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    FAQ/Walkthrough by aj_the_one

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 06/29/09 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                              Fight Night Round 4
                   Legacy Mode FAQ (version 1.0; June 25th 09')
                             Written by: Aj_the_one
    Table of Contents
    A. Introduction
    B. Version History
    C. Legal Stuff
    D. Creating your Boxer
     D2.Boxer Accessories
     D3.Boxer Style/Ratings
      DD1.Base Styles
       DDD1.Best Fighter Style Combinations
      DD2.Punch Styles
       DDE1.Best Punches
      DD3.Block Styles
    E. Amateur Tournament
    F. Legacy Central
     F1.Fight Calendar
      FF1.Training Days on the Calendar*IMPORTANT!!!!
     F2.My Legacy Progress
      FF1.Punch Totals
      FF2.Punches Taken
      FF3.Current Rankings
      FF1.My Fight History
      FF2.Punch Stats
      FF3.Retired Boxers
     F5.Message Center
     F6.Award Candidates
     F7.My Corner
      FF1.Edit Boxer
      FF2.My Media
    G. Training
     G1.Auto Training
     G2.Open Sparring
     G3.Stay on your Feet
     G4.Heavy Bag Combos
     G5.Heavy Bag Push
     G6.Double End Bag
     G7.Maize Bag
    H. My Boxer Legacy(Start of Pro Career)
     H1.Legacy Year 1(2009)
     H2.Legacy Year 2(2010)
    I. Credits
    A. Introduction
    Hello again my fellow Fight Night gamers. It's time again for another entry in
    the best and most realistic boxing series ever!! Fight Night Round 4 features
    a completely different Career Mode or Legacy Mode as it's now called. There
    are several changes so I'll get right into the FAQ...Enjoy!!!! I've structured
    the FAQ so you can use the Ctrl+F feature since it can get kind of convoluted.
    IMPORTANT!!!My PSN ID is: IntelligentAj So if anyone wants to send me a
    challenge feel free
    B. Version History
    Version 1.0- FAQ completed/Merged Styles FAQ with Legacy Mode FAQ.
    C. Legal Stuff
    This FAQ may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal or
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
    web site except for www.gamefaqs.com and www.ign.com or as part of any public
    display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.
    Copyright 2009 Armand Sellers
    D. Creating your Boxer
    This is where you'll start your trip to your ultimate goal, being the Greatest
    of all Time(GOAT). You start out by naming your boxer and choosing his 
    physical attributes such as his arm reach, body type and so on. There is an
    exceptional amount of customization for every thing as you can even upload
    your picture online and put on your boxer in the game. Since there is so
    much I will break it down section by section.
    Weightclasses- Flyweight, Bantamweight, Featherweight, Lightweight, 
    Welterweight, Middleweight, Light-Heavy Weight and Heavyweight
    Body Type-You can choose from various combos of Ripped, Athletic Ripped, 
    Big Man, Big Boned and even Skinny Athletic
    Body Definition-Either Ripped or Soft
    Height, Weight- Choose how tall and how heavy your fighter is
    Reach- You can choose from having a Very Short Reach all the way to a Very
    Long Reach. Shorter Reach means more power from your hooks and uppercuts and
    Longer reach means it's easier to fight from outside.
    The rest of the attributes are purely cosmetic such as skin tone Hair Style,
    Color and whether you want to have sideburns or not.
    D2.Boxer Accessories
    Unlike last year these dont give you a bonus to your stats but you can choose
    from various manufacturers from Everlast to Nike and even Reebok. You can
    choose your Gloves, Trunks, Socks, Shoes, Robe and Mouth Guard. All of the
    selections are highly customizable with Primary, Secondary and Tertiary colors
    and the lace and logo color. For the Robe and Trunks you can even choose the
    material from Satin to Metallic.
    D3.Boxer Style/Ratings
    Now this is the most important Section. Here you can choose your Boxer Stance
    ,AI for when you simulate, Boxer Style, Block Style, Punch Style, Best Punch
    and Signature Punch
    Power- The power behind your punches
    Hand Speed- The speed of your punches
    Punch Accuracy-How precise your punches are
    Foot Speed-How fast you move around the ring
    Head Movement-How fast you move your head when you lean
    Block Strength-How much damage you take from blocking/Your Block Meter
    Head Toughness-Your defense against punches to your head
    Body Toughness-Your defense against punches to your body
    Stamina- The rate of energy loss and gain
    Heart- The rate of health recovery and also how easy it is for you boxer to
    get up after a knockdown
    Cuts- Protection from cuts
    Swelling-Protection from swelling
    Chin-Determines how much damage you take from head punches
    You can choose from 17 Base Styles, all of which change your Base Ratings, 3
    Block Styles, which affect your Head Movement, Block Strength and Hand Speed, 
    and 3 Punch Styles which each affect Your Power, Hand Speed, Accuracy, Foot
    Speed and Stamina. You can also choose your best punch which affects your 
    IMPORTANT!!!!For the ratings changes my base was Orthodox, Base style was
    Balanced, Block style was Textbook and Punch Style was Balanced and my Best
    Punch was a Straight
    IMPORTANT!!!! You can use your best punch to offset the weaknesses in some of
    the styles. If you want to choose a speed style you can just make sure that
    your best punch is thrown with your power hand.
    BALANCED- Your Boxer moves back and forth a little bit with both his hands at 
    his chest.
    Ratings Increased-Unknown since this was my base point for all changes
    Ratings Decreased-Unknown since this was my base point for all changes
    UPRIGHT- Your Boxer leans back a little and keeps his hands moving in a small
    circle at upper chest level.
