7
    cost: 2,500 gold
    synth Recipe 8
    synth Recipe 9
    cost: 2,500 gold
    synth Recipe 10
    synth Recipe 11
    synth Recipe 12
    synth Recipe 13
    synth Recipe 14
    cost: 5,000 gold
    synth Recipe 15
    synth Recipe 16
    synth Recipe 17
    cost: 10,000 gold
    synth Recipe 18
    synth Recipe 19
    synth Recipe 20
    cost: 10,000 gold
    synth Recipe 21
    synth Recipe 22
    synth Recipe 23
    synth Recipe 24
    cost: 20,000 gold
    <-08->Monster List: Will include items and locations
    > Hornet
    > Vampire Bat
    > Sahagin
    > Slime
    > Hell Dog
    > Imp
    > Mirra
    > Sorcerer
    Platinum: CrossOver Conquest: Get all Trophies in the game
    Bronze: The Entitled: Once you open the data base in the save
            point go to title and unlock any title in green and
            you'll receieve this trophy.
    Bronze: The Bully: Just defeat 100 enemies total. Not of one
            race or 100 battles. Just 100 enemies.
    Bronze: The Newbie: Survive 35 battles. Not sure if this one
            will mess up if you run away. without completing 35
    Bronze: The Badass: Exceed 10K of points of total damage. I
            did this with Falica, Morrigan, Miko and York at lv.11
            in the second layer. Best to do it when there are three
            enemies in the first row and make sure to save a turn
            to get AP and then start comboing them off. This is 
            also best when you have the two slots open for skills
    Bronze: The Juggler: In your party, have people that can hit
            multiple times and multiple enemies. Like Morrigan's
            Libido Touch (hit in center), Miko's Sweep (hit in 
            center), York's Massicare Shot, etc....
    With these should have you up for 6% yeah these trophies are not
    something youll get right away.        
    More coming soon. Thank you.

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