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    TruthEnd Guide by shadow-edge

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    Cross Edge TruthEnd Guide
    by shadow-edge
    V 1.01
    June 29, 2009
    -=Table of Contents=-
    A. About this Guide                                                    [ATGE0]
    B. What is TruthEnd?                                                   [WITE0]
    C. General Starting Tips                                               [GSTS0]
    D. Helpful Links                                                       [HPLS0]
    E. TruthEnd Requirements                                               [TERS0]
    F. The Guide                                                           [TEGE0]
    G. Copyright Information                                               [CRIN0]
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    -=About this Guide=-                                                   [ATGE0]
    Because TruthEnd is a complicated feature of Cross Edge, a lot of explanation
    is required to better understand the requirements and conditions. Please bear
    with me as there will be a significant amount reading on these first few
    portions, but they will provide valuable information and help avoid confusion.
    This is a guide on how to get the true ending (hereafter referred to as
    TruthEnd) in Cross Edge. It outlines specific events in the game that are
    needed to be viewed following a particular order, where otherwise a player
    will never have access the post-game content offered by TruthEnd. This guide
    follows HARD mode as the post-game content can only be accessed if you are
    playing in that mode.
    This guide a collection of information gathered on the Cross Edge Message
    Boards in GameFAQs. A number of people were involved in the fruition of this
    guide. Originally, “Kuroiki” posted a rough guide on which world to view
    events in and these were in rough order. “perkin” then compiled Kuroiki’s
    guide and arranged it in order of occurrence. I added the titles or event
    names and locations for each event in perkin’s guide. “busybob” ran through
    the game (in one whole day I believe :) ) making corrections. Thanks to those
    who posted their corrections as well, you are credited.
    This guide contains SPOILERS such as boss names and plot related events, so
    read at your own discretion.
    -=What is TruthEnd?=-                                                  [WITE0]
    TruthEnd is another name for the Cross Edge’s true ending. Once achieved, the
    player will gain access to several post-game worlds or layers, Ida-2 and Ida-3
    (5-2 and 5-3). Throughout the game, the player will also be able to recruit
    every character for a complete roster if you’re in the TruthEnd route. When
    you’re in the TruthEnd “route”, it means that you can rest knowing that you’ve
    been successfully meeting the conditions for the true ending.
    *About the Hot Spring Events while following TruthEnd
    Keep in mind that following or completing the Hot Spring Events themselves ARE
    NOT conditions to getting TruthEnd. It is only advised that you get all the 
    Hot Spring Events because if you viewed all of them successfully in order
    before TruthEnd, you’ll also have access to the final hot spring event, I 
    believe it’s post-game, basically killing 2 birds with one stone.
    Hot Spring Events have to be viewed in order and you can’t advance the story
    too far ahead, otherwise you will miss the next ones. In other words, if you
    missed the first one, you missed them all, so might as well get them while
    getting TruthEnd. Hot Spring Events, in case you didn’t know, will get you
    costumes for your characters too; completing these events goes towards
    completing costume lists if you want to do that.
    **The true ending CAN be achieved when playing in OTHER modes, although the
    player WILL NOT have access to the extra worlds. This just means you’ve
    gotten the good ending if you’re on the TruthEnd route in other difficulty
    settings, but if you’ve played on EASY or NORMAL and followed the TruthEnd
    route, you’ll end the game locked outside of 5-2.
    -=General Starting Tips=-                                              [GSTS0]
    (From Indignation211 and myself)
    - Grind... a lot.
    - Overkill enemies. Helps you gather synthesis materials.
    - Synthesize. It’s the only way to get better gear.
    - Spend EP to upgrade your equipment to the max. Always do this every chance
    you get, but especially after a major fight because new areas will be open,
    you can revisit old areas and it will prepare you for the next major fight.
    - When you get new equipment, convert the old obsolete stuff. This along with
    Overkilling gives you the things you need.
    - When you get Aurica, keep her as she is your strongest caster/healer. 
    Aurica's healing song can heal for 2000 HP early in the game while your HP 
    doesn't even reach 1000 yet. Just keep pumping her INT stat. When you do gain 
    access to her Healing Song, replace her current Skill with that skill, and 
    don’t be scared if you have 3 attackers. It’s better to have 3 attackers that 
    you can constantly heal almost every turn than 4 attackers and struggle 
    keeping them alive. 