    Ratings Increased- +2 Punch Accuracy, Head Toughness, Heart +1 Block Strength
    and Stamina
    Ratings Decreased- -3 Foot Speed, -1 Head Movement and Swelling
    TEXTBOOK- Boxer stands upright with a little back lean. He moves back and 
    forth a little and hands are at chest level with power hand slightly behind
    lead hand.
    Ratings Increased- +1 RH Power, Punch Accuracy, Block Strength, Stamina, Chin
    Ratings Decreased- -1 Swelling
    PEEK-A-BOO-Mike Tyson's style where his hand are up at his face with his face
    inbetween the gloves, giving a little space between his hands.
    Ratings Increased- +2 Hand Speed, +1 RH Power, Head Movement, Block Strength
    Ratings Decreased- -1 Swelling
    POWER- Your Boxer hands are at his stomach he moves back and forth shifting
    his weight from his front to back foot.
    Ratings Increased- +2 LH/RH Power, Head/Body Toughness, Heart +1 Block
    Strength, Swelling, Chin
    Ratings Decreased- -3 Foot Speed,-1 Hand Speed, P.Accuracy, Head Movement,
    WILD- Kind of a taunting style in part because your boxers hands are at his
    sides and he is leaning forward with a above average amount of body movement
    back and forth.
    Ratings Increased- +2 Head/Body Toughness, Stamina, Chin ,+1 LH/RH Power
    Ratings Decreased- -1 P.Accuracy, Block Strength, Swelling
    MUMMY- Boxer leans back a little more than Textbook style and keeps his lead
    hand at eye level with his power hand at his chin. 
    Ratings Increased- +3 Stamina, +2 Head/Body Toughness, Heart, +1 LH/RH Power,
    Block Strength, Chin
    Ratings Decreased- -2 Foot Speed, -1 Head Movement, Swelling
    SPEED- Your Boxer hops back forth with his power hand right below his chin and
    and his lead hand at his thigh.
    Ratings Increased- +2 Hand Speed, Head Movement, Stamina, +1 P.Accuracy, 
    Foot Speed, Body Toughness, Heart, Chin
    Ratings Decreased- -1 LH/RH Power, Block Strength, Swelling
    SLICKSTER- Your Boxer rocks back and forth with his power hand kept as his
    chin and his lead hand at chest level.
    Ratings Increased- +3 Stamina, +2 Head Movement, +1 Hand Speed, P.Accuracy,
    Foot Speed, Chin
    Ratings Decreased- -1 Block Strength, Body Toughness, Swelling
    SMOOTH- This is Muhammad Ali's Style in which your boxer keeps both his hands
    at his waist and jumps back and forth. This style is fast and your boxer jogs
    around the ring when he moves.
    Ratings Increased- +2 Hand Speed, +1 P.Accuracy, Foot Speed, Head Movement,
    Block Strength, Head/Body Toughness, Chin
    Ratings Decreased- -1 Heart, Swelling
    HYPER- Your Boxer keeps his hand low at his stomach and he jumps back, forth 
    back, forth every second or so.
    Ratings Increased- +3 Stamina, +2 Hand Speed, +1 Foot Speed, Head Movement,
    Block Strength, Body Toughness, Chin 
    Ratings Decreased- -1  P.Accuracy, Swelling
    CRAZY-Your Boxer literally looks like he's dancing with him constantly jumping
    back and forth with his hands at his sides.
    Ratings Increased- +2 P.Accuracy, +1 Hand Speed, Head Movement, Head/Body
    Ratings Decreased- -1 LH/RH Power, Swelling 
    EASY-Your Boxer keeps his Power hand at his chin with his lead hand at chest
    level while he's doing a little bob and weave. Roy Jones jr. Style. And the
    most balanced in the game with no weakness.
    Ratings Increased- +2 Stamina, +1 LH/RH Power, Hand Speed, Foot Speed, Head
    Movement, Head/Body Toughness, Heart
    Ratings Decreased- -1 Swelling
    SNIPER-Your Boxer keeps his lead hand down at his waist with his power hand
    moving back and forth slowly at his stomach. He looks like he waiting for his 
    chance to rock you with a nasty shot.
    Ratings Increased- +2 Hand Speed, P.Accuracy, +1 LH Power
    Ratings Decreased- -1 Swelling
    STEADY-Looks alot like a classic boxer style with both hands up and the power
    hand kept at the chin
    Ratings Increased- +2 Heart, +1 LH/RH Power, Hand Speed, Foot Speed, Block
    Strength, Head/Body Toughness, Chin
    Ratings Decreased- -1 Swelling
    HIGH RISE-Your Boxer keeps his power hand at his chin but his lead hand is at
    level moving slightly back and forth.
    Ratings Increased- +1 LH/RH Power, Hand Speed, P.Accuracy, Block Strength,
    Head/Body Toughness, Heart, Chin
    Ratings Decreased- -1 Swelling
    OLD SCHOOL-Your boxer keeps his power hand at his chest and his lead is down
    at his belt while he move slightly back and forth.
    Ratings Increased- +2 Hand Speed, Stamina, +1 P.Accuracy, Head Movement, 
    Head Toughness, Heart, Chin
    Ratings Decreased- -1 Swelling
    Best Style- Easy since it has the most bonuses and no weakness. Although there
    a couple of styles with no weaknesses I picked this one because it the most
    balanced and can be used effectively for whatever type of boxer you want to
    build, Be it a Infighter or an Outboxer. Of course this is my personal 
    preference and is based only on the stat increases. You can go with whatever
    you are comfortable with.
    Of course these are just suggestions based on the starting attributes of the
    style combinations listed. If you have more please feel free to email me with
    those that you feel are better.
              OVERALL/           COUNTERPUNCHER/          INFIGHTER/SLUGGER/
               BOXER               OUTFIGHTER                   BRAWLER
    Base-     Easy               Easy/Smooth              Easy
    Block-    Cross              Philly Shell             Cross
    Punch-    Balanced           Speed                    Power
    B.Punch-  Hook/Uppercut      Hook/Uppercut            Hook/Uppercut
    They've reduced the variation of punch styles from FNR3 to only 3. Balanced,
    Power and Speed. These are still extremely important to your boxing style
    BALANCED- As it's name implies it has a good combination of power and speed.
    Your punches will still come out quick but will have a good amount of pop to
    Ratings Increased-Since this was my base for the stats I'm not sure
    Ratings Decreased-Since this was my base for the stats I'm not sure
    POWER- This Punch style trades speed for power, increasing your power and 
    letting you throw bombs which will put the hurting on your opponent. Your
    punches will be slower though as will your foot speed, but you will take less
    damage to your chin.
    Ratings Increased- +2 Chin, +1 LH/RH Power
    Ratings Decreased- -2 Hand Speed, Foot Speed, -1 Stamina
    SPEED- The polar opposite of the Power style, this one focuses on speedy 
    punches and combos. The punches won't be strong but they will be lightning
    quick however. And you'll also move faster around the ring.
    Ratings Increased- +2 P.Accuracy, +1 Hand Speed, Foot Speed
    Ratings Decreased- -2 LH/RH Power, -1 Stamina
    This is also very important to the start of your boxer. You can choose your
    best punch ranging from the Jab to the Uppercut for each hand. Each Punch
    has a different effect on your Left and Right Hand Power as well.
    IMPORTANT!!!! I would strongly recommend that you make your best punch your
    power hand. This way as you get into harder fights you'll have an added bonus
    of your power rating being higher and your best punch doing more damage.
    JAB- Your quickest punch which is thrown with your lead hand. It's not strong
    but it's meant to keep your opponent away from you or open up him up with a 
    Ratings Increased- None
    Ratings Decreased- -2 LH/RH Power
    STRAIGHT- This punch is thrown with your power hand and is aimed at your
    opponents nose. Great combination of power of speed. This is not a bad choice
    at all for your best punch, since it's quick and can do alot of damage.
    Ratings Increased- I used this as my base for the other punches
    Ratings Decreased- I used this as my base for the other punches
    HOOK- This punch can be thrown with either your lead or power hand. It's not
    as fast as the straight or jab but it does much more damage and is aimed at
    your opponents cheek. Great choice for your best if your good at throwing the
    Ratings Increased- +2 RH Power(Right Hook), +2 LH Power(Left Hook)
    Ratings Decreased- -2 LH Power(Right Hook), -2 RH Power(Left Hook)
    UPPERCUT- This punch is the slowest of them all but does the most damage and
    is aimed and your opponent's chin. This punch will rack up the damage quick
    and do a good amount of stunning. If your comfortable throwing the uppercut
    then this is also a great choice for your best.
    Ratings Increased- +2 RH Power(Right Uppercut), +2 LH Power(Left Uppercut)
    Ratings Decreased- -2 LH Power(Right Uppercut), -2 RH Power(Left Uppercut)
    The Best offense is a good defense. It may be a cliche but man is it true. 
    Defense plays an important part in boxing and is vital if you hope to win
    tougher fights. The blocking styles haven't changed from FNR3 but each style
    has a different effect on each attribute, though they all affect Block 
    CLASSIC- The basic blocking style in which your boxers gloves are covering his
    face. His arms are the closed together shutting down any punches coming from
    the front, though a well placed punch will get through this guard sometime.
    Strenghts- Well Balanced Blocking style. Great combination of Block Strength
    and Head Movement
    Weaknesses- None. At least compared to the other styles.
    Ratings Increased-Base Style so changes from other block styles will be based
    off this style
    Ratings Decreased-Base Style so changes from other block styles will be based
    off this style
    CROSS- This style has your boxer covering his head with his arms crossed,
    creating a preety good shield again punches.
    Strengths- With this style you will take less damage from blocking your face
    and it has the strongest bonus for you Chin rating
    Weaknesses- This guard gives you a higher Block Strength but your speed will
    decrease as a result. So you won't be able to counter as quickly but you'll
    have a stronger guard though.
    Ratings Increased- +3 Chin, +1 Block Strength
    Ratings Decreased- -3 Head Movement, -1 Heart
    PHILLY SHELL- Your boxer's power hand is just above his left shoulder and his
    lead hand is covering the bottom of his stomach.
    Strengths- The point of this style is speed and counter quickness, and as such
    you will be able to counter quicker from normal blocks. This also increases
    your Hand Speed
    Weaknesses- You will take more damage from blocking punches in this style than
    you would if you were using the other two.
    Ratings Increased- +2 Hand Speed
    Ratings Decreased- -2 Block Strength, -1 Heart
    E.Amatuer Tournament
    After you finish creating your boxer here is where you'll start. The fights
    are pretty easy and you only have to go through four of them to get out of the
    amatuer ranks and go Pro. For Winning you get a nice ratings boost to some
    stats(not sure if it's the same each time)
    Prize-+ 5 bonus to Left/Right Hand Power, +5 bonus to Stamina and Heart rating
    F. Legacy Central
    After the amatuer tournament you'll find yourself in Legacy Central which is
    your home base for most of them game. On the initial screen you can see pretty
    much all the relevant info you need. It shows you your Name, Record, Rank,
    Pound 4 Pound Rank, Your next fight(if one is scheduled), The result of your
    last fight, Your Popularity Ranking, Your Messages and Your Trainer Advice on
    the bottom of the screen. On the Right Side of the screen is your current
    Legacy(which is Highlighted in Yellow) and the Legacy Rankings you can attain.