      The rest can consist of York, Miko and Morrigan. If you want, you can switch
    one with Lyner, although not having him is just my personal preference. The 
    reason why I don’t use Lyner or Ayatane in the beginning is because I’d like 
    to build up York before I get Felicia. Felicia will replace Morrigan because 
    York, Miko and Felicia can perform one of the best branch combos early in the 
    game. But it’s entirely up to you.
    - Another good reason to keep York is because his Snipe skill will be 
    available when you get his the Buster Gun. This gun has 2 skill slots so you 
    can keep Quick Shot and add Snipe. Keep note that Snipe can STEAL items too, 
    which greatly helps you get more synthesis materials, or extra loot to sell. 
    You can get Buster Gun as early as your first Sorcerer (enemy) fight, if you 
    overkill it, you’ll get the Magic Guide synth item. If not, you can find them 
    in 2-1, (Wilkiet map). 
    To get Buster Gun, buy Synth Recipe 2 and get these materials:
    a. Sports Pistol
    b. Magic Guide - from Sorcerers in 2-1.
    c. Small Fang - from bats in northern 1-1.
    - Vitality Rings are good for your front liners or your casters as they 
    provide a huge VIT boost. Keep upgrading Vitality Rings to convert them into 
    VIT +15 Active Skills and equip those to your armor and accessory slots.
    - Luck Rings are very beneficial too, as they provide bonus for every stat, 
    especially your Avoid and Hit stats. Keep upgrading Luck Rings to convert them 
    into Luck +15 Active Skills and equip those to your armor and accessory slots.
    - You can upgrade Morrigan's bone knuckles and if you upgrade it to max and 
    convert it, will give you an HP +200 Active Skill that you can equip to your 
    slotted gears.
    - You can spend TP in whatever you desire, other say Synth Books are the best, 
    but I just say you don’t have the materials nor the EP to upgrade the powerful 
    weapons you get in the beginning anyway. A good way to spend your TP early in 
    the game is to get Aurica a Tetra Memory weapon for 550 TP. She’ll start to 
    heal for 4000+ HP even before mid game. You can also get Felicia a Brave Dance 
    for 750 and deal damage really well. For 1000 TP, you can get the Rail Gun and 
    pretty much own anything early in the game with York. Although I hear you can 
    get this by overkilling Lazarus, if you can, so the choice is yours.
    If you keep these in mind, you’re pretty much good to go for the first half of 
    the game.
    -=Helpful Links=-                                                      [HPLS0]
    Skill List - this might be incomplete, but it is user updated so keep looking.
    Map Diagrams - Thanks to Kuroiki, these links posts map with soul locations.
    -=TruthEnd Requirements=-                                              [TERS0] 
    (Thanks Kuroiki)
    These are the requirements for obtaining TruthEnd. There are many 
    discrepancies on which one is correct, for example some say kill boss A in the 
    first fight only, where other say you can kill boss A in every fight and still 
    get TruthEnd, but by following this list, it ensures that you’re on the safe 
    1. Dimitri, Lilith, Vivi, Cece and Mimi (the siblings) must all join your
    2. Ayatane is alive.
    3. DO NOT Defeat Troy in the very first battle against him. (You can waste him
    in the 2nd encounter). Others say just target Aneesha and touch Troy at all, 
    just to be safe.
    4. Defeat Lazarus during all encounters against him.
    5. Do not touch Augustine at all in any battle, just kill his minions. Other 
    say you can kill him in the first battle, but better be safe.
    6. Defeat only Lilith and NOT Dimitri during 1st encounter in 2-2. (Preferably
    only target her for all encounters, this ensures that you’ll be able to 
    recruit both Dimitri and Lilith).
    7. You MUST view all of Marie's Alchemy events! There are 6 total throughout
    the game and before Mikoto is taken! Needed for Ayatane to survive!
    8. Must witness Troy's communication event in 4-2 (will not happen if you
    failed to recruit Dmitri and Lilith). It’s witnessed just before the next 
    battle below, search for it!
    9. During the Event Battle against Jedah and Judas in 4-2, Troy and Ayatane
    must NOT fall. Not even ONCE! If either falls, you'll get the bad ending.