    By pressing R1 you can see your Legacy goals and how to attain a higher 
    Legacy Rank. From there you can press R1 again to see your Basic fight stats.
    The in depth stuff is on the Legacy Menu which is accessed by pressing the
    Start Button.
    Here is where you'll need to come to schedule your fights and training. You
    can select any day which has the icon of the Two Boxers. Selecting this will
    show you the Top 50 fighters in your Weightclass. You can only fight up to
    3 spots above your current ranking though. By Pressing Triangle you can see
    the opposing fighter's record and, by pressing R1, his stats. When you settle
    on the person you want to fight you will be taken to a screen that shows the
    days with which your opponent can fight. You can push the fight out up to a 
    year from your current month. After you choose the date for the fight your
    calendar will show you the day(s) that you can train and the day of the fight.
    FF1.Training Days on the schedule*IMPORTANT!!!!! 
    Now this is extremely important. Depending on how faraway your fight is you
    will have a certain number of training sessions available to you. The formula
    for this is:
    Less than 1 month 15 days-0 Training Sessions
    1 month 15 days-2 Months from fight=1 Training Session
    3-5 Months from fight=2 Training Sessions
    6+ Months from fight=3 Training Sessions
    I have noticed no benefit from scheduling your fights far apart to get the
    extra training sessions, since you will have to recover after the fight which
    will take at least a month and a half. And you can't do anything while your
    recovering(The days will be listed in Blue with a + on them).
    This neat section of Legacy Central displays all the information about your
    Pugilist from his Current Legacy Ranking, Rank(In his Weight Class), P4P Rank
    and Popularity. There is also a chart that shows a graphical representation of
    the numbers. By pressing R2 from here, the chart will show his ranking at that
    month from the beginning of the year.
    FF2.Punch Totals
    By pressing R1 on the Rank Progression Tab of My Legacy Progress you will be
    taken to the Punch Totals screen. This lists, in amazing detail, how many
    punches you have thrown throughout your career and is broken up into punch
    types(Jab, Straight etc.) and where they landed(Head, Body, Both). Each Punch
    type has it's own representational chart to give a visual of how many punches
    you've thrown and it has the hit percentages too. You can hit Square to see
    a full chart of all the punches you're thrown.
    FF3.Punches Taken
    By pressing R1 from the Punch Totals screen you'll be taken to the Punches
    Taken screen which is similar to the Punch Totals screen except it shows how
    many times you've been hit. There is a total number displayed and next to it
    is the average per fight. These too are broken down into Head, Body, or both
    but they've added an extra layer of detail. They also show where on your face
    or body you got hit, ranging from your Jaw your Left/Right Brow and Left/Right
    Cheek, Nose and Temples. For the Body section is shows whether you were hit in
    your Left/Right Ribs or your Solar Plexus. And of course there is a chart
    which represents these numbers. You can also press Square to see a full chart
    of all the punches you've taken. Very Nice indeed.
    FF4.Ratings Progression
    By pressing R1 from the Punches Taken screen you can see your boxer's current
    ratings with a chart to show how they've grown of fallen over the past year.
    By pressing L2 or R2 you can see what your ratings were in a particular month
    in case you wanted a point of reference or something.
    Here is where you can see a average of how many punches you've thrown as well
    as the rest of the boxers in the game. And you can check on every fight you've
    had and see all the juicy details from those fights.
    FF1.My Fight History
    As it's name implies, My Fight History is basically a representation of every
    fight you've been in so far. On the main screen it shows your opponent, the
    date of the fight, the result, Win/Loss type, and the number of rounds the
    fight went. As is becoming a pattern in this game, when hit X you can see the
    Judges' Scorecard for that fight and also see the fight totals, which can be
    viewed by round. Very helpful if you wind up facing the same fighter again or
    are just a statistics nut like myself.
    FF2.Punch Stats
    Here is where you'll go to see the average number of each type of punch thrown
    in fights. It lists the stats for all the boxers in the game, not just yours,
    so you can get an idea of what you opponents favorite punch is. It can also be
    viewed by Total Punches, Head Punches or Body Punches.
    FF3.Retired Boxers
    Here is where you can see a list of the boxers who have decided to hang up
    their gloves for good. You can sort them by Name, WeightClass, Age, Rank and
    Here is where you can come to see the Top 50 rankings in each weightclass. You
    can also view the Pound 4 Pound rankings also. If you want to see where you
    stand in your Weighclass then you would want to come here. You can also see
    who is moving up the other WeightClasses also.
    Here is where you come to get read your messages that you'll recieve from your
    trainer and manager and other people. Most of the time these will consist of
    telling you that you got nominated for an award or that someone new is moving
    up the ranks of your, or another, division.
    Here is the screen where you can see who is in the running for the various
    awards given out at the end of the year. They vary from Fighter of the Year,
    Fight of the Year, Round of the Year, Knockout of the Year, Upset of the Year,
    Comeback of the Year, Defensive Fighter of the Year and Prospect of the Year.
    There is an award of each type of all of the Weightclasses also. You can also
    view every boxers Fight History here also.
    Here is the Options section of the game. You can choose to do various things
    here like Editing your boxer, Looking at your Highlight Reel or playing the
    EA Trax, Messing with the game settings, Watching the Legacy Mode intro and
    saving your Legacy Mode and Retiring your Boxer.
    FF1.Edit Boxer
    Here you can change your Boxer's Ring Entrance info and Change his Equipment.
    Unlike FNR3 however you can't change your Boxer's style anymore. So whatever
    you choose at the outset you will have to stick with.
    FF2.My Media
    Here is where you can come to view your replays if you've saved any of them
    and you can upload them to EA for people to watch. You can also edit the EA
    Trax here and choose which songs you want to play while you're in the menu.
    Here you can adjust the game difficulty, choose whether to be Saved by the 
    Bell, and whether the 3 Knockdown rule is in effect. You can also adjust the
    game sliders, giving you an amazing amount of customization over the game
    experience. Here is a list of what can be adjusted.
    Referee Foul Awareness- How many foul punches the ref will see
    Referee Damage Awareness-How much damage the ref will notice
    Boxer Power-Power for both boxers
    Boxer Speed-Speed for both boxers
    Boxer Physical Damage-Physical Damage for both boxers
    Boxer Toughness-Toughness or defense for both boxers
    CPU Offensive Awareness-CPU intelligence on Offense
    CPU Defensive Awareness-CPU intelligence on defense
    CPU Punch Output-How frequently the CPU will throw punches.
    You can also adjust the Fight camera angle and choose whether to have the HUD
    on or off. You can adjust the volume of the menu music and the speech in the
    game, the crowd volume and even the sound effects. And you can choose from 4
    preset controller settings, though none of them have Face Button controls.
    Finally if you choose to retire your boxer your career will end, meaning he
    can't do any fight or training or anything like that, and his achievements
    will be brought up for you to view. 
    I had planned on doing a separate FAQ for the Training mini games detailing
    strategies to make them as easy as possible but I'll list them here and also
    list what attributes they train.
    IMPORTANT!!!!In order to get the maximum number of points for each game you
    need to attain a Champion Level score. I would highly recommend going to the
    menu and trying the training games there before you do them in your career.
    G1.Auto Traning
    Like in FNR3 I wouldn't recommend that you do the auto training for any of the
    games unless you've tried practicing and you just can't get the game no matter
    what. You'll get half the maximum points for auto training though. Please make
    sure this an absolute last resort.
    G2.Open Sparring
    Description-Get in the ring and work on Offense and Defense. Points are scored
    by hitting the sparring partner and blocking or avoiding his punches. Points
    are deducted for missing punches and getting hit.
    Ratings Increased- Head Toughness, Body Toughness, Chin
    Ratings Decreased- Punch Accuracy, Heart
    My Opinion- As it's name implies it's a live 2 minute sparring session with a
    partner. I would recommend this game quite a bit because not only does it 
    raise your defense it give you practice also so you can become more adept at
    making your opponent miss.
    Champion Strategy-You should stick to your combos and I'd recommend doing a 
    lot of leaning and blocking you opponents punches, as you get points when he
    misses and we you successfully block a punch. Also you'd want to counter alot
    and when you stun him stay on him with flurries of punches, as he won't be 
    able to clinch and his block meter will deplete quickly.
    G3.Stay on you Feet
    Description-Spar this round with low health and stamina. The opponent will try
    to finish you off. Try to score points. Most Important-Try to stay on your 
    Ratings Increased- Head Movement, Heart, Chin
    Ratings Decreased- Hand Speed Stamina
    My Opinion-An interesting game indeed as it will work on your survival skills
    when you're getting beat down. I stuck with Open Sparring more since you can
    raise those ratings with other games.
    Champion Strategy-Stay on defense and when he opens up and tries to blitz you
    avoid his punch and counter. You should try to stun him and stay on the 
    offensive once you do. Not only will you score points for hitting him but 
    it will also drain time off the clock.
    G4.Heavy Bag Combos
    Description-Hit the bag with the punches the trainer ask for. The trainer 
    calls for each punch by number. The HUD displays how to throw each punch. The
    faster you land punches the more points you can score.
    Ratings Increased- Left Hand Power, Punch Accuracy, Block Strength
    Ratings Decreased- Foot Speed, Body Toughness
    My Opinion- If you're good with the analog then this game will be a cinch. If
    not then prepare for a supreme level of frustration cause the punches won't
    come out unless they are thrown with a near perfect motion of the analog.
    Champion Strategy-I'd recommend that you spend a ridiculous amount of time in
    the training game in the the menu before you try this in your legacy. The only
    tip I can give you is be precise with your movements on the Right Analog cause
    if not you will find yourself throwing the wrong punches. I consider this the
    hardest minigame.
    G5.Heavy Bag Push
    Description-Hit the Heavy bag high or low as indicated to push it down the
    track and score more points. The bag gets heavier as it moves down the track.
    Keep your distance or the bag will push you backwards and you'll lose ground.
    Ratings Increased- Right Hand Power, Stamina, Heart
    Ratings Decreased- Head Toughness, Chin
    My Opinion- My preferred power minigame of choice. This game can be annoying
    but I would recommend that you do nothing but jab/straight combos for the top
    and hooks for the body since they'll come out quick and it will push the
    bag further giving you more points. This is great for raising power and 
    stamina in one workout.
    Champion Strategy-When the stripe is on the top of heavy bag I recommend 
    nothing but Jab/Straight combos. They're quick and continuos motion will keep
    pushing the bag further. For the Bottom of the bag I'd recommend Left/Right
    Hook combos. These are stronger than the Jab/Straight and will move the bag
    a little more. All the while you should be moving toward the bag.