    10. If you achieve all of the above, certain achievements which is 31~50,
    72~80 will be unlocked in database and your save will reflect you are on 
    -=The Guide=-                                                          [TEGE0]
    (Thanks to perkin for arranging them in order of occurrence and busybob for 
    most of the corrections, I added the event names and directions)
    This section covers the guide. It’s numbered in chronological order from the 
    first required event to view to the last. Although I say chronological, it 
    doesn’t mean that the order of events appear in the exact way that they are 
    numbered. The list is meant to be taken as a guideline to ensure that you’re 
    following the TruthEnd route as closely as possible. Some events may come 
    before or after you expect them to and this depends on your search level and 
    the number of souls you’ve opened. Keep in mind to save often, create back up 
    saves and be mindful of event cut-offs or moving the story ahead. There may 
    also be instances that you’ll have to view a number of unrelated events, even 
    story events to advance the game even further before the next TruthEnd 
    required event is available. 
    Just keep in mind that if you’re expecting an event, but it’s not showing up 
    and you're near a point of no return, go back to previous worlds/layers and 
    unlock souls to try and get your search level up then try searching for that 
    event again. Just steer clear of and story events that might progress the 
    Remember keep multiple saves if you have a bad feeling whether you did 
    something wrong or not. Always verify that you’re continuously meeting 
    requirements and conditions.
    This is the format for the event list, although some sections may not 
    necessarily follow it.
    number. event --> order of occurrence
    - “event title”. world/layer/map. general location/direction and a quick 
    1. Hot Spring Event #1 --> After recruiting Felicia in 2-1.
    - “Gasping Fish Beneath the Ice”. Wikiet-1. Located south east from 
    Ferryman's Hideout save point, at the pointy tip of the forested area, 
    east of the small lake.
    2. Marie Event #1 --> 3-1 After or before Shurelia joins.
    - “Comedic Tragedy of ‘F’”. Brosste-1. Located on the south most level. Go 
    down the stairs and search the round patch of forested area to the right.
    3. Ayatane Event #1 --> View Event in 3-1 where a shadow of Reicher talks to 
    - “Scarlett Noella”. Brosste-1. Located south from where you found Comedic 
    Tragedy of "F". go to the very south of the whole map; search the dirt area 
    between the 2 groups of houses, just by the forest's edge.
    4. Lazarus Battle --> Defeat Lazarus, HP to 0 needed.
    - “Twin Canumares”. All the way to the very north and center, in the middle of
    where the biggest collections of houses are. Search east and slightly north of 
    Julio's Tower save point.
    5. Hot Spring Event #2 --> Enter region 2-2, 2-1.
    - “Ancient Volcanic Water”. Go back to Wilkiet, 2-1. Go to Spies' Quickness 
    save point. Search the other side of the mountain along the "<" shaped patch 
    of grass north of the bridge.
    6. Dmitri/Lilith Event #1 --> Defeat only Lilith in 2-2.
    - “Tragedy Beneath the Moon”. Wilkiet-2. Search the narrow path west of 
    Midbase Exit, just below Observer's Hideout.
    7. Marie Event #2 --> Raze will ask Marie a favor, 2-2. (Thanks busybob)
    - "Thorough Purging." Wilkiet-2. It's located southwest of the huge white 
    tower or west of the huge crack in the middle of 2-2. Also, west of the 
    Augustine (Frozen Terrain) Event. Search the "<" shaped tip of that area.
    8 Ayatane Event #2 --> View event at 2-2 where Ayatane asks Mei about certain
    stuff. Before 1st Augustine battle! (Thanks busybob)
    - "Never Ending Fantasy." Wilkiet-2. Southeast of the Midbase Exit. Search the 
    third most floating island. Note that it says before the 1st Augustine battle, 
    many others say it can be found after, just proceed with caution. 
    Don't panic if you can't find it before, do the battle first, maybe it'll 
    appear after. Just save often and create multiple saves.
    9. Troy and Aneesha Battle --> DO NOT hit Troy at all, focus on combos toward 
    Aneesha and do this as soon as possible. (You can waste Troy in 2nd encounter 
    if you want).
    - “Emma Loage Forest”. Zeine-2. The first event that appears below the first 
    town, next to a tablet. 