    G6.Double End Bag
    Description-Move to the zone indicated on the floor and hit the bag before
    the zone changes. Hooks and Uppercuts score more points than jabs or straights
    Hit multiple zones in a row and score bonus points.
    Ratings Increased- Punch Accuracy, Foot Speed, Stamina
    Ratings Decreased- Head Movement, Block Strength
    My Opinion- My favorite minigame in FNR4 and it's quite easy also. I would
    recommend that you stay moving once the circle changes color. That way you'll
    be close to the next target and be able to throw more punches and rack up the
    bonus points.
    Champion Strategy-You should throw Left/Right Hooks once your on the target
    and when it goes into bonus start throwing uppercuts, since those will give
    you much more points and get you to your goal quicker. Also start moving as
    soon as the target blinks red so you;ll get to the other target quicker and
    be able to get more points.
    G7.Maize Bag
    Description- Lean your head from side-to-side the number of times the trainer
    requests. Then throw a body punch in the air. Don't hit the bag and don't get
    hit by the bag. The faster you are the more points you can score.
    Ratings Increased-Hand Speed, Head Movement, Block Strength
    Ratings Decreased-Left/Right Hand Power.
    My Opinion- This is another fun mini game and is probably the easiest after
    the sparring. Just duck twice for each time the bag swings then when you hit
    your required number just throw your punch.
    Champion Strategy-As I stated above just move your head twice for each time
    the bag swings by you. So when the bag is coming toward you duck left, right
    then wait for it to come back then repeat until you get to your required 
    number then just throw your body punch. It's vital that you don't get hit
    by the bag as it'll be that much harder to get to champion if you do.
    IMPORTANT!!!Make sure that you save your game before you do the training. That
    way if you screw up you can just load your game and try again.
    H. My Boxer Legacy
    My Created Boxer for Legacy Mode:
    Name-Aj Sellers
    Ring Entrance Music-Life in Marvelous Times
    Ring Walk-Focused
    Dry Ice-No
    Flash Pots-No
    Body Type Muscular-Athletic
    Body Definition-Ripped
    Boxer Stance-Southpaw
    Boxer AI-Infighter
    Boxer Style-Smooth
    Block Style-Textbook
    Punch Style-Balanced
    Best Punch-Left Uppercut
    Signature Punch-Ducking Lead Uppercut
    Left Hand Power-59
    Right Hand Power-53
    Hand Speed-55
    Punch Accuracy-52
    Foot Speed-54
    Head Movement-55
    Block Strength-54
    Head Toughness-51
    Body Toughness-51
    IMPORTANT!!!I don't know how but when I finished my boxer and my rating 
    leveled my Cuts and Swelling went up to 99
    Amatuer Tournament
    My First fight was against Sigmund Patterson which ended in 4th round KO.
    Next up was Coltrain Martin and he went down with a first round KO.
    Next up was Christian Parker that ended in a Decision which was a win 39-37
    Next up was Holland Jenkins and it went the distance but I won
    This concluded the Amatuer Tournament and for Winning I got +5 Bonus to my
    Left and Right hand power and +5 to my Stamina and Heart. I was also awarded
    the Fighter of the Tournament and the Tournament Champion.
    IMPORTANT!!! The way this FAQ is going to be done is by Calendar date with
    each year getting a new number. I figure this will help the FAQ by making it
    compound but reducing the confusion.
    H1.Legacy Year 1(2009)
    I scheduled my First fight for January 21 which will give me one training
    session in between the fight. My Opponent will be Sigmund Patterson
    JANUARY 14th- Training(Maize Bag)
    I chose to do the Maize Bag cause I want to increase my stamina and my Foot
    Speed, And it's the easiest Training game so far.
    Growth- Punch Accuracy +6(58), Foot Speed +6(60), Stamina +5(65)
    Decline-Head Movement -1(54), Block Strength -1(53)
    JANUARY 21st-Fight Night Baby!!!! vs. Sigmund Patterson(48)
    This fight didn't last very long. I knocked him out in the first round. He
    went down 3 times before staying down though.
    Punch Totals
    74/123     18/34
    I got the Mike Tyson Terry Cloth Robes for getting my first KO.
    P4P Ranking-401(+23)
    MARCH 2nd- Training(Heavy Bag Push)
    I wanted to do the Heavy Bag Push so I could increase my Power and Stamina at
    the same time, although it's Power for my lead hand.
    Growth- Right Hand Power +6(64), Stamina +5(70), Heart +6(62)
    Decline-Head Toughness -1(50), Chin -1(56)
    MARCH 4th-Fight against Ricardo Crawford(45)
    Like the first on this fight also ended in a 1st Round KO though he went down
    4 times.
    Punch Totals
    Total 73/127     23/29
    Head  46/80      18/22
    Body  27/47      5/7
    P4P Ranking-401(+23)
    APRIL 13th- Training(Heavy Bag Push)
    Once again I'm gonna try to build up my Power and Stamina before I work on my
    Foot Work or Defense.
    Growth- Right Hand Power +5(69), Stamina +4(74), Heart +5(67)
    Decline-Head Toughness -1(49), Chin -1(55)
    APRIL 15th-Fight vs. Dorgan Vaughn
    This fight went into the second round but ended shortly after with a KO.
    Punch Totals
    Total 136/211   83/120
    Head  92/146    61/91
    Body  44/65     22/29
    P4P Ranking-399(+2)
    MAY 25th-Training(Double End Bag)
    In keeping with my theme of increasing my stamina I also wanted to work on my
    Accuracy also.