    10. Dimitri and Lilith Event #2 --> After first Touya/Troy and Aneesha battle 
    in 1-2, head back to 2-1 to view the event near the forest above the lakes.
    - "Forest of the Ice Butterfly". Wilkiet-1 Search south west of the Ferryman's 
    Hideout save point.
    11. Marie Event #3 --> 1-2 Involves Prinny. (Thanks busybob)
    - "Dale Wenso." Zeine-2. Search the top left "<" shaped corner of Zeine-2, 
    next to the mountain. After the Troy battle.
    12. Ayatane Event #3 --> Small island in Northeast in 1-3, event where Ayatane 
    and Reicher talk.
    - “Gi laMensa”. Zeine-3. On the right side of the huge mountain, there should 
    be a narrow path that leads to a small island. Search that area. This event 
    should be available immediately after the Etna fight you just had in Luco 
    Mountaineering Entrance and before Khmen River.
    13. Hot Spring Event #3 --> Enter region 2-3, 1-1.
    - “Niu Spa”. Ziene-1. Search along the edge of the mountains south east of 
    where Manor at Len Mountains is located. It should be along the patch of 
    tree-less grass fields. The e-guide makes no mention of this, by the way.
    14. Marie Event #4 --> 2-3 Felicia is seen with Marie at this event. 
    (Thanks busybob)
    - “Disappointed Inquiry”. Wikiet-3, north of Traveler's Distance save point, 
    across the bridge between the islands. Search the forest below the mountain 
    with 2 peaks. 
    15. Marie Event #5 --> 3-2 Fight against a Golem
    - “Sheritun de Mollet Guinea”. Brosste-2. Search the patch of forest south 
    west of the Puga Queen Tower save point and west of the lake.
    16. Augustine Battle --> Do not harm Augustine, just kill his minions needed 
    for Truth End, or wait until the battle ends while focusing on minions, just 
    don’t harm him. You do this the first and second encounter with Augustine, 
    but the third one you’re required to kill him.
    - “Tigneri's Cage”. Brosste-2. Northwest of “Sheritun de Mollet Guinea”. In 
    the forest west of the small section of houses. This is a 2-part battle where 
    the first one is between Lazarus and York. Augustine’s will follow right 
    after. As stated, do not touch him at all. Others say you can kill him here 
    and still get TruthEnd, but I’d rather stay safe than sorry.
    17. Marie Event #6 --> 3-3 Marie asks York for help gathering materials 
    and walks into a nest of Killer Bees and York will have to bail her out. 
    /COMPLETE (Thanks darkmegaman)
    - "Overwhelming Enea's Square". Brosste-3. Just east of Bell Kant Exit, 
    search the forested area there.
    18. Ayatane Event #4 --> Ayatane talks to Reicher about kidnapping Miko, 3-3 
    in left part of map. (Thanks busybob)
    - “Nikran Fire Spot”. Brosste-3. North east of Verpo Tower save point, in 
    the northern part of the “town” area. This event is immediately after the 
    lower right tablet vanishes.
    Arthaiin says, "I don't believe it has anything to do with the disappearance
    of the monuments (tablets). I tried getting that event (the diamond in the 
    round town where Reicher talks to Ayatane) after they 'both' disappeared and
    it wouldn't show up. It wasn't until I went further and got the scene where 
    Vivi mentions that one of the 'group members' needs to be kidnapped was I 
    finally able to get the event to appear. Maybe I just 'finally' achieved the 
    right number of 'souls/whatever' to get it at that point but I wasn't aware 
    that round circle events counted as souls. Regardless, you have at the very 
    least up until that point to do it, so it doesn't need to be 'right' after 
    even if I am wrong" (Thanks Arthaiin)
    19. Hot Spring Event #4 --> Enter the dungeon to Pragma-1 watch the event 
    THEN IMMEDIATELY go back to Brosste-3.
    - “Rofia Spring”. Brosste-3. At the very eastern side of the map, there's a 
    small patch of forest that's next to the large tree-trunk tower. Search 
    around the small lake. Keep in mind that once Miko is gone, you can’t get 
    this event anymore. (Thanks Arthaiin)
    20. Jeddah Battle --> In 4-1 just before the battle against Jedah (you can 
    also do this immediately after) head back to 2-3 to view an event, then 2-2 
    to view another. 