    Growth- Punch Accuracy +6(64), Foot Speed +6(65), Stamina +4(78)
    Decline-Head Movement -1(53), Block Strength -1(52)
    MAY 27th-Fight vs. Cosmo McDaniel
    I actually lost this Fight by a 5th Round KO. I was countering his shots but
    wasn't getting the counter damage from it while he was throwing some hard
    Punch Totals
    Total 300/522    181/280
    Head  190/349    132/219
    Body  110/173    49/61
    P4P Ranking-399(+2)
    JULY 6th-Training(Maize Bag)
    I figured I should get my Head movement up so I can lean out of the way faster
    and avoid more punches.
    Growth- Hand Speed +6(61), Head Movement +6(59), Block Strength +6(58)
    Decline-Left Hand Power -1(63), Right Hand Power -1(68)
    JULY 8th-Fight vs. Blaise Williamson
    This guy fought hard but he ultimately got knocked out in the 4th round after
    going down 3 times.
    Punch Totals
    Total 279/443    164/262
    Head  176/297    113/178
    Body  103/146    51/84
    P4P Ranking-374(+25)
    I was nominated for a fight of the year and also am 2nd on the list for
    prospect of the year.
    AUGUST 17th-Training(Open Sparring)
    Growth-Head Toughness +7(56), Body Toughness +6(57), Chin +6(61)
    Decline-Punch Accuracy/Heart -1(63/66)
    AUGUST 19th-Fight vs. Miguel Ortiz
    This fight was kind of easy and he went down with a 3rd round KO
    Punch Totals
    Total 167/276    129/191
    Head  123/199    95/141
    Body  44/77      34/50
    P4P Ranking-338(+35)
    SEPTEMBER 28th-Training(Double End Bag)
    Growth- Punch Accuracy +5(68), Foot Speed +5(70), Stamina +4(82)
    Decline-Head Movement -1(58), Block Strength -1(57)
    SEPTEMBER 30th- Fight vs. Kurt Price
    This dude was getting on my damn nerves. No matter how many times I hit him
    he didn't stay down and it took a lot to stun him, though he was stunning me
    easily. He finally went down in the 5th round after getting knocked down 4
    Punch Totals
    Total 322/525   162/289
    Head  212/360   122/231
    Body  110/165   40/58
    P4P Ranking-325(+13)
    NOVEMBER 14th-Training(Open Sparring)
    I figured I'd do some more work on my defense since the Heavy Bag games are
    irritating and having more Defense and less Offense will make the game more
    Growth-Head Toughness +6(62), Body Toughness +6(63), Chin +5(66)
    Decline-Punch Accuracy/Heart -1(67/65)
    NOVEMBER 21-Fight vs. Ephraim Reed
    He was a tough cookie since he was better than me in just about every category
    but I played defensively and when I got my counter shot I went on the 
    offensive destroying his block meter until he went down in the 4th round after
    4 Knockdowns.
    Fight Totals
    Total 191/323   153/255
    Head  147/250   94/174
    Body  44/73     59/81
    P4P Ranking-308(+19)
    After this fight I got challenged by some guy named Lucas Meyer. Obviously I
    accepted his challenge. And I also moved into the #1 spot for Prospect of the
    Year 1 Awards-Prospect of the Year
    Year End Ratings:
    Left Hand Power-63
    Right Hand Power-68
    Hand Speed-61
    Punch Accuracy-67
    Foot Speed-70
    Head Movement-58
    Block Strength-57
    Head Toughness-62
    Body Toughness-63
    H2.Legacy Year 2(2010)
    JANUARY 5th-Training(Heavy Bag Push)
    I wanted to add some more power after my last fight where my punches weren't
    doing as much damage as they should.
    Growth- Right Hand Power +5(73), Stamina +3(85), Heart +5(70)
    Decline-Head Toughness -1(61), Chin -1(65)
    JANUARY 6th-Fight vs.Lucas Meyer @Aragon Ballroom
    Now this fight was easy since he was outmatched in every category. He had no
    business challenging me but he learned his lesson so whatever. 5th round KO
    after 4 knockdowns.
    I got Zebra Print Long and Short Trunks for winning 5 fights straight.
    Fight Totals
    Total 392/622   174/285
    Head  254/422   137/226
    Body  138/200   37/59
    Legacy Rating-Club Fighter
    P4P Ranking-270(+16)
    FEBRUARY 20th-Training(Open Sparring)
    I like having a good defense so I'm gonna get my D up.
    Growth-Head Toughness +5(66), Body Toughness +5(68), Chin +5(70)
    Decline-Punch Accuracy/Heart -1(66/69)
    FEBRUARY 26th-Fight vs. Oliver Bautista @ State Palace Theatre
    My fights are starting to get harder in difficulty. At least early on. He was
    a tough cookie going with me pound for pound but he left himself open with 
    some  haymakers and I stunned him then let loose. 3 knockdowns for a 6th round
    Fight Totals
    Total  352/594   247/421
    Head   238/410   162/295
    Body   114/184   87/126
    P4P Ranking-265(+13)
    APRIL 12th-Training(Open Sparring)
    Still working on my D. Next I'm gonna do some foot work
    Growth-Head Toughness +5(71), Body Toughness +5(73), Chin +5(74)
    Decline-Punch Accuracy/Heart -1(65/68)
    APRIL 16th-Fight vs. Ken Watson @ Metro Manila Arena
    I love fighters who come into fights throwing Haymakers, they make such easy
    targets and this guy was no exception. He kept coming in with haymakers and I
    punished him every time. He went down in the 3rd round after 2 knockdowns
    I got the Lonsdal Typhoon Shoes for winning 10 fights in total.