    2 Events:
    - “Wailing Evergreen”. Wilkiet-3. Search the edge of the forest, directly 
    west of Chalephene Exit.
    - “Eclipse of the Empress”. Wikiet-2. Directly south west of the Hellzeit 
    Entrance. Search the edge of the island. 
    21. Dimitri and Lilith Event #3 --> you’ll fight Dimitri and Lilith in 4-2, 
    after which, they will join your party if conditions are met. /COMPLETE 
    (Thanks busybob)
    - “Ripquake Entrance”. Pragma-2. Coming from Pragma-1 through Sazaruka, this 
    event is located at the western side of the map, the tower with the tree bark, 
    you will enter a dungeon called Ripquake. Keep you health up until the battle 
    22. Witness Mikoto talk with the three siblings in 4-2 before Troy's 
    communication. (Thanks busybob)
    - “Jill Elino Flash”. Pragma-2. North of Sazaruka Exit, go directly north and
    it’s along the corner behind the buildings.
    23. Witness Troy's communication event. (Top left behind the buildings)
    (Thanks busybob)
    - “Rend Boundary”. Pragma-2. As soon as the first tablet vanishes, this event
    will be available. It will also give you Arcane Tome 17.
    24. Keep in mind I have limited knowledge about events during this point. From
    here there are a bunch of events still needed for the true ending and one of 
    them is mandatory. It’s about Reicher and Vivi’s conversation, “Regg’s Shard”. 
    The According to busybob, there are about 4 more non-mandatory TruthEnd events 
    to choose from (numbered below), meaning you have to search them yourselves. 
    Just make sure at this point, you’ve completely followed the map and left no 
    events unsearched as I don’t exactly recall which events those are.
    He also noted that as soon as the prison event is done and you have the titles
    (below) any events that you open after those are TruthEnd events. 
    (Thanks busybob)
    SuperFinalBurst says, "There's the message to York from Aneesha at the very 
    top of the map[1], The Reicher/Raze talk + fight at the bottom[2], the sisters
     + Miko chat[3], Etna's TV show, the talk between the people that switched 
    sides[4], and some other non-important event.
    Note that you will only get the truth ending route if you do the message to 
    York from Aneesha before the prison break, if you do it even immediately 
    after, you won't get the truth ending." (Thanks SuperFinalBurst)
    25. Ayatane Event #5 --> Troy and Ayatane must not die during Jedah and Judas 
    battle in Pragma-2. If they die, reviving them doesn't count. They mustn't 
    die at all. /COMPLETE If you're on the true ending route so far, Titles 
    31~50 and 72~80 should appear and this'll secure TruthEnd.
    26. Enter the dungeon entrance to Ida-1 and Vivi will then join.
    27. Hot Spring Event #5 --> Enter the dungeon entrance to Ida-1 then go 
    to Pragma-3
    - “Respell Bath”. Pragma-3. In the very north section of the map, there’s a 
    squared off patch of grass somewhat covered by En Delite Entrance; the 
    dungeon that looks like a clock tower. Search that square patch of grass.
    28. Hot Spring Event #6 --> After reaching TruthEnd, 5-1. /COMPLETE
    (Thanks kii064)
    - Upon loading your POST-GAME save data, scan the area where the last event
    "Altar of Atonement" was and do it. The hot spring will then unlock for you a
    little bit to the east of this event after the dialog scene. It’s before 
    crossing the bridge.
    Congratulations! If you’ve been following the steps closely and have been 
    mindful of the conditions, then you’ve gotten the true ending. Thanks for 
    reading this guide and thanks to everyone who contributed! :D
    -=Copyright Information=-                                              [CRIN0]
    This guide is copyright by Lanz Ocampo, 2009. Only GameFAQs may host
    this guide. I will update when I have given permission for other sites or 
    users to host this guide. I do not claim ownership of certain information in 
    this guide as they did not come from me and they are credited throughout. 
    All trademarks and copyrights belong to their respective owners.
    Please email me if there are any concerns, corrections (at any point in this 
    guide), or copyright information, and plagiarism that you think may have been 
    intentionally or unintentionally committed by me or others. You can reach me 
    at black_lustre(at)hotmail(dot)com. I am pretty busy with work, among other 
    things but nevertheless, I will do my best to reply as quickly as possible.

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