    Fight Totals
    Total 157/240  96/162
    Head  102/160  58/111
    Body  55/80    38/51
    P4P Ranking-267(+2)
    MAY 31st-Training(Double End Bag)
    I want to get my footwork up so I can pursue faster and also move away from
    punches while leaning easier
    Growth- Punch Accuracy +5(70), Foot Speed +4(74), Stamina +3(88)
    Decline-Head Movement -1(57), Block Strength -1(56)
    JUNE 5th-Fight vs. Eddy Lopez
    Well this fight went down as a ESPN Classic Fight. It went six rounds and was
    interesting but I was never in danger of getting knocked down, he did have a
    good defense though... 2 Knockdowns for a 6th round KO.
    Fight Totals
    Total 306/583   258/403 
    Head  199/361   167/279
    Body  107/222   91/124
    P4P Ranking-255(+12)
    JULY 20th-Training(Heavy Bag Push)
    I recently started using my Right Hook to utitlize the power in my Right and
    I'm falling in love with that punch. As such I want to increase the efficacy
    of the punch.
    Growth- Right Hand Power +4(77), Stamina +3(91), Heart +5(73)
    Decline-Head Toughness -1(70), Chin -1(73)
    JULY 23rd-Fight vs. Matt Pearson @ Metro Manila Arena
    He put up a nice little fight but eventually went down 3 timesm, twice in the
    6th round for the KO.
    Fight Totals
    Totals 298/547   239/405
    Head   200/389   156/285
    Body   98/158    83/120
    P4P Ranking-240(+15)
    After my fight I got a challenge from Garry Vargas which I eagerly accepted.
    SEPTEMBER 10th-Training(Heavy Bag Push)
    This is gonna be my last power training for some time. Next i'll work
    exclusively on my defense and foot work.
    Growth- Right Hand Power +4(81), Stamina +2(93), Heart +4(77)
    Decline-Head Toughness -1(69), Chin -1(72)
    SEPTEMBER 17th-Fight vs. Garry Vargas @Metro Manila Arena
    This was an intense fight. He was really agressive and managed to knock me
    down once(though it was a flash counter but whatever) I knocked him down twice
    and made him pay for throwing alot of power shots and missing. It was a 2nd
    round KO.
    Fight Totals
    Totals  81/133   63/144
    Head    57/98    30/90
    Body    24/35    33/54
    P4P Ranking-228(+12)
    After this fight I was nominated for Fighter of the Year and am in 1st place
    I also got Upset of the Year from beating the hell out of Lucas Meyer and I'm
    also in 1st place for Prospect of the Year.
    NOVEMBER 1st-Training(Double End Bag)
    I want to keep working on my Foot Work so I can move around the ring faster,
    which will be helpful if I get in trouble or just want to pursue or keep my
    Growth- Punch Accuracy +4(74), Foot Speed +4(78), Stamina +2(95)
    Decline-Head Movement -1(56), Block Strength -1(55)
    NOVEMBER 5-Fight vs. Bertram Porter @ Thomas & Mack Center
    Now this was a long fight. This guy was annoying as hell no matter how many
    times I hit him he never went down and he was great at finding ways to clinch
    when he was going down. It however ended in a 8th round KO after he went down
    3 times in the fight
    Fight Totals
    Totals 356/631   317/542
    Head   264/458   192/355
    Body   92/173    125/187
    P4P Ranking-182(+36)
    Year 2 Awards-Fighter of the Year, Upset of the Year, Prospect of the Year
    Year End Ratings:
    Left Hand Power-63
    Right Hand Power-81
    Hand Speed-61
    Punch Accuracy-74
    Foot Speed-78
    Head Movement-56
    Block Strength-55
    Head Toughness-69
    Body Toughness-73
    My Rank also went up to 19 and my PvP rating went up to 169
    H3.Legacy Year 3(2011)
    JANUARY 4th-Training(Open Sparring)
    Now it's time to work on my Toughness since my opponents are getting stronger
    and I need to be able to take a beating.
    Growth-Head Toughness +5(74), Body Toughness +4(77), Chin +4(76)
    Decline-Punch Accuracy/Heart -1(73/76)
    JANUARY 7th-Fight vs. Sam Fleming @ State Palace Theatre
    This was a fun fight as he was aggresive all the way through which made it 
    easy for me to counter his punches and knock him down 3 times. He went out in
    the 3rd Round with a KO.
    Fight Totals
    Total  170/236   133/252
    Head   134/182   91/179
    Body   36/54     42/73
    P4P Ranking-118(+51)
    I also achieved Contender status with that win.
    MARCH 8th-Training(Open Sparring)
    Once again I want to work on my D so I can be prepared for the tougher fights
    about to come.
    Growth-Head Toughness +4(78), Body Toughness +4(81), Chin +4(80)
    Decline-Punch Accuracy/Heart -1(72/75)
    MARCH 9th-Fight vs. Uriah Watkins @ Metro Manila Arena
    This was a fairly hard fight since he wasn't taking much damage. It became 
    much easier once I switched my stance so my power hand was my right. Then I
    started hitting him with straights and uppercut combos and he eventually went
    down. 3 Knockdowns for a 8th round KO.
    Fight Totals
    Total  422/695   385/602
    Head   333/527   221/388
    Body   89/168    164/214
    P4P Ranking-118(+7)
    MAY 8th-Training()
    MAY 11th-Fight vs. Cory Spinks @ State Palace Theatre
    I. Credits
    - As always the readers for reading this and using it( hopefully)
    - Gamefaqs for hosting my FAQ
    - EA Sports for making the best boxing game ever.
    If you find any errors in this FAQ or have any questions please e-mail me at:

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